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any player you want
if there is a player that you wuld like to play for your club but you canot get them. on the main menu go to team management and then transfers then you can switch players from one club to another. eg owen from real madrid to newcastle.
Attacking down the wing!
If you desperatley need a goal then play down the wing.First off run direct to the goal,just outside the box cross it to whichever wing you think is possible then run down the wing cross the ball but by holding L1 then press square but don't keep your finger on for to long,then head it in the goal.If any of the defenders head it back out then go for the wonder goal.
better shot from outside the box
if you want to get a good powerful shot from outside the box all you have to do is tap O once and the ball should rocket through the air (better if you have someone with a powerful shot e.g Henry, Lampard, Gerrard)
Changing Teams
Thru season keep changing teams as the managers respect will gradually rise higher until you unlock the bonus cup (world cup) where you can play as real managers (sven gorren erikson)
Now if you wont to score when you get up to the goal press circle till itz in the blue area then roll the analog left or right and th shot will curl into the goal! GOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Decent signings!
This is a list of players that are very good.

John arne riise-liverpool
Morten gamst Pedersen-Blackburn
Diego Forlan-Villarreal
Kaka-Ac Milan
Romeo Castelen-Feyenoord
Dirk Kuyt-Az Alkmarr
Mamadou Diarra-Lyon
John Carew-Lyon
Dede-Borussia Dortmund
Nuri Sahin-Borussia Dortmund
Diego-Fc Porto
Guti-Real Madrid
Theo Wallcot-Southampton
Cicinho-Sao Paulo
Joquain-Real Betis
Fernando Torres-Atletico Madrid
Decent Young Players
-Kerlon (Cruzeiro)
-Carrick (Tottenham Hotspur)
-Ashton (Norwich)

Get these in your squad and watch them grow into legends
diving header goals
Want to score diving headers? Start a wing play and near the box do a cross with L1+Square and sometimes you could do a diving header. I scored at least ten goals layk this. but when u r crossing make sure that no defence is in the box or near you
Dream Team
make a dream team of these players:

GK: Petr Cech
RB: Cafu
CB: Allesandro Nesta
CB: Rio Ferdinand
LB: Roberto Carlos
RM: David Beckham
CM: Steven Gerrard
CM: Zinedine Zidane
LM: Ronaldinho
CF: Thierry Henry
CF: Andriy Shevchenko
EA Sports Retro
On the main menu click on EA Sports Retro and you can see FIFA in the past. Watch clips from all the FIFA games and watch 10 memorial goals in here. Want to see Beckham's goal from the half way line? Or Bergkamps amazing flick against Newcastle a few seasons ago? Then enter EA Sports Retro!
Earn Points
To earn points, you'll be having to win several things. You can spend these points at the Fifa Shop to buy several things.

Here's a list of what you need to beat to get these points, in order of the amount of points you'll get.

FA Premier League: 1500
English Cup: 1000
Cupwinning: 750
Competitionwinning: 750
Beat the 5-Minute Challenge: 750
Win the 'Underdog' Challenge: 500
First and Second Leagues: 500
Hattrick Challenge: 500
Scottish Cup: 500
Vans Trophy: 500
Everlasting Legends
I first got the game and wanted to have legends like Roberto Carlos and Zidane in my career team but though twice looking at the age, on a normal career they would retire a few seasons in on the career. I was looking through the menus when I spotted edit player. I edited Gerrard to be 98 giving him full stats, when I went to edit Lampard I noticed on the player information screen you could scroll down and edit the date of his birth, making him older/younger. I made a dream team with no worries of them retiring on me and made all their births 1990, age 15. This means that they will last out the career because if there 15 and the careers is 15 years they will all be 30 by the end and the retiring age around 32 - 40. This will be very useful to all fifa 06 lovers if anyone has any problems about this please write in and I will try to help
General helpful tips
When using 4-5 star teams in manager mode, you may find that you are losing money right from the start of the season. Try and stick the best players you can that you DO NOT use in your starting 11 or much as a sub up for sale, this way, you get more money for the sale and you pay alot less money for salaries. All up this gives you more money and eventually you will start gaining money instead of losing it. Another or additional way of solving this problem is by getting a player that has 2+ years left on his contract and lower his salary by 40-60 points.

