FlatOut 2 Cheats

FlatOut 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

FlatOut 2 Tips

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Bullet GT Easter Egg
In the trunk there are 2 Pink fuzzy dice.
Submitted by: scorpion dynomite on September 13, 2007
Tuning ur handling
If you are tuning a street car,do not ever max out the tyres on a roadking, chillipepper, sparrowhawk or a speedevil. This will make your car more slippery.
Submitted by: Axile on March 19, 2008

FlatOut 2 Cheats

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All tracks
GO TO THE EXTRAs/codes and enter: GIVEALL
Submitted by: Ryan on November 25, 2006
Extras Cheats
At the "Extras" menu select "Enter Code" and input the following.

GIEVEPIX - 1,000,000 CR in Career Mode and unlock all cars
WOTKINS- Unlock Flat-Mobile in all modes except Career
KALJAKOPPA- Unlock Rocket Vehicle
RUTTO- Unlock Pimpster Vehicle.
Submitted by: Deathsythe on June 19, 2007
Start with One Million
Note: Start a new game when doing this.

Go to extras and go to codes type in all caps, "givecash". then go to career and you should be at the buy a derby car screen. If you do, you have 1 million in the corner.
Submitted by: wertyo on August 13, 2006