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Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires cheat codes.


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Easy win
When you have to defend your base, you do not have to win that level by taking the enemy's base. You can just wait until the time runs out to win.

Ending Edit fourth scene in first and last frames
Finish the 100 turns allowed in any one campaign, but do not actually conquer China. There must be at least one area not under your control at the end of the 100th turn.

Historical mode win
This hint is for people playing easy n moderate level of historical mode.
Choose the Shu dynasty (liu bei's dynasty) and attack Dhong Zhu's empire.
Once you defeat him you will be able to hire his officers.Choose Lu Bu as he is the best player in the game.Next you will have to do the Yellow Turban Uprising. Its better to choose Lu Bu to do this as u want loose any troops and it'll finish of faster.Then depending on your wishes you can conquer either Cao Cao's empire or Yuan Shao's empire.And you get the flow.

The advantage of this dynasty is that you have 2 strong Officers on your side(Lu bu & Guan Yu) and Liu Bei's advantage of getting enemy troops on your side.
In-game reset
While playing a game, hold Start + Select to return to the main menu.

Lu Bu's defection
In historical mode, play as anyone's force except for Dong Zhuo. When the regional lords join up to fight Dong Zhuo, do not participate. The region lords will lose and Dong Zhuo will continue to rule the land. Eventually Lu Bu and Diao Chan will talk about betraying Dong Zhuo. An intermission sequence of Lu Bu fighting some of of Dong Zhuo's men will start. After this, Lu Bu becomes his own force.

Original artwork
Have a saved game file from Dynasty Warriors 4 or Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends on your memory card to automatically unlocked pictures 1 through 126 in the gallery. Additionally, successfully complete empire mode with certain characters in your employ to unlock the original character artwork in the archives section. Save the game history after the credits, and the art can now be seen.

Sun Jian's Empire
Start history mode with Sun Jian. Then Try to recruit Sun Ce and Sun Quan. After you recriut the two of them, Sun Jian will give the throne to Sun Ce. Then Sun Ce will give the throne to Sun Quan
Super powerful character
Create an edit officer with these stats.
Name: He Jin
Weapon: Ma Chao's spear
Clothes: All purple armor

Then save and reset your ps2.
At the main menu hold L1, L2, and R1, R2
then hit(while holding shoulder buttons) square, square, circle, and X.

Then you shouldgo into Empire mode and pick a new game.
Then pick Historical and easy.
Now pick the territory named Chang An.
Now pick your edit officer He Jin, and he should be a lot stronger than any other starting officer.
It won't show on his stats, but when you play as him you should know.

Neoseeker pm me if you have any other questions or need help on anything.
Ways To Beat An Enemy Officer Once
To beat an officer the first thing to do is let him venture far in your territory then destroy all the base men at the top and the area that was blank or red will be blue. Then quickly rush down and kill the officer or officers if you did it in time your person will say enemy officer defeated instead of the officer retreating.

Office morale must be low for this to work.


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Secure The Perimeter
If you wanna save time and win the level then secure the perimeter make all strongholds blue.Don`t rush strait to the enemy main camp.Cuz`officers will come and by the time you beat the 2nd one the 1st will be back onhis/her feet then you`ll have to beat like 5 officers around 3 times.