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Fatal Frame cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Junsei Takamine Battle
At the end of the first night, after entering the Narukami shrine for the first time you will be attacked by the ghost of the murdered novelist. He has an incredibly long life bar and can move very fast. If you remain in the shrine he can easily teleport away from the view finder and attack you with his swooping attack.
If you move out of the shrine and run down the stairs the ghost will linger for a while at the top of the stairs allowing you to deplete his health bar with some core shots, he will then move far slower and less often than if you try to defeat him within the shrine.
The wandering monk ghost
During the 3rd night: The calamity, a non-scripted ghost called the Wanderin Monk may appear in any room of the mansion (and outside too) if you, for example, stay too long in the same area or you take too long to progress with the game. Unfortunately for you, this ghost is not weak at all, so the best thing you can do in order not to waste healing items and films is to run away: First keep in mind he can pass through walls and any other obstacles, he also can teleport in front or behind you and, finally, he can use a range attack where he throws fireballs to you. To run away simple get out of the room/area you are, 50% of the time that will make him stop chasing you, if that doesn't work keep moving to another area until he disappears, one thing, his fireball attacks can chase you from one area to another, so if you have two or three blue fireballs chasing you, keep running until they disappear so that you don't lose any health.

Of course, you can also fight him for spirit points, if you choose doing this, first prepare yourself with Type-37 film (or stronger ones if you feel that you need more attack power).
Move your camera to wherever he goes, be firm at your aiming. When the circles turns blue, quickly shutter. If you shoot correctly, the Wandering Monk will be stunned for a while you just keep shooting. If not, he still moves and you should try again. Unlike regular ghosts, Wandering Monks are stunned for a very very short moment, sometimes they are not even stunned. So then they make it harder for you to handle them. If you have
enough Spirit Stones, have "See" ability to support, doing this will help you a lot.

I do not recommend you fighting him in Nightmare mode, because the spirit points aren't worth wasting healing items and films.

Finally, sometimes in the Fish Tank Room (during the 3rd night) where you are supposed to fight the Longhair woman ghost, she will be accompanied by the monk ghost. Yes such situation is incredible annoying and frustrating, if that happens to you, first relax and take care of her first, since she is quite weaker than the ghost. After doing so, you'll have to take down the damn monk. (NOTE: You cannot run away from this battle, because the longhair woman ghost seals the door, and even if you kill her, the seal won't be destroyed until both ghosts are down, so no other choice but to fight) Because of this, it's recommended to save before heading to the Fish Tank Room during the 3rd night.


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Alternate ending
Successfully complete the game on the nightmare difficulty setting. Note: You must play from beginning to end.
Battle Mode Points
Getting high ranks in the Battle Mode of the extra game through depends on taking tricky pictures of the ghosts. The trickier the shot, the more picture points you get. To get the most points you're going to have to combine multiple types of shot all in one take. Combine the following to get 6000 and 7000 point shots to obtain the maximum S class ranking for each ghost;

Close Shot: You must be extremely close to the ghost when you take the picture.

Core Shot: Make sure the ghost's head is exactly in the middle of the center circle of your camera's viewfinder.

Zero Shot: The camera's capture circle is glowing yellow at the time the picture is taken.

Bind Shot: The ghost is has been caught with the "Paralyze" special function on your camera.

Last Shot: Make sure the combination of the above shots is the last shot that kills the ghost.

Also, make sure your camera's power level is at maximum when you take the last picture. You'll want to wear the ghost down with normal shots until it gets down low enough for you to line all these elements up for one big final shot.
Buddha Room Rope Puzzle
1) Statue with damaged right hand
2) Statue with damaged left hand
3) Statue with damaged right foot
4) Statue with damaged left foot
Burial Room Candle Puzzle
1) Red / Far Left
2) Red / Far Right
3) White / Far Right
4) Red / Far Right
Carving Lock Sequences
Second Night

Corridor / Upper Left, Left, Lower Right, Bottom, Upper Left, Lower Left, Upper Right

Square Garden / Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right, Bottom, Lower Right

