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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition cheat codes.

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Here's a suggestion. It'll save you a bunch of money too!

Year One: Too little time on your hands?
At the end of the year, when you're finally going to sleep in winter, (The last day/tenth) Celia pops up at your house and asks you some questions.
(If Celia is not your dream girl-- Don't read!!)
She asks if you're going to raise a family. Blah, blah, blah- She also suggests you marry her. But you have two options:
"Marry her."
"Stay single forever."

If you don't want a baby ruckus, (My term of a baby.) that Celia made, don't do it. (Say Single Foeva!!) If you do, say yeah. (Baby come to daddeh!)

Before all of this happens, Don't use anything on any girlie. Unless you don't want Celia.


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Tribute to Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
UnlockableHow to unlock
Tribute RecordIn Winter, befriend Mukumuku. Eventually it will give you a record for your record player(obviously, lolz). Gamers who played Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland will recognize the music on this record as the music that played during fall in that game. I enjoyed Harvest Moon: StH's music so this was a happy discovery for me! I hope you enjoy the music, I know I did.
Wake-Up Call
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alarm ClockOnce Grant arrives in the valley, become friends with him. Once you think you are friends with him, go to his house when he is there. I did it before he left for work early in the morning(5, I think). An event will occur, and he will give you an alarm clock! It will be next to your diary in your house. Set the wake up time and, no matter what time you go to sleep the night before, you will wake up AT THE EXACT TIME YOU SET IT FOR! This always works, and it is very helpful to get your day started. Enjoy!


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Choice to help the farm or not
Takura asks you if you can help him raise the farm or not. You have a choice of saying yes or no. If you say no then you leave the town and Takura says "Looks like I'll be doing this alone"
he walks inside the small house and goes to the T.V. He bends down and says "Let's go." then your back at the Title Screen. It will be gameover if you make this choice so I reccommend you don't say no if you don't wanna start all over seeing the opening scene.
In the first year, befriend with Mukumuku (the white Yeti) and give him 3 flowers and 3 fishes a day. At the fourth day he'll start giving you a record. He will give you more records each day you visit him. Then sell those at Van shop.
500 G easy
ok,when you get ducks,you dont need the female one.it doesnt fertlize eggs,or lay them.so sell all females for 500,and baby females for 300.
A FISH for 1000 g
If you like fishing, here is a tip to get 1000g just for fishing.
Well, fish at the swamp where you see the turtle. Just keep fishing there and you'll catch a fish call Yaname. This fish may take quite long to get. But it is worth a lot. Sell it to Van
a great way to make money!!
If your not big on raising animals to make money or growing crops, then heres a great way to make some money! Collect items from all over the place, Fall is the best time for this because theirs way more items to collect(it's much easier with a horse).then all you need is to sell everything you collected to Van.It works, trust me.
A mean way to win Nami's heart!
If you show the blue feathers to the other girls while they only have 1 or 2 hearts, Nami will like you more!
A Tip if you want a Calf
If you want a calf, don't BUY the miracle potion (you can if you want)buy a bull instead. Wait at least 2 months, the go to your ordering notebook, find livestock/miracle potion, press miracle potion, you'll have a choice. You can choose "Farm Bull", or "Other Bull". If you choose "other Bull" you have to pay (Takakura will bring in a bull that he "loaned"), choose "Farm bull" it's free. I know this take long, but in my point of view, it's worth it. If you choose to buy, you're really wasting your time reading this.
Accidentally Cut Down A Crop You Should Have Harvested?
This happened to me and I thought oh well its only one potato but then I used the hoe right where I had just cut the plant and there sitting on the ground was my potato!
Hope this was helpful. If you need to contact me you can e-mail me: its_frazier@verizon.net
After Chapter 1 (Be Ready)
Ok so i have been playing Harvest moon now and i wanted to say this: Once you are done with Chapter 1 then u will have your boy or girl. Depending on who with. And you will get a kitchen and everything.
Make sure that you will be able to provide food for your family. And that mean that you will have to be able to:
Get Milk,
And Fish.
SO make sure you have the materials for that!
All about Nami
Nami is the best girl you can marry. She is nice to you when you will get married to her. People think maybe Muffy is the best but in real she isn't the best. Nami sure know how to make the farm go right if you thing shes hard then its not true. Its only hard getting heart number 1. Give her bones or human statues from the digging side. On falls you can give her the flowers she likes near the waterfall where the digging side is. Have fun and be sure to take Nami all the times because she is the best one.
animals wont die(hopefully)
here is how to get your animals not to die...okay,if you arent near the barn often,or ur trying to sleep through the whole game like me,trying to sleep through the game:ok,first,you go feed the animal,if they refuse,go and save your game,but not in the first slot,in 2nd/3rd slot,your choice,then go to sleep,then repeat.(for any chapter),if you dont go in the barn often,go in every 2 days,then feed them,then after they eat,go to ur house and save the game,then repeat dont ignore pregnant animals like i did,or they'll die like my cow daisy died ;'( .............im not a teen yet so i cried for like 45 mins......;''''''''(
- Muffy
A frisky girl who lives in the Blue Bar with her Dad, Griffin. She had a beautiful wavy and blonde hair. Her diary is in the flower vase in the corner of the room.
She likes: Flowers, Milks, Coins, and Ores

- Celia
Celia is a shy simple girl, she lived in house near the farm with Vesta and Marlin. She wore a green clothe and headcraft as a farmer girl. Her diary is in her bed in the upstair of her house.
She likes: Flowers, Coins, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, Coins, and Ores

- Nami
She is so quiet, and a bit shy. Lives in Inner Inn, everyday she went around the village. She had a red hair and boyish. Her diary is on the table in her room (upstair the Inner Inn).
She likes: Blue Trick Flowers, Horse Statue, Curry Dish, Human Statue, Skull Fossil, or everything from the Dig Site.

- Lumina
A sweet rich little girl, she loves piano. She will be an adult in year 2. She lives in luxurious big villa with Sebastian and Romana. She had a long hair and many questions for you. Her diary is on the table near her teddy bear in her room.

That's it, hope i helped for the newbie!
She likes: Wools, Flowers, Ores.
Balanced Barn
Here is just my suggestion of what animals to have in your barn. For one, you should have a sheep. As soon as you get them to produce Golden Wool, they will make you tons of money. Then, I suggest having one Bull. It is a lot cheaper to by a Bull then to buy a Miracle Potion every time. Of course you have to have your horse in your barn, so that's another animal. Then I suggest having three female cows. Keep two of your cows pregnant at a time (with a season or two apart between the pregnancies). When the babies come, if they are male sell them, if they are female, sell them or one of your older female cows. You will always have room in your barn to make lots of money.
Become Friends With Muffy
In Chapter 2, leave your house around 8:00am and head towards Celia's house (this has to be in spring) and Muffy will be standing on the bridge. She will say that she just broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her (i think) and if you comfort her she will become better friends with you.
Befriending villagers easier
If your chickens are laying normal, non-fertalized eggs, just give them out to the villagers. As they cant be haggled and are only 40g, it'll help to get those special/hidden tools, certain items, and help influence your kid's future career. Good Luck!
Best way to make money starting from Chapter 2
When you get into Chapter 2, get Tartan as soon as you can. Also, keep as much of your milk and eggs as you can afford. Once you have Tartan make as much Dhibe seeds (turnip + strawberry) as you can, and plant them (they don't grow in summer though). When you harvest the dhibe after 5-6 days, turn them ALL (no need to put any in the seed maker 'coz you can easily buy the seeds from Vesta) to dhibe cakes (dhibe + milk + egg) and sell them to Van for 2,010 G each, haggled. No other item gives you as much gold with regularity for so little investment.
Bride Tip
Likes: Huge Huchep, flowers, ores
Dislikes: Colombos, bones
Likes: Flowers, statues
Dislikes: Failed attemps, fish
Likes: Artifacts, records, fall flowers, bones
Dislikes: Other flowers, milk, egg . . . almost everything.
Busy People Don't Want Gifts!
If you're trying to give a gift to someone such as Muffy or Griffin; don't do it while their working behind the counter. Sometimes you get lucky, but don't take that risk. You might end up missing giving them a gift until the next day. Also, if you're trying to marry Lumina, don't give her a gift while she's playing piano. She'll complain or something.

Also, don't give it to your wife after marriage while she's by the fridge doing something or 'washing the dishes'. Hope I helped people who might make this mistake.
Celia as a Wife
I have heard that some other wives help out around the farm after you are married and regardless of her interest in crops Celia doesn't even do so much as to water a plant throughout your relationship, so if you're hoping to get some help from your wife I wouldn't suggest Celia.
Hope this was helpful. If you need to contact me you can e-mail me: its_frazier@verizon.net
Celia Cutscenes! Two in one day!
Okay this has to do with wooing Celia!
I did this after talking to her everyday for about three days (still in the first spring)
And showed up to her house before nine. It will change into a cutscene of Celia just going out of the door and you startling her.

Celia will then tell you that she was happy that it didn't rain. Instead of saying "Yep" Ask if she's free now (the second option) and she will repeat that.
Marlin will come out of the house and tell Celia she was supposed to be going shopping. Offer to go with her.
And then he'll get jealous and try to start something with you. Instead of blaming Marlin, tell them "I'm Sorry" and Celia will take your side. You'll walk her over the bridge and the scene is over.

At around 9:00 or 9:30 (when she is returning) go BACK to Celia's house! Marlin will be there and so will Vesta. Talk to them maybe buy something and then go back outside. There will be ANOTHER cutscene with her.

