The Getaway (PS2) Cheats

The Getaway cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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alternate way to drive
If you want ,instead of using X and [] to accellarate/reverse

you can use the right analouge stick to do it ,move it forward to accellarate and backwards to reverse
This is a tip to get four brilliant cars. I have seen this cheat before but this is less complicated as I couldn't understand the other one.

On free roam mode turn around from where you start off from. Go to the end of the road and turn left. Take the next right. Then take the next left and the next right. Go straight on and take the bridge that goes underground.

From then on carry on on the same road and take all the turns. Two roads are blocked off on two occasions. You get taken, eventually, to a orange/purple road. You take this and carry on. You take the first left, road that is, and you will see the Triad/Chinese art gallery that is in mission 3-Art Appreciation- and carry on till you reach the corner. There is a gateway that you go through and there is a gravel driveway. Drive on till you reach a mansion. There is a fountain in the middle. There are four cars in the yard and the garage which are a TVR Cerbera(Purple), Nissan Skyline(White), Lotus Elise(White) and a super cool Go-Cart(Blue with Red stripes and 07 on the front.)
Couple of hints and tips
Free Roam mode:
Once you beat all regular missions, this mode allows you to go around London without having to do any missions.

DC Carter moves
Knock out hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage then press Square.
Place hostage under arrest: While unarmed, X to get a hostage then press Square.

Mark Hammond moves
Shoot hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.
Break hostage's neck: While unarmed, press X to get a hostage, and press Square
Defensive Driving
When cops or bad guys pull up alongside of you, tap square to jam on the brakes. They roll by and spin out, so you can swerve around them.

Driving Down The Middle
The quickest way through two-way traffic is to drive right down the middle of the street. There is usually just enough space to squeeze through, and some oncoming cars may turn out of your way. Drive through the rubber center strip cones, but watch out for solid objects like traffic lights.

How to stop police from firing at you!
If the Police are firing at you then go up to a pedestrian and press X he will be taken hostage and the Police will say over the radio "This is a hostage situation backup requested" and slowly walk to a vehicule and shoot the hostage the police will still have their hands up for a couple of seconds which gives you enough time to escape!

NOTE: If you take to long backup units arrive and shoot you from behind.
Jumps on level 11
Not seen anyone mention this tip before, but on level 11 when you leave Charlie's house (ideally in the TVR in his garage) if you get to St. James's Street, near Green Park Station, there is a car transporter parked near the bottom of the road.

Gently reverse your car into the side of the truck pulling the trailer, so that it is out of the way, head to the bottom of the street where it turns left into Pall Mall, turn around and drive full pelt up the ramp of the car transporter and you can pull some fantastic jumps to amuse yourself.

There's also one down near Waterloo and Southwark I think on The Cut near a police road block. As you go past the roadblock you can see the transporter on the right. Knock the truck out the way as before and go jumping.
Pedestrian Commentary
When you're not on a mission, walk down on the sidewalk and you will haer people saying "It's that guy Mark Hammond" or "It's the guy who killed his wife, Mark Hammond" Or if you are in a shootout with the cops, you can hear them say "Stop this now, Hammond".

Easter eggs

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How to find a really good car on mission 21 (The Jolson Files)
If you want a better car than the cars given to you on mission 21 in the garage simply go into every corner which is dark and in one corner go down a hidden corridor and you will arrive in a hidden workshop and there are 2 magnificent fast cars!


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0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Unlock Extra Features
FEA5A856 BCA99B85

Inf Ammo most weapons
DE841372 BCA99B83

Bullet Proof
DE842106 BF899B8B
DE842102 BCA99B83

Disable Baddies AI

Cops'n'Baddies Don't Shoot
DE876776 BF899B8B
DE876772 BCA99B83

Drive Through Lampost

Drive Through Cars
DE902FC6 BCA99B83

Alternate Character-Free Roam

(Die for another Character)

Cops Turn Into civilians

Cops Are Everywhere

Use only 1 of these 4 codes

Quicker Character

Maniac Runners

Select+up for Megaspeed

Select+down to stop
0EA111B8 BCA99A71
DEA79546 FD299B83
0EA111B8 BCA99A41
DEA79546 FE199B83

Select+up for Hypermode

Select+down to stop
0EA111B8 BCA99A71
DEA79546 FDA99B83
0EA111B8 BCA99A41
DEA79546 FE199B83

Use only 1 of these

load your save for

2-Burning Bridge
FEA5A852 BCA99B85

3-Art Appreciation
FEA5A852 BCA99B86

4-Aiding and Abetting
FEA5A852 BCA99B87

5-Taxi for Mr Chai
FEA5A852 BCA99B88

6-Out of the Frying Pan
FEA5A852 BCA99B89

7-Filthy Business

8-A touch of Class

9-The Cowgirl and the Cash

10-A Cat in a Bag

11-The Prodigal son

12-Abroad the Sol Vita

13-The Bargain Basement
FEA5A852 BCA99B90

14-Show Some Remorse
FEA5A852 BCA99B91

15-Disturbance in Soho
FEA5A852 BCA99B92

16-Painting the Town Red
FEA5A852 BCA99B93

17-Escort Duty
FEA5A852 BCA99B94

18-The Vigilante
FEA5A852 BCA99B95

19-Stalking Mc Cormack
FEA5A852 BCA99B96

20-Do the World a Favor
FEA5A852 BCA99B97

21-The Jolson Files
FEA5A852 BCA99B98

22-Meet Mark Hammond
FEA5A852 BCA99B99

23-Showdown with Jake

24-Land of Hope and Glory
All or most of them
Hint: Weapons
Pistol: Your basic weapon, two to five bullets will take out most people (depending where you hit them) You can pick up two pistols. Running up close to someone and whipping them will generly kill them. Shotgun: Slower than the pistol, but does more damage. These should not be used for big fire fights. AK: An automatic machine gun - will clear rooms in seconds. Mp5 same prupose as AK more range though.

