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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PS2) Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dragon Ball Z: Budokai cheat codes.


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This is for Goku or anyone who you want.

First equip Goku with all his transformations. Then add Potential and Saiyan Spirit. Presto you got 210% attack! Check it out in the Practice Mode.
Beating Cell.
As this is the last fight and you get less ki than you want as well as health, this match is a problem...

What you need to do is a flying kick or punch so that he stays on the ground, then charge as much as you can...
Then try and do a Super Kamehameha, this will take off most his health and get you in the air and him on the ground, fire off a kamehameha as fast as you can, he will get up and this will hit him...
Then charge as much as you can as you need the SSJ2 transformation, Cell will hopefully be on a lower transformation by then...

If you cannot do a Super Kamehameha because the button combo is too hard then do a Continous Kamehameha, it is not as strong but you can do the rest of the tip as well...
Then try and beat him as much as possiable maybe by repeating the tip, and if you are close enough try the P+G move and he might not block it...
Easy wins on world match (advanced players)
- Yamcha: Equip Dr.Gero's energy thing (that energy can't run out) and 2 wolf fang fists, the 2 others maybe kamehameha's, it doesnt really matter, now as soon as the match starts execute wolf fang fist (Timing is essential, if they defend this fails), if you can hit all hits its a ring out

- Ginyu: Again, Dr. Gero's energy thing and 2 or 3 parmesan showers, and maybe 1-2 milky cannons would be best, but the parmasan shower (continuoes ki blast) shoots 8 per capsule wich makes 16 or 24 ki blasts (circle taps) for only 2 ki gauges

Thats it for now
Hope it helps you
Have 3 chances to win a fight
If you have freza on your team and have 1/3 senzu bean and also have freza's space ship(which you can buy at the skill shop for 12,000 zenie got to change caps and remove the ones you have one then add the 1/3 senzu bean add also freza's space ship, now you should have to skill spaces left now add final form which you get in story mode) then also add 100% final form and when freza dies the 1/3 sezu bean will work but his health will only be in red so if you add final form he will still be in final form then once he dies again his space ship should come and bring him back to life as cyber freza with full health!
And also have 6 as the ki
Hercule's idiot attack
Grab your opponent with Hercule and he does not cause any damage to the opponent until he lands on him........just try it!!
Ki Ball Tennis
When in a 2-Player Duel let one of the players shoot a Ki Ball. Press X to deflect it and then when it comes to the other player let him deflect it and it becomes like a game of Tennis. This has no real purpose in this game other than a way to kill some time.


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9 Capsule trick
Buy nine of every capsule and you'll have a better chance to getting all seven Dragon Balls in a row
All seven dragonballs
I know its pretty hard to gather all seven of the dragonballs, so for all those who would rather just know what they do, they activate a FMV sccene of shenlong asking you what you want to wish for.A menu pops up containing 3 random characters. you will recieve a special capsule called a breakthrough for the character you have chosen.Breakthrough takes up all 7 spaces in your capsule pallet, but it unlocks ALL of the characters moves.
Alternate backgrounds
When you start the game and "Press Start" appears, remain idle and a FMV sequence will start. When the title screen appears, the background will be different. There are three or four different backgrounds.
Change Clothes
In The World Tournaments when you choose a character choose Circle or sqauare and the characters clothes will change
Custom abilities for the computer
if you have one memory card with dbzb data on it and want to play two player you can both get custom abilities by first selecting the one player and choose custom then quickly take out the memory card and put it into slot 2 now the second player can have custom abolities as well
Death Moves
The following are each characters special move:

Kid Gohan: Masenko
Teen Gohan: Super Kamehameha
Android 18: Energy Field
Hercule: Present For You
Nappa: Bomber DX
Goku: Spirit Bomb
Android 16: Hell Flash
Yamcha: Wolf Fang Blast
Zarbon: Super Beautiful Arrow
Android 17: Power Strike
Vegeta: Final Flash
Frieza: Death Ball
Android 19: Life Drain
Trunks: Burning Attack
Cell: Spirit Bomb
Piccolo: Special Beam Cannon
Recoome: Recoome Buster Bang
Tien: Domination Blast
Great Saiyman: Justice Kick
Captain Ginyu: Body Change
Dodoria: Dodria Beam
Raditz: Exciting Year
Krillen: Destructo Disk

Each of these will trigger a short FMV sequence showing the move being executed.
Dragonballs and Breaktrough
To get the dragonballs make sure you have at the least 8,000 zenie, then go to Popo's shop and look at recommended whenever it's no dragonball leave, and enter again, this wil take a while but it will work, for sure

