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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2) Cheats

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King cheat codes.


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Second Ending
The two endings.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bad endingbeat rhapthorne without going to the dragovian trials
Good endingget the argon ring from dragovia then beat rhapthorne


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1 Hit KO a King Metal Slime
You need: Angelo or Hero with a Falcon Blade, Metal Slash attack

By using this technique, you can kill a KMS in one shot (or at least one round). But it takes a great deal of luck (because of the high running rate of the enemy). You can either have Angelo or Hero do this. The KMS needs to stay for at least one round, but you need to kill it before it runs after the second round of attacks.

Have Jessica use the Timbrel of Tension in her first turn, and have Angelo/Hero psych up. In the second round of attacks, have Jessica use the Timbrel (and hopefully she goes before Angelo/Hero; they will be at 50 tension), and have Angelo/Hero use Metal Slash. It will kill the KMS in one shot about 80% of the time. Whether you use Angelo or Hero, have the other use Metal Slash both turns (just to be sure the KMS dies in one round).

A King Metal Slime has about 16-20 HP.
I've managed a make 22 HP attack.
30K exp in under 2 rounds.
A simple way to earn tokens.
In Baccarat, go to the Casino. There you will see a red slot machine. Go there. Eventually, you will get straight sevens. [If you play it long enough] Which means plenty of tokens!
Alchemy Pot Recipies
A good way to learn recipies for the alchemy pot is to always check houses, castles, and almost every building you come across with bookshelves and read the books. It's easy to tell if the bookshelf has a book you can read. On the 3rd shelf of the bookshelf, there will be a green book slanted, as if to hold up the other books.

Another way to learn some is to talk to everyone you come across. Don't forget that people can say different things to you at night than from in the day.

The last and final way to learn recipies is to experiment and find out some for your own.

Here are a few recipies for you :

1. Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb =Strong Medicine
2. Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine = Special Medicine
3. Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb = Rosewoot
Alchemy Recipe for Hammers

Megaton hammer = Uber war hammer + Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum
Sledgehammer = Giant mallet + Iron helmet + Iron helmet
Uber war hammer = War hammre + Mighty armlet
Alchemy Recipe for Helmets
Bronze helmet = Stone hardhat + Bronze knife + Bronze knife
Bunny ears = Hairband + Bunny tail
Feathered cap = Leather hat + Chimaera wing
Fur hood = Feathered cap + Fur poncho
Golden tiara = Thinking cap + Silver tiara + Gold nugger
Hades' helm = Mythril helm + Saint's ashes
Happy hat = Feathered cap + Elevating shoes
Hermes' hat = Feathered cap + Mercury's bandana
Mercury's bandana = Bandana + Agility ring
Mythril helm = Hades' helm + Saint's ashes
Phantom Mask = Iron headgear + Dark robe
Pointy Hat = Leather hat + Iron mail
Raging bull helm = Mythril helm + Cowpat + Fresh milk
Scholar's cap = Magical hat + Scholar's specs
Silver tiara = Coral hairpin + Silver platter
Skull helm = Sun crown + Devil's tail
Stone hardhat = Stone axe + Pointy hat
Sun Crown = Skull helm + Saint's ashes
Thinking cap = Scholar's cap + Iron headgear
Turban = Bandana + Bandana
Alchemy Recipes for Accessories

Agility ring = Prayer ring + Seed of agility
Catholicon ring = Full moon ring + Ring of truth + Ring of immunity
Elevating shoes = Fishnet stockings + Happy hat
Full moon ring = Gold ring + Poison moth knife
Goddess ring = Recovery ring + Orichalcum
Holy talisman = Tough guy tattoo + Holy water + Gold rosary
Life bracer = Recovery ring + Gold bracer
Meteorite bracer = Agility ring + Agility ring + Orichalcum
Mighty armlet = Strength ring + Titan belt
Prayer ring = Gold ring + Seed of Magic
Recovery ring = Prayer ring + Seed of life
Ring of awakening = Gold ring + Dream blame
Ring of clarity = Gold ring + Fallen angel rapier
Ring of immunity = Gold ring + Poison needle
Ring of truth = Gold ring + Sandstorm spear
Ruby of protection = Prayer ring + Seed of defence
Scholar's specs = Ring of awakening + Ring of clarity + Seed of wisdom
Skull ring = Sorcerer's ring + Devil's tail
Sorcerer's ring = Skull ring + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes
Strength ring = Prayer ring + Seed of strength
Titan belt = Leather kilt + strength ring
Alchemy Recipes for Armor

