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Hitman: Blood Money cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Hitman: Blood Money cheat codes.


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'Till Death Do Us Part
Some people think that this level is one of the trickiest but its actually quite easy.
First, walk around to the other side of the boardwalk where there will be three men(two will be firering shotguns at alligators and the other will be sitting down). Beside the man that is sitting down there is a gift box; take the box and place and MINE in it. Next walk through the small gap in the building and across the bridge into a large field where celebrations are taking place. Go left and there will be a walkway into an abandoned hut. In the hut there will be a drunk man sitting against the wall asleep ( if you have done the above fairly quickly then the drunken man will still only be on his way to the hut). Take the mans clothes AND PARTY INVITATION.
Having suited the guest you are now able to enter the private party; enter the house via the main doors.

There will be a door marked "private" to your right, go past this door and aswell as the opening on your right(this is the kitchen) and into the main hall which should be in front of you. It is importent that you find the bride and talk to her as it saves your cover been blown later. Now go back into the room where the stairs are. Check your map to see whether the groom (the red marker) is in the kitchen. If he is in the room, wait until he exits and enters the main hall. (If he is outside it is best to wait until he goes in and out to avoid a gunfight). After entering the kitchen, approach the tray with the cake on it and drop your gift on the ground, then exit the kitchen. You will now have to view your map and wait until the groom re-enters the kitchen. When he does, detenate the bomb. Every guard in the house will run into the kitchen so its best to stay away from them to avoid suspicion (note: if you have not talked to the bride your cover will be blown).

After things have died down and all the guard have resumed their posts, go into the door marked "private" on your left(opposite the kitchen opening) Sneak past the guards (there is only about one or two) and get onto the back porch. There should be a guard sitting on a chair on the porch; sedate him with your syringe. Take his clothes and dispose of his body in the bin to the left of the porch.

Killing the father is very easy; he makes regular visits to his brothers grave in the "Family Graves" marked on the map. Since you have taken the clothes from the man sitting on the porch, you will be able to enter the dock leading to the graves. Be while lingering there too long or guards will become suspicous. Its best to just follow the father there. When the father reaches the garden, he will stand over the open grave and begin to mourn. Creep up behind him and push him in to the grave.

Retrieve your suit and return to the starting point where there will be a jet boat waiting to escape.

Ranking: Silent Assasin
Total Kills: 2
Shots Fired: 0
a fall to water
In 'a vintage year'level,when u start,run all the way left until u pass by the guard which is guarding here.Then,throw a coin to the tree nearby and make sure u sneak to the end of the way.Walk down the path or u might prefer to run down.Note:u might want to save in the middle of the edge because u might meet danger below.Then u sneak near the person down there(make sure the guard who is patrolling around the other side doesn't see u)then when ur near the person run to him and press R1 for pushing him down to the water.(u must be running to push him down)u must also make sure u do it the right time.It will distract the guard nearby which i mentioned before.That will be a great chance for u to kill him.
A New Life
First, as soon as you start run for the garbage truck,Don't! kill the jogger, once there sneak behind the garbage dude and sedate him, DO NOT KILL HIM! ( punching wont work either ) without delaying drag him behind the house that is behind you, don't throw him in the back of the truck! it will kill him!! once you have him in back of the house take his cloths, now run to the main house, on the left hand side there is the garbage, you are on camera here, but no worries we shall fix that later! note this door is locked wait a min, there is a FBI agent that comes out once his back is turned sedate him, again don't kill! then take his suit and drag him to the door, pick the lock, HURRY and to your immediate left there is a refrigerated container, toss his sorry ass in there, now go into the basement, once at the bottom of the stairs there is a door open it, now on your left there is a set of shelfs theres is a bottle full of lighter fluid, take it! you will need it later, now go up stairs, through the kitchen to the TV room. if your hit is sitting the the chair, his agent should be on the couch, if there are not there, just wait, once they are there go outside the front door and on the right side of the garage doors there is a utility box, first make sure no one is looking! then break it now run back to your hit his agent is going to fix the box, once he leaves the room through the doors close the doors behind him now go quietly stand behind your hit and take out the syringe poison, kill him, now immediately drag him into the closet behind his chair, once dropped get out of there and shut the door! now go into the hall way( not the kitchen the door is locked there) and go to the pool, at the diving board end there is a grill, go up to and and rig it, or press X once your in front of it, now that hot chick thats been running around goes to light it and BOOM she bursts into flame! and jumps into the pool, of course she is dead simply walk up to her and take the data chip thingy around her neck, now since you were on camera when you went on the side of the house, go to the truck sitting in front of the pet building, open the door and drop a penny, the two agents in there will come out, once they start to go run in there, and once the dude that was sitting down passes you take the tape, now you can either go back and get your suit or just go straight where you came from and you can escape to win the map!
since you yourself didn't kill that chick she dose not count as your kill so you only get charged with your hits death, thats 1 kill 0 shots the other 2 are not witnesses unless they face you when you have your needle out! be sure you are quick or this will just frustrate you, do it right and your rating should be Silent Assassin!
A New Life
This is the easiest and most anjoyable method to complete \"A New Life\".