She'll start talking about gardening and how she loves it. Choose the second option about liking gardening and she'll be happy!
Cheap Goat
When you can buy a Goat from Van go to him. Select Buy then Goat, he will say ok 4000G, say Discount? and Cant you do better to lower the price. IT IS possible to get fo 2000G but it is hard, 2200G is usualy easy.
Chicken Fence
Get you chicken hut 3/4 of the way full(6 chickens) and talk to Takakura. He will offer to build you a chicken fence for 10,000g.
If you own a rooster or hen, you can just leave them outside all the time because they won't fall sick or die.
Cows not giving milk?
are your cows healthy,happy,and not giving milk?well the answer is they got to get pregnant.every year a cow will stop producing milk until you get it pregnant..hope that helps
Dhibe cakes
Once you have a tartan, hybride a turnip and a strawberry. Now you have a Dhibe seeds. Turn 20 turnips and 20 strawberry if you could. Dhibe grows from Fall to Spring. Now plant them all and once they turn into Dhibe crops, turn 10 crops to seeds using seedmaker. Then make Dhibe cake using the other 10 dhibe crops. Dhibe cakes is made of any milk, any egg, and one Dhibe crop. Sell Dhibe cakes to Van, one Dhibe cakes would worth 2010G if you haggled with him. Good luck! If you had any question, you can send me an email to dhita_jd@yahoo.com
Did you know?
Hey in case you didn't know you can marry Lumina too in this game beleve me i own the game and i married her she is the hardest to get.I took me 3 weeks in the game to get one pink <3 (she is evil) and if you bug the pots in the harvest sprite house till it says you win you get a wish of having a boy or a girl.
Digging at The Site
Here is a List of what i have found so far when i help Carter Dig at the Site, now a reminder i am on Chapter 3 The Harvest,

What i found:

"Sugar ore"

"Moon Ore"

"Hop Ore"

"Silver and Gold Coins"


"skull Fossil"

"Human Statue"

"Jade Ball"

"Horse Statue"

i will get back if i find anything new,
Digging side will get bigger and with better things!!
well if you are in chapter 2 the digging side will be WAY BIGGER and new things that you can collect try to be friend with the digging guy because you'll get a cute little puppy dog
Don't want a horse?
In the game you normally get a horse early in to the first chapter but if you want to keep your barn for animals only, all you have to do is sleep. Get plenty of rest. This is what you do...

(Step one)
Your first day.... Buy a sheep, go nuzzle, talk, milk, and feed your cow. then go to sleep till the next day.
(you will likely have to sleep twice)

(Step two)
On the second day go nuzzle, talk, milk, and feed your cow all over agian and sleep. But this time only do it once. When you awake you will have your sheep, name it, nuzzle, talk, and feed it. Then go buy another one. So now your broke!!!! OH NO!!! Don't worry tho this hint will make you ritcher later in the game. Don't sell any of your milk! Save it all until the 3rd day. Now that you have done all the barn chores, go back to bed until morning.

(Step three)
One day three and five, nuzzle, talk, and feed your animals. Then at 11:30 go take your milk to Van.
Don't take is his asking price. Keep saying no till he gives you a better deal. Now you will have enough money to buy another sheep. So go buy one. Then go back to sleep till morning after you get your second sheep.
(Repeat step two till you barn is full! This should only take about two months)

(Step four)
So now your barn is full and you have no horse. But OMG look at all the sheep. It won't take you long to trade those for cow because if you have been treating you sheep good you will be making 600$ from each sheep once a month. You have 7 of them so thats 4200$ each month. Then you still have all the money from milk you have been selling to Van. So when you have money for a cow sell a sheep then buy a cow. And keep doing that till you have the perfect combination of animals.
Dont drink milk!!!
Dont drink the milk!!! its worth to much, if you ever get hungry, then i would eat mugworts or 1 of them, dont eat fish or toadstools either, they sell for lots to van.!, just thought you would like to know
If you have a hen, a rooster, and a male and female duck there is a chance that a fertilized egg may hatch a duck. One day when it was raining I put all my birds [chickens and ducks] in the chicken coop and the next day had a fertile egg which I put in the incubator and from it hatched a duckling and not a chick.
I later made the mistake of selling my rooster thinking the male duck would fertilize the egg but you NEED a rooster also. The ducks and chickens should be together if you want this to work and I can't guarantee that you will get a duckling the first time you do this. It may hatch a chick but there is a 50/50 chance that you will get a duck rather then chick.
So if you don't want more ducks be sure to try and keep them away from your chickens so they don't "mingle" with out your intentions for it to be that way.
Hope this was helpful. If you need to contact me you can e-mail me: its_frazier@verizon.net
To get ducks, in the first chapter you have to buy a pond. Then, if you have a pond, in the second chapter summer wake up later than your wife and she wife and she will tell you there are ducks in the pond. You can keep them or choose not to keep them.
If you buy a pond in the first chapter then in the second chapter you will wake up and your wife will tell you that there are ducks in the pond! You have a choice to keep them or not...I kept them and found out that they don't lay eggs, They don't fertlize them, so they were really a waste of my time...BUT i also found out that they were $500 (Full grown, 300 or 150 baby)! So i sold my male and kept my female. I did that because if your chicken lays fertlized eggs there is a 50/50 chance that it could be a duck...But you have to have a duck for that chance to happen!
Easy but Slow Money
Are you poor? I have an easy, but slow, path to riches.Every day go to the digsite at around 10:00am and talk to Carter. Once you are able to dig(have the shovel in your hand), dig in all of the light spots. Didnt find much? Thats ok. Continue digging even in the dark areas where you have already dug. You will continue to find stuff until 5:00, which is when Carter tells you that enough digging for today(or unless you are tired of digging and wana leave). Take what you get to keep and sell it to Van every time he comes to town. Also, go pick all the flowers you can find. Dont sell food-plants, like Mugwort or Bracken, bacause youll need those to feed you and your dog(and your cat if you have one). Sell all digging items youv dug up and all your plants youv harvested to Van. Slowly you will become rich. Also, if you have a fishing rod, catch fish by the waterfall and sell them, allong with your other items, to Van. If your not a fast money spender, you will end up swimmin' in money, although it might take a little while, but not to long. Email me with your outcome!
Easy Marriage
If you want to get married faster and easier, go for muffy. When you give her something once it will atomaticly go from green heart to a pink heart. You can save alot of money on her too by just giving her flowers you picked in the wild. If you talk to her alot and give her flowers every day, scenarios should pop up and you can propose to her by summer. You will start out the next year with a wife.
(p.s. If you want a daughter, go to the harvest prites house and talk to the pot. Annoy it enough and it will grant your wish. You can wish for a son or daughter.)
Easy Money
Ok, it took me a while to figure this out but it really works!

Everyday after you finish your chores, go fishing at the Turtle Swamp (by Gustafa's Yurt). When you get home, turn all of your Colombo's and any other fish worth less than 100G into sashimi (all you have to do is choose entree as the type of meal and cook JUST fish). Then, when Van comes sell all the sashimi and tell him you won't take the first price. He'll raise it. Sell any fish worth above 100G separate. This will get you more money.

Also, buy a food processing room for 30,000G at the very beginning of the game. It will help a lot. Turn all your milk into butter or cheese and it will make them worth a lot more. Remember that some milks are better for making butter than they are for cheese. For example, there are two types of butter: good butter and butter. The good butter sells for 75G more. If you have a brown cow, their milk, no matter what rating (B,A, or S) will always make good butter. A marble cow's milk will always make good cheese. Hope I helped!
Easy Proposal! ( Nami )
Okay, well, if you are marrying Nami, you want her to like you more faster. Right? So here's the deal. Everyday, go to the Inner Inn BEFORE 8:00 am. She'll be awake at 9:00 am, so enter her room at the required time. Talk to her a few times, then give her fossils, human statutes, or flowers that are found in fall. The 1st 3 are found at the Dig Site. Then... WALLA!! A few more tries should do the trick. Then you could propose to her!
Fertalize your field easy!
After Spring third, when you settle in, start buying 5 fertalizer daily, which is 200g, but the milk you ship is making you a profit still.
Fill in the day!
Go to bed between 8:30-9:00, you will get up around 6:00. Feed your animals and collect milk,eggs, wool, water plants (7:00-8:00 by now). Pick flowers/food (9:00-10:00). Go to the dig site(spend as much time as u want, closes at 5:00pm). Go fishing(6:00-7:00)
Feed animals and collect again. Put in shipping bin. Go to bed.

If you make your own schedeual it works.
A couple good times and places for fishing:

In the morning: about 7:00 to 9:30, when Carter goes to the dig site
Fish by the water fall. You'll either get Nyamame (60-200G, turn tiny and regular ones into sashimi) or Huchep (big/huge: 250-300G each) I get a few more hucheps than Nyamames, especially 9:30 to 10:00.

During the day: 11:00 to 5PM
Go down to the swamp. If the turtle is NOT there, you'll either get Colombo (turn them ALL into sashimi, or save them for gifts for Griffin or Mukumuku) or if you're lucky an Arna (400-480G). If the turtle IS there, you have a much greater chance of catching a Yamame (2000-2400G)

At night: 6PM to midnight
Go downstream (on the bridge facing the ocean). You'll catch a Rainbob (sell huge for 500-600G, Big for 150-180G), Sharsharks (600-720G), or Snelts (just gift them or turn into sashimi) I've gotten about equal amounts of Snelts and Sharsharks, but I haven't fished in the rain yet.
if you run out of fodder, then sometimes your cows and bulls get stressed and get ill, i suggest that you should at the beginnig, put some fertiliser outside on the grass so that you can cut it and there will be enough!
When you get Tarten go to him with fruit from trees. ( NOTE: This is a rip of if you do it with crops... ) Give him two fruits from your trees to Hybird. He will then Hybird them and it will come out as a seed... Plant the seed and your new tree can produce fruit when it is time... This is especially good for bannas.
if you want to make sure people are your friends then when you walk past them see if they turn their heads to look at you. if they do they're your friend, if they don't, you have more persuading and gift giving to do.
Friendship is Valuble
It is easy to become friends with most of the villagers. Most of the girls will accept flowers, and almost everyone likes eggs and milk. Take time to give presents to all the villagers. Almost everyone of them will have something to give you in return.
Get 2000G in 1 day
Go to the dig sites and fishing in water fall wait only 1.30 minutes get huge yamame sells to van get more prices 2000-2400 G keep your patience water fall is the best fishing spot dont go to turtle swamp because if you catch a big fish like huge colombo and snelt max 100 G sells to van in water fall the you can catch up to 90 G-2000G
Get a 3rd Field!
After playing for a while, Takakura will eventually offer to clear the field for you for 20,000g. Do so and the small forest of trees will be gone, and a very fertile field will remain.
get a black cat on the second day of fall!
if you befriend with romana,and you miss the cat in summer,you can get it on the second day of fall and also go to sleep around 11:00 and you will get a cut sence of romana asking if you want the black cat if yes she will give it to you,no then you wasted your time reading this
Get a free item!
Befriends with Gustafa, and catch him going to his house around 9:00pm and he will give you a item called a "Tum Tum" and you can sell it to Van for 1000G but if you say no twice he can pay you up to 1400G but if he says "thats to bad" then try again another time.
Get a Free record!
Befriends with Griffin (he loves fish) and go to the bar around 2-3 pm and he will give you a record called "Marine Jazz".
Get a free Seed Maker!
Be Friends with Daryl the crazy scientist and he will give you a Seed Maker!!
Get a Goat DISCOUNT!!!
To get a goat you must be in the second chapter.
Buy it from Van, the price is 4000G.If you want to get a discount, just say no and the price will be 3600G. But it can get lower by refusing again. The price will will be 3200.The reason why it is expensive because you will get a free Goat Milker. HOPE THAT HELPS A LOT OF BOYS AND LOTS OF PRETTY AND SEXY GIRLS OUT THERE. BYE
Get a horse
No matter where you are, you will appear at the farm with Takakura and he will say he ordered a horse. All you need to do is give it a name and put its feed box somewhere.
Get a seed maker in summer
ok this is how to get a seed maker in summer the frist year:
1.give darly fish the frist day and everyday after that at 5:00
2.enter darly's house and talk to him around about 2:00-4:59