Angel's robe = Flowing dress + Magical skirt
Bandit mail = Heavy Armour + Bandit axe + Bandit's grass skirt
Boxer shorts = Bandit's grass skirt + Bandana
Bronze armour = Chain mail + Bronze shield
Bunny suit = Silk bustier + Bunny tail
Chain mail = Wayfarer's clothes + Chain whip
Crimson robe = Sage's robe + Magic water + Nook grass
Dancer's mail = Silver mail + Dancer's costume
Dark robe = Cloak of evasion + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
Divine bustier = Dangerous bustier + Shimmering dress
Dragon mail = Silver mail + Dragon scale + Dragon Scale
Fur poncho = Magic beast hide + Magic beast hide
Gigant armour = Bandit mail + Mighty armlet + Mighty armlet
Iron cuirass = Iron shield + Iron shield
Leather armour = Wayfarer's clothes + Magic beast hide
Leather dress = Dancer's costume + Magic beast hide
Leather kilt = Leather whip + Bandana
Magical skirt = Bandit's grass skirt + Magical hat + Magical mace
Magic armour = Full plate armour + Prayer ring + Ruby of protection
Metal king armour = Liquid metal armour + Slime crown + Orichalcum
Mirror armour = Sivler mail + Mirror shield + Mirror shield
Platinum mail = Zombie mail + Saint's ashes
Princess's robe = Angel's robe + Gold rosary + Shimmering Dress
Robe of serenity = Cloak of evasion + Boxer shorts
Sage's robe = Magic vestment + Scholar's cap
Scale armour = Chain mail + Bronze shield
Shimmering dress = Sprangled dress + Ruby of protection + Gold bracer
Silver cuirass = Iron cuirass + Silver platter + Silver platter
Spiked armour = Magic armour + Edged boomerang
Templar's uniform = Way farer's clothes + Templar's shield
Wayfarer's clothes = Plain clothes + Plain clothes
Zombie mail = Platinum mail + Devil's tail
Zombie mail = Silver mail + zombiesbane
Alchemy Recipes for Axes

Bandit axe = Battle-axe + Thief's key
Golden axe = Iron axe + Gold nugget
Iron axe = Farmer's scythe + Farmer's scythe
King axe = Golden axe + Slime crown
Moon axe = Golden axe + Moon's mercy
Stone axe = Stone hardhat + Cypress stick
Alchemy Recipes for Boomerangs

Flametang boomerang = Swallowtail + Flame shield
Metal wing boomerang = Razor wing boomerang + Metal king spear
Razor wing boomerang = Edged boomerang + Wing of bat + Steel scythe
Reinforced boomerang = Boomerang + Iron nail
Alchemy Recipes for Bows

Cheiron's bow = Eros' bow + Power shield
Eros' bow = Hunter's bow + Garter
Hunter's bow = Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Strength ring
Hunter's bow = Short bow + Chain whip
Odin's bow = Cheiron's bow + Eros' bow + Great bow
Alchemy Recipes for Cheese

Angel Cheese = Fresh milk + Premium mould + Yggdrasil dew
C-c-cold cheese = Cold cheese + Premium mould + Dragon dung
Chilly cheese = Cool cheese + Waterweed mould
Chunky cheese = Plain cheese + Magic water
Cold cheese = Chilly cheese + Waterweed mould + Waterweed mould
Cool cheese = Plain cheese + Waterweed mould
Cured cheese = Fresh milk + Premium mould + Amor seco essence
Hard cheese = Plain cheese + Rock salt
Highly-strung cheese = Super spicy cheese + cold cheese + Rock salt
Mild cheese = Plain cheese + Amor seco essense
Plain cheese = Fresh milk + Rennet powder
Plain cheese = Scorching cheese + C-c-cold cheese
Scorching cheese = Super spicy cheese + Premium mould + Dragon dung
Soft Cheese = Fresh milk + Rennet powder + Rock salt
Spicy cheese = Plain cheese + Red mould
Super spicy cheese = Spicy cheese + Nook grass
Super spicy cheese = Spicy cheese + Red mould + Red mould
Alchemy Recipes for Daggers

Assassin's dagger = Eagle dagger + Poison needle
Falcon Knife = Slime earrings + Tough guy tattoo + Agility ring
Imp knife = Assassin's dagger + Devil's tail

