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Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends cheat codes.


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4th weapons
4th weapons to standard generals must be obtained via Legend mode: Hard or Chaos

Equipment recomended (by me):
Harness: Red Hare Harness
Orb: Light or Fire
Way of mosou
True way of mouso
Wind scroll
Tiger amulet
Art of war
(this are also recomended)
Star lash band or something (increases luck)
(those above this two are mostly recommended)

Some of the 4th weapons:
Struggle for the book:
Pang tong:
reach master lao within 7 minutes and 30 seconds

i recomend ride straigth up to the guard captain and avoid the winds... (go thru that gate...)
Defeat Master Lao phantom as quick as possible and ride in...
Also defeat Liu Bei, Cao Cao and sun jian quick if your lucky Zuo Ci and Zhang Jiao haven'y gotten in to the castle jet... Now defeat the phantoms of Zuo Ci and Zhang Jiao followed by 2 pang tongs and ride straigth into the inner castle... ride to master lao and the item should appesr nearby...
Remember to stay with only slaying:
1 Guard captain
1 phantom of master lao (you do not need to take down the lieutanents
3 great general phantoms
4 magic phantoms (zuo ci, pang tong, zhang jiao)

Zhang jiao:
Zhang jiaos is MUCH more easyer then pang tong's;
Defeat the phantomss of liu bei, sun jian and cao cao within 5 minutes of the stages start:

Ride up and defeat the master lao phantom, then enter the castle and be ready to face Cao Cao first... Watch out for elephants...
When cao cao is down ride either way to defeat liu bei or sun jian and then take down the other one..

item should appear near master lao
Early game 2nd and 3rd weapons
In Legend mode complete Husbands and Wives mission. After completing it you can choose any character you want instead of the ones you have to pick. Do it with any character you want to get better weapons for.

Now when you redo the mission, head to the castle at the bottom and enter the entrance south of it. Once inside go left till you see a wooden crate, break it open and you'll find your 2nd weapon. Next head to the castle all the way at the top. Enter and break the wooden crate open to get 3rd weapon.

But of course you still have to complete the mission to obtain them.
Easieast Way to Get your 4th weapon
HEy here is the easiest way to get your Unique Characters fourth weapon:

Go to Legend Mode and play the Guan Yu's, Guan Pings, and Xing Cai's legend Mode stage Mai Castle it has so many enemy soldiers crawling on the battlefield you should reach 1,000 K.O's in no time.

Easy Winning in Destiny mode
Choose Ling Tong to be your General.
His weapons are very fast and he has 2 large range attacks.
For the skills.Choose Volley,Fire attack,Musou,Rage,They make your attacks very strong.
Becareful of the enemies.They attack in very fast speed as well as archers.
If you are low in life go to your General and he will give you some life.
Edit Mode Character Outfits
Note: The outfits are each earned after the first battle the user completes with the listed skill and rank requirements. Outfits earned at the same rank cannot be earned in the same play through (for example, 4,5 and 6). All outfits are earned in Destiny Mode, but can be used in Edit Mode once unlocked.
All listed are for male/female unless stated otherwise. Some outfits (Light Armor, Heavy Armor) have the same name for both genders. Some outfits are initially available in Edit Mode and will be listed as such. All outfits are in sequential order from left to right on the Edit Mode screen.

01 Jerkin/Cloth Dress Initially available (Destiny/Edit)
02 Light Armor Charge & Health Level 1. Sergeant Rank/ Initially available
03 Leather Jerkin/Combat Dress Any Archery and Search skill. Sergeant Rank/ Initially available
04 Heavy Armor Musou, Health Level 2 and Plate Mail or Basic Mount. Major Rank
05 Tactical Robe/Dancer's Robe 2 each of Leader and Search skills. Major Rank
06 Strategist Robe/Regal Dress 2 each of Leader and Tactics skills. Major Rank/ Initially available
07 Fur Skin/Nanman Dress Complete any level with a Bad Contribution Rating
08 Grand Armor/Maiden Armor Rage, Health Level 3 and any two of Advanced Mount, March or Rally. Lt. General Rank
09 Prime Minister Robe/Sacred Gown Any combination of 6 skills from Leader, Tactics and Search. Lt. General Rank
10 Demon's Armor (Male only) 1500 KO total by the end of Destiny mode
11 Sorceress Gown (Female only) Work under each of the three kingdoms at least once.
Getting The Unique Weapon
Take your edit character to any legend mode stage and get 1000 ko's there. Once you have met the requirements, you will get the message that your character has found a unique weapon. Get it and end it as usual.

Note: There are only two unique weapons for edit characters. Fu Xi's Sword and Nu Wa's Rapier.
Getting Valuable items in Lou sang village.
Hex Mark Harness.
Defeat all Generals at the 4 villages in 5 Minutes.

Wind scroll.
Same as top.But only 1 of them will appear.
Obtaining Special Items
True Way of Musou
How to get it: Play the Battle of Mai Castle and get 1000 KO's.
How to get it:Stand by the gate but don't kill the guard captain yet, wait for the soldiers to come out and destroy them all. It's as simple as that.

