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.hack // G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more .hack // G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce cheat codes.


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"Theta Burning Fallen Seven Stars" quiz answers
In the "Theta Burning Fallen Seven Stars" dungeon that you have to complete in order to get the new job extension, you must answer certain questions for some doors to open, the correct answers are the following:

1st door:

1)When the Younger Deity lost his life, what happened with his last breath?

Correct Answer: The heavens were created.

2)What name was the Younger Deity's spirit giving afterwards?

Correct Answer: Cernunnos.

3)The Elves built something in order to be treated the same as the gods. What did the Elves construct?

Correct Answer: Air Fortress.

2nd door:

1)The Elves infuriated the gods and had their powers removed and their appearance changed. What were the Elves transformed into?

Correct Answer: Beastmen.

2)What race did Sol, the God of Creation, create using the power taken from the Elves?

Correct Answer: Grunties.

3)There was a race that was jealous of the Grunties wonderful power and wisdom. What race was it?

Correct Answer: Humans.

3rd door:

1)The humans that envied the Grunties spoke the cursed words that had been placed on them and changed them into something ugly. What is the name of that creature?

Correct Answer: Puchi Pongo.

2)The gods, shocked at the humans' dead, created a certain place and closed the road that led to the heavens. What did the gods create?

Correct Answer: Morrigu Barrow Wall.

3)After the human world lost the light of the gods, a worried young boy prayed and prayed, and eventually the 8 gods answered his prayers and save the world. What exactly did the 8 gods do?

Correct Answer: Sealed shadows.
beating all bike missions
ok this is really a simple way to beat all bike missions therefore being able to gain all bike parts to beat you book of 1000, right what you need to do is start a bike mission be it course 1,2,3,4 or 5, start riding towards a king chim chim, now when you are just about to hit him press select, now comes the tricky part, you need to quickly press O then X, alsmost as if your pressing them together, if this is done right you will finish the race with all 3 king chim chims caught therefore finishing the race and beating the best time, now you may not do it the first time so keep trying and trying until you beat all 5 courses and Matsus scores, there are also some handy items you get from these race to add some points to your Book of 1000
Changing weapons during battle
One of the new features of .hack // G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce is that Haseo can now change his main weapon during battle. To do so, simply open the menu and go to equipment and change your main weapon (you must have your skill gauge filled up to do it) when you close the menu Haseo will pull out the weapon you have equipped him with, be it dual swords, broad swords or a scythe.
Customizing party members equipment
Ever try to customize your party members equipment, but they never had anything to customize with? All you have to do is talk to them, then select "Gift" and give them the items that can be used to customize the effects.

Another way to do this, but a longer way, is to customize the things for them, and then give the pre customized item to them.

An even longer way, but probobly mor eprofitable is to trade them the items for some of their old equipment or some of their items which they will just restock in their own A.I. time.
defeating doppelganger
Just in case your not able to defeat doppelganger by conventional methods... i found the perfect strategy. First, get to an area where u can find a lucky animal and the doppelganger. Next, kick the lucky animal so you will be lucky. When you enter battle (while lucky) keep using items that will heal all allys by a certain amount. (this does require a decent amount of money but if you have gotten this far, money should not be an issue). now when you keep spamming the items on your party, your morale will grow very fast... keep using divine awakening. (it helps if you can get +6 seconds and ~80 on the meter)... thats it... keep your party up by spamming healing items and SP items (if needed) and keep using divine awakening... piece of cake
Defeating Doppleganger
First, you'll need to find a field area with the lucky animal, Sleipnir, in it. (A quick way to know if there's a Sleipnir in the area is by using the "Animal Radar" item that you receive by completing a certain quest). Once you've found a field area with Sleipnir, proceed to defeat all the enemies in that area. DO NOT kick the Sleipnir, as its lucky blessing only lasts for 5 battles. Once you've beaten all enemy parties, go and kick the Sleipnir. Wait for 10 minutes, DO NOT even touch the controller. Just go fix yourself a sandwich or something until the ten minutes is up. Once you've waited long enough, begin walking around the area. Eventually, a red arrow should appear on your screen. that indicates that a Doppleganger is nearby. Follow the arrow, and as you get closer, your screen should start pulsing red. Engage in battle with the Doppleganger. Once you do, Sleipnir's lucky effect will take action. Once it does, use a smoke screen to escape the battle. Rinse and repeat until Sleipnir no longer comes to help you. Once that happens, use a beast awakening to knock out the last of its HP.

