Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon Cheats

Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Get the G-Sky
Play arcade mode I think its the first mission kill it your self not any one else you to get it in vs. mode
Getting Mobile Armor
After playing MANY times, I think i've found out how to exactly get just about every single mobile armor there is. These are the stages to get 'em from (in arcade to use in vs):

ADZAM- Taklaman Desert**
GRABRO- Belfast
BYGRO- A Baoa Qu space
ZAKRELLO- Sattelite orbit 2
BIG ZAM- Solomon
BRAW-BRO- Outside A Baoa Qu
ELEMETH- Solomon Space**

G-BULL- Satellite Orbit 2*
G-FIGHTER- Forest in Euroupe, Outside A Baoa Qu*
G-SKY- Satellite Orbit 2*

*If you want G-Bull, play from Side 7 and you'll see it in Satellite orbit 2, and you'll see G-Fighter twice, handy if you miss it the first time. Also, play from any other stage and you'll get G-Sky in Satellite Orbit 2, rather than G-bull.

**You cannot play straight from that stage, or you won't fight it. Its easiest to get Adzam and Elemeth playing straight from Side 7.
How to get extras
Play and beat Zion And Federation campain to get extras mode. In extras mode you have Amuro's Zion and Ferdreration Mobile Suits.
MA levels
In the arcade mode, play certain missions to unlock mobile armor

GRABRO- Fed base belfast
BIG ZAM- Solomon (on it) NOTE: it absorbs lasers (thats right kiddies, not only is it inneffective, it heals the dang jerk)
ELEMETH- Solomon space
ADZAM- Taklaman desert
BRAW-BRO- Outside a baoa qu
G-FIGHTER- Forest in Europe
BYGRO- a baoa qu space
ZAKRELLO- sattelite orbit (forgot which one)

Sorry but i forgot how 2 get G-bull and G-sky. They don't always appear, either. Note me if I forgot any plz!

(note: i also heard that putting in a default name case sensetive gives new MS, but i havent tried it yet)
Play as Amuro Ray
Enter Amuro as a case-sensitive name at the pilot name screen.
Play as Char Aznable
Enter Char as a case-sensitive name at the pilot name screen. In the Japanese version, enter Kyasubaru (katakana) as a pilot name.
Random names
While playing vs. mode, there is a way where you can find out all the characters with comments. Just enter your name in with no name at all. A random name from the series will pop up and you'll be able to play as he/she.
Unlock mobile armors!
Choose either Feddies or Zeks in arcade mode, and choose a differnt level, like Solomon, or Side 7, ext. (depending on what level you choose, it will change what Mobile Armor appears.) When you come face to face with an MA, YOU have to place this final kill on it to unlock it in vrs. Feddies can unlock a crap load of Zeon MA's, where as playing as Zeon will only unlock the G-Sky, G-Fighter, and G-bull (all of which suck, if you try playing an MS in one). As a Federation Officer, you can unlock a huge amount of Zeon MA's like Elemeth, Braw-Bro, ADZAM, Big-Zam, and a few others. Like all the MS, each one has custome weapons and controls for a nice change.

Hint: As a Feddie, use The Gundam(G) For ground with its small machine gun, and Gundam RX-79 with its beam rifle for space.

For you Zeon's, use Char's Zaku (with rocket pods) or Char's Gelgoog (or whatever its called *cant spell*). For space, use The Gelgoog, or Rick-Dom, but if your good with a Zaku, use it and its missile pod.
unlocking mobile suits and mobile armors
In versus mode/arcade mode, you can unlock enemy captured mobile suits by beating the arcade's 13 missions with either team. Beating it with Zeon's forces gets you enemy captured units, from the Ball, to RX-78. Beating arcade with the federation gets you enemy captured Zeon suits. These sets work in vs, and arcade.

You can find Mobile armors throughout the various arade missions. Armors included are the Zeon Zakrello, Braw-Bro, Bygro, Big-Zam, Grabro, and Adzam, and the Federation's G-Sky, G-Bull, and G-Fighter. To unlock these, play as either the Principality of Zeon or Earth Federation forces. Each side can gain the other sides mobile armors if, in any mission, a mobile armor is targeted by the player (these are red on the radar, not purple), and are destroyed by the player- Not by the player's ally. To avoid letting the CPU ally destroying the MA you are trying to receive, set you ally to hide, and finish the armor as quickly as possible. When selecting the first stage in arcade mode, the player will trigger a set course of stages and enemies to encounter. Play through all four, searching for Mobile Armors. Here is an example of where mobile armors can be located...


stage 1- INSIDE SIDE 7: the tough enemy on this level is Char's Zaku II

stage 2- Satellite orbit 1: the tough enemy on this level is also Char's Zaku II

stage 3- New Yark ((New York)): the tough enemy on this level is Char's Zaku II

*stage 4- Taklamakan Desert: the tough enemy on this level is the mobile armor "ADZAM"

stage 5- Forest in E.Europe: this level consists of many Dom suits

*stage 6- Belfast: the tough enemy on this level is the mobile armor "GRABRO"

stage 7- Outside Jaburo: the enemy on this level is Z'Gok

stage 8- Inside Jaburo: the tough enemies on this level is Char's Z'Gok and the Zok

stage 9- Side 6 Space: the enemies on this level is the MS Dom

stage 10- Solomon Space: the tough enemy on this level is Char's Gelgoog

*stage 11- Solomon: the tough enemies on this level are the mobile armor "BIG-ZAM", and the MS Gyan.

*stage 12- A Baoa Qu Space: the tough enemy on this level is the mobile armor "BYGRO"

stage 13- Inside A Baoa Qu: the tough enemy on this level is Zeong

**the mobile armor Big-Zam cannot be damaged with beam rifles or beam cannons. Only ballistic weapons can damage it, for Big-Zam has an I-feild**