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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (PS2) Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 cheat codes.


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A fast way to get all seven dragon balls
Just go to a mission that is in City Ruins and Just smash through all the buildings intill u find 1

sum times u won't find a dragonball so it will take about 7-9 trys to get all 7

and also a place i find it easy to get them is in the special saga against lord slug
Detructo Disk
to do it with goku any goku exept kid and gt press and hold r1 and then triangle and for krillin and 18 hold the triangle for a moment
Go to Dragon History, Go to Majin Buu Saga, Farewell, Proud Warrior or the bit where Majin Vegeta faces Buu after Goku vs Vegeta. Crush all of the big rocks there should be a dragonball there. Also you need to win the fight. Do it 7 times to win.

7 Star Dragonball
Completing certain tournaments means you can unlock the 7 Star-Dragonball.
Easiest way to do final attack
1. First complete yr KI gauge.
2. go near the opponent
3. Hold square and attack
4. Hold up and press triangle again and again and u will do a ki attack(without using ki)
5. Hold L2 and x
6. Do the ultimate attack quickly.
NOTE»do all this quickly.
Easy Dragonballs
If you are looking for an easy way to get dragonballs go bojacks level the 1 when you are teen Gohan and if you power fly through buildings you will get the dragonball its the easiest way to gather dragonballs.
fusion tip
OK many people uses fusions because they are plainly pretty powerful, but did you know that they will get MUCH stronger if you fuse IN the fight? OK lets say we choose vegeta second form and goku (end) and then fuse to vegito. he will be much stronger than normal. and the best part is that lets say both got attack up 3 and we fuse? even the attack up 3's fuse and become a attack up 6! and now a important part. some items cant stack like serious. OK hope i helped!
Get Dragonball easily!

Do every level up to the first android sage level, and win them as well. Somewhere along the line, you should get a special sage mission, "alone for the final battle". Bardock is a pretty easy dude to use, just kill Appule, Cui, the henchman guy, and Frieza.

But use the power dragon dash around and destroy the ship. Keep doing that till you get the dragon sign above the time limit. After that, kills the four guys and you got your dragonball. Random dragons appear from the show, but each one helps you out, including giving you Lil ChiChi and future Gohan. If it doesn't work, do it once more and you'll be satisfied!
Most health in game
First,put king kai`s training on goku gt and ss4 vegeta. Next,be ss4 goku and ss4 vegeta. IT MUST BE TEAM BATTLE OR IT WON`T WORK! Run around until you have enough blast gauges for FUSION. Fuse and you will have 12 health bars! Enjoy!
Quick Fusion Tip
Do you love fusioning but hate waiting for the high amount of blast stocks.

Well to fix this problem just equip "Secret Measures" in Evolution Z.

This will give you full blast stocks at the BEGINNING of the battle!!!
The Dragons
In story mode if you unlock 7 dragonballs in Dragonball/Dragonball Z, Earth Shenron will appear. If you unlock 7 dragonballs by the time you are on Namek, Porunga appears. If you collect 7 dragonballs and complete the GT saga, the Black Star Dragonball will appear.

After you beat story mode, the dragons start to appear randomly. If its not the dragon you want, just restart the game and go back to Shenron. If its still not there, keep restarting the game until the dragon you want appears.
ultimate endless combo, and survivor mode
There are 2 types of endless combo seing as kid buu can do both il use him this cheat can be blocked easily so try to get behind the opponent. whenbehind keep tapping square,triangle or square,square triangle if uve done it right then the move will not knock away ur opponent and they also wont be able to block it (p.s so far ive reached a 101hit combo with around 33000 damage.

the second combo is more simple 1st charge to max power, once this is done try to get behind ur opponent (the principles are the same with the other one) after just keep tapping square kid buu will not kick away his opponent but just kepp hiting, i like to get behind them and kick the crap out of them till my last max power bar then planet burst them to the other world.

i reccomend this for survivor mode (50 enemies
Ultimate Spirit Bomb
Ok, with Goku (mid, normal) do "give me energy" 3 times then do the spirit bomb. your opponent's health should be completely gone.