Be careful though, Doppleganger is very powerful and recovers 50 something HP every few seconds or so. So be quick about it!
Defeating Doppleganger v.2
If you're not keen on using my other trick of taking the time to fight a Sleipnir, then you can use this trick to help make the battle easier for you.

First, add Atoli and Sakubo to your party. Set both or their Strategies to "Life" (you can change a party member's strategy by pressing triangle, and then going to strategy). Enter an area: any area will do. Defeat all the enemy parties, and put your controller down. Don't even touch it. Leave it there for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes is up, resume control of Haseo and move around the area. Eventually you should see a red arrow pointing to a Doppleganger. Approach it and engage in battle. The battle will get hard, so just be patient.

Don't expect to be able to just go and hack away at Doppleganger. He regains 47 HP every second. Since your two mages will be healing you the whole time, just remain close to him and don't let him go after the other two. Since they'll be healing you, you really won't lose any HP. (I ended the battle with 100 less HP than when I started.) Also, since they're healing you, that boosts party morale, and you'll soon find that the Awakening Gauge is filled. Once it's filled, set Sakubo's strategy to "Rage" (since she's got powerful spells) and then use a Beast Awakening. You'll want to use an edge punisher weapon for this battle, more specifically a hold+release model. Keep attacking mercilessly until the Awakening Meter is empty. During the Beast Awakening, Doppleganger will neither heal HP nor attack you. If he's not dead after one Beast Awakening, just keep using the strategy. The battle will be long, and it'll be difficult, but in the end it should eventually pay off.

Note: I was level 100 when I did this, so results may vary depending on your level.
Demon Awakening: The element of the spell
The spell that triggers when you perform a Demon Awakening depends on the element of the field you are in. It will always use the opposite element; Example: In a Fire field, the spell Rue Kruz will be used during a Demon Awakening.

Now, when there are multiple elements in a field, only the highest opposite element will be used for the Demon Awakening. To tell which is the highest opposite element the game uses this "element priority" order:

Fire/Water > Wind/Earth > Light/Dark
easy EXP
when you finally have acess to the whole game again (like two hours into gameplay) there will be a new level avalable on the chaos gate. It is around level 75 yet the mosters and boss are extremely eazy. it is required that you complete this quest later anyway so why not level up early?
Finding Salvador Aihara
After beating the game, head over to the news and go into the special Salvador Aihara link. when there, watch the 6th movie(latest one). You dont have to watch the whole thing, but it informs you of so much so you arent confuzed later on.

Next after the movie, head over to the comunity forums and read a topic in the 'news' section that talks about a girl getting hit on for the first time in her life. She wants to find the guy who hit on her again and says his name is Kazubolo.

What you do now, is head over to dol dona, use the warp point, and head over to the bike shop. Talk to the guy infront named Kazubolo. To save time, head over to lumina cloth, then log out. Go check the thread again, then log back into "The World" and go over to the back area behind the arena(where in the first game you go to see endrance.) And talk to him again. Head over to Mac Anu to save time, then log out. Again, check the thread, then log back into "The World" and head over to the mercenary district and go down to Dingo, the bounty hunter NPC, and go past him farther down the ally, and speak to Kazubolo again.

This time, he will reveal himself as Salvador Aihara, and give you two things.

