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FIFA Soccer 07 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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2 Good Tips To Learn
How do you make a replica of someone?
e.g Ronaldinho
Make sure you bought him in Manager Mode then Export your Team and load it up.Then go to Club Transfers and go any team then press R2

And for a search go his surname or League:Any Team:Any Attribute:His attribute range Ronaldinho 90 min max 100 go and see the team he's on for e.g Liverpool..Then go and transfer him to the team you please. P.S if it says Transfer Request Denied: This Player has already been in a Transaction this season. I don't know the answer to that

2If you want to a export team NEVER use a created team it doesn't let you do that.
Best Team + Plus more tips
Join Chelsea as they have £6o,ooo,ooo transfer money and sell: Shevchenko, Ballack, Robben, Carvalho. You should have about £120-£160mil. If ur brave sell Drogba, Lampard, Wright-Phillips, Terry and Cech. Then you should have over £350mil transfer money. Buy Iker Cassilas for less than £20 mil or trade for cech. In mid-field buy Arshavin replacing Wright-Phillips, Ronaldinho replacing Lampard, Benzema replacing Shevchenko, Fernando Torres replacing Drogba, Ribery replacing Ballack, Messi replacing Robben, R.Ferdinand replacing Carvalho, and Ramos replacing Terry. With the remaning money renew all players contracts. Easy.

Tip No.1: Check out your youth academy for players. Sign them and make them top scorer, top assitser or most cleen sheet. After one season your player should be at least triple their value.

Last tip: More money:
On your first 3 seasons put your tickets price to low. More people will come. Then at the start of season 3 put your price up to high.
Buying young players
It is better to buy good players earlier in the career than later, because some, (eg Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney etc.)double in value over 2 years. After 3 seasons, my Lionel Messi was 97 overall, but was worth 41,000,000
Chaning position/ Increasing player overall
As all of you will know, playing a player in an alternate position will either increase or decrease their overall. For example: There's a player called Cipriani and he's 50 overall (CF). If you play him in RM or LM he becomes 65/50.

I explored this and found that playing players in other positions greatly increased some of their overalls.

Gil (LF) 77/77: In RM or LM he gets 90/77.
Menseguez (RF) 65/65: In RM or LM he gets 82/65.
Kehl (CDM) 77/77: In CB he gets 85/77.

So I encourage you to search out players and play them in alternate positions.
Easy Money
During the transfer window get all the best free transfers you can and then sell them on in the same window for a tidy profit, it can make you millions!
Easy Money!!!!!
To get eay money on this game in manager mode is simple, just hire ( i use \'hire\' because thee are no transfer fees!!) at a huge wager and sell him as soon as posible...... And you could earn a huge some of money. Watch out though, you might have a slightly hard time if you didn\'t sell that player beacuse of his wager. I hire Ruud Van Nilsterooy and earned around 8 million pounds!!!!
Get a undefeated season in manager mode
Create a team thats 4 1/2 or 5 stars then go into manager mode and replace a league 2 team with that team and then win all of the matches!

Have fun,

ROBLOX is great 12
Get the best player on the game (non-created, 99 overall)
There's a CF called 'Acuna' in the Spanish second division. Find him, then go to edit player, then choose to edit Acuna. All you have to do is change his growth type to elite or elite late bloomer.

Then start a new season with Acuna on your team and by season 7 or 8 he will become 99 overall.

Guaranteed Goal Scoring
When you have a one on one with the keeper and you want to score a guaranteed goal just run straight at him holding the sprint button. Just before he reaches you on his charge out let go of sprint and move the movement joystick sharply at a right angle in whichever direction and then immediately after tap the shoot button while flicking the joystick back towards the goal.

If you time it right then your player will step just around the keeper and tap the ball into the net before leaping over the now sliding keeper. It can look quite spectacular when the ball goes under the keeper and your player get tripped and rolls before standing up to celebrate the goal.
jon stead
buy jon stead from sunderland he is only 75 overall but is deadly at shots and a bargain for £2,500,000
Lane Change
Lane change
Good for when you are running at medium speed and have a marker approaching the player in possession from directly ahead at pace and with a little bit of space between you. Also use the same move to break free of a player trying to jostle you for possession of the ball.

Low player wages
If your Chelsea or someone like that go to there wages.Make them a bit over half then change the % to 15% and they should join.

