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Airship Passwords
Once you get the Airship, using the "Input" Command aboard the Airship, punch in the following words to unlock the locations to the Ultimate Weapons below.

Note that they must all be in Caps:
PasswordWhat The Area Contains
GODHANDRikku's Legendary Weapon
VICTORIOUSArmor for Rikku that nullifies 3 elemental attacks
MURASAMEAuron's Weapon Murasame. It has the "One MP Cost" Ability.
Airship Search Coordinates
When you get the airship talk to Cid and choose the second option in Map menu(Search).The secret places locations are
Location NameMap Coordinates to Search
Baaj TempleX:11-16 Y:57-63
Sanubia SandsX:12-16 Y:41-45
Besaid FallsX:29-32 Y:73-76
Mi'hen RuinsX:33-36 Y:55-60
Battle SiteX:39-47 Y:56-60
Omega RuinsX:69-75 Y:33-38


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If your looking for some quick Gil and in large amounts then go to Omega Ruins.
If you defeat a Mimic (the monsters that come out of chests), you'll receive 50,000 Gil after the battle. But what's even better is if you have a weapon with the Gillionaire ability on it, you will receive double the amount. Meaning you'll get 100,000 Gil after the battle.
1,000,000s of Gil, Easily
To get huge amounts of gil in a short amount of time, simply buy four slotted armor from Kilika with HP +5% on it. Buy as much as you can fit into your inventory. (Sell off any "junk" armor you don't need.)

Go to the Monster Arena and overkill Kottos in the Monster Arena to get forty Healing Springs per overkill. (He sometimes drops 2 Dark Matters, but that's rare.) Kottos is an Area Creation that you get for capturing all the fiends on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Use those to customize SOS Regen onto the armor you bought and then you can sell it back for around 60 times or more what you paid for it. Just make sure you customize as many as possible after each two times fighting him, since your inventory can't hold more than 99 of the Healing Springs. Then, once you've customized them all, sell them off for huge gil. Go back and by more and repeat as much as you like. Works best if you've done some work customizing your characters and you can always hit Kottos for 99999 without taking too much damage from his counter.
100's of AP
When you fight Sin on the boat for the first time , simply forget the fin and pound the sinspawn that keep on coming. With Cheer on 4 or 5 times , you should be able to kill them with one shot. Kill around 500 of them, and you should be able to go up around 15 levels.

Part credit to coolgu2k5 for correcting part of the tip
200 Lightning Bolt Challenge
I found the best way to do this is to keep near a tower and dodge bolts in intervals of 10 or 20. Dodge ten bolts then run to the post and give yourself a break. Doesn't matter how long really, it's just to let you untense because most people seem to mess up by hitting X to early in anticipation. I got this done in 36 minutes without having to restart.
Alright you will love this way of getting loads of AP. First you a need weapon that has any of the following:Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Double Overdrive,and Double AP, but make sure you always have Overdrive->AP. You also have to have 2 ppl with Auto-Pheonix on there amors, next go to a fight with Don Tomberry and haveing Stoic equiped as your overdrive set. Make sure the ppl that you take to this fight have killed the most monsters so they will automaticaly die or come really close to it. If you have killed enough monsters then you will easily gian anywhere from 30 to 50 levels after you beat him.

Hint: the fight would be alot faster if your amor had Auto-Haste

Good luck <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> hope You can clear the Sphere Grid as quick as i did
Okay,if youre anything like me, you want a lot of items. Anytime youre fighting a boss, steal or use Mug and youll be suprised by what you find.
A few great tips...
1. You get great effects by raising Yuna's strength even a little bit. For example, raising it to 35 will give Sandy (Magus Sister) 255 strength. Raising it to 50 will give Anima 255 strength, which, in International will give you the ability to do 1,599,932 damage. Try it, your aeons will be invincible.

2. Never underestimate Wakka, especially with his Celestial Weapon. His "Attack Reels" is the key to defeating the hardest bosses in the game, killing most monster arena bosses in one hit. In international, it is almost impossible to beat the Dark Aeons and Penance without it.

3. Beating Monster Arena bosses doesn't cost money, it makes money. Simply sell the weapons you got by killing the enemies and benefit from the attribute power-ups.
A few helpful tips
1.) Level Tidus/Yuna/Auron/Lulu/Rikku/Khamari
An easy way to this is to through them in while walking around the areas before a boss. Wakka is useless and only through him in a battle near the begining let him hit once and pull whoever you had in to begin with. Therefore he gets a share of the ap too. But Tidus and Auron are the main hitterswith Yuna as the healer. Khamari should learn all his lancet abilities and then have him go through Wakka's sphere grid area and learn the dark/sleep/silence abilities and soon Khamari will be a hard hitting Wakka with an extra punch.

2.)ya go to Bajj Temple fight the big fish and he drops or dropped me a shimmering blade with no encounters ability then go to Omega dungeon and have sentinel with both Tidus and Auron with evade&counter on their weapons if not their ultimate weapons then walk up to Ultimate weapon and use Behemut to smack him for somthing like 23k of damage and smack him a few times with Tidus and Auron and wow he's dead and 0.5 sec.
Then continue on to Omega just flee from the upcoming battles untill tonberry just unleash a blitz ace on him and wow he dies fast then comes Omega ok use all your aeons besides Behemut of course u got all your aeons to overdrive before this right ya smack him with all your aeons and ofcourse they will all perish in this battle but you have dropped him by 9999hps each aeon wow huh then smack him dead with Tidus and Auron.

3.) ok to back a little before this for when u fight Seymore the 3rd time on Mnt. Gagazet everyone says smack the the Morphious thingy no hit Seymore and of course u have all your aeons to overdrive before this battle he may dismiss them but you get one shot at him first wack him with the overdrive. expecially with Behemut but when Tidus does 2,000 to 4,000 dmg and Auron is just behind him in dmg Seymore will die in 0.5 sec. I think the only battle that took me longer than 0.5 sec was that Osmoses thing but I had under developed characters at that time.
but use this strategy it will clear all in your path.
After Seymour 1- Chased by Guado's
When you are running away from the first seymour(At Macalania Temple) Guado chase after you and when you fight them, they keep using auto-potion, which makes it damn hard to defeat them...
Anyway, if you steal from them with Rikku(or any other character you have taught steal), they can no longer use auto potion and it's way easier to defeat them :]
Good Luck xx
Alternate Ultimate weapon for Tidus
If you're like me, finishing the chocobo race at 0:00 is a pain in the ass. Instead of getting the Caladbolg for Tidus, you can get something a little better in my opinion. This requires 20x three stars, 30x winning formulas, and 60x dark matters. You can obtain the three stars by capture monsters in two areas of Spira, then go back to the monster owner-he'll give you 60x three stars. To obtain the winning formulas, capture all monsters in all of Spira then go back to the monster owner. To obtain the dark matters, go to the monster arena and repeatedly overkill Chimerageist-he'll drop x2 dark matters a time. Then simply find a 4 open slotted weapon for Tidus and customize them with: Break Damage Limit-60x dark matters, Triple Overdrive-30x winning formulas, and One MP Cost-20x Three stars. Once you customize your weapon, it'll be named "Excalibur." Pretty nice, eh? This may be somewhat time consuming but it's much easier than the Chocobo Race in my opinion. The leftover slot can be for anything you want. I recommend piercing for the bosses in the monster arena.
Amazingly fast teleport spheres
Firstly I'll tell you the requirements for this.
1.You must have unlocked the "Sleep sprout" in the calm lands arena. To unlock you musth ave captured 5 of the following; Funguar, Thorn, Exoray.

2.Enough power to deal at least 10k+ each hit.

Anyway onto how to get these things. By killing the sleep sprout you get 2 tele spheres each time you win and 10k ap. To win this i advise you to use aeons or you can just say "Goodnight"

It has 98k hp so it isnt that hard to kill. My most of my aeons can almost overkill this guy in 1 hit lol. Sadly i cant hit more than 100k so I wont be able to.

beat seaymournatus easy
An easy way to beat seaymournatus is to teach yuna reflect and steal tetra
elemental from him.the first thing to do is to use tetra elemental on everyone, when you get him to about 20,000 HP,cast reflect on everyone because he will receive break and flare.When he is under about 5,000 his assistant will start to use cura to heal seaymour so use bahamut's blk magic
to finish him off.
Beat Seymore 1 Easier
To beat Seymore really easy all you have to do is charge Tidus's overdrive fully. In the beginning of the battle do all of your talking then unleash a spiral cut on Seymore and Seymore only. The Guado guardians won't block because it's an overdrive, but since the game doesn't allow you to hurt Seymore before they die; the guardians will fall after one last turn and if you did enough damage Seymore will summon Anima. For that i'd recomend summoning any fully overdrived Aeon that suits you preferably Valefor because the overdrive is non-elemental. When the Aeon is banished just whip out your strongest fighters and attack like crazy. Just before the final blow make sure to have Rikku mix a Hypello Potion and a Musk to get a Null All of some sort so Seymore won't be able to hurt your characters. Just use any leftover overdrives you chose to pre-charge and Seymore should be toast.
Beat Seymour Flux REALLY EASY!!
HP: 70000 AP: 10000

First make sure that u get Zombie Ward on all of your armor. Next make sure your starting party is Tidus, Yuna and Auron (make sure that Auron is VERY strong...). Now make sure that all of your Aeons have their overdrives then start the battle. First cast haste with tidus onto Yuna then use Yuna to use all of her aeons overdrives and on tidus's turn switch to Lulu and use Bio on Seymour because he can be poisined. Also use Auron to attack seymour to do more damage. Once you have used all of your aeons he should be down to around 10000-2000 then just attack like crazy and kill him!! Also HEAL so that you wont die. Once you beat him you get lotsss of AP and you get a LV.4 keysphere.
Beat Stratoavis Easy
For anyone who likes collecting monsters and then fighting the area conquests in the calm lands you know who this monster is. I found this way to beat it without taking any hits to your people.

*Warning this is very time consuming* When you first start have someone who has the First Strike ability in your party so even if it's an ambush then you can get the one move needed off. Then switch that person to Yuna (or have it already be Yuna, either way is fine) and have her summon Yojimbo. All you have to do now is pay him 1 gil for each attack and that's it. Yojimbo should dodge each time the stratoavis attempts an attack, therefore only requiring you to pay 1 gil each turn until he is killed.

I did this when my characters were quite weak and beat the statoavis rather easily. It will take approximately 20 minutes to beat it, but if your people are weak then this may be the only way to beat it without going through a lot of your items. You could just go level up, get good armor and take it on afterwards, but that's your choice.
beat the hell out of the SANCTUARY KEEPER!!!
This battle isn't really a hard one, just a very annoying one, because the Sancutary Keeper is unusually, very smart. In fact it's very very smart. It has an amazingly high defense stat, and no it's not armored. Don't think you can lower it's defenses though, because if you do it'll counter by casting Protect or Shell on itself depending if you used Armor break or Mental Break, or even Auron's Banishing Blade inwhich case it'll counter with both spells at once. And if you think using Dispel to get rid of them works, it doesn't because it also negates all the Break statuses as well. You can however inflict Power Break and Magic Break on this boss with no worries, and it's reccomended you do so because this boss likes to heal for 9999 HP every now and again for a few turns. Magic Break will make that healing become arund 4900 now. If you're thinking why not use Reflect on this boss to make him heal your characters, well the boss has prepared for that and will either cast Dispel on himself on his next turn, or cast Reflect on one of your characters immediately before Reflecting Curaga back onto himself. On occasion the Sanctuary Keeper will cast Regen on himself, and this is very bad as he'll start recovering massive amounts of HP each every turn you take as well as his. You'll have no choice but to cast Dispel on the Sanctuary Keeper ASAP to get rid of it. The Sanctuary Keeper isn't just smart defensively, it's also very deadly offensively. If you cast Haste on your chaarcters be very aware that if you hit it, this boss will have a tail swipe that does a sizeable amount of damage as a counterattack which gets rid of all your character's Haste status should it hit. Don't even think about casting Slow on the Sanctuary Keeper as it'll immediately counter by casting Haste on itself, which you will have to use Dispel to get rid of. It's main attack you should watch out for is Photon Wings. On top of it doing a lot of damage to all characters, it inflicts a variety of status ailments including confusion. Having all characters confused is the most deadly thing that can happen. So be prepared by having some Confusion protection armors for your characters. Also watch out for it's Mana Breath attack which does a tremendous amount of damage to s ingle character, but becomes survivable if you Magic Break the Sanctuary Keeper. So you'll basically have to tough it out with this boss and heal normally. Using Magic Break is highly reccommended as it lowers the strength of his Curaga by half. Keep up the pressure and when he's almost dead and has around 10,000 HP charge up an Aeon's Overdrive gauge and use it to Overkill the boss.

Cheap and Dirty strategy:
This boss is vulnerable to Threaten. Threaten makes it so that a monster is frozen stiff with fear until the character who is threatening the monster makes another action. if you keep Threatening the Sanctuary Keeper, it'll just stand there and do absolutly nothing. Enabling you to kill it at your leisure.
Beat Yunalesca easy
When she gets to her 3rd and hardest form, summon an aeon. On her last few HP of the 2nd form, summon perferably your weakest aeon. She will use Mega Death and it will not affect the aeon. She will not use Mega Death again.

Note: Yunalesca DOES cast mega-death again.

If you want to be sure of not being caught out by it, have someone with deathward/proof (preferably proof) or make sure you have an aeon out for most of the time.
Biran and Yenke Help
Biran and Yenke has a lot of HP Y'Know? Use lancet on Biran untill you get ability called "Doom" and use it to them.
Blitzball easy EXP code
During a blitzball game, go to one of the corners on the right side of the arena, also referred to as the easy win bug. While there, put the two players that you want to gain experience side by side, and have them pass the ball repeatedly to each other. Each pass gives you 1 EXP, and if there's at least two minutes on the clock, you can accumulate up to 30 EXP.
Break HP Limit = Unnecessary (includes best armor combo)
BHPL is often a favorite ability for many FFX players and it's somewhat a pleasure to exceed this amount than the traditional maximum of 9,999 in the FF series. will easily find that it's an ineffectual ability. It is also a waste of time when obtaining Wings to Discovery...9,999 is all the HP you need.

There is no attack in FFX that can deal over 9,999 to ALL your party members that cannot be predicted or defended against. If so, an easy Auto-life can solve this.

BHPL also have shifty effects on your Celestial Weapons. Weapons like the Caladbolg and World Champion exhibit their full potential when your health is full, and maintaining 99,999hp through those tough Arena battles is tedious and wastes precious turns.

There is no item that can restore over 9, it's best to keep your HP capped at that amount to save space on your armor and on your sphere grid.


This armor combination works more wonders than BHPL:

[Auto-Potion] (sell all Potions and Hi-Potions)


[Defense +20%] (against Dark Aeons and Penance)
[Auto-Shell] (against Nemesis)

With this mechanic, any fallen character will immediately revived; and when a character takes damage, it will be reduced by the auto-protect/shell effects; and when a character gets into the SOS status, he or she will automatically use an X-Potion to fully restore health.

That is the armor to have, and the effects like Haste, Protect, and Shell...they save time and cannot be dispelled, even after a KO. It saves the time to cast Hastega and Protect/Shell on the entire party too (if you notice, when casted, Hastega will cut back a few of your turns on the CTB. Auto-Haste solves this problem, and it will save your arse in many fights, including the Dark Aeons).


So basically...forget BHPL and use the above armor abilities for easy battles, unless you like big numbers.

BTW...against Nemesis, his Armageddon will shoot for 99,999 against everyone, so BHPL won't help you there. This also applies to other attacks like Dark Anima's Pain or Dark Bahamut's Impulse.
Build Overdrive Easily
Get in a battle with a magic urn, which can be found in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, near Mt. Gagazet. This enemy won't attack you as long as you don't attack it, so you can heal if set to healer, cast Nul Spells and then the corresponding spell if set to rook, or have two party members escape and the last defend if set to loner.

This way you can build up Overdrive more easily ready for hard fights or if trying to abuse Overdrive>AP.
Cactaur location
Oasis: Near the first save point.
Oasis: Teleport back to the airship and go on the outside deck.
Sanubia Desert (east): In an alcove to the east; north of the tent with the save sphere.
Sanubia Desert (west): Search the sign near the Cactuar rock that reads "20% Off".
Sanubia Desert (central): Near the ruins to the west; Look for the two Cactuars that are running in the desert.
Sanubia Desert (east): Near the save point under the tent.
Sanubia Desert (central): Trapped in a treasure chest in the far west.
Sanubia Desert (west): Inside one of the sand whirlpools; you must exit and re-enter the area.
Sanubia Desert: Return to the Cactuar statue and the last one automatically appears behin
Chocobo Race
This is actually surprisingly easy. When you start the race, you will almost always start on the right side. Let the trainer get the first balloon while you go to the right. If you get the second one, that makes you go ahead of the trainer. When you turn the corner, allow the trainer to go in the front so he can get hit by the first wave of birds. Dodge the birds while getting the balloons. If you get a few times its okay. I got 0:00 just by getting 14 balloons and getting hit once. If you can't get it the first few times, just keep practicing and you'll get it. Good luck and enjoy this tip!!
Clear Spheres
Once you unlock Ultima Buster in the Monster Arena, you will be able to buy Clear Spheres there. These can be very useful, because you can delete the weaker stat nodes and replace them with your own by using Strength Spheres, Luck Spheres, etc. The only nodes that cannot be changed are the ones that require an Ability Sphere to activate: White Magic, Black Magic, Skills, and Specials.
Dark Aeon Tips
If you are stuck on any of the Dark Aeons, then here are some tips that you may want to try:

*Have at least 2 characters with Auto-Phoenix to prevent you from using Phoenix downs yourself and wasting your turns.

*A combination of fully charged Aeon Overdrives can be useful when used against a weakened Aeon.

*Ribbon is useful here to protect against the Dark Aeons' extra effects, however, this cannot protect against Shiva's Heavenly Strike, Anima's Pain or Mindy's Passado.

*Yojimbo's Zanmato. It will kill any Dark Aeon regardless of its HP, or anything else.

