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Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Cheats

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to beat the space cat
When you face the cat in a space suit hide behind the walls and shoot it until you run out of ammo.Then that will send him to the next floor.Then get all the ammo then shoot him until you run out of all your ammo.Then get more on the side and keep shooting and hiding behind the door and getting health in front of it,until the cat flies up and hovers and drops the green bombs.Then when he does that you go on the floor where he drops the bombs and get ammo and kepp shooting him there.Do this until he flies up(it might take 7 minutes)to the next floor and do the same thing until you win.(and when the cat shakes his head on the first floor jump on him and he will take you to the third floor and look down on the second floor and you can kill him easily.
Matrix Style Scene
In the Lower East Quack level, soot 3 baskets in a row on the Basketball court without missing. Then press start to view the new scene.
Secret Area
In the Lower East Quack level, go past the area where you hitch a ride on the subway train and continue to the end where you see a brown fence. Go to the lower left side of the fence and turn to see a Chang Transporter. Once you are Chang, go through the hole in the fence and onto the boxes. You will now be transported onto his back as a machinegun toting flea.


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Extra multiplayer level
In New Quack city, the building where you push the statue in front of the camera-there are TV screens with short 2-frame animations on them, one of them has the BIZZARE company logo on it, shoot it and it will explode.
Game Shark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)
EC8D633C 1456E60A

All Weapons
3CBB786B 1456E7A7

3CBB786C 1456E7A1

Invincible/TS Camera
3CBB786C 1456E799

Auto Aim
3CBB786C 1456E7C5

Invincible/Auto Aim
3CBB786C 1456E7C1

Invincible/TS Camera/Auto Aim
3CBB786C 1456E7B9

Rocket Camera
3CBB786D 1456E7A6

Distant Camera
3CBB786D 1456E79D

Tiny Characters
3CBB786D 1456E7B5

Rocket/Distant Cameras
3CBB786D 1456E79E

Rocket/Distant Cams/Tiny Characters 3CBB786D 1456E7AE
Collect all of the babies in the game.As soon as the split scene with the baby flying away on a jetpack stops, a CHEAT DISCOVERED message will appear. Go to the cheat menu after you save your game and you will find Invulnerability, which makes you invincible. You should collect all of the babies before trying to defeat Viggo. It makes it extremely easy to finish the game.
Rocket Cam
One of the easiest cheats to get, in the sense you don't have to go too far out of your way. In The Bad Place, in the The Shining-esque hallways you'll find a door that has a symbol on it that is neither the regular picture, nor that of a Fur Fighter. Enter this and you will get a "Cheat Discovered" message.
This activates Rocket Cam, the camera follows the rocket when fired. It looks really cool when sniping enemies from a distance, but is quite lethal in regular play because you can't force the camera to return to your fur fighter; you have to wait it out.
Split Timing Camera
If you shoot a perfect hoop in the basketball game in New Quack City (ie hit the square and get the ball in) you discover the split timing cam cheat
Tiny character Cheat
This cheat is activated from the DINOTOPOLIS section of the game. Specifically in the GAMES ROOM level of this section.

Go past the jukebox and climb the stacked books. Looking around you should see an arcade machine behind you. Transform into tweek and glide over to the arcade machine.

There are two buttons on this machine - start and fire. Jump on the start button. Winning one round of this sub game activates the TINY CHARACTER cheat.
you cant be fluffed
in fur fighter villige go to ricos house as any fur fighter. then (if you dont have full health) eat the pet yum in the middile of the house. then a cheat discoverd messege will apear becase you discoverd a cheat that means you cant be fluffed.