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[survival tip] Buff yourself at save points
At save points your HP/MP are restored to full. If you have green magicks and any other buffs (protect, shell, libra, etc), use them on all party members when you're near a save point. As soon as all members have been buffed, save. (The game saves your status)

You'll get your MP back for all characters, and save with your buffs at max strength (timer-wise). If you die and reload the game, you'll start with the buffs again at max strength! Also helpful as heck if you're about to get into a boss fight.
A Counter for Reflection
Tired of magic bouncing off enemies with reflect on them? Just equip the opal ring (purchase from stranded merchant in Old Archades or Balfonheim Port for 16000 gil) and the reflect will be the magic you cast will not be affected by the reflect. It also works on your allies too.
Adrammelech Esper
Go to the Zertinan Cavern, which can be reached through Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, Ozmone Plains, or Dalmasca Westsand. Go to the center of it, it's an area called Asroza Sandflow, this area is best accessed through the Dalmasca Westersand because there is a save point in the way, there you will encounter Adrammelech as a boss. Defeat it to obtain him as a esper.
Ageworn Key
To those who doesn't know what this key is for, this is the key to open the door where the Hell Wyvern lies.

To get this, find the Wyrm Philosopher at Windmill 10, who is seeking the Vyraal Wyrm. Give him the Dragon Scale from the Vyraal Wyrm (which you can find here after finishing the "Get My STuff Back!" Hunt) and he provides an Ageworn Key, which is part of the Wvrm Philosopher side quest.
Avoiding Zodiark's Darkja
Just before he uses Darkja (noticeable on the battle log) have one charcter use quickenign as musch as possible. At the right timing, after Zodiark uses Darkja, it will be negated and your quickening would follow.
awsome training and gil!
i train at the cerobi steppe with vaan equipping the diamond armlet and then whoever else im training with embroided tippets

when you have diamond armlet on almost every chest gives about 3000 gil , ammo or you may even be lucky enought o get a dragon whisker , ribbon or a fomalhaut

the enemies are also very easy after about level 50 and still give a lot of xp and lp

another good thing about cerobi steppe is that you cna get adamantite from adamantitans for ultima blade , do the fishing sidequest while training and start the hell wyrm sidequest

i also gain about 20000-80000gil per load

Bad Statuses
Instead of casting all those magic like Slow,Disease,Oil etc,equip the Nihopoloa(or something like that* and toss a Remedy on the enemy.The item just now will reverse your Healing Item's effect,meaning instead of healing bad statuses,it GIVES bad statuses.One thing-don't forget you're equipping the item before you use a poition or something on your allies,it'll damage them
Baloney Port Race
You will have to race against Rikken in the Baloney Port Race.

  • After your first visit in Archadia
  • After defeating "the boss there that I wont name"
  • And you are at "Baloney Port. Saccid Lane"
  • The man named "Rikken" offers you to race him and the little guy

    You need to press "X" and "O" fast. But not at the same time

    1. Potion
    2. Phoenix Down
    3. Phial of Eye Drops
    4. Antidote
    5. 10 gil and a Pinch of Echo Herbs
    6. Gold Needle
    7. Alarm Clock
    8. Handkerchief
    9. Amphora of Bacchus Wine
    10. "impressive. There is more to you than I thougth", 100 gil, 2 Balance Motes
    11. Two Potions
    12. 2 Tufts of Phoenix Downs
    13. Two Phials of Eye Drops
    14. Two Antidotes
    15. 20 gil. Two Pinches of Echo Herbs
    16. 2 Gold Needles
    17. 2 Alarm Clocks
    18. 2 Handkerchief
    19. 2 Amphora of Bacchus Wine
    20. "impressive. First place. You did better than I thougth. Still got a long way to go though" 300 gil. 2 Float Motes
    21. 3 Potions

    As you win more races the number of items increases. You also get special prizes.
  • Barheim Key Sidequest
    After events in Barheim Passage, you can return to this from other entrance in
    Dalmasca Eastersand. The reason to do this is to get an optional esper and some hunt marks.

    1) Complete the hunt mark Cactuar flower and hunt mark Niddhog

    2) After you get your reward from Dantro (the cactuar flower hunt mark petitioner) talk with him again

    3) Go to the south of Nebra river and talk with Dantro's wife

    4) Leave the screen and re-enter, talk with the boy named Chiguri

    5) He'll take you to the north of the river, there some events will take place

    6) Once you are back to the south side, talk with Dantro's wife, then search behind her house for a red flower, examine it, now a catuar will follow you, take it to Chiguri

    7) After some scenes, talk with Dantro's wife again, she'll ask some items, the first one is in the left side near the river (it's a shining object), talk again with her, for the second item go back to Dantro's campment talk with him and examine the boxes and some jars in the center of the screen. Now return to Dantro's wife, it's time to get the final item, you to Brokensands screen in esaternsands. The item is in the middle of the screen next to a withered rock.

    8) Give Dantro's wife the final item and the Python's Scaled Skin that you got from Niddhog, leave and re-enter the screen, talk with Dantro's wife and then go to the back of her house and talk with the traveller to receive the Barheim key!

    Beating Hell Wyrm
    for this i used the three tanks: Vaan, Basch and Balthier

    vaan: Excalibur(since he was my strongest)
    Basche: Ultima Blade
    Balthier: Ultima Blade

    Gambit setup:

    ally:any- Arise
    Ally:Hp<50%- Curaga
    Ally:any- Esuna
    Ally:status=stop- chronos tear
    Ally:Vaan- Haste
    Foe:nearest- Attack

    Ally:any- arise
    Ally: Hp<60%- Curaga
    Ally: status=stop- Chronos tear
    Ally:any- protectga
    Ally: Balthier- Haste
    Ally: Balther- Bravery
    Ally: Mp<10%- Hi-ether
    Foe: nearest- attack

    Ally:and- arise
    Ally: Hp<60%- curaga
    Ally:status=stop- chronos tear
    ally:any- esuna
    Ally: basch- haste
    Ally: basch- brabery
    Foe:nearest- attack

    I beat the guy in less than 15 min
    for this u cant jus leave gambits to do all the work. since i don't know how to setup the gambits for a Renew, once in a while wen he used his strongest attack which does alot of damage and causes stop, i had to manually choose the commands according to the situation. so if all the characters had low Hp: i used renew first then chronos tear. equip bubble belt, an aromor with strong defence, and a headgear with strong magic defence. u can swithch between element absorbing headgear if u want. My leader was Vaan and i always kept him moving around.
    Boss level
    its annoying when a boss stops you using libra isn't it?
    Well here is how you can figure out roughly what level the boss you are about to fight is:
    Use libra on the enimies near by the boss fight (if any) the boss is usually for 2 levels above that level

    p.s: it doesn't work for bosses with no enimies nearby the battle location
    Brave Suit
    Brave Suit is the best light armor you can get in the game plus the perma-Bravery.

    You can get this armor from:

    1. Getting it from a chest on the northwestern area of the third upper layer of the Great Crystal. If you already have a Zodiac Escutcheon, it will not show up.

    2. Getting it from a chest in the Phase 2 Dig of the Henne Mines while using a Diamond Armlet.

    3. Getting it from a chest in the Special Charter Shaft of the Henne Mines.
    Buffing espers
    Just like with characters, you can use support magic on espers, doing this will make them more useful during battles, because it will help them to do more damage to enemies (bravery and faith magic) resist more hits (protect and shell) or attack faster (haste). Unfortunately summoning an esper already takes quite some MP, so it's a good idea to summon your esper and buff it near a saving crystal, so that you touch it after casting all the spell you wanted to and regain your whole MP.
    Chaining Teleporting Monster Trick
    This trick can get u a chain for Helvineks for Grand Armor(other wise impossible) and other teleporting monsters.

    When you kill a teleporting monster their dying animation takes longer than a regular one. Before they actually die and EXP and LP numbers show, you can respawn them again if u leave the zone ur in before the dying animation is over. You will get yet another spawn in the original zone if u do it correctly.

    It is a little hard to grab their loot and leave the zone in about 1 or 2 seconds. Their falling body can block your access to the loot. Approach them from their side and grab the loot. You should be able to take the loot and leave before the animation is over.

    This trick works for only teleporting monsters that shows colorful illusions before materializing.
    chains tips
    this will help you to not loose your enemies chain.

    1- dont enter to any city/town/village.
    2- do not touch any save crystal.
    3- dont kill any other kind of enemies.
    4- turn your atack gambits off.
    Chaos Esper
    I first must warn you that getting this esper is quite a long and a little hard side-quest.

    Before being able to fight Chaos you'll have to get 4 fragments:

    Clear the following mob hunt marks: Wraith ,White Moose and Orthros, by clearing the last one you'll get your first fragment.

    Go back to Garamsythe Waterway there you'll have to activate the following swithches, first turn all of them off, now activate the 11th and 4th , now deactivate the 11th and activate the 3rd, finally deactivate the 4th, go south of the same screen you are and you'll find a shining object, the second fragment

    For the last fragment go to Nabreus deadlands, there talk with Ma'kleou, he'll tell you he's waiting for his two disciples, now it's time to find those 2 guys. Go to Rabanastre lowtown, to Dalan's house there talk with the disciple he'll explain you the situation, no go to the vacant house and read the letter (NOTE: You've already done what this letter tells you to do, but you still need to read it). The following step is to talk with Filo in the South Sprawl of Lowtown, after doing so go to the streets of Rabanastre. Talk with a woman that standing watching the fountain, next talk with a merchant in the bazaar you will tell you that he sold the necklace to an Imperial, this imperial is in the magic shop, choose the option 1 option twice. Back to lowtown speak with Filo again, now go and talk with the imperial again, you'll receive the third fragment.
    Go to the disciple in Dalan's house and give him the 3 fragments you've got, he'll dissppear.

    Teleport to Archades, into the magic shop there talk with the other Ma'kleou's disciple, now go to Old Archades west section and talk with Otto. Return with the medallion to the disciple.

    Go to Nabreus deadlands. Talk with Ma'kleou, now go to the screen called the Slumbermead, there go to the north west part of the screen where you'll find a hidden path, follow it. When you reach a shrine a cut-scene will play after that you'll receive all the 3 medallions.

    Finally the last part of this side-quest: Now move to Necrohol Of Nabudis there you'll have to open 3 doors and fight 3 bosses, first go to the screen called Hall of the Ivory Convenant and open the Loathing door using the Love medallion, inside this room you'll have to fight Fury. The next door is in the screen called Cloister of the Distant Song open the door of horrors with the Medallion of bravery, inside you'll fight with Humbaba Mistant. Now your medallion of might will be usable, go to the screen called Clositer of the Highborn, open the door of the despair with the medallion of might and finally fight the Chaos as a boss fight. In this battle the command "Attack" will be sealed. So be sure of having your MP at max, because magic and mist is all you'll be able to use to kill this guy. Be sure of using non-elemental magic to damage him, if you don't do this you'll just heal him.
    After you defeat him, you'll receive the Chaos esper.
    clan rank tip
    if you are confused on how much marks do you need to hunt and how many points you need to gain a new rank..the only thing you need to do its to talk with the elder next to the viera inside the clan centurios house,..he will tell you how many maks and points you need to lvl up one rank.
    Clan Ranks
    Rank /Marks Completed / Clan Points Earned
    Moppet: 0 - 0
    Hedge Knight: 2 - 700
    Rear Guard: 4 - 8,000
    Vanguard: 8 - 20,000
    Headhunter: 10 - 30,000
    Ward of Justice: 12 - 40,000
    Brave Companion:14 - 100,000
    Riskbreaker: 16 - 200,000
    Paragon of Justice: 24 - 250,000
    High Guardian: 28 - 300,000
    Knight of the Round: 32 - 500,000
    Order of Ambrosia: 44 - 1,000,000
    Cúchulainn Esper
    First you must have completed the mob hunt marks Wraith and White Moosse.
    With the waterway key in your hands go back to Garamsythe Waterway. In the control area with the save crystal activate the switch on 3rd and 10th Area Panel. Now go to the screen called Cloaca Nº3, there activate a 1st switch of the area panel. Then, go back to the control area, there deactivate the 3rd and 10th switch and activate the 4th and 11th. What you need to do now is to go to the screen called Cloaca Nº4 where you'll find another 1st switch, activate and go back to the central control area, deactivate the 11th switch and active the 3rd switch, now save and proceed south to face this esper.
    The battle can be quite hard, because he'll summon a field that makes your characters HP to reduce quickly until it depletes completely, not only that but some flans will join to battle.
    I recommend you to heal constantly and make long quickenings combos.
    After defeating it, you'll receive the Cúchulainn esper.
    Dark Matter
    Shemhazai's Devour Soul adds to Dark Matter just like Knots of rust do and vice versa. Every time you use Soul Purge it resets both Soul Purge and Dark Matter to zero. Same with Dark Matter....use it and you reset both Dark Matter and Soul Purge.

    If you want to charge Dark Matter but are short of knots of rust then just use Shemhazai and Devour Soul and dismiss it before it uses Soul Purge.
    Here's how to get Deathgaze to appear:

    It originally appears on the airship with a 4% chance. After getting off an airship, talk to the Traveller and the chances will double to 8%. Do it again, and it will become 16%. Keep repeating this method for 2 more times and it will stop at 64%. That way, the chances of Deathgaze appearing will become higher.

    There is a small chance, however, that you may encounter Deathgaze on your first try. That's because you were lucky that you hit a 4% chance.
    Defeating Dr. Cid
    Gambits Arrangements
    Ally: HP <60%/ Curaja
    Ally: Any/ Pheonix Down
    Foe: Any/ 1,000 Needles
    Foe: HP Critical/ Steal
    Defeating the final boss, The Undying
    Before you get to the final boss on Bahamut, have your party over lv. 55 or 65. Have 99 Hi-and-X-potions and have Balthier's weapon Fomalhunt, Vaan on save the queen or excalibur and have all your magicks and technicks.

    You`ll have to fight 3 boss battles before this tough boss, Gabranth, Vayne, and Vayne Novus. Here's there Hp.
    Gabranth: Hp: 70,700
    Vayne: Hp: 76,750
    Vayne Novus: Hp: 104,200
    The Undying: Hp: 228,300

    The Undying is more powerful than Zodiark and Ultima. All of his attacks deal over 3000 hp, skills 40,000 hp and Special Quicknings, 2900 hp, Unless you have protect, shell, bravery, bubble(have bubble belt, worth 18,000 gil in Clan provisioner once your knight of the round), faith, and regen. He starts the battle with Divine Sword, or, Piercing, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thnuderga. Cannot avoid them. Once his Hp reaches, 70,000, he casts faith, dispel as soon he casts, before he readies Magick Barrier. He'll do Ascesion, the cast Piercing Attacks including Holy and Dispelga. It'll fall eventually, then he cast Bravery and summon a Force Barrier. Dispel as soon he cast's Bravery. He'll do Gigaflare sword as the beginning and Ascession at the end. It'll fall, his defence will increase, he'll do Giga Flare sword again 2 times. He'll cast Perfect Defence, you can't hit him with magick or attack him. Hold off, and cast Curaja when Critical. He'll do Teraflare and after that his defence will fall, when he is almost dead, he blick red, perform a quickning, have a chain of 15 or 16 or over and CONGRATULATIONS, you've beaten FINAL FANTASY XII.
    Dustia's power lvling tip
    This "tip" is great to Lvl up real fast at the beginning of the game, works a lot if you doing NLB "No license board" challenge, it's faster than the Werewolfs method.

