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Grand Theft Auto III cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Grand Theft Auto III cheat codes.

Command codes

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GTA3 Cheats
GET TANK: Circle x6,R1,L2,L1,Triangle,Circle,Triangle.
Most cheats
Rhino Tank: circle x6 R1 L2 L1 triangle circle triangle.
Blow up all cars cheat: L2 R2 L1 R1 L2 R2 triangle square circle triangle L2 L1.
Dodo car: R1 L1 R2 L1 left R1 R1 triangle.
All wepons: R2 R2 L1 R2 left down right up.
Cops down: R2 R2 L1 R2 up down up down up down.
Cops up: R2 R2 L1 R2 left right left right left right.

Oh by the way if you hold R2 if a cop is on the right or if you hold L2 when a cop is on the left he can't bust you but this only works if are in a car with an Uzi.
Most cheats 2
Health cheat: R2 R2 L1 R1 left down right up.
Armor cheat: R2 R2 L1 R1 left down right up.

Oh did you know you shoud check out Do Taxi Missions....In ANY Car! from KFC_Or_Bust

hope you enjoyed my first and second Most cheats

catboy out.
Slow Down Game play Code
Press the following buttons to slow down game Play

Triangle up arrow, right arrow, down arrow,square R1 R2
Wear Any Outfit Code
Press Right arrow,Down arrow,Left arrow, Up arrow, L1 L2 Up arrow Left arrow,Down arrow Right arrow when you see your favorite outfit stop entering the code and enjoy


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a free garage
as you know on portland the triad fish building,well the road that turns and curves not the one that goes by the cafe but the one that does kind of a long circle around but any way the first garage on your right is screwed up so all you have to do is pull in the garage and there you go.

note:you can not save in the garage and another thing you can still get shot to!...
Become too good for COPS-CHOPPER-SWAT-FBI-ARMY
For the what you may call less experienced players of GTA3 I am putting together a way to stay cool under the pressure of Rhino tanks up you ass.

Now, as you should know, the Law enforcers in order are:

*= One cops per car with no guns, except if you jump onto a car.

**= Cop with guns and two per car.

***= The same as ** plus a police chopper with unlimited ammo

****= S.W.A.T vans which are mainly used as a roadblock

*****= Now they mean business! F.B.I cars appear from nowhere and try to pound on your ass!

******= They bring the Army out- Approach with caution!

Dealing with one star
This is relatively easy. The cars will not try to totally trash you car, but will try to get you to stop. Remember that the police cars are very fast when they want to be. If you want to lose the police they aren't very difficult to lose, just go around a few corners leaving them in you dust, or go to the nearest pay and spay shop and you are free! However if you want more of them on you kill more and a second star will appear.

Dealing with Two stars
Now that you have two stars, it gets harder, police in cars now start bumping you harder and now you need some driving skills on your side. For car damage purposes try to keep on the road, (yes your side!). If by now you are on foot, the police will try and run you down. This takes a chunk out of you health. Police will now try to shoot you, so try to dodge the bullets when possible. Unlike one star you WILL NOT just lose the cops by turning a few corners. The only way to lose them is by pay'n spray, unless you are on a mission and you cannot lose them, and when the mission is complete the miraculously forget where you are! From now on, the turn a few corners will not have you escape the police

Dealing with Three Stars
If your looking to be crushed by a tank congratulations! You are half way there! Now from absolutely nowhere
a police Chopper appears, and had some chassis denting bullets. You have to use both parts of your brain. You have to keep out of the chopper's way while dodging the now very wild police cars. This is now really the time to use open areas and go off the road. You need skills to make sure your car is kept intact, and every so often drop by your hideout to repair you car, Staunton Island would be the best for that. The chopper will remain there until the end, either of the chase, or your life!

Dealing with Four stars
There isn't much the SWAT threat you with, they are deadly slow, which can be to your advantage However they do block the road, which can cause allot of damage to the car if it is caught in the SWAT's web if road blocks, but if you break free they are practically useless. But now however the cop cars are SUICIDAL!

Dealing with five stars
If you have got this far you are doing well, but you have yet to push the Law enforcers to their max.
FBI cars are to a car collector very attractive with their rare colour. They will do their utmost to make you disappear to put it nicely, and there are a lot of em, so get going! The best way to keep them at bay is to keep one step ahead. Plan your route and where you think they will slip up.

Dealing with the mutha!- SIX STARS!
This is where being on foot doesn't pay off. every army guy has an M16. That means that if they see you, and can get a clear shot they will pump your body full of lead. This whole pumping thing will be over in 2.5 seconds, so he won't feel any pain! The tanks will try their best to crush you, so I hope that your car is of some speed. Like the SWATs, Barracks OLs will block your way, so use the same technique to get through them.


These cars are good cars to put through the above techniques:

Cartel Crusier

These aren't very good cars to use and could be more easier destroyed:

Stallion/Diablo Stallion

Don't bother trying With these, unless you want to die:

Mr Whoopie

Now after you have done this, give a minute to remember all of those you killed in this experiment...............
NAHHHHHH don't bother!
Blow Up The Tank And The Police Cars EASY WAY
Go To A Place Where The Cops Can't Find You And Put In The Blow Up Cars Cheat (L2 R2 L1 R1 L2 R2 Triangle Square Circle Triangle L2 L1)And Then All The Cars Around You Will Explode.

Notice! If You Want A Car Your Going To Have To Wait And You Might Die
Bomb the Base II- Easy Way
When you get to the docks and let 8ball out, go around to the stairs, keep going, when you start to go around the building you will see what looks like a glowing pill. Run through the pill. You will start to move slower. Go back to steps, get to top landing. Shoot people left to right as stated on other tips. The difference is, now they run and move and shoot slower too! and its much easier.
Cars 'n' Stuff
If you want a Banshee, then go to Easy Credit Autos near 8 Balls place. Break the glass and there it is! (Sometimes it might not be there).

Complete 100 taxi missions (not in a row) to unlock The Borgini Taxi in the taxi depot in that place that looks like two square roads next to each other.

If you want to do a taxi mission in any car, get in a taxi and hold down R3, get out, enter any other car and let go of the R3 button. You'll have the taxi mission activated!
Common Sense
A tip for you guys, it's about moving about in Liberty City. Unlike San Andreas or Vice City, it isn't as big, so it'll be easier. Get familiar with the routes in the beginning so you won't have trouble later on in Story Mode. Just a little advice from a veteran.
Dead Skunk in da trunk mission
Easiest way we found to do this mission is go to where the car is DO NOT GET IN.......go behind building and climb on top of the roof...use the weapons cheat to get all weapons...select any gun and shoot at the car to the left sitting by itself facing towards you.....this causes that car to take off and another shows up and trys to run you over but keeps hitting into the building....take the bazooka (get this from an all weapons cheat code) and blow up the car....then get into car and take to the crusher without anyone trying to wreck you...EASY AS PIE!!!
dont have to do any kenji missions
once you unlock kenji missions keep doing asucas until you unlock rays missions then get to rays mission where you kill kenji and once you kill kenji his missions will dissapear of the map hope it helps castaway t
Easiest way to beat the "Marked Man" mission.
I found this mission hard the first time but the easiest way to beat this mission is to get a 6-star wanted level then steal the tank (may take a while if you are a beginner but it's worth it) then just take the tank pick up that guy (whatever his name is) then go through the route where it leads to the airport and don't worry about the CIA guys doing damage to you. After you pass by them go to the airport, drop the guy, and then go back to his lockup and get $20000 cash with 4 different kinds of weapons and a bulletproof patriot!
Easiest way to kill Mr. Leone
The easiest way to kill him is before you start the mission first go and plant a bomb in the car at 8-ball's and then go and start the mission, instead of waiting for him outside Luigi's or anywhere else go to the entrence where Leone's mansion is then just wait for a few moments and then when he is about to enter through the entrance quickly get out of the car and arm the bomb and he should be toast. If that's too complicated or anything then just use the destroy cars cheat.
Easy Kill in Vigilante Missions
Start a Vigilante mission. Once you get near the suspect's car. Hit pause, and then un-pause it. The suspect will jump out of the car for no reason. Now you can run them over.
Easy Way to Pass Bomb the Base Act 2
Want an easy way to pass Bomb the Base Part 2

Use the code Slow down Gameplay code then block the plank where 8 ball runs up then waste the two cartel dudes at the bottom then run up the plank thing wasting the cartel members as you see them also use the action replay max codes infinite health and armor and whatever weapon you are using i have passed this one just by using the uzi after i ran up the ramp thing you can slow down the game speed as many times as you need to hope this helps some one pass this mission it does work i have done it in the past
Easy way to pass King Courtney Uzi Rider mission
To pass this mission you must waste 10 Diablos by drive by shooting I have found an easier way just run them over with the station wagon car that Courtney's men show up in when you take the mission.Make sure you don't get carjacked or busted or you will fail it. Use my code contriubtions Cant be arrested and Cops walk away if you are having trouble with this mission. Also you can use your car takes no damage from bullets or other cars code also submitted by me.
easy win in turismo
when you do turismo when the race starts and the cars take off put in the blow up all cars code and get another car this will not fail if you do it.TRUST ME!
faster tank
to get a faster tank enter he code to get one and get in it. use R3 to turn the cannon all the way behind you it must be directly behind you for it to work hold down X and press O as fast as you can you will gain very very much speed
Flamethrower on Portand
Go to a train station, wait till a train has just gone and jump on the track, go into the raised center keep going till you are above the Head radio building. jump off onto the roof , a flamethrower is on the right
flamethrower on the 2nd island
after geting of the bridge make a uturn and drive through the trees for a short time than turn to the right and the flamethrower is by a VERY wide pillar
Fly out of cities!
Simply get into a tank (Ox6, R1, L2, L1, triangle, O, Triangle) and then use the flying car mode (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle).

Then turn the tank missile thing 180 degrees (facing backwards) and keep firing while driving. The tank will soon pick up speed and then fly.

To fly this make sure you keep your finger on X and to keep level using the up and down arrows.