And there you have it
Get Celia EASY
if you want to marry Celia, give her a flower everytime you see her. Then, at the end of winter, Vesta will come to your house and say "Come on Celia, this is all about you." or something like that and Celia will say that she really loves you. all you have to do is say yes! If you have problems Email me
Get Celia to marry you.
Give celia one flower each day in the morning at 6:00 or yoll miss her.
Check her diary on her bed on the upstairs of her house.
Get lumina to four heart one season
First,chapter one.Milk ur cows, collect flowers(many),then go to the villa on 8:00am.Give romana one bottle of milk and give sebstian too.(dont gave romana when she is sitting on her chair or she is waving her umbrella).Then go to lumina's room and gave her two flowers.do yhis until its summer four u will see lumina diary on the table(big,long).If have four hearts,give her the blue feather.Then she will talk to romana that lumina want to be married with u. romana will angry and ask u will u make lumina happy?chose leave it to me, then romana will angry later she said are you frightened im just kidding hahaha!! and one year past a cut sences appear u married lumina.also when u befriend someone. they will look at you when they walk past u.(they must walk past u not u walk past them.)
Get money fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When seasons come get as MUCH WILD PLANTS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then sell ALL them to Van.
Get Muffy Easily
What i did was i barely talked to her at all. (aside from a few Moon ores) When I got the Blue feather i gave it to a couple girls (including her) and the all said no. Then in the middle of summer, I awoke to find her at my bedside saying something like "Why didnt u give this me this feather? u know how I feel about you" Then you can either Propose to her, or kick her out. u propose, she accepts, ur all happy.

I guess the bottom line is, give the feather to other girls, and she gets jealous.
Get the color horse YOU want!
Okay, this is tricky but if you play your cards right it will work. Here are the three horse colors I have seen while playing.




Okay, come summer, most people get their horse. Save often each day, trust me... you'll regret not doing it. When that one dude... TAKAHURA or whatever, brings your horse, and you don't like the color... RESET the game! Yepperoonie, RESET and next time you should have a different horse.

This also works with the genders of baby animals. (Calves, chicks, and ducklings) So you can choose the most productive gender.
Get The Girl You want!! And pick what gender of kid you want!!
Muffy is without a dought the easiest to get. Unlike the other girls she has a red and they have green hearts. So if you want muffy to COME to you, simply don't talk to her or the other girls. But if you want to ask her earlier, just give her flowers ever day as well ores dug up from the dig site. There is a cutscreen in spring where you go outside of your house and Takakura is talking about shipping then Muffy comes and is scared by your dog. Ask her if shes hurt and she will like you more.

Celia is the second easiest. Every day pop by her house and give her flowers and eggs from your chickens. If you want her to come to you just make sure she has at least 2 red hearts. If you want to ask her keep giving her things until she has 4 red hearts.

If you are trying to get nami or celia get see muffy and make her mad by showing her flowers and say she can't have them.

Nami is a little hard but you just need to be patient. Show her thingss you dug up and talk to her alot. If she has enough hearts she will come to you saying she is broke and needs a place to stay. Say yes and you should be married!!

Lumina is hard!! I am trying to get her. It just takes time so give her flowers and buy a sheep, then take good care of it, (nuzzle, brush and wash each day) and when you shave it it should have gold wool. If it does give it to her and she will be really happy!!

Now, if you want to pick from a daughter or son go to the spring, eat the red mushroom and you should be in the sprites house. See those pots? Click on them 100 times and when it says, "you win..." talk to the sprite in the red robe and he will grant your wish. You pick a daughter or son.(If you don't do this cheat you will get a son)
Get your kid to water the crops
Don't have time to water your crops? Just go to bed later, and wake up after your child. You will see him come in and say "Hey Dad, I watered the crops." How nice of him! This is really helpful if you don't have the time to water them.

You can only do this once your child is NOT a toddler.
Getting A Few Recipes
Ane asy way to get new recipes is by simply searching the houses/buildings. I know you can find at least a few recipes at the Inner Inn. Search anyone's house to find them. The owners don't even care.
Getting Started
Okay, when you first start the game the first thing i suggest you do is go to Vestas farm and buy 25 turnips, this way when they have grown you can make 25 light salads (just using one turnip) and unlock the desserts and entrees section of cooking, also buy some fertilizers.

Then put the turnips in you shelves in you tool shed and get out the tomatos, and spread the fetlizer over as much of you feild (where your animals go) as you can Plant and water the tomatos.

Then milk and feed you cow. Next go into the shipping room and to the order form and order a minimum of 2 animal medicines. Now you will notice that you money supply has decreced, Dont worry.

Next collect all the flowers in the village. Untill the day of vans visit keep feeding and milking you cows, watering your plants and collecting all the flowers. DO NOT sell any of you milk yet.

When van comes sell your flowers to him (bearing in mind that you may need to keep some to woo the girls with).

continue this till the end of the month without selling your milk of the two tomatos.

eventually you will start to see you money rise. As soon as you have about 3500 buy a normal bull.

At the end of the month. place all you produce into the shipping room ready to be shipped out.

after 2 months you bull will be old enough to breed and that is when you go to the oder room and select buy mirical potion ( farms bull ).

this should set you up for a long time and you will be able to buy more animals like sheep and chickens.

Dont forget to leave anough room in your barn for the horse as you will need it!

Also when the sprites give you the blue feather do not give it to you future wife! make sure you future wife has four hearts though. The when van is next in town see how much the blue feather sells for. If it is not a lot keep the feather and if it is a lot sell it, because at the end of the year the girl with the most hearts will come to you anyway and you will get married awwwwwww XD

hope this helps (:

Ghost Stories
Sometimes,only SOMETIMES your T.V. will show some ghost/scary stories. You can find them in the misc.section where a man shows a lot of stuffs or where you see Nick.
Some stories are:
baby crying at night
teacher's head turning round/flipping over
chickens flyng up high where only planes can reach
the God of Poverty
Monkey's Paw
There are also a bunch more.Be sure to watch!!!
Golden Wool FAST!
Every time you shear your sheep, wash it twice on each side. This usually works for me.
Grade A Milk
In the beginning of the game, leave your cow outside for every day that the weather permits. She will give you at least four jugs of grade A milk and that grade will continue even after you put the cow in (during summer through winter) and even when she's pregnant! When she's pregnant, you'll only get two jugs of grade A milk.
Grade S Milk
When an animal loves you (all their hearts are filled in on the assets page) they give you the highest grade of milk, eggs, etc.

A faster way to get grade S milk out of your cows is to order good fodder. Only give your cow one good fodder a day, or it will get sick. Soon it will give you Grade S milks.

Hint: In summer, the milk will sometimes go down one grade because of the heat, especially if you bring your cows outside. If you have them at S rank, then you will at least get A rank through all summer.
Haggling for more money from Van for your dhibe cakes
When you sell dhibe cakes to Van, he will sometimes offer you more for it if you are patient enough. Here's how:

1. Reject his first offer of 1625 G. If he does not increase his offer by 20% to 2010 G, just offer to sell again.
2. When he offers you 2010 G, REJECT it again. If your lucky, he will offer you 2345 G for each dhibe cake. That's a 40% increase over the initial offer! Again if he does not increase his offer, just keep on trying.

While I've successfully done this with dhibe cakes only, I'm guessing this should be the case as well with items worth more than 1000 G.
Haveing trouble hangin on to money?
If You having trouble keeping your money as you slowly earn it, Try this I had a habit of selling all my milk as i got it, i got about 800 gold a day, i would spend it all on small stuff and then be broke, then i started keeping my milk till i got about 20 and then i sold them all at once after doing this a couple of times i had a big sum on my hands (about 10,000) and i was still in the first summer, you know what that ment splurge on every thing you want a sheep or 3 a couple cows if needed. Give me a email you need help on any harvest moons for Gameboy adavaced, Color, Playstaion 1 and 2 Snes and 64 the only one i dont have is another wonderfull life youd have to ask my mum about that one
Heres how to get one of the Rare Crops..
Turnip + Tomato: Trady
Strawberry + Melon: Berrylon
Mix Trady and a Berrylon together to get a Rare Crop.
House Extensions
This will contain spoilers on later chapters if you haven't gotten there yet.

You get the following house extension in each chapter:

Chapter 2~Kitchen
Chapter 3~Kid's Room
Chapter 4~Master Bedroom
Carter:dig at the dig site almost evrey day and dig ALL sqares.
Dayrl:when he is in his yard,give him bones(can dig up at dig site)or fish.
Cody:give him coins silver OR gold.
How to Bring Your Dog Inside your house.
Its simple really. All you have to do is pick up your dog then click on your door of your house. Then your character will bring the dog inside and you can set him anywhere you want. But he will not go outside unless you take him.
How to ge Nami to like you<3
If u want nami to like you go to the inner in at 8AM and wait till 9 AM then go into her room and talk to her till she repeats her self and you can also dig up stuff like coins fossils and human statues she loves them and when you get the blue feather go to some one that has 2 hearts on you ( CAN'T BE NAMI) and then show it to them then if they ask is that for me Click NO then that also helps her to like you if you have any problem e-mail me
How to get a goat
To get a goat you need to be in your second year and go see van.
Click on buy and he will sell you a goat.
It will say discount. Click on discount and he will offer you for the goat 3600G rather then 4000G.
How to get baby ducks!
Well, how you get baby ducks is you have to order a pond. Then one day your wife will come and say can we keep the ducks and SAY "YES"! Then you need a hen. The eggs under the chicken will be a chicken or a duck! But you have to have a hen to have a baby duck because the eggs will only be under a hen!
how to get gold wool
if you have a sheep but isn't giving you the high qualty wool all you have to is (if you have a brush, if not buy one from van on day three or eight) push your sheep to the water trough out in the pastr. walk up to him with the brush and hit triangle. wash him on both sides, then shear him. it should be high qualty wool that sells for six hundred to van.
How to get Lumina to like you and marry you
Ok, Lumina is 18 years old and is obviously new to dating. This is the only girl, throughout the whole game, that you can give TWO items to per day. She likes flowers (of any type) old money (the gold coins from the digsite) moon ores (the cool blue crystals from the digsite) food that you cooked at home (NOT the failed attempts at cooking) and I heard from someone that she likes wool also, though I haven't tested that theory out yet. So basically, give her ANY two things a day, everyday.