10 Secret Vehicles
Here are the locations of the 10 hidden vehicles:

1.Tvr Cerbera (Purple)Location on a gravel driveway

2.Nissan Skyline (White)Location on a gravel driveway also in a garage covered by cardboard boxes

3.Lotus Elise (White)Location on a gravel driveway

4.The Catheram the car you start off with in free roam (Purple)Location in a car park with high walls on the left

5.Tank or Armoured Car (Green with firing turret press horn) Location:by Buckingham Palace

6. Lotus Esprit (white & Blue)Location:By HSBC

7.Peugeot 306 (Green with Puple Neons)Location: Down a secret tunnel outside are cardboard boxes smash em out the way go down there will be a burnt out metro and its behind the blue container.

8.Go-Kart (Blue with Red Stripes with 07 on front)Location:in a garage same location as the lotus elise

9.Golf Buggy Go to hyde park in free roam mode. Drive around and you will find an area with just flat grass and there are some bushes behind one of the bushes there is a golf buggy which you can drive.

10.Saab Concept Car (white) Its in that multistory car park where the chinese and the yardies fight its one of dc carter missions. in free roam go to the car park and to the very last floor and the car is there.

Double health
Press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Get Roaming And Credit
To get credit you have to finish half of the game. To get roaming you have to complete the game.

Hint: Regain health
Lean against a wall and wait, or get in a car and drive off.

Hint: Switch off movies
This only works when you have already seen the movie. Press L3+R3 to exit the movie and enter a loading screen.

Hint: Auto Aim
When in Stealth mode (Back up against a wall or object), hold down R1, R2 & L1 when moving out into a shooting position to auto aim at a target (if any are available). This can also be used if you have a clear sight of a target.

Armored Car Weapon
Enter when you start game up just before the title screen with the menu options show. If entered correctly, you will hear a woman scream.

Armored Car Weapon:
Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Auto Aim
Some people say that u need to hold R1 L1 L2, or a combinaltion of the R's and L's this is not true, all you need to hold is R1. For manual aim (allowing you to shoot where you want), press R2.
Couple of cheats
Free Roam mode:
Once you beat all regular missions, this mode allows you to go around London without
having to do any missions.

Gas tank kills:
Shoot a gas tank when an enemy is nearby to easily kill them.

DC Carter moves
Knock out hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage then press Square.
Kick hostage: While unarmed, X to get a hostage then press Square.

Mark Hammond moves
Shoot hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.
Break hostage's neck: While unarmed, press X to get a hostage, and press Square
Double Health
Enter this during the opening movie:

Free Roam Cheat
This is the cheat to unlock the game's big reward, along with the credits... FREE ROAM!

Simply input triangle, triangle, triangle, left, square, triangle, triangle, triangle, left, circle at the opening FMV just before "The Getaway" comes up during the FMV.
Free Roam Mode
To get Free Roam just finsh the game with both Mark Hammond and Frank Carter.
Free Roam Mode
Triange, Triange, Triange, left, Square, Triange, Triange, Triange, Left, Cirlce
Free Roam Without doing the missions
During the cutscene before the main munu appears, tap in:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Left (D-Pad), Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Left (D-Pad) Circle. You should hear a woman groan. This'll signal that it's worked. Just head to the "Extras" bit and jump in. Enjoy.
Infinite Ammo on all wepons - Button code
During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a woman groaning.

Make the turret on the tank work
Enter this during the opening movie

Play as Kelvin Deamer
Get into a Golf Cart
Press: Up, Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Left, Right, Circle, to be transformed into Kelvin Deamer.
recovery truck!
where u start off turn around when you get to the end turn right. You will get to a cross road there you left carry on that road untill u get to a roadabout you can take the second or third exit(the lead to the same road)when u get to the end turn left. Follow that road taking NO exits. When you get to the end you turn left. follow that road untill you ge to a island in the road. If u follow that same roadu will get to a tunnel.
Go though that tunnel and you will get to a small roadabout take the last exit. You will get to a cross road as soon as you turn.when u get to the end of the road turn right then when you go round a right hand bend you will see a trailer on the other side of the trailer the will be your reward(recovery truck)
Skip intermission sequences:
Skip intermission sequences:

Press R3 to skip some intermission sequences. Note: Not all sequences can be skipped.
Stop Annoying Music
In the Yardie themed missions, such as Mark's when you have to infiltrate the crackhouse to get the money back, or Frank's, to rescue the cops, you can stop the annoying music they listen to by finding and shooting their record player.
To get Ben Brudenell's Venom go to the underground car park on Horseferry Road, the same place where you can find a Peugeot 306. (This is only in the US version)[it looks like a muscle car from the front and a BMW from the back]
Working Indicators
During free roam mode, press L1 to make the left indicators work, and press L2 to make the right indicators work.