(it is advised not to turn when doing this, it will result in lots of barrel rolls and you wont be able to control the tank)
foreli bros easy complete
there are many dead simple ways to do this but the most effective is this, well for me anyway

frist steal a traid fish van

next start the mission with the van and drive to where the forelli bros are now drive the van into the car and drive throug this tunne till you get to the wooden dock.

park your car on the edge and get out run down the ramp and the other guys will either jump over you into the lake or crashg into the van and fall in the lake.

get the car dive to crusher

misiion complete!

note: also parking ur car parralel to the dock side nearest the tunnel (on the right i belive, if ur looking from behind and driving str8 on2 the docks) becasue the forellis are crap drivers!
Get to Shorside in the first part of the game.
FIrst go to the bridge with a fast car and enter a code called dodo car (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle) than go as fast as you can and jump the bridge when youve gotten there go to the stadium and find a tunnel follow the signs to get to shoresidevale or the airport.
Warning! do not drive over the bridge when it get fixed if you want to be able to Be in Shoreside.
Give The Cops The Slip
Trying to get into some serious trouble? Use these tips to avoid being wasted and/or busted.

One Star- So, so easy. The cops have no guns and will not shoot you. They won't try to damage your car, but will try to stop you. You can lose One Star easily by speeding away from the cops and turning a few corners.

Two Stars- Still easy, but this time, you can't lose the cops unless you use the cheat or turn into a Pay'n'Spray ($1000). Now they WILL have guns and they WILL shoot you and ram your car. This still shouldn't be that much trouble.

Three Stars- OK, this is where things get trickier. Now in addition to the crazed cops, you'll have a helicopter on your tail. Oh, and if you destroy it, another one will soon arrive anyway. If you are in a car, try to have a fast one and on that can take a fair amount of damage. I find that a Kuruma works nicely. Infernuses and other fast cars like that are blown up too easily. Out of a car, try to stay under a roof or somewhere where it is harder for the helicopter to kill you. Shoot any cops that come near you.

Four Stars- Now the SWAT team has been deployed. Their vans are very slow, but they make GREAT roadblocks. You don't need anything fast in particular now, but something strong. Make sure it can still accelarate so you aren't busted, however. Staying out of the car is deadly. The SWAT team will kill you in (I timed it) exactly 2.8 seconds with their guns if you are outside your car. Run over the policeman and SWAT team with your car or shoot out of the window.

Five Stars- Suddenly FBI cars start coming out of nowhere. Don't even dare try to steal them. Don't evern dare to get out of your car. They are deadly fast and, might I add, suicidal. They WILL bring you down, unless you know what you're doing. If you are foolish enough to start blowing these things up, get on a roof and blast them with the rocket launcher before they have a chance to get out out of their car. The FBI have deadly accuracy and will kill you faster than the SWAT team. I reccomend to you only two cars. Either use the super fast Cheetah, or get into a Rhino Tank and run over these suicidal maniacs. If you do wish to steal an FBI car, drive up in front of it and get out. When the FBI people get out, quickly get back in your own car. Then run them down, and voila, their car is yours for the taking.

Six Stars- Congrats, you have managed to survive long enough to have the privilige of doing battle with the Army. Now masses of deadly Rhino tanks are deployed. STAY IN YOU CAR. Do not be tempted to steal one of these, unless the driver gets out and there are no other Rhino tanks in the immediate area. Otherwise, drive really fast and beg to not crash into one of these. One bump, and your car, will set on fire, which means your screwed, because once you grt out, you will be crushed by the Rhino tank and deadly FBI bullets. If you are extremely lucky and do steal a Rhino tank, you are pretty safe, and your only danger is getting busted. To go faster in it, turn the barrel around and shoot backwards, which will propel the tank forward. Run over mercilessly the other cars. Try to destroy other Rhinos with your cannon, otherwise, ram them faster than they ram you.

You can't keep this up forever. Eventually, one way or another, you will get busted or wasted. After you've lasted about 5 minutes in the 6-Star wanted level, use the Wanted Level Cheat (found anywhere on the Net) and declare proudly to your friends your accomplishment. Hope this helps!
GTA III Cars and Descriptions
The Cars

Type: Ambulance
Found: Hospitals, Murder Sites
Description: Your everyday ambulance. It's surprisingly fast and has fair handling. But it flips over easily and takes little damage.

Type: Convertible Sports Car
Found: Parked at Auto Dealership in Portland, Parked in a parking lot on Staunton Island, common in Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale
Description: Very fast sports car with great handling. Tends to get a bit out of control at high speeds, and takes little damage.

Barracks OL
Type: Military Transportation
Found: Staunton Island, Phil's Surplus
Description: A military transport vehile, similar to the flatbed. Slow, but takes plenty of damage and can greatly damage other cars.

Type: Mini-van
Found: Parked at 8-Ball's and Pay and Spray in Staunton Island, common in Staunton
Description: An average mini-van. Horrible, weak speed, weak turning, weak endurance, and easily flips over. Avoid this vehicle!

BF Injection

Type: Buggy
Found: Parked in the Hepburn Heights, somewhere between 19:00 and 21:00, after you complete 'Sayonara Salvatore'
Description: A black-and-yellow buggy. Has pretty good speed, fair handling, and good endurance. Also has a sweet-sounding engine.

Type: Pick-up Truck
Found: Common in Portland, sometimes found in Staunton and Shoreside Vale.
Description: An average pick-up truck. Has a bit below average speed and turning, and pretty good endurance.

Type: Taxi
Found: Portland, in Harwood, after you complete 100 Taxi Missions.
Description: A better taxi painted burgundy that is faster and has better turning.

Type: Bus, Public Transportation
Found: Staunton Island, near the stadium. Pretty rare.
Description: Looks like a school bus. Pretty slow with bad turning, but takes plenty of damage.

Type: Taxi
Found: All islands.
Description: 1970's taxi. Fairly slow with fair handling, but good endurance.

Cartel Cruiser
Type: SUV, Gang Car
Found: Portland, In 'Bomb da Base,' common in Staunton and Shoreside Vale
Description: Super powerful truck/SUV hybrid. Good speed, fair turning, and good endurance.

Type: Exotic Sports Car
Found: Portland, In 'Turismo,' found in Staunton and Shoreside Vale
Description: Super fast, awesome handling, kind of weak though. One of the best vehicles in the game. Looks like a Ferrari.

Type: Bus, Public Transportation
Found: Parked in the Bus Depot in Portland
Description: A regular bus. Slow with wide turns, but takes a lot of punishment.

Diablo Stallion
Type: Mucsle Car, Gang Gar
Found: Hepburn Heights, Portland
Description: Good muscle car with a nice flame paint job. Great speed and handling, fair endurance.

Type: SWAT van
Found: Parked in LCPD Police HQ in Staunton, appears once a 4-Star wanted level is attained.
Description: A SWAT van. Is fairly fast and takes a good amount of damage, but has bad handling and flips over easily.

Type: Old Style Luxury
Found: All islands.
Description: Is kind of slow with bad handling, but takes good damage. Looks very cool, though.

Type: Sedan
Found: Parked in Police HQ in Staunton, appears when 5-Star wanted level is attained.
Description: A modified Kurmuma. Is fast with good handling, but is a bit weak. If the FBI is behind the wheel, these cars are suicidal. Pretty hard to boost, since the FBI will pump your body full of lead in about 2 seconds if you try.

Type: Fire Truck
Found: Parked in Fire Departments, and at Fires
Description: Slow with bad handling, but takes massive amounts of punishment and is equipped with an infinite water cannon.

Type: Lumber Transport
First spotted: Near the stadium, Staunton Island. Pretty rare.
Description: Looks and operates like the Barracks OL, except this is used to transport lumber.

Hoods Rumpo XL
Type: Large Van, Gang Car
Found: Shoreside Vale
Description: A van that has been messed up by a gang. Excellent vehicle, fast, good handling, and good endurance.

Type: Old Luxury
Found: All 3 islands.
Description: Is similar to the Esperanto, but slower.

Type: Exotic Sports Car
Found: Staunton Island, 'Grand Theft Auto,' found in Staunton and Shoreside Vale
Description: Operates like the Cheetah, but has a spoiler on the back. Very fast, great handling, but poor endurance.

Type: Sedan
Found: All 3 islands.
Description: Pretty good car. Fair speed, good handling, takes average damage.

Type: SUV
Found: Staunton and Shoreside Vale.
Description: Fast SUV that takes an above average amount of punishment, but has very poor handling.

Type: Trailer
Found: Shoreside Vale
Description: Slow with bad handling, but again, very powerful and takes a lot of damage.

Mafia Sentinel
Type: Luxury Sedan, Gang Car
Found: Portland
Description: Awesome car. Very fast, good handling, and takes a fair amount of punishment.

Type: Economy Compact
Found: Portland, 'Dead Skunk in the Trunk,' other 2 islands.
Description: This is the worst car in the game, in my opinion. Extremely slow, fair handling, and extremely weak. I dreaded doing 'Dead Skunk in the Trunk' with this piece of scrap metal. I was so happy when it was crushed.

Type: Mini-van
Found: Portland
Description: Unlike the Blista, this is a pretty good mini-van. It is slow, but has good handling and packs a lot of power.

Type: Ice Cream Truck
Description: This is a very very rare vehicle. I have only found it once. It is slow with poor handling, but can take a bunch of punishment. The funny thing is, people actually walk up to the truck and look as though they're buying ice cream. You don't get money though...

Type: Delivery Truck
Found: Portland
Description: A delivery truck. Poor speed and handling, but plenty of power.

Type: Hummer
Found: All 3 islands, 'Patriot Playground' and several others.
Description: Looks like a hummer, but isn't quite that fast. Fair handling and has awesome durability.

Type: Station Wagon
Found: Portland
Description: The game's only station wagon. Slow, bad handling, takes a fair amount of damage.

Police Car
Type: Police Car, Sedan
Found: All 3 islands, crime scenes, appears in several missions
Description: Very good car. Pretty fast, good handling, takes a good amount of damage. You find 5 shotgun bullets in each car.

