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Haunting Ground Cheats

Haunting Ground cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Haunting Ground cheat codes.


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Game Play
Usually these tips work for me!

-When a pursuer is coming for you Hewie will start growling
so get in a hiding spot an other way you can tell is if the music stops if so don't move the pursuer is listening for foot steps.
-Backsteps are fun and all but to make them funner back-step and press square and you can shove pursuers.

A: Okay This is possibly the first ending you may get but my first ending was ending D (bad ending) but just go through the game and this is the ending you'll get.

B:Same as above but, You need to kill debi and proceed as usual

C: After defeating debi go to his hut and get the key
Invisible Homunculi Glitch!!
I found a new glitch today! This glitch actually gets rid of the baby homunculi in the Riccardo level. (The baby homunculi are those pesky little screamy ones.)Not all of them will be gone, but the most annoying ones will be out of the way.

After you send Hewie through the hole in the decomposer room, head over to the sealed room. Before you head up the stairs to the sealed room, 2 "babies" will drop from the celing. DON`T KILL THEM. Ignore them and proceed onwards. Once Hewie unlocks the door, go inside and continue through the other room. Keep going until you get to the red room that is divided into sections. Open the first door to see a little friend waiting for you. Kick it ONCE and tell Hewie to finish it off. DON`T KICK ANY VASES YET. Continue to the second door to find a harmless failure sitting on a chair. Proceed to the next areas to find NO HOMUNCULI!! COOL!! Retrieve the Prima Materia in the graveyard and return to the sealed room. Leave and go into the hall where the babies dropped earlier. There should be a baby waiting for you. Kill it any way you want and go downstairs. If done correctly, there shouldn`t be a 2nd baby waiting for you.

NOTE: One time I tried this and the second baby re-dropped from the celing right in front of my eyes! Be careful!

I don`t think there are any bad side effects from using this glitch, so don`t worry!! I only tried this on normal so I don`t know if it also works on hard. If it does, this would be a great help counting the fact that there are like double the babies in hard. PS: I`m the first person to EVER submit this cheat.
Reaching the fight with Debilitas
Look at box that holds the game (it has Fiona Belli, and Hewie and Fiona has her blue eyes on the front). On the back of the box is a background of a black and white door. That is the door where you need to get through in one of the first chapters to get to the Boss fight with Debilitas. Behind the door is a chapel; the room you are in is the room of darkness, To get to the door and to the Boss fight, you will need Hewie. Send him to "go" and he will lead the way through the room. If you do not send Hewie to "go" and you walk anywhere in the room, you will probably die in there. As soon as you get to the other side of the room, the scene on back of the box that holds the game appears, with the exact same door.
Type the word 'SALTATIO' on a keyplate. Then use it on a golem, you will get an interesting scene, and it will restore Fiona's stamina.
Scream Queen
Scream Queen may be one of the most Dangerous titles to earn in this game, but luckily I have found a simple solution. Two Words:


NONE of the Stalkers will ever set foot in here. So this works best with Daniella. Once the Crypt is open, run around like a maniac and lure her to the graveyard and to the entrance of the Crypt (Don't go inside yet) Alright now that she's comming after you just simply,...STAND THERE... Yep, thats right let her pimp slap you all she wants, and when you go in Panic mode just run into the Crypt, you'll be perfectly safe! Do this about 30 times and the title is yours!

Unlockable: Alternate dog
Complete the game once to unlcok the an alternate dog.
Unlockable: Alternate enemy costume
Play the game on the Hard difficulty to unlock the alternate enemy costume.
Unlockable: Cowboy Costume
Complete the game with Ending A, to unlcok the Cowboy costume.
Unlockable: Frog Costume
Complete the game with Ending C to unlcok the Frog Costume.
Unlockable: Stuffed Dog Costume (Hewie)
Complete the game on Hard mode to unlock the Stuffed Dog Costume for Hewie.

Easter eggs

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Hiding, but not alone
If Hewie is beside Fiona when she hides in certain places, such as the closets in the Mansion, Hewie will hide with her.
(I discovered this by accident xD when hiding from Daniella.)
Optional Scenes
First one can be seen after the phone call with Lorenzo. Return to the room with the Plate Presser and you'll hear slapping sounds, the door is locked and if you try to enter Fiona will peek into the keyhole. Ricardo is interrogating Daniella about Lorenzo.

Second and Third require Debilitas to be chasing Fiona. The first is in the staircase with the dining area, if you lure him to the end where the railing is missing a scene activates where he falls off the edge. You can grab Beef Jerky off of him while he's lying below.

The second lure him into the small study where you found the Garden Key, Fiona wonders if she can hide behind the bookshelf. When Debilitas finds her she shoves the bookshelf on top of him.


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All gallery movies
View all four ending sequences to unlock all movies in the gallery menu.
Burst Shoes
To do this, you must beat the game once.

Type the word 'POWDER' on a keyplate, then insert it into the alchemy machine inside one of the dark holes. Then put the burst shoes on Fiona, it makes her kick 2x stronger.
Fairy Earings
Beat the game once, then inside one of those holes where you use the medallions there should be a new machine. Type the word 'MORGAN' on a keyplate, and insert it into that machine. You should get a pair of Fairy Earings. Once you equip them to Fiona, stand still for four seconds and she should turn invisible. It's useful when you need to hide from enemies. She will be visible again once you move.
Invisible Lorenzo
When you first arrive at the House of Truth, go to the hallway outside Lorenzo's Room but don't enter his room yet. Go down the spiral staircase and collect the Golden Candlestick, then return to the 2 vases at the hallway. Kick the vase on right and a Luminescent will be free. Guild the Luminescent back to the West Garden and go down to the area where the explosive is placed. Stand on the platform under the lamp and a cutscene will play.

If you do it correctly, Lorenzo will be invisible in the cutscene. You can also bypass the old Lorenzo's boss battle and the scene where you got trap in a room. Lorenzo will remain invisible and never chase you but this glitch will last up to the final boss battle, unless you get yourself trapped in the room. Because Lorenzo will return after the cutscene where he turns young.
Keyplate Passwords
ADAMAS: Rank 02 Treasure Hunter; Diamond Choker (second playthrough)
ALCHYMIA: Rank 01 Top Breeder; Alchemist's Earring (second playthrough)
EMETH or METH: Move the Golem away from door; Obsidian Choker
MAGNUS: Unlock red box in nursery room
MORGAN: Rank 04 Track Star; Fairy Earrings (second playthrough)
POWDER: Rank 03 Warmonger; Burst Boots (second playthrough)
REST: Access the rest room
RRL, RRRR, RRR, RRLRR: Move Golem in graveyard cave
SALT, SULFUR, MERCURY: Three-headed snake statue puzzle
SALTATIO: Earth Golem Para Para dance and restores your stamina
Type the word 'MAGNUS' on a keyplate, and use it on the red box in the nursery. You will get two items from inside.
Mausoleum Glitch
Go to the Mausoleum at the Mansion's Graveyard and read the words written on the Mausoleum, the screen will darken and you won't be able to move while reading. Doing so and you will be invincible. For example, you won't feel hurt when a Luminessants hits you.

Keep reading and wait for a stalker to appear. The music will remain unchanged and the stalker can't hurt you at all. You will get panic attacks but you won't be running around like crazy. This glitch will in effect as long as the screen is darken and words are on the screen.
Unlock Hard Mode and Secret room
To unlock both hard mode and the secret room beat the game once, these will then be selectable from the main menu.