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Apartment Extras
After surviving the Giant Termite attack in the Bank, in the Apartment you can try playing the guitar to give Lucas some relief, and most importantly, test Lucas' newfound strength with the punching bag...with a bit of Theory of a Deadman's "No Way Out"
Article In Birdcage.
(Might contain spoilers for some)

When you visit Agatha's house the second time,
You'll get to the part where you found Agatha's body and the police will arrive to the house within a time limit.
During that time limit, you can find an article in the big birdcage in the middle of the room.
You can open that birdcage by using a key or a knife.
You can find the knife on the kitchen table, where you also have found the matches to lit the candles with.
The key is in one of the cupboards.
If I'm not mistaken it's the cupboard in the séance room, where you took the candles out.
If not, there is another cupboard in the birds room, where you took out the birdseed.

This might not be a usefull tip, but you have atleast a longer gameplay with this sequence.
Otherwise it just looks like you're passing through.
You enter through the front door, you enter the room, and you leave through the window.
Short, Isn't it?
But with this tip, it will be a bit longer, and maybe challenging too, because of the time limit.
Cleaning up in Apartment
When you awake with Lucas in his apartment, he will have a vision that a cop will arrive at his place. You must cover the blood stains on the bed and take the bloody shirt in the living room to the washing machine in the bathroom, and look casual to the officer.
Credits Points
Watch the credits to the end to receive 200 bonus points.
Easter Egg: Sox The Robot
Early in the game when you wake up as Tyler there is a desk in the bedroom with an action figure on it that when checked he says "This is a figurine of Sox, a character from my favorite video game." Sox is a robot from another great Quantic Dream game, Omikron The Nomad Soul.
Fahrenheit has three possible endings. The first actions that influences which ending is going to take place are in the chapter 'Where Is Jade'. But these actions don't block out certain endings, it just changes the way "things" develop in the final chapter.

To get the "best", or happier, ending, you should defeat all opposition in the final chapter. (one way or another, I mean with Lucas or with Carla, who will become playable if you are defeated with Lucas)

To get the ending where the Purple Clan wins, you must lose to the A.I. in the final battle, if you handed Jade to Agatha in 'Where Is Jade' chapter, things will develop in different ways. The same goes if you choose to play as Carla in the final chapter.

And the third ending Orange Clan wins:
To get this ending you most lose to the Oracle in the final fight. If you handed Jade to Agatha or you let the Oracle get Jade before you do so in the orphanage, things will develop differently.
Finishing The Bathroom Level Ease.
When you are playing as Lucas in the restaurant's bathroom, follow these steps:

1) Drag the dead body in the middle portable.
2) Go to the working sink and wash the blood off your hands.
3) Dry your hands at the air dryer, right next to the sink.
4) Get the mop, clean up the blood on the floor.
5) Exit the bathroom.

Do not waste your time and try looking out the window, it'll give Lucas more stress.
How to make it harder for the police to understand who did it.
When you first gain control of Lucas in the bathroom of the east end restaurant,you can do a lot of things...to make it harder for the police to find you.They will in the end as that cannot be changed but the more you leave around the easier it will be to undestand.These are the things that will be looked at no matter what you do:the waitress(Kate),the book under the bench,the knife,the body and quite possibly something else I can't remember...
But anyway,do this:
Hide the body in the stall,hide the murder weapon,look at your reflection in the mrror,wash your hands,go out of the toilet(if you wash your hands you can walk around as much as you want),go to your table BUT DON'T SIT,pay the bill WITHOUT SITTING(you'll leave blood if you do),leave the restaurant through the main door,leave the area through the subway(if you leave with the taxi they can find out)
After you get out of the restraunt (through the front door on the first level) go to the right, take another right, and go to the subway in the left side of the building, and then you are free, or take the taxi!


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Complete bonus cards location
1)Chapter: The Day After: In the fourth kitchen cupboard from the left. +5 card.

2)Chapter: The Day After: On the balcony, hidden in the left-hand corner. +10 card.

3)Chapter: Police Work: As you enter the Police Station (with Carla or Tyler), walk through the metal detectors and turn right. Search the dark corner to find the bonus Card. +10 card

4)Chapter: Police Work: In the right-hand drawer of Carla's desk. +5 card.

5)Chapter: Police Work: In a corner of Tyler's bathroom. +10 card.

6) Chapter: Alternate Reality: In the toilets, near the wall opposite of the mirrors. +10 card.

7)Chapter: Alternate Reality: In the third workstation from the left of the top row. +5 card.

8)Chapter: Alternate Reality: In another workstation - In the second row from the bottom, the 2nd one from the right. +10 card.

9)Chapter: Lost Love: In the fourth kitchen cupboard from the left. +5 card.

10)Chapter: Hide and Seek: At the start, walk down the path, until you see a short path with the card to the right. +5 card.

11)Chapter: Friendly Combat: In the corner behind the boxing ring. +10 card.

12)Chapter: Debriefing (Carla): At the start, walk straight ahead, until you come to a dead end. +10 card.

13)Debriefing (Tyler): As you enter the shop, turn left (camera right), and follow the second floor walkway, around the corner, and to a dead end. You can see the card from the start if you enter first person mode and look to the left. +20 card.

14)Chapter: Debriefing (Tyler): After giving the right book to Takeo, it will be on the third floor in the sector with white square lights. +20 card.

15)Chapter: Agatha: Inside the kitchen. +5 card.

16)Chapter: Agatha: In Agatha's bathroom (next to her bedroom). +20 card.

17)Chapter: Dark Omen: In the corner of Carla's bathroom. +10 card.

18)Chapter: Face Off: In the right-hand drawer of Lucas's desk. +10 card.

19)Chapter: Back to Agatha: In Agatha's bedroom.
+10 card.

20)Chapter: Soap, Blood & Clues: Inside the shopping cart. +10 card.

21)Chapter: The Fugitive: Across the street from the first fence you need to climb. +20 card.

22)Chapter: The Fugitive: Second cupboard from the left in Tiffany's kitchen. +5 card.

23)Chapter: Janos: Straight ahead from the start, at a dead end. +10 card.

24)Chapter: Meeting Kuriakin: At the start, turn left, and check in the corner. +5 card.

25)Chapter: Epilogue: At the end of the credits. +200 card.
Unlockables - Sequences
Boxing (Just like the mini-game from the main game)
Car Chase (Just like the mini-game from the main game)
Shooting Gallery (Just like the mini-game from the main game)
Basketball Match (Just like the mini-game from the main game)
Angels (Just like the mini-game from the main game)
Da Hidden Dance Floor (Secret mini-game)
Ice Skating Contest (Secret mini-game)

To unlock all these sequences beat the game once.