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Low on Gil and Items?
Head to Mi'hen Highroad and work your way down. They are plenty of chests in the many crevices. And they refill each Chapter. Its a good idea to go at chapter start so you don't miss your chance.

At Chapter start, go to the Engine room of the Celsius and raid the four chests there. They also refill each chapter.
10,000 damage
You must have the alchemist dressphere.Use mix. Mix holy water with any kind of gem and you get an attack called white hole.It does 10,000 damage to 1 enemy!!!
4 dressphere abilities in 1 dressphere.
have your best character master the 4 dresspheres u want 2 use.i did this easily with Paine. i had her use warrior,dark knight,samurai,and berserker.i had her on the chaos malestorme garment grid,had her as a dark knight, and the Bushido lore and the Nature's lore accesseries.u can do this with any garment grid and accesseries that give 1 of the girls a dreessphere's skills.Make sure she masters all of the dressphere's ablities.if this won't work sorry.Email me.
99 of all accessories
first you need a cheat system you can get in most game shops called x-ploder cheat and media system.
when you have got it click on memory manager and gamesaves and let it load.
then click on your ff x-2 file , press L2 and go down to ff x-2 and press right and there are many options including 99 of all accessories infinite gill yuna, rikku, or paine at lv 99 and a few more.Viola you got your ff x-2 dreams fufilled
A more powerful Black Mage
To deal more damage with the black mage, all you need to do is to cast reflect on all three characters and then cast a black magic spell on all three characters.
Including the chain bonus you receive, it deals more damage because of the fact that if you attack three things at once, the three attacks are greater than one third each.
A very very easy way to kill the mighty Chac!!!!!!
In via infinito level 80 you get to fight chac ,a terrible boss that have over 400,000 hp,(437,850 HP to be exact)and I tried several times but i couldn't beat her,even with catnip but I found a very easy way,you don't need catnip at all,just equip all three with thief and with a speed bracer each,that will do every thing and you know the best part you don't have to be active just go to level 80 and before you go to the battle make sure you tape the X button so it's always pressed and when the battle comes you have nothing to do at all,they will atack and because thiefs are quick and you have speed bracer equiped chac will not have a chance to attack at all ,I mean when the third person attack the first one will atack right after that so chac can't do anything at all but it will take alot of time as chac has 437,850 HP and the attacks aren't very powerful(I was about level 72 -one shot only took about 1000 HP per hit for me so it depends on the level)and all you have to do is just watch and after that R.I.P. Chac,I just taped it and just did something else and when I came back they had won the battle and Yuna was standing in the middle alone so I defeated chac without doing anything and this trick can work with any other boss too but not with a very quick one,so happy killing and hope this helped
Argent or Open Air
Argent has better items and accesories for some really cheap prices. So pick Argent not the crappy open air.
Be INVINCIBLE in New Game Plus!!
Yes, that's right. Invincible. Well almost, very rarely will a fiend be able to physically hit you with this.

Simply have all 3 girls equipped with...

~ Beserker DS
**IT MUST BE COMPLETELY MASTERED!! (in other words have Evade and Counter, and Magic Counter abilities learned.)**

~ Ribbion
**The way I got 3 of these was wait for the Omega Weapon to oversoul and get all three 7's on the Random Reels (Lady Luck DS) For tips on how to do this see my "Win some battles, Lady Luck style" tip.**

~ Tetra Bracelet
**These can be found throughout the game. I can only remember one place and that's defeat Anima in CH 5! Hince the reason "New Game Plus" in the title.**

Have fun my fellow Final Fantasy freaks!!
OK, well, first, to defeat the black elemental in the Via Infinito, you have to make sure all three girls are about level 75 OR HIGHER and have Gunner dress sphere equipped to all. all you have to do here is make each girl use Cheap Shot at least once. This way, you'll do your regular damage, regardless of the Black Elemental's defense ((which they're known for having very much of XDD)) and thats pretty much all you have to do!! sounds easy, right?? well, good luck^^
black element
i found it pretty hard to beat the black element in the via inferno. Since he uses the move ultima which takes off like 9999 hp to all characters i found a way to beat him in a couple of turns. ok first i used the garmet grid downtrotter for paine since it gives you double hp. so use black knight(must know charon), samuri, and warrior ohn accessories apply the key to success and the crystal bangel +100% health. use black knight dresssphere. once in battle with paine sphere change all the way around the downtrotter garment grid which will double your hp which will come out to be like 9999 hp then use charon on black knight and it should kill the black element before it usrs the ultimate move!!!! hope this helps!!!
Black mage on any dress-shpere
I found out that if you choose and equip with fire protection, you are able to cast fire with any dress-sphere.

Its the same with ice, thunder and water...
Bribe Formula
Self explanatory. Here's how you find out how much gil to use when you go to bribe an anemy:

( Gil Used x 256 / Fiend's Max HP x 5 ) - 64 = X

X / 256 = Chance of successful bribe
Catnip extreme
When you acquire catnip have turbo controller handy put R1 on turbo equip yuna to gunner with trigger happy lv3 and fire away
Complete Guide Of Dressphers-where to get them and what they do!
☼ ☼ ¤ Complete Dressphere FFX-2 Guide ¤ ☼ ☼
*The Good And Bad of Diff. Dresspheres*
* ~their abilities~ *
≈ ~where to get the specials≈
§And Some Descriptions§

^Note; some of the abilities I list in "the good" need to be acquired and are not automatically equipped.
¤Hint: many of these should be used in good combinations that balance them all-hope this helps

Gunner uses firearms to attack enemies. For the gunner range isn't a problem-good for attacks against flying or airborne enemies.
»The Good: This is one of your starting dresspheres but even as a starting dressphere it has a lot of diff. abilities~
ºThe Bad At the beginning of the game this doesn't really have that much power!

While most monsters leave little gil and items that aren't too great, the thief can change ALL of that!
»The Good» Obviously a big deal about the "thief" is well duh! Stealing items! The cool thing about being a thief in FFX-2 is now you can also use the Phifer Gil ability which enables you to steal gil, the Phifer Hp and Mp ability which enables you to steal hp and mp! All of the abilities that Thief offers basically have to do with stealing things or guarding against slow and stuff. Thief also has high agility and evasion!
ºThe Bad The bad thing about thief is also the best thing about thief-it really is only good for stealing loot! But hey that isn't That bad of something....

*Gun Mage*
Gun mage is pretty useful on the battlefield. It has a variety of different commands-which is very good for you!
»The Good» comes with some really great abilities; really useful abilities! Scan, Annihilator, fiend hunter and others can really be helpful!
ºThe Badº A lot of abilities you need to absorb from other fiends (blue bullet abilities)

* Warrior *
The name spells it all...
»The Good»well again...the name says it all!
ºThe badº hmm.. well is having a ferocious lust for blood one?
¥here to get it: Paine comes with it
A great ability that really reminds you of the Al Bhed Greatness..
»The Good» MIXING!
ºThe badº Mixing can suck if you don't have a good turnout....(look for my other tips about the different mix turnouts!)

A great dressphere that reminds you a lot of Auron...
»The Good» it is a strong "attacker" type. Lots of good offensive abilities
ºThe Badº Mostly only Offensive abilities

*Dark Knight*
A death dealer born of shadow-the ideal dressphere for some of you Neoseekers! (RPG only of course!) The dark knight is the type to do ANYTHING to win a battle. In FFX-2 the DK is able to use abilities to sacrifice themselves or portions of their HP to help the outcome of the battle.
»The Good» You can make yourself immune to a lot of status ailments and the attacks are great to destroy with!
ºThe badº Can only recover small amounts of Hp by draining...no real means for healing!

Something along the sides of Kimarhi...or a furry horned thinger
»The Good» quick and attacks with furious abandon (well that may not ALWAYS be bad..)
Lots of good abilities but...
ºThe bad Many of the Beserker abilities are hard to obtain!

The inner entertainer/fighter in all of us!-uses music and dance to distract enemies and to trance them
»The Good» a lot of different status att….oh excuse me, dances and songs. and good to raise strength etc. (during battle)
ºthe badº not really an attack dressphere

**SPECIALS; THE BOOKS OF MAGICAL DANCES; to learn MP mambo and Magical Masque you must acquire two key items: Magical Dances Vol. 1 and Magical Dances Vol.2
Vol. 1 is obtained by defeating the boss enemies inside the Den of Woe at Mushroom Rock. Vol. 2 is obtained by defeating the Experiment machine at Djose Temple during chapter 5, when the boss's attack defense and special parameter are all at level 5

*Black Mage*
This dressphere utilizing the forces of elemental magic.
»The Good» High Mp and Magic defense good for attacking!
ºThe Badº Depends heavily on healer types and has low hp, strength, and Defense

*White Mage*
A supporter that is very useful, especially in longer battles with fiends that dish out harder punches!
»The good» Well of course they big deal is the magic that heals your party. Magic that heals status effects are also a big deal too.
ºThe Badº White Mage is not a dressphere to have every member in your party use! White mage has NO ATTACKS! It doesn't even give you that "attack" option in your commands! The best way to use WHITE MAGE Is as a supporting healer. (it will be more important to have a white mage in the later chapters)

♠Lady Luck♠
A dressphere that transforms the character into a seductive vixen-that uses her characteristics to take enemies for all they're worth!
»The Good» If "lady luck" (haha) is on your side, you'll get the chance to really dish out some awesome attacks!
ºThe Badº There is always a chance that your attacks will be very weak or not attack!

When equipped in combat, the trainer dressphere calls a sacred animal into action. The abilities that each animal has is different between the different characters.
»The Good» Some really cool attacks from cute animals
Yuna; Kogoro→ dog→ abilities→ Pound! Kogoro lv.3
Kogoro; uses variety of spells that inflict a combo of elemental damage and status ailments!
Rikku; Ghiki→ Monkey→abilities→ Sneaky Ghiki, Ghiki cheer
Ghiki; helps steal items and gil from some enemies
Paine; Flurry→ Pheasant→ Flurry Speed, Maulwings
Flurry; uses powerful blows that inflict status ailments or instantly KO foes.

All characters in Trainer Mode learns some form of Cure and Esuna spell, also a lot of auto-abilities!

Like the Trainer, the Mascot dressphere has different abilities for each character, and those abilities are one of the bests!
Yuna→ Moogle→ abilities: Moogle Wall, Ribbon
Yuna's moogle mascot has wonderful attacks that are strong against fiends, and it also has many abilities that cure status ailments, and protect against different attacks!
Rikku→ Cait Sith→ Abilities: PuPu Platter, Cait water
Rikku's mascot, the Cait Sith, is a magic based dressphere. It has abilities that lower strength etc. of your enemies also.
Paine→ Tonberry→ Abilities: Dark Knife, Arsenic Knife
Paine's mascot, Tonberry, has many attacks that focus on status effects. Its strength is really good for attacking, and extremely useful!
☼Hint: All the mascot dresspheres have at least one attack that enables you to use a different dressphere's attack/ability.
Yuna's attack Swordplay uses Warrior skills, and Arcana uses Dark Knight skills!
Rikku's attack Instinct uses Berserker skills and White Magic uses White Mage skills.
Paine's attack Bushido uses Samurai skills and Black magic uses Black mage skills.

¥here to find it? Acquire this dressphere by completing every episode during Chapter five except for Bevelle. Be sure not to do Zanarkand Ruins last though, because for some reason it won't work then!
There are three ULTIMATE dresspheres in this game; one for each of the main characters. They are all full of awesome abilities and each one is customized in a way to fit the character's personality.
Yuna→ Floral Fallal→ Three Part Dressphere→ Floral Main Fallal, Right Pistil, Left Pistil
Floral Fallal Main Ability; Libra, Break damage limit
Right Pistil; Floral Rush, Triple Hp
Left Pistil; Sticky Honey, Poison Leaves
Yuna's Floral Fallal needs two items to unlock abilities like Break Hp limit and Break damage limit.
To break your Hp limit, you need Aurora Rain, which you can find in a treasure chest inside a cave at the bottom of the gorge at the Calm Lands during Chapter Five. To unlock Break Damage Limit, you need Twilight Rain. Twilight Rain can be found in a treasure chest below the waterfalls at Besaid Island during Chapter five.
You get this dressphere during chapter two while traveling the Djose Highroad just south of the temple during the mission to obtain three Leblanc Syndicate uniforms.

Rikku→ Machina Maw→ 3 part dressphere→ Machina Maw Main, Smasher-R, Crusher-L
Machina Maw→ Abilities→ Revival, Bio Missile
Smasher-R→ Abilities→ Protector, Scan
Crusher-L→ Abilities→ Homing Ray, Anti Mental Shell
Rikku's Machina Maw also needs special items to unlock the abilities Break Hp And Damage Limit (they're separate). For Hp, you need the Machina Reactor which is found in a treasure chest near the lift up to the Youth League HQ at Mushroom Rock Road during Chapter five.
For the break damage limit, you need the Machina Booster, you can get it by dispatching level and five chocobos three times each from Clasko's Chocobo Ranch at the Calm lands out into Spira looking for items. In addition, all of your Choco Runners must be level 5! When you return to the ranch, Clasko reports that the chocobos found a secret dungeon at the Calm Lands. The item is contained in a chest inside the dungeon.
You can find Rikku's dressphere during Chapter 2 investigating the Oasis at Bikanel Desert during the mission to obtain three Leblanc Syndicate uniforms.

