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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Cheats

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Cheat Guide

G- Press the green fret button
R- Press the red fret button
Y- Press the yellow fret button
B- press the blue fret button
O- Press the orange fret button

make sure u do this at the main screen ^__^

Cheat - Effect
B,O,Y,R,O,Y,B,Y,R,Y,B,Y,R,Y,B,Y - Unlock Everything
Y,B,Y,O,B,B - Air Guitar
B,B,O,Y,Y,B,O,B - Performance Mode
Y,B,O,O,B,Y,Y,O - Hyperspeed Activate/De-Activate
B,O,O,B,Y,B,O,O,B,Y - Horse Head
Y,O,Y,O,Y,O,B,O - Flame Head
Y,B,O,O,O,B,Y - Crowd Has Eyeball Heads
B,B,O,Y,B,B,O,Y - Crowd Has Monkey Heads
Verified by: Frigazee Submitted by: spirit on August 07, 2007