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Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Cheats

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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360 Spin Attack
When fighting Chimeras, and they're all around you, Ed can do a, "360 Spin Attack." To do a 360 Spin Attack press X, then press Square. Ed may fly out of the pack pf Chimeras! (Works best woth Lance.)
Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the saved game file again to begin with all previously obtained items and accessories. Look in some chests to unlock gallery movies and pictures.
Defeating Armstrong and Mustang
Transmute the two tanks from the light poles and keep on shooting at Armstrong until he dies. Note: Switch from side to side. When Armstrong dies. pick up the item that he drops called "Demon Fist". Then, use whatever ammunition you have remaining to damage Mustang. Then, transmute a Lighting Lance and have Al tackle Mustang until he goes into the air. Then, start attacking him. When he says "Stand back", run away. Repeat this process until he dies. Note: Consume Magic-Caps as soon as the battle starts and give one to Al.
Defeating Sky Chimera
When the battle begins, collect all of the Reload Treasures, then make sure that the Sky Chimera is as close to the cannon as possible. Shoot the Chimera with all four shots then reload. If the Chimera is down, keep shooting and reloading. Repeat this until the Chimera is down.
Easy EXP Before Chimera Battle
Make sure you read all of this before trying it.
After you make your way to the top of the tower and save, go back to the Tower 4F Spiral Stairs. Continue to slaughter the chimeras then turn the pots into katanas for Ed and Al., equip Ed with the ALCHEMY GUIDE and TRAINING MANUAL. Then equip Al with some armor and the ARMLET OF PENETRATION. After you do this, go to the bottom of the spiral stairs and through the door to Tower 4F. Go back through the door to the spiral stairs and quickly turn the wooden crate into a steem-roller. Then simply flatten the chimeras up to the large red one and the crawling ones. The large one takes me 2 hits to kill and the smaller ones about 5 hits. You can only go through the door between the Tower 4F and the Tower 4F Spiral Stairs. this is an easy way to gain exp before the battle with the 3 chimeras.
Flip over Crab Chimera
Hold Circle until your alchemy is full. Then, release the stone spikes you have charged in front of the crab's face and it will flip over to its back. Once on its back, your attacks are more effective.
FMA knowhow
Dolls, FMVsuckers, and Bubbles the Cow

After you are finished with these, transmutate them into bags of small Elixers for those emergencies where you need them really bad.


The lead ring is very useful. It can increase your vitality by 15%. Amulets can be dropped from villains and chimera alike. Be sure to save these items, as they can be very crucial to winning a boss fight. Remember: These items can only be used once, then they break.
Rooftop Flying Chimera
Right where you start at, transmute a machine gun. Tell Al to use it. Al has some awesome shooting aim, so he'll shoot down the chimera.

Then, either go and hit it while it's down, or transmute a cannon and do more damage.

Do this several times and the chimera will be gone before you know it. Be sure to keep an eye on Al for when he runs out of amunition.


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Cowboy Bebop Reference
When you are fighting the final Bosses (Major Armstrong and Colonel Mustang), you can hear the Cowboy Bebop ending theme music.
Before the crab can attack you, have Al clost to you where you can tackle. Get directly in front of the crab and tackle him. It should flip him over