Champions of Norrath Cheats

Champions of Norrath cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Champions of Norrath cheat codes.


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Begin game with awesome stats
In order to do this, you must have at least two controllers. When you are starting a new game, have the character you wish to keep be first player. Make your character however you want and when you are finished go on to player two. skip all modifications until you get to the screen where you get to put points onto your stats. when you get here, return all the way back to the same screen on your first player. You should have another 20 points to distribute. By doing this over and over, you can get 3 of your stats up to 100 and the last one up to 95. Once you get it like that, don't do it again or you won't be able to continue. You can only go to 100, and if all of them are 100 and you still have points it will say "you must allocate all points to continue" and you won't be able to move on. You can do this with up to 3 players at a time by having 4 players.
CoN1 Shilox the Spider kill the B...
Easy enough to kill the spider queen.

1. Purchase rings(2), amulet and earring for poison resist. Best to do a few zones before you get to her- I noticed once in her zone, merchants don't generally sell them.

2. Put poison resists on and proceed into her lair

3. Charge her with melee weapon and shield. STAY BLOCKED at first until you see her pattern. She will (if I remember correctly) will pull you in, rear back, knock you back, spit poison then pull you back in.

4. When she stops biting and rears back you have about 3 to 5 swings from a standard weapon. A speed buffed weapon would be great at this moment!!

5. Keep following this pattern until she dies.

If you are not poison resisted I don't know if this melee pattern will work.
Defeat Any boss Easy
For this to work you need 2 characters And some sort of ranged Weapon so import one and grab a friend or something Get 1 character with a shield to block as the other character Shoots the boss

Get the bosses attention by making the defender hit it them Block while the boss is beating away at a shield the attacker can pound it with arrows!
Easy way to beat shelox or kronit at any difficulty
-----First Comes Shelox-----
In order to defeat her easily, you must have a melee weapon handy. Dodge her posion and when she shoots a web at you let her hit you. Then, run to her and swing your weapon like a psycho. She'll only be able to hit you only about five times if you do this correctly.

-----Kronit is next-----
In act 3, you should come to a giant guarding a gave opening. In order to defeat him, all you have to do is use the black blast as a shadow knight. He wont see you. But when he does run away and use it again. If you arent a shadow knight, just use some sort of ranged attack. All of the classes have one. If it requires mana, then it will take a little longer time. if you are using a bow, just keep hitting him and run away when he gets close. You will not be hit.
Get any player a quick level
When your by the save underwater near the boss and take the guy you were playing as and import a good level 1 archer and defeat the little skeleton warrior and get the shell on you left corner then lure the boss to the opening shoot the arrows though the opening and dont stop until its dead. When your done you will be level 9 with 200 on each stat and one section from level 10. Go back to Water's Edge and save then do it again and you will be almost level 20 with over 400 on each stat.
How to beat Innoruuk easily
First buy a bow from the shopkeeper in the Plane of Air. If you have a poison gland or any enhancement that odds poison, add it. If you do not, well try to buy a bow with it already in it. Then when you go to fight Innoruuk, run away from him until he doesn't follow you. Make sure his life bar is still at the bottom of the screen. If it is, then just shoot arrows until you find him, and unload in that area. Poison hurts him significantly.
power level up
Ok. I discover this. As long as you have a charter on Champion level at the Cloud Giant you can turn a level 1 charter into a level 50 with all skill and stat points. Simply take the giant to a hair of its life with the Champion charter then import over that charter with the LV. 1 charter and beat him. Also note you can do this with the Dark Abysmall, but you only go up to LV.36 since it is easier to beat through the door where it cannot go.
P.S.: This is great for Return to Arms on the 4 Horse man Cheat.
queen ant trick
in the room were you fight the queen ant on the uper left there is a piller. between the piller and the wall there is a gap it looks big but the queen ant will not fly up and be able to hit you. so stand back throught stuff at her and smack away the little ants.
run down
when you are in the lava pits and you get the lava rider run down as many bugs and lava gaints as posible and piick up stuff, it is great because you don't take damage.
Short Sharp Shocks
Okay, this has to deal with bombs.

Let\'s start with the chest bombs. You know, you\'re almost always caught unawares by \'em. And when you try to run, you take a burning splinter to the back. So, don\'t run. Stand your ground and guard. Hey, your shield defends against the big-arse blades your average boss has, so why not a teeny little bomb?