Kirin Hoof
How to get it: Play the Showdown at Nan Zhong and kill Xu Huang within 10 minutes after the stage starts.
How I did it:Just charge up to Xu Huang and kill him, that's it.

Naga Earrings
How to get it: Play the Battle of Xin Castle and get 80 KO's with all 4 generals outside the castle killed.
How I did it:After the stage starts, (if you are using Cao Pi) go straight to the bottom and kill the general there also with his troops. Then charge up to the next general who is standing near the gate and you know what to do, right? By this time you already got 2 down and maybe around 50 or 60 or even 80 KO's. Now go kill the other two as fast as you can and if you did it right, you will get the valuable item message.

Ice Arrows
How to get it: Play the Battle of Yang Ping Gate and destroy 20 statues in 5 minutes.
How I did it:I recommend you use Cao Cao or Zhang He because they start at the middle. Go to the higher level as ordered and you will discovered statues and also Zhang Lu (the commander with the freaky voice). If you don't want to be disturb, kill Zhang Lu and then start destroying the statues. There are 10 at the first level, 2 at the east part of the map where Zhao Yun will appear and the remaining at the second level. If you succeed, you will get the valuable item report at the top near Zhang Lu.

Meatbun Sack
How to get it: Play the Battle of Jia Meng Gate and KO Yang Ren, Yang Ang and Yang Song.
How I did it:Go straight to the enemy camp and kill those three. Horse is necessary even though it has no time limit.

Dragon Arms
How to get it: Play the Battle of Mt.Qi and get discovered during the fake retreat by killing enemy generals, then defeat Fei Yao, Dai Ling and Xiahou Ba, then Zhang He.
How I did it:Actually I got this by accident, lure the 3 fore most generals during your retreat and they will catch you then they lose sight of you and halt their advance. Wait till Zhang He send out Task Leader. Go towards them and you will be discovered by them. Then kill all enemy generals with subgenerals along with Zhang He.

Vampire Arms
How to get it: Play the Ten Eunuchs' Rebellion and defeat 4 Rogue Chiefs.
How I did it:Let Dong Zhou's fake Ten Eunuchs appear and in this time He Jin will die. Dong Zhou will replace He Jin as commander. After a few seconds, Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei will appear to protect the emperor. The carriage will appear at the south. Go there and wait for the rogue chief to appear. Kill them 4 times and tadaa, you will get the valuable item report.

You can obtain these items on various levels even Novice. Any mistakes or problems, just e-mail me, I'd appreciate it.
Strong attack in destiny mode
In destiny mode it is often hard to defeat officers and soldiers increadibly fast. There is some methods for doing this, but this is the quickest and most effective.
Weapon with a elemental ball charge attack (C1)
for example: Pang Tong, Lu Meng, Zuo Ci, Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Lu Xun, Zhuo Yu, Cao Pi... and so on
You'll also need the volley, pierce and ice arrow skill (charge and 3-hit)
When you perform the charge attack ice arrows will rain down and hit the enemy. Now just keep pressing the triangle button to summon more arrows and elemental balls... for each third ball you unleash the first one will explode... this will make the enemy officer turn to ice and loose health quickly... The chanes for the enemy to flee is small since he constantle turns to ice... this is also a good crowd clearer attack
Tactical K.O.
Easier way to get tactical K.O.s is to get interrogation and fire skills. Go to an enemy base, wipe out the guards outside and enter the base. run around avoiding enemies for 5s and the fire will commence, then wipe them out. The fire attack will leave everyone inside with almost no hp.

An alternative to that is to wait at the closed gate without attacking or taking damage for 5s for the fire attack.
Unique Weapon for edit mode characters
on Han Shui on hard mode kill 1000 troops and you should get the edit mode characters unique weapon.
Valuable item
Tiger Collar
Level: The two Qiaos
How: Play level as Sun Ce. Head east through Zhou Yu gate then defeat Han Dang, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai and Zhou Tai.
Note: You can kill them in any order but Zhou Tai only appears after you defeat the 3 others.


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Easy Tactical K.O'S
The way to get easy tactical k.o's is mostly letters. You always find a letter every now and then but if u get the interrogate skill then they are found in one of the 2 boxes when u see them, 1 of the 4 guard captains in a base, 1 or 2 men carry them around an officer and of course messengers. Another way is ambush. Once u have this skill u can ambush the enemy and u will get tactical k.o's for raid. When u have the skill go near where an officer is or where u no an officer will be. Press the select button and the ambush will start being prepared, it will soon say ambush ready and on ur map there will be a yellow flashing square. At this point press select again and ur charater will say something to do with the ambush. Kill as many men u can and officers for maximum points!
Fire Orb
stage:Struggle for the Book
effect:adds fire to attacks
how to get:withen 3 min. open the outer 3 gates of the castle.
location:master lao's section of the castle in the top right corner.