Ticket prices- you only gain ticket money when you are playing at home or in a cup final, set the price to high at the start of the season and if you notice a decline in the money you are making from tickets then put the price down to medium for a game or two then put it back up again. Also remember that when you get a rivalry game (i.e. manchester united vs. manchester city or barcelona vs. real madrid) set the price to high, you always get more fans for games like these whether you have had a slump in your support recently or not.

Picking sponsors- i have only used teams in zone 1 and 5, but still, easily the best sponsor for every aspect all up is Los 40 Principales. Main factors to look at when picking sponsors are loyalty rewards, bonus money and tournament bonuses.Tournament bonuses are extremely useful, especially when using an english premier league team because they are entered in alot of tournaments outside of the league. (possibilities for this are-english cup, league cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA cup).

If you want to use 5 star teams in Manager mode then you have to unlock them by buying them in the fan shop, they cost 5,000 points but an easy way of making money is by picking a 5 star team for tournaments in tournament mode and doing a quick simulation when up against easy teams, or against any team you feel like, but beware, doing it against higher rated teams incorporates a great deal of risk. That said i won one of the french tourneys by using lyon and simming all of them, i didnt even play the final.

Classic 11- When you create a profile, it challeneges you to play the Classic 11 and if you beat them it unlocks the player bios and the team for use in quick play matches (i beat them with Southampton with a goal in the last minute, how dramatic). However it doesnt unlock all the player bios in the shop, so you have to buy some of them, which isnt cheap. Another good team to unlock is the World 11, which again, isnt cheap but its a team worth being able to use against your mates, it occasionally makes them jealous when they see you have unlocked them and they haven't.

Another tip before i finish, pay attention to the tips screen before games, it does actually help.

Well have fun trying out my methods, and i do know they work, i did all of them, so don't go complaining that they don't work, if they don't, its because you did something wrong.
Get through a season quicker
Yea, you could just do 'Quick Sim' but you risk loosing! Do the 'Virtual Sim' And intervene when you need to! If your 1-0 down step in and win the match, if your 1-0 step in at around 70th min or when you think your gonna concede and defend your lead.
get yourself on any team
go on team management and go on creation central. when you have created your person( make sure his stats are full!!!) you can use him on career mode and he is really good and if you are very good at the game you can dribble arund every player!!!
Goals galore
Create a player in creation mode and add him to a team. now go to manager mode and select that team. go to team management and he should be at the bottom and put him in the starting xi.
Play a game and he should be able score from 0 yards to 40yards.
Improved tackling
I've only had the game a week so I'm not the most advanced player but after messing around with the buttons I found a better way of tackling that works every time. At first I was holding O to mark the player but the opposition was running circles round me and when I tried a heavy tackle I got booked. If you hold O and L2 at the same time when trying to steel the ball from someone it works nearly every time, I think it also works better if you dont hold R1. The L2 button isn't supposed to do anything according to the manual but give it a go, it really does improve your game.
Lower Salary Expenses
Not so much a cheat as a tip, but if your weekly salary expense is over-riding the sponsor payments simply do the following and it should be of some use:

Go to Team Management in Manager Mode, and select "Player Contracts".

Find a player with 2+ years left on his contract and with good morale then select him and lower his salary by 40-60 points.

Repeat with as many players as you can, if 10+ accept your offer then that's 400-600 saved on salary without any damage done.

Don't worry if they decline your offer, you'll still have 2 seasons to renew the contract anyway.
manager mode
is it really annoying when your star striker retires on manager mode well go to edit player on the team manager menu and pick a player off any team.i started with newcastle and alan shearer was retireing at the end of the season.so i made him be born in 1990 so he would be 15 years old and he scores about 50 goals a season.HAPPY WINNING!!!!!!
Manager Mode
When starting a new manager mode don't pick a 4 star rated team for your first seasson because everytime you play a match your Salary is a lot higher than your income this will get you fired before the season finnishes!!
One two passes
To do an eat one two pass which will skin a player 100% everytime then press down L1 and tap X twice.
play as 5 star teams in manager mode
go on to team management on main menu and pick a five star team[arsenal] and put all of there subs and reserves and then go back to main menu and then go onto manager mode and you will be able to play as a five star team
Some Handy Tips
I have been playing Fifa 2006 for about two weeks. When I started out. I was basically drawing or losing most of my games mainly because I was not used to the controls. Now I am playing my third season, and now I am wining every single game.

This is what I did.

