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FIFA Soccer 2003 Cheats

FIFA Soccer 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

FIFA Soccer 2003 Tips

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Unlock New Stadium
Seoul Stadium: Beat the International Cup to unlock.
Stade de France stadium: Beat the Club Championship to unlock.
Submitted by: Exonerate on October 13, 2004

FIFA Soccer 2003 Cheats

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cheats and stadium
Seoul stadium:
Win the EFA trophy to unlock the Seoul stadium.

Stade de France stadium:
Win the Club Championship to unlock the Stade de France stadium.

Yokohama stadium:
Win the ECC trophy to unlock the Yokohama stadium.

Unbeatable challenge:
Win the World Tour tournament.
Submitted by: UNKNOWN123 on April 22, 2003
Easy Goals!!!
This is a good cheat if you have have quick reflexes. First start a match (obvious!) then get into the middle of a match and press start. Then go to select sides and go onto the other team. Give the ball away to the opposition and then press L1 to do a goalkeeper charge. Now switch back to your old team. You will now be able to score goals from the half way line because the keeper will be charging you out of the box. But be warned, the keeper comes to hack down the player with the football. Personally, I would use a good striker like Henry, Totti, Ronaldo etc. It is best to try this cheat first on a 1 stripe tea, the danish league usually have a lot of these. Oh, this cheat has to be activated in every half of the match you are playing.
Submitted by: EomertheGreat on February 16, 2004
Faster Running
Whilst holding down R1 to run, press R2 and L2 at the same time, this will increase the players acceleration but will run out after approximatly 10 seconds.
Submitted by: Donkey Duff on November 14, 2002
Unlockable Stadiums

Seoul Stadium - Beat the International Cup
Stade de France stadium - Beat the Club Championship
Submitted by: Cookie on January 18, 2003