    What you have to do is first get some phoenix down "you'll have to steal or kill some monsters first to get Gils for the phoenix downs" so be patient.

    You can buy Phoenix downs in Rabanstre after Penelo leaves, but if you want to do it earlier "before Dalans" you can buy some from the "Unlucky Mechant" in the South bank "Estersands" or from the merchant in "Westersands, before reaching Orin-Yensa"
    After that go to Dalmasca's Westesands and head to the North-east area of the map named "Corridor of sand", before entering make sure that your HP is Critical "10% of your max HP" why? because you can find an undead rare game called "Dustia" that way, go to configuration screen an set the battle to wait mode-lowest speed and cursor to "last-selection" that way you don't get tired of selecting item-phoenix down, why lowest speed battle? because Dustia don't have time to charge dark if you set the speed the lowest possible.

    "If you phoenix down an undead enemy they will die in one hit"
    "To trow an items to the enemy R1 or L1 when you see the opponent HP bar"

    Each kill give you 1100 Exp, plus 3 LP's, make sure to re-zone before the EXP-LP show up that way you can chain Duria "that method works with all the teleporting monsters" this help to get a great percentage of loots to sell, so you will not be worry about Gils anymore to get new phoenix downs.


    "Orgain Book" sells for: 500-600 Gils
    Rare drop: "Flame Staff" sells for: 1000-1500 Gils

    Happy gaming and enjoy.
    Earliest Full-Licensed Board
    Having trouble with License Board? Indecisive of what should be learned now or later? Wash your troubles away! Learn ALL of it in the first place!
    After completing the Rogue Tomato Hunt, have Vaan only go to Giza Plains and farm some wolf pelts. Get 99 of Wolf pelts and sell it for small cash. Invest the money to buy Phoenix Downs from either Nalbina Seeq Merchant or Westernsand Hume Merchant. Upon getting the items, head to the Westernsand Corridor of Sand. Hurt yourself until 10% max hp remains to spawn Dustia rare game. Make sure battle speed set to lowest and toss a phoenix down when Dustia's hp bar appear. Rezone the area before EXP/LP appear for 'respawn trick'. Get the loot and sell it for further funds in Phoenix Downs. Repeat the process until you get enough LP to learn everything.
    It's estimated around 15,000 LP, player can learn everything including Mist & Esper. So the math is:

    15,000/3=5,000 Dustia kill

    For health safety, it's advisable to divide it into days and sessions to complete this goal. For instance:

    5,000/2Days=2,500 Dustia kill perday
    2,500/2sessions=1,250 Dustia kill per session in 1 day(Morning,Afternoon,Evening,Night)

    Upon learning everything, all characters can use and equip everything / anything in acquisition with leisure since the LP is shared. (A little tip: Save the game in 1 independent save files upon getting 15,000 LP so player can immediately restart/replay the game with full-licensed board in future!)
    Early getting Mosphoran Highwaste
    To do you mist be on level 35 or higher.After tomb of Raithwall. go to the entrance of Mosphoran Highwaste.Borrow a chocobo go to the gaurds they will run away and you can to Mosphoran Highwaste
    Early Zodiac Spear.
    As soon as you get the dawn shard and get off the god awful light ship cruiser, you can use the chocobo to get the guards out of the way of the mosphoran highwaste entrance. Run straight through that, straight through the salika wood to until you reach the yellow save crystal. then (it may take a few trys) use quickening of the king bomb, as many as possible and before he uses renew (you could cast silence). when he is beaten run through the rest of it. now you can either take the nabreus deadland or the nechrohol of nabudis (if you use the deadlands you will have to go into the necrohol anyway) now run past everyone (using vanish if you have it) if you dont keep a hefty amount of pheonix downs with you. then run into the bit with alot of treasure chests. if you havent opened the specific urns that make the spear not be able to appear it will be there. then run back to a save crystal (not the one in the deadlands since it's a very high level kill bug thing) run back and there you have it. now just unlock the license and you can have ti before you even reach jahara.
    Easy Beating Mimic Queen
    I found this out entirely by accident but it helps to know it. After you get Basch, you should have to fight off what are called "Battery Mimics". Don't use thunder on them, it heals them, instead I found that a single blizzard takes out about a a fourth or a half of their health, if you have the spell blizzard, buy black magic 1 for Fran, Balthier, and Vaan, you won't be able to do so for Basch since he's a guest.

    why have three mages? this will royally own the boss, I used two people at the first time and got the queen to 1 hit left before being wiped out.

    If you scoured every chest, you should have about 2 ethers (I did) and a horde of pheonix down and potions. after meeting the queen, let Basch slice away at her but have everyone in the party mass blizzard her, a single use of three blizzards takes out a pretty hefty portion of her life, I beat her in about 3-7 minutes with this stratagy. I of course had to use both my precious ether to replenish two of my character's magic and had to use the last wizard to use potions cause at the point of using the ether, the queen will start using spells that use cinematic which damage the entire party.
    Easy Boss Battles
    Cast bezerk, bravery, haste, on your tank, and equip him with speed gear, and the genji gloves / bubble belt.

    Have your casters focus on keeping the tanked buffed and everyone alive and full of hp. Spare no MP. Consider all spell NO MP cost at this point.

    When your casters start running low on MP have them cast syphon on the tank, who should be able to regerate 999 mp in about 30 seconds.

    With this method, you can make short work of many of the "impossible" bosses of this game. like Hell wyrm or zodiark.

    Easy EXP and Easy LP
    When you go into the Ozmone Plain after going to Raithwall's tomb, head east a little to a place claled the Field of Light Winds.

    Here, you'll have 3 werewolves, and 3 black chocobos which will give you about 2200 exp per run and 9 LP. Now the fun part is go even more east. You'll get to a place with a save point and a random kid who's tending to an injured hunter. Go even more east till you eat the Golmore Jungle, you're not supposed to go there yet but do it anyway. Enemies here all give 300-400 exp. There are a lot of enemies in the entrance. Just stay near the entrance area, and make your rounds killing all the enemies. You should easily rack up 8000-10000 exp from doing this. Then go back to the save point and go into the field of light winds again, and just go back and forth. There's a save point too so you'll never be short for life. Equip the golden amulet and double your LP!!

    I got from l23 to l30 in 40 minutes!
    Easy Garuda Battle (spoilers)
    Whenever you get to the part of the story where yuo have to go to the Tomb of King Raithwall, before you can go into tghe tomb, you have to battle the Garuda. Earlier in the Urutan-Yensa sandsea save area there is a moogle talking to a Urutan. walk up and talk to the moogle. he says that the Uratan was asking for help, that there is a giant beast killing the Urutan. go off in the direction of the Urutan for about 2 areas, and you'll see them fighting a giant turtle. help kill the turtle and then go back and tlak to the moogle. he said that the Urutan that asked for help went into the other sandsea (the one you originally started in). go back into the sandsea for a little ways and you'll see a short scene, go back to the moogle to see the Urutan that asked for help be completely disintegrated by the Urutan queen. where his body was is a peck of flowers, these flowers have berries growing from them. pick those berries and continue to the Tomb. at the tomb when the fight witht the Garuda initiates use the berries on the Garuda. this will take about 20% of his life. then use the biggest quickening chain you can. after that constantly use water spells on the Garuda. he should be dead in a very short round of turns.
    Easy Gil
    - Go to Lhusu Mines in the Site 5. Kill those Dark Lords in there and they will drop Blood Darkened Bone. Chain them to get more than one Blood Darkened Bone. You can sell 1400 gil for each.

    - Go to Tchita Uplands. Defeat all Bandecoeurl and they will drop Quality Pelt and Coeurl Pelt. You can get a lot in there. U can sell 400 gil for each.

    - Play Fishing Game in 1 hour. You can got maybe 80 - 90 Delicious Fish and a lot of Nebra Sullucent. You can sell them, and get a lot of gil and you can get that back easily.

    - Defeat Yiazmat
    Easy Gil & Levels - Golmore Jungle
    This is best done after you receive Larsa, but before entering the Henne Mines. First, save your game in the Sunlit Path. Now enter Golmore Jungle. You will run into a ton of Panthers here. Set someone up to Steal like crazy (I personally use Balthier). Work your way down both the east and west paths killing panthers, but watch out at the ends where the paths split off. One end has a blue dog at it, and one has a Marlboro. Do not kill either one. Now turn around, go back to the Sunlit Path. DO NOT SAVE. Run straight through into the Field of Light Winds, turn around and return to Golmore Jungle. The panthers will have respawned. Do this five or six times until you have a chain of 99. By this time, you should have gained 2-4 levels (keep switching out characters if you want to level up a bunch of them), gained a ton of LP, and have 99 Coerl Pelts. Go ahead and head through fully to Eruyt, and sell those skins. You should have made around 50,000 gil with all the rest of the junk you picked up! Do this as many times as you want, though just by doing it once I had enough gil to easily buy all the items I wanted before heading to the Henne Mines, and levelled up to a respectable level.
    EASY Gil, Exp, and Lp for Levels 15-25
    If you're broke and need money, Exp, and Lp before the Henne mines, go back to the Lhusu mines and in the last 2 areas, only the undead appear and you can chain them easily! The second to last area is on a bridge where the undead appear from the ground. take the top rout and not the side, there is a bat there and it will ruin your chain. After all of the zombies have been slain, go into the next area. Explore and kill everything in sight. By now, the zombies are very easy to kill plus Larsa is there to help you too. You can go back and fourth through the areas and get a boatload of bone fragments that can be sold for over 150 gil and dark stones that can be sold for about 35. When I did this, I got a chain of over 150 and it only took about 15-25 minutes and I got 99 bone fragments and dark stones. Also, everybody went up about 2 levels in that short of a time. If you want to get some of the best weapons, spells, etc. try this! I started at level 18-19, 50 Lp, and 500 gil, and now I'm at level 22-23, I have over 300 Lp, and about 36,000 gil.
    Easy leveling after lvl 50
    First, go to the Nabreus Deadlands, and take the secret path in the northwest of The Slumbermead to get to The Fog Mutters, and then Overlooking Eternity. Upon entering Overlooking Eternity switch to only one party member (I started this with my lvl 52 Penelo) and have the following Gambits:

    Self: Bubble
    Self: Protect
    Self: Regen
    Self: Faith
    Self: Bravery
    Ally: HP<40% Curaja
    The rest of your gambits do not matter.

    Then, make sure you have your character equipped with very strong armor (I have Magepower Shishak and Maximillian), along with an embroidered Tippet and a Holy Lance.

    In Overlooking Eternity, only Dead Bones show up and each one gives a little over 4,800 exp. So, if you've been having trouble getting Montblanc for your Sky Pirates Den, this is also an easy way to get it. If you're level is on the lower end of the spectrum (lvl 50 - 55) You're going to want to make sure you only have 1 or 2 dead bones attacking at a time. If 3 or more start to attack, use a curaja spell and it should knock them down 1/3 - 1/2 hp. Your gambits will keep you buffed, so just watch your character. Over a short period of time, your character's level will grow quite rapidly. I used this technique for about 2 - 3 hours and my Penelo went from level 52 to 62. Holy also works well against the Dead bones, but you can only target one at a time with Holy, so be careful. ALSO, after casting curaja or holy on them, they like to use reflectga. DO NOT USE MAGIC ON THEM. A holy attack reflected at you REALLY sucks.

    Anyway, the Holy lance should help take down the dead bones in 2-4 hits. And the dead bones respawn, so unless you want a lot of dead bones, you can stay in the area, and not worry!
    Easy leveling from level 50 or above
    Ok, I wrote this down first, so I'm going to type it in the same format.

    My characters Gambits:
    1.Ally:any Arise (Rise)
    2.Ally:HP<50% Curaja (Cura)
    3.Ally:any Esuna
    4.Ally:Status=Slow Haste
    5.Ally:Status=Disease Cleanse
    6.Ally:Status=Stop Chronos Tear
    7.Ally:Status=Silence Echo Herbs
    8.Foe:Lowest HP Attack

    Area: Lhusu Mines / Site 5 and Site 6 South

    Requirements: Must have completed Hunt 38: Antlion Infestation, and gotten the dropped Site 11 key from next to the Fallen Bhujerban on the west side of the Hunters Camp in the Phon Coast. Being able to defeat up to level 61 Dark Lords without much trouble would be VERY handy.

    Enemies once you get there or on your way there:
    Vampyr Level 43 Weak to: Holy Element
    Killer Mantis Level 44 Weak to: Wind Element
    Abysteel Level 58 Weak to: Holy Element
    Dark Lord Level 61 Weak to: Holy Element

    Strategy / what to do: Basically, all you have to do is kill the Dark Lords. They give roughly 2,100 to 2,300 EXP, which is around 4,200 to 4,600 Exp with an Embroidered Tippet. Many Abysteels also infest the area, which are worth around 1,000 EXP each, which are 2,000 EXP with an Embroidered Tippet. A weapon with the Holy element would be greatly helpful, but a strong one will do as well.I have also done some testing, and the enemies cant be one hit killed with phoenix downs. When I started doing this, my lowest levels were level 48, but they were well equipped, with Holy Lance, Masamune, and Excalibur. Theres a close save point south of Site 6 South. Use this to save, heal, or rebuff if you need to. While using my method, I got 3 people from level 58 to 64 in like, 30 minutes with an Embroidered Tippet. If you need the locations of anything listed, google it or e-mail me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    Easy LP
    -First you need every party member to equip golden amulets
    -go to Dalmascan Estersand. Kill all monsters, especially in the northermost areas of the desert. You'll get massive lp, and it will be doubled because of the golden amulet. You'll probably kill all monsters in one hit.
    Easy LP (With or Without a Golden Amulet
    When you head to the king raithwall's tomb, absolutely make sure you think you are leveled up to your absolute best, then make your way down. (Remember get high in the clan rank, this could come in handy.) When you get to the Ogir-Yensea Sandsea, get a chain of them little creatures with cloaks on them. Keep defeating them and it will add up. (More chain, more LP). Try not to save it, if done, you would have ruined the chain. if not, head to the Nam-Yensea Sandsea keep fighting them. (don't go to the towns, make sure you have enough potions and all that). Dying? GO BACK! don't die, save it and repeat the process. Thanx and this does help. This does massively help fighting in the future! (If you have the golden amulet later in life on final fantasy, go back and do the process above)
    Easy Money(early in the game)
    Go to the Lhusu Mines in Bhujerba.Once you enter the mines proceed through the first and second (maybe even the third) areas killing only Skeletons and Skull Defenders.At the next areas you will only find the mentioned monsters so you can do a 100-chain quite easily (for your convinience,go there some time AFTER the storyline scenario).The best is yet to come, once you have made a reasonably big chain you will start getting 3 Bone Fragments per kill(not to mention stealing them).If you follow the aforementioned strategy you can get 99 Bone Fragments in less than 10 minutes.Each one sells for 193 gil at any shop. You can do this at any place that has undead enemies (like the King-Dynast's tomb etc...) but I recommend the mines(since there are the weakest undead enemies so it would take less time(99 Bone Fragments sell for 19107 gil).This is a very useful strategy earlier in the game because you get a lot of lp (license points) and gil(money in FF) to back them up.
    Enemies that heal?
    You know those little bunnies, with the feathers on their heads? Such as the Ozmone Hare? If you go and stand by such (like Ozmone Plains) they'll eventually use a potion on you!

