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Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (PS2) Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires cheat codes.


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1000 kills? try 1500!!
To obtain the 1000 kills medal for your lovely character you may play the game in any difficulty, but it's better to get it in NOVICE. Attack an area which got lotsa troops, but not the base of the force then deploy only ONE of your character and fight for honor and glory. Occupy all the bases except the ones that linked straight to the main camp (e.g. if you battle at Bai Di Castle don't capture the base in the castle and the two at the northern and southern side of the maincamp). Kill anybody in the maincamp and voila! They will keep appear because you can't capture the maincamp without allied supply line. Keep killing and you'll get 1000 kills in no time
A helpful hint
If you don't like someone's persoanlity, but love there weapon and want to get there fourth weapon, just create a edit character with there weapon. Then works your way and get the ofurth weapon as that person. Congrats, you just got the officers best weapon.
A long Musou
In DW5 Empires, the musou is not long. how to make it a long duration ? first, choose your lovely characters. play it in Empire/Free Mode. and, hold circle to make a long musou. it's easy ! good luck !
Dynasty Warriors 5 Tip
Non-Gameshark Stat Boosting:
In Free mode, select the Battle Of He Fei Castle as the Wu Forces on the Normal difficulty setting. Start by taking out the officers outside the first gates. One of them will drop a Life +20.

Next, kill Xu Huang for an Attack +8. Then, go around the right side, killing all officers, sub-generals, and anyone with a name. You should always get +4 power-ups. The officer on the horse will drop a weapon. Collect it, then go through the "security system".

You will eventually meet Cao Ren. Kill him for a +8 Defense, then go up and kill Xu Zhu for +8 Attack. At the left of this platform is a crate with a weapon box in it. Go through the gate and take the path to the left. The officer there has a +8 Defense. Then, cut across to the right and kill Sima Zhao for a +4 Defense. Next, take out Sima Yi for a +8 Defense.

Finally, complete the level by killing Cao Pi. This will max out the stats at the character selection screen, but only half-way at the action selection screen. You must use the level 20 amulets to max this out.

Also, this is not the best place to use a fresh character. Get a little boost by completing the Yellow Turban Rebellion level on the Easy difficulty setting a few times to get some weapons and some basic stat boosts.
Edit Mode Clothing
To get all the clothings in edit mode you have to beat empire mode at least once.
Fast speed
First, you need to have purchased the force march tactic, then go to battle.
Put your tactic on, then start the battle, use the tactic, force march that you purchased, it should last about 2 minutes normally, next during play, keep rapidly pressing one of the command buttons, (up, down, left, right) because your character keeps speaking, the game battle log can't say the tactic has stopped working, therefore, the effects of the tactic last about 5 minutes longer.
Get Zhuge Liang in Empire Mode
First you must take Luo Yong,
then start production,
produce all items until you get to
The Red Hare Harness(There are 4)
Produce 4 Red Hare Harneses,
then click Hire Wide,
find Zhuge Liang, then click him and hire,
he will say he wants 4 Red Hare's to join,
Click yes and he will take the items,
but in return he will join you.
This will not work if he is the Ruler of the force.
Note: Red Hare Cost 1500 Gold a Piece
"The Passion of Jiang Dong"
Choose the scenario "Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang" and play as Sun Jian. Take the
empty territory on your left, after that ally with Cao Cao (to make sure
he doesn't lose Pu Yang) then just wait until around 207 AD. By now you
should have Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang, if you don't
keep waiting until you do. Now with Cao Cao still having Pu Yang and with
all 4 Suns end the alliance you have with Cao Cao and if you have the policy
"Hard March" it will make it so much easier to get to Cao Cao.(otherwise gain
territory up towards Pu Yang while waiting for the year 207 AD) Now invade
Pu Yang with Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan and as reinforcements Sun Shang Xiang
and you will get the cg movie.

"The Alliance against Dong Zhuo"
To get this cg movie, play as anyone in the "Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang" scenario
and wait one turn.

"Sun Ce's Vow"
In the "Battle of Guan Du" scenario, choose Wu and take He Fei and Hui Ji,
now search for Zhou Tai. Once you have him let anyone take Jian Ye. Then
invade Jian Ye with Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Sun Quan and as reinforcements
Zhou Tai, you will then get the cg movie.

"Chaos and Might"
In the "Battle of Guan Du" scenario, choose Cao Cao and win the battle
of Guan Du. Then take all of Yuan Shaos territory and He Fei, now with
Liu Bei and Sun Ce still alive wait a few turns for the battle of
Chi Bi and win. After Chi Bi let Sun Ce take He Fei, then invade He Fei
with Zhang Liao, Yue Jin and Li Dian and you will get the cg movie.