From the weapons menu choose Silverballer, SMG Tactical and W2000 Sniper. When the game starts, walk over to that runner, draw out your silverballer (you can only wield one as in the other hand you should have the sniper) and shoot the runner 3 times. Then dispose him in the manhole. After the runner go to the garbage truck on the other side of the neighbourhood to the garbage truck. Near the garbage truck there should be a man standing there. Before you attempt to kill him drop the sniper behind the bush. Kill the man and dispose him in the truck. Kill the lady on the other side of the road and hide her behind her fence. By now the other garbage man should be coming back. Grab the sniper and unpack it behind the fence where you killed that poor woman. Drop it and hide behind the right side of the garbage truck. Draw out the Silverballers and press the right analouge stick 3 times so that you wield one only. When he arrives shoot him once in his legs. He should run to tell a guard. Go get the sniper and wait for the guard. When the guard comes, sniper and hide him behind the truck. When the garbage man returns kill him and dispose of him. Now sniper the lady opposite of Sinistra\'s mansion. That way you can get tranquillizer darts to sedate the dog. Why not kill him with the sniper? I feel sorry for the innocent dog. Go get the tranquillizer darts and go to fence from where you snipered the guard. Climb up the ladder and sedate the dog. Now go get the guard\'s outfit and enter the mansion. Go in the backyard and to the basement stairs, which is where you sedated the dog. Make sure there is no guard there. Now get the lighter fluid and return to the pool. There should be a BBQ, rig the BBQ. When Sinistra\'s wife comes to check the BBQ, she should catch on fire and jump in the pool dead. Take her micro-film. Now Sinistra is left. He should be watching TV in the living room, but sometimes he would go up in his office. Just go in th room with him and kill him. Easy. You\'re done now. Retrieve your suit and sniper and exit the suburbs. You should get the Phantom killer rating. Your noise meter should be zero.
Better Till Death do us apart
This is better than the other one that is posted cuz there is no mine involved. All you have to do is use one shot of the sedative and one shot of poison and your done.
Wait in the abandoned building that you can see a drunk guy heading towards ad wait for him to fall asleep against the wall. take his clothes and stuff, and head for the mansion. when you get inside you may see the bride talk to her if you don't, oh well doesn't matter. head up towards the kitchen but dont go in until you check the map and make sure everyone is out and make sure no-one is heading for it.(when you first enter the mansion its the farthest door to the right) pull out your syringe Poison and walk up to the cake and poison it. quickly put that away and exit the kitchen. right as you exit the kitchen, head towards the bathroom, which is right across from the kitchen. there should be an open window in there so head out of it. wait for the guard to sit on his chair, but don't pull anything out. The father will walk outside and he will head towards a the dock/building you can see from where your standing. as soon as he turns the corner quickly sedate the guard(make sure he is sitting) take his clothes, quickly get to where the father is, sneak up behind him, and push him into the grave. run back to the guard and change into your guest clothes, then head to the guest where your suit is, and go back to where you started and voila, you win. (I have tested this many times myself, and on every difficulty, it just gets harder cuz you can't check the map when your heading into the kitchen on hard and expert.)
Collecting weapons
Some weapons can't be concealed and will attract unnecessary attention to you. If you want to get a weapon thats non-concealable to be added to your hideout, simply find an ICA crate and drop it in
Easy Kill Mark Parchezzi in the White House
When you come down the ladder, heading towards the west wing via the roof, place a bomb behind the box between the air vents (?) on the same side as the ladder is.
This is where Mark will shoot at you from.