    You see, since they're so cute, they aren't meant to be killed. They /do/ help you, so give it a try! n.n
    To get this holy elemental Two Handed Sword you must first have finished the events at The Great Crystal completely. After doing so go back inside this dungeon until you reach The Great Crystal – A Prama Vikaari again (the first screen). You are currently in platform VIII from there they are 3 routes one is up, one is down and another is sealed by Gate Scorpio. Go up, press the switch and return to platform VIII. There follow the just unsealed path up. You'll reach platform IX, use the way stone to reach platform X. From platform X follow the only path until you get to XX platform. XX platform has two sealed Gate Sagittarius, one way down, two ways up, another way is where you come from. Go in the opposite direction of where you came from (which leads you down) continue a couple of screens and you'll find a switch, press it and return to XX before the time runs out. In XX unseal Gate Sagittarius 2, not 1. Follow the new path and you'll find yourself in platform XII, use the way stone to get to XIV platform, there go the way that goes up, press the switch in the next screen and return to platform XIV before the time runs out. There go the way down, keep going the only path through some platforms until third platform where they are two paths take the one that goes down.
    If you have done the steps above correctly you'll find yourself in a screen with one horse type enemy and a chest, as soon as you go to the center of the platform two more horse type enemies will appear. Get rid of them and cast float because there is a trap just below of the chest, be sure to equip the Diamond armlet, because it really helps. Now open the chest you can get gil, a sage ring or gil+Excalibur, how is that possible? When you first examine it the message will tell you you got gil, but the chest won't disappear, check it again and the Excalibur is all yours.
    If you couldn't get it in your first try, don't worry, just go back 3 screens and the chest will re-spawn.
    NOTE: You CANNOT get more than 1 Excalibur.
    Exodus Esper
    You can get this esper as soon as you enter for the first time the hunter's camp in Phon coast, but you may not be powerful enough at that moment so be careful. First go to Mosphoran Highwaste, in the screen where the teleport crystal is activate the south shrine, then check your map you'll see an exclamation mark, go there with chocobo, cross the chocobo path that it is that way and continue until you get to the west part of the screen with the teleport crystal, there activate the west shrine and touch the withered rock so that a way is open, now activate the Northwest Shrine. Finally save and go to the two new exclamation marks that are in the map. You'll find Exodus there, be careful because will make your party unable to use items, he'll to use reflect quite often and summon a special shield that'll make him immune to physical attacks when he has low HP.
    After defeating him, you'll obtain him as a esper.
    Fafnir (VII hunt mark): Easy kill
    Fafnir will only appear during a blizzard so talk to Ralj the Petitioner for the Hunt.
    In the Temple Approach in Mt. Bur-Omisace to start the blizzard, Take the route to Freezing Gorge, Head of the Silverflow, Icebound Flow, Karydine Glacier, Silverflow's End. (You got fallow this intructions, that way the blizzard will not end.)

    When you're able to see it, There should be a crevace to run into where Fafnir won't be able to attack you physically, Cast reflect on all your party and use the fallowing Gambits:

    - Ally: Any - Thundaga

    Targetting an ally instead of Fafnir will cast Thundaga 3 times, instead of just once because it's an "area" magick atack.
    So in one round you're hitting him with Thundaga 9 times instead of just 3, and you'll be able to kill it without too much problems.
    Fast Kill/Bad Breath Tip
    If you want to mess around with some enemies or kill them faster, buy a Nihopalaoa and buy some Phoenix downs or Remedies.

    Nihopalaoa accessory:

    Status: Reverses the effects of the restorative items.

    Phoenix Down - Istant kill "Death"

    Remedy - Bad breath
    Inflicts (Slow, Disease, Blind, Confuse, Sap, Oil, Immobilize, Poison)

    Or you can use Remedies instead, that way you will inflict almost all the bad status changes to the enemies, good for hard Bosses.
    fast lvls "beginning of the game"
    what you need to do is.. go to giza plains where werewolfs are (theres always two of them)use quickenings on them u will get 600 exp with each character.

    for doing this you will need to have at least 3 quickenings learned ..this mean that u need to gain some LPs before doing this trick.

    another good thing its that you have a save crystal just near there ..that way u can recharge all ur waste MP and save too.
    ffiv reference
    sometime in rabanstre you will see a bangaa and a seeq who talks about how much of tiles on the walls and houses and other things.
    and once the seeq will come with a ffiv reference
    tellah the sage calls edward a "spoony bard" at their encounter in ffiv,

    quote from ffxii
    "my friend here says that o'er 430 revelers came through the southern plaza during the big fete"
    "but even IF you count the bards...
    'Course he couldn't be countin' the SPOONY bards, too. That would be another matter altogether."
    Finding Hunt Pylraster
    The Pylraster can be a bit hard find as you are not told where it is, you can find it at The Pharos At Ridorana at the entrance where you fought Hydro.
    Finding Omega Mark XII
    Reaching Omega Mark XII is almost as difficult as fighting the hidden boss. Begin by diving deep into the dungeon following the same route used to reach Ultima. Take a left turn at the Save Crystal to find the Aquarius Gate Stone (1). Backtrack to the previous section and open Gate Aquarius 1 (2), so the path to the Taurus Gate Stone (5) is open. Forget the Taurus Gate Stone for now and go to the nearby Capricorn Gate Stone (3). Flip the switch and run across the area to Gate Capricorn 2 (4). Backtrack to the Taurus Gate Stone (5) and use the switch. Cross the area again passing through Gate Capricorn 2 to reach Gate Taurus 1 (6). The road beyond Taurus 1 leads to Omega Mark XII.

    And Good Luck.
    Fishing Bottles
    This is how to complete the fishing minigame bottles. Blue Bottle Clue: Truth lies just beyondfalsehood,CDZCKZMCRANZS this means that the next letter in the alphabet is what you put in. Next letter after C = D, next letter of D = E, next letter of Z = A and so on until you get Deadlands Boat. Go the Echos of the Past and look at the south-east corner where you will find a message in the boat. Green Bottle Clue: Skip on stones to far banks shore, by skipping stones return once more. SSADLNIAKLADHAUETDNREA this means start at S and skip between letters like S then A then L and will inventually spell Salika Hut Near Deadlands.Go to the centre of Piebald Path and in one hut.Red Bottle Clue: Foothills rise in mountains' shadow. NhIiQsTUrEe this on ehas the capitals scrambled in to a word and the lowercase scrambled into a word. It makes QUIET shrine. Go the the north-west part of the babbling vale to find the message. Yellow Bottle Clue: Dragons stir among the eaters of the wind. 1 2 - - 5 - 7 - 9 - means in the windmills in Cerobi Steppe. The windmills have numbers on them reffering to the message. Go turn on numbers 12579
    and turn off the other numbers as well as the blanks. Black Bottle Clue: Easy as a, b, c, so count yourself lucky.
    19-12-21-9-3-5-7-1-20-5-18-1-20-19 this means write down the letters of the alphabet and reffer them to the numbers. They spell SULICE GATE RATS. Look for the rats scurring around the south of the room and follow them to a shiny object which is the last message. River...unde...o
    Forest...rgro...w Fire...undb...h
    Ash...ridg...e Darkness...eton..e The first five words can be used to determine order, since they're complete, and ultimately unrelated to the location clue. Now a River flows through the Forest, which catches Fire, leaving behind only Ash and DarknessNow then, arranging the messages in that order to connect the middle, then end portions of the clues leaves you with the following:unde/rgro/undb/ridg/eton followed by o/w/h/e/e. This last part is missing a letter, which makes it a little cryptic, but if you put it all together, you should end up with the clue underground bridge to no where. Now
    where have you seen a bridge underground the doesn't really go anywhere? But of course, Barheim Passage. Head into Barheim, following the same path you did to reach Zalera. When you reach the end of the Zeviah Span, go ahead into West Annex, then stop immediately. If you look on your map there is a little section of Zeviah Span that can only be reached by going into West Annex. So hang a U-turn, but make sure you're going into the area slightly to your left, back on the main part of the bridge and not the part you just left. Now simply approach the rubble at the far end and watch the magic happen. Now you know why you had to beat Gilgamesh first.With the Matamune safely in hand, head back to the Estersand and Ruksel. Select the Upstream area and start fishing up a storm. After what sometimes seemed like an eternity and innumerable perfects, you are finally rewarded with the Cactoid Compact. This item allows you to access the Hidden Shoals
    area, and you're now only one step from the big one. Hidden Shoals
    The commands here aren't all that different from those of upstream (in fact, some are the same). What makes it more difficult in my opinion is
    the appearance of an additional cactoid each time you input a command correctly. These things will always be in the corner of your vision, and will
    distract and annoy the crap out of you. Once you learn to ignore them though, the area is pretty easy, and you simply have to keep getting perfects until you receive the Cactoid Commendation. This bad boy opens up the Den of the River Lord.
    Den of the River Lord This is it. The fish depicted in every drunken fishing story since the beginning of time. The King of Nebra has an eight-button long command that is difficult to complete when it appears side to side, and nearly impossible from the top or bottom. In addition to this, you have to catch him nine times before you can land him and reap your well-earned reward. However, the upswing of this is that you don't have to catch him in one trip, or even get all nine in a row. Also, in my game his command has always been the only one to appear until I get him for the ninth time, so at least I know what's coming. I'll go ahead and post his command, since it's better to just memorize and practice putting it in quickly. When you finally do land him, you get the Lu Shang's Badge, the ultimate reward for this lengthy side quest.
    King of Nebra:
    R1, L2, Up, Square, R2, L1, X, Right

    Forgotten Grimoire / Monograph's
    Monographs can be very useful in increasing the rarity of the drops. Here is a list of all the monographs that you can get along with what you need to do to unlock them. When you unlock them they will appear as Forgotten Grimoire until you buy it.

    Dragoon Monograph (Increase drop rate of Dragons & Plants) - Read Mob hunt bulletin board 40 times (22000 gil)
    Hunter's Monograph (Increase drop rate of Monsters & Birds) - Clear Thextera Mob Hunt and talk to the client at the Muthru Bazaar (18000 gil)
    Knight Monograph (Increase drop rate of Giants & Insects) - Talk to any weapon shop owner 30 times (19000 gil)
    Mage Monograph (Increase drop rate of Magical Enemies) - Talk to any magic shop owner 25 times (25000 gil)
    Pot Monograph (Increase drop rate of Arcana Enemies) - Sell of certain Loots to unlock (250000 gil)
    Sage Monograph (Increase drop rate of Spirit Enemies) - Talk to any shop owner 100 times (25000 gil)
    Scholar Monograph (Increase drop rate of Specialist Enemies) - Talk to any armour shop owner15 times (22000 gil)
    Warmage's Monograph (Increase drop rate of Undead Enemies) - Read Mob hunt bulletin board 20 times (20000 gil)
    First you must complete the Antilion Mob Hunt Mark V.
    The Formalhaut is the best gun in the game, to get it go back to Lhusu mines, to the screen called "Site 9" where Antilion Mob Hunt Mark V was, in his place you'll find a chest, open it and you'll receive this weapon, it has 50 points of attack power and like the rest fo the guns it ignores the defense power of enemies and can't miss.
    Gambit tip
    If you wish to have gambits set up to heal status aliments or to ressurect fallen characters you don't need the specific "if status aliment" or "if koed" gambit. All you need to do is set up an "any ally" gambit with the item/spell you wish to use, for example "any ally pheonix down" and your characters will only use the item/spell when it is needed.
    Garuda Made Easy
    Cast Reflect on all your characters. Have them all cast dark. Within Seconds, Garuda should be dead.
    Genji and Gilgamesh !
    As far as I know the only way to get genji is this and I have tested it and got the shield and gloves.
    1) Killed Antlion Mob Hunt
    2) Have Thief Cuffs
    3) Good Armour And Lvl To Survive
    5) Consistancy And Endurance


    The way you get this great armour is when your fighting gilgamesh. When you enter the first fight steal from him and you may recieve genji gloves or shield. If you didn't get them don't worry.After each cutscene you are allowed to steal once more. You may also want to steal from enkidu for beastlord horns to make a sagitarius bow.In the first gilgamesh fight on the bridge you can obtain genji shield and gloves from him.

    For those of you who do not know how to get into the deeper parts of the lhusu mines where you fight gilgamesh the secret is when you beat the antlion the girl says the key they lost will wash up on a shore so go to the phon coast hunters lodge and go to the north west area where a man is lying down next to his friend. next to him will be a glint of light (the key to go deeper into the mines)

    When fighting him the second time make sure you are ready for a long fight if you are low level.He uses a lot of status effects so make sure someone is set to esuna or something. Do the same as you did last time and now you should recieve genji armour and helm.

    Also after this long fight you recieve masamune which is a 93 attack katana.It will also allow you to finish the fishing minigame. The genji glove's special for anyone who is wondering is that you deal combos much more often. I gave my genji gloves to vaan who weilds my zodiac spear =P
    Get a free Defender
    When you are at Balfonheim Port, go to the area of the Gate Crystal. You should see two moogles there, one of them is from the Cartographers Guild and the other one is wanting to travel.

    If you talk to the right one he should say something along the lines of "I want to get a Chocobo, but Gurdy's prices are to expensive" or something like that. After he's done talking, go to the Chocobo Wrangler that sits inside the pen and she should say something about a strange chocobo getting into the flock (its one of those cluckatrice things). The moogle you just talked with should walk over and ask Gurdy how much that chocobo is, now he should say "If it werent for you, I would of never got this chocobo" or something like that and should hand over a Defender.

    The Defender is a greatsword (2h) with +91 strength.

    Note: You need to have completed the gil snapper (paradise risen) bounty hunt , then return to where you fought the gil snapper and find an urn then go get the defender

    Credit to munti for the above paragraph
    Get level 50 on game beginning
    After phoenix-down is available on shop buy some and head to westernsand then follow the right wall till the first entrance appear before enter your character must have ONLY 10% health then enter a monster called Dustia will appear(rare game) use phoenix-down on it catch the loot and then leave just before it disappears so that when you enter again it will respawn and keep doing it, when phoenix is over go to rabanastre and sell the lot to buy some more phoenix-down. This is a big help in about 12 hours i got into lvl 50 and playing the game becomes much easier, also other caracters will start above lvl 50 <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> try it....
    Get LP Fast
    To get LP fast, go to lvl 16 or more and go to DALMASCA EASTERSAND and kill the monsters all the way, then go back and kill more monsters , you can kill that monsters with one or two hits, so doing this for a long time can result in 1000-2000 LP, but all depends of the time that you want to expend in this.
    Getting the sword DemonsBane earlier in the game
    In order to do this you must defeat both the demon walls in Raithwalls Tomb. After doing so check the place where the First demon wall stood, and you'll find a jewel there, touch it and then 2 stairs will appear, both take you to the same place so it doesn't matter which one you choose, follow the only path (there will be some bats and fire flans in the way) until you find a chest, since it is random you don't have a 100% of getting the demonsbane but with some resetting you'll get it!
    Having a sword with 59 of power attack at this part of the game is quite useful, so I recommend you getting it.
    Getting Through Pharos-Third Accent
    The Third Accent can be kinda of tricky.
    You need to touch the way stones.

