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Beat Broly Easy

As we all know, fighting LSSJ Broly is frustrating if forced to use a character that can't melee a giant character. However, a good strategy is to do a charged square attack while holding down. THen fly over to him and do it again while he is still down. He may get up and will probably teleport away next time you try it. Just try to land another one and get back to doing the same strategy.
Verified by: Minahx Submitted by: Mr Muffins on June 12, 2008

Burter lv 94

put Health +12, Majin seal, Genuine Power, Kiss of 18, speed +11, and title Tenkaichi.
Burter has helped me in my battles he is very fast and he uses a small amount of ki hope this works.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Tim12333 on December 08, 2007

Double EXP for characters

In Ultimate Battle Z mode, pick any of the Tag Team roads. When you are asked to choose your characters, pick the character you want to double the EXP gained from the battles you'll fight on the Tag Team road. Make sure to choose custom, and make sure that the character has Z-items equipped that can be leveled up with EXP. When asked to pick your second character, just pick the same character again, along with "Custom" just like you chose the first character. Now, when you win a round, you'll get double the EXP!
Verified by: Twisted Lu Bu Submitted by: Just a Shadow on December 11, 2006

Dragon Balls Quick and Easy

Having trouble getting the Dragonballs? It can be pretty frustrating. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get them. Go to Dragon Adventure and choose the Saiyan Saga. Then go to the event titled Training in Heaven. Go to the yellow dot at the Southern Capitol. You should see General Tao. Fight him, and bust through the buildings, cancelling Lock On when you Lock On to him. Eventually, you will find a Dragon Ball. Get it, then beat General Tao. Keep doing this until you get all 7. Save it, then go to Shenron, and you can load it if he doesn't offer you the item you want.
Verified by: Minahx, vinny455 Submitted by: Briar30 on March 03, 2008

Easy 1 million Zenny

Fisrt you go to Majin Saga Chapter 11. You should be good buu. Then you fly to the yellow dot in the mountain road (above the red dot). When you fly in you will see Yamcha talk to him and he will challenge you(he is lvl 228). Beat him and you will get 1 million prize money and a equipment slots +4.

TIP: Make sure you power up Buu a little bit because it will be a hard battle.
Verified by: DarkRoar, Twisted Lu Bu Submitted by: DarkRoar on November 22, 2006

Easy Combo for Beginners

Do square square square Triangle while holding down, then while the enemy is tripped do Square square square triangle while holding up. This will send them in the air and you hit x right away to meet them in the air and then do square square square square or a triangle will send them crashing down with a smash attack. This will get you around a 12 hit combo everytime for about 10000 damage. Depending on the character and the evolution Z you have on them it could be Much higher or much lower.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mr Muffins on June 12, 2008

Easy money really it really is easy

ok now how to get easy money first go to sayin saga do anyone were u can fly around, then go to the wastland and there should be the little siabain men dude, fight them and win and you'll get somewhere around 100-200 exp and $$$$$$7200$$$$$$ and a siabain men set sell the siabian set and you'll get $150,000 great i know lol repeat this 8 times and you'll get $1,200,000. sorry for the bad spelling on the siabain men thing and your welcome peace out.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: shenlong shuyaku on March 19, 2009

Easy way to beat broly in second coming!

to beat broly in second coming thing in the last battle is to level up gohan and goten[gohan was lvl 145 and goten was lvl 124]and then i used gohan to beat broly and then i kept spaming masakos and punches and ki bolts then aventuly it worked and it only took me 2mins

hope this works
Verified by: 0 Tymitch 0, ChrisW Submitted by: 0 Tymitch 0 on May 11, 2007

easy way to get to LvL 98 on most characters

first you need to unlock the following items ..
Oolongs support
mystery of shenron
equiptment slots [enough to fill the rest of emty slots]
master piece [crane hermit]
the sacred water
self confidence
puars support

this should make the following...

life- 20 speed-8
ki-13 blast1-1
attack-20 blast2-8
defense-20 ultimate blast-8.... hope this works cause it did for me
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ChrisW on April 01, 2009

Fox Mask

If you are having trouble fidning the Fox Mask to unlock Grandpa Gohan here are the instructions on how to find it and get it.