Later when Mark runs from the oval office and you run like a madman trying to catch him, get your detonator out and kaboom....

Of course this might not get you SA rating... and might alarm a few of the guards.
But it's a good painless way of getting rid of him when you're on a murdering rampage!
Garbage Truck
In the mission "A New Life" the garbage truck seams to have an infinate amount of space for disposing bodies if things go sour
Get outfits without syringe
You only get two Syringe Sedatives for each level, so when you run out, get more outfits with these tips:

Accidents don't count as kills, so push some down a stairs or whatever to kill him without penalty.

Take someone as a human shield, and press X to knock him out (Warning- this only works in secluded areas for obvious reasons, and if the body is found guards will revive him).
Guide to being a good Hitman
1. Take a look at the map and the layout of the place. Search for your main targets, make what are the restrictions to that area.

2. Search for anyone who has access to a restricted area. Observe his routines, and the times when he's alone. If he is never alone, do something to make him move to another place where he's alone. Try to see if anyone alse goes to the place where you're planning to make the kill. If yes, look for any places to hide the body.

3. Find out if there are any CCTV cameras monitoring the place. If yes, find out where the tape is. Enter the room/area silently look for any officers and their routines. If they are always sitting near the tape make him move to another place, possibly making his back face the tape.

4. When you have access to a restricted area where (one of) your target(s) is, observe his/her routine. Instead of try to see when he/she is alone, look for any dangerous objects that get close to your target. If yes, try to expose the danger to him/her. The next approach, although rare, is to make someone else kill your target. This means, find out how about anyone who gets close to your target. Try to make anything he/she is carrying more dangerous. If there are no such things, simply try to see when your target is alone and move in for the kill.
hammer man
if your really good with the hammer you can get SA on the first level just hammer them in the back of head and they die (watch the blood spray)
Hidden Ranks
Sushi Chef-
Kill loads of people in any level with a knife.

Kill loads of enemies in any level with Fiber Wire.

In A New Life, kill everyone in the level (Including the dog!) with the baseball bat (located in the garage).
House of Cards
Equipments needed:
    - a Sniper rifle (I advice you to have it silenced to avoid detection.)
As the mission starts hurry inside the casino, go to the check in counter and take your keycard. Walk to the elevator and climb the hatch. Make sure to use the elevator on the left. Wait for the Scientist to arrive and enter the elevator, when he's in strangle him with your fiber wire. Take the suitcase and keycard. Get down from the hatch and take the elevator to the 7th floor, since by then you'll be on the 8th floor. After doing so, go to your room and leave the Scientist's briefcase. Enter the right elevator this time, take it to the lobby and climb the hatch once again. Wait for Hendrik Shumtz to enter the elevator, strangle him as well and take his keycard. As the elevator stops in the 7th floor go to his room (Room #707). Get the diamond case and throw it to the balcony of the room. Get out of the room and get back to the left elevator where you left your rifle case. Take it back and go to the terrace opposite the staff lounge. There would be staff member standing by the balcony, smoking. Push him to avoid witness. Climb the wall and walk by the ledge. Check the map from time to time to see if there are any patrolling guards. When you reach the window where a man is drinking and watching TV, wait for him to go the bathroom. Once he leaves, hurry inside and poison his drink. Go out the balcony again and wait until he passes out. After doing that, drag his body into the bathroom just to be sure no one sees his corpse. Close the lights and leave your rifle case in the balcony. Get out of the room and you'll see a fire alarm near the staff room. Pull it and everyone would run to the elevator shafts. While their distracted run back to the man's room, go to the balcony and take your suitcase. Jump from the balcony to the other balcony. Enter the room and go to the bedroom. You'll see a cellphone there, redial the Sheik's number. That way the Sheik would go out the casino without any bodyguards, go out of the room and return to the first balcony. Take your sniper out of the case and prepare it. Aim your rifle in the casino exit below. Wait for the Sheik to come out. Once he walks out, shoot him right in the head. Remember if you missed he'll have the chance to escape and your cover would be blown. Be careful. If done successfully, exit the room and go to the elevators. Go to the 7th floor, then to your room. Take the Scientist's briefcase and make your way out.