These are the basics if you have only just recently heard about the Dark Aeons and if you are wondering on how to have a chance at them, the above tips should help.
Defeat Seymour Omnis (the last form)
Seymour will have four wheels that have the elements on them. The order it goes in is Red (Fire), Purple (Blizzard), Blue (Water) and Yellow (Lightning). For fire, blizzard and lightning, summon the aeons of that element and only do physical attacks and everytime it's Seymour's turn, he can only do the element that his wheel shows healing the aeon. He'll do dispel some time and then after that, Ultima but this doesn't do much damage. After ultima, he'll change the element. When the wheel turns to blue, have Yuna cast NulTide on the party (in your party could be anyone except for Lulu). Keep doing physical attacks until the next element where you can start the method over again. When I played, Seymour died the second time fire came up and it should for you too.
Defeating bosses easily
Many people believe that there are only 4 ways of defeating tough bosses: Using overdrives, getting your attacks really high so it will take off a lot, just attacking like crazy or using skills and items like poison, zombie, etc...

I have found the easiest way to defeat enemies as easily as 2 or 3 overdrives! This is called Trio Of 9999 and it makes every attack take off 9999 damage.

There are many ways of making this using Rikku's Overdrive mix table to find them but I think mixing 2x Wings to Discovery together is the easiest.

You need Wakka's Overdrive attack reels from blitzball and be good at it. Tidus's slice and dice is also helpful. This is what you need to do:

Your formation will be with Rikku, Tidus and Wakka. Get Tidus to go first and cast hastega on the party. Then use Rikku's overdrive "Trio of 9999" and Wakka's attack reels to do 12 attacks. If you miss one of them or it has more than 119,988hp use Tidus's overdrive slice and dice to finish it off! I use this cheat to defeat the toughest bosses I come against.

Now you need to find Wings to Discovery first but don't fret. You can look at the cheat submitted from "BahamutX" called "Obtain: Wings To Discovery..."
Defeating Penance with 25-30k HP!
This strategy is for someone who has patience but doesn't have the patience enough to defeat Iron Clads and get 75,000HP and 130+ luck. This is 98-100% sure win, if done correctly. It's more of a matter of skill (hand-eye coordination) than luck. I think this strategy is special because what I did is exactly contrary to what most faqs did. The part I like is beating Penance with 25,000-30,000HP and Yuna having 9999HP with a very low defense and m.def.



M. Defense-255

(NOTE: Def, and M.Def maxed are for Tidus and Wakka only)

Tidus' Blitz Ace
Wakka's Attack Reel
Grand Summon

Quick Hit
Quick Pockets

Holy Water

Weapon-Celestial Weapon (Caladbolg, World Champion, Nirvana
Armor-Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix (for Tidus and Yuna)
Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect (Wakka)

Curse proof

I decided to have Tidus, Wakka and Yuna because of their overdrives. You only need specific stats maxed like str, def. m.def, agility and accuracy. DEF and M.DEF MAX FOR TIDUS AND WAKKA ONLY do not max Yuna's, contrary to what most faqs said, if you can't beat Earth Eaters enough to get 130++ luck (that will be fighting Earth Eaters 50++ times, and Greater Sphere for 15++ times), you only need 80-100, in fact 100 luck will suffice with a 255 accuracy. They will miss 1 or 2 times (80-90 luck) against the arms but it's not that much of the threat and can easily be mended. Why Tidus and Wakka only? Because you need Yuna to charge up Tidus and Wakka's overdrives (my Yuna doesn't even have Break HP!). Set both to Comrade and Stoic for Yuna. Every Obliteration does 10=15dmg to Tidus and Wakka (with protect) and will automatically kill Yuna. This charges overdrives for Tidus and Wakka. Contrary to what faqs said about not needing overdrives, I beg to disagree. Doing simple math, Tidus' Blitz Ace can damage 11-20k per slashx8 and 99999 if you hit the blitz ball. This does more damage than 99999 using quick hit. Wakka's attack reel on the other hand damages 47-50k per hitx12 (it is important that you master getting perfect x2 hits for this battle). Usually it hits one hand 6-8 times and the rest will hit the body. Doing simple math, this is still better that one 99999s using quick hit. Trust me, you only need to master the attack reels. And if you use blitz ace, you'll be killing one hand at a time, I suggest you don't kill them simultaneously and they regenerate simultaneously, so Wakka's attack reel can be more effective. DO NOT USE GRAND SUMMON until the second form and you're absolutely not sure you can kill one hand. As much as possible DO NOT SUMMON YOJIMBO AND MAGUS SISTERS. If you Yojimbo perform Zanmato, then you'll lose all your effort and if you summon Magus Sisters, you'll be doing Penance a favor because it will cast Mighty Guard on himself!

Regarding the abilities, Quick Hit and Quick Pockets is a must! Instead of attacking, do a Quick Hit and instead of using Curaga/Use/Item use Quick Pockets. Both ability will increase character's turns. Also contrary to what other faqs said about entrust, yes it does have the chance to move the user back (regarding of turns) but if Wakka performs a perfect Attack Reel, it is still better than the usual Quick Hit. ONLY ENTRUST WITH YUNA.

For the items, you only need x70 Megalixer. 30 of them you will get from arena conquest, and 40 you need to bribe Varuna. x20 Megalixer for 1,140,000 gil. Megalixer is the best item to use because it gives you 9999HP and 999MP than Healing Water, plus if you use Quick Pockets, no turn is wasted.

For the weapons, obviously you need Celestial Weapons (because they have Break DMG Limit). For the armor, since you only have 25k-30k HP it is given that one of your characters will die (impossible if 2 dies). You need to give Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix to Tidus and Yuna only. It's impossible to kill Tidus and Wakka using by Obliteration, so Auto-Phoenix will revive Yuna and no turn is wasted for Auto-Life or Full-Life. And in the second form Immobilization only kills one character, if it kills Yuna, Tidus will revive her and vice-versa. I only attached Auto-Protect for Wakka due to the fact that I don't need another Auto-Phoenix. In addition, you do not need Auto-Life and Curseproof. The arms will never get their turn to attack with Blitz Ace and Attack Reels. If arm2 did, pray it isn't Terra Gravion followed by Obliteration. If arm1 used Calamity, just Quick Pocket a Holy Water.

Do not rely on magic because Penance absorbs all elements and only half dmg for Ultima, this is useless, just do a Quick Hit!


First form:
The first form is easy because the threat of using Judgment Day is not present. With Auto-Haste it will give you characters 6 turns before Penance. It is advised to enter the battle with Penance with full overdrives for all the characters. First, you need to cast protect on Tidus, then start hacking and slashing one of the arms (Blitz ace, Quick Hit on Yuna and PERFECT Attack Reel). I suggest you concentrate to left arm because it does Terra Gravion, but with overdrives you hardly need to worry about them having their turn. Only Entrust with Yuna if Wakka will have his turn before the boss. Obliteration is useful because it charges overdrives. After obliteration immediately Quick Pocket a Megalixer. Do this every after Obliteration only. And like most faqs say, attack the body only if the arms are not present. Attack Reels also saves time because it hits the arms and the boss. Don't do Blitz Ace for the boss as it does 5k dmg with one slash. After 30mins. the Obliteration part from him will fall off. Now prepare...

Second Form:
NEVER EVER ALLOW HIM TO DO JUDGMENT DAY. In this form he will cast Immobilization instead on Obliteration, so you usual pace of filling ones overdrives will be gone (this is a pain for someone who is used to Obliteration). You're lucky if it hit Yuna. If it hit Tidus and Wakka it will automatically give them Full Break, it is important not to dispel Full Break as the next Immobilization with that character will cause a 99999 dmg, but it will charge overdrives (Comrade). It is important to Entrust Yuna's overdrive to Wakka. Your priority is to kill the arms, and trust me, you will kill the arm faster with overdrives than relying on Quick Hit. I was beaten many many times and I have proven that Attack Reels is the best in killing the arms! Furthermore every after Immobilization regardless if no one dies, Quick Pocket Megalixer (preferably the one with MP). Megalixer does not only give you 9999HP but 999MP for you to do Quick Hit. Remember Quick Hit is more important than Attack as it gives your character extra turns. For the summoning part, (grand)summon only when both arms are present and you're absolutely sure that the next 2 or 3 turns you can't kill one of them. It is important that you estimate how many hits you need to kill the arm. One wrong move and he'll unleash Judgment Day, so be careful. Get used to this pattern Immobilization-Quick Pocket: Megalixer-Quick Hit or Overdrive (WAKKA AND TIDUS ONLY). As long as one of the arms doesn't get a turn (especially Terra Gravion) that pattern will save you until you beat this boss. Just a tip, if no arms are present and overdrives are charged up, I suggest you save them for one arm regeneration. This idea is not needed in the first form since Overdrives charges in a regular pace, but it will start getting nasty if you can't use overdrive and both arms are present.

Nothing special will happen if you beat this boss. Just bragging rights.
Defeating Seymour #1
When fighting Seymour for the first time he will be accompanied by two of his cronies who have this nasty nack for healing themselves for 1000 every time with a high potion. To get around this send Rikku in and use her steal command to steal their potion before you hit them. That way, they won't be able to use a potion (or x-potion to heal seymour) after you hit them.
Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts
This can be very time consuming and an easy way to cut some of the time out would be to equip a weapon or armor that has the no encounters ability. Then you'll just have to worry about dodging the bolts and nothing more.
Dodge D' Lightnings With no Encounter
If you want to complete this chalenge (WITHOUT NO ENCOUNTER ABILITY), go out to the thunder with out hiding in the tower. WAit untill the thunder attacks you, don't move a muscle or you get encountered. That's all until the end.
dodging the lightning bolts
i'm not sure if it works everywhere, but i found a place where there were 2 lightning bolts in quick succession (it was right at the far end of the second screen by the wall on the right). then i doubled back on myself and ran past the exact same area again and the lightening bolts came again in the exact same place.
If you continue doing that, you take a few seconds to run forward and back again each time dodging 2 lightning bolts. They happen in exactly the same place each time so you know they're coming and it's easy to dodge them... i think it took me about half an hour to do 200 hope it helps!
Early Money
The Al Bhed on the boat in the first section with Rikku will give you three potions. Dive into the water, swim on to the next screen, then come back and claim three more. Keep doing that until you have 94-99.

Sell all these potions when you reach Besaid, then on the boat to Kilika, keep kicking the suitcase in the hold. It will keep giving you potions until you have twenty in your inventory.
Early Reflect
If you're not using the Expert Sphere Grid, Rikku will start about ten nodes away from Reflect; all you need to get to it is a Lv.2 Key Sphere, which can first be obtained after defeating Spherimorph in Macalania Woods. It's not too far away from the area where she joins you. I find Rikku to be the best person to use Reflect because of her agility.
Easy AP at low levels
To do this, all you need is a weapon with Overdrive-AP, and optional triple overdrive and/or AP to making AP faster.
Them equip the weapon on the caracter you want to train, then go to the monster arena, choose fight monsters and tape down the [X] button, this will make you fight Dingo over and over, then go to eat or something and in about 3 hours of fighting Dingo you can have 99 S.LVL.

This is possible even at VERY low levels, 'cause Dingo has 25HP or something.
easy AP for single character!
after you've defeated yunalesca and you have control of the airship, go after the legendary weapons, it's easy enough, any decent walk through will tell you where they are.
once you have them their equip with a no AP effect, use this to your advantage before going after the sigils and such like.
you can do this by equiping two characters with their legendary weapons and one without, go to somewhere like the omega ruins or zanarkand where the fiends deal out decent AP and you'll see that the character without the legendary weapon gets all the AP, after a few fights with the larger fiends you'll easily have 10-15 sphere levels to play with. =]

it also helps if your character without a legendary weapon has double or triple AP =]

happy hunting =]
Easy battles on the thunder plains
It's simple when you are battling any elemental type (thunder) on the thunder plains you simply just summon Ixion and whilst the enemies are casting thunder/thundara/thundaga on you Ixion will gain health and every turn take out an enemy this will also help in getting mana spheres.
Easy Dark Aeons
Well if you ask me this is kind of cheating,so if you want to beat those dark aeons without getting extremely high levels of experience you need 3 things.1.You need Yojimbo(obtained from cavern of the stolen faith for 250000 gil)2.You need loads of gil to pay Yojimbo so he can attack.3.You need Yojimbo's or Yuna's overdrive(if you only have Yuna's grand summon Yojimbo). If you have those three things then grand summon Yojimbo or summon him with his overdrive and pay him loads of gil so he can attack.Yojimbo is very likely to do his one hit kill attack (Zanmato) if you pay him more than 1000 gil.Beware because dark yojimbo can also use this move if he has his overdrive too.just keep on using Zanmato to kill all the dark aeons.
easy exp
with a turbo control go back to macalania temple a guado will be there he'll say something and guados will chase you and there are infinite battles till you leave the area. you can tape down the x button and leave it all night or just for a while your choice
easy exp.
after you defeat Seymour for the first time when you`r leaving the temple guado chase after you.If you stay there,they keep coming out and you can keep killing then until you run away.
Easy Final Seymour Battle
This is an easy way to finish him off. You have to train Tidus or anybody else with there Ultimate Weapon. I recommend Tidus with his Caladbolg. You need his Sigil and his other one. His strength has to be around 180-255 to deal 99,999. Seymour, his HP sould be less than 100,000. This is how i defeated him. Hope this works for you. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy mana / ability / speed / power spheres
You need to have:

*Ability Distillers*
*Power Distiller*
*Mana Distiller*
*Speed Distiller*
*Kottos in Area conquest*
*Good aeons / characters*

You can obtain kottos by capturing 1 of each fiend in Mi'ihen Highroad
Raldo / Floating eye / Mi'ihen Fang / White element / Bomb / Dual horn / Vouivre / Ipiria
Kottos as a counter attack that does 1500 dommages on a 255 defense, and he as 440 000 hp

If you managed yo kill him, he will give you 20 sphere of the distiller you used on him. You CAN'T USE TWO DISTILLERS and hope to get 20 spheres of 2 kinds, you can only use one at the time. If you overkill him, you will obtain 40 spheres.
If he gives you 1 or 2 spheres, then you're unlucky, you would have get some Dark Matters, but because of your Distiller, you will obtain some spheres.

*Note ----> I heard it works with Fafnir too but it's a little bit harder, since he as a lot of Evasion.

Good luck in completing your sphere grid! I hope that helps.
Easy Money
Those Mimics in the Omega Ruins give you pretty nice gil. The mimics give you 100k gil ONLY if you have a weapon with the Gillionaire ability. Otherwise, they just give you 50k gil.
Easy Monster Captures In The Calm Lands
Find the Monster Arena owner. Buy a weapon from him. Go and fight lots of Anacondours and steal 60 Petrify Grenades from them. Customize the weapon with Stonestrike. Capture all the monsters that you need in the Calm Lands. Talk to the Monster Arena owner. He will give you a chest with Nirvana, Yuna's legendary weapon. You cannot open it without the Celestial Mirror. Talk to the man. He will give you 60 Farplane Winds. Customize your weapon with these to get Deathstrike. Now almost any monster can be captured in one move.
Easy Seymour Flux
Capture all the fiends in the Calm Lands and obtain Yuna's Nirvana-this will allow Valefor to do over the damage limit.Now, climb mount Gagazet until you get to the point just before the fight with Seymour.Save.Now run around getting everyone's overdrives up to the max.Once this is done, get all your aeons overdrives up to the max(except Yojimbo-his overdrive is useless against Seymour).Now enter the battle. Start off by using Tidus' energy rain(or AceBlitz if you have it),Wakka's attack reals(try to get three '2 hits'reels up) and Auron's banishing blade.Now bring in Yuna.Have her summon Bahamut first, and make him use Mega Flare.This should do about 15,000 damage to Seymour, plus 4,000 thanks to the Mortiorchis.Now use Lulu's overdirve(any of the '-aga-'spells) and Rikku's mix(two grenades will create flash flood- a good attack against Mortiorchis)and, if he's learned it, Kimhari should cast dispel on Seymour.Otherwise use an overdrive(White Wind, if you're in bad shape).Now bring Yuna back in.She should summon Valefor, and have her use Energy Blast right away.This should do about 30,000 damage, since she can go over the damage limit now.(If using Energy Ray, 22,000 damage can be done).Seymour should really be gone by now, but if not use the other aeons overdrives until he is. Note- It is possible that Valefor will kill Seymour before he can use either cross cleave or total anihillation.Just ensure that she and Bahamut use their overdrive's right away, and don't waste time talking to Seymour.
Easy Stock Of Al Behd Potions/Hypello
Al Behd potions are very usefull, so are hypello potions. To get them, go to the bikanakel desert, and use theif on the monsters there. you should get a al behd potion. then go to the Djos'e Highroad, and steal from the enimies there. you should get some hypello potions. if you mix these two, you can make a real awsome potion that will Heal All your party member's health by about a quater, same with your MP and will cure all status aliments.
Easy Stratoavis Fight
Stratoavis is the most easiest boss in the Monster Arena. Tidus,Wakka, and Rikku is my favorite combination. Tidus and Rikku overdrive help very good. Tidus = Caladbolg, Rikku = Godhand, and Wakka = World Champion. Tidus Caladbolg with the Full Power should let you Dodge every attack that Stratoavis hit Tidus. My Tidus Shield has Auto-Haste, so I think you should have either Auto-Hatse or cast Hatse on your party. You should always use Tidus hit if you can make him deal 99,999 damage. Just keep repeating Tidus attack until Stratoavis go down. Once he go down, each one of your party members should be able to dodge his attack. Hope this works.
easy training &more
It's simple actually. All you have to do is while in battle, make sure you switch through every character so that everybody can get points at the end of the battle. If a character really has no point during the battle, like before Yuna actually gets any damaging moves and besides healing there is really no point in using her (that's how they get behind the the characters and are weaker and you rarely use them) you can just press the triangle button, which makes them block, then switch them out during their next turn. Same thing goes for if you just switch to somebody and have them use an item.
So they don't actually have to deal damage, but they have to take some part in the battle. I've been doing this for a while, and it levels everybody up very quickly all together.

I like to do this with harder battles, or just for easy wins.
You switch through every character pressing triangle for everyone.Nobody deals damage, or does anything.Then I end up switching to Yuna, and summoning an aeon.
and some random tips about fighting with aeons, that you should pretty much know.

