Ghost Rider Cheats

Ghost Rider cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Ghost Rider Unlockables

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Unlockable Characters
To unlock carter slade with the horse you have to beat the game on challenging or extreme mode then go to cheats and select ultimate ghost rider then do new game and select one of the difficulties and you got him.
UnlockableHow to unlock
carter sladebeat the game on challenging or extreme mode
Submitted by: lynsi on November 21, 2011
Unlockable Characters Blade and other Ghost Riders
To unlock Blade and other Ghost Riders, you first have to beat the game on Easy or Normal.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blade as a playable characterBeat the game on easy or normal.
Vengeance as a playable characterBeat the game on easy or normal.
Ghost Rider (classic)Beat the game on expert.
Ghost Rider 2000Beat the game on easy or normal.
Demon Ghost RiderTo unlock Demon Ghost Rider, you first have to beat the game on Extreme.
Submitted by: Grimm Reaper101, anonymous on January 18, 2009

Ghost Rider Tips

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Hint- Beating Lightning
This requires plasma charge. An easy way to beat Lightning is when she says "Come my children" or when she says "Kill him!"

After monsters climb on the train, she should come down to be vulnerable. Attack the boss with the plasma charge, then when you have your spirit gauge full, she will make rake lightning across the train.

Keep up the attack pattern and when she says "My power is gone", you can approach and press the L1 button to finish her.
Submitted by: skittles07 on June 20, 2007
Infinite Soul
When doing bike missions soul builds up quickly however if you do a section (just a little bit of the level) and then die then your sould level doesnt go down. This means you can do this over and over again and it doesnt effect the game because when you die it just brings you back a little bit away from the bit you died on. You can keep doing this until you have the amout of soul you need.
Submitted by: pigogre on March 11, 2007

Ghost Rider Cheats

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Classic Ghost Rider
To unlock Classic Ghost Rider, beat the game on Extreme mode.
Submitted by: Destroy888 on March 08, 2007
Beat the game on Easy Mode to unlock the following extras: Blade, Extreme Mode, Ghost Rider 2099, Inifinite Link Charge, Inifinite Spirit, Invincibility, One-Hit-Kill, Turbo Mode, Ultimate Ghost Rider, Vengeance.
Submitted by: DCRage on February 16, 2007