And what about those little barrels of boom in the gobbo caves? Well, don\'t just set them off for the heck of it. Use them for something! Look for the nearest enemies, annoy \'em, and run away. Watch where they stop following you. Then, take a barrel and push it towards that particular spot, maybe a little further. Then tick \'em off again. When you run past the barrels, hit square to light them. Then watch the blast rip the little greenskin(s) to shreds!
The Easy Way To Defeat Shelox In Act I
As soon as the boss fight begins, you will want to run to the left or right of the arena so you don't get hit by her web. If you do, just run to the left or right while she's reeling you in to get to her side so she can't bite you, then hit her with some good ol' melee or ranged damage attacks until the web breaks. It helps to have poison resist jewelry on you. You will want to stay to her side at all times, about a sword's swing away, and just keep on pounding her with arrows or melee damage.
Where The 7 Trinkets Are In The City Of Kathuaan
The first thing you want to do is go to the dungeon entrance on the far east side of the city. Slash your way through the dungeon and pick up the trinket. When you exit, you should be on a second story balcony on the west side of the city, kill all the shadowknights and by the first treasure chest you see on your way out, you will find the second trinket. Go through the other dungeon on the balcony to find 2 more trinkets. Go out of the dungeon and go through the entrance on the northwest side of the city. You will find another trinket (?) and emerge in the other part of the city, a trinket will be in a corner to the left of where you exited (with your champions back facing you.) Go through the exit and go to the shopkeeper Gol. He will give you a shard off Inny hate and lower his huge prices!


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When you're surrounded, try to get your back to the wall and into a narrow area where only a few enemies will be able to close in on you. If you can manage this you'll be able to block enemy attacks and attack only when you see an opening, taking the enemy down one by one as necessary. Be wary of larger beasts however, as they may have explosive magic or knockdown attacks that ignore the player's block.

Works in both Champions of Norrath, and Champions: Return to Arms.
Death to the Elves !
There is a glitch in Act 1.
Any NPC Elf running around, not stationary, can be killed. They give roughly 140-160exp each.
You can kill them by selecting the Erudite Wizard.
Select the spell, Shock of Fire, and aim it by an elf, make sure it hits something so it will explode next to them. It takes a little time, but shortly they will persih giving exp, and items and a little gold.
Good Luck XD ... //
Dual Wield at Level 1
Start a new game and pick a Dark Elf.
Go through the creation process until you have to enter a name for your character.
Enter the name you want and before hitting the enter button hold :

L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 + R3 + Triangle

... and then while holding these down press enter and continue holding them until you get to where you can actually move your character. Make sure you can press the Start button to skip past the next story / movie and go on to playing.
Now that your ready go break some fruit baskets or kill some monsters until you get another weapon. Now go into your items screen and in the weapons you have just put that other weapon in your SK other hand.
This also works for the barbarian ^^
Easy level up
Alright, the way to do this is to get the diffuculty champion. Start a new game on champion and when you go to lesser feydark fight the dude before you enter that cave at the end but do not kill him leave a sliver of life. Then import a level 1 character and kill him and your character will be on level 42 after. For this I used the dark elf, wood elf, and the barbarian. you no iv'e been playin for a while cause my dark elf is on level 92.
Hear the Players Talk ^^
Allow the game to idle for over one minute.
Your character will say something like " Isn't there something more important to do ?? "
Item and Money Duplication
You need at least one memory card and two analog controllers for this trick to work and is only valid for the Normal (non-Internet) Campaign.

The basic premise is that you can import your own character, then dump the clone's equipment on the ground so your original character can snatch them up and sell (or use) them. To do this, press start after saving, then import your character from that save into the second player spot. you now have the same equipment and armor and weapons, etc. The game tends to delete items if they are left on the ground, so it's best for any items you intend to transfer be on the original character before you add or delete a cloned character. this works in both 2 player or 1 player mode.

Kathuun prices
Gol, the shopkeeper in Kathuun, says if you bring him trinkets he'll lower his prices. He doesn't though.
kill kelethin elves
When your selecting your race choose wood elf and use the lvl 20 cheat and put up your fire arrow stat when your done shoot a fire arrow againt a wall and when an elf walks into it he'll catch onfire keep doing this until he dies.

*note this does not work on guards in faydark forest.
Level 42
me and my friend found this out.

You have to get to champion to do this, you can try it in the lower difficulties but i doubt it will work as well,
go down to feydark forest, and before you enter the caves you have to fight a boss, i forget the name but that doesnt matter, its not hard to figure out, weaken him untel he has a sliver of life, you should be able to acomplish this with 2 players with atleast 1 level 20 resing if you die, then befor he dies create a new character, then deleate the one you are using, and kill him with your level 1, this is the difficult part, you either have to have one of the guards kill him, but be carefull because if he kills the guard you gain 5 levels, this is not what we want, either that or you will have to do it your self with a bow, or the hard way, you get a sertain distance before he turns around then you have to run up and get him from behind. once he is dead you gain 42 levels with 1 bubble to the next level. Enjoy!


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Raise your character to level 20
For this cheat to work, your player MUST be level 1, and only works in the North American version of the game. When you enter this code, your player will jump to level 20, have 75,000 gold, and have 999 stat points. The bad thing is, your player will have the same amount of STR, INT, DEX, and STA as when you created him/her. Enter the code in gameplay:

Hold L1 + R2 + Triangle + R3

Check your stats and you'll note the level ups.

It's important to remember that your character will lack those extra points from true level ups. You can use the infinite stat raise glitch (the one during 2 player character creation) to raise those stats as much as you think is needed for a level 20 player character.

Edit: User "Desolation" notes that you do not have to level 1 for the cheat to work.