PS: Whenever it's no dragonball you can press square and look or it's new or not, when it's new you can just get it and you'll get all skills and items in no time for all characters

Breaktrough is a good item since it will give all skills at once! The only problem is whenever you summon Shenlong the characters are chosen at random and they maybe are your least favorite characters. To get away press start+select then the screen turns black for a sec. and your transported in the "Press Start" screen, you can do this forever untill you got the breaktrough for the character you wanted.
Easier Way To Win On World Match.
Here is an easier way to win World Match. You will first have to obtain the vaccine and heart virus capsules, attach them to your character and got to World Match, pick the character on Custom Mode, now just watch on as your opponents health drops 2 1/2 Bars.
Easiest Dragonballs I ever got
For this to work, you need to be able to hold three DBZ saves, whether it's on three mem cards, or two mem cards with Compressed Data possible (I use 1 PS2 official Memcard and 1 Non official that was bundled with memory management software).

Here's the two card plus compression method:

Gather your first set of seven by whatever means float your boat. Before you use them this first time, though, quit out, turn off your PS2 and swap memory cards so that you have a new one in slot one, and the original with the dragonballs in slot two. Start a NEW GAME and trade the dragonballs to your NEW GAME. Quit and turn off the PS2. Load the memory manager this time and COMPRESS a COPY of the NEW GAME on either memory card.

Now the fun part. Put your original memory card back in slot one and the NEW GAME in slot 2. Trade the dragonballs back into the ORIGINAL game and make your wish.

Now that the dragonballs are gone, you need to go back to memory management, and make an uncompressed copy back on the NEW GAME memory card. This will overwrite the NEW GAME that has no dragonballs with the prior version of itself that still had all 7. You can repeat this process to get all breakthroughs.
Easiest way to transform to Super Saiyan
Get the Super Saiyan ability, then press R1 + R2 to transform. This can be used for anyone's type of transformation. Note: This can also be used to do the King Kai Fist and Unlock Potential
easy dragonballs
it may take a while and you will need a lot of patience, but your patience will pay off(most of the time). what you do is beat the tournament several times, any level, and go to po po's store and go to recommended. if you don't get the dragonball, leave and walk back in. you should do this from 5-10 mins most of the time. if it didn't work then, you should probably do the tournament again. if you beat the tournament 4 times before you visit po po, you should get 4 dragonballs in that visit. after that first 5-10 mins and you beat the tournament several times, you won't have to wait so long to get the next dragonball. i don't like doing it though because i am impatient.
Easy Tournament Win
All you need is the capsules for Viral Heart Disease and Vaccine. Put these on a custom Kid Gohan or Krillin. You should play as one of these too because they are small and a lot of physical attacks will miss. Then set the options so there are 30 seconds in a tournament match. Then go into a tournament and try to stay in the ring for 30 seconds without getting hit too much. You're opponent's health will drop but your's won't.
Easy Way To Win World Match
Get 12,000 Zenie and go to Mr.Popo and look for 'Frieza's Spaceship'. If your having trouble beating the person just weaken them and when you die, Frieza's spaeship will come and beam you up, you then return as Cyborg Frieza and have full health Kai.
easy win in tournament mode
for an easy win in the tournament mode,back to the edge of the arena and your opponent will follow you.when he gets close enough,get behind him and do a 4-kick combo or power shot and he will go out of the ring .(this is very tricky,though!).you can also use trunks 'cause his super saiyan and super trunk forms are good and his power shots are excellent.you can also use cell because of his tallness.if you are a goku nut i'm sorry but don't choose him 'cause he totally SUCKS!
Eco Frieza
Instead of using the "Frieza's Spaceship" capsule, use Senzu Bean instead, as it does the same job but for only 3 capsule spaces, where as Frieza's Spaceship takes up 4 capsule spaces.
Episodes That Unlock Characters
Android #16

To unlock Android #16, complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.

Cell, Android #17 and Teen Gohan

To unlock Cell, Android #17, and Teen Gohan, play through "The Androids Saga" at any level .

Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome

To unlock Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

Mr. Satan (Hercule)

To unlock Mr. Satan (Hercule), win a World Match Tournament at the "Adept" level.

Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa

To unlock Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa, play through "The Saiyan Saga" at any level.

Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego)

To unlock Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego), win a World Match Tournament at the "Advanced" level.

Super Saiyan Ability (Goku only)

To unlock Super Saiyan ability (Goku only), play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

Super Saiyan Ability (Vegeta only)

To unlock Super Saiyan ability (Vegeta only), play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 Abilities (Teen Gohan only)

To unlock Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 abilities (Teen Gohan only), play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

Super Vegeta

To unlock Super Vegeta, complete the "Vegeta's Confidence" episode.