Third Night

Cherry Atrium / Lower Left, Upper Left, Bottom, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Upper Left
Chapter select
Successfully complete the game on the nightmare difficulty setting. A "Chapter" option will be unlocked in story mode.
Complete Ghost List

001. Bound Man
002. Bound Man
003. Female Head
004. Man With Long Arms
005. Broken Neck
006. Editor
007. Assistant
008. Novelist
009. Floating Woman
010. Wandering Man
011. Crawling Girl
012. Boy Hiding
013. Girl In Well
014. Long Hair Woman
015. Wandering Monk
016. Blinded
017. Woman Hanging
018. Folklorist
019. Floating Face
020. People Killed
021. People Killed
022. People Killed
023. Shrine Maiden
024. Headless Priest
025. Headless Priest
026. Headless Priest
027. Headless Priest
028. Family Master
029. Kirie


030. Rope Hallway Man
031. Man Looking Down
032. Man At Partition
033. Man On A Beam
034. Bro's Shadow
035. Hallway Man
036. Man At Screen
037. Wandering Man
038. Dead Man's Body
039. Man At Window
040. Man Hiding In Closet
041. Standing Man
042. Man Behind
043. Woman At Mirror
044. Wandering Woman
045. Girl Pointing
046. Woman On Porch
047. Woman In Atrium
048. Woman Turning
049. Woman Who Jumps
050. Man Turning
051. Woman At Corner
052. Woman Hanging
053. Blinded Woman
054. Female Head
055. Man In Backyard
056. Girl Pleading
057. Man Standing
058. Crucified Man
059. Child On Porch
060. Kid Running Away
061. Kid Running Away
062. Bro's Shadow
063. Hanged Woman
064. Observatory Man
065. Girl Under Porch
066. Man Before Door
067. Girl Pointing
068. Kid Hiding
069. Man In Study
070. Man Before Study
071. Observatory Man
072. Hall Wanderer
073. Man In Hall
074. Man In Atrium
075. Turning Mask Man
076. Girl In White


077. Child Behind
078. Angry Man
079. Woman In Kimono
080. Woman In Pain
081. Monk Into Dark
082. Girl Turning
083. Warped
084. Monk Out Of Dark
085. Tormented Ones
086. Burned Man
087. Evil Woman
088. Talking Ghosts
089. Long Hair Woman
090. Man At Bottom
091. Six Vengeances
092. Editor Ogata
093. Hirasaka
094. Junsei Takamine
095. Blind Demon
096. Yae
097. Munakata
098. Family Master
099. Kirie's Love
100. Truth Binder
101. Burdened Man


102. Seductress
103. Woman Pulled In
104. Child Onlooker
105. Vengeance In Wall
106. Vengeance
107. Girl Hiding
108. Crushed Woman
Door Codes
Note: Keep in mind that the numbers on the door mechanisms are counter-clockwise.

First Night

Storehouse / 1312
Fish Tank Room / 3669

Second Night

Fish Tank Room / 2611

Third Night

Fish Tank Room / 1347
Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Battle Mode", "Ghost List", "Sound Test", and "Special Function" options as well as alternate costumes.
Moon Shrine Puzzle
This takes place on the third night after defeating the headless priests. Beginning at the front of the altar, go around clockwise and enter this sequence:

First Button, Fourth Button, Third Button, Second Button.
Nightmare mode
Successfully complete the game in battle mode to unlock the nightmare difficulty setting.
Reloading your film
This will only reload type:14 film. Just go to the camera where you save your game. At the side of the picture of the Memory card is a picture of film. Click on it and it will tell you if you want to reload your film to 30 shots.
Screen saver
Allow the game to be paused for a few minutes. The "ghosts" will begin to put their bloody hands on the screen.
Special Costumes
Leather Jacket / Finish the game once
Gothic Style / Finish the game on Nightmare Difficulty
School Uniform / Finish the game three times
Unlocking Special Functions
ZOOM / Finish the game once
SENSE / Finish Battle Mode once
CHASE / Finish Battle Mode with an S Ranking
ZERO / Complete the Ghost List
NONE / Finish the game on Nightmare Difficulty