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Evergrace cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlimited Blue Fruit
Play as Sharline. Whn you first start, grab the bow and pot lid and head down to the save crystal. Kill the Flower which will drop a blue fruit 100% of the time. After you get the blue fruit enter the shop through the crystal and exit. The Flower will be back and will still drop a blue fruit.
Unlimited Blue Fruit (Darius)
When you start as Darius, get the sword and then head to the stone archway, where you will see a flying monster. Kill it and it will drop a blue fruit. Head back to the crystal and then go to the shop. Keep repeating until you have maxed out your stats.


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Easy Money
While playing as Darius, in the shrine under the castle there is a Save Crystal. Continue down the walkway you will fight a giant stone monster. Go left or right from that room you can find as many as four of these opponents. There is a good chance that they will drop a Palmira Ore, which sells for 1,000. They also drop Red Fruits on occasion, which also makes this location a good place to increase Darius' stats and equipment levels.
Fashion Show
Depending on the color and combination of the armor and weapons you're wearing, the save crystal shopkeeper will give you a rating based on your appearance. If you can get a high enough rating for both characters, he'll give you a special item. The following is a small list of some of the highest rated items by the shopkeeper's standards.



Armor Of Frost/BLUE
Flayed Skin Armor/RED
Paldio Breastplate/BROWN

Dragolos Boots/BLUE or BLACK
Speed Boots/RED

Billiana Hood/YELLOW
Divine Halo/YELLOW
Rabbit Helm/RED

Band Of Clarity



Absorption Armor/BLACK
Darkforge Armor/RED
Flayed Skin Armor/RED
Volt Suit/YELLOW

Armored Boots/RED or SILVER
Speed Boots/BLUE
Woven Boots/RED

Azure Headband/BLACK
Divine Halo/YELLOW
Jemila Ribbon/RED
Paldio Helm/RED
Swan Beret/BLUE

Elder's Ring

Note: Also, keep in mind that you will get better ratings if what you're wearing matches or if it's all the same color. It's also better if your equipment is at max upgrade level. For example, if you wear all the HRL gear colored RED for Sharline, you'll get a perfect rating from the shopkeeper.
Find The Degulta
When you arrive at the Coliseum during Darius' half of the adventure, do not head inside to the heart of the Coliseum yet. Instead, run around the outside of that area until you find an enemy with a Degulta of its own. Defeat it and you will get the weapon.
Find The Heavenly Axe
After the Djinn fight at Abandoned Road during Darius' adventure, you'll enter a room with Sienna in it. Do not talk to her right away. Instead, head to the right and pick up the Heavenly Axe first.
Foot Statue Puzzle
When you come to the section of Sharline's game with the statue that only has a pair of feet, you will need to remove all of your armor and weapons except for your boots to progress through to the next section. Once you have removed the appropriate items, check out the statue and you will be transported to another area.

In this area is another statue puzzle, the Archer. Equip your Solta Bow and unequip all your armor except for a pair of red boots and stand on the platform across from the Archer. A room will open up with a treasure chest containing the Statue Torso.

Return to the original room and attach the torso. Then, remove all your armor and weapons again except for your boots and body armor. Access the statue again and be transported to yet another area.

When you get the Statue Head from this new section, head back to the original room once again and repeat the process to be transported to the final area.
Money Tips
To heighten the amount of money you receive during game play, raise your luck stat with red and blue fruit.

Another way of raising your luck stat is to wear as little as possible, experiment with the different affects all of the items of clothing have on your luck stat. Some items will even increase it.

You can gain palmira ore from palmira bees and certain enemies. Sell these to get 1000 palmira pieces! (That is the only function the palmira ore has.)

To summon a palmira bee, you will have to hit natural and out-of-place elements of the level with a hard attack to get the bee to come out. Use a strong palmira action to kill it. Your best chance at killing it is to turn so your back is facing it and use a strong attack such as divine light or lightning storm to kill it. (Credit for this tactic goes to SerialZero.)

Palmira bees can sometimes be summoned in twos and threes if you use a palmira action instead of a hard attack to drive them out. For a certain chance at getting a bee to appear, stand next to the blue fallen pillar next to the fountain at saramad hill, with your back facing it, use the lightning storm palmira action on the volt suit and wait for the bee to appear KEEP YOUR BACK TO IT and use lightning storm again. This will kill the bee and it will drop a palmira ore, a dark guide post or nothing.
Shadow Tower / Dark Guide Posts
The secret level known as the shadow tower or shadow dungeon holds a fantastic bounty of weapons which are unavailable in the normal game.

To get there you will need a dark guide post. These are available in 2 places.
1)One is available in a chest located in rieubaine castle.
2)They can be obtained by killing palmira bees.

The latter method is the better as you can carry up to 9 dark guide posts at a time. (You can only use a dark guide post once.)

To obtain a dark guide post, you must find a palmira bee by hitting elements of the landscape with your weapon or a palmira action (lightning storm works best). The best places to attack are the blue pillar at saramad hill (next to the fountain), anywhere where you can find billiana tree roots (i.e. the underground shrine or the abandoned road) and the small rod-like pillars at the entrance of the soaring tower.

To kill a palmira bee, face with your back towards a known source of palmira bees, use a surrounding palmira action (one that attacks all sides) and then use the same action once the bee appears - thus killing it!

Next how to use a dark guide post - simply go to a save crystal, select 'status' and then go into items and use a dark guide post!
You will be prompted to save (recommended!)

For further help on the hidden dungeon/shadow tower try posting on the neoseeker evergrace forum!
Shadow Tower Bridge Blocks
Each level of Shadow Tower (the secret Dark Guide Post stage) right before the boss fight has a bridge that needs to be created in order to get to the boss portal. In order to get each block of the bridge to appear, a certain number of "Key" monsters need to be defeated in that stage. You will know which creature is the "Key" as soon as you kill the first one, as a small cut scene will lead over to the boss portal and the first block will appear. Simply kill enough of the same creature and you will have a clear path to the boss fight.
Sharline Money Check
In the Human Research Lab Level 2-

Stand by the Save Crystal, in the green hallway like area, fight the monster's and take the money. Leave that room, go across the whole building (there are flying objects you can walk on to get across) and go in the door and kill the monster for him to drop a red fruit. Go back in to the save crystal and repeat.

I have gotten my money to reach 9999, and over 100 points on each stats. Just keep repeating, buy all the armor, boots, weapons, and helmets, and upgrade to HIGH. Then buy all the accessories.
Shop Discounts
Get some use out of those mushrooms! Any mushroom you find during gameplay can be used at the Save Crystal Shop to get discounts on weapons, armor and even inventory items. Simply talk to the shop keeper when you have a mushroom in stock. Give the mushroom to him and the next item you buy will be much cheaper.

Here are some areas you can find mushrooms at:

Royal Commons - Path to Royal Shrine
Abandoned Road - Path to Stage Boss
Morpheus' Secret Lab - Granddaughter's Room

Saramad Hill - River Edge
Castle Rieubane - Resting Room
Royal Commons - Pathway behind Merida
Unlimited Red Fruit
There's an area in the game where you can acquire all the red fruit you'll ever need to max out your stats.

In the Soaring Tower level (where you find the Forest Of Knowledge), there's an area where ten Bashguds will appear out of thin air. Each time you defeat one you'll get a red fruit.

Then, return to the lower level of the tower and enter the Save Crystal Shopping Area. Exit and go back up to where you found the Bashguds. Ten more should appear. Keep doing this until you've maxed out your stats.