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The Getaway: Black Monday Cheats

The Getaway: Black Monday cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Bicycles can be found close to the area you spawn with each character. For example a bicycles is behind eddie (180 degree turn) when you start free roam, and down the road to the right with mitch.
Blue LeMans
Search outside the Soreditch Boxing Club to find the Blue LeMans.

chapter19 the vor tip
whn you reach nadya you have to auto aim at her otherwise she will not move or bleed or die she will just shred you with bullets. when you do this right she will run away chase her and repeat what you did before.
Citroen Camper Van
Search on Kensigton Road, below Hyde Park to find the Citroen Camper Van.

Citroen Kebab Van
Search near Waterloo Road to find the Citroen Kebab Van.

EyeToy LeMans
Go to Marylebone and search near a garage where you can save your cars to find the EyeToy LeMans.

Get the gang car in free roam mode.
When you start out as Eddie on Mission 13, instead of going where you are suppose to go, go straight. Stop as soon as the gang member cars attack. Get out and shoot all of them and jack their car. Take the car to the nearest garage.


You will now have the gang car in free roam mode.
How to get a Fire Truck in free roam,
On the 8th mission of Mitch's story, Desperate Measures, instead of driving off to complete the Mission, there should be an accident straight ahead off you. Drive up to the accident and get out of your Police Car. Get inside the fire truck and wait for your partner to join you. Drive the fire truck to Mitch's garage in Holborn and then park it there and leave it, now you can drive it around in free roam.
how to go faster in a car
In any car press L1 and x let go of L1.
how to shoot someone without killing them!
First go to free roam. Then get in front of a car and shoot the hood. After that they will try to get out of there car. while there closing the door shoot them, if you timed it right they will bleed and not die!
Lancia Delta Integrale (with rally paint)
When you unlock Zara for free roam, choose her and from where she starts drive forwards and at the intersection turn left and look over to the right. And presto there it is.
Le Mans Ultimate
You can find the Le Mans Ultimate (The one that won the Le Mans championship in 2004) can ONLY be found on the most northerly road (The one at the very top of the map) driving under the bridge between st pancras & bloomsbury.

NOTE: it is found very very rarely.
mitsubishi triton ute (not like the others)
If you have the getaway you'll know where Charlie Jolsons warehouse in borough is.For those people drive to the warehouse gate and get out(make sure your facing the gate).Turn left and head towards the intersection.When you get there look into the shed in front of you just to the right and there it is.

P.S in australia they call it a mitsubishi triton but i dont know what they call it in Europe,North or South America,Asia,Africa or Antarctica.
Penny Farthing
Go to Mayfair and search in front of a big archway at the top left of the area to find the Penny Farthing.

Rally Car In Westminster
Go through the arches as you would normally do when you enter Westminster just after the first left turn, turn LEFT continue forward and there will be a rally car with the number 8 on it.
Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher can be obtained by going to the old yardie drug house near shordich. start with eddie and go to the drug house and it is in the driveway.
Safe houses (all of them)
this article has been included before, but in addition to the 6 safehouses mentioned, A2, M5, C7, T13, U8 And U2, there is another, L3. Thats the safehouse that you should use if you are getting the firetruck from mission 8.

Also, the renault estate police car from mission 7, near impossibe to get. you really have to get there and ram it out of Upper brook Street ricky tick. To do this before the helli arrives, you best bet is to take the renault laguna and drive like hell up through park lane against oncoming traffic but take the side road, park street, before you arrive at Upper Brook Street. this way you come up behind the firefight, and are in a perfect position to blast the estate car out into park lane. make sure you dont hit anyone on the way there as a high crime rate will onli complicate the mission further. yea, further!

as i said, it is reli reli hard to beat the heli but it is possible.

You Will Need The Map Supplied With The Game As These Are The Grid Codes For Easy Finding.

A2, M5, C7, T13, U8 And U2.

The Safehouses Are In Those Areas.

