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Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space

Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space Cheats

Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Defeating MA's easier
( Note, this requires a mobile suit with a sub weapon, Zaku's dont work ). First, take out your beam saber, heat hawk, etc,. Then get near the MA and slash and fire at the same time. This does at least twice the damage. Iv'e used this tactic to kill the Zeong.
Get Extra Points for Destroying Twicw
You can destroy a Musai or any other ship, then you can destroy it again for extra points.
Hand-to-Hand tactics
When using melee weapons and you get stuck in the enemy's saber sequence use the emergency dash and quickly press the L1 and boost. It gives a slight advantage against gundams.


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Unlock MS
Alex Gundam: Create Fed. pilot with nt3
Brow Bro: Create Zeon pilot with nt2
Elimath: Create zeon pilot with nt3
GM Comand: Create one Fed. pilot
GM Sniper: Create 3 Fed. pilots
G-Fighter: Defeat White Base tv mode
Guntank: Defeat White Base tv mode
Core fighter: Deteat tutural 2
Core Fighter 2: Beat either battle of loum or protect supply ship 3stars with Fed. pilot
Kampher: Beat protect supply ship with Zeon pilot
GP01[BST]: make s rank on 1 Kou Uraki mission
Blue Destiny unit 2: Make s ranks on both Yu kajima missions
Blue Destiny unit 3: Make s ranks on both Yu Kajima missions
Yu Kajima Ace pilot mode: Beat thourobred
Char Azinible Ace pilot mode: Beat White Base
Ball K-type: Beat solor system construction
Gundam unit 5: Beat Thurobred
GM Cannon 2: Beat Kou Uraki
Dom 2: Beat Gato Ace pilot
Drac-C: Beat Gato Ace pilot made
Gato Ace pilot Mode: Beat Kou Kajima
Cima Ace pilot mode: Beat gato
Cheats to get moble suits:
Brow-Bro:create Zeon pilot with nt2
Gundam Alex: create Fed. pilot with nt3
Elemath: Create Zeon pilot with nt3
Kampher: defeat protect supply ships 4stars with zeon pilot
Blue Destiny unit 2:get S on Both Ace pilot Yu Kajima missions
Blue Destint unit 3: same as unit 2
Gundam unit 5: defeat thourobred
Yu Kajima Ace pilot mode : same cheat as Unit 5
G-Fighter: defeatet Amuro missions on tv mode
Guntank: same as G-fighter cheat
Ball K-type: defeat build solor system
core fifhter 1: defeat Amuro practice missions
Core fighter 2: defeat protect supply ship i think or battle of loum 3star
GM command: create one fed. pilot
GM sniper: create 3 fed. pilots
Dom 2: Defeat Gato missions
There are more but i have to check my game to see wich ones I forgot