Type: Large Van
Found: Portland
Description: Similar to the Rumpo, but takes more damage.

Type: Tank
Found: Shoreside Vale, after completing game.
Description: This is THE best vehicle in the game. Once it gets going, it moves extremely fast and crushes any cars in the way. It is practically indestructible, unless you use a Flamethrower on it for a long time.

Type: Large Van
Found: All 3 islands.
Description: Similar to the Pony, but is a bit faster. Still takes plenty of damage.

Type: Luxury Sedan
Found: Staunton and Shoreside Vale
Description: Similar to the Mafia Sentinel, but is a bit slower and comes in all colors.

Type: Muscle Car
Found: All 3 islands.
Description: Similar to the Diablo Stallion, but is slower and doesn't come with the paint job.

Type: Exotic Sports Car
Found: Staunton, Shoreside Vale
Description: Is a bit slower than the Infernus and Cheetah, but has slightly better handling and endurance.

Type: Taxi
Found: All three islands, 'Cutting the Grass' and probably several others
Description: An average taxi. Pretty fast, good handling, but has a bit below average endurance. Earn money by doing the taxi missions.

Type: Garbage Truck
Found: All three islands, after dark. Uncommon.
Description: Looks like a garbage truck. Slow with bad handling, but is extremely powerful.

Triad Fish Van
Type: Fish Delivery Truck, Gang Car
Found: Portland
Description: A delivery truck. It has fair speed, but bad handling and flips over easily.

Yakuza Stinger
Type: Exotic Sports Car, Gang Car
Found: Staunton.
Description: The same as a Stinger, but a bit faster. It is painted white and red.

Type: Delivery Truck
Found: Portland.
Type: Is the same as a mule.

Yardie Lobo
Type: Gang Car
Found: Staunton.
Type: Looks like an Idaho, painted burgundy. Is a bit faster than an Idaho.

What To Keep In Your Garage

Portland: Banshee
Staunton: Cheetah, BF Injenction
Shoreside Vale: Infernus, Stinger, FBI Car or Sentinel

Hope this helps!
How to get Multi-Storey mayhem
First again you need to be up to staunton island, now from your hide out get to the multi level carpark and wait for a stallion, now steal it and it will trigger a misson called multi-storey mayhem.

You have 20 seconds to collect the first vcheckpoint then after every point (there are 20) it will give you an extra 5 seconds on the clock.(dont be fooled as this is quite the difficult misson.

Pay: $30000
import and export garage.
this is at the portland horbor and you can put cars in it and take them out for free. but you have 2 find the cars first. u should know what the garage looks like. there is yellow stripes and a blue door. but make sure the cars you pick are on the list, I must warn you do this before the mission where you got 2 blow up the ice cream truck because that car is on the list and is very very hard 2 find after that mission but if you fo the firefighter missions you shoud find it.
Passenger Mission Hint
For missions involving picking up passengers such as the taxi or paramedic missions, save seconds off of each run by getting passengers into your vehicle faster. Do this by using a melee weapon such as a baseball bat or golf club, and hit the doors until they fall off. Don't hit the door too many times to prevent damage to the vehicle itself. Also, don't knock off the driver side door, because that provides you with protection from police wanting to bust you.
Passing Trial By Fire Mission
Entering the slow gameplay down code will make your life easy i played this mission with that code activated i passed it with 40 sec left
Prostitute Trick
Get a normal car and cruise the streets until you find a prostitute drive up next to her (make sure she is standing next to the drivers door) and she will talk to you for a couple of minutes then she will walk around to the other side of the car and get in. Drive to a dark place (an alley, your hideout etc.) and park the car but do not get out. The car will start shaking and your health will go up. Then you have two choices:
1)Stay still and let her get out then beat her up to get your money back, or
2) tap the gas right before she gets out then park the car and watch the car start shaking again which saves time since it costs a dollar a second when she is in the car.
Repair Damaged Vehicles
Damaged vehicles can be repaired free at any hideout by parking the vehicle in your garage and get out of the car, leave to let the door close then return and any cars in your garage will be repaired.
Saving Ambulance Mission for last
If you happen to finish all the story missions you will have aggravated nearly all the gangs in each part of Portland and Staunton Island, making the ambulance mission VERY difficult. However, only the Columbians in Cedar Grove hate you in Shoreside Vale, so you can complete the Ambulance mission there easiest by using the "Good car-handling" cheat along with the "Slow game clock" cheat to complete the mission. Granted, it's cheating, but at least you've got a shot to get 100% completion.
Sayanora Salvatore
There is a metal stair case which leads to the top of a building in an allie across the street from the club Salvatore is at. First make sure you have a sniper riffle. Get to the top of the building right away. Make sure you enter the allie so none of the mafia sees you. Wait for Salvatore to exit the night club. Snipe him and his body gaurds just walk away. Easy as pie.

Mission completed.
to turn on sirens for the fire truck, police cars and the others, press down on the light analog stick (L3) and they will come on. if not, keep doing it and it will come on.
The Big Help!
Did you know that to many different cheats can destroy your game?
I think these cheats should not be a problem.
Health cheat.
Armour cheat.
Weapons cheat.
Both wanted level cheats.
I would say not to use these cheats.
Tank cheat.
Blow up all cars cheat.
Walk though walls cheat.
Weather cheats are the worst.
Pads cheats.
Great handling in car.
Cars fly.
Hope you learned something about your save data.
Two Face Tanner
In the mission Two Face(d) Tanner, do the tank cheat before you meet up with him. Now go to wherever he is and shoot his car with the cannon. NOTE: You must have the cannon facing the right way, if you don't then rotate the cannon with the right analog stick. He'll drive away very quickly so I suggest you use the little period of time you have to destroy his veicle wisely


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Three cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3.
Weapons Cheat: R2 R2 L1 R2 Left Down Right Up Left Down Right Up.

Change Chracter Cheat: Right Down Left Up L1 L2 Up Left downc Right.

Lower Wanted Level: R2 R2 L1 R2 Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down
4x4 missions without time limit
Here's a little cheat for those of you stuck on any of the 4x4 missions.

"A Ride in the Park"
"Multi Storey Mayhem"
"Patriot Playground"

On beginning ANY of the missions, whether you are given 5, 10, 20 or 25 seconds to collect the 2nd checkpoint, wait until the timer is at "0" and just before the timer disappears pick up the next checkpoint. I did this first time by accident and it let me complete the rest of the mission without the timer. I did it first on the "Patriot Playground" mission and it worked a treat.
A little bonus too with it, is that is states on the game stats that you have completed the mission in the time it took you to collect the 2nd checkpoint, nice ha!!
If it doesn't work first or even 5th time DON'T give up it will work but you must be really precise with your timing. I've since tried it on all the other 3 missions and got them all down to 20 seconds. You can also use the great handling cheat to stop the car from rolling on its roof should you muck things up !!
Happy Drivin'!!
Best Way to Get BP Cheetah
There are a lot of ways to get the BP Cheetah. This is the one I used and it is by far the best.
This is the mission you get the BP Cheetah in. It is El Burro's first mission. The starting point is by the entry to Callahan Bridge. Go start this mission by talking to El Burro on the phone.
Getting the Tank
Second, you need to get a tank. There are many ways to do this w/o cheats. You can get one by getting six stars. Or you can spawn one if you completed the "Emergancy Vehicle" list. You could also get one at Phil's place of you have beaten the game.
Start the Race
Now go to the point where you start the race. Make sure you don't hit any of the racers because you will fail. When the race starts, drive the tank back to the entrance to your hideout. Park the tank perpendicular to the road or in other words, right in front of your hideout entrance. Use the side view to see the racers come down this road. They will be coming up the road, not down. When they come, make sure one runs into the tank. The racer's cheetah will blow up. Now get out of the tank and push the blown up scrap(racer's blown up BP cheetah) into your garage. Stay by the scrap at all times. It has a tendency to disappear when your not looking.
-The BP Cheetah is everything proof except for bump damage and tanks.
-You can change the color w/o affecting its BP feature.
-This car is very useful for Portland when you are driving in St. Marks.
Better Taxi
Do 100 taxi fares and get a fast, tougher, better taxi at Harwood in Portland.
Bomb da base act 2
when you get through the gates of the harbor go to the blue marker, wait till 8-ball gets out the car then when he has go back to where you came in do a 180 degree turn so your facing the way you came in go right past the caravans and turn left and go down the gap but drive SLOWLY or you'll be seen stop at the bottom of the steel steps get out and walk up them go on the roof and go to the edge put your sniper view on and zoom in as far as possible shoot the two guys at the bottom of the ramp, keeping sniper view on move up and along the boat snipering all the cartel gang members then sit back, relax, and watch the cartel cruiser sink to the bottom of the see.........MISSION COMPLETE
Bomb Da Base Playtip
Alright, to start off you must make sure you have the money needed. Then get 8-Ball and carry him to Portland Docks. Next, Go into the blue circle. A cinematic shows 8-Ball talking and then running behind a storage container. No practice shots. 8-Ball will run in and get killed. OK, go around the corner of the building and go up the stairs. Make sure you've got a clear view. Now, look at the guards and zoom in with the sguare button. Now, shoot the guy on the left side of the ramp. Then, shoot the one on the right side. He may take cover behind the Cartel Cruiser but, will still have parts unprotected. A shot any where kills. Now, Shoot the guy all the way to the left on the boat. Now, work your way to the right never adjusting your sights. All the men should be on the same level. Some of the men could be near red oil drums. Shoot them they explode like grenades. That should make you pass the mission on the first try. Now, get yourself a Cartel Cruiser and relax.
bonus buggy
Successfully complete the Mafia missions in story mode to unlock the Buggy. Return to Portland and go to the Diablo parking lot (where the mission phone is located) between 19:00 to 24:00 to find the same Buggy glimpsed in Joey's garage from the Mafia mission. It will appear in the same location and change color each time.