To unlock Trunks, complete the "Perfect Form Cell Complete" episode.


To unlock Yamcha, complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.


To unlock Zarbon, complete the "Vegeta's Attack" episode.

Fun with loading screen
for a little fun in the loading screen press L3 and move the L analog stick left and right to controll the green loading thingy, and select your chracter with circle for a different costume*

*note using this to select the arena affects the weather
Getting the Seventh Dragon Ball
Are you one of the people who are gettin tired of Popo ripping you off by not selling you the seventh Dragon ball well beat the Adept level of the World Tournament and put the level of the CPU to the strongest level and go to Popo's shop and the seventh Dragon Ball will be there in the Recommended capsules
Good way to get the Dragon Balls
This is sometimes time consuming and sometimes not but it works none the less.

Make sure you have enogh money to buy how ever many you need they cost 8000 zenie each. Then go to Mr Popo's shop and look at the one he recommends, if it aint a Dragon ball then leave the shop then enter again and look at the reccommended section again and reapeat until he recommends a D.ball then repeat for how ever many D.balls you need, Hope this helps!
Hot Potato:
When you friends come over, play alittle game. Go into versus mode and have you and your friend have plenty of room between each other. Have one of you throw an energy ball and see how many times you can reflect it back at each other.
Knock Your Opponent Out Of The Ring With Ease.
To knock your opponent out of the ring with sheer ease in World Match quickly do the kick combo at the start of the fight to knock him to an edge, then rush over to him while he is getting up hold in R1 when he gets up you will punch him out of the ring, he will be unable to block this.
Other effects of Breakthrough
Other than unlocking all of the moves for a character at once, it also powers up those moves. For instance, when you do one of those quick multi-hitting combos, you will do an extra couple of hits! A regular Kamehameha will do extra damage, it will do around the same amount as a regular warp kamehameha. The Warp Kamehameha will be very devastating and the spirit bomb at King Kai FistX10 will take down about two whole bars of energy!
The easiest way to stop your opponent from doing a combo (especially PPPPE) is to hold R1. Most people don't know that R1 can be used as a parry. While holding R1, if your opponent tries to punch or kick you, the first attack will not hurt you. If you let go of R1 right after the first punch, it will send your opponent flying. However, if you let your opponent land the second punch in the combo, it will cause damage. This works extremely well against rushing opponents.
power up
when you start looking like a white or yellow sheild around you you hold x tap back 2 times and hold back
power up & cange cloths
hi i am james mark wright let me help you on dragonballz to power up all you have to do is
hold x and tap back 2 times and hold the back buttion you player will charge his energy. one more tip to change you players suit go to the screen were yo choose you playerand press o insted of x and when you use o for background
it will change weather.well thats all i got byeee
Slow Motion
eject the game in tournament to make your opponent move slow but your be fast put it back in when you beat your opponent oor it will freeze P.S no death moves or it will freeze
Story Mode help
Just a few helpful facts

Whatever happens in story mode continue fighting if you lose choose continue it's worth it. After beating the game once you can play as different characters by starting at different points and unlock other characters and skills. Alternate endings can also be unlocked.
Transformation defence move
First of all make sure you have enough Ki to transform, then when your about to be attacked physically transform, this will defend you against the attack and will stun the opponent for a while.
Ultimate Frieza
In order to do this, You'll need to have "Frieza's Space Ship" When you lose the 1st match against any opponent with Frieza, he'll automatically use the item, which then would then power him up significantly and you Health and Power Level would be at its max.
Unlock Characters
Play through to unlock the characters.

First time through:

Andriod 17
Teen Gohan

Second time around, you will get:

Android 19
Android 18
Android 16

To unlock Mr.Satan you need to beat 'Adept' mode in World Match.

To unlock the Great Saiyaman, you need to beat 'Advanced' mode in World Match.
Win Tournament 100% of the Time
The other cheat posted like this is not as effective as this one, although they are similar. First you need the Viral Heart Disease Skill, and the Vaccine skill. You can acquire them by playing Story mode. Now equip them on any character, it doesn't matter. After you have done that, go into the Options menu, and set the fight timer to 30 seconds. Now go into tournament mode, and choose whatever level you want. Advanced is the best choice. When the match starts, just hold the block button, and thats it. The character will try and hurt you, but it won't work; however make sure to move if they do a block break move, or if you get to close to the edge. Soon, time will run out, and you will win.