Paine→ Full Throttle→ Three Part Dressphere → Full Throttle Main, Dextral Wing, Sinistral Wing.
Full Throttle Main; Fright, Whelmen
Dextral Wing; Stamina, Lazy Wing
Sinistral Wing; Steel Feather, Ribbon
Again, you need two items to unlock the Break Damage and Break Hp Limit abilities. To gain the Hp limit break, you need the Victor Primoris, which you can get on a ledge just over the side of the northernmost curve in the Mi'Hen Highroad. To get there you need to ride a chocobo to the spot and wait in the gap for a few seconds until the chocobo offers to go, first the chocobo will fly up to open a different chest, but if you repeat the process it will fly into the chasm to obtain the Victor Primoris! To obtain the Corpus Invictus (which unlocks the Break damage limit) you need to locate a chest inside the secret dungeon of the Thunder Plains. During Chapter five go to the thunder plains and defeat all of the fiends attacking the lightning towers. Afterward, an Al Bhed will offer to take you to the secret dungeon. After finding Cid in the dungeon, explore further and open secret stone walls to uncover the chest with the Corpus Invictus!
Get the Full Throttle dressphere during chapter one. Find Tromell at the Macalania woods and speak to him four times and the dressphere is yours!

cool trick
If you are fighting an enemy with any elemental weakness, make sure you have a gunner with trigger happy, and then equip something that adds a certain element, the one the enemy is weak against of course, and you'll do elemental damage every time you press R1. Use this if you don't have a catnip item,
Another way, is have the cat nip item, and use trigger happy when your hp is low. This does 9999 damage every time you hit R1.
One more cool trick, is when you do the o'aka side quest in macalania woods, let him on your airship and pay off his debt of 100000 gil, BEFORE CHAPTER 3!!! If so, you can get a huge discount on his items. Buy, them, then sell them somewhere else, and make a cool profit!
Decnt Training Spot Inbetween levels 20-40
Ya all remember moonflow? Yea? well if ya r a weak little fella then this is the place 2 train in chapters 3-5. From moonflow, move to the right of the Tolbi's show then go down da road an walla. sum times dere r crap battles with the bandits.
Defeat Angra Mainyu ,It's easy ,
In the bikanel desert you have to fight Angra Mainyu but it's really hard to beat it as it has a lot of HP (333444 HP to be exact) but don't worry i found a way,it's simple just equip your highest level up character to white mage(I did it with Paine -should master it ) and the other two with Dark knight(must know darkness).Then equip them with crystal bangles or mythril bangles and the HP will become higher.(If you don't have them just use the titanium bangle -it's avaliable in most of the shops)and make sure you have enough remedys as the Angra Mainyu puts the bloody breath.that cast our characters silent,poison and darkness,so be ready for that.now hear's the most important part when you go to the battle just use Darkness and Angra Mainyu's HP will reduce but the character who casted it will loose HP but because we have a white magician don't worry,just cure them when they use darkness and you can beat Angra Mainyu easily but it takes a lot of time but when you beat you'll get a massive reward including 5000 gil and can get 100% story completed.I had to fight for almost half an hour to beat it.hope this helped,go ahead ,kick Angra Mainyu's butt,good luck!!!!
Defeating Shiva and Ifrit without using items
First of all, they can heal themselves: Shive-Ice, Ifrit-Fire. The way to defeat Shiva is to use a third level fire spell or the warriors Flametongue attack, be careful of her overdrive diamond dust(a lot of damage depending on your level)Healing is nescessary. Ifrit is the opposite of Shiva, he cures himself with fire spells so use third level ice spells or the warriors ice attack. Also, be careful with his overdrive Hellfire. (Massive damage) Heal if nescessary
Den of Woe and Crimson Spheres
Crimson Sphere 1: In Chapter 3, go back to the area where you had to fight Bahamut.

Crimson Sphere 2:You'll get this one by playing through the storyline

Crimson Sphere 3:Just play the game.

Crimson Sphere 4:In Leblanc's Chateau, go into the room where you found the broken Sphere. Go to the right hand side of the room and hold O. Just cross that section of the room to the other side to get it.

Crimson Sphere 5: When Brother tells you the that Leblanc is there, go to the engine room.

Crimson Sphere 6: In Chapter 5, go to the room on the right in The Bevelle Temple. You'll meet the KinderGuardians. Go into the portal and watch the cutscene to see it on the ground.

Crimson Sphere 7: Go to where the Den Of Woe is located in Chapter 2.

Crimson Sphere 8: Via Infinito lvl 20. You'll have to beat a boss to get this one.

Crimson Sphere 9: In Chapter 1, in the Mushroom Rock mission, follow Logps and Ormi when they jump down into the Ravine. To follow them, just go to where there are rocks that look like steps and jump down.

Crimson Sphere 10: In Chapter 3, go to GuadoSalam, speak to Ormi and Logos in the room with the secret passageway, Speak to Leblanc, Go back to that room with the passageway. Go into the room on the very right. You'll get it after that.

In the Den Of Woe, you'll need to be lvl 50> with Dark Knight, Berserker and Alchemist.

You'll fight Rikku, Paine, Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj.

You get a special Cutscene and Magical Dances vol.2

Easiest Way to Defeat Lvl 40. Bevelle Boss
On level 40, there is the Black Elemental boss. His HP is not that high but his attacks are. he can hit you with single attacks for 9999 or do 9999 to the whole party. Make sure Yuna has maxed or at least close to maxed her Floral Fallal dressphere. Equip Yuna with the Unerring Path Garment Grid. Once the battle begins switch to Yuna's special dressphere as fast as possible. Once You are allowed to attack with it, do The Great Whirl attack and you MUST activate Mirror Petals first shot with her right pistil. This ability reflects all his magical attack right back at him self. Seeing as all his attacks are magical, you have this battle in the bag. He'll continue to attack himself and with you attacking him too the battle will be done in minutes.
Easiest way to defeat Vegnagun!
After defeating the three aeons in chaprter 5 (Shiva, Magus Sisters, and Anima) level up easily on the road down to the farplane. If you get up near level 50-60, and switch directly to Yuna's special dressphere, you should be able to defeat any part of him with a few Great Whirl and Left Stigma attacks.
****Don't forget to heal while on Right Stigma****
Easy Skills At Start Of Game (Requires A Controller With Turbo & Some Tape)
When you start go until you get to the part with she-goons turn down the alley to your left. By the boxes you will see a person in a Moggle costume crouched over (this is Yuna in disguise). If you try to talk to her she will refill your (Rikku & Paine's) HP. You may notice that enemies continue to appear here. What you do is stand next to Yuna (The Moggle) so that when you press X she refills your health. Now, tape down the X button and put it into turbo mode so that X is repeatedly pressed. You will start to continuously refill health. Then, enemies will come. Don't touch anything! Do not try to get away. stay next to Yuna. You will enter the battle. Because X is held down and is in turbo mode Rikku and Paine will automatically attack. Once the battle is over, you will fill up health automatically. This cycle will continue and as it continues you will get skills.

Easy alternative way to defeat Dark Ifrit!
Problems with Dark Ifrit and his Hellfire? Here's the trick: Equip all your partymembers with the Heart of Flame Garment Grid. Make sure you have the samurai, Dark Knight and Warrior Dresspheres in that grid (Or any other strong attacking dresssphere). This way you will defeat Dark Ifrit in no time!
Well once you have beatin the game a few times and have atleast two catnips and speed bracers simply go to bikanel desert where you encounter that big feind simply equip the catnips and speed bracers and of corse the gunner dresssphere with level3 triggerhappy(a must have)and let rip with one gunner closely followed by the other you should revieve 5000 exp and 5000 gil and also the spare charcter can use the ladyluck dresssphere so atleast one of use are getting 10000exp and you will always recieve 10000 gil you can do this on chapter1 and onwards goodluck......
Easy fights in the Farplane
Just ensure you have the magical dances volume 2, and that you have a songstress who can perform "Magical Masque", take two dark knights with you, and you are good to go. Have the songstress using highroad wind dress-sphere so she goes first, perform Magical Masque before the enemy even considers moving, you are now all immune to magical atacks. (I had my other two - the dark knights - using highroad winds too). a few rounds of this and lots of "darknesses" later the enemy is either severely weakened, or, more often than not, dead. Even Shiva and the Magus sisters are powerless against you !!!
Easy Healing
If you need to heal up, change your characters into White Mages, because they have the lowest HP in the game. You can use regular Potions or low level white magic spells to cure them. Revert them back to their original classes and they'll be at max health.
Easy Kill
Equip cat nip(found in Bevelle after defeating Black Elemental) and sprint shoes (found in the calm lands- west) which will ensure first strike. then, equip the gunner dress sphere and attack the person with these equipped until the HP is in yellow. Then, since you have first strike, you can use trigger happy and constantly hit for 9999 without dying and can kill very hard enemies. (espically good for places in Bevelle)
Easy kill the black element
equip all your girls with alchamist ds and with the gg Highroad winds and then set your items so that holy water and a gem (either fire gem, water gem, ice gem or lightning gem) are the first two items in your item list then when u mix them together u will do about 7000 dmg and with all 3 of ur girls casting he dies easy even if he users flare then go pick up cat nip
easy leveling
gain some new equipment and raise your strenth and defense.Then go to a spot with monsters alot stronger then u are or a sidequest with stonger monsters stand by a save spot and fight if u get weak after the battle go to save spot regain hp then fight more and repeat.
easy megaelixers
In the Bikanel Desert while digging, a message will appear saying large unidentified object heading this way. Wait for a red arrow to appear on the map and head towards it, it's a huge monster that is kinda hard to beat but you can steal megaelixers from it and runaway.
Easy Money For O'aka's Debt
You can always either:
A) Choose to have the Al Bhed tear O'aka a new one in chapter 2. Or
B) You can hide him on the airship, and drag together 100,000 gil. If you choose (B), you have some hard work set out for you. Unless...

If you go to the inn in Guadosalam before infiltrating Syndicate HQ, and buy data for 10,000 gil, one/two hints will get you 100,000 gil (equalling a profit of 90,000). Before buying the data, however, SAVE! Go inside, and talk to the guy, and buy the data.

If the hint(s) are, "It's the last person you'd expect", and "It's the closest person you can find", hit SQUARE and sell the data to the guy for 100,000 gil. If it's not, soft reset, and try again. Just don't expect it to come along quickly (I worked for half an hour)

Proceed to the airship, buy stuff from O'aka, preferrably on particular item (I bought Hi-Potions), and sell it off to Barkeep. Rinse, and repeat. In no time, you will pay off the debt. As an extra added bonus, you will also have majority of the 100,000. I did this with 10,000 gil (after buying the data) and still had 70,000 odd after paying off the debt.
Easy Sphere Break wins
The key to Sphere Break and winning is simple all you basically need is the basic concept of elementary math. I have found that the easiest way to win is to get a coin with a multiplier echo and use coins that have the numbers 1,2,3, and 6. I defeated Shinra in 8 turns with this strategy and have never lost so its pretty easy. get a multiplier echo of 3 or four going and dont lose it. If u generally understand the game this will be easy if not, here's your explanation:

Say your core number is 3 and you want to use a multiplier echo of four combine numbers to make the sum of 12. While doing this you also have to be sure not to hit another multiplier while getting to twelve like 6 or 9 because that will break the chain. Now that you have started off with a (4) multiplier echo you will need to continue it, to do this, and rack up the coins, just make another muliple of your next core number. Note: the next number also has to be four times the core number so that you dont break the chain.

Keep doing this and you will be home free and will easily get the dress sphere lady luck!
Easy way to beat the Black Elemental in Via Infinito Cloister 40.
An easy way to beabeat the Black Elemental in Via Infinito Cloister 40 is to have the Dark Knight Dressphere, with the ability Charon taught.

Just use Charon and it will cause 9999 damage!

Now you're done! Continue on to the end of Via Infinito! =)
Easy Way To Defeat Bosses Easier
Have Yuna as the trainer dressphere,rikku as the lady luck,and Paine as the Berserker dressphere. Okay, Yuna should have learned Pound! and Holy Kogoro, Rikku should learn Four Dice,and Paine should have Berserk. When fighting a boss, have Paine go Berserk even when she has snapped out of berserk keep casting it back on her.Next, have rikku keep doing the move Four Dice, and have Yuna keep doing Pound! or Holy Kogoro. Keep repeating this process in order to defeat bosses real easily.
step 1:have dark knight learn charon.

step 2:equip dark knight on all three girls.

step 3:master machina maw (you will espesilly need vajra, hp repiar, and the reviving move)

step 4:fight magus sisters.

step 5:have yuna & paine use charon on mindy (the bee).

step 6:transform into machina maw.

once step six is done just keep using vajra and have the two sidekicks use hp repair. happy victory!!!!
If you didn't visit the Moonflow during Chapter 1, then at the beginning of Chapter 2 while pushing the musicians into the elevator. If you see Tobli push him in and he'll and over the accessory Enterprise. If you don't push Tobli in before the musicians then you will not receive the accessory.
Fiend Problems In The Via Infinito??
Even though all my girls are level 99 I still had some trouble with the following fiends. So Im going to list how i finally beat them, Oversoul style.

*~Black Elemental~*
Have all 3 girls equipped with The High Road G.G. and the Gunner D.S. and simply use the Gunplay ability "Table Turner" before he uses Ultima

*~Elder Drake~*
Really Simple, to tell the truth. Just have at least one girl equipped with Beserker and "Evade and Counter." Enough Said.

*~Mega Tonberry~*
This guy gave me the most trouble, and still does. But just be patient and try this: Have 1 girl equipped with Gunner, Cat Nip (obtained by beating the level 40 boss - Black Elemental), have Trigger Happy Lv. 3, and a speed bracer. Another girl should be an Alchemist and should be ready to use a Mega Pheonix(This is b/c the Tonberrys kill fast), also have Items Lv. 2 or 3 (I can remember which) And the 3rd girl needs to be, well anything. Now before you fight him, MAKE SURE YOUR GUNNER HAS YELLOW HEALTH!!!! Then just simply use Trigger Happy on the Mega and Ignore the little one b/c after the big one dies she should use the rest of the time on the little one.

I still have alot of problems with this guy. But really all you have do is, again, use Trigger Happy Lv 3 when you have low health and Cat Nip equiped. Repeat 2-3 times. Also have a Beserker with "Evade and Counter" and The Alchemist ready to use some Pheonix Downs.

Again have a Gunner with Cat Nip, Low Health and Trigger Happy Lv. 3. And the other 2girls equipped with The High Road G.G. and the Warrior D.S. Have them both use "Delay Buster." And the Gunner use Trigger Happy a couple of times.