Certain aeons are immune to certain elements, like ifrit,ixion and shiva.
When you are fighting a fiend that casts fire, then you should summon ifrit because any fire dealt to this aeon, will only heal it. Even if you aren't fighting with a fiend that casts the element that it is immune to but you are using ifrit, and your hp starts to get low, cast fire (fira etc) on yourself to heal yourself. with ixion you would use thunder, and shiva blizzard etc That makes them last a little longer. of course later in the game you will be able to give them items to make them learn new abilities like curing, but this definitely works for when you don't have that.
Easy venus sigil
VENUS SIGIL - by duskmage

In FFX there is a mini-game in which you dodge consecutive lightning bolts without getting hit once.

You can win various prizes, depending on how much you can dodge in a row.

* 5 times: 2 potions
* 10 times: 2 mega potions
* 20 times: 2 MP spheres
* 50 times: 3 strength spheres
* 100 times: 3 HP spheres
* 150 times: 4 mega elixers
* 200 times: venus sigil

The reason why this mini-game's so interesting, is because of the last prize; the venus sigil.
This item is necessary to complete Lulu's ultimate weapon (with the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Magic Booster and One MP Cost).

Pressing X 200 times might sound easy, but the "in-a-row" part is what makes it hard. One moment of distraction and you can start all over again (believe me, it's like the game engine knows when you're distracted and he happily gets you hit, resulting in you throwing the controller on the floor). Plus, you can't save or get to the agency (vene not outside of it, mind you!), or you'll have to start over again.

There are however several things you can do to make life easier.

* Equip an item with the "No encounters" ability. It's tough enough already just dodging the bolts, so you can miss the extra distracting, time-wasting random battles.
* Mute the sound. Every distraction less, is a lesser odd that you'll get hit.
* Look at the bottem right part of the screen. This way you'll avoid distraction which is not necessary.
* Play in the dark (Obviously, you'll see the flash more clearly)
* Place Tidus between a Quactuar stone and something else (a tower) where he won't move when he dodges a bolt. It spares you having to get him back in position (and you know you can get hit when you move him. Plus, moving Tidus only ditracts you.).
* Pause (press start) every 20 bolts and do something else for 20 minutes. After the 150-bolts-dodged mark, you better pause every 10 bolts. I know how it is to lose my concentration at the wrong times and a pause now and then will keep that concentration on top.
* After you've reached the 200-bolts-dodged mark, dodge another 20 or 30. You don't want to be the guy thinking he's dodged 200 bolts and goes to collect his prize, only to discover he only dodged 195 and that he can start all over again.

These tips ought to make the mini-game much more easier.

Now go get that sigil!

Easy way to defeat zombies
Make sure you have phoenix downs for this. By using a phoenix down on a zombie, its damages it by 9999 HP per phoenix down.
Easy Yunalesca battle...
There is an easier way to avoid her Mega-Death attack (rather than using Deathproof armor or hoping that it will miss). If you simply keep the Zombie status on all characters at all times, Mega-Death will miss everytime. In this battle, the only drawback of keeping zombie status inflicted on your characters is that you can't heal, so if Yunalesca casts Regen on a character. Either have Yuna dispel it or switch that character out.
Evrae Atlana - The easy way.
When things are undead it makes battles much easier, and this applies here. He's nasty if not killed quickly, so just have your party use curative items on him. 2 or 3 Phoenix Downs should kill him (Can be substituted for Life), Potions do a fair amount of damage to him too.(Which can be substitued for Cure spells.)
Excalibur, easier way to get it
To get an Excalibur more easier u need the following items:

*Have Sleep Sprout in monster arena;
*Earth eater in monster arena;
*60 Dark Matters
*22 Shining Gem
*1 Teleport Sphere
*400,000 Gil

Ok, lets gets started, first fight with Earth eater till he drops a sword called Heartbreaker with Triple Overdrive and +3 slots opened, now u need to get 60x Dark Matters, u can get that by capturing 5 of every fiend on Spira (whole world) or if you have already gained and spent all your Dark Matters, u can also kill the Sleep Sprout he give 2 Teleport Spheres for an overkill, and 1 for normal kill, and Rare Drops 2 Dark Matters for an overkill and as well 1 for normal kill, next u need 22 shining gem, u can Bribe Puroboros for 36x Shining gem for 400,000 Gil, after u get All the necessary items, its time for Customize!!! and after that, Be happy =)

...Hope it Helps...
Excellent Rikku Overdrive
Whenever you are engaged In a battle, and Rikku's overdrive bar Is full, simply mix a normal grenade with a map and use It against the enemy. Depending on your strength and magic strength will depend on how much health you take off your opponents, but mixing these 2 Items will also silence, poison and put your enemies to sleep. Especially good against Dark Aeons
Extremely easy teleport spheres (as many as you want) A few other tips too (very helpful) they ALL w
In the monster arena you can EASILY aquire as many teleport spheres as you wish considering the fact that Defeating the Sleep Sprout in species conquest will earn you 2 teleport spheres each time, basically just fight this thing until your happy, and believe this or not it is actually easier to just use that to get around the grid in general than fighting around trying to earn sphere levels, because you get 2 instead of maybe fighting for 1 each battle, you might also get a pretty nice weapon/armour or 2 each time so consider this tip into great use (try using teleport spheres to add evade and attack to weapons, and don't go cheap because he gives you 2 EVERY time) to kill the Sleep Sprout just hit him with something that does 99,999 on the 1st move because his health is under that and I can't remember how to get him all I can tell you is when you get bored or something just go around and equip everyone with Capture/overdrive-AP and fight fields all over Spira (because when you are capturing monsters you obviously don't need to use overdrives because then you can't capture monsters and instead u'll get twice as much AP) well anyways yeah use these teleport shperes to great use and don't be afraid to because you have an unlimited supply, and as for the money you will need to fight him (8000 Gil) just go to Kilika and buy about 50Tetrahields, fight kottos in the monster arena for the 40 Health Springs he gives you each time for beating him and costomize ALL of the tetra shilds to have S.O.S. Regen and +5% health (they already have +5% health)these sell for 28,000 a piece baby, and thats ALOT more than you paid for all together, the kottos costs 6000 to fight, the shilds are about 2000 to buy but when you fight kottos the 40 health springs can be used on 10 shields so in the end BASICALLY you're one rich mother*bleep*er (after you know all this you can probably figure the rest out you have a good start when you are a 100,000,000 gillionaire like me and have 99 teleport spheres whenever you want)I also have 225 stat for my attack on EVERYONE which is all you really need especially wakka, but you should know that and yeah I'm probably gonna run out of room soon so just use the money and spheres and if there is anything else U need just email me I be da pimp peace I'm out 8) 8D ^.^ >.>
Fast Ap with Master Tonberry
i'm just gonna make this quick so here i go, you first must get master tonberry and i forgot which monsters to catch, but check the other FAQ's.

well you need on weapon customizing:
1. Triple Ap
2. Overdrive->Ap
3. Triple Overdrive

ok, now you need to put everybody expect the attacker on comrade, and the attcker on stoic.

now you need to make the attcker attack tonberry and let the others heal or use phoenix attack for about 4-5 times then flee. DON'T FORGET TO FLEE WITH EVERYBODY ALVIE!!!!! in order to get Ap. This should get you about, no exactly 99 Ap and just do this until you are finished.

Don't bother to e-mail me cause my e-mail i believe is cut or something.
Fixing the Blitzball Item Payouts
At any point in the game when you are low on valuable items and the just happen to love to play blitzball, then I've found a way to constantly change what appears on the payouts for league games and tournaments.

While this can be done at any save sphere, I am usually at the calm lands so I can take a quick jog to the monster arena if I want to have some fun killing the original monsters.

Fixing tournament payouts is easier since they occur every two or three league games after the last tournament. Play a few league blitzball games and save after each victory. Make sure to exit the blitzball mode after each game before you save so that you aren't able to view to blitzball menu.

Once you save, re-enter the blitzball menu by clicking on the save sphere and repeat the process of playing games, leaving and saving until the tournament option is highlighted.

Scroll down to the highlighted tournament option and view it BUT DO NOT CLICK ONTO IT IF THE ITEMS FOR PAYOUTS AREN'T TO YOUR LIKING. If you click to play that tournament, then the cheat won't work and you'll be stuck playing for those items.

To change the items in the payout slots, simply reset the game. I usually use the SELECT, START, R1, R2, L1, L2 method so that it works faster (all pressed at the same time). Load the saved data and re-enter the blitzball menu. The tournament option should still be highlighted, but if you scroll down the payout list should have changed. Repeat the process of ONLY VIEWING the tournament payout list and reseting until you have found items to your liking.

This process also works every ten games for the league pay out list.

Because I have already beaten the game many times, I find that blitzball is the only thing that keeps me coming back to play. Therefore, I mostly use the payout list change to aquire the TECH FIND ability and any other abilities that can't be aquired by marking like Pile Wither or Hi-Risk.

Since TECH FIND allows you to open up new options for your players, I've found that I can switch players to almost any position for a more interesting change up.

On another blitzball note, to aquire multiples of a payout highest scorer item or Tech, score the most goals with multiple players on your team. Though most of you probably know that, its interesting competition trying to get exactly the same amount of goals scored for a few of your team members. Multiple payouts of TECH FIND for being the highest scorer will get your players pumped up on all sorts of new Techs to mark and keeps blitzball even more interesting. Especially if your defense turn into team members that try to score too.

And if you're looking for items like Dark Matters, Underdog's Secrets, and the such, then multiples of them can fetch a nice sell price or help with your customization.
Get Ace Wizard for Wakka
This Weapon is for wakka, and gives him 38 extra mp! First, obtain the airship and go to Luca. Then, board the ship you took from Kilika and go back to Kilika. On your way there, go to the top deck and talk to the person doing the report on Spira'a animal species. Talk to her until she asks you how many seagulls are around the ship. Tell her that there are 11 seagulls. She thanks you and gives you Wakka's Ace Wizard!!! This item has Mp 30, 20, 5, and 3 on it, so use it wisely!
Get Blitz Ace IN Thunder Plains
Personal Message: I've seen so many tips here that make no sense, like "Get Yuna 100 Strength before the Seymour 3 Fight" and stupid stuff like that.

You should be able to do this with Tidus as long as he doesn't do too much damage (Kill a larva in 1 hit).

First, you have to sit around and get Slice and Dice if you haven't already. Get Tidus' overdrive Loner by fighting alone WHILE getting Slice and Dice. This requires fighting around 10 battles alone.

NOW GET/BUY A YELLOW SHIELD. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You can pick one up somewhere right outside of Rin's Shop where it's on the ground (Kind of hard to See), or you can Customize one with Lightning Marbles to get Lightningproof (Can be stolen from Lightning Elements (I think)).

Set Tidus' overdrive mode to Loner.

This is where the tedious and boring part begins. Find a larva and make everyone else escape.
*I don't know if this is true, but I've noticed that people can't escape when their turn is right before the enemy's so just defend (Triangle)*
Then have Tidus cast Haste on Himself (just makes it go by faster).

Now use Slice and Dice, and DO NOT get "Great" (hit the bar in Tidus' overdrive), so it will only do little damage. DO NOT worry about killing larva, because it will heal itself and you won't get damaged (Yellow Shield).

Now Tidus doesn't have to regular attack the Larva, just use Defend (Triangle). This gives Tudis even MORE turns, and it charges your overdrive anyways. Before you know it, you'll have Blitz Ace.
Get Yojimbo to use Zanmato
To get Yojimbo to use Zanmato most of the time, you simply have to pay him a 1/3 of your total gil. Doing so is a guaranteed way of making him use it (well 99% of the time he'll use it).

I believe it also depends slightly on the options that you chose to get him, however it usually works no matter what option you chose.
Getting Full Stats (255 strength etc)
to do this is a long and punishing trial that took me ages to complete just my three main fighters (Wakka, Yuna and Rikku).
You must complete all the monster catcher "missions" and collect the fiends from all over Spira. (this was the hardest part).
Now, considering you are already hitting 9999 damage every time and have the Magus sisters, you should fight the area conquest creatures for the corresponding sphere grid nodes, and the originals will give you the rarer items such as wings to discovery.
If you do this long enough you will be able to develop the characters on the sphere grid to max level, if you need power spheres just use the kottos method to get 20 of each. you can also start to customise your weapons (eg use dark matter to get ribbon).
Now that you are taking off 99,999 every time and have over 30,000 hp you should be able to defeat even the harder creatures like nemesis.
If you have trouble just e-mail me!!
**oh yeah, this is also the only way you stand a chance of even hitting the dark aeon's without using Zanmato**
Getting the Jecht Spheres Early
Immediately after defeating Spherimorph, turn around and go back to Besaid. Doing that will enable you to pick up all but one of the Jecht spheres (the last one is on Mount Gagazet). If you leave it any later you will need to defeat one or two dark aeons in order to pick up the spheres.
go back to the fayths!
After you beat the left fin and right fin and sin overdrive stuff.....take the airship adn travel back to all of the chambers of the fayths! They give you some awesome items!
I dont think the people who wrote the guide book even know about this! it is so awesome, you will get a bunch of spheres like hp spheres and luck sherpes and MP sheperes and all that good stuff! HAVE FUN!
Hint on Djose Road
When you are on the Djose road, one of the monsters you will encounter is the monster called
(that big red fireball)
it doesnt have a lot of health but will cause a good amount of damage. after a couple of turns, it will blow itself up, causing major damage.
to avoid getting your party members killed by it, hit triangle and set the formation. put Yuna in the starting party(3 people who fight). right away when you encounter Bomb, summon Ifrit. In the battle just attack it(dont worry, it doesnt matter if you heal it). after a couple of turns, it will use self destruct(it blows itself up) and you win the battle. you wont really gain anything from the battle like a fire ring or whatever, but you will avoid major damage from the bombs.
How to beat the Crawler!

First of all teach Lulu all of the second most powerful level of Elemental Dark Magic (e.g. Thundara, Fira, Watera, Blizzara). Then teach some one else (I used Kimahri) the first level of Elemental Dark Magic (e.g. Thunder, Fire, Water, Blizzard) and train them as much as you can (and buy Rikku lots of Grenades). Now save. Go and Challenge the Crawler. First take out the Negator with Wake (using the Thunderball) and Rikku (using grenades). After the Negator is down, bring out Lulu and whoever else knows magic and attack the Crawler with thunder and Thundara magic for four turns then it will send out a new Negator and this will interrupt his Mana Beam. Then repeat until he is destroyed, also if you have time summon Ixion and use his overdrive. This is a very effective way to beat him. Happy Destroying.
How to beat yunalesca easy
First you do your overdrives on form 1 and 2 and save your aeons for from 3 of yunalesca then when she turns you into a zombie and uses regen on you use holy water (buy at shop)then you will get life good luck!!!!!!!!!
how to defeat Braskas final aeon easy
okay so first use the wht magic sphere you get before the battle on lulu to give her holy.Then on lulus sphere grid next to flare use the skill sphere to raise yunas magic.make sure that yuna and lulu have equipment that raises their magic attack (not mp) and one mp cost. so now lulu and yuna know holy and when they use it it should cause about 5000-9999 of is rikku,have a stamina tablet and healing waters.the stamina tablet will double your partys hp (possibly 9999). the healing water will heal your partys hp completly.also dont use talk for tidus till bfa's 2nd form. for the 1st form attack him with holys from yuna and lulu and have a strong character like wakka or auron pound him.(dont attack the pagodas because killing one makes the other one attack with nasty status effects).for the second form his first attack is slicing all of your characters with a sword. in this form his overdrive for aeons is still jecht bomber. but for the chararacters its the ultimate jecht shot(you will have a little chance of survivng it so use the action command talk from tidus).keep doing the holys and heal constantly.use moves like esuna(because he can petrify you with stone gaze and can effect you with zombie status)when he has low hp like 30,000 use anima's oblivion or bahamuts mega flare.After this he will most likely die. GOOD LUCK
How to defeat Crawler
OK, you know how just before you get to GuadoSalam (I think I'm not sure. Tell me if I'm wrong) Some Al-Bhed attack Yuna and Trommel Guado with an annoying machina called 'Crawler'? A lot of players often rely on their Aeons and Magic to beat bosses, but it's not going to be that easy because Crawler has a Nullifier (Like I can remember it's name) Which stops you from using Magic and summoning Aeons. Bummer! But there's a fairly easy way of doing this, so for those of you who are having difficulty with this thing…DON'T DESPAIR!
Anyway here's the first way you can use to beat 'Crawler':

1. First make sure you SAVE YOUR GAME! If you forget to, it's going to be a hell of a lot harder on you.
2. Check you have at least one Lunar Curtain in your items list or else this won't work
3. Change your battle formation to: Rikku, Tidus and Auron
4. As you head off down the road to rescue Yuna, you'll notice that there are fiends scattered around the road. BATTLE THEM. DON'T FLEE. When you battle them, get Rikku to just steal stuff from them and have Tidus and Auron attack them. (If by any chance you come across a Snow Flan, switch either Tidus or Auron with Lulu depending on what other fiends are attacking you at that time. NEVER SWITCH RIKKU OUT. YOU'LL SEE WHY LATER.
5. Get Rikku's overdrive 'Mix" at full before you get attacked by 'Crawler' in other words just let her get attacked, and heal her when necessary. After every fiend battle, run back down the road and use the save sphere to save your game, and heal your party then go back. Just keep doing this until Rikku's overdrive is full then you can ignore the fiends and move on.
6. When you're finally in battle with 'Crawler' Use Rikku and steal from it. (You'll get another Lunar Curtain) Then just attack it with Auron and Tidus until it's Rikku's turn again. Then use Rikku's overdrive to mix two Lunar Curtains together and create the 'Super Mighty G'. she will use this on your party and will give them Regen (Which if you don't know, heals your health a bit each turn) and will give Tidus haste as well as some other stuff which I forget. anyway it should be much easier now. Just keep attacking 'Crawler' with Tidus and Auron (At this stage with Rikku, you can either buy loads of Grenades at the Travel agency, or switch her out and use Wakka to defeat the nullifier. Note though that 'Super Mighty G' will not affect inactive members of your party. It will only affect the three on the field. If you choose to defeat the nullifier with Wakka, once it's gone, switch him with Yuna and summon an Aeon or switch back to Rikku and continue attacking with her.