If You Still Can't Find Them Look For The Metal Garage Doors With Holes In. The Doors Should Open When You Walk Towards Them.
security vans
when you got to nick a securety van the big white vand neer victar's spawn point dont crash into them as the drivers go mental and go on a destruction drive hitting every car in site. and they dont have money but may have a gun dont drive fast into corners though as they slide out of them and crash just like the metro cars you find with the round fog lamps on the front. good luck and if you are realy clever there is a iveco truck with a securety badge on it the exact one you chace being shot at that stops neer where zara spawns in her blue merc

have fun
The 3 Secret Police cars
I know that someone has already put down two of these. but i found a 3rd one and a news on the lotus. the new one isn't really like a secret car. but it has to be because you can only place you can get it is missions.
It is of course the armed police van. used in level 2. easy to get. just start level two and drive it straight into the garage the other side of the road.
For the lotus. Drive to Snow Hill Police Department. If you go west then turn right. follow the road and take the first left and its parked on the side of the road.

By the way. When you press start the top of the map is north. <-- For the fools.
The GetawayLeMans
Search behind the Tower of London to find The GetawayLeMans.

TVR Sagris& fire truck
when you are on the big long road that curves on the map there is a small one way road that goes down into the curved road drive down the road that is next to it right to the end. there is a tunnel like road with to big white fans that fall off the wall when you pass them, you should notice a green car at the end which is the TVR it is one of the fastest cars in the game. the fire truck is on the mission when you are in the grey car like mitch drives on free roam but grey this time and you pass the car park you start with jamell in, well there should be a road block with 2x fire trucks and some blown up cop cars on it. nick a fire truck and save it in any garrage "be warnned" this truck doesent steer very well and sounds and drives like the low floor busses "hint the truck does not put fires out in game and the drivers are usualy thugs like in the missions anyhow that drive like maniacs

have fun

Easter eggs

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peugeot concept car
start freeroam as mitch and look to your right then you will see a little ally way and just go down it


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2 Cheats
**NOTE: You must enter these cheat codes during the introduction FMV movie sequence, not on the main menu screen**

Unlock double health - Up, up, left, left, right, right, circle, circle, down

Unlock the silence - Up, down, left, right, triangle, up, down, left, right, square
AK-47 in free roam
During some missions with Eddie (16 is the best), get a Yardie's Rover. Put the car in any garage. Then, go to free roam, head for the garage and enter the car. You will get an ak-47.
Alternate ending
On mission 18, after you fight Yuri, go to the balcony where Ms. phillips is hanging from. if you choose to rescue her, Mitch will help you in the last mission. However, if you choose to leave her, Mitch will try to kill you in the last mission. Try it, this works.
Black Monday Le Mans Car
On the map scroll down to the city of london bit. Then when u see on the map a road which seperates and turns into 2 roads. Thats where you have to go. (Its one of the other roads) you will see it as you head into that road. There should be other cars next to it. It should be a yellow car with black monday decals over it. I t can lose the police in 3 seconds.
Black Renault Trafic Skobel Van
In mission 5, Hot Property, when you must chase a black renault trafic Skobel van, destroy the van and pick up Miss. Philips. Then, get in the van and take it to any garage you want. In Free Roam mode, go to that garage and you will get a new black renault trafic Skobel van.
Double Health & Infinite Ammo
Press in the following buttons to activate either code:

Double Health

Up, up, left, left, right, right,
circle, circle, down

Infinite Ammo

Up, down, left, right, triangle,
up, down, left, right, square
Gold vauxhall
After coming out of the Borough building from mission 18 Your Man With The Tattoo, there is a boardwalk to your left. Walk up on it then there is a policeman shooting at a gang Then turn left again then a right keep straight and walk down some stairs look to your left there are three cars the Gold Vauxhall is the the far left.
green sports car
search behind a warehouse in marylabone
How to get an Ambulance in Free-Roam
In mission nº3, when you must go to the junkyard to arrest Levi, turn around and head for the boxing club, then there are 2 police vans, and one ambulance. Pick-up the ambulance and take it to any garage you wish.
lime green lancia stratos
when you start free roaming. start as jamhi turn right and head to wards your garage keep going till you reach the first slope in the ally as you go up the slope look for an opening on the left and then beside the building is a lime green lancis stratos.I think it is with jamhi but it couls be with viktor or zara.
Quick acceleration boost
This trick only works on cars. Get inside a car and hold down R1 and X or Up on the right analog stick to start a burnout. When the drive wheels start smoking, let go of the gas for 1 second, then push it again and your car should quickly accelerate.
Random Game Cheats
Double health
During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down.