Alchemy Recipes for Shields

Bronze shield = Leather shield + Bronze knife
Dragon shield = Steel shield + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
Flame shield = Magic shield + Flametang boomerange
Goddess shield = Thanatos' shield + saint's ashes
Ice shield = Magic shield + Icicle dirk
Leather shield = Pot lid + Magic beast hide
Magic shield = Steel shield + Prayer's ring + Ruby of protection
Metal king shield = Ruinous shield + Saint's ashes + Orichalcum
Power shield = Magic shield + Strenght ring + Cured cheese
Ruinous shield = Metal king shield + Devil's tail
Saintless shield = Mirror shield + White shield + Holy water
Scale shield = Leather shield + Dragon scale
Silver shield = Mirror shield + Amor seco essence + Magic water
Templar's shield = Iron shield + Templar's uniform
Thanatos' shield = Goddess shield + Devil's tail
White shield = Iron shield + Silver platter
White shield = Light shield + Fresh milk + Fresh milk
Alchemy Recipes for Spears
Demon spear = Battle fork + Poison needle + Devil's tail
Holy lance = Long spear + Gold rosary
Iron lance = Cypress stick + Dagger
Long spear = Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Iron lance
Sandstorm spear = Partisan + Saint's ashes
Alchemy Recipes for Staves

Magma staff = Wizard's staff + rockbomb shard
Staff of antimagic = Wizard's staff + Rune staff
Staff of resurrection = Rune staff + Life bracer + Yggdrasil leaf
Alchemy Recipes for Swords
Blizzard blade = Bastard sword + Icicle dirk + Cold cheese
Copper Sword = Bronze knife + Bronze knife
Double-edged sword = Uber double-edge + Devil's tail
Dragon slayer = Dragonsbane + Mighty armlet
Fallen angel rapier = Holy silver rapier + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
Holy silver rapier = Templar's sword + Holy talisman
Liquid metal sword = Rusty old sword + Slime crown + Orichalcum
Mercury's rapier = Fallen angel rapier + Mercury's bandana + Mercury's bandana
Rusty old sword = Liquid metal sword + Mystifying mixture + Cowpat
Shamshir of light = Rune staff + Light shield + Shimmering shoes
Uber double-edge = Double-edged sword + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes
Uber falcon blade = Falcon blade + Meteorite bracer
Uber miracle sword = Miracle sword + Life bracer
Zombie slayer = Zombiesbane + Holy talisman
Alchemy Recipes for Usable Items
Amor Seco Essense = Holy Water + Strong Medicine
Chimaera wing = Wing of bat + Wing of bat
Elfin elixir = Yggdrasil dew + Magic water
Greater panacea = Lesser panacea + Rose-root + Rose wort
Greater panacea = Special medicine + Special medicine + Special Medicine
Holy water = Amor seco essense + Rock salt
Lesser panacea = special medicine + special medicine
Magic water = Holy water + Seed of magic
Moon's mercy = Moonwort bulb + Moonwort bulb + Moonwort bulb
Mystifying mixture = Holy water + Wing of bat + Cowpat
Mystifying mixture = Medicinal herb + Antidotal herb + Moonwart bulb
Strong Medicine = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Special Medicine = Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine
Rose Root = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Rose Root = Strong Medicine + Medicinal Herb
Rose-wort = Medicinal herb + Medicinal herb + Moonwart bulb
Rose-wort = Strong medicine + Moonwart bulb
Sage's stone = Gold nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil dew
Special Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb
Special Antidote = Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote
Strong Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal herb
Timbrel of tension = Sun crown + Tough guy tattoo + Magic beast hide
Yggdrasil dew = Yggdrasil leaf + Magic water
Alchemy Recipes for Whips
Demon whip = Scourge whip + Devil's tail
Dragontail whip = Snakeskin whip + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
Leather whip = Devil's tail + Saint's ashes
Scourge whip = Demon whip + Saint's ashes
Snakeskin whip = Leather whip + Scale shield
Alternate Costumes
Bunny Girl Jessica= Equip the Bunny Suit, Bunny Ears, and Fishnet Stockings on Jessica.

Dancer's Costume Jessica= Equip the Dancer's Costume on Jessica.

Dangerous Bustier Jessica= Equip the Dangerous Bustier on Jessica.

Divine Bustier Jessica= Equip the Divine Bustier on Jessica.

