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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • By Eurocom for PC, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GC

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS2) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cheat codes.


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Nimbus 2000
Do the following:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nimbus 2000Go to Quidditch practice on the second day of school and complete the training with a B rank or better.


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A shortcut through the school
It starts at the common room.
Leave the room through the portrait and immeadiatly turn right.
There is a bookcase go to it and move arond from side to side on the bookcase until it says enter crawl space.
Enter andturn left and the go straight forward.
There should be a staircase somewhere in this room.
go all the way down go in the room and turn left in the final room there is a button, push it and you are on the fourth floor.
it also works the other way and it is the middle bookcase.
easy dueling
while dueling after you cast the expelliarmus spell cast the diffindo spell right after it which makes the other dueler not have a chance to hit that ball of energy!
Extra health
This may be easy to know but every time you get 10 wizard cards your maximum health increaces
How to kill the Basilisk
When you get to the place where the basilisk is, use lumos to light up the place.The Basilisk will appear and it'll attack you(it takes away a quarter of your hp). You'll have a sword and a wand, use the sword to stab it in the jaw, not the stomache.
NOTE-99.99% GUARANTEED( I've finished the game!
If you haven't taken the time to notice you can zoom in(r2) on the papers around the game and many of them hae pictures and/or writing on them. Take the time to look at them they are quite entertaining. For example in diagon alley in the magical menagerie by the giant tusks on the wall there is a paper on skulls. In the room where the fireplace is there is a paper on firecrabs, a paper on dragons, a picture of a kitty, and a map of the world. In the roomwith the man if you look on the wall you see a giant worm and a twoheaded lizard. Look at the pictures on the hogwarts wall and some of them are people in your wizard card collection. For someone whos beaten the game more than once and is bored when you go through looking at all the detail can make it interesting.
Polyjuice Tip
After Hermione transforms Harry into Crabbe/Goyle, (I don't remember which), let yourself get caught be the prefects 3 times (15 housepoints total) and the housepoints will be taken away from Slytherin and not Griffindor. If you are tight for points this will you at the end.
Prefect get away
Prefects can easily get in your way, but if you use exspelliarmus on them, it gives you a chance to run away.
Taking away Slytherin's points
When Hermine turns you into Goyle with the polyjuice potion, you will have to go into the dungon. There are prefects along the way. Let them catch you because it will take points away from Slytherin. Keep getting caught until they stop deducting points.


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Making a floating, Never ending incindio for light
Well, i was bored, i've beat the game 22 times, so i explored a bit with the controls, i put flipindo on square, incindio on triangle, and lumos on circle. What i did was i ran at full speed and started pressing the spell buttons all willy nilly, then this incinio spell came out of my wand and stayed at that spot without moving or disappearing, now it took a few more try's but i did it again and what happened was i had pressed flippindo and incindio at the same time. It will take a while to get it but it's worth the wait.I used it during all the boss battles to have extra light, it's really usefull.If anybody has any questions about the game email me alright i know the game like the back of my hand, and i'm only 13. Hope this FAQ helped, see ya. =p


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A faq about the collectable wizard cards
The wizard cards are back again after being in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! There is tons of cards and they are divided into: Bronze-Silver-and Gold. There are 50 Bronze cards, 40 silver cards, and 10 Gold cards, but you can't get any Gold cards until you get all 40 Silver cards. Here are a 2 places to find cards:

1.)Chests all over usually have wizrd cards more than anything else.
2.)You can win cards for free by finding peoples things at the notice board and beating records at games you play.

I hope this little Faq helped you!
Bertie Botts every flavor Bean Bags
Now that you have a bundle of beans, you need to store them in a bean bag and this is how to get them!

100 Bean Bag:Near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom on the third floor is a chest covered in ectoplasm behind one of the tapestry's that uncovers a secret passage way. Use the Diffendo spell to get behind the Tapestry and then Skurge to get the ectoplasm off of the chest then open it and you will find a bean bag that can hold 100 beans at once instead of 50.

200 Bean Bagnce youv'e collected all the items for every student that had a personal quest, the last one will give you the key to the confiscated room. In there is some wizard cards and the 200 bean bag that holds 200 beans at once instead of 50 or even 100 beans at once.

Another place to find Beans is in some of the big trophies and some of the armor will give out things when you Flipeno them.
More sickles!!!
Beside Gringott's bank on the right hand side there is lots of barrel's. Bust all of them then save your game. Turn your PlayStation off then turn it back on. When you got to Gringott's again the barrel's will all be there so bust them again to get more sickle's. Do this as many times as you want to get as much sickles as you want.


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Nimbus 2000
Wait for the 2nd day of class, and go to the Quidditch practice. Earn a rank of B or higher and you get this broom. You can use it to fly anywhere during the daytime.


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The ultimate cheat - infinite house points!!
I've discovered a great cheat, or rather a glitch/bug in the game... I'm sure many of you didn't get enough house points by the end of the game, so if this was a problem... simply do the following:

do the Incindio challenge for Flitwick, save your game before leaving the class for the quidditch match which Ron tells you about, but after being awarded 40 house points, and then quit and load your game up again. Flitwich is now mysteriously invisible, and will award you another 40 house points!! Repeat until you have enough points. My sister got over 1200 points by doing this! And the house point hourglasses go over 999 and back to 0 again, but Gryffindor still stays in the lead.
Unlimited beans
As you may already know once you go around doing all the tasks your asked to do by the people on the grounds you get a key to the confiscated items store room. Once inside there are a bunch of chests. The one in the middle has the 200 bean bag. Go back to doing whatever you were doing and then when you get low on beans go back. The chest will be unopened and when you open it the 200 bean bag will be there and refill your beanbag. You can still only carry 200 beans at a time but I think its useful.