Fox Mask, is located in both the Android and Buu saga's. In Android saga chapter 17, and Buu saga chapter 11. Go to the yellow dot at the Mountain Road, Yamcha will be there, beat him to get Fox Mask.

However Yamcha will be Lvl.228 so make sure you lvl up your character a bit. Also play it while in the Buu Saga as it is easier. Hope this helps.

Verified by: Kid Goku Expert, Subaru7 Submitted by: Holy_Elite on December 24, 2006

Gogeta Ultimate combo.

Everyone has their own super combo, but here's mine.

As SSJ 4, lvl 122 Gogeta, you can do 41480 (or more) on your enemies!

Here's the exact sequence:
1: Dash forward -
2:Hit square -
3:Keep hitting till it says 9 hits -
4:Use Rolling Hammer(right/left+triangle after a combo[only for certain characters]) -
5:Use a 4 hit combo into ground slash(down+triangle) -
6:Hit a fast 4 or 5 combo -
7:Use the lift strike(up+triangle) -
8:Use Blast 2, Ultimate Impact -
9:After he falls and bounces, chase with L2+X into square, for Dragon Dash Strike.

This works for all characters with a Rush type attack.

Note:If a character can't use a rolling hammer type attack, then go straight into a ground slash without the extra hits.

This really will help for Ultimate Battle Z.
Verified by: Minahx Submitted by: Subaru7 on June 22, 2008

Good customs for everybody

Here are good customs for everybody:
1. 5 kiss of #18
2.Shenronh's record
Oolong's support
Attack +10
Speed +15
3.Health +10
Attack +10
Ultimate blast +10
Blast 1 +10
4. 4 Title(Tenkaichi}
Ki Control
5. Health (x2) +10
Shenronh's record
Speed +10
Blast 2 +10
6. Blast 1 +10
Blast 2 +10
Ultimate blast +10
Oolong's support
Attack +10
Verified by: thejunior5121, ChrisW Submitted by: yamacha24 on June 10, 2007

How To Defeat Android 18# With Just Hercule!

Having trouble beating android 18# with hercule?no problem!
all you need to do is
go to the equip z item place and give hercule 5 title tenkaichi ( you also need a equipment slots + 4 ) Or you can use a B1+10 and a B2+10 And a Health ( at least + 5). when you do that go and fight android 18#.
she will be so surprisid when she has lost to you!just knock her out the ring with a king of dreamers or when she is next to you just use present bomb. By the way,
My favourite characters are
Kid Buu,
Super 17,
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on April 01, 2009

How to get 1million zeni!!!!!! (hard)

Ok wanna have lots of money? here's how to get it:Go to dragon adventure in the main menu then go to majin buu Sega (if you don't have that part then sorry, you can't get 1m zeni) then go to'Two Majin Buus'then go in the mountain roads,then you see yamcha then go talk to him he is going to say about 1 million zeni then you are going to fight him, but he's hard so you must defeat him or survive till the time runs out, when you finished him off or survived you get 1 million zeni. Enjoy being rich!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: David01 on July 12, 2008

how to get a parameter of 137

This can be done with almost any character.Just make sure you can earn old/elder kai ritual's and you have blast 1 and 2 also you have attack,defence,the bravest sword,health,and ki.First you need to fuse all of those items with elder kai ritual. [make sure their all + 1] After that then your ready to put them in your custom.Put them in this order Health,Ki,Blast1,Blast2,the bravest sword,then attack and defence.Make sure you have a character with a custom like ssj4 goku's or kid goku's.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ssj4vegito on December 29, 2010

How to tag and fuse in battle!!!

tag L2+R3+L3

Choose tag is hold L2 and press left till you have your character that will be tagged.


power level 3 L2+Left+R3 = normal gotenks

power level 4 L2+up+R3 = normal vegeto(using normal goku or vegeta buu saga) or super saiyan gotenks

Power level 5 L2+Right=R3 = super saiyan vegeto (using normal goku or vegeta buu saga)

Power level 5 L2+Right=R3 = SSJ4 gogeta (using ssj4 goku or vegeta) or ssj gogeta (using normal goku or vegeta buu saga)
Verified by: AznSaiyan, ChrisW Submitted by: AznSaiyan on October 13, 2006

Ki Asorbimg for Androids

When you use Androids (some Androids does have capability to do that ability) During incoming Ki Blast, hit circle to guard not just you guard, you earn Ki to absorb. The Ki that you absorb, will add to your Ki Bar, making charging the Ki faster.

