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First Level Lift - Control's Mistake

On the first level in the game, the bridge will explode and Control will tell you to get into the lift on the right. This is wrong. If you face the factory where the bridge has just blown up, you will find the lift is actually on the far left across a small bridge.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Choccy on August 16, 2008


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A bit of a fun glitch in the game.

If you continuously tap L1 and try to move around, instead of walking, you hover!

Quite funny and sometimes quicker than walking. However, you only hover whilst you are tapping L1, once you stop you drop to the ground and continue to walk normally.
Verified by: coopz651 Submitted by: Choccy on August 16, 2008


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At main menu press, up ,up,up,up , and then press x.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: jeremy buchan on December 03, 2001

Cheat Mode

During a game, press [X] to bring up the team menu. Press and hold Select, and then press the Left analog stick Up. Immediately rotate it clockwise three times, and then immediately rotate it counterclockwise three times. If you entered the code correctly, a green triangle will appear below the Log icon in the lower-right corner. Select the triangle to display the Cheats menu.
Verified by: topper Submitted by: Kaxio on April 18, 2002