Dragovian Armor Hero= Equip the Dragovian Armor and Dragovian Helmet on Hero.

Jessica's Outfit= Equip Jessica's Outfit on Jessica.

Magic Bikini Jessica Equip the Magic Bikini on Jessica.
Best Monster Team
The best monster team in the game is 'My Three Golems'.The first of the three golems is right after the port heading to the abby.when u leave the port turn left and u come to ruins keep going past them and u will find 'Brickman'.the next golem is outside neos he is gold and easy to spot.the last u need to be able to fly. he is at the most northwest island where u fight Dolmagus he is right next to a big troll after u hav all three they join in battle and do desprate attacks ALOT and have very high defence a got this team and got to S rank easy.
Best Weapon For Angelo
I got this off one of a FAQ I found but this was a big find and had to submit it. To make the best weapon for Angelo you first need to make a Shimering Dress. Find a Spangeled Dress(sry can't tell ya where)and combine it with a ruby of protection and a gold bracer. Once that is done combine that with a Rune staff (buy one at Pickam casino) and a light shield and BINGO! you got Angelos' best weapon.
Boat tips and things "out in the far corners of the sea"
When you get your boat, I suggest that you don't go traveling every inch of the water. A good way to level up without leaving the current area you are in out in the ocean(to prevent yourself from going into a part of the water that has stronger monsters) Use the whistle spell, which Yangus should know by now if you have been training up his humanity.

Out in the far corners of the world of Dragon Quest VIII, there are special sections of water known as Ocean Section E which have the strongest ocean creatures out there, Including the Abyss Diver, the last monster in the deafeated monster list that isn't a boss. Out in here you will also find a pink pig like quill fish monster that knows the spell Kerplunk, so if you time every thing perfectly, you can have ALOT of experience from one battle if you just have a few of these quill fish on the battlefield.
Bonus Coins for Casino
After the Isle of Neos incident towards the end of the game and before you fight the final boss Rapthorne there is a side quest you can do. Go to Baccarat and head over near the item shop. A King Squid will be attacking the town and you can choose to fight it. Once you defeat it they will reward you with 200 Coins for gambling. However, if you deny it at first they will double it to 400 but no higher. Nice little bonus for an easy sidequest.
You can get more alchemy recipes by examining bookcases. Ive gotten some useful recipes, and im not even very far into the game yet.
Captain Crow - Easy Victory
He usually just raises his tension until it's full so just attack him and when he reaches 100 tension he's probably going to use a thin air attack so just set everybody to defend (or defending champion if your using fisticuffs) and it helps if Angelo is level 30 cause he knows multiheal and it makes it easier to heal everybody after the thin air attack.
Cows and Birds
Throughout the world you will see cows roaming around - approach them to receive a bottle of Fresh Milk. Also, some birds have been known to carry stat boosting seeds - they are the little blue budgies that you see scurrying around in the grass.
Dragovian King Sword
In order to get the most powerful sword in the game (142 attack), you mix the liquid metal sword (made by mixing rusty old sword, slimecrown, orchilem) and the Dragovian sword (found in the Dragovian Trials) to make the strongest sword/weapon avalible - The Dragovian King Sword.
Easiest Orichalcum in the Game!
Go to Neos after Rhapthorne (in Macellos body) Rips neo out of the Ground, almost at the top right corner, there is a chest with the Orichalcum inside. Easiest one yet!
Easy Exp. With Easy Kills in Howlwind Hill (Near Rydons Tower)
To get really easy Exp. With really easy kills, get your Hero Equipped with some kind of spear (Reccomended: Sandstorm Spear, Hero Spear, Liquid Metal Spear) and make sure you have lightning thrust, Thunder thrust is alright too (but it get frustrating if you miss!) and use it on the metal king slimes or liquid metal slimes, it has a high chance of hitting crittical, thus killing them in one hit.
Easy Gold (Argonia BAZZAR)
you have to get as far as the Argonia bazzar, then get about 11-12k or so.

1. Buy Magic Armour in Argonia Bazzar
2. Buy edged boomerang in Ascantha
3. Mix them in Alchemy pot and YOu got spiked armour which sells for 9,500

There also is another:

1. Buy dancer's costume in Pickham.
2. Buy silver mail in normal Argonia armour/weapon shop
3. Mix in Alchemy Pot and You got Dancer's mail which is 8,200

Both ways make you between 1,800 and 2,100
Easy Level Up
The best way to increase your level is to go to the steep hill by rydon's tower (using the Godbirds Soulstone). Up there all the Slimes are about, with dark sacrecats, and the strongest axe in the world!

