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FIFA Street (PS2) Cheats

FIFA Street cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy Goals Tip
Position your player at a corner of your opponnents side and press square if the ball hits the wall. It should make the keeper lunge and the ball will find another of your own players leaving an open net.
FIFA Street Unlockable: Arenas

Win tournaments in the various countries to unlock their corresponding arenas.
when you are cornered in the opposing goals corner, aim towards the goal using the left analog and shoot towards the far corner or top far corner and most likey you will score. it takes some practise and it wonnt always work. good luck in your quest to be the best. au revoir amigos.
Shooting tips
When you start of flick the ball over the players head, who is in front of you. Then press the Square button to do a high pass to your player and the press Circle to shoot.


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All Apparel
While in the Main Menu hold L1 & Triangle and enter these with the

Right + Right + Left + Up + Up + Up + Down + Left = Unlocks all apparel
and footwear in the game
Pause the game, then hold L1 + Triangle and press the following combination:
Up, Left, Down(2), Right, Down, Up, Left.
Normal size players
Pause the game, then hold L1 + Triangle and press the following combination:
Right(2), Up, Down(2), Left, Right, Left.
Restart Rule The Street matches
If you have your game on autosave, you can turn off your console if you lose and you will be taken back to the match you lost without playing again!
Unlock all Apparel
On the menu screen hold L1, triangle and then press left arrow, left arrow, right arrow, up arrow x3, down arrow, left arrow.