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Driver: Parallel Lines (PS2) Cheats

Driver: Parallel Lines cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Driver: Parallel Lines cheat codes.


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In-game Passwords
tank a tank appears out of nowhere
PasswordWhat it does
tanka tank appears out of nowhere
Menu Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
ironmaninvincibility(neva gets damage)
rollbarcar invincibility note:if the cops keeps shooting the bak of ur ride it'll take the rear bumper off
zoomzoomunlimitted NOS(nitrous oxide) note:requires the NOS kit but u dont need to buy NOS bottles
keystoneweaker cops
tooled upfree upgrades for ur ride
carshowunlocks every car including punk cars and cars unlockable at the end
gunbeltunlimitted ammo(amunition)
gunrangeunlocks every weapon in timeline
atlus racerfinish the game
negotiater(tank that bishop uses)finish the game note:u can't jack it from bishop
ram raiderfinish the game
kramer racerfinish 1st in hunts point race(must be on hard mode)
brooklyn racerfinish 1st in jersey racetrack race(must be medium mode)
cervus racerfinish 1st in hunts point race(must be medium mode)
negotiatortype "carshow" it ulocks all cars including the negotiator.
tick ticka time bomb drops on the enemies


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Cheats to Unlock With The Odometer
Unlockable cheatHow to unlock
Faster Day & NightReach 800 Miles on the Odometer
Permanent NightReach 700 Miles on the Odometer
Permanent Motion BlurReach 900 Miles on the Odometer
Bodysnatcher ModeReach 666 miles on the Odometer
Unlockable cars and weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
F70 WeaponFinish the mission "Tailgate".
Gangster WeaponFinish the mission "Tailgate".
Service 9 WeaponFinish the mission "Last Chance".
L15 WeaponFinish the mission "Jail Break".
TOKENSCollecting certain numbers of tokens unlocks permanent additions to the game that enhance the player's abilities, e.g. double health, double nitro , double ammo, etc. Once collected they don't go away within the current game.
Atlus RacerTo get this Car Complete the Game.
Ram RaiderTo get this Car Complete the Game
Negotiator VehicleTo get this Vehicle Complete the Game
Then & Now (Era) Change OptionTo get this Option Complete the Game
Upgrades From Collecting Stars
UnlockableHow to unlock
50% More HealthCollect 10 Stars
Double Nitrous CapacityCollect 20 Stars
Double Ammo CapacityCollect 30 Stars
Double Car DurabilityCollect 40 Stars
Free Vehicle UpgradesCollect 50 Stars


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2 Kool super taxis and 3 PUNK cars
3 PUNK cars:in mission ^Rosalita Racer^
Wen you get in the rosalita get down and fire to a other driver wen he dead get in his car go to any garage and save it and the surprise is THE CAR IS PUNK

2 SUPER TAXIS:hunt any taxi mini-mission and fail it go to any garage and save the taxi and the surprise is THE TAXI IS NAMED SUPER ´TAXI NAME´ AND MORE POTENT
Circuit Race Hunt's Point Awards
Award for winning race on easy difficulty: $500.

Awards for winning race on medium difficulty: $1000 and Cerva Racer.

Awards for winning race on hard difficulty: $2000 and San Marino Racer.
Circuit Race Hunt's Point Awards- 2006
Award for finishing first on easy difficulty: $5000.

Awards for finishing first on medium difficulty: $10,000 and BX-9 Racer.

Awards for finishing first on hard difficulty: $20,000 and Kramer Racer.
Circuit Race Jersey Racetrack Awards- 1978
Award for winning race on easy difficulty: $500.

Awards for winning race on medium difficulty: $1000 and Brooklyn Racer.

Awards for winning race on hard difficulty: $2000 and Andec Racer.
Circuit Race Lo Gaurdia Awards- 1978
Award for winning race on easy difficulty: $500.

Awards for winning race on medium difficulty: $1000 and Bonsai Racer.

Awards for winning race on hard difficulty: $2000 and Melizzano Racer.
Helping Candy Escape - Keep away from the cops
(This tip pertains to the mission where you break Candy out of prison)

After you find Candy and get in the van, your destination is far down in the Cobble Hills area (which is praticuly on the other side of the map). Obviously, since you just broke Candy out of prison, the cops will be all over you. Once you get off Rikers Island, there will be a police blockade and a couple cops will chase after you. Instead of going straight to your destination, lose the cops on your tail right away and then head for the La Guardia racetrack. There may be a few cops on the streets when going there, but remember you can cut through the airport. If you still can't get past them, then hopefully you have a gun with you and you can just kill them off. Continue heading to the La Guardia racetrack. Once your there, go inside your garage and repair your van and clear it's felony (make sure you have at least $100 to do this). After that, your good to go. Doing this makes your ride to the Cobble Hills area easier as cops won't be on your tail the entire time.

Note: You must use the van in this mission, meaning you can't get in a faster car, etc.
Short FAQ on Era Change
About half way through the game, the era will switch, meaning from 1978 it will go to 2006.

When does the era change occur?
The game will go to 2006 after completing the mission entitled Ransom.

Do I get to keep my weapons and money from 1978?
No, you do NOT get to keep your money and weapons from 1978. With that said, I suggest spending all your money on goodies before doing the final mission in 1978.

Do I get to keep my cars from 1978?
Yes. Anything stored in your garage from 1978 will still be in your garage in 2006.

Are there any kind of changes between 1978 and 2006? (Slight spoiler)
Tons. Buildings will look different, characters will have different (older) appearances, the inside of buildings (like the Safe House and Ray's garages) will be completely different inside, there will be newer cars, newer weapons, and different color schemes (Map and other things).

Will you be able to go back to 1978?
Yes, after you complete the main story line.


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keep the kidnapped
on the last mission before you go to the 2006 era. When you kidnapp the drug dealer on the back of your car, find a place in the city to flip the car upside down an intentionally fail the mission. Then when the mission fails, flip the car back on its wheels again and fix the car, you have a drug dealling passenger, and he will not talk so you you will not be anoyed by him.


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Bodysnatcher Mode
Unlock this mode by reaching 666 miles on your odometer.

Once toggled on you can become any pedestrian you melee attack.