Metal Slimes (all types) are the best way to increase your level.
Metal slimes have 4HP all you do is have Jessica or Yangus use the trimbrel of tension, Hero and Angelo use Metal Slash. Any swords. Yangus or Jessica (which ever one is doing nothing) can phsyce up. Metal Slime flee 25% of the time. Each Metel slime hold 1350 experiance points.

Liquid Metal Slimes have 8HP. Make the Hero and Angelo phsyce up, having the trimbrel of tension used by jessica or yangus when Angelo and Hero are phsyced up to 50 have them use Metal Slash and the other person doing nothing defend. But Liquid metal slimes flee a lot! Each Liquiod Metal Slime hol 10,000 odd experiance points.

Metal King Slimes are the best they have an average of 19HP, but the flee 50% of the time. The best thing to do is have Jessiaca use the Trimbrel of Tension. Hero using Lightning Thrust with the Metal King Slime Spear. Yangus using exucuter. Angelo using metal slash phsyced up to 50 (if he stays that long). Each Metal King Slime has 30,010 experiance points.
Easy Money
To get easy money go to the mole hole and use Yangus's whistle again and again until you have fought a lot of jewelbags, you get 106gp from each fight.

To get extra money go to the holy island of Neos and use Yangus's whistle until you have fought lots of gold golems, you get 736gp for each gold golem you defeat.
Easy money in neos
Just outside of Neos you can find Gold golems which give you almost 750G each, you can usually find them in groups of 2.
Easy slime crown
At the hilltop hut (right before the desert where you got your ship) there is a well, go inside and try to pull of the giant slimes crown, he tells you to pull harder. then he elxplodes into more slimes and they tell you to keep the crown (:
easy token's
Ok I'v read all this suff for DQ8 and didn't see this anywhere first play the rolet tabel till you get 15.000 token's then save. after that go and bet all over one of big square's bet every posbile way you can. and when you when you'll have 60.000 save and repeat.It only took me an hour to get jesicas best wip
Fast Achlemy
The Achlmey pot takes a lot of time to work. Well not anymore. When you have completed a Dragovian Trial (If oyu are that far.) Ask for a stronger Achlemy Pot.

Now, as soon as your ingrediants have been put in the item made comes striaght out!
Free Puff Puff
If you go west of the northern check point to that waterfall. you will see a door on the left side on a high cliff.I think its only open at night but not sure.any way when you enter there will be a bunny girl in a room that gives you a free puff puff. also you can get a mini medal and a silver plater in the folowing room.
Free Ride on the Ferry
This has a 100% chace of working, and of course you get to ride on the Ferry.I,ll put it in steps for you.

1.Go to your bag and to the last flap in it.

2.Go down to line and switch to Jessica.

3.Then go to Port Prospect and get a free ride on the Ferry.
Funny Thing
In the old mans house right near the magical spring there is a magical marionette, hes really stupid, so if you talk to him after you put the sun mirror in its place, he counts down from ten, and at zero, he lets out a huge fart, which i find pretty hilarious
When fighting the dragovian lord in a dragon form always remember to get jessica to use bounce so when he uses gigaflash he'll get blinded
Go and Heal without an Inn
After you meet the old man in the Mystical Springs, (after Argonia) you go zoom there and if you go up to the water and press "x" you hp and mp will be fully healed.
Goddess Shield
The goddess shield is the highest selling item in the game, it sells for 47500G, and probably with the most easiest aquirable items in the game, (if at the dragovian sactuary; more so) all you need is the Thanatos' shield and Saints ashes in the alchemy pot, and there you have it!
Good monster team.
Once you reach "RANK B" in the monster arena, get the following monsters (Requires godbird soulstone):

Gold golem gold man) - On the island of the neos, near the entrance gate.

Brick golem(brick man) - South-East of Pereguin quay, near the ruins. There are two sets of ruins, ignore the first set and continue your path.

These will easily beat ranks B,A and even S.