Car Shaika
Steal a car except a police car,F.B.I. car,Ambulance,Fire Truck,or Taxi.Find a tramp.She'll bend over like she's taking to you.Go to a secret place(like your hideout).Then the car will start to shake.first it will start slow then it will go faster and faster.Your health will start to boost up.It can go to the max of 125.
On some versions a sound will confirm correct code entry... And all codes should be entered DURING GAMEPLAY!!!

All Weapons:
During gameplay press R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Blow Up All Cars:
During gameplay press L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1.

Clear Wanted Meter:
During gameplay press R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Control Time:
During gameplay press Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Dodo Car Mode:
During gameplay press R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.

Information continues after this advertisement...

Free Tank:
Put all weapons away and press Circle(6), R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Full Armor:
During gameplay press R2, R2, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Full Health:
During gameplay press R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Increase Wanted Meter:
R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Lots of Money:
R2, R2, L1, L1 Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Not so wanted:
R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.

People Have Weapons:
During gameplay press R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down.

Sluggish Turning:
During gameplay press Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1.

Violent People:
During gameplay press Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1.

Wear Any Outfit:
During gameplay press Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Weather - Clear:
During gameplay press L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Triangle.

Weather - Foggy:
During gameplay press L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X.

Weather - Rainy:
During gameplay press L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle.

Weather - Stormy:
During gameplay press L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Square.

Who Are You?:
During gameplay press Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Raise Wanted Level Cheat
R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

Lower Wanted Level Cheat
R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1

Jumping Cars
R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle

Clear Weather Cheat
L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Triangle

Fog Weather Cheat
L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X

Cloudy Weather Cheat
L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Square

Rainy Weather Cheat
L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle

Destroy Cars
L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1

Rhino (Tank) Cheat
Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Faster Time Cheat
Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Wear Any Outfit Cheat
Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right

The pedestrian cheats are permanent, so don't save your game unless you want to keep the effects.

Pedestrians Fight Each Other
Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1

Pedestrians All Hate You
Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L1, L2

Crazy Pedestrians
R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down

Pedestrians Box Each Other
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1

Great Handling In Car
R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle

Higher Wanted Level Cheat
R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

Nasty Limbs Cheat (note: no message or sound confirms this code but it works)
Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X

All Weapons Cheat
R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Lots Of Money Cheat
R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Full Armor Cheat
R2, R2, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Full Health Cheat
R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Enter these codes during play (no need to pause)

Get the tank:
Circle #6,R1,L2,L1,Triangle,Circle,Triangle.
Get the DoDo car:
Health - R2 R2 L1 R1 left down right up left down right up

Tank- O, O, O, O, O, O, R1, L2, L1, triangle, O

$250,000- R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Pedestrians have weapons-R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down.

Health - R2 R2 L1 R1 left down right up left down right up

Tank- O, O, O, O, O, O, R1, L2, L1, triangle, O

$250,000- R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Pedestrians have weapons-R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down.

Cool camera view
Press the select button 4 times and you will get a special camera view.
Dangerous weapons to use during missions
You might want to know what weapons not to use when you're struggling through a challenging mission, and don't want to die, and have to start the mission over:

The bazooka, and grenades are dangerous if you are in a tight place, or are unsure of how to throw the grenade right. Firing the Bazooka at an object that's relativly close, is very dangerous also.

Firing machine guns or the bazooka at nearby vehicles may lead to your own demise as well.

Also look out for:

Driving too close to a ledge, or near the water, and also driving through a dangerous neighborhood (like St. Marks after you're through with the mafia).
Hope this helps.
Dead Skunk In The Trunk
There is a really easy way to beat this mission that I am going to tell yo about. After you get the mission drive on over to where the blue dot is. You will see the car there, don't get in it though. Make sure that you still have some gernades left over from one of your earlier missions. Then just go over to the car where the Forelies will be sitting in. Take a gernade and throw it at the car. When this happens they will try to start chasing you. So then go up on the hill and make sure to hit the car one or two more times with the gernades and it will blow up. When this happens just go get in the car and start the mission. You wont be bothered by the other car at all, so you can just drive the the blue dot and finish the mission.
Destroying Rhino's (Tanks)
The only wy to destroy Tanks is to use a flame thrower. When doing so, make sure u are not standing where the tank can run u over cos it hurts a bit.
Do Taxi Missions....In ANY Car!
To do a Taxi delivery in ANY car is relatively easy and was discovered by CodeJunkie but I'll put this here for him.

To do this cheat/glitch is by getting into a Taxi and pressing and holding the R3 button and then getting out while still holding the button. Then get into any car you'd like and wait until you are fully into the car until you let go of R3. After that it should let you do the Taxi Mission in the car of your choice. Have Fun!
Dodo Flying
Get the Dodo on a nice, straight piece of road or runway, I suggest the latter until you are more experienced, then hold the down button on the controller. Accelerate down the runway while holding the button until you hear a scraping noise, then let go of the down button and the Dodo will start to lift off the floor. You must then quickly correct the Dodo and make sure that it's nose does not point too high in the air, or it will stall and you will fall out of the sky. While taking off, it is also a good idea to switch to the side view, as it will help you define when the nose of the plane is too high.

Turning should be a gentle, calm motion and should not be attempted too quickly. You mustn't hold either of the turning buttons, as it will turn too quickly and you will run the risk of turning the whole Dodo over, which will result in you falling out of the sky. If you find that you have turned the Dodo too much, then you will have to correct the oversteer and turn the Dodo in the opposite direction. Turning is not that difficult once you get used to it, just remember to tap the keys and never hold them.

============GAINING ALTITUDE============
An easy way to gain altitude (height) would be to fly around the coasts of the islands, as the Dodo will be gaining altitude on it's own, as the nose of the Dodo will start to rise. Let it gain altitude for a couple of seconds, then tap down to level the plane out once more. Eventually, the Dodo will start flying at it's maximum height and it will stop loosing height every time you turn.

When landing, make sure that you are level with what you want to land on and let go of the accelerator, then start tapping the up button to make the Dodo's nose rise slowly. Do not press the up to make the Dodo's nose rise, or it will rise too high and land like a helicopter. If you are doing this right, the Dodo should be gradually loosing altitude and you should be coming in level with the runway/road that you are landing on. When the Dodo touches down, apply the normal brakes and the handbrake and, if you have done this correctly, the Dodo should come to a complete halt.
Drive a Burnt Car!!!!
Here are the instructions in how to get and drive a burnt car.


1.Car must have a Driver.

2.Car must not be locked.


1.Start in front of a Car that meets the rules (see above)

2.Start inputing the "blow up all cars" cheat.

3.Read Carefully!!!
When you get to the part of the code that contains the folowing combination t,s,c,t Press the first triangle and wait for Fido to open the door, when he does immediatly finish the code as fast as you can!!!

4.As soon as your done immediatly input the Health code ,even if you think you died; it doesnt matter just
assoon as you're done with the first code put it in!!!

5.And there you go!!Take it to Pay n' Spay to fix its missing parts (don't worry the car will still have "the burnt look" ,Unfortuneutly you can't put it in your garage or it will go back to normal

6.Have fun !!!!
Drive By Shooting
This is an tip for those who don't know how to drive by shoot in missions,while in a car you push (L2 or R2) and circle but not all at once.You also have to have a Uzi to shoot.
Easy "Turismo Win"
What 'cho need:
-The Tank cheat memorized
-2 read this carefully

Ok, first you have to start the mission. Get to the staging point (starting line). Get a precise memory of where the cars are positioned. Now, enter the tank cheat, make a few tanks acutally.
Line the tanks up all the way across the road, including the foliage that is separating the road from the place where the "Ball" was.
Double up the tanks if needed. The start the mission. The cheetas will keep running into the tanks, but after a while, they'll escape.
Get your fast car, start the race, and snake your way out. Good job, you just won my friend.

P.S. Dont cover up your starting point.
Easy way to get all the service vehickles you want
First of all take all service vehickles to the crane on the ship in Portland Harbor. Such as the firetruck,Ambulance,Cop car,FBI car,the Baracks ol truck,the Enforcer,and the Rhino tank.Then anytime you go there (to the harbor) you can get any of these vehickles by walking into the corosponding symbol.
easy way to get bp bobcat
chase the bobcat until you are near your hideout and ram it till it loses its package (use a big car, truck etc) don't pick up the package yet and try and get the person driving it to come out of his car as near to your hidout as possible.
if you do that succesfully you will have the car to yourself, but the doors are locked so youll have to push it to your hideout.
push it into your garage and let the door close.
when it opens it will be as good as new with the doors open and the bp ability etc.

follow that method but get rid of the traffic using the no traffic method so there will be no cars or police to get in your way and it will be alot easier.
Easy way to win Turismo
While you do the mission where you drive Sal's girl to the party, park the limo and there will be a Cheetah parked at the party. Take the car to your hideout. Then get back in the limo, and park on the little highlighted area. Then the mission will continue.
Easy Win in Races
When you're going to have a race, get a medium slow to slow car (trust me), input the Dodo Car cheat (Left, R2,Circle,R1, Down,L1,R1. When trhe race starts those drivers will fly around when they gain spped. This will result in the flipping upside down occasionally
FBI carz
There is the normal jet black FBI car and another dark grey FBI car. to get the grey car get 5 stars and steal a black FBI car. You need driving skills for this or you will die. keep ripping around for a long time. all the while the fbi is chasing you. after a while there will be FBI roadblocks that cover the whole road and stretch back 3 to 4 rows of cars. they are uninhabited (i think). they are the dark grey ones.steal one and have fun.
Flying Tank
Yes, it is possible.

For first timers you should go to Francis International Airport and Activate the "Tank Cheat": Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Also, contrary to popular belief, you can activate any code inside of any vehicles

Get inside the tank

Activate the "Flying Car Mode":
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1

Do not have the "Better Handling Car" cheat activated, i find the tank difficult to control.

