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.hack Vol. 2: Mutation cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more .hack Vol. 2: Mutation cheat codes.


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Easy Flag Race
On Theta server use Iron grunt. Turn the grunt in the opposite direction a full grunt length away from the flag. Get the flags in this oder; green red purple. ON Lambda server use Bone grunt. Turn the grunt in the opposite direction a full grunt length away from the flag. When turning down a street, turn into the wall(on Kite's right) then quickly straighten out in order to prevent extreme sliding.
Easy Potions
First you go in to a dungeon and look for pots, skeltons, crates, and eggs (It depends what words you use to get to a dungeon to dertermine the the type). Then you bust them open to find potions, antidotes, and restoritives.
Get new data drain abilities
To get new Data Drain abilities data drain lots of monsters. Sooner or later you'll get a new ability for Data Drain.

Note: You can still use normal data drain once you get the other ones.
Getting Good Weapons
Visit your Grunty to get good weapons that might help. Just go to Lamda or the first place where you raised your own Grunty then talk and trade.
Key Axe
If you completed .hack Part 1: Infection and finished the OVA Keyword dungeons you should have an Ice Bar. If not, go to Delta: Hideous, Organ Market, Scaffold, and when you reach the Statue of Gott you will receive the Ice Bar. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Panta. You trade the Ice Bar to him for a Level 38 Key Axe.
OVA Keyword
In the OVA that comes with the game, there is a hidden Keyword shown while Mai is on the computer: Lambda: Capricious, Unending, Corridor. When you reach the statue of Gott at the end of the dungeon, you will get Chinese Food. Go back to the Root Town and look for a player named Annri. You can trade the Chinese Food for a Super Wufei (a very powerful spear for either Nuke Usagimaru or Gardenia).
Rare Weapons
If you Data Drain monsters, you can either get Virus Cores or weapons/armor. Most high level monsters have very rare weapons and strong armor. Most of these monsters are above level 45; be careful when fighting them. If you do not receive the item, keep Data Draining that monster. However, do not Data Drain too much where you are in danger of system crashing:

House Golem: Laevateinn (Heavy Blade)
Wander Demon: Rod of Pattern (Wave Master)
Mad Witch: SWORD (Blademaster)
Harpy Queen: Great Elite (Wavemaster), Jishuwen (Long Arm)
Easter Rock: 8 Key Guardian (Heavy Axeman)
Squidpod: Fishskin (Twin Blade)
King Worm: Bureido (Blademaster)
Angolmere: Crimson Raid (Twin Blade)

Secret Information on Bonus DVD
In the Liminality DVD, select ''Data''. Then highlight the Gallery. Press Right, then Enter (X on a Playstation 2). You will find secret information on characters and behind-the-scenes information on the storyline.
Snakey Grunty and Bony Grunty (Lambda Server)
Snakey Grunty: 2 Cordycep, 2 La Pumpkin, 2 Mandragora, 2 Twilight Onion, and 16 Golden Eggs.

Bony Grunty: 4 Cordycep, 1 Mandragora, 2 Piney Apple, 1 Snaky Cactus, and many Golden Eggs until it is an adult.
Snaky Grunty
Feed your baby grunty;

2 Cordyceps
2 La Pumpkin
2 Mandragora
2 Twilight Onion
16 Golden Eggs


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When you go to delta hidden forbidden holy ground you can go 4 times this will give you 2 golden grunties and 2 silver grunties and m:heavy axeman, M:twinblade, and M:long arm
defeating Angolmore
You can either take two fighters with you or a fighter and a wavemaster. taking the wavemaster will make the trip to the boss easier plus you can have them be the healer while you and your other team mate attack. The fight striaght forward nothing too big to worry about. The boss some major damage but since your wavemaster is doing the healing thats nothing to worry about. Bring some mage's souls and use them if your wavemaster runs low on SP. If you took two fighters with you the best thing to do is to let them do all the attacking while you act as the healer. REMEMBER!! to Data Drain him for the crimson raid. you will also get some Rare leg armor when you beat him
Defeating Cubia
Cubia has 2 different tolerances, physical and magical, and it will produce different types of cores. When attacking Cubia use skill attacks and physical attacks when it has magical tolerance, and use magic spells on it when it has physical tolerance. When it produces the cores have your attacker attack the repth cores and then return to attacking Cubia. Do the routine healing, resurecting, and status restoring and you should be able to defeat Cubia.
Defeating Innus
When you fight Innus he will teleport around the arena every so offten. Designate BlackRose to attack him. Attack him with her until he teleports. Right when he appears use an attack skill, after you do start attacking him again. Repeat this every time he teleports. Do the routine healing, resurecting, and status restoring and you should be able to defeat Innus.
Defeating Mangus
When you battle Mangus he will drop leaves on the ground. However many of these that are on the ground determines the strenght of his best attack, Death and Rebirth. When in this battle have an attacker keep attacking Mangus and while they're doing this attack the leaves that he drops. This will lower his Death and Rebirth attack drasticly. Repeat this and heal all your partys HP and status. You should be able to defeat Mangus this way.
defeating Martina R The final goblin
use a beast bane to take off her Magical tol. then put her to sleep. then hit her with some of your skills or magic scrolls .Bring mage souls to give you Sp when you run out if your useing magic skills or skills. you should be able to beat her
More Goblins
Throughout the game you have to play tag again, this time you have to beat all 4 goblins again but this time you get Goblin Cap A, Goblin Boots A, Goblin Greave A and Goblin Cap A, when all these are equiped you get the skill More Goblins, which is the second level goblin technique
Secret info on DVD
Put the DVD in your PS2. Select other(or extras) and highlight artwork. Press right or left and the highlight will dissapear. Press x and you will have a set of secrets in .Hack//Mutation
sora's memory fragment
after playing for a while, you get to unlock the third server "carmina Gadelica", after doing so, go back to the delta server to "hidden forbidden holy ground" and if you go in, it will cut to a scene when sora for dot hack//sign has BT in a strangle hold and asks for her member adress, she refuses and he kills her giving you the memory of the twin blade and grunty. if you do this every once in while, you can also get crim's memory and subaru's memory. good luck!!!
Trigger a .hack//sign scene
Ok, this is something I found very interesting in the game. I believe after you clear Theta Server "Rejecting, Oblivious, Wavemaster" you can then go back to Delta server, "Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground". Doing so will trigger a scene from .hack//sign (You'll see a scene of Mimiru and Bear asking Tsukasa about his situation in the Real world). And in return you'll get the M:Wavemaster Key Item and a Golden Grunty which will raise your Max HP by 30.