Ranking: Silent Assassin
Bullets fired: 1
How to Smuggle Un-Conceleable Guns Safely
Having trouble when trying to leave an un-concealable gun in a ICA crate without being seen? Sick of getting busted when doing all this? Well,if you want to roam around without being shot at,holster the weapon and take out your bomb detonator.Now you can walk around and people won't give a crap of a guy carrying a gun in the streets!
Intel items 1-8 (all) for mission: FLAT LINE
Intel 1- Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often wait in the park outside.

Intel 2- Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.

Intel 2- This brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a gymnasium, and a large spa area.

Intel 4- Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.

Intel 5- Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they don't get alcohol poisoning.

Intel 6- Weight lifting can be fatal.

Intel 7- Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping stoves into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!

Intel 8- Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wint to the morgue.
poker rat's
On the misson[curtan's down] you can watch a poker matchwith a bunch of rats complete with take away pizzaand other ratsfighting over food. All you have to do is go to the western most part of the basement and fire at the three rats running about on the floor. Once there dead a keycard will appear on the desk. Pick it up and go to the western section 2nd floor via the first floor. Use the keycard on the locked door and you will find the gambiling rodents.
Save Syringes
Instead of injecting sedatives you can use a gun a grab the person of your choice and knock them out.
This can also be used to kill a target. Once you have knocked out your target, simply drag them to a railing and throw them over it.
Secrets and Helpful things
In the Leval with the opera singer and his "friend" the Ambassator, There is a ver helpul thing you can do. First of all, Go to the Wardrobe guy and go into the bathroom on the rightside of his booth. Wait for the painter to enter. Kill him. and hide his body. Take his clothes and his tool box. (put one gun in tool box. Drop all others in bathroom. Now go to the enterance of the leval and go straight. Go left DOWN the stairs and to the end of the halls. there will be two guards. let them wnad you and then enter. ONce you go down the stairs, you can obtain a NAILER basicly you can shoot people with nails. now find your way around these basments cause i dont remember the way through. nut once you find the staits that go all the way above the stage. you will need to go through the door. and out on the balcony and shoot them actor on stage with any gun you want.Now WAIT, dont run. after a few seconds, the "friendly Ammbasator will run onto the stage to see his "friend". not shoot him and ge tthe hell out of the leval.

In " Till Death do us part" go to where you get your shotgun or what ever unconcealable weapon you chose. Now near that box, there will be a fence. go over it and set up a mine and leave it. Tis is for emergencies if you are being chased by guards and you need to kill alot of them. jump the fence and let them run to the fence(they CANT hop it so just dont get shot them blow them up)
Silent Assassin rank
To get Silent Assassin rank you must kill target only, don't kill civilian, police, enemy, and any threat. Don't let witness see you, don't make any sound and don't make a violence such as to do collateral damage.
Simple Tips
When playing this Game, Here are a few simple tips on how not to die and make THEM die.

-Use Enemy Guns Before you use yours. Simple. Kill a guy. Take his gun and use it instead of yours. Cause yours are better and it better have them if you screw up and have to fight multiple enemies at once

-Use Melee Tools. There are alot of tools you can use. Hammers. Shovels. ECT. use them instead of guns. it saves time and ammo.