Turn the gun on top of the tank around so it is pointing directly behind you. You can do this by using the R3 or R4 sticks (i don't remember which stick it is). Make sure the gun is pointed directly behind you otherwise the tank will spin out of control once airborn. Now position yourself on the runway, preferably towards staunton island. Start hitting circle to fire the canon. It does not matter if you use the accelerator or not, the tank goes very, very fast. I repeat, very very fast. It won't be long and you'll be in the air. Be sure to continue to hit the circle button. Always hit the circle button, however, you can coast to gain speed, but slowly tap the up button to gain altitude. Now, you should be in the air in no time. To steer, just tap the d-pad buttons, DO NOT HOLD THEM DOWN, OTHER WISE YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN A CRAZY SPIN. Up and down on the D pad should be self explanatory. They are opposite on the R3 or R4 button, yet again, i don't remeber which one. You can land on the tall buildings, an excellent place to use the sniper rifle, oh yes. By the way, it takes alot of practice. I find the easiest way to land on a tall building is to be above it obviously, than right as you get to it, hold the up button so the tank is pointing straight up in the air, and it will drop down on top. And with a little practice, it is easier than the dodo plane to fly, and alot faster.
Folder O' Filth
If you walk around Staunton for a bit you'll eventually see one of those guys holding a folder. Slay him and use a sniper rifle to zoom in on his folder...
I wouldn't dare tell you whats on it i'd get banned.
Forelli Bros-dead skunk in the trunk
Get the Forellis attention. Right behind them there is a hill. If you are looking at the hill there is a lightpole on the left side next to the wall of the parking lot. Try to run of the hill diagonally to the upper left of the hill so your position ends up behind the lightpost. If done correctly, the forellis will follow you, won't make it up the hill and will slide down and get stuck behind the pole. I did this 5 times in a row so its pretty easy. Then you can either let him stay there or shoot him with a shotgun. For the second car, run up the rill diagonally so your position is toward the upper right. Let the car come up the hill and then run down parallel to the wall at the entrance. There is a sign that you can run behind. This is a little harder than the first car, but you should pull it off. If done correctly, you will be behind the sign and the 2nd car will try to follow you. Since there isn't enough room behind the sign for a car you can easily blast it with the shotgun.
Get a cop car easy and a shotgun
the easiest way to get a cop car when on the streets is get to thh passenger side door press triange the cop will get out beat him wiyh your baseball bat (hit him untill he falls down) and steal his car also when you get in a cop car you will get a shotgun with 8 bullets.
Get a Flamethrower on Portland without using the Weapon Cheat
To get a Flamethrower on Portland go to the elvated Station near the Diablo parking lot. When you get on the staion turn left and run on the tracks until you get to Head Radio. Walk on the tracks until you see the flamethrower jump onto the part of the roof and get the Flamethrower. Also on the roof is a Hidden Package.
Get an FBI car
In Staunton Island do the higher wanted level cheat (R2, R2, L1, R2, left, right, left, right.)till you get to 5 stars, then wait until some black sleek looking cars, pull up with the police cars. Then wait till loads of Police officers jump out with guns. Then quickly do the lower wanted level cheat(R2, R2, L1, R2, up, down, up, down.) till you are left with no stars whatsoever, then quickly get in the sleek black car and drive like crazy! Then quickly repeat the lower wanted level cheat, and Bob's your uncle you now have a brand new FBI car!
Get Police Bribs At Hideout
If you do the police missions and kill 10 criminals you get one police bribe. If you kill 20 you get two. Do this on each island to get 6.
get ray to airport
pick up ray in a fast car and rip it north to the subway by love media and pin it underground until you get to shoreside vale you will be right by the airport.
get to 3rd island faster
to get to the 3rd island faster all you need to do is fly over to the 2nd island with the fly cheat (right r2 circle r1 l2 down l1 r1) and then simply take the subway p.s. you can not drive to the 2nd island or the subway on the 3rd island will be closed off
Get to Next Islands Early
The way to get to the following island earlier,(Portland to Staunton, Staunton to Shoreside), you must have the Flying Cars cheat on and a fast car(or a Yardie Lobo). You must drive fast towards the broken bridges and angle your hood of the car up to make a good landing to the other side. With a Yardie Lobo, you can use the hydrolics to get a better jump and land easier.
Get to Shoreside Vale early without cheating
Get to Shoreside Vale early without cheating

Background Information:

I can remember one of the first things I did after I reached Staunton Island was hijacking a boat in the attempt to drive over to Shoreside Vale. Unfortuantly like many of the people who also did this, I found that Shorside Vale is surrounded by an "invisible barrier" that prevents you from driving your boat over to it. Additionally if you choose to hug the coast of Staunton Island you will find a nice metal blockade to greet you. So the point I am trying to make is that it is impossible to directly motor boat over to Shoreside Vale. In a nutshell my way of getting to Shoreside Vale involves strategically driving a motor boat up onto land and then "pushing" it over on to the other side of the barrier where you can then easily drive to Shoreside Vale.

Actually Doing It:

Let me first warn you that this trick I invented is farily diffuclt at first, but I can almost guarantee that after you try it a few times you'll get it. After a bit of practice you should be able to do it in less than 10 minutes. Once you are on Staunton Island (the 2nd Island), no matter how many missions you have done you can still do this trick. Start off by heading down to the docks and grab the police boat.(the police boat is the best boat for this because it is extreamley durable and reasonably fast) Head to your left in the direction of the metal blockade, when you are about 3 quarters of the way there survey the shores of Staunton Island and visually pick the closest area to metal blockade were you can EASILY put your boat up on land. After pinpointing the area where you will attempt to get up on, drive your boat far away from that location to pick up speed and then charge at you chosen point. Ideally you should land on or very close to the road, but most likely you land just out of the water on the grassy shore. TIP: It is much more important to land close to the road and have a good position away from the water rather than being closer to the metal blockade. Once that you have succefully gotten your boat on the shore now comes the fun part. Grab a car, preferably one that seems like it has a lot of horse power.
Here are the best cars for pushing the boat:

Garbage Car
Any truck similar to the Triad Fishing trucks

Here are the ok cars for pushing the boat:

Seciurcar (for some reason tons of these appear when doing this trick at least for me)
Pickup Truck
Police car
Flat beds

Here are some cars NOT to use unless you have to

Taxi Cabs
Any 4 passanger car that looks very generic

Be careful that you do not stray to far away from your boat or it might misterisouly disappear. If you have landed on the grass, before you even begin pushing angle your boat towards the road with the front leading and push with your car from behind if possible. TIP: Your guy works great for positioning and changing the angle of the boat on land, if you half to you can even use your guy to push the boat at an agonizingly slow place. Once you begin pushing your boat to the right on the road twords the army surplus store it is extreamly important to constantly check you car, the boat, and surrounding for smoke, because if your boat blows up its back to the docks. For the most part your boat is very durable and you only need to be really careful pushing it if is giving off smoke. The only thing that will severely damage it is cars blowing up and helicopter gun fire LOL (don't ask me how I figured that out) Even though your boat will not take much damage your car will so it is vital that you constantly "swap" cars. While you are pushing your car it is important to be cautious of not getting a police rating. A cool aspect of pushing the boat though is you can ram cop car and people with your boat and not piss of the police. Ok now back to pushing your boat. It is important to try to keep your boat on the road as much as possible to avoid hitting trees and going up hills. Although I shouldn't half to say it but try not to ram your boat into other cars, street lights, trees, builidings, ect… (this is priarmily for the people who could not understand why every time they tried complete the last mission for Salvatore Leone their car blew up) LOL
Once you have passed the army surplus store where the metal baricarde is located begin turning you boat to the right on the grass. It is important to notice the grass shore is a constant downward sloap twords the water and your boat will move faster than usual. When you reach the cement side walk stop pushing the boat with your car and park your car far away so that there is no chance of you accidently getting in your car when you press triangle. Get out of your and start pushing the boat with your guy so the bow (front) of the boat is facing the water. This part is difficult so take your time and make sure your boat does not go off the edge unless your in it. Constantly enter your boat and gun the engine to see if it'll go over the edge. If it does'nt get out and push the boat with your guy again until it starts sliding down, then run around to the either side of the boat and press triangle. Finally head twords Shorside Vale, the shore is so low there it is easy to just drive your boat up onto the land rather then exiting from the water.


I have done this trick many times and it has not affected the story plot of the game so far. But then again I have not yet beaten the game. The only bad thing about this is that when you die or get busted on Shorside Vale it brings you back to the Staunton Island jail or hospital. So you just have to do my trick all over again to get to Shorside Vale.

John Arrow
Acknowlegements: If any one chooses to copy this to their own web site or something its fine, but please give me John Arrow (Johncoolerthanyou@yahoo.com) and my little Brother Zach credit for inventing this trick.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and Good Luck!
Contact me with any question

Getting onto the next island
To skip onto next island do the following :
(Note : You won't be able to do any missions, but still you can explore the new level)

At the begining drop off 8 ball, then activate the "fly" & "goog handling" cheat. Now look for a very fast car (The banshee next to 8 ball's warehouse is good, you can get it by breaking the windows) anyway any fast car will do. Once you got the car go to the bridge, you can jump over the construction block (whatever you call them) without damaging the car by pressing L3 OR R3 (Sorry I can't remember which one it is,anyway try both). Now take a good run up and drive the car to the max (you don't have to jump here as the car will take off automatically), if you lucky you will clear the gap and fly onto the next island. You can also use this method to get to the last stage. Well it takes practice but it isn't impossible.
Getting out of spin (flying tank)
Usually the flying tank will get into a spin because it's unstable. When this happens, your game will freeze or the tank will spin uncontrollably. To get out of the spin, press triangle until the tank stops spinning. Now slightly aim the tank downward so it goes into a controlled nosedive. Now you can start up the turret again.
Grand Theft Auto Cheats
Enter these codes during gameplay for the desired effect ~

Get The Tank: 0,0,0,0,0,0,R1,L2,L1,TRIANGLE,0,TRIANGLE.
Get The Dodo Car: RIGHT,R2,0,R1,L2,DOWN,L1,R1.
Lower Wanted Level: R2,R2,L1,R2,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN.
Better Driving Skills: R1,L1,R2,L1,LEFT,R1,R1,TRIANGLE.