You enter the villa around 10:00 while lumina is playing the piano and a scene will trigger where Lumina gets up and talks to you about how scared and pressured she is to play the piano because her mother used to play it so beautifully, and how Romana expects a lot from her. She will ask you what to do and you have to say.."Just have fun" She'll feel better. scene ends.

Re-Enter the villa around 00:00 to trigger another heart scene. Here Lumina will stop playing and ask if she can talk to you, say YES. You will go to her room and she will start talking about paintings, then she will talk about a particular painting she's jealous of because it has a two girls that look like they're sisters, pick the option, " do you want a big sister" She will smile and call you her brother you are exited back out of the villa, scene ends.

Enter yet again at the villa around 7:00 (make sure Romana and Lumina are in Romana's Room, who cares where sebastian is as long as he is somewhere in the house) This will trigger a scene where Sebastian will be standing by the kitchen door and he wants you to try some food he made, say Yes, on the way to the kitchen you over hear Lumina talking to Romana. (Trust me. Only girls know what they are talking about, I know I did.) Sebastian will come back to get you and tell you that it's not right to listen in on other people's conversations then he gives you the food to try, just say it's good. and he will talk about how Lumina is beautiful and that she is in love with someone. Scene ends.

This one can only be triggered in the Fall or later and works best when everyone at the villa is either asleep or getting ready to go to bed. So either wake up at 3:00AM and make a beeline to the villa, go inside and the come right back out, OR simply leave the house around 10:00PM or later. A scene will happen where Lumina will tell you to wait and asks if you want to go to the beach, say Sure. She will go on trying to tell you that she loves you, she will ask if she's supposed to feel like that toward a brother, Say, You should. and she will say ok i guess then be happy, but then Sebastian will call her, she leaves. scene ends.

If you so happen to talk to her in her room and she asks you a question like whats the first person you think of when you think of the color white say, Lumina. You'll make her happy
*HINT* Try going back in and out of the villa so that you can force a heart scene at a specific time.
How To Get Married
Do you keep on asking Muffy to marry you? Well sometime in the Summer the harvest dudes will give you this narly feather. Takakura tells you to give it to someone you love.(Which is usually Muffy.)I bet when you ask her she says no. I know I know it's a rip off that she says no, but sometime soon she'll come over and marry you. ONLY if you purpose it to her. If you don't, then you wasted your time.
How to get Nami
Step1: Every day before 9:00 am go to the Inner Inn and go upstairs and go by Nami's door and when it turns 9:00 am go inside and show her a skull or human thing and then the options will show up and say "do you want it?" And then she will take it! And then talk to her and really read what she says! And do that every day till she has 4 hearts and then prpose to her! If you need to contact me you can email me at: <a href="mailto:alexabffl@hotmail.com" target="_blank">alexabffl@hotmail.com</a>
hope this helped!
How to get Nami
Nami is very is easy to get if your dedicated to her.It only took me 9 days to get four hearts.All you have to do is give her fossils and those statues and talk to her alot.If you do this every every day you will get her in no time.(I proposed to Nami on the first day of summer she is not as hard as people say.)
How To Get Shark Shark?
When its in summer,you go to the Bridge and fishing in 10.00a.m.Wait 45 minute, you will fish a Shark Shark.
How to get the farm girl to like you
In order to get her to like you just give her alot of presents. Especially home cooked meals eggs and flowers. The meal I recomend is Marinade.You make it by selecting sald then adding 1 fish 1 tomato(or turnip) and mugwart.
how to makes celia's heart 4 in 1 season
sleep at 8 or 9:00 collect some flowers before you sleep go to her house before it get 6:00 in the morning if you get there 4 or 5:40 wait until 6:00 if it is 6:00 or 6:10 go upstairs then give her the flowers dont give her some toy flower she will not like it so much the hearts adding will be slow she likes mist moon,happy lamp,goddess drop,trick blue,amorous and gemsoil.
How to marry Muffy easily!
Here's what you need to marry Muffy:

4 coins (found at the Dig Site)
4 Godess Drops (found at Vesta's Farm)
Do all her cutscenes (so far there are three that I've seen)


1. When she has 1 heart, leave your house at 1 PM. Takakura will tell you he needs to see you about shipping orders, then she'll get attacked by your dog. Ask if she's hurt, and she'll like you more.

2. When she has 2 hearts, try to enter the bar at about 3 or 4 PM. She'll exit the bar and say that she broke 3 plates and call herself a klutz. Choose to talk to her.

3. When she has 3 hearts, leave your house at 7 PM. Muffy will be standing on the bridge and say that she just went to a wedding. Tell her she's meant to live in Forget-Me-Not Valley. She will be very happy.


Go to the Blue Bar at 10:00 AM and go to the back room. Give Muffy a coin, then a flower. Talk to her and she'll ask if you're there to see her or Griffin. Talk to her again and tell her that you wanted to see her face. Do this for about the 1st 4 days in the game. You won't be able to propose to her until the 1st day of Summer, however. That's when you get the blue feather. On the 1st day of Spring in Year 2, she will be your wife!
How To Use Milking Processing Room
When you have the Milking Processing Room.You let the cow out,then you push the cow to the door.The cow will go in then squeeze the milk.Tommorow,you no need to push the cow.The cow will automatic go in.Try it.When it have problem,email <a href="mailto:me.terrencezm@live.com" target="_blank">me.terrencezm@live.com</a>
Hurry with Grass!!
At the beginning of the game, buy lots of grass seeds from Vesta, and plant your field with the seeds. Do this because when you run out of fodder, the only way to feed your cows/sheep/horse is to grow your own food.
increase the price of your goods
if your good friends with the villagers(this usually takes at least a year) they will buy your items when you try to sell them more pricy
Information on eligible bachelorettes. (READ)
For everyone saying this person is the cheapest wife or quickest wife, they are wrong. As it turns out, all the wives, including Muffy, Celia, Nami, and Lumina are not expensive at all. Nami likes fossils, you do not spend money on fossils and the rest like flowers. So how could one be cheaper than the other. Now, as for quickest wife, that doesn't even matter because getting a brides hearts up to four (the highest level of hearts you could get)doesn't get you married as soon as her heart rate reaches four. You have to wait a WHOLE year to marry any of them.

**NOTICE** So, all the wives are cheap to marry and all are easy and all take the same amount of time to get the heart rates up.
Invest In A Bull!
People may be worried about the extra cost of a bull, but... IT IS WORTH IT!

I would advise making the bull your first big purchase in Year One. That way, when your cow runs out of milk, you can make her pregnant right away and never have to buy another one!

Miracle Potions cost 2500 G if you don't have a bull, so, especially if you want to impregnate more than one cow, a bull is a good deal.

Remember... it takes three seasons for a cow to grow up!
Just Little Things
Just somethings that you should know:

1. a flower a day keeps the marriage counselor away. Give your wife a flower a day or something close to that. there isn't really a marriage counselor, but you don't want a divorce do you?

2. water plants twice daily. they grow MUCH faster.

3. try not to keeps animals and chickens inside. the more they are outside, the less money you spend on fodder and chicken food.

4. Hybrids shouldn't be in poor soil, they won't grow.

5. Cows that love you give S milk, go for it.

6. if your deciding whether to sell your vegetable/fruit or the seed, chose the seed. you get much more money.

7. don't bother getting ruby spice from ruby, waste of time and gifts.

8. try to collect as much of the stuff you find on the ground. i got 1,800 for a season's collection of goddess drops, it pays off.

9. if you asked for a daughter from the magic pot and you get this kid who doesn't look like any specific gender, its probably a girl. she will be blond, no matter who you married.I know it sorta looks like a boy, but it isn't.

10. If your going to buy a bull, do it soon. they take FOREVER to grow up.

11. save gold eggs for Van.

Hope It Helped.
Low on Fodder, or Low on Money?
In the begginning of the game, DO NOT SELL YOUR COW. If your low on fodder, buy fertilizer from Vesta and put it on your grass. But selling your cow will mess you up in the profit area real bad.
If you must sell your cow, keep in mind that if you buy a new one, it has to grow up and have been pregnant before your gettin milk from it, which could take 2 or 3 seasons.
Ok, so if u get married to lumina, after the cutscene immediatley after ur marriage, it will show a bed and the blankets going up and down which means u r humping lumina SHE IS THE ONLY WIFE THAT DOES this, and then it shows the baby cutscene.
lumina,celia,muffy and nami
likes:flowers,mushroom,marinade,golden wool,strawberry,records,ore
dislikes:tomato,fodder,fish,scary digging objects,milk,gold coin

likes:gold coin,coin,flowers,milk,records,plants,eggs,big huechep
dislikes:fodder,wool,scary digging objects,small fish,tiny rainbob

likes:flowers,eggs,star milk S,marinade,human statue,records,plants
dislikes:wool,fodder,light pickles,sashimi,golden eggs,tiny colombo

likes:light pickles,marinade,scary digging object,fish,milk,golden eggs
dislikes:tomato,salad,fodder,wool,strawberry,cooking,small fish,ore
Make loads of missed cash!
Gather loads of stuff such as A rank milk, stuff with at least 70g per item or more. The best example is 'A normal milk'. get 8 daily and dont ship or store, just keep it until Van comes. Then haggle him for a 20% increase which is haggling one time. You can do it when he comes twice a month or once monthly. You'll get extra cash that can really help.
befriend daryl giving him gifts and he will give u a free seed maker.
You proposed to your girl, saw the scene where they're talking and your back right? Nobody in your house, no nothing. You have to wait for the 10th day of winter. You may be worried and wondering why she hasn't asked you yet. Just go to bed. Instead of dreams, you'll see her family and show everybody ur married.
Marry three girls easy!
If your a lazy person, like me, and you don't want to go through three years just to get three different wives so you can fill up your three save slots, then this is for you!

