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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (PS2) Cheats

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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the fat and the skinny
go to the building on lvl 6 and you will see the fat guy TKing one of our people if you go next to him he wont see ya
PasswordWhat it does
R1 R2 L1 x triangleunlocks all moves
R2 R1 xxx boxbeing able to tk r self and unfinishable TK
R2 R2 xxxx R2 R1 R1suck souls
r1 r2 l1 xeveryone will start saying foul words to you while fighting


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Extra Missions
Find gnomes throughout the game to unlock extra missions.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Floor of Death Gnome in level 4
Panic Room Gnome in level 3
Up And Over Gnome in level 4
Stop Lights Gnome in level 7
Gasoline Gnome in level 6
Bottomless Pit Gnome in level 4
TK Alley Gnome in level 2
GearShift Gnome in level 3
Tip The Idol Gnome in level 1
Psi Pool Gnome in level 6
Aura Pool Gnome in level 8
Bouncy Bouncy Gnome in level 2
Survival Mode Gnome in level 3
Gnomotron, Unlock all extra missions find all Gnomes
Unlock Extra Skins
UnlockableHow to unlock
Barrett Finish the game on elite
Burnt Soldier Finish the game on normal
Dockworker Finish the game on easy
Dragon Wei Lu Finish the game on hard
General (clown) Collect all six orbs in the General Boss Battle
General Finish the game on elite
Jack Finish the game on elite
Jov Finish the game on elite
Komiko Finish the game on normal
Labcoat Finish the game on easy
Marlena "Pyro" (leather) Finish the game on elite
Marlena "Pyro" Finish the game on elite
MP1 Finish the game on easy
MP2 Finish the game on normal
MP3 Finish the game on hard
Sara (psi) Finish the game on hard
Sara (suicide) Finish the game on hard
Sara Finish the game on normal
Stealth Nick Finish the game on elite
Tonya Finish the game on hard
Training Nick Finish the game on easy
UN Soldier Finish the game on easy
Urban Nick Finish the game on normal
Wasteland Nick Finish the game on hard
Wei Lu Finish the game on normal
To enter these, simply scroll down to “Extra Content" and pull the right trigger, or push the R1 button. A keypad will appear.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Playing Modes-
Arcade Mode05051979
Coop Mode07041979
Survival Mode7734206
Dark Mode465486
Nick Models-
Training Nick 564689
Urban Nick 484646
Wasteland Nick 975466
Stealth Nick 456498
Sara Models-
Sara 135488
Psi Sara 468799
Suicide Sara 678999
Barett Models-
Barrett 497878
Training Barret1 196001
Training Barret2 196002
Training Barret3 196003
Training Barret4 196004
Training Barret5 196005
training Barret6 196006
Wei Lu Models-
Wei LuL 231324
Dragon Wei Lu 978789
Tranquility WeiLu 654654
Other Models-
General 459797
Clown General 431644
Marlena 489788
Tonya 136876
Fetish Pyro 231644
Bikini Pyro 135454
Saranae 65496873
Jov 468987
MP1 321646
MP2 698799
MP3 654659
Jack 698798
Soldier 365498
Burned Soldier 454566
Labcoat 998789
Dock Worker 364654
Komiko 978798
Scorpion 546546
Extra Missions-
Pitfall 05120926
PanicRoom 76635766
Up And Over 020615
Stop Lights 945678
Gasoline 9442662
Bottomless Pit 154897
TK Alley 090702
Gear Gauntlet 154684
Tip The Buddha 428584
Psi Pool 565485
Aura Pool 659785
Bouncy Bouncy 568789
Gnomotron 456878


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"Fears Don't Lie" Level Hint
Enter the door, go into a crouch and you will see two guards and a worke. Kill all them immediately with a barrage of pyro. If one of them hits the alarm shut it off ASAP THIS WILL KEEP MORE GUARDS FROM COMING. Now collect two med packs - one in the hallway by the fountain and the other by the first two guards you killed. Now go down the hallway by the first two guards and shoot airduct. Go into air duct this will access the illusion maze.
Defeating Nicolas Wrightson, master of RV
To defeat Wrightson, move into the corner of the room and try to get the lasers to destroy the moniters for you.

This method works well and all the moniters are destroyed quite quickly. Just be sure to have a few medi-packs and be able to fend off the aura beasts.
Gnome Locations
Tip the Idol: The gnome in Level 1
Hop over the fence in the hallway just before the turret/elevator and TK the gnome to you (it can be seen through a floor vent).

TK Alley: First gnome in Level 2
TK surf into the second story of the cryo lab once the countdown begins. The gnome is behind the wall where Leonov stood.

Bouncy, Bouncy: Second gnome in Level 2
It's in a niche between the two static filled jumbotrons at the very end of the level. Walk up the broken floor that forms a slant and TK the gnome.

Gearshift: First gnome in Level 3
It's on the roof of the shipyard entrance near the guard post where you obtain MC. Stack up boxes to reach the rooftop, turn around, and TK the gnome.

Panic Room: Second gnome in Level 3
Inside the shipyard there's a hidden area enclosed by the large shipping crates. Face the office, it's to the left of guard tower with the crane lift.

Bottomless Pit: First gnome in level 4
After destroying the four "chompers" in the room with the dock worker cutscene, the gnome is inside a secret passage connecting the pair on the right.

Up & Over: Second gnome in level 4
In the conveyor belt room, there is a pair of ladders in the far right corner. Hop off the conveyor belt to scale the fence. The ladder leads to it.