First, he will give you a Salvador Aihara wallpaper, and second, he will give you a "secret password" known as "Nurse Carnival"

Please note that Anywhere in the world right now, the password is complete garbage. It was used to do a special contest in japan to try and win a special copy of volume 3.
Flying and armored enemies
There are two special kinds of enemies in the game: the flying ones and the armored ones. The flying ones have a blue bar under their health (HP) bar, while the armored ones have a red bar under their health (HP) bar.
If you deplete this bar the flying ones won't be able to fly as they normally do and will be less resistant to your attacks, the same goes with the armored ones who will loose their defenses and will take more damage.
To take out these kind of enemies easily, it is recommend that you use "pierce" and "aerial" types of skills. The "pierce" types for the armored ones and the "aerial" types for flying enemies.
Example: Dual swords skills such as "Sparrow counter" and "Chaotic strike" are aerial ones that work really well against flying enemies.
So having that kind of skill equipped in your skill trigger will help when fighting that kind of enemies.
Heine's Invasion, Shadow and Zero
Heine's Invasion (dual swords) Heine's Shadow (a broadsword) and Heine's Zero (a scythe) are 3 powerful weapons, 2 of which can be obtained by defeating the doppelganger (the third is only a Key Item in this version).

There are two ways to encounter the doppelganger one way is standing still 10 minutes in a "Field" and a red arrow will appear showing you the location of the doppelganger, the other way is beating the game and obtaining the "moonlight" 3rd word for areas, enter any field area with that 3rd word and the doppelganger will be running freely in the field.

Unfortunately to get the 3 doppelganger weapons you need the "Own King" Key Item that you receive in Vol.1 after defeating the doppelganger. If you don't have it, you'll only get 2 of the 3 weapons.

So what you need to do is to defeat the doppelganger twice, and if you have the "Own King" key item you'll receive the dual swords and either the broadsword or scythe, and the second time you defeat it you'll get the weapon you didn't get before.

Higher Starting Level
If you have .hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption data on your memory card when you start a new game, you can use that data to start at level 70, with high level equipment as well.
Infinite Healing Serums(Endrance)
Endrance has an infinite number of "15" healing serums, therefore it is a good idea you take him to hard places and have him help out by manually telling him to heal people.
Invincibility Against God Eater
When characters are killed and juggled by even more strikes after death, the game protects them from being hit again by removing their regular hit detection. However, this removal code is incapable of recognizing that a character has been revived from death unless it was from the ghost state. Therefore, if a character has positive HP after the death protection kicks in but before becoming a ghost, they'll get up, the protection won't be removed and the character will effectively be invincible. Using Rig Saem first and impaling yourself on The One Sin's laser is a nearly foolproof method of snagging this abominable shield.
Quick Exp
  • Be careful, this tip can prove dangerous sometimes, so make sure to save before trying it.
First, form a party of three (insures a higher survival rate). Go to an area with a considerably higher level than yours. Make sure it's no more than 10, however. Once in the area, go up to the first enemy party, and defeat it. Since you'll most likely be at pretty low health by the end of the battle, then warp back to the root town. Your HP and SP will be replenished, and on top of it you should've gotten a hefty amount of EXP pts. for beating such a high level enemy party. Rinse and repeat until satisfied.
Return of The One Sin
To be able to participate in this quest, you need to complete The One Sin quest first, after doing so you'll receive an e-mail area words to fight The One Sin again.
In that area you will find The One Sin, but now it will be called God Eater, however it's just the same enemy with its stats improved, this means that the shields are harder to take down, the main body has more HP and it has more powerful attacks. But you should use the same strategy as before, and being level 100 will surely help.
You'll get a Rainbow scale and GP for defeating it again.
Saku or Bo?
The character Sakubo belongs to two different persons, Saku and Bo, when Haseo is at odd levels Saku will be using the Sakubo character, and when Haseo is at even levels Bo will be playing.
When you reach the level cap of Vol.2 (level 100) it will be random who plays as Sakubo.
The One Sin
In order to be able to participate in the quest you must have already beaten the game.

Go to the community forums, "The world" section and read the thread called "A hidden character discovered", reply to it asking which were the area words, then log in "The World" or "Crimson VS" and then log out, check the forum again and read the thread called "Ancient Egg" and the "A hidden character discovered" again. With the just received area words, log in "The World" and go to that dungeon.
In the dungeon keep going straight until you hear two people arguing, keep moving and you'll see a cut-scenes and you will have to fight some enemies.

Log out and go to the community forums, "The world" section and read the thread called "What's the deal" reply to the thread by asking which were the area words, and log in "The World" and go to this new dungeon.
This is another short dungeon, just go west until a cut-scene plays, you will have to fight some enemies but they are weak.