Well that's it! Easy huh?
How to defeat Lady Yunalesca (Second Stage)
Many people thought you need to cast reflect on her so she wont damage you as much, but I think the best way of defeating the second stage of Lady Yunalesca is to call upon your aeon, Shiva. Lady Yunalesca may cast abosorb on you but all you need to do is keep healing shiva by just simply casting Blizzara or Blizzard on her and wait for Shiva to overdrive. Once shes finished her overdrive use Diamond Dust. This overdrive should at least take away 9999 damage of Lady Yunalesca
How to defeat Seymour Omnis easily
Omnis will start off with "the fire mode" so when that happens call Lady Yuna to summon her Ifrit. Let Ifrit damage him alot, becuz Omnis may only use Firaga on your aeon. NOTE: Prepare for his Ultima which comes right after his dispel.
how to get all hidden aeons.
if you dont know how? or where? ill tell you.

Get Yuna's hidden aeons:

Yojimbo: when going to mt. Gagazet you will be stopped by some Guados. After disposing of defender x, go down to the gorge instead of going straight to mt. Gagazet. Ounce in the gorge go into the cavern of the stolen fayth. Proceed forward until you see a summoner
A battle will commence. She will send out Yojimbo, summon any aeon (Bahamut) and defeat Yojimbo. After the battle head straight to the chamber of the fayth. (step on switch and select north)
When the fayth asks you what do you want most select "to defeat the strongest enemies". for your first bid, offer half of his offer plus one gil. When you make your offer he will counter offer. The sum will be high but much lower then the original price. By the time he proposes
205,000 gil, he will generally accept any offer below 200,000 gil. Any lower then 195,000 gil, he will decline your offer.

Anima: use the search feature on the airship, the coordinates are x-13.444 y 58.794(if you don't get it just vigorously tap x on that small island until the message Baaj temple located appears) run up the path from the beginning. Then dive in the water. You will finally be able to defeat Geosgaeno (that fish thing). After the fight dive down and head north of the map until you see a door with two statues. Go in and swim forward until you see a door head in and touch all the statues spheres. (you must collect every hidden treasure in all the temples before you can obtain the hidden aeon Anima) if you don't go back to all the temples and find the hidden treasures with the destruction spheres. (also go to the temple in Zanarkand).ounce in the Zanarkand temple a new puzzle solution will be displayed. This time you have to step on the white squares only. step on three white squares in the first room, and four in the larger room (if you look closely you can see the shapes of the blocks on the floor in a transparent color). This opens a panel in the first room revealing a destruction sphere. Take the sphere and place it in the recess to the right, the screen will explode revealing the hidden treasure, take the magistral rod, then return to Baaj temple. Touch the spheres to activate the statues and the seal protecting the chamber will now be released allowing you to enter and receive the hidden aeon Anima.

The Magus Sisters: capture all the fiends on mt. Gagazet. Then go to the monster arena. Talk to the old man and he will reward you with the blossom crown. Also you must have Yojimbo and Anima. Go to the reniem temple. (get a chocobo, go to the entrance of the calm lands but do not leave, instead go all the way to the right of the map and you will see a small feather on the floor, step on it and your chocobo will fly to the other side, go in, and go straight ahead to reach the temple) ounce in, talk to belgimine and defeat all her aeons,
After every battle she will give you items. Ounce you defeat Bahamut she will give you the flower scepter. Go to the back of the temple and the seals will be broken. But you can only break one seal at a time. After both seals are broken you will enter the chamber of the fayth, and will receive the hidden aeons the magus sisters.

How to kill EARTH EATER
Get yunas Attack and Defense to about 100 then summon the MAGUS SISTERS and keep on attacking as soon as the SISTERS health bar turns yellow start getting CINDY to place WHITE MAGIC on the others. EARTH EATER should have fell on his back by now. Thats your chance you gotta use DELTA ATTACK on him then that should automaticly kill him. DONT try and use DELTA ATTACK when hes up hell keep on using MEGATON PUNCH which will kill the SISTERS no matter what their defense is hope this helps. AND DONT even try to use Yuna or her guardians because MEGATON KILLS you automaticly unless you have death proof it will then take off about 153,795 GOOD LUCK
Immunuty to Bomb & Puroboros Self-Destruct
Cast NulBlaze or equip Fire Proof/Eater armor and your character(s) will be immune to the self-destruct of these fiends. A very simple way to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

BE CAREFUL when using NulBlaze!!! The fiend might attack a character physically or cast a Fire spell and cancel the effect, thus leaving the character open for the full effect.
Immunuty to Bomb & Puroboros Self-Destruct
Cast NulBlaze or equip Fire Proof/Eater armor and your character(s) will be immune to the self-destruct of these fiends. A very simple way to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

BE CAREFUL when using NulBlaze!!! The fiend might attack a character physically or cast a Fire spell and cancel the effect, thus leaving the character open for the full effect.
Immunuty to Bomb & Puroboros Self-Destruct
Cast NulBlaze or equip Fire Proof/Eater armor and your character(s) will be immune to the self-destruct of these fiends. A very simple way to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

BE CAREFUL when using NulBlaze!!! The fiend might attack a character physically or cast a Fire spell and cancel the effect, thus leaving the character open for the full effect.
Invisible tresure chest
In the Al Bhed "Home",when you first get there, if you notice there are two guys laying almost next to each other. go to the dead body on the right if you walk on the right side of him, press "X" and you will get a chest containg High potionX2.
Just a few tips.
I'm sure you would of seen many AP tricks by now, if you have got any one to the end of their grid MOVE THEM TO AURONS! They will get alot of HP strength etc. Just small strength for yuna has big effects on her aeons, and getting celestial weapons allows aeons to break damage limit they can already break hp limit. The omega ruins is a hard place, so if you need alot of ap but cant kill the enemies go to zanarkand. They give about the same AP.
Keeping your money from bribes.
When bribing an enemy your move and miss, which happens alot with higher level fiends. Instead of bribing them for the same amount AGAIN simply just bribe them 0 dollars. For some reason, the game reads this as a full bribe, and if it's successful, you'll get the item you would've got from the first bribe. To get the better bribe items use the following formula:

Enemies' HP x 20 = Amount of gil needed for bribe.

It's a great way to save your money, and it has a decent rate of working.
kill any boss easy
first you will nedd to get a door to tommorow and use rikku to mix it with either a level 3 or 4 key sphere or a shining gem witc will the allow the charachters that are currently fighting to hit the opponents with 9999 damage and to enhance this effect either get tidus to use his slice and dice overdrive (59994 damage) lulu to use fire water blizzard or thunder fury (up to 119988 damage) or get wakka to use his attack reels (up to 79992 damage)
Kill Dark Aeons Easily
Have Yuna with a weapon that has the First Strike ability. Next fight until you have Yuna's overdrive gauge full and then you have to gain 1 million gil. Now go fight with a Dark Aeon. Yuna will attack first. Have her use her overdrive and call Yojimbo (that will have his overdrive full). Pay him 999,999 gil and he will perform Zanmato.

I heard that there was a certain gil amount for Yojimbo to perform Zanmato. I do not recommend to use this tip against Dark Yojimbo because you have to fight against him several times.
Kill dragon in via parifico
Under the water you will fight a dragon thing, simply throw two phenix downs on it and it will die, swim down ( at the first gate ) open the treasure, and you will get a great weapon for wakka. Keep Swimming and you will see another treasure and you will get, uh... something. And thats it...
Killing Nemisis
If you want a pain in the arse boss,here it is, Nemesis,it has only 10 million HP. So how do you kill it when it kill a character in one hit. All you need is your sphere grid sorted and celestial weapons. I find it best to have Tidus,Yuna and Wakka. Can you do it without using Yojimbo? Yes you can. Make sure you have the celestial weapons with high HP. On the sphere grid,you need at least 100 luck,255 strength,255 defence,255 magic defence. Recommended hp is about 60k all characters. When using the celestial weapons,if your hp gets to critical,your damage will go down. Straight away you need Hastega,best to use either Tidus or Wakka. Basically attack,if hp is at critical,then heal with Tidus or Wakka. If someone dies,use full-life with who ever is alive,just keep attacking and will eventually die. It took me 30 mins,I wasn\'t paying attention for most of it anyway. Still it was easy. By the way pro players don\'t use Yojimbo for bosses like this.
{Fallen Angel}
Killing Seymour Flux easily
<span style="color:blue;"><font size=1>Are you tired of losing to Seymour Flux?? Well, have I got the cheat for you!! All you need to do is this:

1.Put Rikku, Tidus, and Auron as your fighters. Make sure you have everyone's overdrive gauge filled.
2.Use Mix to use Trio of 9999.(Can't remember items to use.)
3.Use Tidus' Slice and Dice to deal up to 59,994 dmage(If he hits Seymour everytime.(70,000(hp)-59,994(damage)=10,006(hp))
4.Hit Seymour 2 more times to kill him!!!</span></font>
Leveling Tip
One thing about Final Fantasy has caught my eye. That the game encourages players to use as many members as they can. The battling system is not as grinding as others are. Here is an example.

You enter the battle against a canine enemy, a hard shelled enemy, and a flan enemy. I first use Tidus to kill the canine. the I use Auron to kill the hard shelled enemy. Some may say to use Lulu and end the battle there. I say have Rikku steal an item from the flan. Then have Kimahri defend (or in my case, also steal an item cause I taught him steal.) The have Yuna defend or heal a character if needed. Then have Wakka defend. and finally have Lulu defeat the flan.

Exp is not divided based on how many characters participated so you really screw yourself over if you do not try to get everybody to perform an action at least once. This method is the most useful earlier, but is still an asset to me later in the game. The method described is actually quite fast and far less time consuming than trying to train characters more individually.

Also try to set a goal whenever you enter an area on how many sphere levels you will try to earn for each character. This helps spread grinding and keeps it to a minimum. I usually go for four sphere levels for each character. Don't stop using the character when their goal has been met though that way they continue to grow.
Live longer.
This tip is really help-full when fighting people like Seymour flux or enemies that mainly use attacks that only hit one person. If you customise a shield give it: Auto potion and Auto phoenix, and if you also customise a weapon giving it alchemy then you will be able to survive in fights allot longer and save allot of turns without having to use phoenix downs or potions.

What this does is makes it so you automatically use a phoenix down on a ko-od person. (The user must be alive at the time) It also makes it so you use a potion on someone when they reach critical health. Also with alchemy on your weapon that should give it the extra boost on the hp the items give you when using them.

Hope this helps
Living is (a) Sin
This is the coolest thing I've ever done, i picked it up off of Seymour. Have Auron (or another character) learn Zombie Attack, then have him (or, once again, another character) learn Life or Full Life, then, in battle, attack a fiend with Zombie Attack, and on your next turn cast Life or Full Life on the fiend as well, therefore killing the fiend. It is a little more reliable than Death, and its cooler to say you killed a fiend with a healing spell.

-(NOTE: it may not always work, considering the immunities of the fiend.)-
Low Level Survival
As soon as you get Rikku, backtrack to the Djose Highroad and steal Petrify Grenades from Basilisk. These will prove to be very helpful in the entire game. Very few enemies have resistance or immunity to it so it's a universal survival kit. Farplane Winds also can save your life. Unlock Chimerageist and you'll get 60X Farplane Wind. Yum!
Lulu's Fury...
Later on in the game once you get to Harder Monsters Lulu should know all of here black magic spells when she's ready for her overdrive and your battlign a dificult monster, or multiple monsters have her use Flare Fury, or Ultima Fury. Or if shes low on HP, or MP in battle and ready for overdrive use Osmose Fury, and Drain Fury.
Many Potions
If you kick the unguarded bag in the cabin on the original boat you go on, once you obtain Yuna, you will get a potion every time you kick it. However there is a limit of about 15-20 times.
Max Potions on Salvage Ship
On the Salvage Ship, there is a man who you can talk to that will give you a Potion. Go to the second area in the ocean, then return to the ship. The man will give you another Potion. You can do this as many times as you'd like until you reach the max of 99.
Max Stats and Standard Sphere Grid
The Standard Sphere grid has the following numbers of nodes which raise your stats by four points;

Strength = 22
Defence = 9
Magic = 16
Agility = 20
Evasion = 17
Accuracy = 4
Magic Defence = 15
Luck = 2

The lowest stat any character starts with is 5 (except in the case of luck, where it's 17). Therefore, to max everyone's stats, you need 63 of each node at full power - i.e., raising your stat by 4. However, since there are some of those already on the grid, you don't need to clear and replace nodes 63 times; just 63 less the numbers above.
Most Easiest Way To Kill Zombie's
I sugest you get Yuna Full-Life and cast it on them, to save mp instead of paying 60mp, Get 20x Three Stars and customize your weapon and make an ability One MP Cost <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
O'aka XXIII, Merchant Extraordinaire!
The amount of gil you give to O'aka determines how much his prices differ from that of other shops.

0 - 100 Gil: 100% increase in prices
101 - 1,000 Gil: 50% increase in prices
1001 - 10,000 Gil: 20% increase in prices
10,001+ Gil: 30% discount on all prices

In other words, it will only cost you more to buy items from him until you give him at least 10,001 gil. When you do, you'll get a big discount. Furthermore, if you talk to him in Macalania Woods, near the area where you fight Spherimorph, you can convince him to lower his prices in that area by telling him that the prices are too high.
Obtain: Wings To Discovery...
To obtain quite possibly the best item in FFX (Wings To Discovery), you can do one of three things.

Option One: This isn't really an option, it's mandatory. Go to Remiem Temple by the Calm Lands. Race the Chocobo and get 3 treasure chest and hit ZERO poles. You will recieve Wings To Discovery x30 for your victory.

Option Two: After your characters are fairly strong (200+ Str and 120+ Def), got to the sunken portion of Mt. Gagazet Cave and capture 2: Maelspike, Splasher, and Archelous. Go to The Monster Arena and you will have unlocked Shinryu. Beat him to obtain Wings To Discover x1 (x2 if you Overkill him).

Note: Wings To Discovery are used to customize your armor with BREAK HP LIMIT. You need 30 to add that ability. The ability is very useful and necessary.

Note: Actually, The best Item is DARK MATTER. But you can obtain Dark Matter x99 by capturing 5 of every capturable monster in the game and unlocking Ultima Buster. It only takes 60 to add The BREAK DAMAGE LIMIT ability to any weapon. The other way to get it is by any creation of the monster arena rarely dropping them.
Obtaining Yojimbo
To obtain yojimbo you must be up to the Calm Lands. Go into the cavenr of the stolen fayth. Follow the path untill you reacht he end. There will be an unsent there named "Yoken" or something like that. Beat her then enter the chamber of the fayth via the teleport pad. When you are in yojimbo's fayth will appear. Make an offer i usually do 180.000 he then changes it. For me its usually 190.500 and accept!. NOW YOU HAVE A REALLY POWERFUL AEON!
Pefect blitzball team
The perfect blitzball team would be...

*Graav & Balegreda* on front line, you'll need to wait til these two are free agent, then they should be waiting wat one of the docks with the rest of the LUCA GOERS.

*Tidus* on midfield, keep increase his shooting mine went up to 34 in 5 games, make sure you have the 'ject shot', this will remove two opponents when shooting

*Pah guado & Berrik* on defence, these two have high attack, passing and block

In goal Jumal or Raudy or Nimrook, these three have high Cathing stats, if you do get them help them learn 'Super goalie'.
Profit off Gil
Buy like 50 soft,holy water,or whatever is used in customizing your weapons.......Then buy a armor or a weapon that has AT LEAST 2 blank spaces(i'd perfer buying a tetra sheild on the airship or somewhere else close to the beigging of the game)(after you have the airship)Then fill up the blanks with like Stoneproof or like HP+10,30...or MP+10,30...or cast 1 MP or something and then go sell it IN KILLIKA to that old lady....she gave me more gil for my armor,weapon i should make about 3000-50000 gil in profit!!!!!!!
Quick and Easy AP
As is posted above, weapons with Overdrive-AP and Double or Triple AP can rack up the AP in no time. Putting Overdrive-AP on one of your monster catcher weapons makes them 5x as valuable to sell AND to you while out hunting. Addtionally, if you equip an Overdrive-AP weapon, with your Overdrive Gauge at full, AND set to Victor, you also get an additional 1000-7000. The effect seems to be more dramatic with lower level creatures (Kilika, Besaid). For example, a Killer Bee gets you 40 AP with a non-customized weapon. When we had Auron equipped with Double AP and Overdrive-AP, with the gauge full and on Victor, he recieved 4440 AP!!

BTW - neoseeker rocks!!! There's always something you didn't know...
Quicker than gettin' 255 stats -.-
lol everyone is saying how they haven't lost a game in blitzball cuz they got the "best" team well i haven't lost a game and i've won about over 200 so lemme tell you my "dream team"

LF:Tidus lvl 60 (gutto be the BEST shooter)
54 sh 46 en

RF:Wakka lvl 27 (training him up)
28 sh 24 en

MF:Jassu lvl 54
28 at 65 sp 33 en

LB:Gravv lvl 36
28 at 25 bl 33 pa

RB:Judda lvl 41
33 at 21 bl 41 pa

Goalie:Keepa lvl 43
24 ca

Subs:Nimrook, Datto (he has mega speed at begining - 80 at lvl 37 i think) i know nimrook is probaly the best goalie but i like keepa as his fat and looks the part

also some people think you need 255 stats to hit 99'999 lmao you don't my wakka has 105 str and 87 agility and lol im untouchable plus his ultimate weapon which has evade and counter for physical attacks - i can hit 99'999 even with yuna's staff! and i think Tidus's slice and dice isn't as good as Blitz Ace as blitz ace is weak at the first hits but only does 99'999 when he hits the blitzball where as with slice and dice he does 99'999 6 times (depending on if you get it as great or even perfect)

lol and i remeber someone saying his Tidus got 22,000 health or something....mine got 34,000 and i got loads of spare nodes my auron got 38,000 and wakka 36,000 and my yuna has 31,000 i find the other characters boring so i can't be bothered to train them

send me a email if you have better stats

lol try out my blitzball team
Well read ULTIMATE ARMOUR have you?
Want to know how to sink your teeth
into the game?
You're going to need RARE ITEMS!

Here we go!