Grand Theft Auto Tricks, Tips, and Glitches list
Press and hold L3! Keep holding it and press triangle! Go to any other car and bress triange to enter! Then let go of L3! You are now a Taxi cab driver in that car!

You need a loaded Uzi to do this trick! When a gang member, angry ped, or cop runs to your car, press and hold L2 or R2! Either one and they can't even open your car's doors on both sides!

You need all 6 bribes in your hideout to do this trick! This doesn't always work properly but here it goes! Hide inside your Shoreside Vale Garage and start shooting people until you get 4 stars! After you do that, make a crazy streak by getting out of your garage so cops will start chasing you then go back into your garage! Wait a few seconds then run out and get all your bribes on the side of your garage! If you did it right, and you have no more wanted level then look around your hideout! You should see cops frozen, some with their empty hands still raised as if they are still pointing a gun!

If you want to put a 3rd car inside your Staunton Island Garage park your car perpendicular to the garage door! Exit your vehicle and leave the door wide open! Go close enough to the garage so it opens then press triangle to reenter your car! Once you enter immediately press X and stuff the car into the garage!


Thanks to all who contributed to this guide! NeoPM me if you wish to contribute more to this list or if there is a problem!
Great handling in car
GTA CODE: R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle
GTA3-big N veiny
I hated this mission with a passion! So, when I figured out this simple trick, it became easy. All you have to do is go to the phone, get the mission and go to the van. Don't go into the van, instead push the van from behind so it ends up right behind the first magazine. Then get in the van and the mission will start.
GTA3-sayonara salvatore
if you want to save on using a sniper rifle shots this way is what I did. Wait a block away from the club looking toward it. Then wait for him til he gets out and high tail it to his house. Then set up a roadblock like the one that the triads did to you earlier. then run on the side of his house and when he comes take 2 blasts with the shotgun and his car and the roadblock will blow up. Since shotgun shells are plentiful, might as well conserve on sniper rifle shots.
GTA3-taking out the laundry
For this mission, I believe I used the flamethrower and drove usually a block ahead of the vans. Most of the time they drive in a pattern that you can easily tell where they are going to turn. To get the flamethrower, grab a fast car and jump off the ramp next to the subway and to get on the train track. Next, drive or walk down the track until you pass a station. There is a bend in the track to the left and the building on the left there is a flamethrower. Jump from the track onto the platform to where it is.
GTA3-the getaway
If you want to keep your 1000 bucks after the robbery, go through the alley then make a left towards the river, use the jump to get the police bride that is over the train tracks. So, if you are cheap (hehe) go there. Its not far.
GTA3-the pickup
you can easily get back in your car without the triads pulling you out. Just park next to the briefcase. Make sure you position yourself so you can get out. Or just use reverse and gas back and forth. All the triads will be in the middle where all the alleyways intersect.
GTA3-triads and tribulations
in your guide you said you needed a triad fish truck to kill the last triad. Its not true. All you have to do is get a fast car like the banchee.(I did it with a police car) On the opposite end from the gate (where the triad is) is where a hill is so you can jump over the wall. Simply, drive parallel to the wall that is next to the water so you have enough speed to jump the hill and over the wall to kill the triad.
GTAIII websites
All of the websites mentioned in GTAIII exist. try them out! e.g. www.pogothemonkey.com, www.petsovernight.com e.t.c.
Helpful Advantage
If you use the change costume cheat and change into the guy with the brown hat and coat you are unoticable by peds during peds fight each other cheat and by gangs which could come in handy during missions.

(Note: Peds fight each other cheat is permanent and the guy you look like will still come after you.)
hoping car
You need to be on Staunton Island and steal a Yardie Lobo, its the red car with tan top and cheeta interior. Then, push the left analog stick down to raise and lower the car and move the right analog stick forward to make the front wheels jump, back for the rear wheels and left and right for the sides. When you push the button multiple times you can get it jumping pretty high.
How to fly your aveage tank
now how the hell can you fly the tank, EASY! first you must have a tank....thee cheat for the tank is this:
Circle(6),R1,L2,L1,triangle,Circle,Triangle (thats done durring gameplay!)
good... NOW you must apply the dodo car trick.....that code is:
right,R2,circle,R1,L2,down,L1,R1(also durring gameplay)

now your set.....
1) get in the tank.

2)rotate the turret to the back(use the right toggle)

3)go up to where salvators gentlemens club is...when you turn up the hill(closest to the police station,under the train rails)keep goin straight and turn left at the end of the street.

4)going down that hill, press the circle button repeatedly.you should lift in to the air.....
How to get a Cheetah on Portland
In the mission Chaperone where you take Maria to the party you should notice a Cheetah. Let Maria out then hide the limo so when the police arrive it wont be destroyed. Go back to the Cheetah and its unlocked. Drive back to your hideout and put it into the Garage. Go back to the party and take Maria home. The Cheetah is very good for the missin Turismo but becareful cause they blow up easily.
How to get a FBI car
Do cheat R2 R2 L1 R2 Left Right Left Right Left Right until you get five stars. When an FBI car shows up, press R2 R2 L1 R2 Up Down Up Down Up Down. Best place to be done is at Portland or Shoreside Vale by your HIDEOUT!
How To get ghost missing
To Start with you have to be up to staunton island and do the misson for ray envolving you to shoot and destroy a boat, now sometimes there is a chance for him to turn around and beach it if he does go near him and he will get out and try to shoot you but if the boat is not too damaged you can push it back into the water and drive it its titled GHOST missing and it is identical to a predator (police boat) just with no guns and silver.
How To Get The Rhino(tank) Without Cheating
First you have to make it to Shoreside Vale to even get the army after you.Then go back to Staunton Island and go to the top of the multistory carpark near your hideout.On yor way in don't hit either of the barriers in the entrances(because cops then will be waiting inside at the bottom usually).Go to the top and shoot people,anyting to get stars on you(watch out for the helicopters).As soon as you get 6 stars hop in a car and drive to the bottom and exit and immediately turn right on to the road and then right again into the small alley that leads to the paint shop.Go to the paint shop is and go in BUT NOT ALL THE WAY.Just go in enough so that the helicopter cant shoot you.Then wait for the tank to come up the ramp and as soon as it is all the way up go into the paint shop.Back out and the tank should be sitting there,BUT WAIT don't take it just yet,leave your car in front of the paint shop.Switch to a small weapon(pistol,uzi,grenade,fist)something you can run with.Then go up to one of the doors of the tank and try to open it, it wont open but then an army guy will get out and start shooting,QUICKLY run back to your car and get it painted.Back out and the tank will be there,no stars, no army men.Just the tank.Take it and drive it to one of your garages and save.And that is the best way to get the tank.
how to put 6 Cars in your garage in stauton island
ok i am telling you this works 100% first get 2 cars then put them in the garage then get a nother car but it will say you cant store any more car in here then get out the car then walk torwards the garage then it will open then take the car half way so the garage won't shut then park the third car in there then drive the secound car in there then repeat the prosses over and over intill you cant fit any more cars in there.
How to shoot faster with shotgun
Press R1 + O multiple times when in a crowd of people. Your shotgun should shoot without reloading.
Improved Driving Skills
Type in:
R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.

You can now:
1. Press L3 to jump
2. Your car will never flip and stay on the top, it will roll over so you will never worry about flipping with ambulances
3. Your car will be better at turning
Indestructable cars
To get the ID forrelli sentinel in the "Skunky manana"-mission, just blow up the manana and then steal one of the sentinels and it will be ID until you park it in your Portland hideout (not the others)

The ID Strech:
Use fast gameplay in "Salvatore's called a meeting" and run into Joeys garage. (not by using the blue marked place) and steal the sentinel. Back of and you will be telleported out on the street, now you have a ID strech (my favorite) and check out this thread for more information:

infinite amulance mission time,and easier express 2 go
when you are doing the ambulance missions let the patien get inside the the ambulance when the timer is at 0 and you will get infinite time.it also works for taxi missions.
easier express 2 go: alright when you are doing this mission kill the columbian guys park the cars next to the coffe stands (but make sure the car doesnt touch the coffe stands)now put the blow up cars cheat the stand will be destroyed but the time limit still doesnt star!!!
Infinite Run
It is true you can get Infinite run. To get Infinite Run all you have to do is complete level 12 on the paramedic mission and you have Infinite run. If you save 35 people you will get Health delivered to your hideout and if you save 70 you get ADRENALINE. Its best to do this on the first Island because it is easy to drop people of at the Hospital.
Infinite Sprint Power
It's simple! Instead of holding X to sprint , just keep tapping X and you will keep running until you stop tapping then he stops runing.He starts off slow then ends up in a full tilt run.
Kingdom Come
In this mission you must make it to the parking lot in the time given. Once you get in the car a cinematic will show you reading a letter from Catalina. Don't get to comfortable because King Courtney wants you dead. As soon as the cinematic stops vans full of a unlimited supply of suicide bombers that come out one by one block the exits. Now, when that cinematic stops, get out of the car and switch to a uzi. If you don't have one pick one up before the mission at Ammu-nation or use the hand gun(Colt 45). Keep in motion and try to keep a good distance away from them. Shoot them when they are near the vans so, that it takes the vans out two. The key to passing the mission is to destroy the vans. Thats the only way to win. Once all of the vans are taken care of collect your money and take a break.
Kingdom come mission
Hey guys, I came up with a cool way to beat the Kingdom Come mission, after the first guy blows himself up stay in the car and drive it buy the van and down the tunnel to the street. Exit the car and run to the right and go up the stairs so you are looking down at the entire lot. Activate the weapons cheat and arm the Bazooka, blow up all the vans from above, if there are still some madmen running you can walk to the edge and pick them off, then run back to the car. If there are any more madmen left you can pick him(them) off in the street, use the sniper rifle and dont let him get to close, once you see mission passed its over. hope this helps, Im new to this forum, but everyone gave me some great help on an earlier mission. Thanks
Liberty City Survival Code
As detailed on th radio, you'll want to be out of the way (on top of the parking garage or in the armored Cheetah (see my discussion article).