Okay, all you have to do is get the three girls to like you to FOUR hearts. And don't worry if you miss a day of giving a girl a gift, you have all year!(also, if you have trouble getting their sceduels straight, just ask me)

After you do that, on WINTER 9TH, SAVE and get out your blue feather. Go and propose to one girl, and after your engaged SAVE on ONE of the files and reset your ps2. Then, do the same thing again, but with another girl but save on a DIFFERENT file. Then do it again with the last girl and save on the LAST file.

Genius, huh? The important stuffs capitalized.
milk s 10x
thes are the steps for milk s in order to get it 5 times 2 times a day from the biggining of the game;
1.at the biggining nuzzle your cow 5 times before milking(using the x button).
2.when van comes to the valley buy the brush.
3.when you have the brus wash your cows at the trough 5 times before milking.
you can do 1 or 3 5 times each time before you milk your cow and i promise you youll get 5 s quality milks each time.

trust me on this.jax.
Milk, Eggs, and Crop Help
MILK- Milk is best when it is S rank. You get a lot of money for S rank milk and even more money from star cows. You shouldn't turn star cow milk into butter or cheese. It is worth way more. You get S rank milk by hugging and talking to your cow. Hug and talk to your cow in the morning and do the same in the afternoon. You also have to get good fodder from the ordering sheet. I would suggest one regular fodder and one good fodder in their trough. Gold eggs are the best and they sell for 300G. Get them by picking them up twice a day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. And don't let their food run out for a long time.Crops are another topic. In chapter 2, get Tarton and have 10 strawberry seeds and 10 turnip seeds.Grow them and let Tarton hybridize them. You can get the failed hybrid. Or you can get a dhibe seed. Grow that and in the dessert option, make it with the dhibe, milk, and an egg. You can get a dhibe cake and haggle Van for 2,010.Hope This Helpes For You!By the way,this got me to 200,000G!
The best way to make money is by your animals.. duh. In the bigining of the game don't sell your cow, instead buy a sheep. when Van comes buy a brush from him for 500g, and wash, brush, talk, and hug your sheep every day until it says it will give you golden wool in your assets(it sells for 600g).Along with taking care of your sheep talk to, hug, brush, and milk your cow every day(you can milk your cow 3 times a day, 4 if your lucky).eventually your cow will start giving you A quality and S quality milk, which you can sell for more than 100g. Then buy chikens and get the eggs, the eggs are only 30 and the (F) eggs are 50g and when your chiken likes you enough it will lay a golden egg every few days worth 300g. Don't just sell your (F) eggs put 1 in the incubator once in a while and get a chick keep the once that turn to hens and sell the once who turn to roosters and when you done have any more room for chikens sell a hen or two. once you get a cow to give you 3-4 A or S milks and you have 5-6 hens laying eggs and 1 or 2 laying golden eggs you will make around 1,000 to 2,000g every day keep that up get 2 or 3 cows and get them to give you A or S milk then you will get 2,500 to 3,500g a day. When you are getting this much money a day you will eventually get 30,000g when you do get a food processing room and use your milk to make cheese and butter(the better the milk you use the more its worth).You will soon have all the money you need.
Money Bags
What You Need To Do Is Buy A Light hoe (1500 G) Then Spend All your Money On Crops That Sell The Most

-Spring:Tomatos And strawberrys
-Summer:Turnips And Melons
-Fall:Carrots and Yams
-Winter:Potatoe(Not carrots They Will die Before Harvest)

Next Buy Lots of Animals (Sheep Chickens Cows Ect.) Make Your Cows Mate With A Miracle Potion Then You Should Have Extra Money To Spend Then Buy Lotsa Fodder from the crop money then buy lotsa crops then you should have alot of money
ok heres what you do , do you have a roster and a hen well hatch one egg make it grow up and sell it so you should be able to get 900g. a year is thats not good then fish evrey morning or all day and night, take lots of food to eat while your there do this for a week and sell it all the van i got about 6000g

it was sweet
Mr. Pots - Horses, Cows, and Bulls
Mr. Pots

Once you get in Forget-Me-Not valley or whatever it is you could always go t Mr. Pots in the Sprite Tree or yeah... To get to Mr. Pots go to the Spring and eat the mushrooms there. You should now be in the tree. Talk to Nik, Nak, or Flak if you want. In the top right there should be pots, check it and it'll say something like there's a weird liquid, or something like that, keep on checking it until it says you win or something close to that. Talk to the red sprite, I think it's Nak, then say you either want a daughter or son.

Notice - I'm not sure this works for Nami, Celia, and maybe Muffy(Just because I didn't marry her yet) because I tried this trick and it didn't work.

Notice - I tried it on Lumina though and it worked...

Notice - To tell if its a boy Takakura would talk to [Enter main characters name]'s dad and say the child's name and says that it looked like Nami. But for a girl it looks like your character more.


Horses, Cows, and Bulls

Don't be afraid of ordering because no matter what you'll still get your horse, unless you quit, either Summer or Fall or Winter. In the beginning you get your cow, by either Spring 5th or Fall 1st buy a bull, try getting something better than a normal bull. By Winter it should be done maturing, this is important because your cow should stop giving milk sometime in Winter. By Fall your cow should be giving rank S milk. Don't worry about getting your cow pregnant in the wrong time because you have to order a Miracle Potion to impregnate. So by the time your cow stops on giving milk go to the shipping/ordering place and order a Miracle Potion and say farm bull. It should cost nothing and by the next year able to get another cow/bull.

Notice - Make sure it's a brown cow or bull(I would recommend a brown cow) because their milk sells for more.

Notice - I didn't ship anything and was nice to my animals but still got my horse in Winter.
Muffie is the cheepest person u can marry in the whole entire game. i have never given her a present iand im gonna marry her very soon -.- (i regret it). just go to the bar at 10am every day and go up to her and talk to her the first thing she will say is like "why are you here...do u want to see me or griffin" something like that. then talk to her again and itll give u choices just always pick the first one. if u dont want her just show her like a human statue or a failed attempt and itll disturb her a lot. i recomend asking her to marry u in the near end of summer. shes really easy to get and not that hard sooooo ya im gonna try nami next......hope shes harder.
when you have 4 hearts from muffy (before the end of spring) on the last day of spring go to bed at about 8 30pm, and Takakura will start talking to you when your about to go to bed, and muffy will be outside, she will tell you a creepy guy is following her and ask to stay at your house, tell her she can, then the rest of the scene will happen from there <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
If ur rich don't spend time giving Muffy flowers for a LONG time!!!!!! U can buy 3 stone oils and give her a flower every day and she will like u more!!!
To get Muffy to marry u do the following:

Every day give her 1 bottle of milk and a flower
When her heart level gets to 4 meet her in the back of the Bar alone give her the blue feather which u will recieve from the H. Sprites on the 1st of summer and she will say this is all of ur luck or something like dat and u and her will walk outa da room but u will end up outside and if u go back in and talk to Griffin he will say so ur goin to marry Muffy, eh take care of her then...

U will marry Muffy at the end of chapter 1 keep this in ur head coz i got stuck about this and wondered when she wud be my bride.
Muffy & Her Diary
Muffy is indeed the oldest of the girls but the easiest. Her heart is already pink when you read her diary because she thinks you're cute. All you have to do is give her flowers and more hearts will turn up.
Muffy IS the cheapest wife!
She is. You don't even have to give her anything to get her to marry you. every morning at 10 go into her room in the bar and talk to her. she will ask if you came to see her or griffin.talk to her again and she will say "oh you came to see me?what is it?'' choose i wanted to see your face. Every time you do it gets a pink heart. and if you dont want to marry her but she has the most hearts,show her a failed attempt at cooking and it loses a heart.
Nami is so not hard-Cutscenes of Nami!

Most people think Nami is hard. Nami is easy! All you gotta do is give her fossils,statues and the Trick blue flowers. Talk to her alot! She will have more pink hearts next time when you read her diary. I did this cheat and Nami has 3 or 4 hearts for me!


1 pink heart-Exit your house at noon (00:00) and a scene will happen! Nami is watching your field! You will have to choose a option, select the second option then she's will look around your farm,after looking, she will say she's jealous and then leaves...

2 hearts-follow her to the blue bar between 6:45 and 7:00pm, then a scene happens. She will ask you why you are here...select the first option and you a conversation,I think about how much you get at the farm say something like i haven't been keeping track she will giggle then leave when she is long gone Muffy discovers that Nami forgot to pay for her drink if you pay it will boost Muffy's affection with you too.( don't forget to bring extra money for this event)

3 hearts-enter your house at 8:00 and there's a scene. Ruby and Tim tells you that Nami has gone missing.Choose to look for her they will get surprised then all of you leave to look for her you then arrive in front of the Inner Inn sadly Nami can't be found suddenly she will then come out of nowhere asking whats going on she only came back for Ruby's cooking ( supposedly ) ruby and Tim then go to make Dinner Nami will talk to you kinda nervously saying stuff like i didn't know you cared so much then enter the Inn afterwards you will get control of your character but it is 11:00AM Wow.

4 hearts-enter the Inn in the morning when Nami is there she gets a letter from her parents saying she must get a job. Say that she can work on your farm she will refuse but is still happy you would let her work there.

In late winter when she has 4 hearts go into the Inn and Nami will come down the stairs Tim will talk to her but she just ignores him follow her and you will wind up at the beach you will find her crying saying she will have to leave since she is nearly out of money say that she can live with you she will get super happy then the scene ends ( this is like another way to propose to her ) When you give her the feather she will take it immediately and you're married with her!
Newbie Tips
Here's my little slice of help for all you newbie HM'ers. Read all of this before you act. I tend to jump around from topic to topic, you wouldn't want to miss an important fact now would you?

Your first year is by far your busiest year. Not only are you trying keep your farm up and running, but you're also trying to win the heart of a woman; which in most cases is pretty darn time consuming. Anyways, when you first start the farm, you have 3,000 gold, some basic tools, a dog, tomato seeds and a cow.