Floor of Death: First gnome in level 5
Destroy a vent at the marble atrium in the hall leading to the illusion chamber control room. Enter the shaft and turn right twice to find the gnome.

Survival: Second gnome in level 5
Start walking forward when the graveyard battle begins. You'll see the gnome behind a tree in the far corner (near a medical kit).

Gasoline: First gnome in level 6
After the fusion reactor is deactivated, walk through the door and climb down the ladder to find the gnome in the pool.

Psi Pool: Second gnome in level 6
Destroy the triple turrets to the right of the entrance to Marlena's chamber. The gnome is in the back left corner of the adjacent computer room.

Stoplights: The gnome in level 7
Kill the snipers at the spawn then make a staircase of boxes. The gnome is on the facade's third story left (search with the sniper scope then TK it).

Aura Pool: The gnome in level 8
It's behind a boulder just before you enter the alien gateway (long green & black catwalk before the elevator to the final battle).

Gnomotron: Find all gnomes
Collect all thirteen main mission gnomes (and save your game each time).
how to beat fusion tower puzzle
The easy way to beat this puzzle is as follows. Hit the first switch in the room you enter after you mind drain the blue boy and kill the first guard. Then when you enter the fusion hallway...you have five seconds of running time after hitting switch 1. So exit and go to your right. you will see another blue boy in the distance. well run to him and stand infront of him and keep him from running away. after a few seconds he will just cower and stay put...you need him to say put. then make your way to k3 room number 3. then from their if you look to the right you will see blue boy in the distance and a guard on your left. So peeking out, without getting hit by the fusion blast, m.k., the blue boy...run to room 2 and hit the switch, kill him off..have him kill the guard what ever, just hit the switch and go back into your body to save psi power. then m.k the guard on your left in the distance, and do the same for room 4...then all that is left is room 3 and there is another blue boy and 1 guard that cannot be t.k.'d or m.k.'d.. just blast him with your gun and go into the door. Your can go back into the other rooms once the reactor is off...only if you are greedy...but there will be a bunch of guards that have the special suits on...so you have to shoot it out....good luck
Mind Control Suicide
I assume that everyone who has played Psi-Ops and liked it knows how to make MP's commit suicide, if not, i will tell you. When you have someone mind controlled, just press and hold down the two analog sticks (these are referred to as L3 and R3). You will have to hold them down for a long time though (just be patient). After a while of holding down those two analog sticks, the MP will kneel down, and shot himself in the head with what ever gun he has.

***Note*** - Be cautious. Doing mind control suicide to anybody will drain about half your PSI energy bar.

***Another Note*** - After the person shoots them self's, they cannot be mind drained (because there head is blown off)
Mind Drain Trick
To blow someones head up with Mind Drain without sneaking up on them.

Use TK to hold an MP in the air, run behind them then drop them, quickly use MD.
usefull tips
in the game there are a few good tips, like when fighting use anything to cover fire. such as a body or a box. all you do is lift it up to ur hieght, move, and when ready throw it. they usually kill the enimes too. btw, dont use people that shoot back when lifted. also on the levels where there is a movement decting machine guns, the ones that fire withought the need of a bad guy, to get past them levitate a box, or human, or something. it will start firing at it, will it does, make your escape. and lastly your best weapon is stealth, if you go and charge the enemy, they will destroy you, you will die, you will burn, you will lose, and you will get mad. AVIOD USING ANYTHING NON-SILENT! and i find telekinisis or whatever it is the most powerful psi-power.
verified bug
The boss battle against marlena, i found out that if you save at the check point right before you go into the room to battle her as soon as the words checkpoint comes up, a glitch will occur. When you go into the battle, the contraption that raises up with the canisters you are supposed to use to t.k. marlena with, well this will not raise up. This happened to me when i first got to that level.I didnt realize it was a bug until i read one of the faqs. Anyhow i would raise the canisters out of the hole and still beat the machine, but when marlena came out...i had no more canisters,i thought i was doing something wrong. So i must have continued from that checkpoint a hundred times because i am a determined gamer. I was ready to give up and decide this game sucked. Then i read the faq. I had to start from the previous level, using the level select, and bam, the cannisters were refilled as you use them up. So this is just a tip for those of you who get to this point and this happens to you. I tried it 4 times and it happens again and again. There is also a little slow down when you restart from that checkpoint.
weil lu boss battle/ stone samurais
easy way to kill stone samurais. Use pyro to freeze them momentarily...then go behind them and use the mind drain...explode their heads...then they are dead dead dead. as soon as you kill a samurai,look for the ones that are that are coming to life...then run behind them and you have a few seconds to mind drain them right away without having to use pyro. Wei lu....just keep throwing the stone blocks....keep hiding behind the pillars.


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From the Cheat Sheet Master Database at www.g4techtv.com.

Cheat Page: http://www.g4techtv.com/html/cheat.asp?view=list&gametitle_key=3355

When at the Main Menu higlight the Extra Content option and press the R1 trigger button. A keypad will appear on screen. Enter in the following codes, you'll get a confirmation at the bottom of the screen when codes are entered in correctly.

Unlimited Ammo 978945
No Head 987978 Super PSI 456456
All Powers From Start 537893
Bulletproof 548975
TK Alley 090702
Psi Pool 565485
Bouncy Bouncy 568789
Aura Pool 659785
Panic Room 76635766
Up And Over 020615
Pitfall 05120926
Gnomotron 456878
Gasoline 9442662
Gear Gauntlet 154684
Bottomless Pit 154897
Tip The Idol 428584
Stop Lights 945678