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2 player strategy part 1 (i will do more!)
Part 1

Mixing characters

There are three categories for two player mixing.
For example, if you mix, say Lu Bu with Gan ning, you have an offensive combo. if you mix Sima Yi with Zhuge liang you have a defensive combo.
But if you mix Lu Bu with Sima Yi, you have a balanced combo.

A character 2p stat can be recognised by their first triangle move.

For example, Huang zhong shoots 5 arrows from his bow. that is defensive (or ranged if you want to call it that). Xu Zhu picks up his enemy, throws him up in the air and whacks him with his giant club. that is offensive. I will give a list of the categories and the corresponding players next part.
Ambush Troops do not appear.
On Zhou Tai's legend, if you defeat Taishi Ci before he calls the ambush, he'll say, "Now! Launch the ambush!" but no ambush soldiers will appear. If you do not defeat him before he says that, the ambush troops do appear.
Easy Weapon Experience
First off, you must have cleared Xiao Qiao's level with her. Simply go back with any character on any difficulty and clear all of the opponents. Each mini-boss nets about 200 exp per spawn on Easy, and Cao Cao gives 400 each time. The easiest way is:
-Cao Cao first, since he's right in front of you. He always drops Ointment, which recovers everything 100%
-Xiahou Dun (on the west side) next. Pick up the attack bonus, and make sure to do so after each mini-boss
-Xu Zhu to the north
-Dian Wei on the east
-Cao Ren on the south
By then, Cao Cao will have respawned. Don't engage him in combat just yet...
-Go back to the west, where Xiahou Dun will respawn (if he hasn't already)
-North again to kill Xu Zhu again
-NOW go on the roof and fight Cao Cao again
-Go south immediately and kill Cao Ren again
-Finish Dian Wei off
-Go back on the roof, just above the bridge on the west side, and fight Cao Cao two more times. The fourth retreat is the last, and right afterwards Xiahou Yuan appears. Kill him, and finally dispose of Cao Cao for good.
Extremely easy level 11 weps
unlock all level 10 weapons in DW4, then import the save into DW4XL and level the weapons up from 10 to 11 for quickest L.11 weapons.
master musou
First select your difficutly and then go to Lu Bu`s Legend. Then just keep killing until Sun Jian appear then kill him. After killing Sun Jian continue killing the enemy until Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun appear, don't kill them yet just keep killing until 1300. Then a supply team will appear at the bottom gate by the tree. If you wanna make sure where they are press start then go to history and look for a sentence that its said that, "a supply unit carrying a valuable item," then go there as fast as you can, then kill the supply captain. If the character your using is weak or pathetic I suggest put the difficulty in hard. And also you must have your character with a level 10 weapon because it's easier to get the item.

FAILURE: If you kill Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun before defeating 1300 you won't get the item, and if the supply unit passes through the gate.
More Powerful True Musou Attacks
Any character that has a projectile on their True Musou Attack (Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Pang Tong, Meng Huo, Zhen Ji all the time, Lu Bu, Dong Zhou and Cao Ren on their last hit) can be upgraded. First you need the Secret of the Orbs item, and the Way of Musou (to get a True Musou Attack every time) and equip an orb, and when you do your Musou Attack, the power of the orb will take effect during the Musou. Equipping Ice Orb will freeze some people, whereas Vorpal turns your Musou into something that can kill Lu Bu in one Musou Attack.
Supportive stuff.
Level 11 Weapon trick!
Get either Zhou Tai or Ma Chao's level 11 weapon (simply the horse ability). Select a persons legend (for instance Zhuge Liang) set Zhuge Liang in a corner (assuming its 2 player) then make Zhou Tai kill everyone untill the thing says "final weapon Divine Feather achieved". Easy! I already have 10 level 11 weapons. 4 in 1 day! Simple!
Tips for Zhang Fei's mission
(most of the information, i got from Muni Shinobu) I usually play this mission to train my characters and level them up. In the beginning, if you kill about 25 - 75 soldiers, or about 1 or 2 minutes pass by, they will start to retreat. First Group (Xiahou Dun, Yu Jin) arrives. Xiahou Dun will challenge most charcters to duels. Xiahou Yuan will challenge many characters to duels. Then, the Second Group (Cao Ren, Zhang He, Li Dian) arrives. Cao Ren will challenge some characters to duels. Zhang He will only challenge a few characters to duels. Then, the Third Group (Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, Yue Jin) arrives. Xu Huang will challenge some characters to duels. Xu Zhu will only challenge a few characters to duels. Then, Cao Cao arrives. On the Right Side of the Left Enemy Stronghold, there is Musou Up +10 (the box closest to the corner), and on the Left Side of the Right Enemy Stronghold, there is Life Up +10. (the box closest to the corner) In about 6-8 minutes into stage, Zhao Yun will arrive coming through the Left Enemy Stronghold, after rescuing Liu Chan. When you let many soldiers pass through the Chang Ban Bridge, Guan Yu will arrive at the Bridge, saying "You have endured well. I shall assist you." If you do not leave the Bridge, not let any soldiers pass the bridge, and defeat all of Cao Cao's officers, and get 300 KOs, you can find Supply Captain at the Bottom-Center of the map heading for the Right Enemy Stronghold. Kill him to get the precious item.