to check if you did do "give me energy" 3 times try doing it a fourth and if it doesn't work then that means that you did it enough times. If the fourth time it does work then try it a fifth time until it doesn't work.

note: this attack will only completely kill people with 3 lives or less.
Unlock BT2 Characters all of them
Another easy way to unlock most of the characters for Tenkaichi 3 is by having Budokai Tenkaichi 2 save game ( with all of the characters that you've unlocked of course ) inside your memory card. It will load it and when you go to the vs mode, you'll notice most of the characters have been unlocked.
Unlocking the ??? in Ultimate Battle- Survival Mode
Well, if you wandering what the ??? is for the third option in Ultimate Battle mode you need to do 30 missions from Mission 100, then you will unlock Survival Mode!


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Destructo Disc and other Glitches
As Goku(End), jump into the air. While jumping, hold ki button. Gokngu will do Destructo Disc! As Baby Vegeta, do Final Flash and he will say :"Big Bang Attack"! As Goku(GT), do Solar Flare and Goku will say:"Kaioken"! Happy glitching!


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Items Earning At The World Tournament Games At Level 3
to get items really easy,for example a dragonball or item for Evolution Z just go to any world tournament (the best one is Other World Tournament)Level 3!!!,then defeat all the fighters(the best fighter you can use is Super Gogeta And Gogeta SSJ4)after the tournament you will earn money,dragonball and a item or character unlocked or a arena

red shenron
To get the red shenron is you have to beat the actual game and then its not 100% positive but it has like 50% 50% chance.
some unlockable characters
Unlock Characters
These playable characters can be unlocked in the game if you complete the indicated tasks.

Unlock Akkuman:
Complete Dragon History IF saga 'Unexpected Messiah'.

Unlock Android 08 (Hatchan in Japanese):
Complete Dragon History IF saga 'Kindhearted Android'.

Unlock Arale:
Complete Dragon History IF saga 'Dream Match'.

Unlock Babidi:
Complete Dragon History Buu saga 'Good bye Proud Warrior'.

Unlock Chi-Chi:
Red Shenron's Wish

Unlock Cyborg Tao-Pai-Pai:
Win the level 2 Otherworld Tournament.

Unlock Dr. Wheelo:
Complete Dragon History Special Saga 'Dr. Wheelo'.

Unlock Fasha (Seripa in Japanese):
Win the level 3 Yamcha Game.

Unlock General Blue:
Dragon History Dragonball saga "Searching in Penguin Village" cleared

Unlock Gohan (Future):
Shenron's Wish

Unlock Goku(GT):
Complete Dragon History GT saga 'Undead Monster!?'.

Unlock King Cold:
Win the level 3 Cell Game.

Unlock King Piccolo:
Complete Dragon History Dragonball saga 'Revenge of Goku'.

Unlock King Vegeta:
Complete Dagon History IF saga 'Galaxy Battle'.

Unlock Nail:
Complete Dragon History Frieza saga 'Super Saiyan!?'.

Unlock Nam:
Complete Dragon History Dragonball saga 'Dreadful Tenku Peke Ji Ken'.

Unlock Pilaf Machine:
Win the level 2 Super World Tournament.

Unlock Spopovich:
Win the level 3 World Tournament.

Unlock Tambourline:
Complete Dragon History Dragonball saga 'Revenge of Goku'.

Unlocking Stages
Complete these tasks to unlock the corresponding stage.

Unlock Capital City:
Red Shenron's Wish.

Unlock Desert (Day):
Shenron's Wish.

Unlock Desert (Evening):
Win level 2 Yamcha Game.

Unlock Desert (Night) Cell Game:
Win on Level 2.

Unlock Janemba Hell:
Complete Dragon History Special Saga 'Janemba'.

Unlock Mt. Paozu:
Shenron's Wish

Unlock Muscle Tower Dragon:
Complete History Dragon Ball Saga 'Decisive Battle in Holy Place'.

Unlock Penguin Village:
Red Shenron's Wish