Finally log out and you'll receive an e-mail telling you that you'll be able to participate in a quest to fight The One Sin.
Go to the quest shop in Dol Dona and accept the quest.
Use the area words given to go to the dungeon. There isn't anything special about this dungeon, you simply must reach the B2 where the "enemy" is, when you do so a cut-scene will trigger and you'll fight The One Sin.

If you are level 100 this battle will present no problems to you, he has two shields, one in each arms, you must destroy them in order to attack his main body, using pierce type skills will help you damaging his shields.
After destroying them, hit the main body with every you have, using a Beast Awakening on the main body is recommended.
After you defeat him a cut-secene will trigger and you'll be taken back to town and given some scroll items as a reward.


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Bonuses for having played .hack // G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth
If you have a cleared save data of .hack // G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth, you'll be able to receive some bonuses for loading that data when you start a new game in .hack // G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce.
The bonuses are the following:

3 Strange Coffee
3 Fairy Rain
10 Fairy Drop
3 Healing Storm
10 Healing Potion
5000 GP
3 Videos (The first episode of .hack//ROOTS divided into two parts and a trailer)
Easier way of completing bike missions.
Right as you start, head to the nearest king chim chim and RIGHT before you hit it, press select. Press select again and if you did it right, your bike will drift and stop and it will have said that you got 3 king chim chims
Lucky Animal Locations
Using the formula for Lucky Animals might be a small bit tricky for some of you people out there, so I made a chart already using the formula.

*Please note that you must have a party of 3 people, everyone being level 100. And possibly, if some of these do not work, you must have Matsu and Antares(at level 100, along with Haseo) In your party. Also, you must have beaten the game to use this chart*

*All of these Lucky Animals were found in the Dol Dona Chaos Gate areas.*

Format: First word/second word/third word

  • Chimera - Pulsating/Superior/Paradise
  • Baku - Tearing/Pocketed/Bulwark
  • Moon Rabbit - Serene/Aster's/Hades
  • Ouryu - Tearing/Blazing/Pure Bred
  • High Wolf - Halberd/Sea Sand's/Buttercup
  • Kudan - Misjudge/Fortune's/In Heat
  • Leviathan - Buzzing/Cupid's/Scarab
  • Tokoh - Pulsating/Eternal/Magician
  • Tsutsuga - Blazing/Fortune's/Memoir
  • Fate Worm - Piling/Joyous/Princess
  • Nue - Rising/Gray/Life
  • Qi Lin - Peaceful/Illusion's/Magician
  • Sleipnir - Winding/Forbidden/Frog Lake
  • Totetsu - Severe/Setting/Western
  • Tengu - Cheering/Humbling/Malt Town
  • Gold Bird - Competing/Wrath's/Alga Grass
  • Ganesha - Pursuing/Cupid's/Gold Bird

    *These are not in order of Dr. Kupo's chart.*
  • Special words
    In order to unlock special area words first beat the game, then you'll receive an e-mail containing the following special words:

    Moonlight (doppelgangers will appear in the field all the time)

    Windup Box (All of the treasure boxes in the area will change to trap boxes, except the one at the beast temple's statue)

    Magician (All of the item boxes in the area will switch. If you are in a dungeon, they will be field items. And if you are in a field they will be dungeon items)

    Hunt (The chances of getting items from defeated monsters will raise 25%)

    Scarab (The GP received from defeated monster will raise 25%)

    Unlucky Animal Locations
    If the formula is too hard for some of you to use, I have used it to find the Unlucky Animals.

    *Please note that you must have a party of 3 people, everyone being level 100. And possibly, if some of these do not work, you must have Matsu and Antares(at level 100, along with Haseo) In your party. Also, you must have beaten the game to use this chart*

    Format: first word/second word/third word

  • Two-Tailed Fox - Graceful/Genius's/Fortune
  • Malice Cat - Warm/Innocent/Antitheses
  • Dark Goat - Sacred/Fallen/Gray Dance
  • White Malice Cat - *Quest* Standing/Calming/Western

    *these are not in order of Dr. Kupo's chart, obviously.*
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