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Dynasty Warriors 3 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dynasty Warriors 3 cheat codes.


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Getting better power ups on earlier bosses
This tip should work as long as you keep a good combo going when you kill a general/sub-general that carries an attack/defense up.
If you kill a general/sub-general and keep comboing them like to about 13 combos then they'll drop a better power-up. If you have your second weapon which gives you 5 hits then do sssst to hit them in the air and just do this for awhile.
Try to get them on their own!!
s=square t=triangle
How to get max health with generals(includes all general unlock code)
First to unlock all generals, go on the main menu then input;
R2, R2, R2, L1, triangle, L2, L2, L2, R1, square. Once you have done that correctly you will hear a bunch of guys yell. From there you will need to go to free mode, when you get there you will need to select The Yellow Turban Rebellion map, then select whatever general you wish
(I recommend Lu Bu for people who don't know where the Dim Sum is) then open your map by pressing start and look up by the northern wall. There should be a river that goes into the castle through the hole now head towards the east side of that. (if you are Lu Bu you will spawn to the east, unknown spawn for other people.) So when you get there break the two vases and you will get a thing (called Dim Sum) that looks like three dumplings inside a basket. Pick it up and you get +10 health permanently. After that you exit and save then repeat. Soon you will have full health on that general, keep doing it with all of your people and you will be maxed out with health.
how to unlock fu xi and nu wa
to unlock fu xi-complete musou mode with cao cao, sun jian and liu bei

to unlock nu wa-complete musou mode with xiao qiao,da quiao,zhen ji and sun shiang xiang.
Hope this helped ya.
Zhou Yu's special item:
play as Sun Quan's forces at the battle of Chi Bi. wait for Zhuge liang to blow the winds then kill Xiahou Dun and Zhang He. a special item will appear in the center of the ship Zhou Yu's weapon can now be found


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chi bi major bug
start out in the battle of chi bi with any desired player mounting a saddle then ride it southeast of the map near a officer go straight to the edge of the map then ride into it all of a sudden you will start riding on water this can be useful for running away in hard mode from enemies
Walking under water
this is a pretty hard glitch to find, but once you find it, you can use it to your advantage, First choose Sima Yi's Forces on "The Battle of Fan Castle" then, go to the castle on the far left where sima yi's troops are, go to the top of the stairs and make sure there is land below you so that you can jump on the archer barriers, keep on jumping on each one till you reach taller ones where the invisibe wall takes place that stops you from jumping in the water, jump to the first one you see and keep on jumping on each one till you are right over water,then stop or the invisible wall will take effect again.then jump right into the water(without jumping over land) and you will be underwater, just make sure you dont touch a wall underwater or go under a bridge or you will appear back on land, you cant leave the battlefield because you will notice there is another invisble wall that doesn't let you leave the map,You also cant go behind the gate that the COM soldier retreat or reinforce from, but you can go to the castle where Guan Yu is, then touch the wall and kill him.(If you go far enough, you can have your body guards appear in the water)
Walking under water
at the battle of Fan castle (doesnt matter what side u join)go to the stairs on the castle wall on the far left (make sure level is floode, near the first set of stairs, jump on the catle archer barrirs, keep on jumping on them until you rach tall ones, keep on jumping on each until you notice you are over water below you, then jump in water, and you will be in water,as long as you dont go under a bridge, floating plank or touch, land over water you can walk in middle of ocean however you cant walk out of level, and you will notice when you press start your arrow is in middle of ocean (you still cant go in retreat gates though, but if you go far enough your bodyguards will appear in the water too.

Easter eggs

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secret ending
once unlocked opening option in options go down to replay and hold R1,R2,L1,L2 and press X


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All Generals
Press Square, R1, Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L2 at the main menu.
better items or power ups from officers
when you are about to defeat an enemy officer knock them into the air, when they come down again hit them back up again, repeat this untill you get higher then 20 hits and the item or power up you get will be better normal.
Cao Cao's Fourth Weapon
To get Cao Cao's fourth weapon you need to go to the Yellow Turban Rebellion on hard level. First, you need to go to Zhang Bao and kill him with no gates lost. Then you need to go to Zhang Liang and kill him. After, go to the gate in the northwest corner and wait for a supply captain. Kill him and he will drop Cao Cao's fourth weapon.
Note: His weapon has instant death on sixth charge.
Codes for dw3 (american Version)
Unlock all Free Mode stages