-Stay high. If you can. Stay in a tower or on a roof when fighting large numbers of enemies.
The rat pack
On the Curtains Down mission go to the room in the western most part of the basement aand shoot the three rats running around on the floor. once they are dead a secret keycard will appear on the nearby desk. Pick this up and take it to the western section of the second floor and use the keycard on the locked door. Inside you will see a seedy rodent gambling den
til death do us part
this level is really easy but i have a different way to do it, first of go to the end of the hose on the other end of the board walk and wait for the guest to walk in the abandoned house and pass out then take his clothes and invitation, the go in the mansion and talk to the bride.

after you talk go straight through the double doors and go right to the door. go outdside and go in the window, make sure nobody is in there, you go in and there is the wedding cake, poison the cake and get out, that will take care of groom.

now go back in the door and go right to the other set of double doors and head left, there will be a guard sitting in a chair, wait til the father goes to the grave site then kill guard take his clothes and drag his body to the bin to the left of the porch.

now go to the second floor and turn left then left again and go in the door. once your in go left past guards and in the door, hide in the closet and wait for pappy leblanc. when he sits down get him with your fiber wire.

after that go back outside pick up your suit and head for exit, after the mission you noise an violence mters should be 0, and have a rank of hitman.
Weapon Locations

Custom Silverballer - N/A
SLP .40 - any cop
SLP .40 with suppressor - Walking target on 'Murder Of the Crows
Bull .480 - Target on a new life
Desert Eagle - Captain on Death on the Mississipi
Snub Nosed Revolver - Any sailor guard on DOTM ^
Six Shooter - Guests on 'Till death do us part'
Mauser C96 - From the security desk guard on 'Curtains down' (talk to him)
NailGun - Basement area on Curtains down, basement of the targets house on 'New Life'

Submachine guns

Ruger MP9 - 'Murder of the crows', theres a security box near the stairs which lead to the main target guy, its in there
Heckler & Koch MP5 - Amendment, any FBI guard
Heckler & Koch MP7 - A new life, the security room
SAF SMG - Any of the guard found in the house, and in the room with the sleeping guard, a vintage year
Steyr TMP - Flatline, found in the guard room weapons case
Custom Tactical SMG - N/A


Custom M4 - N/A
F2000 - The CIA agent has one in his case on Dance with The Devil
M14 - The rifle all the guard carry on Amendment
SG552 - Found in the main targets room of 'Murder of the Crows' its leaning against the table
Air rifle - Tree house on a New Life


SP12 - N/A
Remington 870 - Guards carry them on 'Vintage Year'

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov - In the laptop room in a case on the floor,va dance with the devil
Elephant Rifle - Hanging on the wall of Pappy's room in 'Death till us part'
Kazo TRG - In the second stationary targets room on 'Murder of the crows'
Custom W2000 - N/A


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Hideout Ceiling Clipping
In the Hideout,run to the boxes at the side of the small stairs.Now climb up them and run to the side to glitch inside the Hideout's ceiling.Now you can run above the place's ceiling and see the things that are out of your range!
Levitation glitch
On the mission "You Better Watch out" after shooting out the bottom of the hot tub save then load the save. Now if you drag a person or knock them out next to it and they fall in they won't actually fall as it will register as water and glass still being there so they will appear to levitate. If while you have people "Levitating" you shoot out the invisible bottom they will all plummet below.

Easter eggs

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Freedom Fighters Cameos
On the newspapers the Jackson Chronicle and the Washing ton Globe, there are ads from the game "Freedom Fighters"; on is an ad for the Reds movement and the other is a boxing match advertisement that you can see on some buildings in "Freedom Fighters."
IO Interactive's Self Reference
Complete Requiem.Now,at the part where Diana answers the phone at the Agency,look at the buildings at the background.The buildings at the right are IO Interactive's place.
on the death of a showman newspaper report it has a thing about a member of "the 7" and a mercernary called adam marcus and mr. little who are rescued from a police prison truck by armed people just like the first level.
Secret Assassin Ranks
-Insane Florist:eliminate loads of people using the Hedge Cutter.