The more you train, the stronger you become. This monster team can merge into "MAZIN" who can hit 900+ on a desprate attack and 350 - 400 on a normal, this is permenant in batte. But when you win a round, the HP restores
When you are in the Heavinly Dias, you may hav to fight Hellspawns. Hellspawns have high defence, but if yangus psyche up to 5 and uses axes of evil they will be defeated.
Hidden Island
In the south west corner of the map, there is an island that is not shown on the map. (If you can't fid it just fly or sail almost due West from the godbird island.) Now on the island there are some pretty weak creatures, but there is also two treasure chests. BE CAREFUL though because one of the treasure chests is a mimic. Now the island itself isnt very big and can be fully explored in minutes.

Keep Weapons that can be used as items in your stock
In DQ8 there are several weapons (mostly Staffs) that can be used as items and have several abilities. It is important to keep this in your inventory as they are most useful. However, you can also keep weapons that you cannot even equip in your Inventory. For example give Yangus a Dream Blade which he can't equip but can use it as an item to put enemies asleep.

Some very useful ones are Dream Blade, Staff of Ressurection, Staff of Anti-Magic, Magma Staff and others.
Look through forests for vauluble items!
Make sure you wonder through all of the lands and forests. By doing this you will earn money, healing items, and usefull alchemy items.
In most towns, the merchants who sell things often give you hints and alchemy recipes if you go around back and talk to them directly.
Monster Location: Troll Patroller (A.K.A Pa-Troll)
A very useful monster team monster is the Troll Patroller. His Health is 999, and attack is 348, and he has a high chance of desperate attacks. you can find the troll patroller near the dark ruins, get into your bird form and fly onto the only mountain outside of the dark ruins you can.
Most consumable Alchemy recepies
Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb = Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine = Special Medicine

Medicinal Herb + Strong Medicine = Rose Root

Holy Water + Strong Medicine = Amor Seco Essense

Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb = Strong Antidote

Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote = Special Antidote

Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb = Rose-Wort

Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb = Moon's Mercy

Special Medicine + Special Medicine = Lesser Panacea

Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special Medicine = Greater Panacea

Magic water + Yggdrasil Leaf = Yggdrasil Dew

Holy Water + Seed of Magic = Magic water

Magic water + Yggdrasil Dew = Elfin Elixir

Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Moonwort Bulb = Mystifying Mixture

Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew = Sage's Stone

Sun Crown + Magic Beast Hide + Tough Guy Tattoo = Timbrel of Tension

Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder = Plain Cheese

Plain Cheese + Red Mould = Spicy Cheese

Spicy Cheese + Red Mould + Red Mould = Super Spicy Cheese

Super Spicy Cheese + Premium Mould + Dragon Dung = Scorching Cheese

Plain Cheese + Waterweed Mould = Cool Cheese

Cool Cheese + Waterweed Mould = Chilly Cheese

Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mould + Waterweed Mould = Cold Cheese

Cold Cheese + Premium Mould + Dragon Dung = C-C-Cool Cheese

Plain Cheese + Amor Seco Essense = Mild Cheese

Fresh Milk + Premium Mould + Amor Seco Essense = Cured Cheese

Fresh Milk + Premium Mould + Yggdrasil Dew = Angel Cheese

Plain Cheese + Rock Salt = Hard Cheese

Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder + Rock Salt = Soft Cheese

Plain Cheese + Magic water = Chunky Cheese

Super Spicy Cheese + Cold Cheese + Rock Salt = Highly-Strung Cheese

Red Mould + Waterweed Mould + Yggdrasil Leaf = Premium Mould

Bronze Knife + Iron Nail = Thief's Key

Multiple Hits
Using Multiple Hits, when phscyed up High is great when fighting bossess. Using Multithrust when phsyed up to 50 or 100, is great for fights against bossess, for the Hero. And using the Falcon Slash ability with tge Falcon Blade equiped on Angelo Physced up to 20 or more is aswome because it attacks 4 times in the one go on the one enemy!
Prayer Ring SUPER Secret!
In Baccarat, during the Bazaar, there is a merchant selling a prayer ring. Buy it if you want, but you can get it for free by exploring the island. But if you are too lazy and have enough money, just buy it.

