Guitar Hero II (PS2) Cheats

Guitar Hero II cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Guitar Hero II cheat codes.


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All Game Cheats
I will abbreviate each color with the letter it starts with. Press these at the main menu.

B = Blue
O = Orange
Y = Yellow
PasswordWhat it does
Y,Y,B,O,Y,BAir Guitar
B,O,Y,O,Y,O,BEyeball Head Crowd
O,B,Y,Y,O,B,Y,YMonkey Head Crowd
O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,YFlaming Head
B,O,O,B,O,O,B,O,O,BHorse Head
Y,Y,B,Y,Y,O,Y,YPerformance Mode
PAL Pushbutton Codes
Enter these at the title menu. Enter again to de-activate.
Pushbutton CodeWhat it does
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow, YellowAir Guitar
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Blue, Orange, YellowCrowd has Eyeball Heads
Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Orange, Yellow, OrangeFlaming Head
Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, OrangeHorse Head
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, OrangeHyper Speed
Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, OrangeMonkey Head Crowd
Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, YellowPerformance mode (No HUD)


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Unlockable Basses
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gibson SG BassBeat 10 Songs in Co-Op mode
Gibson GrabberBeat 20 Songs in Co-Op Mode
Gibson ThunderbirdBeat 30 Songs in Co-Op mode
Gibson Les Paul with the Cherry Sunburst Classic skin Beat 40 Songs in Co-Op mode
Hofner Bass Beat every song on Co-Op mode
Lava Pearl Musicman Stingray Get 5 stars on 10 songs in Co-Op
Cream SG Get 5 stars on 20 songs in Co-Op
Unlockable Guitars
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fish Guitar Beat Easy Mode
USA Guitar 5-Star every song on Easy
Casket Guitar Beat Medium Mode
Viking Guitar 5-Star every song on Medium
"Snaketapus" Guitar Beat Hard Mode
Eyeball Guitar 5-Star every song on Hard
Battle Axe Guitar Beat Expert Mode
"The Log" Guitar 5-Star every song on Expert
Unlockable Modes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Pro Face-offBeat game on medium or higher


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Using The PS2 Controller For Guitar Hero II
For those of you who haven't tried using the ps2 controller on guitar hero II, here are the controlls:

L2: Green
L1: Red
R1: Yellow
R2: Blue
X: Orange
Left analog stick: whammy bar (doesn't really work as good as the real whammy bar)

By the way, nothing strums, so don't press the buttons freely, pressing them is just like strumming the note!


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Easy 5 stars
Go to practice and choose any section of any song. Put it on any speed (preferably slowest) and play it. Then, right at the end, unplug the controller and plug it back in. The fretboard should keep moving endlessly. Then go to quickplay and play that song. It should only have the section you practiced with playing and the rest is nothing else. This glitch lets you get 5 stars on any song, but may take a few tries.
Play a normal guitar with the grim reaper
Go into career mode after unlocking the grim reaper and select him as your character. Next restart your PS2 and go back in to career mode and choose any song. The grim reaper will be playing the guitar you start the game with.
Play with the Grim Ripper scythe guitar as any character
To play with Grim Ripper's wicked scythe guitar with any player, simply change your character to the Ripper, make sure you have his scythe as your selected guitar, and then change to whomever you wish to play as. You will keep the scythe until you change guitars again. If you do change guitars, get the scythe back by being the Grim Ripper again and choosing it.