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Gungriffon Blaze Cheats

Gungriffon Blaze cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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   (last update - Jan 27 2001)

Pilot Bonus
Create a female pilot named 'FEA MASTER! ' with a nationality of 'Mexico' to start the game with 12 fuel evaporation bombs. submitted by DKS

Unlock Jagdpanther
When you reach 6 million points, the Jagdpanther.

Unlock Type 9
When you are awarded a total of 13 medals, the Type 9 is unlocked

Gungriffon Blaze Tips

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Unlock the Jagdpanther
You must earn 25 medals to unlock the Jagdpanther.
Submitted by: Sphinx on April 02, 2004
Unlock Type-9
In order to unlock the Type-9 earn 13 medals.
Submitted by: Sphinx on April 02, 2004

Gungriffon Blaze Cheats

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12 Fuel Air Bombs
Enter FEA MASTER! as a pilot name, Mexico as a country, and Female as the gender.
Submitted on August 13, 2003
Unlock TYPE 13 AWG
You must collect 41 medals to unlock the Type 13 AWG. The quickest way to do this is in Hell Mode.
Submitted by: Ben85 on July 13, 2003
Unlock type14
get 41 medals to unlock the type 14
Submitted by: paj1 on December 14, 2002