    Warp to the third accent, go to the Way Stone-Black Sigil.
    You will be warped to a new level. Now go to the Way Stone-Green Sigil.
    Once Again You Will Be Warped, Now Go and Touch the Way Stone-Red Sigil.
    You will be warped again. Now Go Touch A Yellow Sigil, and you will be warped to the last level. Search for a wall called Fools Fascade. Inside you will find a Way Stone, that will lead you to the elevator. Go Up The Elevator, and You will Fight Hashmal. He's moderately strong, and with his hits, he can sometimes inflict disease, and he will cast Quakeja, which can Slow all your characters sometimes.
    After Defeating Him, You'll Obtain Him As A Esper.
    You will be warped to The Empyran Ravel, go up all the stairs to the way stone, and you'll find the sun-cryst. There You'll fight 3 Boss Battles, Judge Gabranth, Dr. Cid and The Esper Famfrit. Good Luck.

    P.S-Failure To Touch The Way Stones In That Order, will cause you to be warped to Flr. 79, where you will fight a bunch a powerful zombies.
    GIL & LP Farming
    In order to do this, you need to have defeated Zeromus in the Stillshrine of Miriam. Once you defeat Zeromus, save, and come back to the room where you fought him. Make sure everyone is equipped with Golden Amulets. In this room, Dark Lords will spawn like no tomorrow, literally. They also drop the mega valuable blood-darkened bone which are worth like 1432 gil each.chain em up. Once all of them are defeated, activate the way stone 3 times to be back here. Go back into the Zeromus room, and continue chaining the Dark Lords. They also drop a lot of teleport stones if youre lucky. once you get 99 blood-darkened bones, teleport to Mt. Bur- Omisace and sell them all for 142,000gil+ if you sell Dark Crystals. Believe it or not, you can do all of this within 15-20 minutes.
    gilgamesh swords
    During the fight with Gilgamesh (the rank VII mark given to you by Montblanc named "Ancient Mystery Man"), he will pull out various swords that are from previous Final Fantasy games. Since Gilgamesh has eight arms, he holds them all at once. The most famous swords include Cloud's Buster Sword, Squall's Gunblade, Tidus' Brotherhood, and Sephiroth's Masamune. For some reason, all of these swords have some alterations to their previous forms. For example, Cloud's Buster Sword has a huge Japanese symbol on it. Tidus' Brotherhood has a hook at the end of the blade on both sides instead of just the bladed part. It is possible the swords are alterations because after Gilgamesh is defeated, in the Bestiary it states that it is not proven that all of the swords Gilgamesh owns are authentic.
    Gnoma Entite Halcyon
    The easiest way i found to get the Gnoma Entite to spawn is by entering the Zertinan Caverns ( located in the Shimmering Horizons) repeatedly until the sandstorm spawns. If you steal from it, you will have a better chance to get the Halcyon rather than killing it. If you don't get it, then just simply go to The Midfault then to Galtea Downs then right back to the Shimmering Horizons. It should spawn again right next to the caverns. Repeat until you have it. This should help with the Ultima Blade. Best tried around lvl.50 just to be safe maybe higher.
    good damage.
    After doing the antilion hunt you may be as lucky to find the gun "fomalhaut" in the chest at antilions location.

    If you where as lucky as obtaining the "wyrmfire shot" ammo which is attack power+3 and element fire then you can deal some heavy damage.

    I did around 3-4K worth of damage with a normal attack. Then if you set your gunners gambit to (you may want to set healing attacks before these in case you use your gunner as healer to)

    "1. Foe: Status - Oil -> Fire"
    "2. Foe: Any -> Oil"

    As long as the enemy does not absorb fire (like the bombs do), you can deal something of 9K worth of damage.

    (You may also want to get fire arrows. or a fire sword with the element of fire)
    Good Training Spot For Level 25
    A good spot to train at is at East of Ozmone Plain (South of Giza Plains, it will become available after you have completed Raithwall's Tomb), there you will encounter enemies who are averagely level 23, and they are the enemies you are going to train on. The enemies that are there are Zaghnal and Zu, Zaghnal is easy to kill if your at least level 25, Zu is also easy if you have a bow or something (He/She is a flying type monster). The EXP they give you is like 400 (with a full party), and 2 LP, they also give some descent loot (Quality Hide, Large Feathers etc.). If you continue towards Golmore Jungle, you will get a save crystal for when you run low on health or mp.
    Great attacking speed
    A way to have fast attacks is cast berserk on your tank of the team then cast haste or hastage both work as well

    then if you really want help cast lure on him that way his attact speed will be so fast that you might not even be able to draw your weapon they will attact so fast.

    you can give the gambit ally-self-berserk then for the leader give the gamibit ally-berserk-haste i think the gambit is called that.if you give them that you won't have to keep casting it
    Great early training
    The way to get a fair bit of money and xp is in the ogir yensa sand sea

    i advise to go when you have vossler as a helping hand

    stay within the centre of the map and attack nothing but urutan yensa's this way you can get super high chain (i got to 250) which will get you about 5k per laod which is a lot at that point in the game and it will also train your people up quite fast
    Great Exp,Lp, Items and Gil!
    When you reach the Feywood make sure you are lvl 45-50 so you can dispatch Tartaus' and Ceberus' in mere seconds. Keep transferring between two zones...I forgot the name.If you are lucky you will encounter between 1 and 5 Cerberus and/or Tartarus. Use physical attacks and once your battle chain gets 50 plus...Ceberus will start dropping Francisca. Pick up the Prime Pelts each one drops which sell for 1k+. I stayed there for half an hour and finished with a Battle Chain of 279, 99 Prime Pelts and 44 Francisca's. You transfer between the Zone to the right of the Walk of Dancing Shadows and the one to the north exit of the Walk of Dancing Shadows. There is 5 safe Tartarus in the north exit. If you go too deep in then Deadly Nightshades will come...breaking your chain. Then go back to Walk of Dancing Shadows and transfer to the right/east exit where you should encounter 6-8 Tartarus and about 2-4 Cerberus. If you continue this for an hour and then go and sell your loot...You will be suprised how much you have made. 500k gil+ if you did it correctly.Hehe....
    Great Griding/LVLing Tip
    To do this you will need one thing:

    Phoenix downs - 50
    Cost - 140.000 Gils

    Head to the Glamore's Jungle and look for a place called "Rustleing Chaple", there you can find some
    Courels and Hellhounds enemies, kill all of them that way you will spawn some stronger skeletons enemies that you can kill with One Hit useing Phoenix Down "L1 to target the enemie",

    After killing all the Skeletons in there a Rare game will show up and you can kill it too with the Phoenix downs.

    From this Skeletons you get:

    Exp - 2.900
    Lp - 1

    Rare Game Eskeleton:

    Exp - 5.000 exp
    Lp - 14

    Go back to Eruyt Village and sell all the collected Loots, and buy Phoenix Downs if you need it too.
    You can repeat this process all the time you want!
    Handaxe early on to defeat judge ghis
    If you don't mind axes then you can get any amount of handaxes you want on the leviathon. Cos they have an attack power of 47 and are 1 handed they are probably the best weapon you can have at this time without the fuss o going to bazaar. The second easy to obtain one is javelin which is 2 handed with an attak power of 30. The handaxe is in a chest on the leviathon to the right of where you come in at the beginning. If you go you will see an area where there are two paths next to each other. One is straight and short cos there's a dead end and the other is curved and slightly longer. I believe there is a square shaped area near it and it is south of the first area you are in. From my experience the chest always contains a handaxe and you can go 3 zones away and come back to get another. If this is too much for you to do you can easily get two without diverting your course too much. Simply get one before setting out to get ashe and then get the other before you fight judge ghis.
    Hope this helps if you are stuck there. However, it is easier to kill him if your characters have quickenings. I believe a three chain of level one quickenings resulting in the concurrence inferno will kill him straight away. I got an eight chain with level ones. If your characters have one quickening they are more likely to get the option mist charge than if they have two or three so it is quite easy to create a quite long chain early in the game.

    Henne Mines Jellies, one of the best...
    Ways to make money and power leveling there is. Feel free to equip the Embroidered Tippet or Golden Amulets. Go to the 2nd spot where the jellies spawn. Use your best area spell, or just cast Oil+Fira if you're a low lvl.You should save to be safe. Just kill them all, zone twice(west is the fastest)Rinse and repeat. Then i personally leave when I have 99 phials which is a quick 20 to 30k. Including the side loot is teleport stones and water motes. Is up to you to sell or keep.
    Happy Hunting
    Henne Mines Lvlup
    Use the Gate Crystal and teleport to Henne Mines, then head southeast to the very-small-room with a switchboard. When you flip the switchboard, about 20 flans will drop, all weak against fire. Fira/Ga + Embroidered Tippet = Lotsa Fun. They all respawn if you zone two area away, and the second area is rather close by so you can get lots of exp ( and the drops <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> ) by doing this if you chain them.
    Hidden Baknamy
    In the Necrohol of Nabudis there is a hidden baknamy merchant. You will find the merchant at the dead end in the Hall of Effulgent Light, there will be a room with another attached that won't be shown on the map. There should be a Pandora (looks like a very colorful treasure chest...but i don't suggest trying to open it.) just sitting by the wall. Head left of it until you see the action command pop up, and hit "X". The baknamy will come out from the hole in the wall and there you go, you have your hidden shop. He carries items depending on where you are in the game. If you're early in the game and you found him, he will only carry ether's (note: after obtaining the treaty blade, he won't sell these again until after you complete the Pharos), but later on he will carry all sorts of stuff like Demon shields and other armors, as well as Telekinesis.
    hidden salesman
    in one tomb not tomb of rathwail theres one full of mist all over in there go around the walls and somewhere the action mark will appear click it and a salesman will come out of the wall
    How to beat bosses without even pressing a button
    Ive tried this on all he bosses in the pharos of ridorana and i've killed them in 1 minute each and I don't even have to press anything.

    When you know a boss is comming up wait at the door before them and use Hastega and Beserk on everyone (you may also want to add Shellga or Protectga)Then swap all of your beserked and hasted people which should be your best then have your weakest person only!

    Run into the boss with the weak person until it kills you so that you can swap all of your good people back in and they will go insane and smash the boss to the ground in no time!
    how to kill mimic queen whitout damage from the queen
    At begening of the battle stay at the gate the more farway possible from the boss and cast blizzard
    How to Obtain Tournesoul and Wyrnmhero blade
    These are the most powerful 2 handed weapons in the game.

    Tournesoul has 140 attack power and 25 evade, while wyrnmhero blade has 130 attack power 50 evade and holy elemental attack.

    To obtain tournesoul sell the following items to the bazaar.

    Gemsteel x3, Empyreal Soul x3, Serpentarius x3 to Bazaar

    To obtain wyrnmhero blade sell the following to the Bazaar

    Omega Badge x1, Godslayer's Badge x1, Lu Shang's Badge x1 to Bazaar

    July, The Female Spy the side-quest
    side-quest you can miss during the game

    July, The Female Spy the side-quest
    This event can only happen after Tomb of Raithwall event and before story
    reaches to Mosphoran Highwaste.

    - First, head to Nalbina and find two guards who block the way to Mosphoran.
    Talk to July sitting away in front of them knowing she is undertaking a job,
    and she wants to end it and back to Archades.

    - Close to the guards and listen to their discussion.
    The Senior Guard told The Junior Guard
    The Senior Guard told The Junior Guard not to leave his post not ever what
    happen. But the Junior Guard said he can't bear the smell of chocobo.

    - Hire a chocobo and drive this guard, he will scream and run away.
    Junior Guard's family is Chocobo Gardener, and always get the smell, he work
    hard and save the money to buy a perfume from Viera to cover this disfavored
    and married his wife. This is t
    he secret he keeps all the time. That's why
    Julie was hired to search for.

    - After that, July turns to you and thank.
    She pursues you to come Archades for the reward. When you reach to Imperial
    City of Archades, find her in the magic shop and get your reward, which is
    Salamand Halcyon. It's a treasure to trade for Arcturus (Atk +44) gun type weapon.

    That sidequest can be missed if you finish the story events at Mosphoran Highwaste.

    it most be done before reaching that place
    Keep your levels the same + good stratgy
    When playing a game you tend to use your favourite characters the most for example if your a girl you'd probably use Fran and Ashe. but then the characters that you don't use eventually end up with seriously low levels. so early in the game work out yourself a routine, of gambits and characters. like so:

    Vaan + Baltier
    Fran + Basch
    Ashe + Penelo

    Vaan - Back-up medic
    Balthier - Intelligence Handler / looter
    Fran - Back-up Medic / support
    Basch - Warrior + support medic
    Ashe - Warrior
    Penelo - Field medic

    use what ever characters you like. but the pairings at the start can never be on the team together at the same time. (unless you don't have any other characters to put in instead). also make sure one member on your team (at least) has Libra activated. I personally use Penelo, basch and Balthier. make sure you have someone on the current team that heals. if you don't you'll just die.
    make sure you have plenty of phoenix downs and potions. if you have a guest on your team (e.g Larsa) then make good use of them while they last by going off hunting/training then. TIP - if you have a low lvl person you want to train up real fast, then go to a tough area and have one or two strong characters on the same team as a weak one. and watch the levels rise!
    Kill Zalera in 50 min, I can do it in 2
    This is the easiest way to kill Zaleara, in-fact when I tried it I didn't even have to use the controller well only to change my leader when she died… poor Ashe…

    Set up your gambit like this

    1 target all allies – raise (Keep as many alive as possible)
    2 target all allies – faith (Must)
    3 target all allies – shell (may stop those deaths)
    4 target all allies – esuna (didn't even use it)
    5 target all allies – haste (need all the speed u can get to buff and revive between death)
    6 target enemy with lowest max hp – curaga (just in case bones pop out)

    Start with using dispel to take away the reflect then a nihopalaoa + remedy to cast slow and blind. With faith my curagas does about 1500 at and with haste they were dishing out about 2 per second. Basically after my first full swings of curagas I forced him out of def mode and he didn't have time to summon those pesky Bones… and he started swinging deaths at me. I spent half the battle reviving, and with haste and all three characters buffing I have time to throw at least 1 curaga at him before another one dies but basically I killed him in 90 seconds, I still saw a 3 on the mins but not sure of the seconds.
    Killing mateus very easy
    If you have the demonsbane, treasure at raithwalls tumb and two katanas it will be very easy.
    Mateus have ¢ 30000 hp, if the demonsbane have an attack of 56 you dont have any problem, you have to be in the lv 25+, or you will die certainly.
    the battle is simply, kill the elementals first and be cautious beacause mateus have sleep and blizaga.
    if you have 15 alarm clock it will be suficient.
    after you kill the elementals go and slain mateus, when he is in the critical hp take to him a little present, a great quickning and it will all finished.