Once you bought it you can use up all the MP you have. So try it. After you have barely any MP open your bag and go to the Prayer Ring. Press Use over and over again till your MP is full. Afterwards, transfer the prayer ring to any other character (like Jessica) and it asks you to equip. Say no, go to her bag and go to the prayer ring. Press Use over and over again till her MP is full. And you can heal your whole party to its full HP and use the Prayer Ring to restore its MP so you won't have to travel to Inns anymore!
Princess Minnie's Rewards
By bringing Princess Minnie Mini Medals, she will give you a few things in return:

Fishnet Stockings (28 Mini Medals)
Staff of Divine Wrath (45 Mini Medals)
Posh Waistcoat (36 Mini Medals)
Gold Nugget (52 Mini Medals)
Meteroite Bracer (60 Mini Medals)
Miracle Sword (68 Mini Medals)
Sacred Armour (75 Mini Medals)
Orichalcum (83 Mini Medals)
Metal King Helmet (90 Mini Medals)
Dangerous Bustier (99 Mini Medals)
Flail of Destruction (110 Mini Medals)

Please note that she only takes each amount once.
Rank S:Morrie's Glories
Morrie's team is made up from traits. Attack, defence, and healing. I reccomend Teams My Three Golems or Triple Trouble. Triple Trouble has 2 deathmoves Triple swords and Stream Killer Attack and My Three Golems deathmove is always up to 900 hp!
Reaching the final stage of the Black Citadel
At first when you enter the room. It may appear that you are going around in circles. However, if you keep going around, the enviorment around you begins to change. After the eight time you go around, the room is completly different. Enter the door right by the broken statues. This is the final room before the boss.
Ruinous Shield + StoneMason (Monster Team Monster)
If you read my previous tip about the troll patroller this would be easier, go the same place where the troll patroller was, but this time instead, right when you land go left and take the narrow path to find the Stonemason, I beat rank S because of his desperate attacks, but right beind him is a chest with the ruinous shield

Hope all my tip have helped
Secret Monster Locations.
After beating the game, you will get a chance to get these monsters. Here are some of thier locations.

Hev: Near Trodain Castle.

Spot. Baccarat Region

Cursed Soul: Night. Near Ruined Abbey

Keep seeds for a save point. If you only gain 1 for a stat, you can reset and use the seeds more wisely. Also, use the seeds on characters that need the stat. For example, do not use a Strength seed on Yangus, or a Magic or Wisdom seed on Jessica. If you do so, be warned -- some characters will be overall weaker if their weaknesses are not compensated.
The 7 Orbs
The Seven orbs that you have to find for Empyrea are really easy to find, they're in the exact place where each heir died.
The Darksteel Dragon Trial
Once you have defeaten the Golden Dragon, you will have to fight a Darksteel Dragon; in the next trial. The Darksteel Dragon has very high defence and has 3 goes per turn.

The best thing to do is:
Hero - Omniheal(Every turn) or Monster Team
Angelo - Phscye Up (50 or 100) Charming Look
Jessica - Trimbrel of Tension or Sap
Yangus - Trimbrel of Tension or Helm Splitter/ Golden Oldies/ Exucuter

The hero must be the main healer healing everybody or ressurecting everybody, unless calling Monster Team.
Angelo must be phscyed up to 50 or 100 (50 Recomended)casting Charming Look. In 3 goes the Darksteel Dragon should be defeated. Angelo should also be the last healer, rarely healing.
Jessica or Yangus should use the trimbrel of tension (Yangus Recomended). If Yangus(Yang's,Angus,Yanks) has it Jessica must use sap. If jessica has it Yangus must use Helm Splitter, Golden Oldies and the highest attack ability for axes. (P.S. CAN'T SPELL THE ABILITY CORRECTLY)he will soon be deafeted.

Good Luck!!!
Thief's Key
In case some people don't figure it out, shortly after you get the alchemy pot, you land in a port. If you go to the inn and talk to the guy at the table, he gives you an iron nail. Combine it with a bronze knife(which you can buy at the nearby shop)in the alchemy pot and you will get the Thiefs Key. (It allows you to unlock locked chests, some you wont be able to, but in my experience you can open almost all) Once you get it, go to the market area of the port, theres a guy by the few chests, open them, and he will give you all the contents of them.
Timbrel of Tension
To make a timbrel of tension, you will need Sun crown + Tough Guy Tattoo + Magic Beast Hide, to aquire all these items: Sun Crown= Skull Helm+ Saints Ashes. Tough Guy Tattoo= Baccarat Well, and the Argonia Bazaar. Magic Beast hide= Kill Hellhounds Near the Herb Grotto.
My favorite place to train is Howlwind Hill. You have to fly north of Rydon's Tower until you see a tall hill. There are a lot of Metal Slimes (4 HP), Liquid Metal Slimes (8 HP) , and Metal King Slimes (20 HP) too. You should use Metal Slash with Hero and Angelo, and Executioner with Yangus. These attacks are pretty good in these fights. When you defeat them, you get 1350, 10,050, or 30,010 experience.
Use Your Items
This is a simple tip that can save you from a lot of trouble. If you are getting even a little low on something (for example HP) then use an Item. Always make sure you have a high supply of items as well.
Win big in Baccarrat
When you are ready to play the slots, buy your tokens then go to the chapel to save. It is located out the main Casino entrance, down the steps and to the left. It will be on the right, just after you pass the entrance to town. One you have saved, go back to the Casino and play the 100 token machine located in the back of the casino//middle section//machine on the left. Once you have won a fair amount of tokens, return to the Chapel//save//then return to the Casino for more play on this 100 token slot machine. I had very good luck this way and in no time had 50,000 tokens for my liquid metal sheild!