Extra Note For Android Users:
Some Androids can absorb your opponents Health and Ki by grapple. (Dr. Gero does that) and also Max Power move, Drain Life 20. This Rush Attack steals more Health and Ki. Using an Android gives you a full advantage in the battle.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Anton on January 25, 2008

Over the limit health for super saiyan 4 gogeta

Unlock both password characters (SS4 goku and SS4 vegeta, look at top of page to learn their codes), then go to a tag battle and as soon as u get enough blast gauges, fuse them into SS4 gogeta and he will have around 14-16 bars of health and he will be almost unbeatable. It works for me all the time, i havent lost with him yet! Happy gaming
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Oblivion619 on October 09, 2007

Quick Money

Want to buy that Dragon Radar but don't have enough money? Well, there is an easy way to get money. Go to Dragon Adventure, and choose the Saiyan Saga. Then, go to the event titled Ultimate Decisive Battle. Go to a yellow dot in the Wasteland. You should see a Saibaman there. Talk to him, and fight the three Saibamen. When you win, you receive a Saibaman Set, which you can sell for 150,000 Zeni each. Keep doing this, and you will get rich.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Briar30 on March 03, 2008

Quick way to get a +19 potara.

Go to the Ultimate Android storyline (Super 17 saga) in Dragon Adventure mode and then select the first scenario (Old Enemies Return). Now you need to fly over to Kami's lookout (far left side of the map) and then talk to Old Kai. You will then have to fight 2 Cell Jr.s (level 36 and 42) and one Super Perfect Cell (Level 48) with your base Trunks (Sword). After you beat them you should receive 12600 Zeni some experience (if you have any Ability type potaras equipped) and a Fusion Type potara named "Elder Kai's Ritual". Once you have received the "Elder Kai's Ritual" Fusion Type potara you can then fuse it with any +1 Ability type potara in Evolution Z, you should then have a +19 of whatever Ability type potara you fused with the "Elder Kai's Ritual" Fusion Type potara.

Hope this helps.

(If you do not understand anything I posted in this tip just give me a PM and I will do my best to try and clear things up.)
Verified by: Just a Shadow, Twisted Lu Bu Submitted by: HomieLB on November 14, 2006

really good combanation for ssj4 gogeta!!!

1st go to evolution Z. go to ssj4 gogeta put on x2 puar support x2 oolong support x1 ex equment slots+2 x2 speed+10
Verified by: bloodshotbrutality Submitted by: anonymous on April 19, 2007

Super 17 absorption

A lot of guys in the forum have been asking how to absorb Ki based attacks with Super 17. Well, just press circle just before the attack hits you, and keep it pressed to keep him in the absorbing stance. Almost all B2 attacks can be absorbed, in addition to a few Ultimate Blasts as well.

Note however, to get out of the stance as soon as the attack ends as it leaves you completely vulnerable.
Verified by: bloodshotbrutality Submitted by: Existence on April 04, 2007


Okay so you want to get some dragon balls but you don't want to blast through all those buildings. well just do this go to the majin buu scenario then pick the story event super gotanks. you will be fighting super buu. first knock him way back by a charged attack. then use dragon dash to blast through the buildings. yes you are still blasting through buildings but is is much faster.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DBZDBZDBZDBZDBZ on June 30, 2008


A really good way to survive or win in a battle is this 1: First raise your bar high enough to shoot one of your specials

2:Than knock the enemy way far back

3: Fly back a little ways and shoot a beam at them

4: quickly load up more power and shoot of another one.

Just keep repeating this and you should live.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Vicarious on June 30, 2007

The Strongest Gohan.

