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Freedom Fighters (PS2) Cheats

Freedom Fighters cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Multiplayer Bunker Gaurds
Through my experiences it seems if you capture an enemy bunker or stay in the base and defend yours those bunkers will receive more bunker guards.Once I got 23 bunker guards doing this and no body guards

Once I had so many people some of the bunker guards left the bunker


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Demo rundown
Just a few quick points on the demo:

- At the beginning, get your fighters to scout round the corner, and keep one to defend you, once they're wiped out go to the gas station and tell all your troops to hold position. Plant the c4 and run, 2 or 3 sovs will come, and if you defended your position, your fighters will blast them into next week!

- When inside the building, gte ur fighters to scout and wipe out the enemy, run in yourself and give em covering fire. Then, go upstairs to teh very top level and swop weapons to get teh sniper rifle, tell 2 of your group to attack the enemie, and one to guard you as you will be ambushed in a minute. Before your men attack, blow up the oild drums to send about half of the army to pieces. Then, kill your ambushers along with your guard, and go join the battel urself (be sure to get back your rifle). Get one of the machine guns and order your troops to advance, if done right, you should draw a few soldiers outta position: mow em down! Blow up the trucks on the right and left. Finally, advance to get control of the machine gun on teh left. Use it to mow down the atatckers left to use: as it will save ammo which you will need next. You've just completed a BIG section of the demo!

- A lot of guys will run at you here, and some of your fighters will take casualties, be sure to heal them (you'll really need them soon). Mow down everyone inside the buidling. Switch to your health packs, and order your troops to wipe out the rooftop. Head straight for the flag, and raise it up! This is where your health packs come in useful, you may take a lot of damage from fire while raising the flag, if you do, just press r1 for a quick health boost. WELL DONE! DEMO COMPLETED!

The game comes out on 26th of September and you can bet your a$$ I'll be writing an walkthrough! So, enjoy your demo! And enjoy the game even more!
Gameplay cheats
Enter all these during gameplay, a message will confirm:

Invincibilty: Triangle, x, square, circle, square, right

Sub machine gun: Triangle, x, square, circle, Triangle, up

Sniper Rifle: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, right

Rocket Launcher: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, left

heavy machine gun: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, down

Shotgun: Triangle, x, square, circle, circle, up

nailgun mode: Triangle, x, square, circle,x, right

Unlimited ammo: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X, right

Max Charisma: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X, down

Invisibilty: Triangle, X, Square, circle, circle, left

Slow mo: Triangle, X, Sqaure, circle, circle, right

fast mo: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Circle, down

Flymo ragdoll physics: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Sqauer, up