    King bomb never use renew
    Simply give king bomb the status effect disease. Cos he only use renew if his hp is low and disease reduces max hp to that of the current hp, if you give him disease he will never use renew and it will be easier to kill him.
    lack of enemies
    if you are attempting to get the 999 chains from enemies and you are not seeing the same monsters re-spawn again ..go away two places from there and all the monster will be there for you to kill.
    Loads of Gil, and LP
    This is the best tip you will ever read in the beginning of the game for Power Leveling!

    Location: Lhusu mines
    Requirements: none!
    Aids: Golden Amulets for 2x LP(Obtain at Eruyt Village from the kupos after finishing the Henne Mines). Forgotton Grimoire (costs 20,000 credits, aids with loot drops for the undead. obtain by viewing the hunters board in a pub 20 times, and will unlock in the bazaar).

    Head to the Lhusu mines and travel to the 4th area in the mines, Which is called the Shunia Twinspawn. It has about 17 undead spawns in that small room. Yeah, its Kill Chain time! (Kill chains increase loot drops and the chance for rare loots. in this case, Iron helmets).

    After those foes are defeated, head to the next area titled Site 2. About 15 undead are in here, kill all of them and head back to area 4, the Shunia Twinspawn. Kill all of those undead again! by this time we should have a rockin kill chain of 47.

    Head back 2 areas (Oltam Span) without killing anything to ruin our kill chain. The purpose of heading back two area's is to reset the Shunia Twinspawn so we can repeat the process. So hold the Flee button (R2) during these areas.

    Try to get a kill chain of about 200 (takes like 15-20 minutes). then head back out to any merchant and sell your loot!

    Heres what you will have:
    99x Bone fragments = 19k
    10-25 Iron helmets = 6k-17k (this greatly depends on whether or not you have the Grimoire for the undead)
    88x Dark stone = 2k

    So basically, anywhere from 25k through 42k in just 15-20 minutes. And if you have the Golden Amulets (2x LP), about 400 LP and leveled your characters once or twice.

    Additional Tip: Remember, your characters in reserve also earn LP, so equip them with Golden Amulets too.
    Lvl up and get rich
    To do this trick easier, you need Reddas ( this tip is only good if you don't have a hard time killing Dead Bones ) Go to Nabreus Deadlands, Thats NORTH of Salikawood after you beat that King bom or something. When you are in the nabreus deadlands keep going north till you reach The slumbermead. North-west of Slumbermead you'll find a secret passage way that leads to The Fog Mutters, keep going north-west till you reach Overlooking Eternity (you will also find the Mark Robblon here). In this area you will find a lot of Dead Bones. At the end they will respawn non stop if you kill them, if you wanna kill more, just re-enter the area. This tip looks like the 1 in Stilshrine of Miriam only there you will fight like 30 DeadBones
    Marks, White Mose and Ororos
    To have an easier time defeating these two Marks in the Waterway.

    After the 8th Fleet sank, the Protectives Store in Rabanastre had a 'Viking Coat' immune to water. (This is the only store I've seen this coat in.) Also, buy the 'goggles' immune to blind.

    Swords and Mist didn't work to too great on these Flans. I equipped Penelo and Vaan with crowbows and Basch with an axe.

    With the coat and goggles, we just pecked away at the Marks. Didn't even need a mist.
    In order to get this Katana, you must first complete the mob hunt Mark Mystery Man. The petitioner is Montblanc himself (the moogle leader of the clan) so just go to Lhusu Mines to the screen called Tasche Span. You'll find him there and fight him, be sure to get rid of his dog first, after doing so, you'll notice that Gigalmesh will pull out different swords while you deplete his HP, every time he changes swords you can steal him a new item, BE SURE to steal everything you've got, since you'll get some parts of the Genji Armor set.
    After you deplete his HP, he'll run, now you must go the screen called Site 7, but you need to pass through Site 11 to reach Site 7, check my other cheat about how to get the key for Site 11.
    When you reach Site 7 there will be a save crystal before the fight agaisnt Gigalmesh.
    He will be more powerful now, be careful, again get rid of the don and be sure to steal him the rest of the genji armor set.
    Once he is defeated, go back to Montblanc he'll give you the Masamune as a reward, I recommend you to put the genji gloves as an accessory for the character that wields the masamune (this accessory must be stolen from Gigalmesh 1st encounter) by equipping it, the character will be able to land combos 90% of the time.
    Measures Can Be Useful.

    Ever had a confused party member or two--or maybe all three at once? Quickly hit the triangle button and change their weapons to the measures to make sure your party members don't kill each other!

    Missable Items
    The following items are things you may only get ONCE throughout the game; if missed you cannot retreive them without restarting to your last save point (Assuming you haven't saved yet) or beginning a new playthrough.

    1) Zodiac spear (though it can be obtained multiple times in the mines, your chances are REALLY low, so try not to miss it.)
    2) Genji equipment (steal all four parts during the fights with Gilgamesh)
    3) Omega badge (pick up after beating Omega without leaving the screen, else it's gone and cannot be gotten again. It's only purpose is for the Wyrmhero Blade.)
    4) Circlet (do not wear Diamond armlet when opening the chest it is in.)

    <span class="wikilists">
    • Do note that the Wyrmhero Blade is moreso a trophy for you efforts, so don't stress if you miss it.</li>
    </span><!-- wikilists -->
    Mob hunt: Marilith
    Marilith (Rank 5 mark) is quite hard to find, since there is a trick on doing it.
    After talking with the petitioner, go to Zertinan Cavern from the entrance in Westernsands, and enter the area (Invitation to Heresy) with whoever you want in your team, wait 5 minutes, and then go to the point specified in the tip. Marlith will then appear.

    Cheat corrected by Giruvegan
    Nabudis Secret Merchant sells statistics
    Before Receiving Treaty Blade & Once Sky Fortress Bahamut appears
    -Ether ..... 222 gil

    After Receiving the Treaty Blade
    - Megapower Shishak .....15000 gil
    - Maximilian .....17000 gil
    - Demon Shield .....17000 gil
    - Ring of Renweal .....18000 gil
    - Telekinesis .....7100 gil

    After Sky Fortress Bahamut Appears
    - Scathe/Collapse ..... 18100 gil
    Obtaining Dark Matter and How to Use It
    Here are several ways you can get your hands on a Dark Matter. (besides from Treasure Chests) Here are some of those ways:


    The Item appears in the Bazzar as "Mysterious Substance". You'll need a Bat Wing, which has a 40% drop from the Rare Game Aerieel. 3 Grimiore Togails, which you can obtain from Nightmares in the Henne Mines, and many other Nightmare type beasts and 3 Grimiore Aidheds, which you can obtain from Darkmare, Mistmare and Mallicant. Got all of them? Head to the bazzar and sell them and a Bazzar Package labeled "Mysterious Substance" should appear. Buy it for 14999 gil, and you got yourself a Dark Matter.

    Clan Centurio

    Once you obtain the rank, Order of Ambrosia, you can buy Dark Matter from the Clan Provisoner for a measly 2 gil.

    How to Use It

    Dark Matter's damage increases everytime you use a Knot Of Rust. The best gambit for this job is:

    Foe - Any -> Knot of Rust
    and turn off any other gambits so it doesn't interfere. Go to Giza Plains (I suggest this place or Dalmasca Estersand. I normally a run around Giza to the Save Crystal). Your character should use Knot of Rust on any foe that appears.

    Once you reach a Save Crystal, save your game (IMPORTANT!!) and do a test on the Dark Matter, if its not fully charged to 60,000, soft reset and continue using Knot of Rust.

    Easiest Way to Obtain it IMO

    The easiest way, you would be better off obtaining it from the Mysterious Substance. After you obtain Order of Ambrosia, Dark Matter shouldn't prove a use unless you're going for a perfect game. You can also be better off obtaining it from a Treasure Chest, (example: Tomb of Raithwall, Demonsbane sword chest. This one is easy since it has a 45% gil chance, and a 90% best chance to obtain a Dark Matter.)

    Hope you find this of use, and good luck obtaining your Dark Matters!

    Order of Ambrosia
    the higher rank in the game is Order of Ambrosia. You must do all sidequests, espers, magicks, techniques, full bestiary , all concurrences to get it.

    if u have done all this Dark Matter becomes available at the bazaar for 2 gil a piece and Mont Blanc say's that you have reached the Ulimate Rank and he gives you a reward the centurio hero's badge.
    Overcoming those Etems and Necrophobes
    To overcome those annoying monsters at Special Charter Shaft so you can get to Zodiark, have a character equipped with a Nihopalaoa. Than, have that character toss a Remedy at an Etem or a Necrophobe.

    The Etems will teleport around like crazy while the Necrophobes will sleep. ^^
    pierce reflect without opal ring
    Just cast reflect on yourself and cast the desired spell on yourself. It will hit the enemy no matter what ,but you cant choose who it hits.
    Previous FFs reference
    In Nalbina Fortress there are two imperials named Gibbs and Deweg, which are the names Biggs and Wedge scrambled. Those character's names appear in many previous Final Fantasy games.
    Quick EXP
    Things needed: Embroiddered Tippet
    What to do Go to Feywood during when the storyline requires you to do so, and make sure you equip everyone with an embroiddered tippet. Kill all the monsters you see, and you will get double exp. you'll usually get around 1000+ exp. from every monster.
    Quick EXP Gaining Tip
    Location: Henne Mines / Pithead Junction C
    Equipment: Deselect your Weapon, leave only a shield with high evade, and an item to double EXP
    Gambits: Give each of your characters one of these Gambits:

    Character 1:
    Ally: Any -> Arise
    Foe: Nearest -> Sleepga
    Foe: Undead -> Curaja
    Self: Self -> Haste
    Self: Self -> Faith
    Self: Self -> Protectga

    Character 2:
    Ally: Any -> Arise
    Foe: Furthest -> Sleepga
    Foe: Undead -> Curaja
    Self: Self -> Haste
    Self: Self -> Faith

    Character 3
    Ally: Any -> Arise
    Ally: HP < 50% -> Curaja
    Foe: Nearest -> Sleepga
    Foe: Undead -> Curaja
    Self: Self -> Haste
    Self: Self -> Faith
    Ally: Any -> Esuana

    How to:
    When you get to the the Pithead Junction C you will notice something red on the wall. When you walk up to it, you will see that it is the Gate Switchboard. Simply press X to shut the gate, and then press X again to open the gate again. This will unleash around 12-15 bats on you, however worry not, the bats are undead and so the above Gambit set-up will maximise the damage.

    Your characters will first cast Sleepga on the enemies putting them to sleep, followed by Curaja damaging them, and as it's magical damage it wont wake them up either. With Faith turned on, you should be able to do huge amounts of damage in little time. Once you've defeated all of the Bats, simply exit the area, take a left and left again. Then simply turn back as soon as it loads and go back to the section and do this again.

    With a Party of 3, you will gain around 3000-3200 EXP for every bat you kill (with a single character that's 9000 - although not recommended). You can gain levels very quickly, especially later in the game.

    Credit to ASephiroth who was the first to discover this strategy.
    Quick level up
    Go to nabreus deadlands and go to the teleport stone further go out of that place where the teleport crystal was then fight the banshee's or other monsters then go back to the teleport crystal then you recover! Repeat the process again then you might reach LVL50 (You get Ashe in the sky pirates den for this
    Quick money at 15 level
    To do this you must have at least one character with technick poach.

    Go to the Lhusu Mines at Bjuherda at the second bridge where the skeletons appear and start attacking them. DON'T KILL them. Lower their HP and Poach them. You could also try to steal to steal them. With each poach you will get a bone fragment(193 Gil). Continue to the next area and do the same thing. If you can't poach them because you accidently kill them remove one character from your party. If you still can't remove another one. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHARACTERS AREN'T ENOUGH STRONG TO KILL THEM WITH ONE HIT)

    the gambits you should use is
    1 Any ally HP<(whatever you want)%
    2 Foe HP=Critical Poach
    3 Foe nearest visible attack

    Works with every skeleton which give you bones(For example at Paramina Rift the Skull Warriors give you loot of 300 Gil)

    I did it with Balthier and Penelo at level 12 and gained near 20,000 gil in half an hour
    Quick money at 15 level
    To do this you must have at least one character with technick poach.

    Go to the Lhusu Mines at Bjuherda at the second bridge where the skeletons appear and start attacking them. DON'T KILL them. Lower their HP and Poach them. You could also try to steal to steal them. With each poach you will get a bone fragment(193 Gil). Continue to the next area and do the same thing. If you can't poach them because you accidently kill them remove one character from your party. If you still can't remove another one. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHARACTERS AREN'T ENOUGH STRONG TO KILL THEM WITH ONE HIT)

    the gambits you should use is
    1 Any ally HP<(whatever you want)%
    2 Foe HP=Critical Poach
    3 Foe nearest visible attack

    Works with every skeleton which give you bones(For example at Paramina Rift the Skull Warriors give you loot of 300 Gil)

    I did it with Balthier and Penelo at level 12 and gained near 20,000 gil in half an hour
    Quick money at 15 level
    To do this you must have at least one character with technick poach.

    Go to the Lhusu Mines at Bjuherda at the second bridge where the skeletons appear and start attacking them. DON'T KILL them. Lower their HP and Poach them. You could also try to steal to steal them. With each poach you will get a bone fragment(193 Gil). Continue to the next area and do the same thing. If you can't poach them because you accidently kill them remove one character from your party. If you still can't remove another one. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHARACTERS AREN'T ENOUGH STRONG TO KILL THEM WITH ONE HIT)

    the gambits you should use is
    1 Any ally HP<(whatever you want)%
    2 Foe HP=Critical Poach
    3 Foe nearest visible attack

    Works with every skeleton which give you bones(For example at Paramina Rift the Skull Warriors give you loot of 300 Gil)

    I did it with Balthier and Penelo at level 12 and gained near 20,000 gil in half an hour
    quick party leader change
    an easy way to change your party leader without enter to the menu screen its to use the D-pad if you press the up or down arrow u can change it quickly
    Quickening Combo Technique
    Here's how to do it:
    - First leave only one character in my party, and use his quickening. All of his MP is depleted
    - Them add another party member to use his quickening, this way both characters can combo, even if one of them has no MP
    - Do it again with a third character. This way you can start a new quickening combo as long as you have a character on my party with full mp. With six characters, you could use quickenings six times in a row, being four of them with a entire party using quickenings, so it's much easier to combo.

    Now, how to do the combos:
    Put some piece of cloth on the buttons and start sliding my thumb over them. You don't have the reflexes to shuffle and press the right button, so just press them all like a maniac. Why the cloth ? So my finger slides faster. Oh, by the way, slide your finger twice after shuffling. Sometimes there's a mist charge instead of a quickening. Mist charge gives you more time to combo, and when you press it, you have to press the same button again to use another quickening.

    (credit to vicaris for the above strategy)
    Quickenings finishing move
    The move you get after at the end of a quickening chain depends on the number and levels of quickenings you carried out. The list is as follows.