There You Go!! Happy Killing!!
Funny Scene
When you have to find the Syndicate Uniforms in Mt. Gagezet, follow the Goon up the mountain. When you see her jump down from the ledge, don't follow her. Go up where she just came to the top. Turn right and climb the rocks until you see a triangular rock. The Goons will be talking and then Ormi will appear. That's when the rock falls and Yuna, Rikku and Paine fall in the Hot Springs. There will be a scene where Rikku compares breast sizes. You'll see what I mean when you see it!
Gain Levels Quickly
Go to Via Infinito, and equip a Lore Bracelet (it will work, only charm bangles dont work) and try to get into as many battles as you can on your way up, and by the time you are on level 80, your girls should be level 99, or close to it.
Get 90k Gil in a couple of minutes.
You might have known there was a catch but I found this was the easiest way to pay off Oaoka's debt. In CHAPTER THREE, make sure you talk to the goons next to Leblanc's door. After your finished with that, go back to the save sphere and head to the door on your right. As you can see, you need 10k to obtain a clue from the lady you talk to behind the counter. Trust me, you want to give her 10k! Once you have the money you need make sure to SAVE THE GAME. Once you've saved the game, go back to her and give her the money.. she'll give you a clue. You want the clue that says "Its the last person you'd expect. No question." so if you don't get it at first, restart your game and try again. It took me about 4 tries. When you get the clue above, go find who to give it too... (She's right before your eyes)... If you payed attention to the clues she gave you before, it should be a cinch.
Get a Songstress to attack
Before a battle equip a berserker or a warrior and a songstress then cast berserk(assult) on the party especially the songstress / cast berserk on the songstress the the songstress will attack with her mic *it is not exactly a cheat but it is funny and a thing you dont get a songstress to do*
Get easy lvl. up on chapter 5 Via Infinito
Go to Via Infinito on chapter 5(Charm bangle wont work here)wheen you get to cloister 40 you have to fight with black elemental,it's look really tough,but it have a trick.He use berserk,
flare that is targeted on 1 character and ultima that target your party,the bad of this is that he make 9,999 damage with flare(that kill the targeted character) and ultima (Will kill your party).

The trick whit this boss is to use a lunar curtain at the begining of the battle and it attack's will go to him(berserk and flare)if he use ultima he will kill you,but it's not a big problem,you just need to try it again,sometimes he only use berserk and flare.Next,select a Dark Knight with the Black Sky ability,(if you have ragnarok equip it on the dark knight to have a
0 mp cost,so you can use as much Black Sky's as you want\need or use ethers or turbo ether's).
He use flare all the time and it will lose bellow 1'500 hp every time it use it on you,the black sky work well too,so him come down in no time.You will get some accesories including Cat Nip.Equip it on a gunner whit lvl 3 trigger happyequip the speed bracer to the gunner,it will make it faster so it gave you a little more time to press R1.

Go to cloister 50-59 but dont get to 60,you will fight fiends that are tough but wheen your gunner have yellow hp(low hp)use the trigger happy to kill the fiends,and you have a big amount of EXP(it's recomended to use the other two character's lady luck dress sphere double EXP ability)you must be near a portal to get out wheen you are on trouble,wheen you are ready go to cloister 60,you gonna fight whit concherer,two rounds of trigger happy and it's dead,he give you 6'000 EXP x 2 becouse the double EXP=12'000,from 60-100 he apear like a normal fiend,use the same strategy.

Note:I get to lvl 90 whit this strategy.
Get lvls faster and moves
In Ch3, go to the Highroad, There the fights give more EXP so go there if you need Lvl ups and if you want to learn abilties faster for your jobs, get in as many fights as you want and that will help you learn abilties faster.
Get realy easy Exp.
First you must have the garment grip "Unerring Path" and then
after you got Rikkus spesial dressphere and trained a litle you will get an move that name is "death missile" that kills every enemy (if they arent immune to death) so go to a plase where you get really much exp and do it on every enemy now use the gamrnet grip on rikku becuse it haves only 2 dresspehere slots this will allow you to use the spesial dresspehere realy quick so just go and kill some beast!!!! =)
Happy Ending
This is sort more off a tip than anything.
In chapter three when yuna gets thrown in the hole a few scenes will take place. After the scene you get the crimson spheres of nooj and gippal yuna will be on her own. You can now move around. Heres the secret bit:as you move around carry on pressing x. You will hear a total of 4 whistles. After the forth, if you have done it correctly, you will be taken out be a path of light with what looks like tidus leading the way. The, after defeating vegnugun and shuyin you will arrive in the farplane abyss. Press x again to here a whistle. Then a fayth will appear and ask you if you want to walk with him again. Answer yes. Now... when the credits have finished you will get the "happy" ending!
Hidden Dungeons
Unlockable: Bonus Dungeons

Fulfill these requirements to open up extra dungeons.

Chocobo Dungeon: Talk to Clasko after you raise at least three Chocobos to Level 5.

Fiend Colony: Raise a Level 5 Chocobo and send it to Mihen Road.

Via Infinito: In the room with the lift, in Chapter Five, there is a group of Kinderguardians, and a portal by them.
Highroad Winds garment grid
When you get the Cat Nip accessory from the Black Elemental equip your gunner (with the rank 3 trigger happy) with Catnip, and use the Highroad Winds GG, which allows first strike. This allows you to use whatever you want as a second slot item! I use Cat Nip and Ragnarok, so I don't waste mana on the large boss fights.

Also, for most battles where there are more than one enemy, you can just use the gunners "Scattershot" ability when at critical health, and instantly win the battle. EXTREMELY useful for those nasty spy satelites.
well i noticed that no-one has mentioned the best dress sphere in the game the mascot dress sphere.
well all you have to do to get this little beauty is to get chapter complete in every area in the game in chapter 5 but this is something you do thought the whole game, so don,t miss anything. this dress sphere is great you get alot of diff abilities for each girl. something from every dress sphere if i remember right, there like the special dress sphere with auto ribbon and things like that, there really strong too well good luck.
How To Beat Elder Drake ( In The Via Infinito)
O.k. now when you run into the Elder Drake now make sure you have the beserker dressphere fully masterd. If you do not have it masterd then you really have no chance of winning. Having the beserker dressphere masterd causes her to evade and counter every attack that the Elder Drake comes at you with. Then all you have to do is when Elder Drake kills the others you will probably have to revive them very often but you will beat him eventually. So make sure you buy alot of Pheonix Downs. But if you want to avoid him here is the tip.

First Time- He is jumping back and forth so make sure you pass him while he is out of the way.

Second Time- He is in between two Pillars and it LOOKS like you have no choice but to fight him. But when you first see him go backwards and turn left and climb onto the pillar and then jump onto the platform. Then hit the switch and it will cause two platforms to go over the Elder Drakes head so you can now jump freely over him without fighting him. Now you just keep going on with your journey.
How to defeat Trema in 20 seconds
Hi, I was playing FFX-2 the other night. I fought Trema and when I went critical I did Trigger Happy and finished him off. The reason why? I had the Cat Nip accessory equipped. Here's how it works:

Enter the battle with all 3 characters on gunner, Critical HP and wearing Cat Nip accessory.

Then do Trigger Happy and it should deal 9999 damage, about 2 trigger happy's max. and Trema should be down for the count.
How to even out your girls levels
Since Yuna is in the Moogle costume and doesn't join for the first few battles she can easily get behind by a couple levels and if a character isn't revived before the end of a battle she won't be awarded any experience.
There are 2 ways to do. The easy way and the hard way.
The easy way requires the special dress spheres, so this can be done as early as chapter 2. Tell the other girls to escape from the battle and have the girl you want to level up use unerring path to transform into her special dress sphere, only she will recieve experience for those battles. Rinse and repeat until their levels are evened out.

The hard way. Pretty much same as option 1 but without the special dress spheres, can be difficult because you have to alternate between healing yourself and attacking the enemies.
How to get Episode Completes
In order to get episode completes, you must look at Shinra's commspheres. Look at each area 15 or 25 times. After you find that hasty Tobli, look at them again. Come Chapter 5 comes you might get all of them.

Note: Bikinel Island and Luca is the only commsphere you don't have to look at. After you defeat Angra Mainyu at Bikinel and you go to the place where Tidus taught yuna how to whistle, you will get a Episode complete by default.
How to get the Chocobo Ranch and The Central Expanse
In Chapter 1 go to the Mushroom Rock and then talk to Clasko and after the mission. When you talk to him after the mission say the "more the merrier" and he will join you on the airship. Then go to The Calm Lands and follow him to the secert dungeon then make sure you clean out the dungeon by killing all the fiends in the place. Now you have the Chocobo Ranch now all you have to do now is go catch chocobos. Good Luck.

Now to get the Central Expanse you have to have a chocobo in the ranch. All you have to do is send one chocobo to Bikinil Desert and come back later and Clasko will say the chocobo had run away. No matter how many chocobos you have in the ranch it will still run away. Then you have to go to the Bikinil Island around chapter 5 and the central expanse will be yours happy hunting I mean digging (lol) well whateva till next time.
How to kill Angra Mainyu EASY!!!
The best garmet gride to use is "Undying Storm".
To kill it you must put one of your players that is the best at white magic E.g Rikku.
Then you put the other two as dark knights and keep doing the attack "darkness".
Try your best to put confused-proof braclets on all of them but if you only have one put it on the white magic person.
with the white magic player you must put protect and shell on all the players and keep on healing the other players as when they do the move "darkness" they lose HP.
and when one of the mosters does bloody breath try to get a remedy on the person that has white magic as soon as possible as bloody breath makes them go silent,poisened and darkness.
and keep on doing this until to kill Angra Mainyu, it does work!!
How to Negate W.I.M.P.
If you don't know, W.I.M.P. is a status effect, caused by Vespa, which forces your character to escape from battle.

To negate this effect simply change dress spheres.
If New to the Game
If your new to this game, then this is a tip for the new people. When you first begin the game use Rikku's Steal ability to steal items from each battle.

Also, when leaving the stadium and running after the fake Yuna, check each pier. One will have a big moggle. That moggle will heal you if you are low on health.

After doing these two things you'll have a good amount of items to make things easier.
Instant money! Up to 17,000 Gil!
To do this, you must have chose to hide O'aka in the Celcius in Chapter 1, and pay off O'aka's debt. After paying off O'aka's debt, he opens his store in the Celcius for really cheap prices up until Chapter 3. So this trick will only work from the time you pay off his debt and when you return to Macalania Woods in Chapter 3.

Go to O'aka and buy 99 of each of the items he is selling then go to the Gullstore just a few steps away and sell them all. Repeat the cycle and you'll continue to add 11,000 gil to your savings each time you do. Buying once then selling without buying again from O'aka will get you 17,000 gil.
Levelling Up
Looking for a good place to level up? Low-level characters should seek out Leblanc Syndicate's HQ. Mid-level characters will be best served at Cid's secret dungeon in Chapter 5 while High-level characters should head to the Depths of the Farplane.
Lian and Ayde
Find Lian And Ayde in chapt. 3. at the large tower in NORTHERN THUNDER PLAINS (looks like a roof). Send them to the MOONFLOW. Make sure you have faced down Garik, i believe in chapter 3 up MT. GAGAZET, and visit the mountain every chapter: 1-3 and 5 (cannot leave airship in chap 4 except to track down tobli and to kill the fiends just before concert). Visiting in chapters 1 and 2 may not be mandatory for this, but it’s a good idea if you want to get the Trainer dress sphere (tell him in chapters 1 and 2, any of the 3 options that do not have to do with “You have to learn to handle these things on your own.” In chapter 3, if you have told him these things correctly, you should get the Trainer DSP. In chapter 5, if you have talked to tromell and received paine’s Full Throttle special DSP. And fought Garik, then in chapter 5, Guadosalam should become a hotspot saying “there is some weird music coming out of Guadosalam”
Go there, watch the cutscene, after you’re sent back to the airship, go back again. This time, Tromell is up by the house you could not get into. Talk to him, and he opens the door. Inside, you should be approached by a guado child. He will give you Tempered Will G.G. and say something about him and Lian and Ayde being friends.

I followed the details of the "Another Helpful Tip From Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings" post, but the Calm Lands were not an option. I believe the options were Djose Highroad, Moonflow, and Kilika Island.
little trick to three boss fights
Ok guys been looking and none mentioned this so here's goes do forgive my spelling one bit hehe

Shiva use Ice Queen lovely easy way to gain hp also when she cast blizzard

Ifrit use Heart of flame lovely easy way to gain hp also when he cast fire base spells

Ixion use thunder Spawn lovely easy way to gain hp also when he cast lighting base spells i finds this little tricks as i call them useful in some cases hehe
it not much but helps when fighting them that little extra healing helps
LVL up without being active
A way to lvl up to lvl 99 without really playing the game.

Its also noted on other pages.
Dont have to need the best items.. dont need special bosses..

What to do?
at low lvl find a nice spot (for me it was thunder plains) and put some weight on the X button and the upper movement button and make sure you walk against a wall. Equip one person with the White Mage dressphere. And depending on which location u are.. equip some protection against the status u can receive from the fiends that place. (i had a protection against confusion because of the big annoying plant thing). The Pray will keep healing ur characters and u just slash away gaining lvls and ya can leave the Playstation while sleeping. Gave me lvl 40 when i woke up. (chapter 1)

Later when i came to the cave in the Calm Lands where the Aeon Yojimbo is there are nice fiends and exp too. At that time i was able to use an Accessoiry which converted Fire into HP. And use Ribbon.. and when no ribbon use protection for Poison. Same trick and i lvled up to 99. (however more difficult here because of the bees that use some WIMP skill.. which can cause ur auto play to hold and slowly kill u. Went better with 2 ribbons to make sure those were killed)

Basic idea.. find good spot.. equip correctly.. and make sure the x button and direction button are pressed.. and have sweet dreams
Magus Sisters Problems?
Having trouble with the Magus Sisters. Well, I have an easy way to get rid of them nice and easy.
You should have 2 Dark Knights and 1 Alchemist.
Keep on using Darkness with the 2 Dark Knights and heal them after using Darkness with Alchemist by mixing a Hi-Potion and Potion to attain a Mega-Potion.. this way you dont have to take off the Sisters focusing on one Sister at a time. NOTE: I think that you should at least be at Level 50 because this worked when I was on Level 52. Good Luck and Enjoy!
Mastering Paine's Warrior Dressphere and Rikku's Thief Dressphere with little risk!
At the Beginning of the game, when chasing after the "Fake Yuna", run to the second Dock behind the crates. You'll find the Real Yuna in a Moogle Costume there. Every time you talk to her, she'll heal you for free. Now just stand there, and let the goons come to you.