"The Advance on He Fei"
To get this cg movie, play as Sun Quan in the "Flames over Chi Bi" scenario.
After the battle of Chi Bi find and recruit Ling Tong using the recruit
option. Once you finally have Ling Tong, station Lu Meng, Gan Ning and Ling
Tong on the border of He Fei. Then just invade He Fei with them and you will
get the cg movie.

"Me,Myself and I"
As Wei in the scenario "Flames over Chi Bi" set "Officer Death" to "On" and
set "Annex" to "No". After you do this Cao Cao needs to die. The easiest
way to do this is to just send Cao Cao alone into a battle and retreat so
he gets captured. Afterwards if Cao Cao wasn't executed just keep repeating
this step until he does get killed. Once Cao Cao is dead choose Cao Pi as
successor and then place Sima Yi and Cao Pi in Xu Chang and wait for Wu to
attack you at Xu Chang. Then just defend with Cao Pi and Sima Yi.

"A Frightening Legacy"
As Wu in the scenario "Flames over Chi Bi" set "Officer Death" to "On" and
set "Annex" to "No". After Chi Bi take He Fei and put Sun Quan and Lu Xun
there. Then you need to get to and capture Cao Cao. Afterwards execute
Cao Cao and Cao Pi will resume control. Then just invade Xu Chang with
Sun Quan and Lu Xun and you'll get the cg movie.

"Pathway to a Dream"
To get this play as Wu in the "Flames over Chi Bi" scenario, then help
Shu take Wu Ling,Yong An and Chang Sha. Once they have those end the
alliance and take Chang Sha. Doing this will get you the Yi Ling battle.
After Yi Ling just invade Yong An with Sun Quan, Lu Xun and Zhou Tai and
you'll get this cg movie.

"A Shooting Star"
Play as Wei in the "Flames over Chi Bi" scenario. Help Shu get to and
take Tian Shui. Then just end the alliance and invade Tian Shui with
Sima Yi and Cao Ren and you'll get the cg movie.

"To Unite the Land"
As Shu in the scenario "Flames over Chi Bi" take control of Tian Shui
and place Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei there. After that just wait for
Wei to attack Tian Shui and defend it with Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei.

"Two Heroes"
To get this cg movie, play in the "Divided Land" scenario as either
Cao Cao or Liu Bei and just wait 3 turns.

"A Solemn Oath"
To get this cg movie, play as Liu Bei in the "Yellow Turban Rebellion"
scenario and just wait one turn.

"Three Kingdoms"
As Liu Bei in the scenario "Battle of Guan Du" you need to do good
deeds until Shui Jing (the old guy) says that the Sleeping Dragon is
nearby, after that do a search (Recruit is what I did) and Zhuge Liang
should be there. Once you choose him to recruit you'll be given the cg
When you first start off on any battle (e.g. Falmes over Chi Bi etc.) Get a decent amount of land, then let Cao Cao conquer the lands above him and the ones sorta below him. All the while work near Nanman and Xi Liang. Then once Cao Cao has just about the whole land, find the area where he is located and switch your strongest officers there. Beat that and the stage should be yours. Good Luck.


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4th Weapons
To get the fourtch weapon of any character, get 500 KO's on an Empire mode stage. You must have got the 4th tech level (301-400xp) in the chosen officers weapon format, ie - Zhang Liao has a spear type weapon, raise spearsmith to level 4. Then, choose any location on the empire map (must be empire mode, remember), and get 500 KO's plus. After the stage, you will recive the weapon.
Instant edit character training glitch
1)Train your edit characters to any extent you want in Empire Mode.

2)Erase the character/characters you want to be replaced and make your new character/characters. Save the changes you have made.

3)Clear Empire Mode with the save you trained your characters in and save.

Finally)All your edit characters will automatically reach the rank and stats the characters in your Empire Mode have, even if the new characters are completely different from the old chareters
The real way to get the 4th weapon
First, get a 500 ko and level up the weapon-smith for that person (like Zuo Ci has special type, so level up the specaal smith). Then after that, go to any map and fish it, and you'll get the 4th weapon.
Unique Settings On Empire Mode

How to Unlock

Executions/Old Age Death Beat Empire Mode once

Isolate Beat Empire Mode once

Unlimited Time Beat Empire Mode Once