Quotes from Liu Bei for each time groups of soldiers pass the bridge.
1. "Blast! They have caught up already."
2. "There is nowhere left to run."
3. "I weep for the people."
4. "If things continue like this...."
and then, if enough soldiers get through, his group will be defeated.


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A New Ending for a New Mode
If you been to the movies and sounds in options you will notice some ???. When you complete all to Legend mode levels on any diffcuilty you will unlock the credits and the music.
bodyguard manuel
play cao rens legend on normal and go to gan ning right away kill no one but him once he dies it will say a valuable item has appeared
code of chivalry
beat lubus' record in arena mode :no time limit during duels:
Easy level 11 weapon trick
Here's what to do:
1. Start a game on Expert difficulty.
2. Save at any point.
3. Change the game difficulty to Beginner.
4. Do not restart the saved game.
5. Start a new game.
6. Soft reset in-game (Select+Start).
7. Re-start the saved mid-game.
That way it's easier to get level 11 weapons. However the enemies attack, defense, and hp will remain the same.
fire arrows
play haung zhongs legend and when the gates open inside the castle kill no one except guan ping zhou cang it will say a valuable item has appeared
Improved Musou without upgrade
When playing on ANY mode with ANY character, get your health down until it's red. Your musou will regenerate faster, even without attacking, and your musou attack will have more strikes and strength.
Liu Bei's Weapon
Play as a second person. Kill anyone with kim but hide Liu Bei. Kill all generals, regardless of peasents, and the weapon is yours.
Lu Bei's level 11 weapon (King of Shu)
On Lu Bei's Legend mode on extreme difficulty defeat all enemy generals without killing the peasants (enemy troops), after the last general is defeated, the message should appear.

It's a pain because the enemy generals keep retreating and the peasants get in the way too.
Lu bu lvl 10 weapon
=== Lu Bu ===
Name: skypeircer Map: Hu Lao Gate
Restrictions: No bodyguards
1. Get 800 KOs before the three brothers arrive.
MAKE SURE IT IS ON EXPERT this is the for sure way to get lu bu's lvl 10 weapon
lubu lvl 11 weapom
after u got the lvl 10 weapon that i showed u how to get put the diffculty on expert and get 2000 kills befor u beat lubu's legend
power rune
play zhuge liangs legend and kill no one but the one he wants to marry:YUE YING:
unlock shadow harnness
Shadow Harness is easy to get, first go to legend of cao cao in any difficulty, then go kill all the officer as fast as you can. And by the way, you need to kill zhange fei last. After you killed Zhange Fei, wait for Guan Yu to appear. Then let him escape. Wait for awhile. Then it will say in the screen that a valuable item has been found, then press start and go to history and look at where is the item is located.
unlock shadow harrness
first go to legend of cao cao in any difficulty, then go kill all the officer as fast as you can. And by the way, you need to kill zhange fei last. After you killed Zhange Fei, wait for Guan Yu to appear. Then let him escape. Wait for awhile. Then it will say in the screen that a valuable item has been found, then press start and go to history and look at where is the item is located, easy