Enter: down, up, right, up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1.
Then Enter: down, R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, up, down.

Lock the Supa Save Patriot
At Supa Save in Portland, there is a Patriot that starts the 4x4 mission, Patriot Playground. You can lock the doors by entering it and exiting before the words "Patriot Playground" appear. It is possible, hit triangle as soon as you get in. When you get the mission failed screen, try to enter it. It's LOCKED! I noticed that it ONLY works when you get out before the mission starts.
Locked Door Trick
Step 1 - Get an uzi
Step 2 - Get in a car. Make sure that both doors close.
Step 3 - Now when some ped or cop comes toward you press and hold EITHER L2 or R2 as if you were going to do a drive by shooting except don't press circle. DO NOT PRESS BOTH - ONLY ONE!
Step 4 - You should now be unable to be pulled from your car.
M-16 and Sniper Rifle in Shoreside Vale
To get the one-shot kill sniper rifle, which can be found at AmmuNation in Staunton for $2500, but this is the way to get it for free. Go to the base of Cochrane Dam (heading right out of Porter Tunnel Witchia Gardens entrance/exit.) It is located off to the bushes, just off of the gravel road.

Also, to get the M-16, which is the mother of all assault rifles, simply go to the base of said dam. The second stairset off the gravel road will have a M-16 at the top of the stairset.
Make Cars Invisible
During gameplay put in L1,L1,S,R2,T,L1,T
Moon - Sniper Rifle
while it is night time, take out your sniper rifle, and shoot at the moon. it will alternate between a large, and a small size, it only works with the sniper rifle.
You can fit up to 6 cars in the Staunton Island garage. (This works with Shoresied Vale but its more difficult due to the separate doors.)
To do this put 2 cars very close together with room for a third. Drive the third car on the side of the garage with the empty space. Get out of the car and attept to go in the garage. The door will open. Get back in your car and drive it right in! To get six cars you must put the first row in the very back.
My Dodo Guide
Everyone has there own way of doing things,here is my way,it works for me{i use both the stick and the pad}! there are 3 stages in getting the dodo to fly/glide.

1. Take off using the stick guide the dodo to either runway facing staunt.isl. keep the plane in the middle of the runway,accelerate{now look from the side view and keep it there for now} and push the stick up slightly{not to the point where you see sparks,only about half that far}you should use aprx 1/2 to 3/4 of the runway before lifting off,as you acceletate you will see the nose of the plane go down farther and farther,now ease off the stick a bit still keeping it forward just a little,as you pick up speed the plane will lift off,KEEP the stick forward just enough to keep the plane level and you will climb{if you pull back or ease off to soon the plane will climb and stall then fall back to the ground or water}.

2. Getting it level once in the air,you must get the plane level,to do this {you can change back to the rear view now} you need to get the plane level where it no longer swoops or dives{it does this because it isnt going fast enough so it dives to pick up speed,then climbs again when its going fast enough to create lift,if it climbs to fast it stalls and dives again},after alot of practice its easy to level off,but until then,let it dive on its own and when it starts to climb again use the same technique as the take off to level out{pushing the stick forward slightly so it doesnt climb to fast}{you should almost NEVER pull back on the stick}after doing this a few times you should level out and be flying/gliding at the same speed and altitude{now your there,as its the key to long flight times}

3. Once level now once your level you can take your thumb off the accelerator{just like letting it idle} and now using the left/right on the pad{not the stick} turn by tapping the left or right,to turn sharper just tap the left/right faster and a little harder{not to hard as these buttons are preasure sensative},you will have to practice the turning to learn just how sharp you can turn without changing the ballence of the nose,just remember the plane willnot turn on a dime like a car,it must make wide turns. if you loose the level of the plane you can get it back simply by accelerating again and letting it dive then slightly pushing the stick up a little like before and working it until it levels out again!
like i said before,this is how i do it,it may not work for everyone,but it does work for me and so far my record is 11290 seconds!
No Traffic
No Traffic
DO NOT SAVE!!!! This trick is permanent!

In Staunton Island let’s say you get ‘Wasted’, and you start at the Hospital. Go up the stairs and head toward the stadium. Take a right at the end of the street, then a left at the end of that street. You will pass a group ‘Rockstar’ billboards; keep going you will pass a second group of ‘Rockstar’ billboards. Stop at the beginning of the third group of billboards. (What you want to do is block the street with tanks.) Use the tank cheat (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Circle, Triangle, Circle) and start building the blockade at the stadium wall (you will need about 10 or 11 tanks). Make a solid wall of tanks from the stadium wall to the other side of the street (duh). Double up on tanks in the street. After this you should notice there is no traffic around, this goes for all three boroughs (Portland, Staunton Island, Shoreside Vale).

-There will still be a few cars that appear the street.
-The Helicopter will still chase you.
-The cops chase you on foot.
-Occasionally you might run into a cop car.
-The authorities might set up a blockade of cars here or there.
-Cars do not work people will just rush through them.

-This is permanent even if you get rid of the tanks!!! (Right over the hill, across from the stadium you can dump the tanks in the river.)

Super Hydraulics

Enter the Perfect Handling Cheat, R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.
After you gain a little speed press L3 or R3 to make the vehicle jump. This works for all vehicles (even the Dodo).

Hitch a Ride

Most cars you can ride on top of but the Bobcat and Cartel Cruiser you can ride on the bed (the back). You can stand in the back of these a cruise with the driver or shoot at people to cause mayhem. These trucks are the best because you usually don’t fall off (unless something dramatic happens). You can find the Bobcat around the Hospital/ Campus/ Stadium area and the Cartel Cruiser around the construction site(stauton Island).
No Traffic
Enter the tank cheat 12 times. Make sure they don't blow up. This causes the traffic to not load. Including peds, cops, swat, fbi, and the army. 12 tanks on one island makes it so theres no traffic on the roads on any island. Can be disabled by the blow up all cars cheat. This is the tank cheat(Circle(6),R1,L2,L1,Triangle,Circle,and Triangle)
I found this mission to be extremely difficult being that the police boat you're suppose to use isn't very fast. One of the other walkthroughs mentioned that the reporter will ditch his boat after a while so you can follow him and get him on land. If you go down to the docks before actually accepting the mission there is a Speeder boat at the docks (Same boat that the reporter uses) You can move this boat close to the staircase you come down and park it there for pickup afterwords. This is useful for tailing the reporter at the same speed he's going until he ditches his boat at another dock. It would be a good idea to have a weapon ready because he tries to escape fast and has a car waiting.
I dont know if this will help anyone but I found it to be much easier than trying to shoot him from the police boat.
Papparazzi Purge done in 7 seconds!
To beat the Papparazzi Purge mission in 7 seconds Get the rocket launcher (or use the all guns cheat
R2,R2,L1,L2,L,D,R,U,L,D,R,U)and go to Azuka's pool go next to the edge where the boat is and fire two rockets at the MIDDLE of the boat then it will tip on the first rocket and blowup on the second rocket Enjoy!
Police Bribes
If you do 20 Vigilante missions on all three islands you will unlock a set of six police bribes
Product: chosen color change
Ingredients (items needed):
1) Gameshark
2) Any vehicle
3) Code for cirtain vehicle in garage
4) Garage
1) Type in the gameshark code for having The
Burgini Taxi in The Shoreside Vale garage.
2) Find any car that will fit in that garage
while playing the game such as The Ambulance.
3) Park The Ambulance in the garage.
4) Go outside so that the door closes.
5) come back in and there will be a Burgini Taxi
instead of an Ambulance, and it will be the same
color as the Ambulance.
Cheat Background: The Ambulance was red and white when it went into the garage, but the gameshark code turned The Ambulance int a Burgini Taxi. This can be done with any car in any garage. (NOTE: This cheat will NOT work if you are changing the car into: A Police Car, Ambulance, Tank, Firetruck, any army vehicle, Cortel Cruiser, Yakuza Stinger, Rumpo, Yardy Lobo, and Mafia Sentinel)
Red Light Special
To Boost your health to 125 hearts versus the usual 100! Just simply approach one of the street walking hoes, in any vehicle but a police car and pull along side them and honk your horn(L3 Button) then they approach your car and bs with you for a few seconds then they get it. After your "hoe" enters the vehicle drive them to a secluded area just where noones around and you'll the the car start a rocking, so don't let nobody come a knocking, ha ha! In the process of your raised health level from her relief of stress on you, you'll notice your $$money$$ quickly disappear the cost of a "hoe" ain't cheap! But simply once she finishes ya off she gets out simply get out and kill the "hoe" and get what ya paid for right back, to then have your health up 25 hearts and your money right back in your pocket!
Repair that car for free!
When you are living next door to the garage in the red light zone, park a car in your garage. Retrieve the carlater on and it'll be repaired. Mind, this does nothing for your arrest rating.
Riding on cars
If you're just goofing around in the game, and feel like whacking a few gangsters in a neighborhood, I have a suggestion. Load up your guns (with codes) and then step in front of a car, preferably a taxi (the smaller newer kind). Jump onto the hood of it, and from there, carefully walk to the top of the car.
From here, as the car drives along, you can snipe out, or waste who ever you want, and you don't have to concentrate on running away, since the car is being driven by a taxi driver.
Run for longer
This isn't really a cheat but is good for escaping danger.
Instead of holding the X button to sprint,tap it repeatedly while moving to run for much longer!
I don't know how long you can run for so try and see.
This mission can be a hard mission if you don't know what to do. What I did was I got to the boat as quick as possible with a fast car like the Banshee. Then I drove the boat to the airport and stopped it next to where the guy is next to the boat. I stopped at a distance and hit him with the sniper rifle. Then I got out of the boat and onto the land. Next take out the three guys next to the Cartel Crusier. Get up on the runway and shoot down the plane when it arrives. After you shoot down the plane gather up the packages and get in the Cartel Crusier. Drive off this runway and get to the one next to it. Then when you are going down the runway toward the ocean you'll see a hangar with a plane and a ramp inside it. Jump off the ramp and over the wall. (This way helps from getting your car damaged up by all the cops.) Then drive outside of this area and make your way to the subway on the right. Go in the subway and ride the train untill you get to the next stop. At this point you should be at the subway entrance near the construction site. (If not ride it untill you are.) Now just get back to the construction site and watch what happens.
Save as many Vehicles in Garages as you can stuff!!
You can store more than just 2 Vehicles in Staunton Island Hideout. Normally the door won't open after you've put 2 Vehicles in there but follow this cheat and you can put up to 6!!!

