Guitar Hero Cheats

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Pushbutton Codes

Enter these at the Game mode selection menu.

Note that saving is disabled when these are active.
Pushbutton codeWhat it does
Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow, OrangePlayer uses Air Guitar
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow, OrangeVenue Disappears
Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, BlueUnlocks Hero Guitar
Blue, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, OrangeCrowd has Monkey Heads
Orange, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, BlueCrowd has Skull Heads
Yellow, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue, Yellow, OrangeRock meter will always stay green
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Blue, Orange, Yellow, YellowUnlock Everything
Verified by: TakerLives, poo55555 Submitted by: Master Zhang He, Master Zhang He on February 04, 2006


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Setting off Star Power

If you have a hard time setting off the star power by tipping the guitar, there is an alternative method. The select button (which is appear deceptively useless) will set of the star power, simply by pressing it.
Verified by: spawnX Submitted by: reuray on September 02, 2006

Warning about the pushbutton cheats

You cannot save with them activated. For most of them, however, you can deactivate them the same way you activated them- going to the main menu and using the cheat.
Verified by: ratedM, Pikachu122 Submitted by: Mounkee on May 17, 2006


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PAL Easter Egg Pushbutton Codes

These are some push-button codes for the PAL version of Guitar hero:

Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow: Your character will play Air Guitar, in other words have no guitar.

Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Blue: Your character plays the Guitar Hero Guitar, or a guitar that looks like your SG control.

Yellow, blue, blue, orange, orange, blue, yellow: This is a crowd cheat, I'll let you figure out what it does for yourself.

Yellow, blue, yellow, yellow, blue, blue, orange, orange: Another crowd cheat. I'll let you find out this pushbutton code on your own.

Orange, blue, yellow, yellow, blue, blue, orange, yellow: Your guitar meter will stay on green during quick play. I'm not sure if it'll work during career though.

Orange, yellow, orange, blue, blue, yellow: No Venue, which means your background will be blank.

Yellow, Orange, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Yellow:You will unlock everything, including, all songs, all characters, all guitars, all guitar skins, and all videos.

I believe that covers all of the PAL Guitar Hero cheats.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Fusion on October 18, 2006

unlocking help

if you want to unlock both of the people that you can unlock on one mode

frist save up 8k from the songs and buy grim
then after y9ou beat the game you win 5k
so use that on ziggy
and any money in between use on songs
abd if you can try to only get 3 start rattings
so that you can get more money later buy uping the ratting
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: reuray on September 02, 2006