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Fast Leveling
70K exp in about 30 minutes, followed a few minutes later by a 60K exp battle with 6 Liquid Metal Slimes and 1 King Metal Slime (killed 3 LMS and 1 KMS) - about 130K in 40 minutes. Depends a lot on luck and strategy. This was said to show that this leveling works fast, because it happened to me.

Battle area: Howling Hill (Slime Hill) - the hilltops area near Rydon Tower

Main weapons of focus: Hero - Liquid Metal Sword, Angelo - Falcon Blade (or Hero can have this sword and Angelo not, or both of them if you are rich)

Main attacks/items of focus: Hero - Metal Slash, Yangus - normal attack, Jessica - Timbrel of Tension (used every turn) and a speed boosting accessory like the Meteorite Bracer, Angelo - Metal Slash (with Falcon Blade)

My main goal was trying to find the battles with lots of Liquid Metal Slimes, because they are the fastest way to gain experience. The battles with 6 LMS and 1 King Metal Slime are the best, especially with the conditions above met.

The next best battle, other than battles with a few LMS, is a battle with two KMS. Keep in mind that each turn they have a 50% chance of running, so killing one of the two would be great and rare in itself. In that case: have Hero use Metal Slash on the second KMS, have Yangus use a normal attack on the first and pray for a critical hit that will kill it in one shot, have Jessica use the Timbrel to raise everyones tension (and pray she goes first), and have Angelo use Metal Slash (with the Falcon Blade) on KMS #2. Make sure to have Jessica use the Timbrel every turn, to especailly help out Angelo (who if lucky can score a possibly 8 damage attack). If Yangus does not get a critical hit, one or both are probably going to run away. If only one runs away, keep using the above strategy but focus on the remaining KMS. If all goes well, you should be able to take it out in 2 (three at max) rounds of hits. 30K exp for killing one, and double that if you manage to kill both. But keep in mind that it is going to be very rare and very lucky to just kill one KMS here and there.

In the case of a bunch of Metal Slimes, just take them out one by one, using the above strategy. Make sure to have Jessica use the Timbrel every turn, to especailly help out Angelo.

In the case of 6 LMS and 1 KMS, the best exp situation of the entire game: have Jessica use the Timbrel every turn, have Yangus use a normal attack on the KMS and pray for a critical hit (before it runs away), and use Hero and Angelo to take out the LMS's one by one (hoping they do not fun away too fast). If lucky enough, you can take out one LMS a round with the two.

Keep in mind that if you are rich enough, you can have two Falcon Blades, which makes Slime killing twice as fast than this already fast method (both Hero and Angelo can do Metal Slashes that will deal out a lot of damage fast, maybe even take out a KMS in one round by using the above strategies). But you need to have $400,000 for the two swords, which can take awhile to get.
Hero Statue
When you beat Rank S at the Monster Arena, Morrie will erect a statue where you first met him.
Hero's Spear
To unlock the hero's spear you have to beat Rank A at the Monster Arena.
Invisible Sabercat Glitch
While riding on the Sabercat, try switching your lead party member. Once you've switched party members, begin moving around - you'll begin to float in mid-air!
Seeing a monsters main action/movement
Press select and go to the defeated monsters list. Now click the X button when you are at a monster and you will their their main action. You can change the main action by pressing the circle button.
Seeing each monsters actions
Press select and go to the defeated monsters list. Once you do so, press the circle button to see each action they have been given. Usually these actions are how they move when waiting for you to do something, or even some of their attacks.