-Swashbuckler:kill as many people as possible with the Cane Sword.

-Raging Bluecollar:take out tons of people with the Hammer,mostly with stealthy kills.

-Pianoman:kill ass-loads of public using the Fiber Wire,silent assassin style.

-Sushi Chef:take down lots of people using either the Kitchen Knife or the Meat Cleaver.

-*Murderous Manicurist:defeat tons of men by depending on the Nail File.

-*King of the Jungle:kill lots of enemies by using the Bowie Knife.

-Insane Florist:mow down a lot of public with the Hedge Cutter.

-Insurance Agent:all accidents,zero kills and left a few witnesses.5 can be nice.

-Russian Hare:complete a level with 10 headshots (all must be sniper rifle headshots.)

-Needle Pumper:eliminate loads of enemies with the Nailer (NOTE:the Nailer is weak on damage,so aim for the head.)

-Frenzied Firefighter:you guessed it.Kill tons of people with a Fire Extinguisher.

-Dr.Death:use the Poison Syringe to inject poison into a big bunch of people (use the Unlimited Ammo cheat.)

-Slugger:in A New Life,use the Baseball Bat (in the target's house's garage) to kill everyone,guard dog included.

*:Indicates weapons that only are accessible via PC mods.


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"The Dead Sail the Seas!"
On 'Death on the Mississippi', there is a little secret to turn every single person on the boat into a ZOMBIE!

This has to be done as soon as the level begins.

1. Run to the upper entrance to the engine room. Kill the guard who is coming down the steps (or is near there)
2. Drag the body into the engine room through the UPPER entrance.
3. Throw his body over the railing on the RIGHT side of the room.
4. Run back out onto the deck and grab the Gator Gang guy as a human shield.
5. Take him up to the engine room and throw him over the railing on the LEFT side of the room.

Voilé ! Enjoy your new zombie crew!
Amendment XXV (kill mark)
Amendment XXV

Put your costum sniper rifle at the oval roof.( The end of the oval roof). Go to the guard room, change your costume to bodyguard. Go to office and meet Mark.
When the cutscene ends, follow Mark to the roof. Go to your sniper and zoom it to Mark. shoot!

Free intel
First, start a level. Next, buy all of the intel, read it and see the helpful info (if any). Then EXIT WITHOUT SAVING. Load your level and you will have all your money, and useful intel.
Funeral Attendants
At the funeral scene that is on the main menu, you can see a bunch of people in the rows who may look oddly familiar. They are all in fact the targets from the missions in the game, some have noticbale features such as the targets in the mission FLATLINE who are still in there robes. Check out my Guide for more on this and other tips in Hitman: Blood Money, under the alias GL-rid3r.
Kill Mark Parchezzi with ease!!!
Amendment XXV

Mark Parchezzi- We all hate him. You sneak all the way through the White House, only for him to run off, leaving you to chase him and end up having to shoot him on the roof. Talk about annoying.

The solution!
Go to the entrance to the Oval Room (where he is) and pull out any gun. Now, in first person mode (Press R3), point it a bit above the middle of the door. Enter the room.

As the cutscene plays, furiously tap R1 continuously. This is optional but it pretty much guarantees that this will work.

When the cutscene ends, keep hitting R1 and you will shoot Mark in the split second before you fall to the ground!
Knockout, for the win
If a person is facing a wall, or walking towards a wall and is close enough, run up behind them and press R1 (melee attack), to push them. they will get pushed into the wall, and if at just the right distance, and if they are unalerted to your presence previously, they will go face first into the wall and get knocked out. Granted it doesn't work all the time, even if timed right. Might be a bit buggy, as melee combat has been changed since previous Hitman games; or it might be a bit random, deterring the player from relying on such a basic form of attack (which could expose the assassin to its target)- not a good thing usually.

In short, use if absolutely required!