The first mission is actually a spot with VERY WEAK infinitely respawning enemies, which allows you to easily level up Paine's and Rikku's primary dressphere while using the costumed Yuna to heal. It will take a bit, but if you take your time, you can meet Leblanc and her stupid goons with skills such as Liquid Steel and Borrowed Time.

So just wait near the costumed Yuna, let the enemies come to you, kill them with only one attack from each character, and use Yuna to heal if necessary. FARM THOSE AP.
Monkey Misson!
Chapter 2-Zanarkand

Are you having trouble with finding a soul mate for the monkey??? Here's help!!! All of the monkey's soul mate is listed and also the monkey's soul mate location.

Sequoia-Chamber of the Fayth
Autumn-Cloister of Trials ( small area )
Dawne-The Beyond
Thyme-Cloister of Trails ( big room )
Skye-The Beyond
Maxx-Cloister of Trails ( big room )
Valli-Chamber of the Fayth
Sol-Great Hall
Moonflow Side Mission: Sell Tickets
In chapter 2 there will be a side mission at Moonflow where you will help Tobli sell tickets for a show. Sell the right amount to the right people and you are sure to receive easy oney as much as 7500 gil, the highest profit you can get.

1. Al bhed woman at the most southern part of the path– 1500
2. Woman at the left below Tobli – 1500
3. The woman in yellow and orange by the save sphere – 1500
4. Kid near the stairs at the port (southern wharf) - 2000
5. Man near the shoopuf's tail - 1500
6. Kid near the hypello at the port (northern wharf) - 2000
7. Woman by the large spinning wheel – 2000
8. Woman at the left before entering the forest – 2000
9. Man in the forest – 1500
10. Man by the entrance to Guadosalam - 2000
Multi Dressphere change (advanced players)
Want to change dresspheres, but not change? Fear not, because I have the solution. You will need a game plus file, played as many times as you wish. Make sure that each and everytime you get one of each dressphere. Keep playing through up to 6 times (that makes 6 of every dressphere), then customize any GG with the desired dressphere.
New Game Plus+
When you are playing the game a second time through, you can start a new game plus from ANYWHERE in the game, you dont need to finish the game and get to the credits, just do a soft reset (L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, Select) and this will take you to the main menu, the new game plus option will now be there, select it, and you can use the equipment you just got, without finishing the game.
Power Through PR Campaign in Chapter 1
To power through the PR campaign in Chapter 1, do this. Sign up with either company and get them to Publicity Level 2. Now, go save and then go over to Sky Slots. Select the second level and wager 25 credits. Now, aim for the bird that either gets you a multiplier of 50 or 100. Try to line up three in a row and you'll have turned your 25 credits into 1250 or even 2500 credits. With the 100 credits that you initially have, that means you get 4 shots at it. If you aren't able to get it, buy more credits or reset and try again. Once you figure out how the birds line up and the timing, it's just a matter of a little luck. Repeat this trick (it'll be even easier now, since you have plenty of credits to try with) several times.

The conversion ratio in Chapter 1 is 20 credits gets you 1 publicity point. So in order to get 500 points, you'd theoretically need 10000 credits, although I've found that for some reason the game doesn't convert right if you wager the full 25 credits (which is fastest, since then it auto-takes you to the game) so you might need somewhat more. Now, just play Sky Slots level 2 and start losing credits like crazy. Have your finger on the down arrow to quickly wager 25 credits and fastly hit X to line up 3 birds and lose. If you follow this trick properly, you can be done with the publicity campaign in 2-3 hours in Chapter 1, maybe less, rather than having to spend hours campaigning throughout the game.

P.S.: This is also the best way to go about maxing both companies at Level 5, if you want to do that. That unlocks both special games and all prizes for both companies. To do that, you have to get 1000 with one company, then switch and get 500 with the other.
Quick Reset
Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Start + Select all at once to soft reset the game.
Very useful if your trying to beat Shinra in the chapter 3 Sphere Break Tournament and if you fail to get the parts then reach the hover in time while digging in Bikanel Desert.
Rename your Trainer pets!
Remember how in FFX you could get a coupon to rename your pets once? Well, you can do it in FFX-2 for free, AND as many times as you want!

The first thing you have to do is rest in the Celsius at least ONCE in every chapter. When you rest in the fifth chapter, after resting in all of the previous four, you will be treated to a scene between Barkeep and Brother.

After the scene, approach the Barkeep and his lady friend. The options should now be "Gullstore", "Rest", "Pet Store", and "Nevermind"

Go to "Pet Store", and there you go! Have fun renaming them!
Secret cut scene
In the second chapter when you have to find the three syndicate uniforms, go to Mt.Gagazet. When you get to the save sphere save and turn back. Go back to the rock steps. Climb up the first two then jump across to the right. Then keep climbing about six more steps. When you get to the top go past the cave, go over the small strip of land, and take a left. Go up the final three steps and go through the opening. You then get a cut scene with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, in their swimsuits, in the hot spring.
Short of Potions?
Change one of your characters to a low HP dressphere and then use a potion on her/him and then change back. Your HP be will be full.
special dresspheres
though you should already know this, just equip all ur characters with the "Unnering Path" garment grid and quickly sperechange the desired girl, go to the sperechange menu and acess the special dresspere and presto! it works well for Yuna if you have the Warrior and Beserker dresspheres on the grid. (I have her at lv. 50 and her health in Floral Fallal goes to 9999)

also when fighting in Floral Fallal a good strategy to use is to use Barier and Shield the first two turns Yuna has, and Mirror Petals on the first turn the Right Pistil has then keep using: Great Whirl, Left Stigma, and White Petals,
the combination of attack and healing works pretty well^^

It's almost perfect!... but then again nothing is COMPLETELY perfect

however when you fight the gold dragon thingy in the Thunder Plains I think it has nul-magical so using Floral Fallal is poitless... I used Full Throttle I think, or maybe Full Throttle AND Machina Maw.... but that doesn't matter. or maybe it had nul-physical... srry I cant remember, but I'm pretty sure it was nul-magical
The End Garment Grid
IF you oversoul all oversoulable enemies then speak with Shinra and view Shinra's Bestiary and he'll hand over the The End Garment Grid.
The experiment: good news and bad news
The good news about defeating the experiment is that you get more percentage, The bad news is that you get no experience for the fight. By the way you will have to kill that thing to get the perfect ending anyway so there is no point forgetting to fight it.
The ugly snail in the cloisters of trials
OK I can't recall the things name but it was on lv 40 I believe and it was an ugly creature.

It has this gastric something attack that sucks away all your mp so healing is an issue since many people don't have super awesome items in large quantity and they don't want to waste it on this ugly snail.

And it also has this attack that is instant death to one of your characters.

I tried many dresspheres and I find that a party with all three as Berserkers is best. All mine had 100% on it and since the thing sometimes has physical attacks then your safe since the evade and counter thing helps with that.

And if one dies cause of the instant death thing then you can use a Phoenix down to revive your allies. Also you won't need mp with berskerers so you don't have to worry.

The auto regen effect is already on your characters so your good.

Just don't let the characters go into berserker or anything like that cause one of them may die and need reviving.

And with all the countering and normal attacking is good too.

Just have one wait while other 2 attack just in case one of them needs quick reviving. I suggest rotating who waits too.

And equip them with speed bracers and accessories that increase hp. That should be the easiest way to do away with that nasty snail.
this is a good lv up
if ur at lv 30-40 and u want to lv up FAST on ch 5
well if u already defeated shiva go to thaat save sphere and circle around the save sphere
almost all the enemies give 1245-2800
i got to lv 62
make sure to equip sometin to prevent petrifacation
Tip: beat chapter.1 easy
ok at begining of game u get 2 hotspots DONT GO THERE@!!! first go to MI'HEN highroad. have yuna as gunner , paine and rikku warrior. make Yuna learn trigger happy lvl 3, Paine and rikku make them learn excalibur* and liquid steel.After you should be atleast lvl 15 or higher. when ur low on hp go to the save sphere

~~~~~~~~~~~Besaid islands~~~~~~~~~~~~
against the flame dragon he has 980 very easy if your lvl 15 or higher. ok first turn make yuna use trigger happy , paine and rikku use liquid steel then when u use liquid steel u can attack again so use liquid steel with both again and then yuna just do attack reapeat until he is dead.