I first started off with Real Madrid B. They are quite an okay team. I got my scout to find me some strikers and some midfielders as well as some good defenders and a new goalkeeper.

I continued playing with the team for one season and built up the team morale. Even though I was losing the team morale kept on going up. When the 2nd season started, my teams morale was quite high and my strikers morale was very high. I started winning games and scoring more goals, and my strikers abilities got better and better. Now I average about 7 goals a game. I loaned my old squad and I am making loads of cash. I am almost complete with my third season and I am 10 points clear at the top. I have completed most of my staff upgrades and I have no star players in my squad. My striker is Soldado and his average is 94. My other striker is Zhao and his average is 90. They are both top scorers.
So dont go out and buy star players, cos you can build your own young players with time and they will be just as good as the Beckham's and Ronaldhino's.

When you do staff upgrades:

Try and upgrade your fitness whenever you can till you get to level 6. Then Upgrade your strikers coach to level 6 and your goalkeeper to level 6. Also upgrade your stadium to level 7 (cos then you can charge high prices for tickets at all your home games and your fans will pay up).

Then do the rest of the upgrades. Try and keep it to a minumum of Level 6 on all and your team will be invincible.

Hope I helped out all the beginners.

Keep It real guys and gals!!!
Song Bugging You?
Have you ever had a song come on which you really do not like while in the game modes? If so you can simply change the track by pushing in the right analouge stick. Simple.
Stadiums, player stats and scouting

when you go on manager mode there is a new thig on there cald player scout. if you click on that it takes you to a screen with the place to search and how long to send the scout out for. well if you just do it straight away you might find you dont that much good players so go to the staff upgrade screen and select the scout and upgrade him/her to a higher level and you will find your self scouting for young player with ratings of 80 and over!!!!!!!


When you go on manager mode with a club with a unamed stadium you can make it bigger!!!! you just go to staff upgrade select stadium manager and upgrade away!!!! i started a career with celtic and by the end of the season my ground could hold 200,000 visitores!!!! wich twice the size of the nou camp!!!!!!!

Player Stats:

on manager mode with a team you shouldent bring in players like ronaldinho and carlos tevez you should build up your squad with the players you have already got!!!! with my season with celtic zuwraski was a rating of 79 and john harston was 74!!!! by the end of the season i managed to build them up to both there ratings of 79 and 74 too 93!!!! and by the end of the season john had scored 67 goals and zuwraski had scored 50!!!! so dont go selling players for argie bargies or the galacticos stick with your own squad!!!!!!!

if this wasent hepfull at all contact me and say something
Staying afloat in manager mode.
To start with an excellent team (such as Liverpool) follow the other tip of putting all the lower ranked players in the starting 11 to lower the team's overall rating.

But before you start also load up the team with several other players - you're going to need them. Either create new ones, all aged 31, or use team management to transfer a half dozen players valued at 12,000+. As soon as you start, transfer list those new players (it'll take you a few rounds to do so, since you start with just 3 transfer points) and bank the cash. In an ideal world, you'll sell those players to teams you won't be playing against! Choose the best paying sponsorship you can get - TV Digital (I believe) is the way I went. At every home game, set your ticket price to high - as long as you keep winning, the fans won't care.

Play several games to get your remaining players' morale up, and then use the cash you've just accumulated to renew the contracts of your highest paid players. Begin by saving the game, and then offering them 50% of what they're making now. If they say no, quit, reload the saved game, and up the offer slightly each time. Make a note of what you offer each one to keep track. Never ever let a player's contract run out - because at the end of the season, you won't have the option of negotiating the wage - you'll have a "take it or leave it" option, where you'll have to pay them market value.

With any luck, you should now have lowered your wage bill to the point where you're losing a small amount of money on away games, but making that loss back on home games, so overall breaking even. Using your mad skills, if you're able to win the league and a couple of cups, the prize money and the loyalty bonus from your sponsor should see you in good shape for the second season. Use the pile o' cash wisely (your scout and negotiator are wise investments) to further reduce your wage bills, and strengthen the squad, and before long you'll be champions of Europe.
Through Balls
For a through ball: Instead of pressing X for pass press Triangle. Also for through ball crosses: press L1 and Triangle.


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fifa 2006
go on gamemodes you will see team mangement go one that then you will see tranfer central go on any team you want like real madrid pick a player like beckham highlight is name then press the x button then it will come up any team then go on bolton then you will have beckham has your team