    Black Hole: 4 level 1 Quickenings, 4 level 2 Quickenings, 4 level 3 Quickenings

    Luminescence: 3 level 1 Quickenings, 3 level 2 Quickenings, 3 level 3 Quickenings

    Ark Blast: 2 level 1 Quickenings, 2 level 2 Quickenings, 2 level 3 Quickenings

    Whiteout: 5 level 3 Quickenings

    Windburst: 5 level 2 Quickenings

    Torrent: 2 level 1 Quickenings, 3 level 2 Quickenings

    Cataclysm: 7 level 1 Quickenings

    Inferno: 3 level 1 Quickenings

    Credit to roadkillllllllllllll for correcting the tip
    Rare Game Tip
    After you kill one look in your clan primer. if it does respawn it has a blue seal in the bottom left of the page, if it does not respawn it has a red seal.
    Respawning barrel
    Find any item barrels around the Save Crystal, open the barrel to get the item, save your game now, then quit the game and load it back, go to the same place will see the barrel is still there, you can get another random item.
    Boss Reward - Rewarder's comment

    Flans 150 gil
    Presented in recognition of labors undertaken to lessen the dangers of the Garamsythe Waterway. -Rabanastre Common Council

    Firemane 200 gil
    Awarded for the collection of samples to be used in study of certain intractable maladies. -Rabanastre Healers Covent

    Mimic Queen 300 gil
    A young lady sent you this, with her compliments. "For proving that my dad, who was imprisoned in Nalbina, was innocent."

    1st Demon Wall 1200 gil, Nugget of Electrum - Presented in gratitude for the laying open of new avenues of research into the past. -Society of Antiquaries

    2nd Demon Wall 600 gil, Warp Mote
    Presented in gratitude for discoveries providing new insights into the times of King Raithwall. -Society of Antiquaries

    1st Esper 2 Arcanae, 2 Teleport Stones An epic Tale embark I now to write, Of you whose Deeds give voice to silent Muse. -Eurek

    Elder Wyrm 800 gil
    In thanks for stilling the anger of the wood. - Viera Wood-warders

    Tiamat 900 gil
    Given in notice of labors undertaken to lessen the dangers we daily face. -Henne Miners' Guild

    Vinuskar 1100 gil
    In thanks for providing us with a most singular example of platinum from Vinuskar's scales. -The Platinum Guild

    Earth Tyrant 1200 gil
    For keeping safe the routes of trade, that no merchant need walk in fear through these lands. -The Merchants' Caravan

    King Bomb 1300 gil, Mallet
    Awarded for labors undertaken to reopen the Salika Highroad. -Salikawood Garrison

    Ahriman 1600 gil
    The tavernmaster sends you this, with his compliments. "Wanted to thank you for helping me get hold of that Ahriman offal. Makes for some awful good eats!"

    Mandragoras 1600 gil
    Presented for the furtherance of our knowledge of the Mandragora family. -Friends of the Mandragora

    4th Esper High Arcana, 2 Teleport Stones
    Extolling praise my Quill doth find delight, The Lay I sing, your Acts withal infused. -Eurek

    Rafflesia 1800 gil
    The garif send you this, with their compliments. "In thanks for avenging our fallen brother."

    Daedalus 1900 gil
    I give you this, with my compliments! That's no mean feat you've accomplished, vanquishing foul beasties in uncharted lands. You've made me proud, kupo!

    Tyrant 1900 gil
    I give you this, with my compliments! That's no mean feat you've accomplished, vanquishing foul beasties in uncharted lands. You've made me proud, kupo!

    Hydro 2000 gil
    In consideration of making our clan work in Balfonheim far easier. -Clan Buckaboo

    8th Esper Nugget of Gemsteel, 2 Teleport Stones
    O happy Fortune, that this Life be mine, To live and lie 'neath Stars aligned with thine. -Eurek

    Humbaba Mistant 2100 gil
    For bravely ridding our home of the creatures that had profaned it. -The Fallen of Nadbus

    Fury 2100 gil, Amphora of Bacchus's wine For bravely ridding our home of the creatures that had profaned it. -The Fallen of Nabudis

    Hell Wyrm 50000 gil
    I give you this, with my compliments! I'm beside myself to have a member of my clan accomplish so great a feat, kupo!

    13th Esper Serpentarius, 2 Teleport Stones
    Down Time's vast Halls resound this Rime I've penned, And herewith I my Tale bring to its End. -Eurek
    In Cerobi Steppe north from the Blue save crystal you can find a chest, that chest has 50% appereance rate.

    Make sure to equip a Diamond Armlet to rise your chances to get a Ribbon from the chest.

    You got 5% chances without the Armlet, and 10% if you got the Diamond Armlet equiped.

    You can get all the Ribbons accessories you will ever need this way.
    Saggitarius Bow
    -Beastlord Horn x3 - poach Humbaba in the Mosphoran Highwaste.

    -Moon Ring x3 - Drops from Ash Wyrm in Great Crystal Upper Layer.

    -Sagittarius Gem x4 - Drops from Hecteyes in the Henne Mines east section; dropped or stolen with thiefs cuffs from Oiling in the Stillshrine of Miriam.
    Sagittarius Gems EASY!!!
    Having trouble finding sagittarius gems???

    Go to Zertinan Mines/Canopy of Clay, northern column. With theif cuffs, its probably a 50% drop or steal rate.

    The green slime will drop them.

    This is VERY easy! In 2 minutes we had all 4 for the sagittarius bow.
    Saving Money
    Neat little way of saving money is just to buy items for 3 characters, (don't bother buying everything for every character too expensive), and when you go to switch a party members, just remove the items of the player and place them on the one you're bringing out.
    Simple fun with Petrify.
    When you cast break on an enemy and it becomes petrified, it dissapears. Which is kinda borring.
    So cast Break on an enemy and while the timers counting down cast Stop on it too and it will freeze and look like a statue...
    Sisters side-quest
    First you got to talk to the Chief Steward on your first airship flight, She'll ask you if you want to participate in this side-quest.

    You will get the item "Ann's Letter" that you will have to deliver to her six sisters, who are "Chief Stewards" on other airships throught all Ivalice.

    Airship Letters Delivery:

    * Rabanastre to Nalbina
    * Rabanastre to Archades
    * Rabanastre to Bhujerba
    * Bhujerba to Balfonheim
    * Balfonheim to Nalbina
    * Balfonheim to Archades
    * Archades to Nalbina

    IF you complete this side-quest you get a "Renewal ring"

    6- Defence

    5- Magick resistence and auto Regen.
    Site 11 key
    The first thing you have to do is to complete the Rank V Mob hunt Antlion in the Lhusu Mines. After doing so, go back to the petitioner, she will give you some money and a Buble belt as a reward. Now if you want to proceed even further into the mines go to Phon coast at the hunter's camp. In the camp walk west you should find guy sitting in the ground, next to him in the sand there is a shinny object, pick it up, it's the Site 11 key.
    Sochen Cave Palace Waterfall Puzzle
    1. Teleport to the Tchita Uplands, then make your way to the Sochen Cave Palace.

    2. Make your way through the Cave Palace to Mirror of the Soul. You'll know you're in the right area when you open a door and find 4 Undead monsters in a small, round room.

    3. After defeating the undead, exit to the north. Move forward, making sure to stay along the right-hand wall. Pass the Map Urn, and go through the exit to find yourself in the Falls of Time.

    4. Press Select, then zoom the map in. Take note of the exits from the room you are currently in. There are 5 exits on the north side, and 5 on the south side. I'll be referring to these by number from this point on. The numbers are as follows:

    1 2 3 4 5 -North Side
    6 7 8 9 10 -South Side

    You just entered the Falls of Time through exit 10, and are trying to get to exit 8.

    5. Use exit 10 (the one you just came through), and travel through Mirror of the Soul to exit 6. Enter the Falls of Time.

    6. Cross the Falls of Time, and use exit 1 to enter Destiny's March to the north.

    7. Move through Destiny's March, and enter the Falls of Time using exit 4.

    8. Cross the Falls of Time and enter Mirror of the Soul using exit 9.

    9. Travel through Mirror of the Soul and re-enter the Falls of Time using exit 7.

    10. Cross the Falls of Time and enter Destiny's March using exit 2.

    11. Travel through Destiny's March and enter the Falls of Time using exit 3.

    12. Cross Falls of Time to exit 8,..Open the door, and you will find a chest here u can find the Iga Blade

    type: ninja sword
    atack: 67
    element: dark

    credits for this information to swk3000
    Staff of the Magi
    It's the best staff in the game, you can get it stealing from the rare game Luxollid.
    To make this rare game spawn you have to kill a rare game called Vagrant Soul located Subterra B3F "Abyssal" after defeating the Hunt Mark "The Seer"
    It has 25% of chance of spawn in the North Area, Go from North-West Hall.

    After defeating the Vagrant Soul head to the "Umbra" B2F, don't go anywhere else.
    Enter through the South-west area, and you will find Luxollid in there.
    Stamp your buffs
    An easy way to buff your characters is to use the Stamp technick. Add any status you want to one character then have that character use Stamp on the rest of your characters. This is most helpful after one of your characters has been KO'd and has lost all status boosts.
    stealing items from entities
    if you need to get certain item from and entity don't kill it just steal from it and re-zone you will notice that you can steal again from it until u get what you need.
    Tactics Advanced Reference
    Apart from the very obvious references between the two (Ivalice, Races, Montblanc, Judges etc...) there is a not so obvious reference to Tactics Advanced. One of the Marks in the game is called 'Carrot' this Mark is actually a Malboro.

    In Tactics Advanced there was a mission called Carrot (Mission 095) where you had to defeat a Malboro named Carrot.
    Teleport stones
    Once you reach the rank of Vanguard in the monster hunting clan you can purchase teleport stones for 200 gil each at the Muthru bazaar from the clan store. You can also purchase them from airships.
    The Espers (Hidden)
    The Espers:

    Aremmalech the Wroth: lv 40 Recommend lv 45-50

    This Esper is located at Athroza Quicksands in Zertinan Caverns. The place where you fight him has many other un-dead monsters that join him. Do not attempt to fight him until you can routinely kill a numerous amount of level 40 monsters at the same time. Be aware that he is not summoning them. If you can keep from pushing the battle to areas you have not yet walked on you should be able to stop them from springing up from the ground. One monster spawns for about every one or two square feet in relation to your character. Use ice-based attacks on him or bubble Mateus

    Exodius the Judge-Sal: Recommend lv 45 lv 45-55

    This Esper becomes available after you battle Cid in Draklor Laboratories. Go to the Babbleing Vale in the Moshphoran Highwastes. One of the villagers there by one of the shires will tell you that the shrines have started working, but he is not sure what they do. Activate the three eastern wind ones first (northeastern, eastern, and southeastern). You can only activate three at a time. Look at your map and you will see three new marks on it that indicate bridges have formed to areas you could not reach previously. Go east to the Rays of Ashen Light section and find the Chocobo in the northern section. Feed him a Gyshal Green and ride him through the newly opened area to the end where you will see a path leading onward blocked by bushes that only a Chocobo can cross.

    This will take you to the Sky Reach Ridge section on the western side of the Vale. From here you can enter the Vale and activate a shrine that was out of reach before. Once you have gone north of the shrine to the big boulder, you will find a section that you can break to clear a path into the Vale. You must now activate one more shrine to get access to Exodus. It is the north or northwestern shrine; check your map to be sure. It will open a place near the last shrine you activated on the northern part of Sky Reach Ridge. Next, go back to Sky Reach Ridge and fight him. Part way through the battle he will become immune to physical attacks. He is very good at keeping up his reflect barrier. Make sure to dispel it before hitting him with magic. He has some very powerful magical attacks, like flare. Near death he becomes immune to physical attack so wait it out.

    Chuculainn the Impure: (cu koo lain) lv 50 Recommend lv 55-65

    First, successfully complete the Mob Hunt mission for White Mousse to get the Water Gate Key. Go to the Central Control area and use the Water Gate Key to close the gates to the 11th and 4th areas, using the little pedestals on the ground. Then, go into the 4th Accessory District and find a control for the 1st area gate and activate it. Return to the Central Control area and reopen the 11th and 4th gates, then close the 10th and 3rd gates. Next, go to the 3rd Accessory District and again close the switch to the 1st area. Return again and open the 10th gate and close the 4th. You should now be able to go to the south part of the 1st Control Area where you will find the Chuculain Boss. Defeat the Boss to get Chuculain. He uses alot of status effects so buy a black belt in Lowtown at the plaza.

    Zeromus the Condemmer: lv 50 Recommend lv 55-60

    Return to the Stillshrine of Miriam and use the teleport stone inside. You use the teleport stone again atfer frist use. Go unto the room where you end up and there's Zeroumus.
    Magic is Sealed so you can't use Magic.
    So now you will have to depend on items.
    Have plenty of X Potions and Ethers.
    Don't forget Quickinings. They are you best buddies in this fight. If you have any dark absobing armor (black masks)equip them. The dark lords respawn and cast a lot of Dark, Darkra and Darkga. Now, pummel Zeromus's HP.
    He uses Graviga a lot, so to counter that
    you heal a lot. Graviga cuts your HP in half.
    And if your unlucky, two will kill you. Spam Quickings and heal MP with Ethers. Hopefully, the
    dark lords get hit by the final blast.

    Zalera the Death-Seraph: lv 40 Recommend lv 45-50

    This quest to get Zalera requires that you have completed the Patient in the Desert event to get the Barheim Passage. Enter the Barheim Passage from the secret entrance in the Dalmasca Estersand and go through the tunnels to Terminus No. 7. The path beyond isn't easy. The path has very many strong undead monsters. This is actually a great time to level up your party but be careful. The path through the Zeviah Span is blocked neat the south end. Check the west side. There is an object there you can move to make a new path down to West Annex. This is the most dangerous part since the undead monsters appear in groups. Save in Terminus N0. 7 before heading into the boss battle.

    Chaos the Walker of the Wheel: lv 55 Recommend lv 60-65

    Chaos is the hardest to get depending on you're point of view. Go back to Garamsythe Waterway there you'll have to activate the following swithches, first turn all of them off, now activate the 11th and 4th , now deactivate the 11th and activate the 3rd, finally deactivate the 4th, go south of the same screen you are and you'll find a shining object, the second fragment.

    For the last fragment go to Nabreus deadlands, there talk with Ma'kleou, he'll tell you he's waiting for his two disciples. Go to Rabanastre Lowtown, to Dalan's house there talk with the one of the disciples. He'll explain you the situation, no go to the vacant house and read the letter. Next go talk to with Filo in the South Sprawl of Lowtown, after doing so go to the streets of Rabanastre. Talk with a woman that standing watching the fountain, next talk with a merchant in the bazaar you will tell you that he sold the necklace to an Imperial, this imperial is in the magic shop, choose the option one option twice. Back to lowtown and speak with Filo again, now go and talk with the imperial again, you'll receive the third fragment.Go to the disciple in Dalan's house and give him the 3 fragments you've got, he'll dissppear.

    Teleport to Archades, into the magic shop there talk with the other Ma'kleou's disciple, now go to Old Archades west section and talk with Otto. Return with the medallion to the disciple.

    Go to Nabreus deadlands. Talk with Ma'kleou, now go to the screen called the Slumbermead, there go to the north west part of the screen where you'll find a hidden path, follow it. When you reach a shrine a cut-scene will play after that you'll receive all the 3 medallions.