~~~~~~~zanarkand ruins~~~~~~~~~
this boss is guardian beat hp 2886.This 1 is harder but heres what i sugest u do yyuna trigger happy paine rikku excalibur.next turn all 3 normal attck then yuna trigger happy rikku paine normal attack. next turn yuna normal attack depends on mpo paine rikku excalibur then just use normal attacks.

~~~~~~~~~kilika woods~~~~~~~
boss ysls-zero hp 1935 pretty hard this guy use trigger happy once every 3 turns and the rest is up to u need alot of pheanix down and potions
To Avoid Mega Tonberry
In Via Infinito, any time i came across a mega tonberry in the middle of a hallway, such as in the room where you land on a platform in the middle of the floor, take the far right hall (Mega Tonberry patrolling), then take the left hall twice and come across a item-giving tonberry and its child. Any time i came across that, I angled myself about 45* to the right while still moving forward, so i was walking at an angle AGAINST the right wall, and walked right by the Mega Tonberry without having to fight it. Do not worry about the lantern brushing against you if it swings toward the wall. It will not cause you to get into a battle.
Trick for High Damage Attack
For this trick, you need a strong basic attacker (e.g. Warrior) and a Gunner. Trigger Happy Levels 2 and 3 will help. In a battle have both characters' turns ready. Have your Gunner begin Trigger Happy and about halfway between, tap Confirm when you are over attack on your attacker. The chain attacks SHOULD increase the damage done by your attack. I haven't fully tested it but unless Paine got a super critical in my game it seems to work. You can try using a Samurai's Sparkler or the Dark Knight's infamous Darkness but the timing can be tricky. The basic version can inflict 4500+ damage at about level 55, which can take out small fries like Lucil in Ch. 5 in two attacks. Have fun slaughtering the enemies!
Triggering a CLIP!
In every chapter, New Games plus or no, go to the gullshore and talk to the hypello and 'REST'. If you do this in every chapter you will trigger a special scene and get more percentage for the 100% game option and get Tidus rejoined with you in Besiad at the end of the game!
Trouble In Battle Land?
Having trouble beating bosses in the end of chapter 4 or beginning/middle of chapter 5? Then stop what your doing. And after Yuna sings for the "second" time, go back to the thunder plains, beat all of the fiends clinging to the towers, except for the last one. Save the game, and go back to the Airship. If you have a charm bangle, or any other "No encounters" Accessory, take it off, and equip, either a wristband, muscle belt, icy, fiery, watery or any other kind of gleam, or power wrist. Anything to make Yuna Rikku and Paine stronger. Then run about, the Mi'ihen highroad, Thunder plains, or any other place with fiends, and get your levels up. Save freaquently if your in a hard place. When your characters are up to where you think they are ready to fight the Fiend in the Thunder Plains (Rikku: Bring It BeefStake!) Then go there, save once more, and go get 'em.
I prefer to get my characters up in the 50's and 60's therefore you can defete Shiva, the other three "Bug Aeons" And an aeon that looks exactly like Maester Seymours (in FFX). My characters are up as far as the 80's right now, and they can defete the Aeons in a few swipes. I got all of their levels up on Warrior. After they all mastered them, i changed them as follows:
Paine: Warrior
Yuna: (Switching between) Warrior and Black Mage.
Rikku: (switching between) Warrior and Samuri.
It worked well for me. (I just gotta beat Vegangun. What a pain.)
two chocobo wings
in besaid island
if u go down the waterfall
open the treasure chest and there will be two chocobo wings in chp 1
Uber Damage
If you have someone as an alchemist in your party, You can mix two items together and make a very nice resault. First select 'mix', And then select 'Holy Water'. And you can mix it with these:

--Fire Gem
--Water Gem
--Ice Gem

When you have selected one of these items, The two items will mix and create an effect which does 10,000 damage to your enemy you are fighting. This effect is called "White Hole". Happy Killing!
Vegnagun trouble?...Need help?Ya gonna need:

1:Rikku's special dressphere

2:All of the Machina Maw abilities, or at least break dmg. limit and Vajra,+ all the smasher and crusher abilities

3:Equip Rikku with the Unnering path GG, and have the samuria and warrior dresspheres in it

Once you get into the battle, spherechange into Rikku's special dressphere and have her use vajra each turn, using crusher's offense move to raise the amount of damage it does, and using smasher to heal when needed. Follow these instuctions, and you'll beat him in no time.This is also good for any boss, unless your at a low level.

(I think this game could be harder!)
Weapons out of FFX
You can see some of the weapons they used in FFX:
Brotherhood(Tidus): Set Yuna to Warrior
Rod(Yuna): Set Yuna to White Mage
Long Sword(Auron): Set Yuna to Samurai
Caladbolg(Tidus): Set Yuna to Dark Knight
Masamune(Auron): Set Rikku to Dark Knight
World Champion(Wakka): Used by Shuyin when he uses the Terra of Zanarkand attack in the Final Battle
White Mage Mastery
Mastering White Mages abilities are SUCH a pain....So,i figured,hey,why not....
Head to Besaid,And get into a battle but make sure you're fighting a really weak monster(unless you're at a high level).What we're gonna do is,to get rid of all the monsters except one.I would prefer Coyote.So,have (Yuna White Mage,example) Paine and Rikku get rid of the monsters then RUN.Their gonna waste their time if you keep them in the battle anyway.So,the Coyote can only attack Yuna for a pathetic 15 damage (for me) SO,Yuna uses Pray or Vigor to heal her HP.If you're smart,you should know what this means.Using Pray constantly means gaining abilities constantly once you use them enough!SO,to learn Protect,use Pray/Vigor around 20 or 30 times( I forgot,sry) and you should learn it.If you wanna kill the Coyote,use a few Budget Grenades.This trick will eat up some time though,to learn ALL the abilities.
Good Luck!
white mage max
basically as soon as you get the white mage dress sphere find a battle and equip everyone to white mage . tape down X and they will keep using pray which increases your stats for white mage . you shouldnt die as pray heals more than these fiends damage you. white mage skills can be very useful and save u money from buying potions etc.
Win some battles, Lady Luck style
Im sure you remember my "Fiend troubles in the Via Infonito" tip. Well this is an update. All of the feinds listed in my previous entry can be defeated by getting all 7's on the Random Reels (CONGRATS!). This may sound hard but in reality it is easy!. Simply pause and un-pause the game during Random Reels. When you see the bottom of a 7 at the very top of the reels, unpause and press X. If you mess up press O (circle) and try again. When you do CONGRATS! you will win lots of gil, the feind will flee, and give you a rare item!

Good Luck!!!
YIBBEL heals yuna
Sorry for the bad spelling but this is weird.If you join the youth league you get to be in their tourament. The first battle is Yibbel right. You see if yuna dies he might heal her.Weird.Huhh.It must be an easter egg. Try it out.

Easter eggs

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faster map grid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When your'e at vegnegun, walk around. look at the map.
Special Item from Final Shuyin Boss
When you do the final fight with Shuyin, have a character with the Thief Garment Sphere. Have them steal from him. At first, it will say that they couldn't steal anything. Don't kill him just yet, though, and keep trying to steal from him. When successful, you should get an item called a Hero Drink (Found on almost every old Final Fantasy game...) Then go scrap Shuyin!

If you did the game correctly to get a new game+, you will get the Hero Drink as an item to use, which grants invincibility (If you were to do this 99 times, somehow, then it might make it easy to defeat some of those hard bosses... Too easy.)


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10 crimson sphere
Crimson sphere 1.)
In CH3 when Djose Temple needs your help with fiends, go instead back to Bevelle Underground where you fought Bahamut.
Crimson sphere 2.)
Given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
Crimson sphere 3.)
Given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
Crimson sphere 4.)
Found in Guadosalam inside Chateau Leblanc.
Crimson sphere 5.)
In CH4, go to the engine room of the Celsius when Leblanc is there.
Crimson sphere 6.)
Found in Cloister 0 of the Via Infinito.
Crimson sphere 7.)
Visit the ravine in Mushroom Rock Road in CH2.
Crimson sphere 8.)
500+ points in Dancing Mini Game
As soon as the mini game starts,regardless of what the game tells you to do, keep pressing Triangle,Circle,X and Square simultaneously as fast as you can until the mini game ends.You'll easily score 500+ points
99% or 100%
In Chapter one upon viewing the after your battle with YSLS-ZERO, you get stuck with the decision between Youth League or New Yevon. If you choose Youth League you can get 100% story completion, but if you choose New Yevon the highest precentage you can get is 99%.
Alchemist DressSphere where to get it in Chapter 5?
It seems not many guys out there know that, if you could get the Alchemist dressSphere in Chapter 5 eventhough you did not get the chocobird for the guy that was noted in most walkthroughs. How to do it?
You need to go the calm lands ruins which is located somewhere on the north. The easiest way there is to go the Mount ?? something, but don't go through the mountain gate. You have to head way south, crossing 2 bridges, moving way south and finally, at the entrance of the calm lands, you will see an entrance (green square on the map). The entrance would bring you to a cave. The guy will tell yah that, there are some fiends in the cave. All you have to do is wipe them out. Now, here comes the trickly part. The dungeon (i think more appropriate here) consist of 15 small square with fake fiends. You have to guess the right square with the fiend. The key to this is the first square (odd one) by the entrance. The fiend type here is the key. For example, if the fiend is a lizard(can't remember it's name), all the lizards are fake. To find out which one is the real fiend, you need to know the locations of all of that fiend (here is lizard). Each row has 5 fiends. The position of the fiend (lizard here), will tell yah the real position of the fiend. Well, it is hard to explain it here. I think that you can figure it out.
Alternate Ending
To get this ending, Let the Final boss fire its cannon. This process takes about 30 Minutes of doing nothing but waiting for him. The speech must go on 7 times before the cannon fires.
Another Helpful tip (( well cheat )) From your Freindly neibor Hood Gullwings... Ehehe.... I mean As
Oh first please forgive me for my bad spelling in the topic

Well lets get to the point

Want a really good Garmet grid, it gives you Double Hp and Mp, All you gotta do is Talk to Lyan & Ayde (( i think i spelt em both right )) in the Thunder plains, i dont know wich chapter to go to, but i think you must go to the thunder plains after talking with Kimari about that they both ran off, well then i think in the next chapter or the same chapter after you talked to em in the thunder plains (( They are ,located at the roof like Tower, i think in the north region of the thunder plains)) anyways after you are about done talking to them they will ask you to send them to a new area to find a way to "Repair elders horn" Well send them to the calm lands, i think in the next chapter or the same chapter you shall go to calm lands and over to agency talk to em again, they will run this time. In Chapter 5 You must do these events in order.....

First go to Godosalam and talk to Tromell

Then you are of to the place in the woods where Auron in FFX tore down that log and at the end where you fought that Blob in FFX you will see a Guado, talk to him/her

Then head to the travel agenceny there and Owaka (I can't spell his name right) and his brother fight (( Note: You must have saved him in chapter 1 ))

Now head to the place where in FFX Yuna and Tidus kissed, and you will get a cut screen, watch it then go to GoadoSalam and talk to the musician's then to Tromell, then leave to the air ship and go back and Tromell would have unlocked the Time capsle door and then you will meet a little Guado inside he will talk to you and give you a Garmet Grid ( i forget whats its called but it is the one i was talking about )

(( Note: You must have completed the mission on Gagazant for this to work, the one where you fought, " The mighty gaurd wannabee " Garik ,( i call him what i call him because HE WONT STOP USING MIGHTY GAURD).))

Beating Garik and the Youth Ronso in like chapter 3
First you must retrive the trainer Dress Sphere from Kimari, Have pain use it, (( since flurry dude can Eject the Ronso Yought )) and well like it says have you use the Flurry Dude to rid you of the Ronso youth dudes, then have all of your characters on gunner, and keep on using trigger happy on Garik (( it might take time, but it would be faster if you stop his might Gaurd )) and well then he dies eventually, well for me he did.

I hope this helps you out, well whoever reads it
At end of Chap. 1, on LV. 35
If you just started the game in NEW GAME PLUS have Lady Luck on Double EXP. Go to Macalania Woods and fight fiends once you are on Lv 15. They are worth a lot of Exp and you will get double the amount!!!!!
Awesome Damage
Here's a quick and useful hint. Get a Cat Nip Accessorie which does 9999 damage when your hp is low. Then equip it to a gunner and have your party attack the gunner before hand. Then go to almost any boss and make sure the gunner knows trigger happy level 3. Then in a boss fight, use trigger happy and 9999 * 20 damage to the boss or how ever fast you can press r1.
Awsome Cat nip Cheats for Quick wins
In Battle you might find it tieresome on trying to get get the cat nip to work on powerfull bosses or fiends, well this might sound wierd but

Have the 3 in the order and with the items i say

Garmet Grid: Undying storm
DressSpheres: Gunner ( in the middle, and must be mastered ), Gun Mage ( Anywheres ), Alchemist ( Anywheres ), and Trainer ( Anywheres ), Beserker ( Anywheres )
Acessories: Cap nip ( SOS ???? or SOS 9999 ) and Crytstal bangle ( 100% health )
LV: I have her at 55
Dressphere using: Gunner

Garmet grid: Supreme Light
DressSpheres: Samurai ( bottom ), Thief ( Top ), Beserker ( Anywheres ), Trainer ( Anywheres ), White Mage ( must have learned Curaga )( Anywheres )
Accesoiries: Crystal Bangle and Power Gloves ( Gives 40 more strength )
LV: I had her at 56
DressSphere using: Samurai ( must have mastered )

Garmet Grid: Doesn't Matter
Dressspheres: Must have Beserker Mastered then anything els you want
Accesories: Champion Belt ( 40 defence and Strength ) Kaiser Knuckles ( 50 more strength )
LV: Had her at 58
DressSphere using: Beserker ( Must have mastered )

Now For the easy winnings. This will indeed prove to help you fight Chac, and other bosses and fiends in the Via, what you do is have pain astrike yuna, she will die, but have rikku ready with a pheonix down for he, then have yunie use trigger happy up to 4 times to beat Chac. In some parts of the Via's Cloisters you will encouter a strong fiend, i forgot its name but it has a special effect called Nul Physical, so it can't be harmed, It casts Flare most of the time and for me it does about 1500 damage, so use i think light Curtain to cast Shell on your party, Now to beat him you can use Rikku, Now like i said you must have mastered Samurai because she has a attack that costs 0 MP and it can Slice your Foes in Half, Even if they are immuined to Death, don't worry it also has a Eject effect to it so its Flawless and has never missed yet. Also for Cat nbip when you fight the 60 cloister boss he has over 450000 health so Cat nip takes about 5 times to kill him, His strongest atk point value is 65000 and he can rid MP and not even Evade&Counter can help you. But He is not immuined to Eject to just have Pain and rikku Repeataditaly Us their Eject skills while the weakened Yuna ( if she is ) Uses trigger happy Lv3 this deals major damage while you also work on Kicking the boss out of the fight, so no matter what He's gone one way or another.

Defeating the Vegnagun Nobes (( i forget if the legs, or the arms have the nobes but i think its the arm but anyways heres the helpful hint ))

Okay are those Nobes getting anoying well have yuna equiped with Cat nip and have her on Gunner, get her in her weakended mode then use Scatter Shot, This should Strike those Pesky Nobes (( Yet i havn't tried it yet ))

Getting Cat nip and defeating Black Element

Okay heres what you do have Rikku on Samurai Yuna on Gunner and pain as Beserker
Have Yunie Equiped with Kaiser Knuckles and Champion belt
Have Pain Equiped with 2 Kaiser Knuckles
(( I went through Hell to get them so dont ask how i got them, and not from New game plus i got them from, i battled like hell through the last of the Cloisters and when i fought Ultima Weapon when he oversouled well yeah i got them, no clue how though as for i oversouled him 16 times now and this is what i got on the 17th time oversouled. well yet i dont know why he was in some of the last cloisters since i never fough him befor, but this cheat is comming from as for i have played a new game plus.... For the first time XD)) Well anywas have rikku with anything you want PS: DONT USE CAT NIP ITS A WAST OF TIME IN THIS BATTLE :