Infinite ammunition
During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.

Play as Jamahl
Successfully complete the Your Man With The Tattoo mission to unlock Jamahl in free roaming mode.

Play as Yuri
Successfully complete the Jimmer Collins mission to unlock Yuri in free roaming mode.

Blue LeMans
Search outside the Soreditch Boxing Club to find the Blue LeMans.

Citroen Camper Van
Search on Kensigton Road, below Hyde Park to find the Citroen Camper Van.

Citroen Kebab Van
Search near Waterloo Road to find the Citroen Kebab Van.

Congestion Chargers van
Look in Soho where you started in the original Getaway with Hammond to find the van.

EyeToy LeMans
Go to Marylebone and search near a garage where you can save your cars to find the EyeToy LeMans.

Lotus police car
When you first start off with Mitch and get to where it is suitable to turn around, go to the first right, then turn left and left again. Go down until you get to the second tunnel. There should be a Lotus police car down there.

Penny Farthing
Go to Mayfair and search in front of a big archway at the top left of the area to find the Penny Farthing.

Peugeot 406
In free roaming mode, choose Viktor as your player. You will start in a purple Brabus outside the Skobel building in the city. Exit the Skobel building, turn down the side street directly opposite and drive to the end where you will have to take a right turn. Just ahead you will find the Peugeot 406 from the film "Taxi". It has one of the fastest top speeds of any car in the game and handles brilliantly.

Push bike mountain
When you start off with Sam, look behind you. There will be a push bike mountain.

The Getaway LeMans
Search behind the Tower of London to find The GetawayLeMans.

Vauxhall rally car
Look around the St. Pancras area. Look for an alleyway go down to find an old Vauxhall rally car.

Vauxhall VX
Search behind the police station to find the Vauxhall VX.

Saving cars
When you start free roam mode with Mitch in the Police Laguna, turn around. You will see a turning, and there will be a garage with a white door with little holes in it. Drive a car into it, park it, then save. The car will be there the next time you go here.

Garage locations

Belgrave Square
Blackfriars Road
Long Lane
Theobald's Road
Gray's Inn Road
Lane off Leadenhall Street
Secret car - Vauxhall VX Lightning Concept Car
When you start free roaming as mitch in the red police renault laguna, look straight away at the right-hand side of the road and you will see an alleyway, go down it and you will see it on you right next to 2 garage doors.
Secret Lancia Rally Cars
Go to the top of St. James' Park and there is one parked on the grass. This car can also be found during Mission 8 near the blockage across the road at the beginning of the mission( behind where you start as Jamahl in Free Roam.
Secret police cars
There are two secret police cars in the game. The first one is a Lotus Espirit which can be found in Free Roam mode. Go to the front of Snow Hill Police Station (yes, the one from the first game), then go down the hill. Turn right at the junction and then take the second left. It will be parked on the left. NOTE: This is the car from the fourth Chase mission.

The second one is a Renault Laguna estate. This can be found in Race mode (ROZZAS), but you cannot race with it. To use it in Free Roam, go to Mission 7 (The Jamacian). When you turn into Park Lane, go onto the wrong side of the road. Then take the first right. Continue up this road and take the next left to where the gunfight is taking place. You will see a burning police car on the right. However, DO NOT STOP. Instead crash into this police car and nudge it onto the main road. You need to do this BEFORE the helicopter arrives. Then when the car stops burning, 'simply' nudge it or drive it very slowly towards the nearest garage(Belgrave Square or Edgware Road).


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Shotgun in Free Roam
During mission 16 (it's the best one to do it), pick up a Collins Crew's Peugeot 604, and take it to any garage you want. Then, in Free Roam mode, get in that car and you will get a shotgun.