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FIFA Soccer 2002 Cheats

FIFA Soccer 2002 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

FIFA Soccer 2002 Tips

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Unlock Gold Cup
To unlock the Gold Cup tournament, qualify for the World Cup in the CONCACAF region.
Submitted by: Exonerate on October 13, 2004
Unlocking Cards
To unlock Cards, win the corresponding challenge.

Myung Bo Hong: AFC World Cup qualification
Francesco Totti: UEFA World Cup qualification
Roberto Carlos: CONMEBOL World Cup qualification
Ruud Van Nistelrooy: CONCACAF World Cup qualification
Nuno Gomez: EFA
Iker Casillas: European Championship Cup
Thierry Henry: European Championship
Henrik Larsson: Copa America
Thomasz Rodzinski: Gold Cup
Steve Marlet: FIFA Confederations
Submitted by: Exonerate on October 13, 2004

FIFA Soccer 2002 Cheats

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dressing room team talk
at half time pause the game and press up,up,up,down,left,right,triangle.
and you will appear in your teams dressing room where you can sub or injure your player/s and even put on eXtra players 14 maX instead of 11.
Submitted by: dr fant on March 25, 2002
Win every game
If you are losing the game - Pause the game and press:

Triangle, left, left, R1, R1, up, up Square

Then unpause the game - your opponents will score on their own goal until you are in the lead.
Submitted by: Bert Richards on December 31, 2001