It may not seem very important at this particular moment in the game, but go buy some tree seeds (apple, peach, grape, etc ** stay away of bananas your first year, the seeds are pricey.) and plant those in your infertile soil between your chicken house and your house. Make sure you buy some fertilizer to spread on the plots after you've planted the seeds. **IMPORTANT** Please please please leave 1 free space in between each tree, otherwise your trees will die and it'll be nothing but a waste of time and money. Make sure your tree plot looks like this:
T=Tree, F=Free Spot.

It's difficult maintaining crops in the plot with your trees so just reserve the other lot for your crops.

As for crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, melons, etc. You should plant them sparingly in the first year. They can be pricey to buy seeds for and they fruits of your labor won't sell for much. If you do plant crops, just keep them for yourself to work on your cooking with. (Remember to look around your neighbor's houses for recipes you can use.) A good pattern to plant crops in is:
C=Crop F=Free Space.

Your little guy's diet in the first year should consist of all the wild vegetation; Plants, mushrooms, ferns, etc. They are free and will keep him going all day. Remember to save 1 every day for your dog.

Now, you should milk your cow twice, every day; Once in the morning and once in the evening. Since in the first year this is where most of your income comes from, you should try to get the most out of it as you can. Remember that in some seasons she won't produce as much milk, but don't be discouraged about it.

When your budget gets to 6,000 gold, Takakura will tell you he saw a seed maker for sale for 6,000 gold. This instrument is by far the best money maker in the game BUT it is expensive, but guess what? You can get one for free if you know what to do; Become friends with the mad scientist Darel. Darel is pretty easy to please, just go to the dig site and get some of those gold coins and give 1 to him every day and talk with him for a bit. Eventually, one day you'll go over to his house and he'll say something about how he's mad that some scientist invented a seed maker before he could and to prove how genius he is, he'll make you one right then and there. That's 6,000 gold saved. (Seed Maker Explained: When your trees give fruit in the summer and fall, stick your fruit in the seed maker and they'll give you 2 bags of seeds for each fruit. Seeds will sell for more than the fruit itself will. You could also save some seeds and plant those later on to make even more fruit which in turn will make more seeds which in turn will make more gold. This is why it's important to plant trees in the beginning.)

Some days Takakura will be in the field where the cows are and if you talk to him, he'll probably tell you "If you spread fertilizer on the grass once, it'll keep growing afterward." This is a hint from hell. My first time playing, I didn't think much of what he kept saying, oh but I learned my lesson after winter. Your grazing animals need fodder to live, right? Well you do have a limited amount fodder in the beginning and IT DOES RUN OUT EVENTUALLY! Anyways, if you spread fertilizer on the grass, it will grow and eventually, it'll become a darker shade of green or brown; that means it needs to be cut. When it's cut, it automatically goes into your fodder dispenser. You really need to stock up on fodder in spring and summer because if you don't, you'll be stuck spending all your gold on good fodder in fall and winter... and it gets expensive! 30 bags of fertilizer is 1,200g (and the fodder it will produce will last you a month), that's as much as 4 bags of good fodder (which will only last you a day.) I'm sure I'd be slightly richer now if I knew that in the beginning. Everytime you get some spare gold, buy some fertilizer and put it on the grass. Eventually, your whole lot will be fertile and you'll have lots and lots of fodder for your animals.

Chickens; I think these are a pretty good investment. Get a male and a female and they will make fertilized eggs (save those, don't sell them) and regular eggs (sell these). Reason for saving the fertilized eggs is that you will be able to hatch them later, pray you get a female instead of a male. Females will lay the eggs which will give more gold. Males are just there to make fertilized eggs and you only need one male. Upside of getting a male is that you can sell him when he's mature (not a baby chick anymore) for 450g. After you get enough laying hens, you can get rid of the male and all your eggs will be regular eggs. Taking good care of your chickens is important, when your females are happy and healthy, they will lay golden eggs which sell for 300g a piece! Also, they don't eat a lot, one bag of food will last them a few days so, you won't be spending a butt load on food for these creatures. Your attention to chickens should be the same as you treat your cow, love on them 2 times a day; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Flowers: Collect these; the flowers can be given away as gifts to girls or other people you want to befriend or they can be sold to Van when he comes to town on the 3rd and 8th and some are magical and should be saved.:
In Spring you can collect Goddess Drop Flowers and Toy Flowers. Goddess Drop Flowers sell for 15g each, stock up on these, they regrow every other day and sell these to Van. Toy Flowers should be saved for gifting purposes.
In Summer you can collect Happy Lamp Flowers and Mist Moon Flowers. Happy Lamp Flowers are magically and should be saved for later on in the game. Mist Moon Flowers can either be given as gifts or sold for profit, your choice really.
In Fall you can collect Gemsoil Flowers and Trick Blue Flowers. Gemsoil Flowers are magical flowers and should be saved for later on in the game. Trick Blue Flowers are the only flowers that Nami likes, so stock up on these if you have your eyes set on marrying her (I married her).
In Winter you can collect Amorous Flowers and Up-Seed Flowers. Amorous Flowers can be given away as gifts and Up-Seed Flowers are another magical flower that you should save.
Really, flowers are excellent for gifts and can you on people's good side. Some people in town give stuff away for free if you befriend them (like Darel and the seed maker) and that can play to your advantage.

Here's what your daily schedule should look like:
Wake up
Water plants
Milk/love Cow
Check on chickens.
Go collect wild vegetation and flowers.
Water plants again (around noon)
Get eggs from chickens
Milk/love cow again
Put eggs and milk in food shipping crate
Water plants one last time
Check on chickens again.
Go to bed (you should go to bed at about 7pm)

As for the time in between, spend that trying to get your girl to like you and make friends. On rainy days, you can go to the dig site (When you are usually watering your plants) and get all sorts of goodies to sell and give away as gifts (**Remember that Darel likes the gold coins and Nami likes the skull fossil and human statue. Everything else you find, sell to Van.**).

Uhh, that's all I can think of at this particular moment.
Pregnant cows
Never ignore a pregnant cow. If you do this your cow might eventually die or might get sick. I suggest that you take care of it.
Romana's Cat
To get a cat from Romana, all you have to do is talk to her a few times. In the second chapter and you at least know her, she will give you a black colored cat.
Ruby's spice
Get the ruby spice by befriending ruby and then enter the kitchen at the inn between 8 and I think noon. After the cut scene she'll give u the ruby's spice. Now go to your house and choose to cook a soup or something other than a salad. Put only 1 ruby's spice in the first box then cook it. U should now have one in your hand and another in your rucksack. U can sell ruby's spice to Van but always keep 1.
First plant 23 turnips and turn them into light pickles. Then you will have entree or hors d'oeurves menu. Take any fish and press enter. You can also add fish+fish to make a better sashimi.
In this TIP I shall tell you about the seasons of the game...Some things I might not include, and some very good things I might include...I might even give a little hint for a cool item(etc.) for the game.

Spring: Though it has not much natural food,(The food you find outside, that you can pick up from the ground) the season of Spring is pretty great. A lot of crops can be grown here,it's always a great day to fish, and lots of rain. (Which is great for your crops). Also it's a great new start of every year. Has some few, beautiful flowers too.

Summer: Ok, so this is actually the hottest of the seasons, though your character can't feel it anyways. =D It's pretty much like Spring, so there's not much to say other than good crops, good fishing weather, and lots of rain. (Which is great for your crops) Also has a lot of flowers.

Fall: This season is actually my favorite of all the seasons...IN this season there are much more wild/natural food then in any other season. (I like the shirt for your character in this season the most too. xD) Also, most crops grow in the fall. Fall is a beautiful season anyways, so why NOT LOVE IT?

Winter: I know everyone loves the snow, but I actually think this is the worst season. There are many reasons..This is the season with the lowest amount of NATURAL FOOD. The natural food also takes sometimes 2 days to grow back..My character almost starved, but thank the harvest moon god that the natural food grew back! Also...This season is too risky to be letting your animals out in the field behind the barn...So you need to save up money, and stock on fodder. I know 10 days of this season doesn't seem like much, But in my mind this season is the longest! Also, you can't grow many crops so that's another road to starvation. There are some flowers. And you can still fish, so that's good too. Also..Who doesn't love a good old visit from our own Yeti, Mukumuku?

One of the seasons has a small raccoon behind Vesta's farm, or somewhere behind there. (So check that alot, but you can't keep it, so it kinda stinks.)
seed maker
To get the seed maker from Daryl i gave him fish and milk.Then visited him at 4.59pm it took a few game play days of showing up at that time, but i got it in the end.
sleeping in
yo yo yo this time its about sleeping in DON"T sleep in cause u gonna miss important cut-scenes and it might be about the 4 eligible brides *wink* *wink* ^-^ and u might not get u're horse in summer.
Son or daughter
Keep checking the pot in the corner of the harvest sprites house and when it says you win talk to the fat sprite at the right side of the room. He will then ask you wether you want a boy or a girl!!!
Son OR Daughter!
In this game you can get a girl or boy! But the girl won't look like your wife. She will look like you! The son is supposed to look like the wife and the girl like you. So no matter who you marry, everyone's daughter will look the same!
Squeaky Clean!
Have you ever wondered how to wash your animals?
The trough in the field by the fence is for washing your animals.

NOTE:this is not for small animals such as cats, chickens, ducks, or dogs.

First, get your animal closer to the trough. Then go up to the trough holding your brush. When you are by the trough, hit the X button. It will tell you how to do it.

If it doesn't work, it's either because you didn't hold it long enough, or your animal is to far away.

When you walk up to your animal with the wet brush, use the TRIANGLE button to clean it. To tell if your animal is dirty, it's coat won't be shiny and it will look really dusty.
the cheapest wife
People always muffy is the cheapest, but them again people will saymit is nami. But none of the wifes are cheap. There cheap if your smart to give them the right things.

Muffy likes flowers and milk.

Nami likes human statues and skull fossils.(found at the dig site)

Celia like flowers, milk and crops.