Wings to descovery:
x30=Remiem Temple Chocobo Race Three Open Chests
x1 =Shinryu Monster Arena Kill It
x4 =Bribe:135,000 Malboro Calm Lands
x8 =Bribe:320,000 Greater Malboro Omega Dungeon

Three Stars
x14=Bribe:168,7500 Behemoth King Sin

x2 =Bribe:200,000 Land Worm Sin
x1 =Rare; After a fight against an Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original Monsters


Winning Formula
x99=Capture one of EVERY enemy
x15=Bribe:225,000 Sand Worm Bikanel

Underdogs Secret
x99=Collect all Al Bhed Primers and talk to Rin on
the Airship
x15=Chimera(B)Bribe:45,000 Home,Airship

Door to Tomorrow
x99=Create Catastrophe in Monster Arena
x10/20=Ultima Weapon (Steal)
If your trying to get tidus' final overdrive, Blitz Ace, Set his mode to warrior. so whenever he attacks, he gets some overdrive meter. First, get full overdrive and use Energy Rain. It will damage all enemies, and if your in a place with weak monsters (Like Besaid) You will earn a half of overdrive meter. then you just keep attacking till its full again. use this 50 times, or even less untill you learn blitz ace. i got it in half an hour by doing this.
Get a 3 or 4 slotted weapon and customize Triple AP, Overdrive -> AP, and Triple Overdrive (you can't customize triple AP with double AP and triple overdrive with SOS Overdrive or Double Overdrive) and something else if you want. Now, get an armor with at least one slot available and customize auto-pheonix (which you need 20 mega-pheonix for if I remember correctly) on at least 2 characters, and a lot of Pheonix Downs!! Now unlock Cactuar King in the Monster Arena (you need to capture at least 3-5 monsters in the Thunder Plains IIRC) and fight him. Oh, and you need to set everyone's overdrive mode on STOTIC.

Now, get the characters you want leveled up in the fight, and have one character attack the Cactuar King. He should counter with 10,000 Needles, which hits for 10,000 damage, and with Overdrive to AP and Triple Overdrive, that's already 30,000 AP right there! Plus Triple AP which would be 90,000 AP!

He randomly attacks a character, so you should put all of them on Stotic or all Comrade.

Oaka the Merchant Extraodinaire's brother sells weapons with 4 blank slots. If you need Gil, fight a Mimic (found in Omega Ruins) with Gillionaire equipped to somebody when you win the battle, you get 10,000 Gil plus a bit from the other monster, or if you've already unlocked One-Eye, battle him and he drops weapons with Triple AP, and you can sell them for a lot of Gil!
Revisit Aeon Shrines
After you slay Seymore you will not be allowed to renter the summon shines. After you gain access to your airship, visit Bevelle temple and talk to the alcolyte and Mika. Now you will be able to visit the shrines again. By resolving the puzzles in the shines you can also talk to the Fayths themselves now and get some nifty items. Visit Guadosalm and return to the farplane for a few more scenes as well.
Secret Farplane Scene
After you get the Airship go back to Guadosalam. Follow Tromell up to the Farplane. Talk with Lulu to view the secret scene.
Seymour battle No.1
This is a tip not a cheat.What i did to destroy his guards is use Ronso's stone breath.What also helps is having all the overdrives filled up so you can use them when you need to.
Seymour battle tip
Your characters should be auron and tidus as well as a character such as kimarhi or wakka who knows reflect. First phase cast it on all of YOUR characters it will reflect the deadly multi-spells, next just keep attacking and making the petrification move useless, when Seymour uses protect cure it with dispell, lastly put reflect on all characters (including seymour), EXCEPT Mortibody, when it uses curaga it will bounce off Seymour and cure you.
Seymour Flux
I found a few things that make Seymour Flux very easy. 1. The Mortiorchis will cast reflect on him at some point. When he does, DISPELL IT! This will make Flare useless against you, cause he bounces it off himself to hit you. I have not tried to silence him, so I have been able to see this happen many times. Once, he even killed himself with Flare against me. 2. Make sure you have Remedies/Holy Waters! He will use Lance of Atrophy to Zombify you, then hit you with full life for a one hit kill. If you get rid of the 'Zombie' status, it will miss. 3. Use Bahamut's Mega Flare. If Yuna's/Bahamut's stats are high enough, it will deal over 20,000. When I did this, I got 25,639 damage in one hit!

HP: 70000 AP: 10000

Seymour is able to be poisoned. Use Rikku's Overdrive and mix a flame gem and a sleeping powder to make Abbadon Flame this will cause poison on Seymour (it can also cause silence on him). Mortichus will absorb about 4000 points from Seymour whenever it goes down, plus 2000 from the poison, plus the amount of damage from your party alone... doesn't take long to take him down with that setup.
If that doesn't work you could use a silence strike weapon to silence Seymour and keep him silenced so he can't use dispel on your group. Have Yuna heal as needed and the other 2 (Tidus) attack Mortichus when Seymour is silenced. Aeons overdrives should take care of the rest of the battle. If your having trouble with Total Annihilation the cast shell on everyone once he starts powering up. You can attack Mortichus to keep him from doing the attack, but it will only delay the inevitable. Hopefully you will survive the Total Annihilation.
Seymour Flux(3rd Form)
BOSS: Seymour Flux
Place:-Mt. Gagazat-Mountain Trial-

First i will say....Get EVERYONES overdrives up!!!(including Aeons)Start with Auron,Tidus,Yuna,Tell Tidus to cast haste on Yuna,then tell Yuna To summon Valfore and use his Overdrive!(it should do about 20,000 if you trained Yuna Right)Then Seymour will use BANISH on your aeon and it will be destroyed...then use whoevers next overdrive(if its Yuna summon Ifrit)After using Aurons overdrive use Rikku's overdrive and mix Chocobo Feather and Fire Gem and it should do about 4,000 damage...Then use the rest of your party's overdrive!(if its Yuna's turn summon the aeons in order from Valefor,Ifrit,Ixion,Shevia,Bahumat)He will eventally use Cross Cleave which does at least 2,000 damage to all party members so try to keep Tidus and Auron on the field since they should have alot of HP.Then Attack with your strongest people and he'll die!You'll have help from his little helper that takes 4,000 hp from him,then 3,000 then,2,000 then 1,000....You'll win!

Shell Effects
If you shell your characters,DON'T use white magic.Its a waste of MP since not much hp will be restored,thanks to the shell effects.
Sin Battle on ship, Get Quick EXP, and Get Tidus Overdrive Blitz Ace
This tip isn't going to be long. You know when on the S.S Liki, you will face Sin, he calls sinspawn. Well don't defeat sin, keep on defeating his sinspawn. I defeated 200 of them and came close to 600EXP. I highly recommend this cheat if you want you characters powerful. One more thing, if you have Tidus' overdrive mode slayer and a strength of 18. Keep using his overdrive, as soon as the battle was over, I had Blitz Ace and it can be very useful in the early battles
before you fight sins head get everyone overdrive up and Bahamuts. when you start have rikku in your starting 3 and anyone else you want. use steal with rikku and after that use everyones overdrives but not yunas, rikku's or bahamut.keep attaking with tidus, auron and lulu(blizzaga, firga, ect) when sin gets to about 60000 hp grand summon bahamut then use his overdrive. sin will then attack 3 or 4 times but bahamut will still have his overdrive. when it comes to bahamuts turn (if he is still alive) use his overdrive againg and sin will most likely be dead. if not just use tidus, wakka and auron to keep attacking him until he is dead. if you dont want to use bahamut you can also use yojimo if u have him and just pay him one gil and he will do 9999 dmg each hit.
HP: 52000 AP: 12000

The Spectral Keeper is surrounded by six platforms 3 of which are occupied by your fighters. You can use trigger commands to position them on any platform. Hastega is very useful in this battle. Your opponent uses attacks, which cause Berserk: If you have amour with berserk ward or proof equip it beforehand. If not, get ready to use lots of remedy's or Esuna. If you attack Spectral keeper he will counter by attacking the 3 fields in front of him. So position Tidus in front of him make sure you cast protect on Tidus. And put the other 2 fighters behind him. If you position all of them behind him he'll just turn around. Get Tidus to use provoke so that he is the only being attacked, make sure you heal and revive him when his hurt or dead. Spectral Keeper uses glyph mines on 2 of the platforms. These will explode after a number of turns causing instant death. Don't waste time moving player, just summon. The aeon will take the hit for you. This means when you summon your aeon will only get one turn to attack him so beforehand make sure your aeons overdrives are up so you can use it. There's no point dismissing your aeon. If you dismiss, the characters will be blown up. Keep doing this and you'll have no trouble defeating the Spectral Keeper.
I guess you gonna call me an idiot because i never knew i can escape on fights untill i got to the thuderbolts thing...
anyway in the positive way i got lots and lots of spheres i had like 50-60 power spheres 30-40 mana spheres and it all payout trust me you sould try NOT to escape in figths it also improves your characters.
strong aeons
when u've got anima,yojimbo and magus sisters teleport yuna to aurons part of the sphere grid. you will get alot of str so that the hidden aeons do alot of dmg. and u get tons of hp for them. when i completed aurons part with yuna i was doing 99999 DMG with anima yojimbo and the sisters.

b4 u summon:
use armor break to know u definitely will do 99999
super mighty G
first,fill up rikku's overdrive and mix a map with a chocobo feather to use
super mighty G to cast regen,shell,protect and haste on your party.
Teleport Spheres from Yojimbo
While haggling with Yojimbo during his recruit, you can get 2x Teleport Spheres from him by paying him triple his asking price. You'll still end up paying him over 600,000 gil even if you choose the best options while talking to him, but Teleport Spheres are hard to come by.
The easy way to kick mushroom rock boss
Get everyone's overdrive up if auron has shooting star(great advantage...)you can make it fly!...ahem...Use wakkas element reels on the head...Get auron and tidus to hit the arms...If they have their overdrives filled then use them on the main body...Then swap with Yuna and summon Ifrit and keep on using meteor strike on the head.Swap with Kimhari and use self destruct on the main body.Keep on using this method and da sinspawn will die eventually
Tip to kill Dark Valefor
Boss: Dark Valefor.
HP: 800,000.
Required Party: Wakka, Tidus, Yuna.
Required Abilities/Overdrives: Auto-Life, Attack Reels.
Required Weapons/Armor: Anything with [Break Damage Limit], [First Strike] and [Auto-Pheonix].

Strategy#1: Make sure Wakka's Overdrive Guage is filled and he has his Celestial Weapon, then use Attack Reels and make sure you get 3 3's or something and Dark Valefor will die.

Strategy#2: (how I did it) Everyone has to have [First Strike] on their weapons or you'll die. Get Yuna to put Auto-Life on the one with [Auto-Pheonix] in their Armor. Then attack. When Valefor's overdrive is full, summon an Aeon to defend/kick Dark Valefor's ass. After defending the Energy Blast, I'd probably get Wakka to use Attack Reels and if it still lives, summon another Aeon on Yuna's next turn and get it to kill Dark Valefor.
Tonberry's Karma
Karma is based on the number of enemies a character has defeated.

Example: Kimahri has killed 542 enemies. Kimahri attacks Tonberry. Tonberry counterattacks with Karma. Karma deals 5420 damage.

Hope this helps for you fight with Tonberrys!
Unstoppable Blitz Team
Well you know, The Besaid Aurochs aren't really a good team. I mean Keppa starts at 5 CA. You're crazy to keep him or Letty, Botta, and Jassu. What I did was wait after I defeated Sin(On Airship) reset your data you have for blitz. And all the blitz players will return to their teams, but was best, all the blitz scouts were free.
Here's my Blitz Team
FWD-Datto and Tidus(OR if you renamed him)
CEN-Shammi and Brother
DEF- Zev Ronso and Wedge
GOAL- Jumal

Here's what I think will be the perfect team for you:
FWD-Tidus and Wedge or Brother
CEN-Shammi, Biggs, or Nedus or Mep or Rin
DEF- Zalitz, Ropp, Kyou
GOAL- Kyou, Jumal or Miyu or Yuma Guado

Email me if there is anything wrong with your team
Valefor Second Overdrive Tip!
If you want Valefors Second Overdrive.

After Yuna has got the aeon Valefor, go into the house where the small girl is selling items, but anything off the girl and then she will talk about how her dog dug something up. Find her dog (in someones house, probably Wakkas) talk to the dug and it will bark and then give you an item. The item will be called something funny and its Valefors second overdrive.
Very strong Wakka - Great for bosses
As soon as you get Wakka start to train him up. Then in the first blitzball match against the Luca Goers make sure you win and you will receive a strength sphere, but save it for later. Now keep playing blitzball early in the game and win the tournament and get Wakka's Overdrive Attack Reels. Then play throught still training up Wakka until you get to the thunder plains. Now dodge 50 lightning bolts in a row and get 3 strength spheres. Now use all four strength on empty spots on Wakka's grid and activate them and he's strength will now go up by 16. Then go into a fight and use Attack Reels and get 2x in each row and you will do 12 hits of very high damage because of he's high strength. Now just keep training Wakka. This will be really usefull against bosses such as seymour flux and yunalesca.
Wakka's attack reels overdrive perfect
On wakkas attack reels overdrive if you want to get perfect you just need to get the first two slots and then wait for the time to run out and then youll get perfect.
weapons and gil
this is really easy to do,
simply equip a character, preferably strong and versatile, tidus or wakka, with a weapon with the gillionaire ability and another with the master theif ability, go to zanarkand when you have the airship,
two hours later you're a mill up =].

all it takes is for you not to die and not to get bored.

once you have the gill you can start bribing for rare items like dark matter and pendulums

happy hunting =]
WINGS OF DISCOVERY - There is a huge point
Someone said that wings of discovery are pointless because no attack can do over that damage. well after beating all the "secret" dark aeons and u come to the last "secret" boss it actually does around 50,000 damage which is way over 9999, even if you have max stats.
The basic fact about Yojimbo. Is he is the weakest but slightly more advantaged aeon then any other. Make sure when you summon him he is not killed, and does not use his dog. If he does use his dog to attack. The respect he has for you will drop by 100% and you'll have to start again.
Make sure he uses any attack that he used a blade with... He will become a good friend. By the way. The English game is harder then the American you won't have these conditions in the American version
Yojimbo's Zanmato for 1gil
OK so everyone is giving all these tips on Yojimbo's Zanmato and giving exact amounts of gil to pay... i have a much easier (and cheaper)way!
If you summon Yojimbo loads of times in regular minor battles and keep paying him 1 gil he sort of gets this affection for you and will start to perform Zanmato for the 1gil you're paying him. The more times you summon him, the more often he uses Zanmato! I summoned him about once every 3 or 4 battles and after a while he was doing Zanmato all the time
especially useful for those pesky Dark Aeons!
Yojimbo's Zanmato: How to TRUELY use it!
Everyone says to pay Yojimbo allot of money and it'll be auto-Zanmato.

The real trick is to get him into overdrive!!!
Once that's on full, offer him more than 1,000gil
(He may not accept it if you offer less)
And if he nods his head, he will perform Zanmato.

I don't use him that often because I can just slice them with my characters.
My user name's Twilight_Okami if you would like to post or send a reply or sign my guestbook!

Final Fantasy is a registered trademark, and should not be used in any illegal stuff.

Thank you
Yu Yevon Hyper Easy
Just cast Reflect on it then it'll cure you whenever you attack it!
If he osmose you don't worry you can always osmose him or his Pagodas that've about 1,7k of mana <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.

Note:You can cast zombie too but i think this way is easier Zombie will just make he lose 9999 of hp.
When you have got Yojimbo pay him 1000gil when against an enemy.There will be a 90 percent he will use his best attack ZANMATO!!!
Zanmato with out Overdrive Gauge
Pay Yojimbo with at least (if you rich) 5.000.000 Gil if don't works Pay him like the first price.

Note: It depend on enemy HP, if enemy HP is low (50-1000) it may cost only 5.OOO.OOO Gil once


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Invisible Characters
Okay this will only work for one character at a time and only for one battle, but it will work. Go to Bikanel Island, or the calm lands and fight against a giant worm. Attack for a bit and eventually it will swallow someone. Now have one of your characters use sentinal and another attack it. Eventually it will spit up the character it swallowed. When that happens your charater using sentinal will take the hit and the one spit up will now be invisible for the battle. To regain visibility of that person just summon an aeon. Now go have fun being invisible.

Easter eggs

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Anima Easter Egg
In the battle with Seymour's 3rd and final form inside Sin, summon Anima. This will cause Seymour to take a second and speak to his mother turned Fayth. Just a bit of fun.
The 3 hidden aeons.
1) Yojimbo - After you defeat Defender X, you will find out that there is another bridge, but don't cross that bridge because it will take you away from that temple so look at it's right and you will see a ramp place so go inside there and go inside the cave. When you arrived infront of the cavern, then you will see the warp area. Go to the cavern then Tidus will follow Yuna to the Summon Room, the spirit will qppear and ask you questions so you must choose the third choice, then he will ask you 300,000 gils and give him half (150,000 gils). He will say, do we have a deal so give him 50,000 gils more (200,000 gils). Then, what do you know? You can summon Yojimbo!!!

2) Anima - First, you need to get the airship and talk to Cid, the screen will appear, press search and find the place like about X - 11 - 16, Y - 57 - 63, go there and save and jump down and you will meet your old friend GEOGAENO!!! The big fish!!! But you need all the destruction spheres from all the temple to unlock this Dark Aeon, Anima.

3) Magus Sisters - First of all, you need every Aeons in the game including Anima and Yojimbo. Once you have that, you are ready to go on with the Sidequest. First, head to Mt. Gagazet and capture every fiends there, there is a total of eleven fiends, look in the Monster Arena Section for a list of the fiends you can capture. Next, return to the Monster Arena owner in Calm Lands and he will reward you with the Blossom Crown. Then, go to Remiem Temple in Calm Lands and fight Belgemine. Since you probably have defeated her Valefor already, defeat her Ifrit for now. Here's the list of the prizes you win by defeating her.

Aeon Defeated Prize
Valefor Aeon's Soul
Power Sphere (x30)
Ifrit X-Potion (X30)
Ixion Chocobo Feather (X10)
Shiva Mega-Potion (X60)
Bahamut Flower Scepter
Yojimbo Shadow Gem (X8)
Anima Stamina Spring (X60)
Magus Sisters Shining Gem (X40)

Once you have defeated her Bahamut, you will have the Flower Scepter. Use both items on the north door and acquire the Magus Sisters. Now, return to speak to Belgemine and fight her own Magus Sisters to complete this Sidequest. After you have defeated her, you will get the Moon Sigil and you will also learn that Belgemine is an unsent. You can send her if you want, then this Sidequest is in the books!