and then use Star curtian and light curtain so you have protections from Ultima and you will reflect Flare back at him XD ITS FLAWLESS....... Well i think it is, it all depends on how lucky your characters are for him not to start off by using Ultima

Well yah thats all i can say for Yah's Bye for now and maby later i will have more hints, tips and cheats for you......... SO PAY ATTENTION FOR MY NAME....... Or you shall suffer in hell FOR INTERNITY * Eyes evily shift from left to right *

........... Nahhhhh im just kidding, i will only kill you * Now has a evil look on face *

No im kidding there too, I just hope that my info will better help out in you game....... AND ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT ITS CONFUSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... * Laughs Evily for no reason *
Beating Black Elemental Without problems.
When i first versed it, i thought outside of the box. What everyone needs to understand are there are abilities that aren't held back by defense or magic defense. These are abilities like Spare Change, Sparkler, Cheap Shot, and several other ones. What i did was:

Yuna Lv. 41
Sphere: Samuari
Garment Grid: Highwind Roads
Accessories: Champion Belt (x2)

Rikku Lv. 43
Sphere: Alchemist
Garment Grid: Highwind Roads
Accessories: Speed Bracer, Moon Bracer

Paine Lv. 44
Sphere: Dark Knight
Garment Grid: Chaos Mealstrom
Accessories: Kaiser Knuckles (x2)

When the battle started i had Yuna throw 150,000 gil at the fiend it caused 9,872 damage leaving it with only 129 i then had rikku shoot it causing 100 damage. By that time it cast beserk on Yuna and Rikku. I finished it with paine causing 211 damage. This was super easy and quick. If ur wondering where i got the second champion belt and kaiser knuckles. I recieved them after beating the Den of Woe bosses. You dont have to follow me exactly this just made it super easy.
before any thing else....
as soon as possible after u get them upgrade ur songstess,white mage,lady luck, and trainer dress spheres. their abilities can really come in handy.
Besaid Key
Instead of wasting the time to get the several hundreds of dollars to buy the key in chapters 1 & 2. Wait until Chapter 3 while your saving the tourists trapped in the button of the gorge and you'll recieve the key free of charge.
Bevelle Lifts understood
OK there are a lot of walkthroughs on this but none of them make any sense. So Here's an easy way to activate those lifts in the under ground.
There are six lit pillars right ? Three of them are blue, switch them on. Then the other ones will be red. when they are all lit go back to the blue ones counterclockwise(left) then go to the lift at the first step down(blue) you have to turn it on 4 & 5 times until you get to the to second passage way for the ribbon accessory.
Hope this helps !
Blitzball / Tips, Tricks, Scouting & Trading
In order to be able to recruit members from other teams such as the Ronso Fangs or Al Bhed Psyches onto your team, you must first play an insane number of games and start getting over 100 wins.

Next, wait until you see a prize called "Trade Privileges" come up on either Tournament or League Mode. Win that, and you will then be allowed to trade one of your existing team members for a member of any other team. So make sure you've scouted a player you don't much care for to trade out when you get the prize.

If the Trade Privileges prize comes up in the Second Place slot, you'll have to do some strategic losing in order to sneak into second place. In League Mode it's easy enough to position yourself into second, but in Tournament it's a little trickier. The following is a list of what you have to do to get into each of the prize slots for Tournament Mode;

First: Obviously, win every match.
Second: Win the first two matches, but lose the final match.
Third: You must get into the Consolation Cup for this. Win the first match (if you're not in the first match, don't worry about it). Lose the second match, then win the Consolation Cup.

Finally, to get the Besaid Aurochs as avaiable for trade should you want some of them from the "Trade Privileges" prize, you must first win the "Play The Besaid Aurochs" prize. After you win that, they will appear as opponents on the Exhibition Match. Defeat them there, and then they will be available as tradable players.
Change to a special dressphere quickly and with no damage!!!!!!
Wanna beat a boss real quick?
Make sure your special dressphere for any of the girls is relatively good.
Now, when you enter a battle quickly change the first of the ladies to another dressphere. With the second, do the same. And again with the third. Because the battle will "pause" while they change the boss will be unable to harm your girls. Also because you've already selected the next to change, it'll start up straight away. Keep changing the girls until one (or all three!) of them can change to a special dressphere. This means you can do some good damage to the boss without worrying about taking a lot of damage in return while waiting for the special.
I suggest you set the sphere changes to "short" though... it does get a bit annoying having to watch them over and over!!!
Crimson shpere 1-10
In CH3 when Djose Temple needs your help with fiends, go instead back to Bevelle Underground where you fought Bahamut.
Given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
Given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
Found in Guadosalam inside Chateau Leblanc.
In CH4, go to the engine room of the Celsius when Leblanc is there.
Found in Cloister 0 of the Via Infinito.
Visit the ravine in Mushroom Rock Road in CH2.
Found in Cloister 20 of the Via Infinito.
In CH1, follow Logos and Ormi in Mushroom Rock Road all the way to the ravine.
In CH3, go to GuadoSalam and get invited into Logos and Ormi's room to obtain it.
Defeat The Black Elemental in just Seconds!!
Kay listen vey carefully. The only thing you need for you to be successful is the Dark Knight Dressphere (Must be mastered!!). Have one of your girls (I used Rikku for this) to be on the Dark Knight dressphere. The other two it doesn't really matter but have some potions ready just in case. Have the girl that is using the Dark Knight use the charon ablity. The charon ablity sacrfices the users life but it does 9999 damage!! That enough to kill the Black Elemental since in only has 9999 hp !!
Destroy Watchers ASAP
Beginning of Chapter 3, most of the random battles you will fight Watchers. Destroy them fast and strong, NO SPELLS and NO SKILLS! It will make the Machina Panzner boss-battle easier.

Watchers report what you have done to the Machina Panzner. In this case, when you fight the boss, the Watchers will lock your spells and/or skills you previously use in past random battles, and the boss will also mimic those spells (or/and) skills.
Djose Temple sidequest
During Chapter 5, the Machine Faction at Djose Temple reveal the secret project they've been working on, the Experiment. This mechanical monstrosity has been constructed from the parts you've been digging up at the excavation site at Bikanel Island. Defeat the Experiment once and you'll be able to explore the upper floors of the temple at your leisure. If you defeated the Experiment before getting all of its levels up to 5, you'll be enlisted to help repair it. It seems that the Al Bhed aren't able to repair such a large contraption on their own, but with the proper reference materials they'll be able to get it up and running again. There are five repair manuals that you can obtain to help the Al Bhed with their repairs. Here are their locations:

• 1st manual – Visit the upper floor of Djose Temple. An Al Bhed man will ask you for a password. That password is MARNELA, named after the matriarch of the Cactuars at Bikanel Desert. Once the password is given, he'll give you the manual.

• 2nd manual – Obtained from a man sitting in the room to the left of the stairs in Djose Temple.

• 3rd manual – Walk to the right of the temple entrance and you'll find three monkeys in a circle. Stand between the monkeys and wait for all three of them to jump at the same time. Press the X button and you'll receive the manual.

• 4th manual – Examine the Machina to the left of the crowd of people at the northern part of Mi'ihen Highroad.

• 5th manual – Found in a treasure chest at the Ruin Depths beneath the Chocobo Stables in the Calm Lands.

You can fight and repair the Experiment repeatedly until you get all of its levels up to 5. Once that happens, the Machine Faction will lose control of it and it will be up to you to take it out for good. For defeating it you'll receive Magical Dances, Vol. II, which will enable Songstresses to learn the Magical Masque ability.
Dressphere locations
Most of the Dresspheres you encounter in the game are fairly easy to find. Indeed, most of them you'll receive during Hotspot missions. There are a few, however, that might elude you unless you undertake some of the optional missions, side quests and mini-games.

•Black Mage•
•White Mage•
•Gun Mage•
•Dark Knight•
•Lady Luck•

•Black Mage•
You'll receive the Black Mage Dressphere on the bridge of the Celsius after completing the mission "Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate" during Chapter 1.

•White Mage•
You'll receive the White Mage Dressphere after completing the mission "Where's Wakka?" during Chapter 1.

•Gun Mage•
You'll receive the Gun Mage Dressphere by completing either of these missions at the Moonflow: "Shave the Hypello?" during Chapter 1 or "YRP, the Scalpers Three" during Chapter 2.

You'll receive the Alchemist Dressphere when you complete the mission "Clean Sweep" with Clasko at the Calm Lands during Chapters 2, 3 or 5.

•Dark Knight•
The Dark Knight Dressphere is located in a treasure chest in the Bevelle Underground and can be found during Chapters 2, 3 or 5 by activating a special lift in the Labyrinth.

You'll receive the Berserker Dressphere after completing the mission "Secure the Agency" at Macalania during Chapter 3.

•Lady Luck•
You'll receive the Lady Luck Dressphere if you defeat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca during Chapter 3. If you happen to lose to Shinra, don't panic. He'll give you the opportunity to play him for it again in Basement A of Luca Stadium in Chapter 5.

You'll receive the Trainer Dressphere from Kimahri at the beginning of the mission "Battle Blockade" during Chapter 3 provided you've either:

1) Told Kimahri "You have to learn to deal with these things!" in Chapter 1 and "You have to figure this out on your own." in Chapter 2.

2) Given Kimahri any answers besides those mentioned in option 1 and talked to him 3 or more times during Chapter 2.

You can find the Samurai Dressphere in the Cloister of Trials in Kilika Temple in Chapters 3 or 5.

Easy Character Combo.
you would probably wonder why i would even bother doing this.

well cause there are some classes that need others so that one can take hits and the other can do what they do.

BLACK MAGE----Warroir

whats so good?
well the black mage will do awsome damage to the monsters if you have good spells. since the black mage has low hp and defence have a Warroir take some hits and give healing items to the Black mage.

Well the theif is really fast and good with stealing. I sugest that because the Gunner is sorta slow and doesn't do as much damage was the Warroir. The Thief can help out with healing and do some damage as well thanks to the high speed.

SINGER-White Mage
White mages are like black mages but with less Magic and Mp and a bit more HP and defence. plus
there pray cost no mp, the singer can leash out the status effects to make the battle go smooth.

Black mage

Singer-Black mage
bad with defence but hey it makes it easyer when the enemy cant do nothing and cant hit you and the mage can kick some butt. Really its a good one but i suggest be careful due to Status resistances.

white mage- Warrior
let the warrior do the dirty work while the white mage heals there wound. Simple and a good one.

White mage - black mage - Warrior
well this is the best but most costly. I suggest...
Yuna- White mage
Rikku-black mage
Paine- Warrior.
its a really EXELENT one but be careful, cant steal the good items.

or a good one incase your new with it.

Yuna- Gunner
Rikku- Thief
Paine- Warrior

(there Starting classes) trust me there alright but dont keep them forever ok?
Easy Invincibility (Tetra Style !)
OK, I'll Keep This Short. First Max Out The Berserker Dress Sphere. It Will Give You Immunity To Physical Attacks & It Will Also Have An Auto Healing Ability. Second Use The Tetra Master Garment Grid. It Has Four Basic Auto Element Attacks, Fire, Lighting, Water & Ice With Every Attack. Even At Low Levels You Can Take Out Aeon's With Just A Few Attacks. Not To Mention The Special Attacks. This Trick Will Make You Invincible Guaranteed !
Easy Way To Activate Catnip
equip 1 bloodlust and wring then take it off and your hp should be in yellow then equip catnip and what ever
Easy Way to build levels
Here is an easy way to build AP and EXP while sleeping!!!! Start by equipping one character as a White Mage and choose 2 other characters that do strong physical attacks. Go to an area where the enemys don't do more damage to you in one hit then the white mage heals them for with pray. Also make sure the enemies don't cast and spell that will give you a negative status (poison, darkness, ect) or if they do that you have equipped an accessory that will protect you from that status. Once you have done this take a toothpick and put it so that it holds done the X button and another toothpick to hold down the analog stick and walk away. (Make sure you are running into a wall or some places that will make your characters run in place) If done correctly your characters will automatically enter a fight defeat the enemies and return to the map screen. Leave it like this overnight and you will awake to find your characters have gone up in levels and learned new skills in the dressphere that they have equipped. To make the process go quicker equip one character with the Lure Bracelet (cause more random encounters) and the Lady Luck dressphere and learn the skill Double Experience.
Easy Win Against Aeons
In order to win the battles against most of the aeons easily, just go into the battle with all three of your characters as an Alchemist. You get the Alchemist dressphere by clearing out the fiends in the area that Clasko chooses for his chocobo ranch.

Once you're in the battle, just use "Mix" and mix two elemental Gems of the type that the particular aeon is weak against. Have each character to this and the aeon should go down before they can even really get off any good attack on you.

Ifrit - Ice Gem
Ixion - Water Gem
Shiva - Fire Gem

You can get these elemental gems by winning battles against various fiends that like to use attacks of those elements. Assuming you've been battling all around Spira, then you should have a fair amount of each of them in your stock.
Easy win against Anima
Ok, Anima is no easy task, especially his Oblivion attack, so how do we make things easier?, use his weakness, holy damage, the Sacred Beast GG allows you "holystrike", so make sure you have it ( and it's also probably a good idea to max out the berserker DS so you can't really get hurt ) but now you can do twice the amount of damage to him!
Extra Ending
First you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with Logos and Ormi in the same area. Next you have to get the ''whistling'' scene with Yuna at the end of Chapter 3. When you're alone in the Farplane, move Yuna around and continually press the X button. You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated the event. Next thing you have to do is get an Episode Complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have beat the game, keep tapping the X button to get the ending.
Finding Black (( Dark )) Knight Dress Sphere
Okay, are you anoyyed trying to find the Black ((Dark)) knight Dress Sphere, Find it fast too. When your on the mission "Infaltrate Bevelle" in chapter 2, stop when you get too the place with the 3 lifts, go down the one on the right first then go to the back of the room, its the opposite way from the lift ahead that you take to fight that Bairalia (( i think i spelled it right )) guy, you will fall and end up back at the place where you took the lift but only 2 lifts will be there, take the lift that is Between the two pillars and you will go up and see a square small pillar, climb onto it then it will activate and it will puch up about 3 pillars near the Save sphere, then take the lift back down to the place where the 3 lifts are, well 2 now, take the lift on the Left and go down, then go over and take the lift on the right (( the one you first came down on )) then you will end up back in thesame place you started from, go to the lift between the pillars again and it will take you up to another place with a sqaure pillare its the same size as the first, step on it as well then go back down the same lift you took to get there, you will end up in the place with the three lifts again but there will only be 2, the one you took up and the lift on the right, take the lift on the right and go back down, climb on the two pillars that you see that are down in a row then take the lift that is far ahead that the pillars made movable when you go up the lift you will see that a line of pillars will lead over to the Treasure chest, when you go over to the chest and open it, you will then have the Black knight Dress Sphere.

If this was confusing will i can't help you out there, this is how i got the Black Knight Dress Sphere
Finding The Best Free Agents In Blitzball