    The last part of this side-quest: Now move he to Necrohol Of Nabudis there you'll have to open 3 doors and fight 3 bosses, first go to Hall of the Ivory Convenant and open the Loathing door using the Love medallion, inside this room you'll have to fight Fury. The next door is in the screen called Cloister of the Distant Song open the door of horrors with the Medallion of bravery, inside you'll fight with Humbaba Mistant. Last go to the Clositer of the Highborn, open the door of the despair with the medallion of might and finally fight the Chaos as a boss fight. In this battle the command "Attack" will be sealed. So be sure of having your MP at max, because magic and mist is all you'll be able to use to kill this guy. Be sure of using non-elemental magic to damage him, if you don't do this you'll just heal him.
    After you defeat him, you'll receive the Chaos esper.

    Ultima the High-Serah: lv 60 Recommend lv 65-70

    This adventure takes the party back down into the twisted path of the Great Crystal below Giruvegen.

    Start at the Way Stone VIII and walk up to the Scorpio Gate Stone. Hit the switch and go back to the Way Stone VIII, the turn right and head to the Way Stone IX.Pass Way Stone XX, taking ether the left or right path on the other side of the Sagittarius Gate Stone. Return to the Sagittarius Gates I and II. You can go in both directions but you should go through Gate I, which leads you to Way Stone XI. Go ahead and use the stone.Go up the rising path to the Gemini Gate Stone. Flip the switch and take the next rising path. Go pass the Gemini Gate I on the right and go to the Gemini Gate II. You can go to either gateless paths past the Gemini Gate II to Way Stone XV and use it.Follow the middle path from Way Stone XVI up to the Libra Gate Stone. Use the switch, then go back to Way Stone XVI and take the path on the right to Gate Libra I. Deactivate it and continue up. Take the rising path on the left at the next platform to the Capricorn Gate Stone. Flip the switch and go back down. Then go right to go back to Way Stone XVI. Use the sinking path on the other side to find Gate Capricorn I and the Virgo Stone. Switch the stone and go back to Way Stone XVI again. Use the middle path to go to the next platform. You can take either the left or right path; they will lead to Gate Virgo I and II. Go through the gate and go to Way Stone XVII to get to the last area. Save your game at the Save Crystal. The middle path leads to Ultima.

    Zodiark the Keeper of Percepts lv 70 Recommend lv 75-85

    Go talk to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara after the party has at least 10 Espers. Yugelu then unlock the path in the Henne Mines that leads right to Zodiark. The path is just north of the Staging Shaft in the Ore Separation room. The Save Crystal in the Staging Shaft is the closest one you will find to Zodiark, so you best use it. When near death he changes his elemental weakness so change weapons! The path to the Esper is very difficult and tricky. It's best to keep Float on at all times to avoid the many traps.
    the hell wyrm
    to start this fight against arguably the 2nd hardest boss in the game you must have previously defeated the mark vyraal and recieved the dragon scale. (i would recomend that your charactors are level 70+ to make this easier)

    you should then go to the number 10 windmill in 'the northsward' which is in cerobi steppe examine the windmill and when promted give the wyrm philosopher the dragon scale in return he will give yu the age worn key.

    go to destiny's march in the sochen palace, walk round the out side of the diamond shape structure starting from the eastern side opening only the "dorr of hours" (there are eight in total) if you have done this corrctly there will be a message telling you that you hear a door open in the distance.

    go through the middle of the diamond and open the ascetic door on the western sidego through the passage and open the next door using the age worn key.

    you can now fight the wyrm. he does have nearly nine million health but you can leave the area and come back without it healing its self.(he is als weak against holy so if you have it equip one of your team with the excalibur) after you deferat the wyrm you can go to montblanc in the clan centurio and recieve 50 000 gil. and this will allow you to fight against yiazmat the hardest boss in the game if you have met the other condintions
    The Other Way To Obtain Beastlord Horn.
    Beastlord horn is one of the hard loot to get. According to the previous guide, you can obtain this loot by Drop but actually you can get it also by POACH.

    Poach is one of the technik (technique) that make sure you'll get any loot by 100% from the monster. So poach the Humbaba (at Mosphoran Highwaste) to get the Beastlord Horn. This way is better than nothing.
    Ultima Blade
    Gnoma Halcyon x1 - Drop or steal from Gnoma Entite.

    Death Powders x2 - Poach or drop(Monograph required) Bogey, for extra Bogeys wait a few second for them to morph.

    Adamantite x2 - Drop or Poach "Cerobi steppe" Adamantite.
    Ultima esper
    While the sidequest to get this esper isn't as long as the one to get Chaos, the battle against this esper will be pretty though if you aren't strong enough.
    First complete the events in the The Ancient City Of Giruvegen. Now go back inside this dungeon until you reach The Great Crystal – A Prama Vikaari again (the first screen). You are currently in platform VIII from there they are 3 routes one is up, one is down and another is sealed by Gate Scorpio. Go up, press the switch and return to platform VIII. There follow the just unsealed path up. You'll reach platform IX, use the way stone to reach platform X. From platform X follow the only path until you get to XX platform. XX platform has two sealed Gate Sagittarius, one way down, two ways up, another way is where you come from. Go in the opposite direction of where you came from (which leads you down) continue a couple of screens and you'll find a switch, press it and return to XX before the time runs out. In XX unseal Gate Sagittarius 2, not 1. Follow the new path and you'll find yourself in platform XII, use the way stone to get to XIV platform, there go the way that goes up, press the switch in the next screen and return to platform XIV before the time runs out. There go the way down, keep going the only path through some platforms until third platform where they are two paths take the one that goes up. Now unseal Gate Leo 2, if you are in the right place there will be a wyrm enemy behind the gate. Here you'll see two more ways and a Gate Gemini, take any of those two paths to reach platform XV, take the way stone there and you'll get to XVI. In platform XVI follow the middle way and you'll see a switch for Gate libra press it and go back to XVI. In platform XVI take the right path that leads up, unseal the Gate Libra 1st and follow that way.
    You've now reached a platform with 4 ways, from the one you came go to the left one that leads up. Push the switch for Gate Capricorn and return to platform XVI (do it fast because there will be a time limit) In XVI take the only path that goes down, unseal the game and press the switch, then return to XVI. In platform XVI take the middle way, you'll find yourself in the screen with the libra switch again, but now go the way down, in the next screen there will be two sealed gates, you have to unseal Gate Virgo 2, follow the new path. In the next platform go the right path that leads up. Next use the XVII way stone to reach the XVIII way stone. In XVIII follow the only way and if you followed all these steps correctly you'll find a save crystal at last!
    The platform with the save crystal has a total of 4 paths, taking as a point of view the one you came from: the left way takes you to the switch for Gate Aquarius, the right one leads to way stone XIX which warps you back to platform XX and the middle way is where Ultima is waiting for you.

    Ultima has more than 250000 of HP, she likes using a holy element magic, so using equipment to absorb this element is a must, by the way do not use anything that has holy element because you'll simple heal her.
    She will too cast spells to decrease your HP, MP and even seal commands!
    Casting dispel on her at the beginning of the battle is a good idea; you'll need a strong party in order to defeat her, good luck.
    If you can't defeat her just take the right way and return to platform XX and leave the place for, you'll be able to come back later, just use the way stone in XX and you'll get to XIX platform, which is one screen away from the crystal and two screens away from Ultima.
    After defeating her you'll receive her as a esper.
    Unlockable Fishing Spots
    Once the Fishing mini-game begins, you can only fish in the lower reaches fishing spot, but you can unlock more fishing spots once you meet certain requirements.

    Master Den: Fish up Saboten Crest in the Secret Reaches

    Middle Reaches Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches

    Secret Reaches Fish up Saboten Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune

    Taikou Chest (treasure) Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den

    Upper Reaches Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches
    Weapon properties
    This information is availible in your clan primer but is easily missed.

    -Standard Weapon
    Weapon damage is mitigated by the target's defense.

    -Piercing Weapons
    Weapon damage ignores the target's defense.

    -Fast Weapons
    Weapon damage increases with a character's speed.
    *Ninja Swords

    -Magick Weapons
    Weapon damage increases with a character's magick power.

    -Striking Weapons
    Weapon damage is erratic, with some strikes doing little and some doing massive amounts of damage-good for those who feel lucky.

    -Magick Resist Weapons
    Weapon damage is mitigated by the target's magick resist.
    Winning Races Easier
    For easy winning every race, the trick is to slide rapidly between X & O. Finger can work or a small object like a pen.
    world map tip
    a good way to know if you have the map of certain places is if you enter to the World Map inside the menu screen and look at the world map , will notice that in each place you have been you will find a (little map) logo if you did buy the map from the moogles around towns.

    you will notice too a little orange logo if you have seen all the entire map.
    Yagyu Darkblade
    To be able to get this Katana type weapons, first you'll need the Constructs Monograph(this katana is a drop) so it's a must, I'll recommend you to be LVL 50+ before going for the Yagyu blade.

    You can find this "rare game" called Bombshell on Lasche's Span, inside the Lushu's Mines, this monster appears randomly in that Bridge, you can find there two Aeronites too, you got to be careful on that because I want you to chain it.
    Why chain it?
    Because in one drop, you can get more than one Yagyu blade.

    To be able to find you have to run back and fort to that bridge, when you see it, hit it or let him to see you, after that Run! near the exit (Most of the time Aeronites won't be able to fallow you there)
    Kill it get the loot and go to the cart, I find it easier this way to spawn the Bombshell again.

    Return to the bringe and repeat this process all over again.

    Took me 30 chains to get the Yagyu Darkblade(like 4 hours) but I got 3! in one drop.
    Yiazmat, Farewell to a legend hunt
    In order to face this Mark and conclude the Hunt and Clan Centurio side-quests, you must first have completed the Wyrm Philosopher side-quest and defeated seven Rank VII Marks. This spectacular Mark has 50 million HP! They're depicted as several dozen HP gauges. On the positive side, you don't have to defeat it in one go. If you exit the area it will not fully restore itself, so you can leave, save and return as much as you like. The number of attempts you make at defeating this Mark will appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Your team should be at least level 85 to have a decent chance of lasting long enough to harm the beast. Use the tactic of using Expose approximately ten times to lower the Mark's Defence rating, and keep your party members spread out to avoid losing them all at once. Cast Dispel regularly, and use the Most tried and trusted of Final Fantasy XII strategies: Protectga, Shellga and Hastega on everyone; a tank with Lure, Bravery and Regen; a damage dealer with Bravery and possibly Beserk; and of course, a spellcaster to heal everyone and cure all status ailments. Equip Ninja Swords (they're all imbued with Dark) and try to land a few massive combos. A Yagyu Darkblade and Genji Gloves are a particular potent partnership. Alternatively, you can use Guns loaded with Dark Shot. Note that casting Reverse on your entire team will negate man of the Mark's attacks, as they will then actually heal you rather than harm you. Since this is too difficult to maintain constantly, consider casting it regularly at least on your Lured tank. A few things you should keep in mind to make things easier: Stick close to Yiazmat to prevent it from attempting to heal itself, which it will do if you move too far away. Before you leave the battlefield, make sure you cast Dispel if your opponent has the Regen status. When Yiazmat uses Reflectga, quickly remove this effect before healing your team (especially with Renew) or temporarily equip Mirror Mails prior to that. Be mindful of the traps laid in the arena. Either regularly cast Float, or trip them deliberately when your HP is sufficiently high to avoid getting a nasty surprise later on. Obviously, don't use Holy or Holy-imbued weapons: their damage will be absorbed. Equipping Windbreakers is very effective against Cyclone attacks: feel free to do this manually when you see one coming in the Combat Log. If you have two KO'd characters, bring at least one reserve member to revive both of them simultaneously. If you are short on MP, rotate healing duties, or use Syphon on whoever casts Magicks the least. Equipping Bubble Belts free's you from having to cast this essential status effect, and works permanently, even on characters who have just been revived. Try and equip your spellcaster with a Sage's Ring (to limit MP consumption), your best Gun loaded with Dark Shot, and have them obtain the Serenity Licence: if they then stay far enough out of the way, and constantly dodge Yiazmat, they will be scarcely be harmed, and will therefore be 20% more efficient when casting Magicks. If they also cast Faith constantly, they will make powerful healers. Once the monster has only a few HP bars left, you might need to equip Bubble Belts and cast nothing but Protectga to save time and MP And finally, don't forget to save once in a while, particularly around the end of the fight! Your reward for eventually triumphing in this truly awesome fight will be 300,000 Gil and the Godslayer's Badge.

    Zalera Esper
    After completing the Barheim key sidequest. Enter the barheim passage and go to the hidden area Terminus No. 7 it's in the south west part of it.
    There you'll find Zalera as a boss, be careful because there is a time limit to defeat him, after killing him, you'll obtain him as a esper!
    Zalera, The Death Seraph
    This quest to get Zalera requires that you have completed the Patient in the Desert event to get the Barheim Passage. Enter the Barheim Passage from the secret entrance in the Dalmasca Estersand and go through the tunnels to Terminus No. 7. The path beyond isn't easy. The path has very many strong undead monsters. This is actually a great time to level up your party but be careful. The path through the Zeviah Span is blocked neat the south end. Check the west side. There is an object there you can move to make a new path down to West Annex. This is the most dangerous part since the undead monsters appear in groups. Save in Terminus N0. 7 before heading into the boss battle.

    Level HP EXP LP Steal
    40 72248 0 42 Pebble, Gemini Gem, High Arcana

    This battle is quite different from the rest since you have a five minute timer. That means you must defeat the Esper within that time or oyu must restart from the beginning. It may be stressful but just relax.

    During the battle, Dead Bones will join the battle. When these monsters are on range, Zalera becomes immun eot physical attacks. So keep an eye for them and when you see one, quickly kill them.

    Be careful of what your party member's levels because he can cast Lv.2 Sleep, Lv.3 Disable, Lv.4 Break, Lv.5 Preverse, and Prime Lv. Death. These attack affect your characters with a level divisble by 2, 3, 4 or 5, and those of a prime number. Once you enter the battle, quickly Dispel the boss of his status effects. Defeat the Dead Bones as quickly as possible and then focus on the Esper. When his HP is low, he will start to cast Sleepga, Stop and Death. Right before the timer runs out, use a Quickening. If you need to, during the battle, replace soem of your characters with fresh ones.
    Zalera-The Easy Way(Avoid Level Based Attacks)
    The Theory:Seeing as Zalera's attacks affect multiples of level 2, 3 4 and 5 and prime numbers any non-prime number which is a multiple of level 7 should make the player immune to all of Zalera's level based attacks, especially the brutal prime-level kill. This means 49(7x7), 77(7x11)and 91(7x13). This should really help with NLB challenge games.
    Not so much with 122333 though.

    Giruvegan has tested this for me and it works. As long as you are at level 49 the worst Zalera can throw at you is plain 'ol kill. No more level related attacks for NLB players who've been having trouble, or anyone who has trouble with Zalera's level-related attacks. I am delighted. Thanks, Giru.
    Zeromus Esper
    After the battle in Mt. Bur Omisace, talk with the Acolyte in Mt. Bur-Omisace at the temple grounds, he'll give you the condemner stone. Now go to the Stillshrine Of Miriam, take the first teleporter and use the stone, you'll be taken to a secret room, exit it and face the esper. The worst thing about this battle is that you CAN'T use magic, so you better have good weapons and healing items or you better be good at doing long quickenings combos to kill the esper.
    After the battle you'll receive Zeromus esper.
    Zodiac Escutcheon
    You can find the Zodiac Escutcheon zodiac escheuton inside the Barheim passage Zodiac shield chest should be South east of the long broken bridge type place in the area with lots of traps.