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Dark Yojimbo's Trick
When you first encounter Dark yojimbo.....
You have to kill him 5 times in a row to completely kill him.
If you can kill him easy... do the following
Kill him 4 times then save game then reset the Ps
By doing this you can get items with ribbon easy for all your characters
Just repeat process over and over
Basically you can kill him unlimited times and also get insanely good items and cash
1,000,000 AP
For this, you will have to do:

The Cactuar Village side quest.

You will also need to capture every monster in the Bikanel Cave.

Once you have that done, you go to the Monster Arena.

Once there, talk to the guy and go to Fight Monsters.

In the selection area, go to Area Conquest.

On the second page, you should see Don Tonberry.

Also, for this to work:

You need to have your party with:

A weapon with:

Triple AP
Triple Overdrive
Overdrive --> AP

When you have that, you also need to switch the other members of the party, other then Tidus to Comrade.

Once all of that is done, go into battle with the Don Tonberry.

In the battle, have ONLY Tidus attack, and the others heal him since the Don Tonberry does close to 100,000 damage every turn.

Keep attacking the enemy with only Tidus until he doesn't use his Karma attack anymore.

Once he stops using it, Flee from battle, and then all of you should get over 1,000,000 AP.
1.000.000s of AP
Be able to fight the one-eye at the monster arena. When you overkill it you will sometimes get some triple overdrive weapon with 3 empty slots in them. Then customize overdrive-AP and triple AP + Double AP. Then fight dark ixion at the thunderplains. all your carachters have to have auto-Phenix customized on their armor. Or else dark ixion wil kill you at once. Let everybodys overdrive charge in STOIC Modus. (Overdrive increase when hit by a monster) when you charge Ixion probably will damage 99.999 in every attack. You then will get 99.999 times 3 times 2 This will probably come around 600.000 Ap on each attack. I used this method to go all the way around the sphere grid with all my characters. Good luck...
All the Ultimate Weapons
Here is a list of where to find everything.


  • Weapon - Top Sector of Calm Lands, in a tiny little path, must beat Chocobo Trainer to obtain.
  • Crest - Area where you fight Yunalesca
  • Sigil - Get time of 0:00 on Chocobo Race


  • Weapon - Monster Arena, catch one of every fiend in Calm Lands
  • Crest - Besaid, in small alcove in water where you first meet Wakka
  • Sigil - Defeat all of Belgemines Aeons


  • Weapon - Win 5 Blitzball matches, talk to Bartender in Bar at Luca
  • Crest - Locker in Aurochs locker room
  • Sigil - Random Blitzball Prize


  • Weapon - Put Rusty Sword into Statue on road near the command center
  • Crest - Oldroad, very beginning
  • Sigil - Unlock 10 Area/Species Creations in Monster Arena


  • Weapon - Enter password "GODHAND" into Airship
  • Crest - Sand trap in Sanubia Sands
  • Sigil - Do Cactuar minigame in Sanubia Sands, in Sandstorm area


  • Weapon - Outside of Baaj Temple, keep pressing X as Chest is hidden
  • Crest - Farplane, return a second time
  • Sigil - Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts consecutively, outside of travel agency


  • Weapon - Pray to 3 Qactuar Stones in Thunder Planes
  • Crest - Entrance to Gagazet, near pillar
  • Sigil - Defeat Butterfly Minigame

    To obtain any of the Weapons, you must have the Celestial Mirror, which is obtained by...

    Beat Chocobo in race at Remiem Temple. Obtain Cloudy Mirror. Go to Macalania Forest. Talk to mother/son multiple times, then go right to find the father, go back, talk multiple times, then go up the Shiny Path, to find son, he will upgrade mirror to Celestial. This is also where you will upgrade all of the weapons with crests/sigils.
  • Amazing Kimarhi and Amazing AP!!!!!!!!
    Once u start the game train tidus yuna and kimari. It doesnt matter if you use other people but you need to use these three in EVERY battle. Once you get the airship and if you used the three in Every battle you should be able to win battles easily in the omega ruins especially if you have yuna with holy, ultima, flare, doublecast,and nirvanna(her ultimate weapon) These skills can help u do around 220000 or more easily. Fight your way through the ruins and get 2 ultima weapon. This fight is easy!!!!!!!MAKE SURE U HAVE ANIMA AND BAHUMUT!!!!!!! Have rikku or kimahri steal to get the wings 2 discovewrys u need for overdrive->ap then wipe him out easily with anima. should take u 1 overdrive and maybe a pain if you went into rikkus part of the grid. After that fight your way down to omega weapon and use steal with rikku, lancet with kimarhi, and use anima(if you went bak 2 recover him) or bahumut. again this shouldnt tak you that long. Return 2 airship and buy a shapeshifter from rin. Cuztomize double ap and overdrive->ap on it. Capture 1 of every monster in the sunken cave(the 1 where u get yojimbo) the only 2 monsters that might give you trouble findin is the ghost and the tonbeery. The ghost is ONLY in the first room and the tinbeery is ONLY in the room where you fight yojimbo. Buy 99 phonex downs then set yuna's and tidus' overdrive 2 stoic and have kimarhi's set 2 comrade. Go fight don tonberry and attack with ONLY tidus and yuna using tidus's overdrive after every hit while kimarhi only guards. Then once it stop using karma attack steal wit kimarhi or rikku and keep attackin wit tidus.Don will start using knife and killin 1 player instantly. Use phonex down and keep attackin. Use yunas overdrive(which she will have) and summon valefor. If you got energy blast USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS EVEN STRONGER THEN OBLIVION(if u got nirvanna like i said u should) After a few aeon overdrives(don tonberry will kill ur aeons instantly wit voodoo its funny 2 c him stab their clay bodies)don should die. dnt expect this 2 b a short fight because don has 480000 hp which is 4 times more then the final boss!!!!!!!!If you have done everything i have said up till now u should have 15-99 levels 4 kimarhi depeding on how much don karmad and stabbed ur teammates.
    This is so easy and gets so much AP!

    First thing you need to do is unlock the Area Conquest, Cactaur King, to do so capture all monsters at Bikanel island.

    Next you need the Overdrive=Ap stat, customize it to your weapons with the Underdogs secret, Give it to everybody.

    You should try to give it to a weapon with double overdrive doubling the AP gain rate.

    Now set your overdrive mode to stoic and fight the Cactaur King.

    Put Yuna, Tidus, And the person you want to level up in at the same time, Cast Hastega, and have Yuna Heal and Revive all you characters, and have plenty of Pheonix downs ready to heal yuna, Since your overdrive mode is stoic and you have the Overdrive=Ap ability on, when ever he uses 10,000 or 99,999 needles you get that much AP.

    Now try this, with double overdrive on you will get 20,000 and 199,998 AP!

    Now, if you have the right supplies to have Double Overdrive AND Triple overdrive, you will get 60,000... and a whopping 599,994 AP For EVERY ATTACK!

    I fought long enough once and got over 100 level ups with Tidus, Good Luck.
    Beat Seymour Flux EZ
    Make sure Yuna's attack is at least 100 and Bahamut's attack is at least 197.Then summon Bahamut and just make him attack and he will do 99,999 damage
    Beating Seymour 1 easily
    Hp:6000 (somewhere around there)

    when you start the battle the guado guardians will use protect and seymour will use shell. make sure that you have most of your strongest characters' overdrives fully charged. every time you do damage to the guado guardians, they'll automatically revive their health. if you try to attack seymour, one of the guardians will come out and protect him.if Kimahri has his overdrive at full and knows Stone Breath use that and it will destroy both of the guardians. if you don't have that use Rikku's Steal on the guardians then attack them. use Auron and your other powerful characters to attack like crazy until seymour summons his aeon, Anima, which has 18,000 Hp! use Yuna and in her summon list there will be an unknown aeon and summon that. use its Heavonly storm as many times as possible, but watch Anima's overdrive bar. every other turn he'll use Boost and the rest he'll use Pain. if your Hp ever gets low, cast Blizzara on yourself. the turn before he uses overdrive, use shield. if you can, use your new aeon's overdrive which does 4000-8000 points of damage. once anima is gone, Seymour will unleash milti-_____ spells in the order of blizard, thunder, water and fire. use yuna to cast nul-____ Spells to nulify the spells for each element in that order. use your overdrives on seymour, or keep attacking him crazily again and he'll be gone in no time
    Blitzball Easy Win Bug
    Whenever you are playing Blitzball, and currently are winning (i.e. your score is higher than the other team's) just swim behind your own goalie. Stay there and everyone else on the field will go to the other side and swim in circles. Sometimes, a member of the opposite team will follow you. Just shake him loose (breaking through him is an easy way) and he too will just leave you alone. Stay there for the remainder of the game and you will win.
    blitzball thrown
    On Tidus's final overdrive a person will throw a blitzball and Tidus will kick it. You can change what person throws the ball for you. The game keeps track of who you talk to and who you don't. Every time you talk to that person they like you more but if you don't they hate you more.Also it depends on how much Tidus heals a person they like him more too. Don't let the the person you want to throw the ball die on perpose either. It also matters who you ride with at Macalania temple on the snow sleds.
    Break / Death Snatch
    I have an excellent weapon suggestion for Rikku that allows you to defeat most non-boss fiends and steal from them at the same time. All you have to do is customize one of her weapons with Deathtouch/Deathstrike and/or Stonetouch/ Stonestrike and use Mug. The items required are:

    Deathtouch: 30x Farplane Shadow
    Deathstrike: 60x Farplane Wind
    Stonetouch: 10x Petrify Grenade
    Stonestrike: 60x Petrify Grenade
    Bribing glitch
    When bribing a monster it sometimes misses.Then you have to bribe again and waste money.Well, if it misses, you can bribe them again for 0.This will actually count as bribing again.This is a good way of saving money bribing without having to reset, especially if the monster takes over 1,000,000 gil to bribe.
    Cactuars Cactuars Cactuars!
    Once you've aquired the airship travel once again to the Sanubia Sands. There you will find a large rock that will give you clues to finding the 10 hidden cactuars. Each time you have found one you will participate in a game where you must tag the cactuar when it allows you to. If you fail three times you recieve only a sphere del peredor. If you succeed you will initiate battle. Whether you lose battle or not, you receive a sphere containing the cactuars name. After gaining a sphere return to the rock and you will earn a clue.

    Cacuar Locations:

    Oasis~~~~~~Near the first save point
    Sanubia Desert East~~~~~~In an alcove
    Sanubia Desert West~~~~~~search sign reading "20% off"
    Sanubia Desert Central~~~~~~look for two cactuars running
    Sanubia Desert East~~~~~~under tent
    Sanubia Desert Central~~~~~~trapt in treasure chest
    Sanubia Desert West~~~~~~[exit area and return]inside a sand whirlpool
    Oasis~~~~~~ride airship to bikanel, take a few steps back from save sphere and then approach once more. Look on airship deck
    Sanubia Desert~~~~~~cactuar statue

    After completing this and returning to the rock to activate the spheres, the sandstorm will stop. There is a chest areound containing mercury sigil.

    If you have:

    2 cactuar spheres~~~~~potion
    8-9~~~~~friend sphere

    Have fun ^_______^
    Charge Tidus Overdrive Guage Fast
    Go to the dome at the Zanarkand ruins and set hisoverdrive to slayer. Fight the fallen monks (zombie) and kill them. when you do his overdrive guage will charge double. ifyou use energy rain on 3 fallen monks (3rd overdrive) his overdrive guage will instantly be full agin. this is what I did to get blitz ace.

    Alternatively you can use zombie attack on any other fiend but I found this works best.
    Chocobo catcher trick
    In the cathcer race, you almost always start on the right hand side. This does not mean the trainer gets all the balloons. As soon as the count down reaches zero push right on the control pad this will put your chocobo on a B-line for the second balloon- which you can get and then you'll be directly in front of the trainder allowing you to grab the rest of the ballons--
    (only sacrificing the first one). After that have the trainer cut in front of you -s o he can take on the first wave of birds

    Good luck-- it is frusterating -my best time is 0:0:7 --grab those balloons!
    Chocobo Race
    Try to get the second, if not the first, ballon and stay ahead of the trainer until the turn, getting the ballons of course. If you can manage to get like 16-18 balloons, then getting hit like 3-4 times by a bird is okay. I've done this a couple of times and kept on getting the 0:0.00 time.
    Complete Sphere Grid (No Locks)
    Obtain the Master Spheres from Various Secret Locations throughout Spira. Use them on the Sphere Grids and you can activate spheres without worrying about obtaining the Lv.# Spheres.
    alot of people say get lulus second spells and someone else the first. I say forget that all you have to do is have rikku with an overdrive and your two strongest characters to hack away at the crawler. then mix a luner curtain with a light curtain and it will cast super mighty g. then u have protect and regen cast on u then just hack away with your two strongest(mine where tidus and auron)then he wont use mana beam only gattling gun this wont hit very high beens of protect but then u should get near or full life from regen beens after every turn u get healed like 200-300 and the crawler does about 168 or around there and if u have them use loads of grenades on it with rikku if u have then do a mix again if u get it to do even more damage.

    if theres any probs pm me but if u do every thing like i said u shudnt have to remember though dont destroy the negetor or watever its called otherwise it will use mana beam and if u got no aeons to put in front of it u will be nearly dead.
    Customizing Weapons
    Thought this might help some people out that dont quite know what they need when customizing.

    Sensor - Ability Sphere(2)
    First strike - Return Sphere
    Initiative - Chocobo Feather(6)
    Counterattack - Friend Sphere
    Evade & counter - Teleport Sphere
    Magic counter - Shining Gem(16)
    Magic booster - Turbo Ether(30)
    Alchemy - Healing Water(4)
    Auto-potion - Stamina Tablet(4)
    Auto-med - Remedy(20)
    Auto-phoenix - Mega Phoenix(20)
    Piercing - Lv. 2 Key Sphere
    Half MP cost - Twin Stars(20)
    One MP cost - Three Stars(20)
    Double overdrive - Underdog's Secret(30)
    Triple overdrive - Winning Formula(30)
    SOS overdrive - Gambler's Spirit(20)
    Overdrive -> AP - Door to Tomorrow(10)
    Double AP - Magalixir(20)
    Triple AP - Wings to Discovery(50)
    Pickpocket - Amulet(30)
    Master thief - Pndulum(30)
    Break HP limit - Wings to Discovery(30)
    Break MP limit - Three Stars(30)
    Break damage limit - Dark Matter(60)
    Gillionaire - Designer Wallet(30)
    HP stroll - Stamina Tablet(2)
    MP stroll - Mana Tablet(2)
    No encounters - Purifying Salt(30)
    Firestrike - Bomb fragment(4)
    Fire Ward - Bomb Fragment(4)
    Fireproof - Bomb Core(8)
    Fire eater - Fire gem(20)
    Icestrike - Antarctic Wind(4)
    Ice ward - Antarctic Wind(4)
    Ice proof - Arctic Wind(8)
    Ice eater - Ice Gem(20)
    Lightingstrike - Electro Marble(4)
    Lightning ward - Electro Marble(4)
    Lightning proof - Lightning Marble(8)
    Lightning eater - Lightning Gem(20)
    Waterstrike - Fish Scale(4)
    Water ward - Fish Scale(4)
    Water proof - Dragon Scale(8)
    Water eater - Water Gem(20)
    Deathstrike - Farplane Wind(60)
    Deathtouch - Farplane Shadow(30)
    Deathproof - Farplane Wind(60)
    Death ward - Farplane Shadow(15)
    Zombiestrike - Candle of Life(30)
    Zombietouch - Holy Water(70)
    Zombieproof - Candle of Life(10)
    Zombie ward - Holy Water(30)
    Stonestrike - Petrify Grenade(60)
    Stonetouch - Petrify Grenade(10)
    Stoneproof - Petrify Grenade(20)
    Stone ward - Soft(30)
    Poisonstrike - Poison Fang(24)
    Poisontouch - Antidote(99)
    Poisonproof - Poison Fang(12)
    Poison ward - Antidote(40)
    Sleepstrike - Dream Powder(16)
    Sleeptouch - Sleeping Powder(10)
    Sleepproof - Dream Powder(8)
    Sleep ward - Sleeping Powder(6)
    Silencestrike - Silence Grenade(20)
    Silencetouch - Echo Screen(60)
    Silenceproof - Silence Grenade(10)
    Silence ward - Echo Screen(30)
    Darkstrike - Smoke Bomb(20)
    Darktouch - Eye Drops(60)
    Darkproof - Smoke Bomb(10)
    Dark ward - Eye Drops (40)
    Slowstrike - Gold Hourglass(30)
    Slowtouch - Silver Hourglass(16)
    Slowproof - Gold Hourglass(20)
    Slow ward - Silver Hourglass(10)
    Confuseproof - Musk(48)
    Confuse ward - Musk(16)
    Berserkproof - Hypello Potion(32)
    Berserk ward - Hypello Potion(8)
    Curseproof - Tetra Elemental(12)
    Auto-shell - Lunar Curtain(80)
    Auto-protect - Light Curtain(70)
    Auto-haste - Chocobo Wing(80)
    Auto-regen - Healing Spring(80)
    Auto-reflect - Star Curtain(40)
    SOS Shell - Lunar Curtain(8)
    SOS Protect - Light Curtain(8)
    SOS Haste - Chocobo Feather(20)
    SOS Regen - Healing Spring(12)
    SOS Reflect - Star Curtain(8)
    SOS NulTide - Dragon Scale
    SOS NulFrost - Arctic Wind
    SOS NulShock - Lightning Marble
    SOS NulBlaze - Bomb Core
    Strength + 3% - Power Sphere(3)
    Strength + 5% - Stamina Spring(2)
    Strength + 10% - Skill Sphere
    Strength + 20% - Supreme Gem(4)
    Magic + 3% - Mana Sphere(3)
    Magic + 5% - Mana Spring(2)
    Magic + 10% - Blk Magic Sphere
    Magic + 20% - Supreme Gem(4)
    Defense + 3% - Power Sphere(3)
    Defense + 5% - Stamina Spring(2)
    Defense + 10% - Special Sphere
    Defense + 20% - Blessed Gem(4)
    Magic Def. + 3% - Mana Sphere(3)
    Magic Def. + 5% - Mana Spring(2)
    Magic Def. + 10% - Wht Magic Sphere
    Magic Def. + 20% - Blessed Gem(4)
    HP + 5% - X-Potion
    HP + 10% - Soul Spring(3)
    HP + 20% - Elixir(5)
    HP + 30% - Stamina Tonic
    MP + 5% - Ether
    MP + 10% - Soul Spring(3)
    MP + 20% - Elixir(5)
    MP + 30% - Mana Tonic
    defeat yu yevon in two turns
    have aruon learn zombie stike. then go fight yu yevon and turn him into a zombie. when you have done that simply have yuna use life.
    Defeating Underwater Evrae
    To defeat the Underwater Evrae, just use Phenix Downs. Evrae should be dead in two turns because it's undead.
    Defeating Yu Yevon
    Yu Yevon is a piece of Cake to beat. All you need to do to beat him is to either use a Candle of Life or use Kihmari's overdrive, Doom.
    Easiest way to beat Yu Yevon
    Just cast bio on Yu Yevon, and let him drop hp for each of his attacks, casting slow on your team will make it faster, then when the poisoning starts damaging him below 9999, just cast a single holy, and he's dead, without a single attack above 9999 , I beat him this way, with a tidus dmg being 4000 at crits. :-D
    Easy 99 Al Bhed Poions
    Go to bianakel and battle the fiends there. each battle you should get 1-4 al bhed potions of each battle. keep doing this and in the end you will have 99 al bhed potions
    Easy beat Boss- Seymour (In Sin)
    I Beat Him In 5 Min...