You can find the best free agents in Blitzball by folowing this guide here.

Scout Level 1: Shuu and Ropp
Why: Shuu has high END and SHT and makes a pefect choice as a FW. Moreover, she also has an Overhead Vollley move. Ropp, on the other hand, has high ATK and BLK and is perfect to be a DF.

Scout Level 2: Mep
Why: Mep has high END and SHT and is suitable to be a FW.

Scout Level 3: Shaami
Why: Shaami has decent stats and also has the Corkscrew Shot.

Scout Level 4:Kwinn
Only Kwinn's CAT steadily grows as he advances, making him a great GK. With a max CAT of 94, he is a good investment until you can scout Yuyui.

Scout Level Max: Lucil and Yuyui
Yuyui's stats max out at the highest levels possible (99 for END-CAT and 255 for RND and REC). This makes her great at any position! While Lucil is a bit step-down. Her stats max out at 77 for END-CAT and 177 for RND and REC. Not as great as Yuyui, but not a bad condition to the team.
Finding the Cactuars
IF you are having problems with finding all of the cactuars you have come to the right place.Well the first one that you have is:

1/Lobivia Its location is in the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert.

2/Toumeya Toumey is located sunbathing on the beach of Besaid Island beach past the port.

3/Lobeira Inside the treasure room where you found the second half of the crimson sphere in Leblanc hide out.

4&5/Areq & Arroja Know this two bros are located in the Calm Lands right before you enter Mt. Gagazet.

6/Islaya This cactuar is located in the northern part of the Thunder Plains, should be the ninth one.

7/Ciapa On the highest point overlooking Kilika Port and Kilika Wood, look for a place to climb onto a ledge along the eastern path through the woods.

8/Erio On the snowy Mountain trial of Mt. Gagazet.

9/Bartschella With Dona on Kilika island.

10/Frailea Inside the Cactuar Hollow.
Flan Trouble?
Since flans are pretty weak fiends, you may not need this. However, if you are trying to get the songstress (or any other weak dressphere) to learn abilities, this is useful.

-Get the thief to learn Pilfer MP
-use it on the flan until it is out of mp

Without MP the flan is helpless, so you're safe from attacks, so now you can waste time until the dresspehere learns the ability.
This is also useful when used with master thief, or if you just need to fill up on MP.
Fool Proof Sphere Break Win Every Time
To win at sphere break every time you play all you need is the four basic coins you get when you first start playing and an Iron Giant coin.
Iron Giant coins can be won by playing the guy right behind the little guy you get your first coins from(he cannot be played until Chapter 2).
Once you have the Iron Giant, practice against the little guy and multiply it. Then when you want to win just use an Iron Giant and three other coins whose numbers are 1, 2, and 3(Three of your four first coins are worth these values).
Now, since the Iron Giant has Multiplier Echo on it, whatever the number of the core sphere is, make it x1.
Example: Core Sphere=7, your total=7
Core Sphere=4, your total=4
Since you have 6,1,2,and 3 as your main coins, you never even have to use a border coin! 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 6=6, 5+2=7, 6+2=8, 6+3=9. You've got all the number covered!
Just keep sphere breaking x1 and by turn 13 you will be over 80 for your Quota!!!
Free Unlimited Healing
Once You Get The White Madge Dress Sphere You Can Heal Your characters For Free. Press The "Triangle" Button To Bring Up The Game Menu Select The White Madge Option Under Items And Heal Your Self For Free. This Will Work As Long As You Have MP Points. Also Try To develop Other White Madge Skills To Replace the Use Of Phoenix down And antidotes and so on.....Requires MP Points
Gaining AP for dresspheres quicker...and Iron Duke
Ok If you are leveling up dresspheres it can be a major pain in the ass... So that's why there is the AP egg. It gives you tripple AP for each attack. It is found in the Secret Dungeon in the Chocobo Ranch. Since there is that 99 AP per battle you cant get maxed out in one battle. What I did was got the Key to Success Accessory, and the AP egg on the same character, and used the garment grid called Covenant of Growth which allows you to double exp or ap if you jump the spot required. This should give you 12 Ap per attack instead of only 1 ... but yet if you do not have those items. You could go the the *bleep*ing experiment in djose temple at chapter 5. That machina gives you 40... yes 40 ap per hit.. this is how i mastered every dressphere in the game Currently I am trying to get the Iron Duke accessory... or should I say my 3rd If you can beat all 100 lvls of via infinito you can get it. This maze is very simple but long. Run away from and Elder Drake's that you may run into for now... Get all the way down to level 40 of via infinito and you come up to a boss. The dark element or whatever... KILL HIM ASAP or he will use ultima ... tips: kick his ass quick Then you get CAT NIP... this item comes useful for 60,80, and the bottom floor. Run all the way down to 60, but from this point and on you will encounter MEGA TONBERRY just use catnip with your injured character and with trigger happy on the gunner dressphere and you should be ok... The lvl 60 boss doesn't put up much of a fight so dont worry. Once you get to lvl 80 get ready... If you dont have adamantite by now go get it from the gunners gauntlet. The way I beat this boss was to have a berserker with adamantite and some break hp limit item. One as a gunner with trigger happy lvl3 and catnip to deal the damage. The third person as anything you want. All you need is one person to survive and one person to do the dmg. If anything use that third person to use softs on the people it uses stony glare... YOU CANNOT BE IMMUNE. After that continue down til you get to the bottom floor. You will have to fight paragorn... Hard as hell. Dresspheres... Dark Knight for immunities to confuse Gunner for dmg with catnip, and a berserker cuz there cool looking . After that go fight Trema... HE SUCKS as long as you have adamantite he wont do much dmg just use trigger happy over and over again cause hes got 999,999 life
in the bevelle underground in chapter 2 when you come up to the 3 lifts
go up one of the side ones and you will come up to a room go to the back and jump down go to the middle lift and you should come up to a platform and see one of those switches you have to climb on activate it then go back down do what I mentioned before but instead of going to the back of the room and jumping down go to the opposite lift and go back down once you have activated the other switch head on to the next rooom where you fight baralai(if you give the sphere back to the youth league) you should see platforms going down and a treasure chest at the end climb down the platforms and open the treasure and !WALLLAH! you have the Dark knight dressphere
Get Immunity To Physical Attacks !
First You Have to Max Out The Berserker Dress Sphere. The Last Skill To Master Is Called Evade & Counterattack It Takes A Long Ass Time To Do This, But When You Do Get This Skill You Will Become Immune To Physical Attacks (Untouchable) But Be Warned You Can still Be Hit By Magic attacks and Spells.
Get mascot dressphere
When in chapter 5 get a "chapter complete" on each location & make sure that whatever u do, u don't finisch Zanarkand last sins u need to get warped back at the ship in order to receive the mascot dressphere (wich is the most powerfull dressphere in the game & kicks the special dressphere's ass BIG TIME!!!) it has the highest stats & has UBER kickass ability's + u can use the ability's of 2 other dresspheres each character (Yuna: dark knight & warrior, Rikku: white mage & berserker, Pain: black mage & samurai).
When warped into the ship a cutscene will appear and u 'll automaticly receive the mascot dressphere.

With this dressphere u can learn ribbon with each character & Pain can learn cactgun wich deals 1000 dmg regardless of the enemy's defence, & that's not even one of te better ability's.
Getting AP the long and boring but usefull way
We all probibly know that using items give us AP, right? So basically all you have to do is buy 99 Potions from someone and use them all with someone with a rubish percentage on there dress sphere! Happy being bored!
Getting Gippal's Sphere
to get gippal's sphere in sl4 rin in mihen highroad will ask you to do an edvestigation do it and use the following cameras(in order
after these continue to do these until yuna and shinra wonder what happened to rin
CAM 1 | immediately switch back to CAM 7!
CAM 7 | wait atleast ten seconds then then press circle and rin will come and say everything is fine
Getting The Accesory Invincible
Ask the cameraman in Kilika on Chapters 1,3 and 5. After talking with him on Chapter 5, he will take you to the Youth League new base. There, you will find the accessory 'Invincible'. Moreover, ask a boy there and he ask you to leave you by bribing you 5 Georapella Coins, which has Quota Multiplier Echo4!
Getting The Accesory Ragnarok
To get the accesory Ragnarok, you must participate the Mi'hen Investigation, and the person you need to blame is Rikku. Do the following:

-In the "Cuckoo for Chocobos" mission in Chapter 2, make sure you see the scene in which Rikku jumps from the top of the Ruins and lands on her backside.

-At the end of the mission, invite Calli to the airship.

-In "Machina Mayhem" mission in Chapter 3, you must defeat the machina after you passed the North Exit.

-After the mission, come back to Mi'hen and watch Shinra puts the Commsphere in an unusual place before you enter the North Exit.

-During the investigation, make sure you witness the clue events:
1B(Ruins:The Machina seems to be malfunctioning)
2K(Shinra's Commsphere:Call Rin to come)
3B(Travel Agency, Back:Call Rin, and eventually, a man falls from the roof)

The Ragnarok accesory lets you cast spells or skills requre MP without using any MP.
Getting The Amazing Chocobo
There are 2 ways in getting the Amazing Chocobo:

-Dispatch level 1-5 chocobos and have them come back safely. (you have to dispatch at least 15 chocobos; if any run away, soft reset)

-All Choco-Runners must be Lv.5.

The Amazing Chocobo doesn't have a level, Nature of Heart and it won't run away, but it does have Fatigue ranging from 0 to 100. It affects how well it can perform tasks of "Chocobo Support and "Exploring Spira".
Getting The Magical Dances Volume I And II For The Songstress
To get the Magical Dances Volume I, get all the Crinsom Spheres. Then enter the Den of Woe in Mushroom Rock Road with all Crinsom Spheres and battle Rikku, Paine, Baralai, Gippal and Nooj. Eventually, Nooj will drop the key item.

For Magical Dances Volume II, defeat the Experiment in its early stage. Then, get all the manuals, get the Defense, Attack and Special Assemblys at Bikanel Desert, repair the Experiment and fight it until it reach Level5. (Note: You only can use a Manual once, so be caution!) If you defeat the Lv5 Experiment, you will get the Magical Dances Volume II.

If you get both of them, your Songstress can learn MP Mambo and Magical Masque.
Gun Mage's Blue Bullet
Want to master the Gun Mage's DSP but don't have all Blue Bullet's abilities? Here are all of the Blue Bullets abilities.

Fire Breath (Bariivaruha)
In Chap.3,4&5 at Thunder Plains, Calm Lands & Mount Gagazet.

Seed Cannon (1.Leucophylla 2.Cephalotus)
1.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands, Mt.Gagazet & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26
2.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Mi'hen & Bevelle Tower Floors 30-32.

Stone Breath (1.Tomb 2.Monolith 3.Dolmen 4.Epitaph)
1.In Chap.3&5 at Djose, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Floors 27-29.
2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 61-64.
3.In Chap.5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, Djose & Farplane.
4.In Chap.5 at Fiend Colony & Bevelle Palace Flooors 75-79.

Absorb (1.Protochimera 2.Haizhe 3.Baralai 4.Flan Azabache 5.Jahi 6.Cindy 7.Vegnagun)
1.In Chap.1,2,3&5 at Kilika, Bikanel & Mt.Gagazet.
2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
3.In Chap.2.
4.In Chap.5 at Ruins Depths & Bevelle Tower Floors 65-69.
5.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 75-79.
6.In Chap.5 at Farplsne (boss)
7.End of Chap.5.

White Wind (1.Big Bully Cap 2.Coeurl 3.Queen Coeurl 4.Mycotoxin 5.Ms.Goon)
1.In Chap.5 at Bikanel & Bevelle Tower Floors 50-59.
2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Flors 7-9.
3.In Chap.2,3&5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mihen, Guadosalam & Calm Lands.
4.In Chap.3&5 at Mihen, Mt.Gagazet & Zanarkand.
5.In Chap.1 at Zanarkand.

Bad Breath (1.Malboro 2.Great Malboro)
1.In Chap.3,4&5 at Besaid, Thunder Plains & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26.
2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Tower Floors 70-74.

Mighty Guard (1.Haizhe 2.Garik)
1.Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
2.Chap.3 at Mt.Gagazet (boss)

Supernova (1.Ultima Weapon 2.Paragon)
1.Chap.5 at Ruin Depths & Bevelle Palace Floors 47-49.
2.Chap.5 at Bevelle Bottom Floor.

Cry In The Night (Mega Tonberry)
Chap.5 at Bevelle Palace Floor 41.

Drill Shot (Baralai)
Chap.5 at Mushrom Rock (Den of Woe)

Mortar (Gippal)
Chap.5 at Den of Woe.

Annihalator (Experiment)
Chap.5 at Djise Temple.

Heaven's Cataract (1.Kukulcan 2.Gucumatz 3.Chac)
1.Chap.2&5 at Bevelle & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
2.Chap.3&5 at Mushroom Rock, Thunder Plains, Bikanel & Zanarkand.
3.Chap.5 at Bevelle Tower Floors 80-84.

1000 Needles (Cactuar)
Chap.5 in Cactuar Cave.

Storm Cannon (Ironside)
Chap.3,4&5 at Kilika, Thunder Plains & Zanarkand.

Blaster (Coeurl & Queen Coeurl)
See White Wind

Drill Shot can be obtained from Baralai in Chapter 2 in Bevelle by using Trigger Happy on him.
how to get the downtrodder garment grid and how to defeat vegnegun

use demi and double hp
you will find this chapter 3 or 4 (im not sure witch) when you go down under bevelle to find vegnegun with leblanc.
after defeating the feinds at each tower and youve opened all the security locks jump down the hole and though the door. take a right at the crossroads and jump over the hole. you will apear on a ledge and the cammra will be far away. you cant see the chest that well but if you go staight ahead of you and saerch you will find a cheat with the garment grid.


if you are above level 60 then you will be fine and you can just attack it without using potions in battle.
Infinite money
In chapter 1 rescue O'aka and send him to the ship. PRIOR to chapter three pay off his dept, in order to get his items discounted. At this point you will be able to buy his items below what it would cost to sell them at the gull-wing store.
buying 99 hi-potions, 99 phoenix downs, and 99 holy waters, and then selling them nets about 13,000 gil in profit. Repeat until your a millionare.
Key to Success
At chapter 5 go in Guadosalem and go inside the place where the hypellos are there should be a chest in there but key to success only gives you 100+ luck.
Little Hp when Angra Mainyu does Perditon`s Flame
Have Yuna or Rikku or Paine on the White Saignt Garment Grid. They can cast white magic and have Yuna, Rikku and Paine on Dark Knight. You need to master Protect and Reflect before you battle this ultmate fiend. Have a Hp over 8000 and Mp over 200. Cast Protect when Angra Mainyu casts Perditions Flame. It will mostly do 1000 hp of damage. It is better than 2100 hp of damage, right? Cast Reflect when he casts Flare. If you want you can cast Shell too. Now you can beat Angra Mainyu without worrying about his Perditions Flame. P.S: If you have Lunar Curtain, Light Curtain and Star Curtain, use that to without wasting MP. Also, Angra Mainyu cast Dispel so be careful. GOOD LUCK!
Luck made easy
Anyone familiar with the lady luck dress sphere knows what its capable of.....if your lucky. Well try this trick; When you the reel starts spinning pause the game, un-pause and pause again until whatever symbol you want is in the first row, then un-pause the game and tap the confirm key, the desired symbol should land on the third row. Repeat process for the remaining two reels. It takes a little practice to get the timing right but in no time you'll be hitting 7's every try. As an added bonus pausing the game pauses enemy movement as well. So this process isn't suicide in a major battle.
Mascot dressphere
To get this Dresphere, get an episode complete in every area. Yuna is a moogle, Rikku is a Cat Sith, And Paine is a Tonberry. It is a powerful Dressphere ( to me that is... )
More hints and tips from me Ash-Menoka
For you people who are tired of Dieing in battle because Yunie has less health than the rest, Equip her with the beserk Dress Sphere and also have here equiped with the Accesorie Mythril Bangle (( i think thats whats its called )) and she will have over 3000 health, well for me she did, also for alot of power equip her with the Crystle Glove (( i have no clue on what it was called again )) But you can retrieve it in the cloister of Trials at bevel in Chapter 5, for me she was doing over 3000 damage when i used Mad Rush

Well theres 2 tips of health and power, Heres one too upgrade your Dress Spheres

As Soon as I got the beserker Sphere i made Paine and Rikku use it, but i left Yunie on Gunner and befor the chapter was over, all i had left for yunie to learn on the dress sphere was Trigger Happy Level 3, and they also gained alot of levels in chapter 2.

Heres another one