I hope this helps.
Lower Wages
On manager mode when Chelsea or Barcelona, etc, your player wages can be hard to pay every week. So go to team management, go on player contracts and if Frank Lampard or Ronaldinho, etc, has got 100% morale then click re-new contract and lower his wages. It's as simple as that.
Makes players better
This is something that confused me a lot.

take Arjen Robben(Chelsea) in Manager mode. He is a Left Wing Midfield(87) but play him Centre back and he goes to 100

after a few seasons he goes up to abut 90-95
i played him in centre back at this time and he went to 110 i kid you not this also directlyaffects your team stats my defence was Nesta Terry and Robben and it was totaled at 104. I have tried this with other players like Kun Aguero (RF) in Right wing and that works as well
Making your team invincible
make or create a team and go to edit player and put all his needs all at 99 and repeat this for all the players but watch out this doesnt always work and by doing this your makig your team five star or invincible
In career mode, after about 5 seasons there will be a 15/16 year old player for a team. However, this player is 89 overall!!!!!!!! He plays in the SW position, and is worth about £9 million. I think min was from Hannover and was a French person.
Pay cheaper wages!!!!
On manager mode and your a big team like barcelona you often loose a bit of money on players wages.Well that can be solved.If a players morale is 90-100% then offer them a contract and lower there wages.

Hope it works!!!!
The "Rabona" Trick
I thought I might share this with all of you, as I had trouble finding this out myself.
Okay, well, at the moment, I only know how to do the trick, when you pull back from running (Not Sprinting).
Well, first of all, when you are running, pull back with the left analogue stick (eg player is going -> the press stick <- immeadiately.)
After you have performed this, immediately swivel the stick in the direction you want the ball to be kicked. (Eg If you want the ball to be kicked towards the center of the field and you are on the right wing going right then after you pull back the ball (<-) swerve it up, then immediately press the [] button or whichever button is for a Lob (Ball passed in the air).
If done properly, you should be able to do the rabona.
Note: Only some players can do it easier then others (Eg; Deco, C.Ronaldo).
Hope this is helpful!
Young Players
If you want your team to be 90+ in 2-4 years buy these players:

ST Walcott- 90+ Arsenal
CB Senderous- 91+ Arsenal
ST Rooney- 98 Manchester United
CB Kompany- 91+ PSV
RB Castro- 93+
GK Cech- 92+ Chelsea
CM Fabregas- 95+ Arsenal
LF Messi- 99+ Barcalona (Really!!!!!)
RM Ronaldo- 97+ Manchester United
ST Tevez- 92+ Corinthians
CAM Adu- 88+ DC United
CAM dos Santos- 91 Barcalona
LB Clichy- 83 Arsenal
ST Robinho- 92+ Real Madrid
CB Sergio Ramos- 91+ Real Madrid
LWM Lahm- 90+
ST Fernando Torres- 91+ Liverpool
ST Kalou- 92+ Chelsea
LWM Robben 93+ Chealsea (Note Robben gets to 101 if put in CB)

These are the players I bought and have become stars. And good Money


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Blanco Bounce
Blanco Bounce

blanco´s cuautheminha is just back, forward,just like lifting the ball with other players(be patient to do this move, you can go pass the whole defense if you´re doing it right)

That or back, forward,back,can't remember
Buy Players Cheaper
Buying players for less money is easy. When you enter the transfer market, put a bid in for the player you want but add an extra 1million only for the player, and then down the bottom you will see a % for the extra amount the player gets if they score. Put this up to 15% and place your bid.
Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic's Elastico is done the same way as the the Double Step over.(EASIER THAN BEFORE)

while running from left to right.

Drag up,then forward and back up.Drag down,then forward and back down.
Full team stamina (FIFA 07)

In Manager mode, save the game, quit, then load Manager mode again and all your players' stamina will be almost fully refilled. Repeatable!
lowest wage ever
go to transfers put a good (90) players in a league 2 team and when u buy them in the season there wage is 4000 bargin
millionaire teams
edit any player of your choice put there overall higher and put them on elite,early elite or late elit depending on there age and when you start season mode put them in your team and sell them of for 53,000,000 edit about 9 players good luck
Young Players
Dixon Tottenham ST
Walcott Arsenal ST
Rossi Man U ST
Anderson F.C Porto CAM
Gareth Bale Southmapton DF
Freddy Adu (D.C United CAM
Daniel Sturridge Manchester Cty ST
Guardado Atlas 93
Erkin LWM
Quersma F.C Porto
Bojinov Juv ST
Evandro MF +4 In ST
Benzema Lyon