Unlock all movies in Movie Gallery

Unlock 'Opening' item in Options

Unlock all Sound Test BGM's

Unlock all characters

Unlock all Shu characters

Unlock all Wu characters

Unlock all Wei characters
double the power
In two player mode in mousou mode choose any characters and when faced with many opponents mousou must be filled for both characters.both players should be real close and press the circle button.this shall release a chain of up to 15 attacks for both of the characters
Ending Sequences
Successfully complete the game with Dian Wei and Xu Zhu and they will fight for an onion during the ending sequence.

Successfully complete the game with Sun Ce to see Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao dance during the ending sequence.

Successfully complete the game with Zhang He to see him get up and dance next to Zhen Ji during the ending sequence.

Successfully complete Musou mode under any difficulty setting with Zhou Yu to see Sun Shang Xiang dancing in the ending sequence.

Successfully complete Musou mode under any difficulty setting with Zhuge Liang to see Zhu Rong sing and dance in the ending sequence.

Successfully complete Musou mode with Pang Tong to see his astounding Magic Show.

Successfully complete Musou mode with Xiao Qiao to see Lu Xun singing and dancing.

Successfully complete Musou mode with Lu Xun to see him give his sword to Sun Shao.

Successfully complete Musou mode with Gan Ning to see several soldiers crowded around him while he is chugging beer out of a jug.

Successfully complete Musou mode on the easy difficulty setting with Sun Jian. When you get to the Nanman level, make sure Zhu Rong does not die to see her in the ending sequence.
get defender.
anybody who has made it to the wu zhang plains knows that this level is torture well theres a reson for it. if you allow most of your allys to die in this batle you wil get a sceane where your character ses a falling star after this a special item discovered message will appear at crate at the top of sima yis army (check the history for the exact location. in it is the defender. equip this to your character and when near death you get a 30s econd defense upgrade (excatly like the pick up armor)
In - game Restart
Hold "Select" and "Start" to reset the game back to the main menu. This also works when you are picking a stage and a warrior.
jiang wei's secret weapon
Go to the battle at jie ting.Slect shu and play as jiang wie.defeat zhin ji and cai zhen on hard mode.
Level Select
At the Main Menu, press R1, R2, L2, L1, Square, L1, L2, R1, Triangle.
Opening Edit
At the Main Menu, press R1, Square, R1, Triangle, R1, L1, Square, L1, Triangle, L1.
Play as Lu Bu
On Hu Loa Gate, get over 1000 KO's and defeat Lu Bu and then Lu Bu will be a playable character only in Free Mode and VS Mode.(This can only be done if you are on the allied forces)
Play as secret female caracter
Defeat musou with all the female caracters(Sun Shang Xiang,Zhen Ji,Qiuo sisters).
Quick Boost Up of ALL Stats
Ok, to boost all your stats up really quickly, I would use the Mt. Jing Dun Level, on the Shu side. Why? Cause, it is possible to get around Attack +8,Defense +10,Musuo+10, Life+10, all in a matter of about 5 minutes or less, depending how quick you play. You get Defense +1 (+2 with a high enough combo) for killing the first general right off. You can get Attack/Defense +4 (+8 with high combo's) for killing Zhang He, and Xiahou Yuan. The Musuo+10 is easy to find, in the side path to the right, while going down hill. The Life+10 is located in the area where you fight Cao Cao, to the left. So, basically, you can get easy stat bonuses, all in a matter of 4-5 minutes, thus making it easy to max out any character.
Secret ending
Go on options and select "opening edit" option. Highlight replay hold R1 R2 L1 and L2 and press X. For Japanese hold L1 and R1 and press O.
Secret Items
To get theese items play on free mode

Red Hare Saddle-At Hu Lao gate defeat Lu Bu. A supply unit will appear near Cao Cao. The best way to get the item is to play on hard defeat Lu Bu and Cao Cao's unit will hold the unit off and hopefully not kill them.

Hex mark saddle- On assault on Cheng Du on Shu defeat all the offciers and an item will appear. Sometimes Liu Zhang surrenders.