In chapter 2, be strong and fight those 2 gaurds over and over again, until they over soul, then they will atk you, will beat them up if you can do it, and well when you get bored like i did all 3 of them where at Yunie: Lv48. Rikku: Lv49. Paine: Lv50. After when i fought Barilia i beat him in one hit, i did over 5000 damage with Yunies trigger Happy Lv1 when it was through, well it wasn't all a one hit K.O. Even though He didn't have much health they all atked at once, so when trigger happy ended rikku and paine struck as one for the last attack.

Now if you have anything to ask my just add me to your Msn if you have it and we shall talk and i will give you hints, if my Email isn't Visible to you, here it is just in case the_final_warrior@hotmail.com
most of time success dodging any physical attacks
To dodge almost always to all physical enemys you need to equip the accessary called tobli's (something)guide.
That accessary will make you twice the speed and increase your HP and MP
and make your luck over 100.
So you can dodge most of physical attacks from the any enemys.
MP Made Easy
Here is a really easy way to get MP in battle without using ethers, elixers & whatnot.

Black Mage Dresspshere
(with the MP Drain ability)

Whenever you are running low on MP in battle, simply spherechange to the BlackMage Dressphere and then use the trusty MP Drain Ability to drain away MP. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, "But your MP changes whenever you change dresspheres!". I am well aware of this, but isn't 689/999 MP better then 0 MP?
Paigne's Special Sphere
Go through the macalania woods and go to the cavern that auron chopped through in FFX(where you find the sphere changer). Go and keep on talking to tromel enough times and he will hand over Paine's special sphere, Full Throttle
Paine - Break HP Limit, Break Dmg. Limit
Paine: Victor Primoris and Corpus Invictus

Victor Primoris is located on a ledge over the side of a curve in the Mi'ihen Highroad. To reach the item, ride a chocobo to the spot where a feather can be found and wait for a few seconds until the chocobo goes down. The first time the chocobo will open another chest, repeat it once again and it will fly to the treasure chest. Corpus Invicitus is in one of the chests inside the secret dungeon of the Thunder Plains. Defeat all the fiends during Chapter 5 attacking the lightning towers. Afterward an Al Bhed man will offer to take you to the secret dungeon. After finding Cid in the dungeon, explore further and open the stone walls to uncover a chest with the Corpus Invictus inside.

Corpus Invictus allows your max HP to exceed 9999, and Victor Primoris allows your max damage to exceed 9999.
Paine's 3 sphere in 1
you can get paine to use warrior dress sphere, dark knight dress sphere, and samurai dress sphere without fiddleing with the garment grid

you can do this by first completeing those 3 dress spheres. Then you can find bushidos lore in chapter 5 at kilika(run past guard without detection). Then you can obtain arcanes lore in kilika woods. (go up a tree at the middle far right) this item lets you use dark knight abilities then equip Pride of the Sword garmet grid and that lets you use warrior abilities.
Pay off Oaka's debts easily
An easy way to pay of Oaka's debts is to buy as much as you can from his shop then sell all of it the hypello at the bar and use the money to buy as much as possible from Oaka again. Repeat until his debt is payed.
Quick and Easy AP.
Once you get the Lure Bangle, go to the Mi'Hen Highroad anytime (I suggest the beginning of Chapter 3) and equip any dresspheres you need to work on. From where you start, keep following the path until you come to the third screen. Head to the end of that screen, and when you reach it, turn around and head back to where you started. Once you reach the Save Sphere where you started, you'll have earned a buttload of AP from all the battles you fought. I learned 3/4's of Rikku's Warrior Abilities with this when she didn't have any abilities learned.
Quick Break Sphere tips
Here are some quick tips on Break Sphere.

-Never do less then two out coins on a break
-Don't give up when you get three 1's in a row
-If you aren't really good at math, get a peice of paper out and write down the numbers you have, this will help you by giving you visual.
-Try to avoid using up a turn without getting any outer coins.
Quick Special Job Class Change
When attempting to switch into one of the girls' special Dress-Spheres, equip them with the Unerring Path Garment Grid. It only has two job class slots, so changing into the Floral Fallal, etc. is as easy as one outfit away during battle!
Rare Items made easy
As always Rare items like mega-elixers and even mega-potions are hard to come by. Heres a great way to attain 99 of them without spending any gil. Lady luck's dress-sphere has an ability called random reels, The triple 7's in this reel bribes your enemy's while giving you between 20000-30000gil. (Getting triple sevens is easy if you utilize my other posted trick) With this ability in tow, go to the farplane, the earthworm will give up 3-16 mega-elixers, omega-weapon will leave 20-30 three-stars (or a ribbon), the elder drake (in bevelle cloister) will leave 80-90 mega-potions, and other enemies will leave other equally tasty goodies (specially if they oversouled) as well. All while making you filthy rich. Have fun!
Reappearing Treasure Chests
In the Gullwings Engine room, there are four treasures boxes down there. If you continually go back there each chapter the boxes will have filled back up and you can get more treasure.

This holds true for almost all treasures chests around spira.
Rikku - Break HP Limit, Break Dmg. Limit
Rikku: Machina Reactor and Machina Booster

Machina Booster can be found in a treasure chest near the lift up to the Youth League HQ at Mushroom Rock Road during Chapter 5. To obtain Machina Reactor, you must dispatch level 1,2,3,4 and 5 chocobos three times each from Clasko's Chocobo Ranch at the Calm Lands out into Spira searching for items. Also all of your Choco-Runners must be level 5, when you return to the ranch later on Clasko reports the chocobos found a secret dungeon at the Calm Lands. The Machina Reactor can be found inside this dungeon.

Machina Reactor allows your max HP to exceed 9999, and Machina Booster allows your max damage to exceed 9999.
Rings Of Power !
When You Pay Off Owaka Dept You Can Get Rich Quick. You Know How He Sells Stuff For Five Gill & You Can Sell To It Barkeep For Triple The Price. Well When You Do The Rescue Mission At Macalania Woods. You Have To Save Owaka You Get The Berserker Dress Sphere. In Chapter Five He Will Sell You Awesome Rings Of Power. All Are Cool But Very Expensive. A lot Of Them Will Make You Powerful !
Score High on Beclem's Gunner's Gauntlet
Beginning in Chapter 2, you have the option to play a mini-game at Besaid Island called "Gunner's Gauntlet." A character named Beclem who is training the Aurochs, who have all the joined Youth League, challenges Yuna to participate in this mini-game as a way to prove her worth. It is necessary to at least participate in this mini-game in order to get Episode Complete in Besaid and to get at least 500 points in order get story completion. Of course, what you really want is to score high. Here's how:

- Watch for special ammo that will help you to shoot the fiends faster. Special ammo includes Double-Shot, Death-Shot and Volley-Shot. You can also find Quickshot items that increase the speed at which you shoot, items that increase Yuna's HP and items that let you upgrade two of one ammo into one of the next highest level of ammo. Some of these don't become available until you reach higher levels of the game.

- Every so often, Yuna has to stop shooting to wait for a reload. As long as you time carefully and keep a resonably safe distance between Yuna and the enemies, you should be fine.

- Gain higher levels by getting better scores to find more fiends on the course, get more types of ammo and score a prize for each level you reach. The prizes are anything from Garment Grids all the way to the unique accessory Adamantite.

- Here is a blow-by-blow strategy of how to approach the course in order to score the big points:

- You won't be able to max out at Level 10 the first time you play through. Score as high as you can, gain some levels and then play again.

- On the first screen, you'll find several stationary lupine monsters. Fire away them by locking on with Circle and firing with X. Collect the treasure chests that they drop to pick up more ammo. At higher levels, there will also be lupines coming out from the center path. Save at least five shots to take out one of these and make sure it's close enough to Yuna that you can reach the treasure chest. Then grab any remaining treasure chests and exit to the next screen before another can show up.

- On the next screen, just take out the fiends as they appear, moving forward when possible. Negotiate the curves, making sure to grab the treasure chests. When you get towards the end, wait until you can see the last lupine fiend and then take it out and grab the treasure chest, otherwise you might not be able to reach the chest.

- On the next screen, keep firing at the fiends for as long as possible, using normal ammo for as long as you can. Use breaks in the action to move forward and grab the treasure chests. If the enemies seem to be catching up, run backwards to make up ground or switch to a stronger ammo. Once you reach the bridge, it gets kind of hard to see what you're doing. Don't be afraid to use Death or Volley ammo if you have to quickly clear out the fiends and get past that bridge as quickly as possible.

- You have now reached the gold mine. There is a spot just a little past the bridge where if you position Yuna just a little to the edge of the path where the fiends aren't coming, then even if you aren't able to take them out, they will run right past Yuna and can't hurt her. This is called the "blind spot." Just fire away and use breaks in the action to quickly run out into the path and collect the treasure chests, then move quickly back to the blind spot before the fiends can catch up.

- In the later levels, you will start seeing a fiend called Bicocette, one of those hard-shelled ones that drops Volley ammo. This is your chance for the gold mine. Wait until you reach the blind spot and wait for a whole gaggle of fiends to show up. Make sure that the Bicocette is in with them and then hit them all with a single volley shot. Quickly run out into the path when it's clear and grab the Volley ammmo that the Bicocette dropped and any other that you can if you want. Wait for the next group and keep repeating to rack up huge amounts of points.

- If at any point you are hit by a fiend, your Chain gauge goes down to zero. Try not to let that happen because Chain is what lets you score the big points. When you get down to about 45-30 seconds remaining, exit the blind spot and make a run for the end. Use any remaining Volley or Death ammo that you have to clear the fiends that get in your way, but make sure to save at least one of these items. When you get to the next screen, lock on Target and use it to take out the huge robot enemy. Don't worry about grabbing the treasure chest it drops. Exit to the beach area and run up and talk to Beclem, or Keepa in Chapter 5. This will end the current round and you will be awarded any prizes are levels you are due.

- If you don't think you're going to beat your high score, keep letting the enemies hit Yuna until she is out of HP. This will bring up an option to Try Again. This works even at the very beginning just when you're trying to beat Beclem's score to get Mission Complete.
Shooper shmooth shailing
Really angry that you can't use the Shmooth shailing accessory? Well, problem solved! Simply equip shmooth shailing along with a speed bracer and you dont need to worry about slow at all! Plus you can cast Hastega now! =)
Special Dressphere
*How to use special dressphere?
To use the special ones you have to change into each dressphere in your garment grid then these blue lines appear then press R1 then select it.
(Hint:Use Unnering Path to use it faster)
Floral Fallaljose Highroad
Flower Power!
Machina Maw:Bikanel Desert, Oasis
machina power!
full throttle:macalania woods where u battle that goo thing talk to tromell 4 times
chapter 1
throttle swords dance power!
Stop Those Runaway Chocobos
After completing a certain sidequest, you'll be able to raise chocobo's at Clasko's chocobo ranch. Once you've caught some chocobos, you then have the option of sending them out all over Spira to search for items. The only catch is that sometimes when you return to find out if you got any items, Clasko will tell you that one or more chocobos ran away. Here's the trick: the results aren't actually finalized until you talk to Clasko. So before you go talk to him, save your game at the handy save point right there in the ranch. Then talk to him and if none of the chocobos ran away, then you're good. However, if they did, soft reset (Select, Start, L1, R1, R1, R2) and then talk to him again and this time, if you're lucky, then he won't say any ran away.

This works best if you just got unlucky. However, if you're doing what the game told you to do and sending out chocobos to areas they're not suitable for, it might take several resets to get the result you want.
Strike for 9999 Damage
In Chapter 5, go to Bevelle. As soon as you enter the area where the priest guys are, go to the chamber on the right. Save it and step onto the glyph. Then follow the directions until you get to Cloister 40. Defeat the Black Elemental and you will get a bunch of Bracers and the Cat Nip accesory. Equip it to a Gunner that knows at least Tigger Happy Lv.3 . When her HP get down into the yellow color range, use it. Each time you hit R1, it does 9999 damage!(It doesn't have to be a Gunner. Gunner are just the most usefull with it. Dark Knights "Black Sky" would also apply)
Tip for using songstress
Put the songstress DSP into the Highroad Winds GG and equip it onto the girl you want to be the songstress. Give the "Shmooth Shailing"/"Super Ribbon" acc to her as well. This will enable the songstress to act first in each battle from First Strike on the GG, as well as keeping the effects stable for a longer duration because of the Auto-Slow ability from the acc.
During Chapter 1 while your in the area Mushroom Rock Road and following the Leblanc goons, you'll encounter Tonberry's. Not only do they have 9999 HP, they can inflict severe damage to characters with low levels. Don't bother battling this characters, simply escape because it's not worth battling them.
Unlimited Healing
This is what you need for unlimited healing:
1) White Mage dressphere
2) Heady Perfume accessory

Equip the Heady perfume onto anyone. After a battle, use white magic and cure on them. since Heady Perfume has the MP stroll on it you will almost instantly get that MP back so you can heal again and again and again. Have fun!
Vajra super power loop
First, get rikku's special dress sphere. (machina maw) in configure on the menu set the battle cursor to memory. learn vajra for rikku, armor break for smasher-r, and offense for crusher-l. equip the unnerring path garment grid to morph faster and insert spheres with high defense and hp. when fully morphed into machina maw, select the three abilities and when an entire turn passes just hold x until the enemy is beaten.
Via infinito tonberryio
When in via infinito lvls 60 + the tonberries will sometimes have little baby tonberries (only the ones who don't attack). In some areas you can push the baby near the edge, so it almost falls off. Talk to the regular tonberry and it will give you an item. Talk to it again, but before it falls down, push the baby. This will set it up so that the regular tonberry will give you an item again. Repeat as neccesarry.
Well now here it is, another helpful hint from me
Well now do you want cali and clasko at the same time in chapter two.
Heres what you do

First you must have a new game plus, then return the awsome to whom ever you want. Well then you go to the air ship after you are told about the break in and stuff.
Okay lets just skip this all to the good stuff.

Okay here yah go. You go to the mi'hen high road and catch the choboco of coarse wellanyways when you do that you have to go save cali from the fiend well when you go to the cut screen, Clasko will emerge with two knight choboco's and he will hold off the field ( this gives you alot of more time as well ) well then beat up the field , you go back to the air ship, head back to the highroads and you chould be at the agency, well you go up to where the hover blocks the way and to the right ( or left, im back with dirrections ) you will see cali and clasko, just talk to one of them and select " All abored " and there you go you have the Choboco, Cali and clasko in the air ship.

well then you just take clasko to thecalm lands then you can go choboco hunting

Oh also heres a greens cheat

You can pick the ratio of the greens, set the first set of greens to a ratio of 20 the second set of greens set the ratio to 30 now for the third set, set the ratio to 50.
With this you will get all 3 types of greens from clasko,so youcan easily level up the choboco's. and you will get alot of the third set of greens as well.

WELL I HOPE THIS HELPS PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yuna - Break HP Limit, Break Dmg. Limit
Yuna: Aurora Rain and Twilight Rain

Aurora Rain is in a treasure chest inside the Chamber of Fayth in the cave at the bottom of the gorge in the Calm Lands during Chapter 5. Twilight Rain is in a treasure chest below the waterfalls in Besaid Island during Chapter 5.

Aurora Rain allows your max HP to exceed 9999, and Twilight Rain allows your max damage to exceed 9999.