All you gotta do is drive the car up close to the door it doesn't open... Get out, walk up to the door now it opens, get back in the car drive inside. The door slams up and down until you get out. You can save up to 6 normal size cars although its hard to get the doors open. Other Garages proabably work for this cheat but their too small.

This CHEAT really WORKS!
Sayonara Salvatore
An easier way to solve this mission is drive to Salvatore's house before he gets there, wait for him and then blow both cars away with the bazooka. If you don't have a bazooka, just simply use the weapon cheat code.
Sayonora Salvatore
Doing the mission this way makes it simple. Before you take the job from Asuka enter the weapons cheat (R2,R2,L1,R2,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up.)Now take the mission and park out front of the club. Three mafia Sentinels will pull up to the alley way. Put the roket launcher as your weapon. Put your sights on the car in the middle. Thats the one he enters. Right before he opens the door to the car blast him with the rocket launcher. If the other cars aren't taken out then shoot the remaining Mafia members.
secret door in non openable garage.
Go around the area where the entrance to the first island around the area where you begin the game and look for a garage around the restaurant and first get a semi and drive strait into the garage door and the semi will disapear into the door and walla you will be inside it is also a good way to get away from the cops.

p.s- this will only work if you have a semi.
Secret Garage!
Looking to lose the cops while on Portland Island?
Near 'Turtle Head Fishing Co.' there are 3 garages (facing the road) all of which have sliding doors. Although none of these actually open you can go straight through one of them. Even though the pigs can go through as well it takes them an age to find you.
secret message.
In Staunton island go to the liberty tree offices car park were the mission with the suicide-bombers try to blow you up, (please forgive me for not remembering the title of the mission). Then hed North out to the street and make your way to the under-ground car park but ignore it and keep on travilling down the alley with steps at the end of it. Drive a car to the top of the stairs and get out, jump ontop of the car and onto the brown roof-top,walk west on the roof until you get to the end were the ground below is i think grey,jump down onto it. walk about sealed-off area until you see that the creators of the game has left you a message! i though it was rather funny.
Skunk in the Trunk
When Joey gives you the mission get down to the diner and just keep ramming the two cars that have the forelli brothers in them until your car is on fire then bail becase your car will blow up and then you will beable to get the car to the crusher without incident.
Slow Cars On El Burro's Turismo Mission
To make the cars you are competing against drive very slow during the race, arrive at the starting grid as normal but before you start the race, attempt to 'jack the right-hand door of the three cars waiting on the grid. You will find that all of them are locked. After doing this, get into a car and start the race by driving into the blue circle. You should now win the race very easily, as they will be driving at snail speed.
Sniper Tower
This isn't really a cheat but for those of you who didn't know there is a great sniper spot on top of the AMco Building in staunton island across from the police station. When you approach it you will see a sign with AM written on it. Go up the small set of stairs at the front of the building then move around it until you see a larger flight of stairs. There are many stories ,and a hidden package at the top, I found the best spot to snipe from is on top of the first large flight of stairs. Also if there is any need for escape go back down the stairs and look for an under ground carpark. Have fun!
take two hookers at the same time
it's take a stretch or a landstalker and pick up two hookers it do nohting on your health buth it's funny
Tank speed burst
just get a tank and turn the gun around using the right analog stick. then accelerate and fire at the same time. the tank will go faster. The only problem is that you will get a higher wanted level.
The Best "Flying the Dodo" FAQ
If you haven't found the other dodo flying FAQs helpful, then try this one.
Getting the Dodo
First, go to the airport in Shoreside Vale because you just beginning and need airspace to fly. Get in one of the dodos and go to the back end of the runway that leads to the end of Staunton Island. Line up the dodo with the middle of the runway. *Use the analog stick when flying the dodo.
Taking Off
You are now aligned with the runway. Mash (X) down because you will need good take off speed to stay in the air or gain altitude. Slightly hold the left joystick down. As you speed up hold it further down. As soon as you see a scraping of the prop on the runway, release the joystick until you the dodo tips 45 deg.(n/4 rad.). Now even the dodo out so that it is flying straight.
Flying the Dodo
When flying the dodo, don't pull up too much because you will lose speed very fast and fall into a stall. Also, if you do fall into a nosedive, don't pull up too much. Let the dodo even its self out. Don't turn too rapidly because the dodo will flip and could fall into a stall. You will constantly have to even the dodo out, but it is the trick to flying it. The dodo will naturally gain altitude by tipping up. When this happens, keep evening it out. Make small turns to avoid large altitude loss. Whatever you do, don't hit anything because the dodo probably won't be able to recover.
Landing the Dodo
Landing the dodo is much easier than landing the tank because the dodo flip and spin and also flies at lower speeds. Come to a long strip of land(airport runway) and align with it. Now lower your altitude slowly until you are bearly above the strip of land. Now mash the brake and let it set down. If you don't care about the dodo, just randomly crash it anywhere.

Uses of the Dodo
-You can visit hidden areas and hard to reach places
-Some places worth visiting are Panlantic Construction cutscene area for Asuka, Kenji's cutscene area on the roof of the Casino, and Donald Love's cutscene area on top of his building. The dodo may be hard to get up to Donald Love's cutscene, but it's worth a try. The best place to visit is Ghost City located behind the mountains of Shoreside Vale. You won't miss it. Ghost City is the beginning bank robbery cutscene area. PM me if you ever land there thanks to my Dodo maual.
-This is probably the 100th dodo FAQ.
The Best Place for Dodo Takeoff
For beginners or people that need a quick dodo takeoff in Shoreside Vale, 1st go to the dam entrance. Follow the road next to the dam entrance all the way up to the blocked tunnel. Drive the dodo down the hill. Avoid any cars. You will gain speed very fast and takeoff very easily. This is a good spot for getting to places in Staunton Island and Portland.
The Exchange
The Exchange can be a hard mission if you don't know what you're doing. That's what I am here for.
With Cheats
Using cheats for this mission is rather easy. Go to the Cartel Mansion. When the cutscene ends, run behind the garage and put in the weapon codes. Now go kill 2-3 columbians and run out of the mansion. Get a fast car, shouldn't be hard. Head for the Dam. When you get to the entrance, use the rocket launcher to blow up the columbians and their vehicles that stand in the way. Now run in and sniper all of the Columbians in order. *When you see the Baracks Ol truck come after you, quickly take it out with the M16 or rocket launcher. There are snipers in watch tower areas, so watch out. When you see Catilina in the chopper, take it out with 2-3 rockets. Now run up to the helipad area where Maria is and take out the columbians. MISSION PASSED!
W/O Codes
Do the same as "with codes" except...
-use the handgun from cutscene to take out the columbians.
-collect all hidden packages
-instead of going to the dam, drive to your hideout and pick up all the weapons and health you need
-rush back to the dam
-use the same steps as "with codes" except use more precision and speed. Try to take out Catalina's Chopper early too.
Pick up Hookers by getting a nice car or van, pull up next to the hooker, wait a minute while she talks to you. when she gets in the car drive to an alley way or your "saving spot" and let the pleasure roll. then when shes done, get out of the car and kill her, and get your money back.

TO do a drive by get in a car with an oozi and press L2 or R2 to look sideways then press the "circle button to shoot and there you go. have a "BLAST"
Turismo Headstart
Don't know if you have this allready
In Turismo on the first Island (started by answering the phone)
You can gain a head start!
Once you have got your fast car from near 8 balls in the glass fronted showroom go to the required location by the bridge.
But drive fast to the start line and clip with your car the car on the end next to your start position as you drive by, you are at full speed, the clock flashes 3,2,1 GO but you are already at the first bend!
Be carefull not to hit the car to hard or you will spin and crash and lose the advantage
Turismo problem
Hey, just a fair warning for anyone starting the game; the moment the Turismo mission for the Diablos becomes available, comlete that, and all the other diablo missions, before finishing the missions for the Italian Mafia. Once the Mafia is your enemy, the Turismo mission, and any other mission in the Mafia territory becomes impossible because of the firepower of the patroling mafia. So finish up the Diablo missions before you get yourself in a fix.
Ultimate flight
Turn on the flying cars cheat, get in the rhino tank, turn the turret around and use the gas and the gun to get the tank airborne, once in the air you only have to use the gun to keep speed, if you don't try to climb too fast you can easily fly as long and as high as you please.
Walk on sky
This is not a code it is a kind of glitch. Anyways go to marcos bistro on portland island, with an ambulance, and go to the very top of all the stairs with the ambulance and reverse the ambulance up and onto the small pile of dirt that is on the edge at the top. Then, climb the front of the ambulance onto its roof and jump to the roof directly next to you on the left. Then just keep walking and you will be on the sky but occasionally you will fall. Its not a joke it really works and its really easy to do.
Walking on water
Sometimes when you walk under the callahan bridge there is no grass but a shiny surface which looks like water but is really just a glitch.
this is a warning if you have the peds have weapons,peds hate you,peds fight each other do not save because this code is permanent so if you save the peds will still be wild so dont save.
After you finish "Arms Shortage" wherein you have to help Phil Cassady fight off Colombians, there will be weaponry available at his place. Weapons include shotguns, M-16s, bazookas. Also, there is a Rhino, resembling a Panzerfaust, there. It is unlocked after beating the final mission, not to mention a reward of $ 1 million.