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Evil Dead Regeneration Cheats

Evil Dead Regeneration cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Evil Dead Regeneration Tips

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What Sam says when killed
When you kill Sam, he'll come out of the dirt and say:

1.U one-armed nutcase, what was that for?
3.Hold on for a second would ya?, I've got somethin' for ya!!!!
4.Hey! Every time u waste me I get dirt in my mouth!
5.U really enjoy abusing me don't ya?
6.Nasty, five-fingered bully...
7.Ash, you can eat my balls! U understand?
8.Did that make you feel like a big man?
9.Hey! watch what you're doin' next time.
10.What the hell are u trying to pull?!
11.Ash, eat my shorts!
Submitted by: Leon Schnider on May 18, 2006

Evil Dead Regeneration Cheats

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Defeating the Big Mouth monster
Ok, once you've fed Peepers in the docks, you will fight a boss with a big mouth and a tentacle-tail. Ok when he swings his tail into the ground it will get stuck, then you use one slice of your chainsaw and he'll open his big mouth, giving you the chance to shoot your missile (the gun you got in the begging at the docks)in his mouth, keep doing this and you'll kick his freakin' ass!
Submitted by: Leon Schnider on July 16, 2006