Lumina likes flowers, ores, (girly stuff)

Hope that helps newbies! (email me if you are not sure about who to marry)
The cheapest wife IS NOT Muffy!
In truth, you can get a wife for less than the price of all those flowers (which you could sell to van for cash) it just takes until fall. the cheapest wife is really Nami. If anyone remembers reading the packet that comes with the game, it says you have to listen to Nami to win her heart, but the surprising thing is, it means it in the most literal sense possible! just TALK to Nami every chance you get. and talk until she says the same thing over and over. you can throw in a find from the digsite for good measure, and if you feel like being a spender, give her any recipe made from yams, she loves those. using these tactics, (my total of presents came to one yam soup, and three mine artifacts, which costs less than the money you'd make by selling all the flowers you could have given to muffy, to van) I got Nami to say yes to my proposal by Fall of my first year! she's not hard at all!
The Girls: Muffy, Celia, Nami, and Lumina
So have you proposed and she said no? Are you confuzed at which wife is the cheapest, best, or easiest to get? well I offer you this advice to me at the very least they are ALL easy if you're smart enough to see you would know that you don't need to waste ANY money on the girls they except all the gifts you give them freashly picked flowers, relics, it dosn't MATTER!!!! Anyway concerning hearts it's also very simple it takes 2 days to get 1 pink heart 3 days after that to get 2 pink hearts and so on untill you have 4 pink hearts. When you reach this stage you are able to propose but I sugest you wait 3-5 more days of giving them presents before this I've followed this tip and have NEVER been rejected *remember ALWAYS bring them a present Once EVERY dat!*
Everyone says that the cheapest wife is Muffy, some say its even Nami, but really, the cheapest wife is Celia! If you want Celia to be your wife, all you can do except for giving her gifts is... compleatly ignoring her. It doesnt mater what you give her, infact its a waste, at the end of Winter Chapter 1 Vesta comes to your house with Celia and Celia says she loves you, all you got to do is say yes and your hitched, didnt have to give her anything, didnt have to do anything with her, not even talk to her, and she becomes your wife. BUT if you say no, then your abit screwed. In order for the game to continue, you need a son or daughter, and for a son or daughter you need a wife, and if you DONT get married at the end of chapter 1, the game sends you to the main title screen to go back to your last save point or start a new game.
P.S. works on all platforms,this is not a cheat, just simple neglection.
The Road That Leads To...Nowhere?
The road that leads to the city leads you to the main menu.Simply walk into it, and the sprites will stop you. The Harvest Sprites come and ask if your quitting, and they ask 3 or 4 times. Its a good idea to save before doing this. Each time the Sprites ask you if your quitting, they will try to make you feel bad.If you saved, then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you just quit the game.
Tips to Sell the Product.
First thing is you must go to empty place next to Inner In and than,you press X if you see word sales in the X button in the screen.You must bring a lot of thing that you have from you farm or forest on you pocket.This is the tips to sell it:
-Open the shop if there are people that walking near your shop place.
-Do not sell the tool that you need like hoe,sickle,etc.
-Do not sell thing to Hugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,he do not have any money.

This is all of the information that I know,Good-bye.
Train Your Dog!!!
This is a fabulous way to cut down on your chores for the day. First of all, find your dog. You can whistle for him by pressing L2. Next, click triangle when you are facing your dog. This will let you train it. Press and hold the buttons that show little icons on the button guide, and this will make your dog do a specific trick. Wiggle the left analog stick and your dog will turn around. If you train your dog everyday, maybe twice a day, then in the next year, it will let your animals living in the barn out on nice days and let them in in bad weather. If you think this is a waste of time, don't worry! It does not use any of your time in the game.
NOTE- Do not let go of the button that you are training your dog with until a heart appear's above your pet's head. Press O to stop training!!!
If you want a pet turtle make friends with Cody (the guy who lives in the weird house near the fireworks brothers). After he is your friend and gives you a gift, go fishing at the swamp when the turtle is there and you will encounter a cutscene where you are drowning. the turtle will save you and Cody will give it to you later.
Upgrade you tree seeds to s-rank without fertilizers
Tartan cannot upgrade your tree seeds to s-rank using an upseed. But you can mix any tree seed with an s-ranked crop seed using Tartan. It will give you an s-ranked tree seed.
use the tv
everyday when you wake up go to the TV and press X. the TY comes close and you have four choices to make. make sure u watch the weather forecast every day so ull be sure of letting your chickens/cows/etc outside in the field if u want u can check the channel which is on the left with shows a heart this shows whether ur gonna be lucky that day or not and for new players they should check the channel with capital N(not in morning and in different timings) this has really good tips on farming.
You should pick up anything you see such as flowers, mushrooms, toadstools and other things. You can sell them to Van when he comes and make a lot of money easily. Also if you dig up anything at Carters dig that he doesn't want to keep, you should sell to Van because that way you will make money too.
Van pays well for many items across forget-me-not valley. If you get a toadstill ( At the cliff face behind Vesta's farm ) Van will pay 100g for these. When you harvest corps don't pu them in the shipping bin.... sell them to Van.
What the 4 girl like and hate:
Likes-Trick Blues,Fossils,Statues and homemade dishes.
Hates-Fish,ores and almost everything.

Likes-All flowers(She likes toyflowers a bit)and lots.
Hates-Fish,scary dig site objects.

Likes-flowers,big huchep(she doesn't accept regular sized)and coins.
Hates-Failed attempt(Lose one heart).

Likes-flowers(all),ores,gold wool and girly stuff.
Hates-scary dig site stuffs,sticky stuff.

Hope it helps! Mwah!
What the brides want...
ok,im going to tell you what each bride wants for their child

nami:wants your child to be good at everything(not nerdy,though.in a good way)

muffy:wants your child to be smart

celia:wants your child to take care of the farm when you die.

i dont know about lumina YET,but i would guess that she would want your child to look good

When Crops Grow
If you plant a crop in the wrong season it will die the next day. These are when the crops grow so you don't end up planting in the wrong season and wasting seeds.

Carrot: Fall-Winter
Melon: Summer-Fall
Potato: Winter-Spring
Strawberry: Fall-Spring
Tomato: Spring-Fall
Turnip: Summer-Winter
Watermelon: Spring-Summer
Yam: Fall

You can plant trees in any season and they won't die. (Don't plant anything next to trees though because then it will die) But they only give you fruit in certain seasons.

Apple: Fall
Banana: Summer
Grape: Fall
Orange: Summer
Peach: Summer

^.^ Hope I helped
White Horse Confusion
Okay some people have posted on several sites, “How do I get the white horse!”.. And others have answered them with things like, “you must be friends with Takakura” or “you need to fertilize your field *number* of squares”. Well neither of those is true! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> You will normally get your horse in the summer, so here is what you do. Every day during the summer time, save before you go to bed. If you forget, do it as soon as you wake up. Then go and do your farming chores (and possibly, if you’ve read it, another one of my tips: PLANNED MONEY). And around noon, Takakura will interrupt whatever you’re doing and you will see a cut – scene where you are in the barn. You then see your new horse. Now here is where the saving comes in. If you get a color that you don’t want, then reset your game and start the day new again. (Because you have saved the night before and will wake up and repeat that day over again) Then once it comes time for Takakura to bring you your horse, it MAY be a different color, but then again it might not be. Continue to repeat this until you get the color that you want.
NOTE: You may get your horse during the last days of spring, because I did, so it’s a good idea to save EVERY night, hope this helps! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
p.s. I have 2 other hints out right now, called: PLANNED MONEY and LOSING HEARTS. So check thoes out too! Thanks
Winning Kassey and Patrick's Game
A great strategy to help you win at Kasey and Patrick's 'Territory Capture' game is at the start of the game, make a hexagon in the very center. If you do not know what a hexagon looks like, it's just a polygon with six sides. After that, then just work outward from it, and you have just greatly increased your chances at winning.
You animals Dieing and you need medicine FAST
Well if you wake up and see that your cow or sheep is dieing get up the next day before 5:00am and put in the order for medician you should recive it within the next few hours.
Your wife and kid...!
Your wife is going to be either Celia, Lumina, Muffy or Nami. When you marry one and have a kid, your wife doesn't help.
Nami doesn't help at all, Muffy cares for animals sometimes, Celia waters crops sometimes, and Lumina cares for sheep. (if you have one)

If you marry Celia, and have a kid, if you wake up after 7am, your kid might say something like "Daddy, I watered the crops for you." in a cut-scene. And if you look at your crops when you go outside, your kid will have made a bunch of squares! It's so cute!


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first you need to buy a fishing rod from Van when he comes on the 3rd and the 8th. Then go to the excvation site from about 3:30 - 8:00 am so go to bed around 6:30 and go in the middle of the waterfall. So that the Nyamame can get you money again when you sell it to Van. Then you may also catch a Yamame which is worth about 500g for a normal one 1000g for the big and 2000g for the huge
Big fish!
If you make most of your money by fishing then this is a tip for you. If you guy is taking forever to catch a fish don't just reel it in and cast it out again cause the longer you wait the bigger the fish. You can also tell how big the fish is by counting the ticking sounds when you have a fish on the line. If you have less then 10 ticks it is going to be a smaller fish if it ticks between 15 and 20 or higher it is usually a bigger fish and i find when ever it goes above 25 it is usually a Sharshark which will go for alot of money if sold to van. If you catch a SharShark DON'T TURN IT INTO SUSHIMI!!!
an easy way to get your cows to give a good grade of milk quickly is to first talk to them and then nuzzle them if you have a brush brush them and finally feed them by hand with fodder.
Crop Shipping Basket
To get the crop shipping basket simply show Takakura a third-generation crop before he picks up what dairy products you are shipping and he will say he will ask around town to see if anyone wants to buy it. Wait three days and you will see the crop shipping basket by the dairy shipping bin. You can only ship third-generation crops in it though.
Daugter or son!(your choice!)
to get your choice,talk to Mr.pots 100 times(honey pots in harvest sprites house). then when he says "you...win..." talk to flak,he says some thing like:mr.Pots wants to grant your wish,you what do you want?" then the blue thing that you get to make choices appears and it says:
"i want a daughter" or "i want a son" choose what one you want. then find who you want to marry,get four pink hearts,then propose,best time to propose is when you first get four pink hearts,after youve givven her a gift. then in chapter 2 you'll get what ever you wished for.
NOTE: must be in year one for Mr.Pots to work!
Fireworks Bro's Mini Game
To beat the mni game you need to start with a 6 sided figure in the midddle and work out of it, if and when you win he will give you a moon ore as a prize! <3 Love ya *kiss kiss*
Fishing Pole
In addition to the one you get from Van, there is another fishing pole you can obtain.