Impearial saddle-At Yi Ling on Shu stop Lu Xun's fire attack by killing Zhu Ran. Then kill Lu Xun and a supply unit will appear at the gate that isn't to far away from Sun Quan.

The Way of Musou- At Guan Yu's escape on Shu be Guan Yu and defeat Xiahou Dun. He will drop the item.

Survival guide- At Wu Zhang plains be on Shu. Wait for the star gazing scene. The best way to do this is play on hard with Lu Bu maxed out stats and his fourth weapon. Wait for a certain amount of officers to die and the scene will appear. Then the item will come at the north part of that fort that Zhuge Liang is.

Defender- on Wei at Wu Zhang Plains do the same thing you did to get the survival guide for Shu only but on Wei.

Fire arrows- At Chi Bi on Wei stop the winds from coming. Then continue killing officers and it will appear.

Buckler- On Wu at the battle at He Fei wait for Taishi Ci to be killed by Zhang Liao. Sun Quan will retreat over to the broken bridge. Don't kill any officers. When he gets there ride over to him on a horse and you will see the jumping scene. Stay by Sun Quan until Zhang Liao leaves the central square and attacks Sun Quan. This may take a while. When he does come kill him and he will drop the item.

Power Scroll-At the Battle at He Fei on Wei wait for Gan Ning to come as reinforcements for Wu. Kill him and he will drop the fourth weapon.

Gold Harness- At Tong gate on Wei wait for Ma Chao to Charge out of Tong gate. Then kill all the officers EXCEPT Han Sui and Ma Chao and one or however many gate captians you want. You should leave them all. Wait for Han Sui to defect and then wait for Ma Chao to retreat back into Tong gate. Wait a bit and a supply unit will appear. If they don't appear, kill all of them and see if that works.
Secret male caracter
To be awarded the secret male caracter all you have to do is beat the game with all the leaders(Sun Quan,Liu Bei,Cao Cao).
Start level on horse
1.go to level Hu Lao Gate
2.wait for Lu Bu to show up
3.Kill Lu Bu
4.a Suply Unit will show up at one of the gates at the north part of the map,go find it adn kill the general,when he dies he will drop a item that lets you start on a horse on any level
Sun Jian's Forth Weapon
Go on `Suprise attack on Liu Biao' and go on Sun Jian's forces. Just kill enemys in front of u including genrals in front of u and NO OTHER PLACE APART FROM IN FRONT OF U. Kill these genrals in order:Chen Sheng, Cai Mao and Lu Gong. After this ther will be a message saying `A new item has been found' so u will have to go and find it and keep on checkin History 2 make sure u r goin the right way.
The Way of Musou
Allows you to use the True Musou every time. (True Musou is the one that you would normally use when near death. You know, the fire one!)
Guan Yu's Escape stage, Guan Yu's side; you must make it to the fourth gate, then turn back and defeat Xiahou Dun. It is best to have the Red Hare in this stage. When you defeat him, the item is dropped.
Tip: Longer Musou
Instead of tapping "O" hold down "O" and the Musou will keep on going until the musou bar reaches zero. This is very good during True Musous and fighting big crowds
Unlock LuBu!
to unlock lubu u have to defeat 1000 peoples at Hu Lao Gate!
Unlock secret character Fu Xi
To unlock this character you must first unlock Lu Bu(by being on the ailled forces at Huo Loa Gate killing Lu Bu and deafeting 1000 men) then you have to complete musuo mode with Lui Bei,Sun Jian and Coa Coa. The character is called Fu Xi
Watch out for Archers!
This is only a tip, but for newbies, watch out wherever you go, there may be archers hiding in places where you cant hit them, so dont stay still for long, its a glitch but if your playing on hard you would not like this to happen to you, it happens to me.. But in Hu Lao Gate some archers might not appear or stay in their spot in the spot near the Entrance of Hu Lao Gate where you get ambushed by archers, some may fall through the mountain and be inside it or off the map shooting arrows at you and it hurts.. watch out!
Xiahou Dun's Fourth Weapon
To get Xiahou Dun's fourth weapon you must go to the level of Guan Yu's Escape on hard level. First kill all the generals up to the third gate. One general will tell you on the bottom of the screen where it is. Then kill Guan Yu.
Note: It gives you alot of attack.