    There is another way to get the Zodiac shield it's also in the great crystal upper level, nearish the save spot before Ultima, the chest is harder to get to but seems to have a better chance of being the shield.
    Zodiac Spear
    The Zodiac Spear is the "best" or strongest weapon that can be found in the game in order to obtain it you must fulfil the following requirements:

    Do not open the treasure chest in front of the old man (Dalan) house in Rabanastre Lowtown.

    Do not open the Elixir chest in Rabanastre Palace. (SE corner of the Cellars)

    Do not open the treasure chests in Nalbina Dungeons inside the room where you get back your inventory.

    Do not open the 16 treasure chests in Phon Coast South-East section.

    If you didn't open those treasures, the spear will ALWAYS be in the Necrohol of Nabrudis, in the third area inside a room with 16 chests in it.
    One of them will contain the spear.
    This means you can get the spear in the Necrohol before you ever get to Phon Coast!! But I must warn you that doing this will make the game way too easy.

    But if you already opened them and you want the spear, then:

    The spear is still available in Henne Mines, however the chances to get it are very low
    The chest only appears 10% of the time, of the 10% that it appears, it will have gil 90% of the time, of the 10% of the time that an item is in it, it will be an elixir 90% of the time and it will only be the zodiac spear the other 10%
    This means you have a 1/1000 chance.
    It's in Henne Mines, East hidden section, go north from the Gate Crystal, then east. In the secret section, turn right from the second junction. Follow the way until you reach to next mine route. Now check the right side, around some crates, there is a small area that DOES NOT show in the map. The treasure chest will randomly appear there.
    Zodiark, Keeper of the Percepts
    Go talk to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara after the party has at least 10 Espers. Yugelu then unlock the path in the Henne Mines that leads right to Zodiark. The path is just north of the Staging Shaft in the Ore Separation room. The Save Crystal in the Staging Shaft is the closest one you will find to Zodiark, so you best use it. The path to the Esper is very difficult and tricky. It's best to keep Float on at all times to avoid the many traps.

    Level HP EXP LP Steal
    66 335847 0 70 Serpentarius, High Arcana, Megalixir

    This battle is going to be long and hard. So prepare for this battle by equipping Dark Mask. Go into the battle with only one character because right at the beginning Zodiark casts Darkja and there is no reason for all your party to be exposed to it. Once that is done, bring out the other two characters.

    This Esper starts the battle with Reflect, Protect, Shell and Haste. Dispel them right away but be ready to Dispel again during the battle.

    The boss often uses Darkja quick can cause a lot of damage and may wipe out your party at times. There is no way of avoiding this attack but Dark Masks will help out a lot.

    You need some sort of technick in this battle and how you react and recover from Darkja. When you main party falls, bring in your reserved party and quickly heal them with Phoenix Downs or Arise. Your reserved party can fight for a bit but they probably won't be as strong as your main party. At times you will have to switch in your main party to heal your reserved party. This is going to happen often, but it has to be done. This technick is very important when it comes closer to the end of the battle when Darkja isn't your only worry. But remember to keep your party away from each other to ranged attacks like Scathe won't affect everyone.

    The first part of the battle is pretty simple. You should cast Berserk and Bravery on your strongest physical attacker and just then him go. If you have weapons with Holy affects on them, you best equip them to your attacker. A powerful attacker can hit 9999 HP of damage with Haste and Berserk on.

    The fight becomes more difficult when Zodiark has about half his HP left. When this happens, he puts up a Magick Shield. When this happens just keep attacking him. Just try to keep him dispelled but when the shield it up, it is very hard.

    When Zodiark's HP is close to one quarter, he uses a skilled called Swift which will change his elemental weakness. So you best change all your weapons no non-elemental ones. This is when you start to use Quickenings against him. You can actually end the battle right there will a large Quickening chain and save yourself from what is to come. If the Quickening doesn't finish him off, it will begin to use a Paling and Magick Shield. This makes the battle more difficult. So you will begin to use non-elemental magicks such as Scathe. Just be careful when you are using magicks, just watch out for Zodiark casting Reflect and the Magick Shield. When he has both on, just heal your party and wait for it to go down.

    When Zodiark's HP is low, his attacks grow stronger and faster. So Darkja is used more often then before. The most dangerous part is when his HP is almost done. Just take your time and don't make any silly mistakes.


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    absolutely free 500,000 gil!
    After completing the behemoth king hunt go to paramina rift and keep heading north until you find a tent

    unequip everyone and examine the tent !

    (this is a great help for getting tournesol)
    beating yiazmat super easy!
    when you enter yiazmat fight lure him near the north west wall then hide in the north tunnel and have mirror mails equipped then start castign darkga on yourself and he will get hit multiple times and cannot even reach you

    here is a link to a movie on how to do this (its not mine so i giv full credit to the maker of it)

    im doing this right now and ive killed 4 hp bars in the past 15minutes

    you may also wants to equip sages ring and any mage enhancing gear you have but dont forget to set gambit as this with mirror mail on any raise/arise (just incase) any darkga<30% ether (also jsut incase)
    Best Gambit Arrangements
    Here are the best Gambit Arrangements I think should make FFXII a little easier.

    1. Hp Critical- Balance
    2. Enemy ailement Oil- Ardor
    3. HP > 1000- 1000 needles
    4. Enemy ailement Sap- Poison
    5. Party Member Weakest Weapon- Bravery
    6. Party Member Hp 10%- Renew
    7. Foe Flying- Telekinesis
    8. Party Member Weakest Magick- Faith
    9. Party Member Status Ailement Sap- Regen
    10. Foe-Nearest Visable- Death or Attack
    11. Any Party Member- Bubble
    12. Party Member K.O- Arise
    Defeating Dr. Cid at Draklor
    Ok, Dr. Cid has rooks during battle. The rooks don't have that much HP. But they heal Dr. Cid everytime he's injured. Do a quickening on the Rooks. Dr. Cid is faster but he eventually casts a physical immune shield on himself. Do a quickening chain of 12 or 14. At least 1 rook will be destroyed.

    After defeating all Rooks, Dr. Cid becomes a little more powerful. His attacks ingnore your defenses. Have at least 15 ethers and fully restore 3 characters MP. Keep 2 of them out of battle so you don't use their MP up. Repeat, after completing 1 quickening. Take 1 charcter out of battle and repeat. I suggest being Lv. 48 for this battle.
    Defeating Judge Ghis with 1 move!
    Ok, Judge Ghis is a pain. If you are under the level 11 or 13 and have a atk pwr of 19, and a defense of 10 or 12 and strenth of 32. You meet him on Dreadnount Leviathan. His Most damaging attack is aero, it deals over 150 damage. Make sure you have many phoenix downs and potions. 20 pho. downs, and 40 potions and 5 hi potions. Have Reflect unlocked on at least 4 charaters licence grid. But this time you have 6 party members, so you have backup in case your A party dies in battle. Have 4 Charaters on Lv. 1 Quicking. Cast on the Imperial Swordsmans. If Inferno or something else did not show up, you did it wrong. You`ll need it in order to kill all 3 of them. But it will not damage Judge Ghis. Then switch one charater for the one with the other quickning, Cast on Judge Ghis, Get a chain of 10 or 11, Inferno shows up and you automataclly have defeated him with 1 hit.
    Earth Tyrant
    After passed the event in Tomb Of Raithwall, back to Dalmasca Westersand, go to North-East, you will see a dragon going through the sand storm. Now:
    Back to Westgate of Rabanastre City, talk to the bangaa Rimzat.
    Head to central section, talk to Cotze, he is in the fountain.
    Go to Downtown, around Storehouse No.5, talk to the man named Northon, he is crouching beside a bangaa.
    Back to Dalmasca Westersand, go find the Dynast-Cactoid in the Eastern section before you reach to the Gate Crystal, where known as Windtrace Dunes. It's locatedh in the smaller site, so you should go there from the South area.
    Check on the inner Dynast-Cactoid of this section for the Wind Globe.
    Return to Westgate of Rabanastre City, now those NPCs who giving you the mission should be there. Speak with them to get Windvane.
    Now move to North-East section of Dalmasca Westersand, you're able to cross the sand storm.

    Becareful when the boss perform the Air Screw which can damage all characters. Normal attack not that powerful, tail attacks even weaker as long as you have character with shield. But also don't forget always heal your characters before anyone of them KO. Slow spell does work for this boss, but also you might miss it sometimes. When it has less then half of the life bar, it will auto increase the defend, just spend some times to finish off it. Anyway, this could be some challenges if your characters are around level 30.

    Credits to Just a shadow.
    Easy Level Ups
    It is recommended that you are at least lvl 60 before doing this. You will need an Embroidered Tippet and a vey strong weapon(spear, or 2h sword) that can deal 4000+ damage at will. Once you have all that, go to the Tchita Uplands, and make sure there's only 1 person in your party. Equip the Embroiddered Tippet and go into the area east of the teleport sphere. This area should have a lot of Malboror Overkings, for you to kill. Since you only have 1 party member and an Embroidered Tippet, each Malboro Overking will give you 5000+ exp. Since there are about 18 of them in that area, and other monsters along with them, each trip will give you 100,000+exp.
    Easy Levels

  • Indigo Pendants.
  • The spell Death (Both Bought and Obtained on License Board.)
  • A good Rod.
  • Up to Balfonheim in the story.

    Head to Balfonheim and then exit to Cerobi Steppe. Countinue through the area until you reach the area with the Save Point. Have a party 1 person, and kill of any guests that are in your party. On your single party member, turn off gambits, equip your best Rod, armour, and then equip your Indigo Pendant. Go North from the Save Point to reach a large area. In front of you should be a Wyrm / Dragon. Cast Death on it, and it'll fall with an 100%. Most of the time it's asleep, or you can get if off guard, so you take no damage. You can get lots of LP and EXP so you level ALOT very quickly.

    Zone back to the save point area and go South once, then rezone back north. Use the save point to heal when needed. Repeat until you're satisfied. For best results, equip Golden Amulets on your Reserve characters.
  • easy xp
    first you need belias to do this. go to the henne mines and sommon belias. thin find some of the nightmares. if you kill the nightmares with belias the peoson on the field with will get 1000 to 1500 xp points
    Great xp at low lvls (2)
    Rght now I'm training in the Ozmone Plains against those werewolf guys who give you 2 LP. I have the Golden Amulet on everyone. There are 3 of them that show up each time, and there are 3 Black chocobos, which gives me 18 LP everytime I clear out that part. Plus the experience isn't that bad either. I'd probably advise this for around level 15-20.

    (if your low level and want to use this then summon belias to giv em a thrashing )
    Hashmal. Dodging Roxxor and Quakeja
    Cast Float on all of your characters to dodge Roxxor or Quakeja.
    How to avoid self-combo
    This is the faster way to avoid your self-combos when auto-leveling with Dustia's method, what you need to do is when the numbers of the damange appears go to the equipment menu, remove the weapons you have equiped and equip it again, this way you'll never cause yourself a combo.

    I've tested it myself and it works perfectly.
    Level All Characters Easily
    It's usual that when playing, you use your favourite characters, leaving the OTHER 3 low levelled. So to level up your characters fast, go fight an enemy that gives the most exp, attacking him with your high level characters, then when he has critical HP, change 2 or 3 characters and finish him off, getting a lot of EXP for the two/three characters that you just brought in.
    Libra Alternative
    If you have a character that has a bangle equipped in accessories, take it out and put something useful on him or her. You can use the technik Libra to get the same results without wasting an item slot.
    Make Enemies Disappear (Glitch)
    What Enemies: All except Bosses
    What Areas: Any Large Areas
    How: Cast Immobolise on one of your characters and then using the other character go through the area. When you come across an enemy that you feel you'd like to make disappear, simply change your leader to the Immobolised Character. Then quickly switch back to the other character. The enemies will now have disappeared. See this in action

    Credit to flak76e for making the above video and finding the Glitch.

    -2 High Arcanas
    -3 Rat Tail
    -3 Onion

    You're gonna have a hard time getting the onions, since you can only get them by killing, stealing or poaching the Onion Queen in the Feywood... Good luck!
    Respawn Rare Games
    Rare game monsters that are able to teleport, such as the Reaper and Mistmare variations, can be respawn by using the exact same trick with Dustia. First, when you see the Rare Game, provoke it and let it chase you ALL the way to the borderline of the area. Kill the monster, try to pick up the loot and exit before the EXP/LP totals show up. This is very useful especially when you powerlevel with Dustia or chain Grand Helms with Helvinek.
    the best way to level up easy in lower area of golmore jungle
    The lower portion of the golmore jungle right before the exit to feywood is a great place to level up with or without embroidered tippet. Only do this with one character though. But make sure your equipment is okay, it doesn't need to be really really good. in order for you to do this you would need to defeat all the monster in the lower area of golmore jungle. Soon after that, the undead monster will start to pop up they give about 2500-3000 experience point. Chain about 26 of them by going around the whole area, once you defeat about 26 the grave lord will show up. Grave lord is a rare game monster. after you defeat the grave lord, exit the place towards eruyt village and come back immediately do not kill any enemies, just go in and out. This is because you won't find anymore enemies after you defeat grave lord so go out and back in again. From here you'll be able to chain about another 60-70 more just keep going around and around, so that is a total of 80-90 chains. If you times 80-90 with 2500-3000 thats 200,000-270,000 experience points in one trip not including prior monster that is not included in the chain. So the whole trip should be about 300,000-350,000 without the embroidered tippets that doubles your exp, but with it experience will double, you do the math. The good thing as well is that since your chaining over 50+, your chain level up every 10 chains and it allows you to get lots of loots from each monster, thus solving some not all of your gil problem youll be able to get lots of dark magicite, sturdy bone, teleport stones, death heads and many more. this is better than going to henne mines where the enemies are crazy hard. or lhusu mines. the one in lhusu mines gives around 6000 exp but they are super hard and you wont be able to use 1 character unless you really have a good weapon and and armor and the enemies are hard to chain.

    my place in the game i just reach phons coast and got the site 11 key. got the aegis shield and maximillian. i was at level 54 and i was able to get to level 70 in no time.

    i used bubbles, haste, protect, shell and bravery on my character. weapon was deathbringer, armor is platinum shield, helmet and armor. (i didn't use aegis shield and maximillian and i did fine).
    Undead enemies
    Curative items hurt undead enemies. Spells, and potions deal damage to them, while Phoenix Downs will kill them instantly.

    However, some undead enemies towards the end of the game are immune to such things as arise and other curative items, then then it doesn't work 100%.
    Without Libra...
    Without Libra, you can see how hard the enemy is as well.

    Blue-Easy, same level or below your level.
    Yellow-Not Difficult, but above your level
    Red-Hard, way beyond your party's current level.

    Refer To Your Manual Guide, or see a man in the Technick Shop in Rabanastre