Make Friends with galen in the third chapter. He likes .... well fish. After about 10 days, enter his house when he is there and he will ask you if you like fishing. Say "yes" and he will give you a new rod.
get celia's heart fast
to get celia's heart fast you must give her a flower every day and be kind and when she asks you things like going to the spring say yes that will BOOST up the hearts and make sure you bye things from her often that will help she also likes it when you give her some of your crops she will tell you if you need more work on it SO WORK HARD!!!
Get Your Kid To Water The Plants
In chapter 3 wake up later than your kid which is 7. They will then come into your house and say " Daddy i watered the plants" In my oppinion it is reaklly helpful because it takes a lot of work of. Especially if you have a lot of crops... They even water the squares that have nothing on it...
Grade A milk all of the time
When you start out your cow will give you grade B milk. Before you milk your cow on the first day, talk to it AND love it, then try, if it still has grade B milk, collect the milk and love it again once. (if there is ever the squiggly line thingy STOP) The next day do the same thing and before you know it you have grade A milk!
Heart scenes for Nami.
If Nami seems like your girl then each day at 9AM go talk to her in her room in the Inner Inn ( her diary is the blue book on the desk ) anyway do this everyday and also talk to her when she leaves the Inn. Dig at the digsite and give her the wierd statues or fossils and in Fall give her the trick blue flower.

When she gets 1 pink heart exit your house around noon ( 00:00PM )then you will get a scene with Nami choose the second option and she will look around your farm the say that she is jealous of you and leaves ( this is just her hiding the fact that she likes you )

When she gets 2 hearts follow her to the bar ( 6:45PM - 7:00PM ) go in after her and a scene will happen she shall ask why you are there choose the first option and you will start up a conversation i think about how much you get at the farm say something like i haven\'t been keeping track she will giggle then leave when she is long gone Muffy discovers that Nami forgot to pay for her drink if you pay it will boost Muffy\'s affection with you too.( don\'t forget to bring extra money for this event)

When she has 3 hearts enter your house at 8:00AM Ruby and Tim will come to your house saying Nami is missing choose to look for her they will get surprised then all of you leave to look for her you then arrive in front of the Inner Inn sadly Nami can\'t be found suddenly she will then come out of nowhere asking whats going on she only came back for Ruby\'s cooking ( supposedly ) ruby and Tim then go to make Dinner Nami will talk to you kinda nervously saying stuff like i didn\'t know you cared so much then enter the Inn afterwards you will get control of your character but it is 11:00AM Wow.

When she has 4 hearts enter the Inn in the morning when Nami is there she gets a letter from her parents saying she must get a job. Say that she can work on your farm she will refuse but is still happy you would let her work there.

In late winter when she has 4 hearts go into the Inn and Nami will come down the stairs Tim will talk to her but she just ignores him follow her and you will wind up at the beach you will find her crying saying she will have to leave since she is nearly out of money say that she can live with you she will get super happy then the scene ends ( this is like another way to propose to her ) When you give her the feather she will take it Immediately without hesitation.

If you don\'t marry Nami she will leave before she sees you and your wife this can be really depressing. but if you go to the blue bar when only Patrick and Griffin are there a scene where a few guys start talking saying they miss Nami agree with them then Carter will come in saying he just saw her all of the guys rush out to find her choose to chase her and you will find her outside surrounded by guys she will be happy then they leave when Tim comes out to see whats going on then leaves to whip up some food for Nami. You and Nami have a chat choose the option stay as long as you like and Nami will always stay now yay !!! ( she must\'ve had at least 2 hearts in the 1st chapter for this scene to occur in chapter 2 )
How to get Tartan
Visit Takakura in his house between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM at winter time starting from Chapter 2, and you'll get a cutscene where Takakura introduces you to Tartan. You may need to give Takakura some cooked recipes before to make sure he is your friend (to get the Hybrids, that is).
If you have no fodder but have almost grown grass on the lawn, (just put fertilizer on in, I didn't know that until like, the end of summer and I'm in a rut right now but I found a way to still be able to feed them) let your animals out (Unless it's raining or snowing) and then they'll start eating off the field! They won't be hungry if you leave them outside all day, but if it's weather problems leave them inside and wait for tomorrow. I've lived through almost all of fall on this technique and I've gotten a little fodder now in then. If you realize you're about to run out of fodder, then cut back on 1 fodder for each animal (unless it only takes one fodder) and this tip will hold you for a couple of days.
Getting Lumina for this game is incredibly long. I have this 'one heart every month' theory. You see, I've given her one or two gifts /every day/ for two seasons now, and in her diary, there's only two hearts.

So, if you want to win over a bachlorette with ease and get her to say yes before fall, charm either Celia or Nami. (I don't like Muffy simply because she's a bartender)

To win over Celia, a simple wild flower every day will do the trick. Some conversations and heart scenes wouldn't hurt either.

For Nami, I found that the following strategy works quite well.
Talk to her /every/ day until she repeats herself. Giving her things from the dig site (I think she prefers bones) once aday will make a difference in the long run. She's also a sucker for home cooked meals. A simple turnip in the 'salads' area, give that to her, and she'll like it.

Other than that; the best times to woo these ladies is 8:00 am for Lumina, 6:00 to 8:00 am for Celia, and 9:00 am for Nami.

Because Nami is a wanderer, you /must/ catch her at 9:00 am, or else you might not be able to find her. Usually Tim's wife will be with Nami as well.
Magic Pot
If you go to the Sprite's house, try to talk to the pot. Keep doing this and eventually it will give in and ask you if you want a Daughter or a Son. Choose what you want and you will definetely get it.
Missed Something?
In case you missed an event and are on later years, Romana and the Black cat, ducks, Tartan.... etc. YOU CAN STILL GET THEM! It happened to me, just make sure you do the "required" stuff (I don't think its neccessary) and make sure that you wake up later than your wife (Go to bed around 10:40).
Money easy
If you buy onr rooster and 1 hen then they give you loads of eggs right, well wen your chicks are grown up sell all but 1 hen and 1 rooster and repeat this over and over because if u sell them you will get 450 for each one and then wen you fertilize another egg you will be getting free chickens!
More Chicks
If u pick up a hen and press the x button and see she laid a fertilized egg, dont bother her for three days and the egg will hatch, you can also have an egg in the incubator for this to work
Nina's ghost
During the second year go near Galen's house early morning and talk to him. He will ask you to clean dead wife's tomb. You should do it very quickly pressing X. You have only 60 seconds. After that ghost will tell you that are no many good people like you
No More Watering On The Morning
If you kid likes farming in chapter 3 wake up later after 7 ... Your kid will then tell you that they watered the crops...
These I know just from Exploring; Perhaps I'll add more as I 'splore.

Light Pickles = 1 Turnip
Marinade = 1 Fish, 1 Mugwart, 1 Tomato or Turnip
Tomalo Salad = 1 Tomato, 1 Melon
Tomacarro Salad = 1 Tomato, 1 Carrot

??? = 1 Egg, 1 Tomato, 1 Gretoma

Yam Soup = 1 Yam
Tomato Soup = 1 Tomato, 1 Carrot

Some left unknown because I haven't tried and I just ran across the receipe ...
Saving seeds from Tartan
Ok, sometimes when u hybrid some seeds at Tartan it won't work out. So, here's the plan. Talk to him (as usual). If he wants to chat, just do it (no big deal, though). Talk to him until he say 'something u want? just ask' and the "hybrid" options will pop out (note that you must befriend with him first). When this "hybrid" options come out, don't say 'wanted to talk' anymore, just head straight to the hybrid options. After its finished, say you're done hybridizing. Then talk to him again and hybrid one more time!
If you say to continue to hybrid, its more likely to fail.

Well, the plan succeed rate is 98% though. Ganbatte!
Secret Boat
This is not much of a cheat, but it is interesting. If you walk down to the beach, you will spy a boat. When you click on it, it says, "Who does this belong to?" or something of that area. It is your father's, when he and Takakura came across the sea to the land of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Thought you ought to know, your in-game past is not as simple as it seems...
Stop Rain!
To make it stop raining in the game go to the dig site. If u go in and talk to Carter and say you want to dig, dig one square and then leave. When he sees what you dug up then the rain will be gone.
The bachleorettes Muffy Nami Lumina and Celia
Likes:Milk,Flowers,Moon ore, serious relasionship, talk to her she is eaisiest wife in game to marry.Dislikes:Stuff from dig site and small fish

Likes:Milk,eggs,flowers,moon ore,crops
She is not as easy as muffy to get but she isnt hard to get.Dislikes:hmm this is tough well maybe the coins from digsite because she says the are "scary".

Likes:Stuff from digsite,fall flowers someone to talk to.
Dislikes:girly stuff or anything else
She is like a five on the scale of hardness from one to ten!Shes in the middle. Lumina:
Likes:Moon ore, eggs,flowers,wool,and talk to her ALOT!
Dislikes:Fish,Milk,"scary digsite stuff" anything else scary"
Winter Cutscenes
Starting from Fall until Winter, always go home in the evening and go out again before you sleep.It does not matter what hour but be sure to do it on 7:00 p.m. onwards.You may get many cutscenes you following Daryl into the woods trying to capture the Mukumuku but getting failed because Moi guy there always is the one who recieves the bait for Mukumuku
Wool Clippers
To get a free pair of wool clippers, make friends with Wally. He likes milk in paritcular. After several days, enter his house when he is there to get the cut scene.
Years and Chapters
Everyone sasy there are four years but there are really six.heres what happens in them.

Chapter 1
the begining of your farming journey,you will have one cow some tomato seeds and tools from Takaura.You must also woo a lady to marry There are four to chose from.(look at other cheat)

Chapter 2
You now have a son/daughter to raise while he/she is young get her intrested in the career choice you want them to chose.

Chapter 3
Your son/daughter is older now and has his/her own room make sure you talk to her/him and give him gifts from van and make sure you get the cutscenes with the things they find(magic stick,treasure box etc.)

Chapter 4
your son has reached his teen years and goes through normal teenage troubles,your charachter ages and so does yur wife,lumina if not chosen doesnt.Kate and Hugh age too Hugh is adult now.

Chapter 5
Your son/daughter is an adult now and helps out on the farm if ants to be a farmer,he wil milk cows,i think lol,he will fall in love with either Kate or Lumina if you have a daughter she will have felings for Hugh.

Chapter 6(last year
Your kid is grown and married has job preferences.All towns people have aged,your house is bigger and you are very old now takaura well,just dont ask me about him