    This is easy,Make sure all your Aeons have overdrive gauges full.

    Your party is Yuna Tidus and Rikku, Have Tidus caste Hastega on your party, have rikku heal with Al bhed potions and have Yuna attack with Holy, on yunas turn, before Seymours turn, summon your aeons in order from Strongest to weakest, normally, this goes Anima, The M. Sisters, Buhamut, Yojimbo, Shiva, Ixion, Ifrit, Then Valefor, using overdrives consecutively, I beat him by the time i got to Buhamut!
    Easy Boss Fights with Aeons
    Can't kill a certain boss?? Fed of of doing it the "hard" way? Then listen up:

    After u know where u will encounter a boss, load the game again but don't go stright to the boss. Instead, put Yuna on the line and summon eahc of her Aeons and go into "Boost" mode for each. Wait till their Overdrive to charge then dissmiss them immediately. Next, onto the boss...

    Have your main character ready with Yuna. As soon as the fight starts cast Haste on Yuna and use her to summon her Aeons... Doesn't matter if they get cut down, but each Aeons will have their Overdrive ready and the boss should be a breeze!

    P.S - Remember if ur Aeon's Overdrive is charged but they die after it charges, the Overdrive bar will be clean out when they are revived... so keep them alive......
    Easy Chocobo win
    To defeat the Chocobo trainer in the Calmlands without much frustration here is what to do. When you first start out the race try to hug the right side as much as you can but without touching it. After the first turn get in front of the trainer at all times. Do not get past her and get as many ballons as you can and dodge the birds. If you are in front of the triner and you dodge the bird it will most likely hit the trainer. Keep practicing and you will soon get it.
    easy kill for all the dark aeons
    dont make your aeons to strong just work a little bit with them, the game was easy to beat with my aeons, and i bairly had yuna lvled.

    Then make sure you have flare with lulu(i also have it with kimari) then when they get possessed by yu yevon just use flare with does 9999. so easy.

    easy strong attacks
    all you have to do is get rikku to get her overdrive up and then mix an underdogs secret with a level 3 key sphere and then it should give you 9999 attacks unless you die. and it also allows you to access your potions and use them and get 9999 health back!
    Easy way of getting spheres
    Tired of running short on Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Spheres? Well here is a way to get them easy. First, you need a few Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Distillers, each. Then, you need to have Kottos unlocked in the Monster Arena. Fight it. When you start, use the respective distiller of the sphere you want to obtain. Then, defeat Kottos. It should then give you 20 of the sphere you wanted, 40 for an Overkill. Easy, eh?
    easy way of killing dark aeons
    it may not work on dark ixion and yojimbo as you have to fight them than once but equip someone with a first strick weapon. if yuna summon a yojimbo with a full overdrive gauge and pay him a lot of money (1 million gil normally does the trick) and he will do zanmato
    Easy way to beay Seymour#1 without any fancy things (after anima)
    After using an aeon on anima, anima will die. Seymour is going to attack you after killing your aeon. In this point use Yuna's Nulblaze, Nulshock, Nultide and the another Nul-something. You must use this in a sequence. Seymour attacks in some sequence that will be shown at the help above. You must you all the nul-things accordingly in the sequence of how will Seymour will attack. After that you can kill him with just an attack.

    Note: Put Yuna in front so she can do the nul-things....

    Wish ya luck!!!
    ok,ow for this to work u need your two strongest charicters out and rikku and someone else that can use. so just hack away with your two highest and when he inhales just keep hacking then when hes done select use with rikku the posion is then cured and everyone has been healed 1000 then they should be at full life or somewhere near it then just keep hackin and using overdrives then it should be dead easy if not get stats up more on the sphere grid then try again.

    If someone has protect i will be easyer so it dont hit as high and also upgrade your wepons so u hit high with your two strongest.
    evare underwater
    ok all u need to do is use two pheonix downs on it then it is dead but u might want to open locks first with the trigger command.
    Fighting/Stealing Tip
    First, give Rikku (or anyother that knows mug) a weapon with Deathstrike, which you'll have to customize. You can get 60 Farplane Winds from capturing the 9 species of monsters in Central Calm Lands, then talking to the arena owner right after he gives you the chest wich you need the Celestial Mirrior for (which contains Yuna's Legendary Weapon, the Nirvana). He will give you 60 Farplane Winds. With a weapon with Deathstrike, mug a monster, and kill it and steal from it at the same time!
    Final Fantasy X Main Characters Overdrives
    I find out something about Main Characters Overdrives, so there's few tips about them:

    Tidus: Spin Cut/Spiral Cut Damages one enemy.
    Hit & Run/Slice and Dice makes max. 6 hits to random enemys.
    Energy Rain/Force Rain damages all enemys.
    Blitz Ace/Terror of Zanarkand hits one enemy 8 times +Tidus' Blitzball attack.
    Note: To make maximum dmg, press X right time AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Tidus' Overdrive Button Gauge Bar Thingie

    Press X when cursor thingie <c> gets to the <X>-point.

    Yuna: Grand Summon simply summons an Aeon with full Overdrive bar.

    Wakka: Element Reels makes Elemental dmg to one enemy if you get 3 same symbols on slots.
    Attack Reels makes basic dmg, but this may be the best character Overdrive in the whole game! Wakka throws ball against all enemys. Maximum dmg which can be done levelling Wakka's STR up to 255 and getting all slots showing 2 Hits. This will do about 1,200,000 dmg!!!
    Status Reels inflicts status error according to your slots.
    Aurochs Reels is combination of all previous Reels, but has special feature: If you get 3 Besaid Aurochs symbol, Wakka will do something least, I think massive amount of dmg.

    Wakka's Slots:
    __________ __________ __________
    I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I
    -->I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I <--
    I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I
    __________ _________ __________

    Lulu: Fury makes Lulu cast one selected Black Magic as many times you spin your Right Analog Stick around WHOLE circles. This may be useful in the earlier time of game.

    Kimahri: Ronso Rage Blue Magics can be obtained from specific enemys with Blue Magic. There are many simply damaginc moves, but healing and protecting magic as well! Best Blue Magic Nova/Sunburst can be obtained from Omega Weapon.

    Auron: Dragon Fang dmgs all enemys and delays their turn.
    Shooting Star dmgs one enemy and may Eject it from battle.
    Banishing Blade dmgs enemy also, but with Full Brake what lowers enemys strength,defense,magic and magic defense.
    Tornado dmgs all enemys with massive dmg.

    Rikku: Mix can combine any 2 items in your inventory(No equipment). Some can be very useful, but there are so much I can't list them all here!
    Well, that's about Overdrives effects, but I still haven't told you about How You Can Get Them:
    Tidus: Use Spiral cut 10 times to Slice and Dice. Slice and Dice 20 times to get Energy Rain and Energy Rain 80 times to get Blitz Ace.

    Yuna: Only one Overdrive and it's at the beginning 'til the end.

    Wakka: Yep, that's right. That's why we have Blitzball! So:
    Element Reels is in the beginning and Attack Reels is Tournaments 1st price after Luca's tournament. Status Reels is 1st price of League after having Attack Reels and 250 battles. Aurochs Reels are the pain. After Status Reels and 450 battles!!!

    Lulu has the Fury all the time, but can use all the black magic she has learned the basic way.

    Kimahri: Simply, use Lancet or Dragon Sword or something **** to enemy. He will steal some HP and MP, but if enemy has Blue Magic Kimahri will learn it. Good way to learn them is when you battle Biran and the other Ronso on the Gagazet Mountain. Just use Lancet on them. All magic cannot be accuired immediately, but when they use magics themselves you can get them all. And Nova/Sunburst thingie is explained above.

    Auron: When you fight Spherimorph and kill it you will get 1st Jecht Sphere and Auron learns Shooting Star. After 2 more spheres she (Ooops, I mean HE of course) will learn Banishing Blade and when you have found all 10 Jecht Spheres HE will learn Tornado.

    Rikku: Find it out yourself!!!
    Whew! That's all I think. You can find Rikkus Mix List from other sources and Jecht Spheres of course. For now I gotta go to slay some fiend!

    Final Fantasy X Main Characters Overdrives is registered trademark of Jukka Heinonen Inc. All Characters and related names are trademark of Squaresoft/SquareEnix so please don't use them without permission of Squaresoft/SquareEnix.
    Fixing the Blitball Item Payouts sorta
    At any point in the game when you are low on valuable items and the just happen to love to play blitzball, then I've found a way to constantly change what appears on the payouts for league games and tournaments.

    While this can be done at any save sphere, I am usually at the calm lands so I can take a quick jog to the monster arena if I want to have some fun killing the original monsters.

    Fixing tournament payouts is easier since they occur every two or three league games after the last tournament. Play a few league blitzball games and save after each victory. Make sure to exit the blitzball mode after each game before you save so that you aren't able to view to blitzball menu.

    Once you save, re-enter the blitzball menu by clicking on the save sphere and repeat the process of playing games, leaving and saving until the tournament option is highlighted.

    Scroll down to the highlighted tournament option and view it BUT DO NOT CLICK ONTO IT IF THE ITEMS FOR PAYOUTS AREN'T TO YOUR LIKING. If you click to play that tournament, then the cheat won't work and you'll be stuck playing for those items.

    To change the items in the payout slots, simply reset the game. I usually use the SELECT, START, R1, R2, L1, L2 method so that it works faster (all pressed at the same time). Load the saved data and re-enter the blitzball menu. The tournament option should still be highlighted, but if you scroll down the payout list should have changed. Repeat the process of ONLY VIEWING the tournament payout list and reseting until you have found items to your liking.

    This process also works every ten games for the league pay out list.

    Because I have already beaten the game many times, I find that blitzball is the only thing that keeps me coming back to play. Therefore, I mostly use the payout list change to aquire the TECH FIND ability and any other abilities that can't be aquired by marking like Pile Wither or Hi-Risk.

    Since TECH FIND allows you to open up new options for your players, I've found that I can switch players to almost any position for a more interesting change up.

    On another blitzball note, to aquire multiples of a payout highest scorer item or Tech, score the most goals with multiple players on your team. Though most of you probably know that, its interesting competition trying to get exactly the same amount of goals scored for a few of your team members. Multiple payouts of TECH FIND for being the highest scorer will get your players pumped up on all sorts of new Techs to mark and keeps blitzball even more interesting. Especially if your defense turn into team members that try to score too.

    And if you're looking for items like Dark Matters, Underdog's Secrets, and the such, then multiples of them can fetch a nice sell price or help with your customization.
    Get Secret Overdrive for Valefor
    To get this overdrive you have to go to Besaid Island and talk to the women in the Weapons store. She will tell you about her dog digging up something. Next go to the Clothe Shop (Top Right Hut) and go up to the Dog press X and Valefor will Learn Energy Blast.
    This does Double the damage Energy Ray does.
    Get Tidus's Overdrives Fast
    Here's a quick way to get Tidus's overdrives later in the game, especially Blitz Ace:

    Set his Overdrive mode to "Slayer," which is attainable after Tidus has actually KILLED a large number of fiends.

    Go to an area with easily defeatable enemies; and just attack with all 3 characters. Each time Tidus kills one he refills 1/5 of his Overdrive bar. If you're trying to get Blitz Ace this works well because Energy Rain attacks everyone in the group. When Tidus's Overdrive bar is full, wait until the next battle and use Energy Rain at the beginning...he'll kill all 3 and refill 3/5 of the bar. The next battle should get you either 1 or 2 kills, filling it again. After 50 successful Energy Rains, you get Blitz Ace. By this method you can do it in a couple of hours easily.

    Try speeding up the process by skipping the other 2 party members' turns or getting them to do non-damage actions.
    get tidus's overdrives quicker
    first get tidus celestial weapon (need celestial mirror) and get it to maximum power. Next get tidus's overdrive meter full and set mode to slayer,then fly to the calm lands. when against 2 red insects a wolf and a machina use slice and dice it should kill at least two fiends and because of the celestial wepons triple overdrive it gets full straight away because slayer fills your overdrive by one fifth triple overdrive triples it (it also works for energy rain when you get it)
    How to beat seymour flux (3rd)
    Seymour Flux
    Hp: 70,000
    Ap: 10,000
    Mortibody: 4000 , 3000 , 2000 , 1000

    I Had alot of trouble at first till i flicked through some walkthroughs and copied bits of information from about 3 of them so heres some of the best tips for fighting him
    A. Fight some fiends and get all characters overdrives (even aeons) up and make sure you have rikku steal from each fiend for items such as fire, water, lightening and ice gems and most of all sleeping powder.
    B.Now go into battle with seymour and make sure you have in your party Rikku, Tidus and Yuna.
    C. Now is the main part do Rikkus overdrive MIX and mix Fire Gem and Sleeping powder this does Abbadon Flame it will poisen and silence seymour. Now cast haste on Yuna and have yuna first cast reflect of seymour and then summon aeons. With your aeons do there overdrive as soon as they have done this seymour will bannish them but he will do 2000 damage to hisself with the poisen. Keep this up summoning aeons and overdriving him, even if seymour uses esuna on himself it will bounce off due to reflect you cast of him. aeon overdrives should do round about 9,999 damage and bahamuts should do 11,000. His mortibody will take 4000 then 3000 then finally 1000, all you have to do is aeon attacks and heal characters with any luck he won't do crosscleave due to poisening and your characters keeping him busy.
    D. If you run out of aeons to summon thats IF then get rikku and make he use the Gems you have they should do 500 damage around 5 times.

    And thats seymour done and dusted (I did not have Yojimbo due to money reasons but if you do have him it should make life alot easier)

    A_U_R_O_N aka if you need anymore help plz contact me on email address good luck with more fights
    How to get Tidus's ultimate Stuff!
    To get his ultimate overdrive you must use his newest overdrives over and over and over again eventually you will get the next overdrive, here is what overdrives you get:
    Overdrive: Swordsplay!
    1)Spiral Cut (you start out with this)
    2)Slice and dice, you attack the enemy with 6 slice's, attacks all/ you get this after using spiral cut, 10 times
    3)Energy Rain, you jump into the air and release your energy at your opponents, attacks all, you get this overdrive after, using Slice and dice, 20 times.
    4)Blitz Ace(ultimate overdrive!): A series of hits on the opponent, then jumps in air, and kicks a blitz ball at enemy to finish it off!
    You get this after using Energy Rain, 50 times

    Okay to get Tidus's ultimate weapon you must find the chocobo trainer, in the calm Islands, once you do train your chocobo and unlock the final event to race the trainer, when you beat her, go, North west, and the man blocking the path(tiny path, must look for it) will be gone, and you can enter, and go up to the sign on the wall, and press x to obtain the Cadalbolg,Tidus ultimate weapon.

    Cadalbolg Power ups:
    Sun Crest: Can be found on after you defeated Yunalesca.

    Sun Sigil: Must get a time of 0:00:00 on the chocobo race against the trainer, better if you start off ahead of chocobo trainer and get all the balloons down the slope. Be PATIENT! Its the key to getting 0:00:00 time on this race!

    HP Limit Break
    For this, you will need 30 Wings of Discovery for each character.

    You can obtain these items from various monster battles.

    One battle you can win them from is:

    Shinryu, in the Monster Arena.
    Jecht Shot
    The Jecht Shoot is Tidus Father’s signature move in Blitzball. You learn it on the boat journey to Luca. The move is learned in a basic "whack a mole fashion. I learned it pretty fast by using the smash the buttons a whole lot technique and got it on my third try. During the normal storyline, you only get one shot at learning the move. If you failed to get the move, return to the boat with your airship by visiting the second village (the one with Huts and docks) Get on the boat to the south and choose the second option (Luca) Now go to the deck of the ship. Press the O button on the Blitzball and keep at it till you get it. The move makes winning Blitzball games a lot easier. There is also a Jecht Shot 2 that you can win as a prize in the Blitzball tournaments, but you must have earned all 3 of Tidus Key Abilities listed on his data page. The Jecht Shot 2 hit’s 3 people and then turns the ball invisible before shooting to the goal.
    Lady Yunalesca easy battle
    first obtain yojimbo and take him for a test drive try him in a few battles and once your satisfied you like the aeon raise everyones overdrives up. Then go to yunalesca and get ready to fight if you don't feel your ready you can get on teleport pads and go back to mt. gagazet. if you feel your ready continue and fight her after a long boring movie she fights you. her first form has 28,000hp or around that attack her mostly with characters and use first3 aeons if you really have to. BIG TIP do yourself a favour and get zombieproof armour if you can't don't worry i did not have and i still bet her. now after a quick fight first form, now its on too the 2nd form which has round about 48,000 hp you should have some aeons left mine where bahamut and yojimbo i attacked her with bahamut and did his overdrive mega flare (DO NOT USE YOJIMBO) this did around 12,000 dmg then i used most character over drives i used rikkus overdrive MIX and mixed fire gem with lvl 4 keysphere and wot a special that was did 900 about 8 times then i mainly kept attacking with auron and lulu and had yuna healing and de zombieing them after her second form died its on to third. i summoned yojimbo with grand summon and paid him 11111 (don't even ask me y?) he did zanmato which obliterated her third form which had 78,000 hp this should work for you because it was the amount of money i gave him that did it well done you beat her now look around the platform for a chest containing the sun crest and on to the next chapter of the game! good luck
    lots ' o ' overdrives(aeons)
    ok what you do is get yuna's overdrive,but don't use it yet, pick your aeon, get it's overdrive ready, then when you fight what you want to fight,use grand summon, use the aeon's overdrive, then because you got it's overdrive earler you use it again
    Lv.4 Lock Key Spheres
    Encounter the enemy Chimera Brain and use Rikku's Bribe and pay them 196000 Gil the will run you will have Lv.4 key spheres.
    Make Penance as a HISTORY>>>>>>>
    HP: main body:7,000,000
    arms :600,000 each
    Requirements : defeat all dark aeons and the new option will appear

    Welcome to your worst case scenario in FFX,
    Penance posibly the second hardest monster in Spira after Nemesis the monster arena creation.

    So this how you kick-his-ass right on the spot...
    gift them autolife and cast hastega on your party!
    Kill the left arm ASAP. You may need dispel for Yuna and Purifying salt for Riku or anyone who knows how to use : "use".
    You also may need to learn double cast for ultima as an additional requirements!
    DON't use HOLY! nor other elements since it may absorbed all elements!
    Prepare to get your pillow since this fight may take a long time, cause the arms will easily regenerated!
    Use your aeons overdrive (should i repeat it again ?) especially magus sister and anima.
    saves Yuna's overdrive for Yojimbo and pay him 1756 gill, hopefully he will use Zanmamoto.
    Use counter attack ability, triple overdrive, magic booster, and break damage limit is also a plus for your character,
    REMEMBER: ribbon does not protect you as what deathproof does!
    Do this over and over again and hey! you got a nifty rewards such as master spears and dark matters! so, bye-bye Penance
    Mega Fast,Mega Easy AP
    First, get to the Calm Lands and buy the weapons with the 'Capture' ability for Wakka,Tidus and Auron. Now go to Bikanel Desert, and run around capturing fiends. These fiends will give you excellent AP, especially the Cactuar- make sure to capture one of these.Now equip anyone you can with a weapon with 'Double AP'(for me, it was Tidus' Ascalon,Yuna's Nirvana and Lulu's Star Cactuar).Now fight the Cactuar to your hearts content. Just make sure that the people with Double AP equipped are still out in the battle when it ends(ie. you can still see them on screen).
    Nemesis Guide


    HP: 10,000,000 MP: 9999

    Strength - 255 Defence - 150 Magic - 255 Agility- 200 Luck - 0 Evasion- 0 Accuracy - 105 Magic Defence - 150


    In order to breed this monster you will have to capture ten of each of the fiends roaming around in all the areas AND defeat all the original, area creations and species conquest monsters. You will be rewarded with 10 Master Spheres. Before the battle make sure you stock up on lots of healing waters (steal from admantoise) so you can restore 9999 hp to all party members at in one turn. Wakka and Tidus are a must for this battle as their overdrives will do major damage to Nemesis. Do not attempt to fight Nemesis until you have very if not perfect stats (besides luck) and have at least 35 to 40 thousand hp.
    Nemesis will counter all overdrive attacks. One of his attacks causes curse (have holy water) and another ‘Armageddon’ will inflict maximum damage on all your fighters. Your best bet is to sacrifice aeons to protect you characters. Also don’t forget to uses Wakka and Tidus’ overdrives and have all party members bars up and make the uses the ‘entrust’ ability so that their full overdrive bar is transferred to Wakka and Tidus’ empty ones. Preferably to Wakka because attack reels is stronger. This means millions of damage to Nemesis, if your strength is around 255. At the same time use Quick hits and heal with healing water when your HP goes down. You should get sufficient turns if you agility levels are in the region of 200 to 255. If you follow this guide then you should have no problem defeating Nemesis. After he is defeated the area owner will present you with the Mark of Conquest Key item as proof of your heroism.
    Nokia Ringtone
    I just had to add this here to share it with you guys. I couldn't get to sleep last night, so I started to play with my new Nokia. While customising ringtones, I decided to make the Song of the Fayth.

    4d1 4f1 4e1 1g1 4g1 4f1 8g1 8a1 1d1 4a1 4b1 4g1 1a1 4g1 4f1 8g1 8a1 1d1 4d1 4d1 4e1 4e1 2f1 1f1 4e1 4c1 4c1 4d1 1d1

    Have fun with your new ringtone.
    omega ruin's ultimate(or sumthing) monster
    ok first u gotta yuna's overdrive bar full, then make ur way through the cave and wen u get 2 the end, u will fite a monster called ultimate weapon or monster, he is pretty hard, i beat him eaisly, i was jus had a normal party.anyway gotta hav yojimbo, wen u start the battle, grand summon yojimbo and pay him 10,000gil. he will kill the ulitmate weapon in 1 shot!!then u keep going (oh and while ur walking get yuna's overdrive bar full) till u see a purle kind of protal-like. go through it and u will fite omega weapon. he is jus like the ultimate weapon but..a bit stronger but u jus do the same thing wit ultiamte weapon and ur finsihed.. oh if u see a treasure chest its a mp sphere..
    hope this is helpfull!!
    Quick Overdrive for Tidus
    This is very helpful when you want to learn Tidus's last overdrive. ( Rikku must know the Entrust ability for this to work ) Equip Rikku with a weapon that has either double or triple overdrive and also set her overdrive mode to ally so that it charges on her turn. Go to an area where you can easily defeat fiends ( optional ) and when in battle cast Haste on Rikku to raise her agility. That combined with double/triple overdrive should get her overdrive full in no-time and when it is full use Rikku's Entrust ability to transfer it onto Tidus.
    second semour
    all u need is someone to cast reflect on evryone so semour wont hurt u but the mortibody justleave it will kill it self after a while then take 4000 off semour then attack normal but if u use power break on it it wont be a problem but for this battle dont use aeons because when its semours turn he banishes them so they cant do nothing unless u had their overdrive full and used it.

    people are always saying as well to watch out for his flare if u have to cast reflect on yourself again so he hits himself with flare then reflect on him so the cure spells go to u and heal u then hack away like mad with your strongest charicters(if u cast reflect on him the dont use and of lulu's spells they will hit u not him beens of reflect)
    secret potions
    in the begining of the game when the commentariers are well comentaring if you run to near the end wait awhile (1 minute) then you will see a girl in pink. similier to the girl whos blitzball you signed i begining she will say something like she cant get a seat to blitzball game now after like 3rd time talking to her she will ask can you get me front row seats or something and if you say yes she will say thanks and give you potions x2. (=
    Secret Suitcase
    On your way from besaid to Kilika, there is a suitcase in a room near the poweroom. If you kick it, and continue to do so, you will get 10+ potions.
    Seymour Flux easy beat!!!!!1
    before i fought semourflux, i got Yojimbo and paid him 1 gill for every battle upto semour flux. He kept using wakizashi and wakisashi. When i got to semour i summoned Yojimbo and paid him 10000 gil. He killed seymour straight away... hope it works 4 u.
    if u want to ask me anything just email me at
    Seymour Omnis
    I beat Seymour Omnis in about 10 minutes without losing ANY health. All I did was do "Armor Break" on him, and when the wheels turned to a certain element, I summoned the aeon of THAT element and ONLY physically attacked him because he absorbs the element that the wheels are powered by. Seymour Omnis could only heal me on his turn! Every once and a while he does "Ultima", but that only does about 2000 damage. With this method, I beat him in about 5 minutes.
    Sin with Overdrive
    The easiest way to beat Sin.But make sure Rikku's overdrive gauge is full, and that Yuna and Lulu have learnt Ultima.

    Hp-140 000

    Haste Lulu,Yuna and Auron.Then have Auron to switch with Rikku,and mix an ether with musk,to cast Freedom X[0 mp consumption].Make Auron hack away at Sin,and Lulu and Yuna cast Ultima reapeatedly.In about 13 turns,Sin should be dead.
    Skip a turn
    How to skip a turn-press triangle when the player's turn comes. This will make the character "defend" reducing the damage dealt to the character if an enemy attacks before it's next turn.
    Sphere Trick
    First,when you catch enough monsters you will eventually get a Kottos or a Fanfir.With either one of theese this trick will work.First go into battle with one of them and on the FIRST MOVE,use a desired 'distiller'(mana,speed,ect...) and continue to fight it until you defeat it.This will give you 40 of the desired sphere if you did Overkill,and 20 if not.
    Surviving the Lightening Dodger
    I found that a good way to get through the lightning dodger without losing your concentration is to focus on the lower right hand corner at ALL times. Nothing special happens there, but if you keep your attention there while waiting for the flash, you wont get distracted by Tidus' movements. Also, by keeping your attention low on the screen, you're less likely to be fooled by the false flashes that come from the images of lightning striking distant towers. Ive tried this method several times, and I've managed to keep it up for 20 minutes or more without getting hit once.
    The best way to earn money.
    There are two ways to earn lots of gil. You can beat up one-eye several times, his weapons you can sell for 60,000 gil.(Somethimes you will revice shields, 9000 gil for those.) Me and my brother took him 140 times. We reviced 20 Dark Matter and 68 mag.def spheres and 5,000,000.

    The other way is to take Earth-eater. You will revice shields or weapons, for one of them you will earn 150,000 gil.

    Please, e-mail me at my adress: Neoseeker rules.

    All my stats are full and luck is 150. On all of them. We have all celestial weapons, but i can`t win the butterfly thing. Do you have some tips?????
    Third way of how to beat Nemesis
    Okay, I've seen lots of people talking about how to beat Nemesis. They say there are just TWO ways of beatin' his ass.

    These two ways are:
    1: Quick Hits and stuff...
    2: Yojimbo's Zanmato...

    Well, I found out a third way of beating him. But first I wanna tell you why. I've already done the Zanmato way, but that was too boring (just seeing that beast torn in two).

    I wanted to see him like, really DIE, SUFFERING.

    So here's the way.

    First of all go to the menu Config and set the cursor the Memory, I'll explain later. Then you need at least one character with a maximum of 255 Agility. You don't need over 9999 HP or 255 Strengh and all that stuff... The Agility is most important for now.

    Next, have an armor with Auto-Haste. You also need the white magic Auto-Life. Furthermore, Kimahri should have his overdrive Doom (that is the key to defeating Nemesis without seeing him cut in two).

    Along with the Auto-Haste armor, you need a weapon with the One MP Cost ability.

    Allright, now that you have everything, challenge Nemesis. Then immediately cast Hastega and Auto-Life on everyone.

    Now, have Kimahri use the overdrive Doom (trust me it works). The countdown is 255 turns. That means Nemesis should do 255 turns for the countdown to reach 0.

    After the overdrive, Nemesis will retaliate with Ultima. Make sure your party is Auto-Lifed and Auto-Hasted (on Armor).

    Normally, Auto-Life would cost 97 MP, but now you have the One MP Cost ability it should be no problem. Your character should (at least) have 300 MP for now.

    Now that the countdown has started and you've revived from Ultima, keep using Auto-Life and let him attack you.

    Thanks, to Auto-Haste (Armor), Auto-Life (Wht. Mgc.) and One MP Cost (Weapon) Nemesis will be taking lots of turn during his countdown, but you will still be the one making the initial turn.

    This means that you can use Auto-Life, then let him attack you. You will be KO'd after his attack, then revived be Auto-Life. Then you have the first turn before another one of his attacks. Use Auto-Life again and again.

    Keep this up, then eventually the countdown will reach 0 and Nemesis is (this time) REALLY doomed.
    Tidus Overdrives and Celestial weapon
    To obtain tidus overdirives you must repeat his older ones. Example: To obtain "Slice-and-Dice" you must use "Spiral Cut" 10 different times

    Spiral Cut---(Auto)
    Slice-And-Dice---(Use Spiral cut 10 times)
    Energy Rain---(Use Slice and dice or Spiral cut 20 more times...a total of 30)
    Blitz Ace---(Use Energy Rain, Slice and Dice, or Spiral Cut, 50 more times... A total of 80)

    I found this the easiest way to get all of them-
    Get Tidus' Celestial weapon (explained below) and max it out, then go to an easy place such as the Thunder plains-(Thats the place i used) and find battles with at least 2 fiends,then use Slice and dice, You should get overdrive again thanks to his weapon, repeat every battle... it took me about a half an hour to get blitz ace

    To get Tidus' Celestial weapon.. you must first obtain the Celestial do so, go to the remiem temple and examine the sphere to the left of the temple, then go to the right of the temple and talk to the chocobo to start the race, dont do anything except go circular downward and finish the race, you will obtain the cloudy mirror after that go to the Macalania Woods, near the Entrance, to see a boy and his mom lookig for the dad, talk to them both repetitively, then go right, then straight then left and talk to the dad, go back and talk to the mom and dad 3 times each and they will say that their son is missing, follow the shiny path until you can take a left, do so and you will find the son, near a rock, which will upgrade your mirror to celestial.

    To obtain the weapon, crest and sigil-

    Defeat the choc. trainer in a race, then go to the far north-west to find a small path, go down it, examine the board and Caladbolg, his celestial weapon will be yours, but you need the crest and sigil to max it out

    Easy, After you obtain the airship, go to where you fought Yunalesca, to the left of the room to find it in a chest.

    Not so easy, get a time of 0:00:0 in the chocobo race... to do so, grab the second balloon, dont worry about the first one, and saty in front down the hill collecting balloons,then turn, immediately dodging the birds and collecting the balloons, the most important thing is not to get hit by the birds... this took me about 2 hours to do... be patient

    After you get the crest and sigil return to the big stone, first, give it the crest upgrading it to Dbl, overdrive... then upgrade it again to get his weapon maxed out!
    Trio of 9999
    This is awsome. first you must have rikku! (al-behd girl cute etc.) and her overdrive ready. plus you need 2 doors to tomorow. go to the overdrive mix (rikku) and mix the two doors to tomorow you will get the trio of 9999 this does 9999 damage do matter what. this is a great way to beat geosgangeo because three or 4 of these and you have won. this works with other bosses to. the only problem is that i don't know where you get doorsd to tomorow i just randomly got them into my inventory!
    Ulitmate Blitzball Players
    Blitzball is an easy minigame but to master it, you need the best players. Here's a good list of players for all blitzball positions.

    Goalkeepers: Jumal, Durren and Nimrook.

    Defenders: Kyou, Zalitz and Judda.

    Midfielders: Linna, Brothera and Letty.

    Forwards: Tidus, Blappa, Eigaar and Wedge.
    Valefor's Second Overdrive
    Return to Besaid anytime during the game and you'll find a little girl standing next to the Temple with a Dog. She'll give you Valefor's "Energy Blast"
    This Overdrive for does much greater damage than usual. The only problem is that is Recovery Rate is slower.

    NOTE: If the little girl is not near the Temple, check the Item Shop.
    very good blitz team
    when you beat/lose to luca goers(it would be better to win)look for jumal(goalie)who should be seating on a bench watching his kid outside off the bar(in luca)then go look for wedge(shooter/attacker) who is a guard by the enterance of the stadium then go to were the lady was filming by the water fontain go north and look for zalitz(attcker)train and get some money so that you can hire them for a longer time your team should be like this tidus,botta,jumal,jassu,wedge,zalitz put them in this order put tidus in the top middle botta to top right jassu to top left zalitz bottom left wedge bottom right and jumal as goalie he is the best goalie at this point next to nimrook(on al-behd pychs team)after you win a few games using this team its time to travel to look for ropp(attacker/blocker)use your flee to get outta battles on the road but you may need to gold form the wins but if you trained alot you wont need to when you get to the al-behd inn take a little nap thentalk to yuna then you should see a man in the shop wearing blue walk up to him and press square and recurit him he should take the place of jassu now you have a very good team all you need is nimrook and brother to be unstoppable good luck
    Winning at Blitz easy
    When you are facing an enemy, try to score the first goal. If you get it, head to the southern part of the feild. If you go there straight from the center, you'll have to face 1 or 2 people, but if you're good enough, you'll be able to go straight past them. I'm pretty sure this can be done with the first blitz game as well.
    X-2 Dark Matter
    Just beat stratoavis with an overkill [I suggest using Animas Oblivion twice]
    Yojimbo Zanmato
    This has worked for me most of the time.

    Summon Yojimbo and pay him 1024 gil. I managed to get him to do Zanmato over 50 times.

    A payment of 128 gil can also work from time to time but normally he only ends up doing Wakazashi.
    Yojimbo's Secrets
    Hi there!
    I have got a hint about Zanmato, Yojimbo's most powerful move. I was with a friend who was playing FFX. He was going to defeat Belgemine's Aeons at Remiem Temple. He summoned Yojimbo, whose Overdrive gauge was full. The he said: "Shall I pay him a randomized amount of Gil?", and I answered yes. My friend made Yuna pay Yojimo 1756 Gil, and Yojimbo performed Zanmato. I have read about all those mathematics in Yojimbo's Faq at Well, it may be true. But, whenever I pay Yojimbo 1756 gil when his Overdrive gauge is full, he succsessfully performs Zanmato. I have killed loads of bosses, dark aeons, strong fiends etc. this way.
    NOTICE: If, when I have to choose the gil amount, press wrong, for example, instead of 1765, I press 1865, Yojimbo never performs Zanmato if I press 8 down to 7. So be careful.
    NOTICE 2: I have read in Yojimbo's Faq at that Yojimbo is available only after getting the Airship. This is totally wrong. After defeating Defender X, you may try to walk down the path which ways down to the gorge bottom. Lulu will tell you where it heads, and you may believe that you can not go down there. But, if you have read these tips, you know the exact truth.
    Yojimbo's Zamoto
    When Yuna summons Yojimbo, the first thig you should do is pay him 10,000 gil, regardless of whether his overdrive is full or not. Then the aeon is likely to use Daigoro or Kazuka.Allow him to fill his overdrive, paying him any amount of gil in the meantime(I just pay him 100).When his overdrive gauge is full, pay him 1 gil, and your chances of him using Zanmoto are greatly increased.
    Yu Yevon Super Easy
    Have a weapon with zombiestrike/touch and smack him with it until he is will know when he heals it will deal dmg. Then throw a Pheonix Down and you win and gotta watch the 10minute ending X_X