Ok, go to Gohan (any Gohan, as long as it's adult and not saiyaman). The go into his skills. Attach a couple (1-2) Extra Slots. Then add some Speed ups. Throw in a couple of Attack ups and ultimate blast and you have the Ultimate gohan. Go to Traing or Versus, ect. Try him out. He should be extremely fast and powerful and almost unbeatable.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jeremiah on March 24, 2007

Transforming Into Super Sayain

Heres How to transform into Super Sayain.
(The Form must be unlocked in Dragon Adventure first)

Super Sayain 1 - R3+ ,<- (D-Pad)(With 1 Blast Stock)
Super Sayain 2 - r3+ Dpad Up (2 Blast Stocks)
Super Sayain 3 - R3 + -> (3 Blast Stocks)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: BlitzerNatu on January 24, 2008

Win World Tournement

Use Android19 grab them then use High speed rush and knock them out of bounds
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Master on March 06, 2009


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7 dragonball locations without putting up a fight!!!!!

you may need to reenter sites to obtain a certain dragonball!!!!

1 star dragonball: tree of might; 01 - east city
2 star dragonball: tree of might; 01 - glacier
3 star dragonball: saiyan saga; 00 - east city
4 star dragonball: saiyan saga; 03 - central city
5 star dragonball: ultamate android; 02 - hercule city
6 star dragonball: saiyan saga; 00 - southern capatal
7 star dragonball: saiyan saga; 00 - northern capatal.

5 star dragonball i could not find one earlier than ultimate android so far so ya if you find a location earlier than that then use it. or go into a battle. finding these dragonballs should take ten minutes max! so quick and cheap. piccolo, burter and bardock rock!!!!
Verified by: stlrfn915, sonu62 Submitted by: darkblade666 on September 18, 2007

Character Guide (English Version)


Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan
Trunks (w/Sword)
Kid Trunks
Vegeta (Scouter)
Frieza 1st Form
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 19
Majin Buu


Kid Goku
Great Ape
Master Roshi
Goku SSJ
Goku SSJ 2
Goku SSJ 3
Super Vegetto
Super Gogeta
Teen Gohan SSJ
Teen Gohan SSJ 2
Gohan SSJ
Gohan SSJ 2
Great Saiyaman
Vegeta SSJ
Super Vegeta
Vegeta Second Form
Vegeta Second Form SSJ
Vegeta Second Form SSJ 2
Majin Vegeta
Trunks SSJ (w/Sword)
Trunks SSJ
Super Trunks
Kid Trunks SSJ
Goten SSJ
Gotenks SSJ
Gotenks SSJ 3
Great Saiyaman 2
Supreme Kai
Captain Ginyu
Frieza 2nd Form
Frieza 3rd Form
Frieza Final Form
Dr Gero
Cell 1st Form
Cell 2nd Form
Cell Perfect Form
Cell Jr
Super Buu
Kid Buu
Goku SSJ 4
Vegeta SSJ 4
Gogeta SSJ 4


General Tao (Bros. of Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign)
Master Roshi Full Power (Master Roshi + Seriousness)
Grandpa Gohan (Master Roshi's Pupil + Fox Mask)
Great Ape Bardock (Bardock + Powerball)
Great Ape Radditz (Radditz + Powerball)
Great Ape Nappa (Nappa + Powerball)
Great Ape Vegeta (Vegeta Scouter + Powerball)
Cui (Frieza's Soldier + Vegeta's Rival)
Super Zarbon (Zarbon + Unsealed)
Full Power Frieza (Frieza Final Form + Ultimate Transformation)
Mecha Frieza (Full Power Frieza + Remodeling Surgery)
Perfect Cell (Cell Perfect Form + Self Destruction)
Evil Buu (Majin Buu + Human Gunman's Gun)
Kibito Kai (Supreme Kai + Kibito)
Super Buu w/Gotenks (Super Buu + Absorb Gotenks)
Super Buu w/Gohan (Super Buu + Absorb Gohan)
Garlic Jr (Makyo Star + Dead Zone)
Super Garlic Jr (Garlic Jr + Giant Form)
Turles (Lower Class Saiyan + Fruit From the Tree of Might)
Great Ape Turles (Turles + Powerball)
Slug (Namekian + Mutation)
Giant Slug (Slug + Giant Form)
Salza (Cooler's Soldier + Armored Cavalry)
Cooler (Frieza's Brother + Hatred of Goku)
Cooler Final Form (Cooler + Ultimate Transformation)
Metal Cooler (Cooler + Big Gete Star)
Android 13 (Computer + Hatred)
Super 13 (Android 13 + Parts of # 14/# 15)
Brolly (Son of Paragas + Hatred of Goku)
Brolly SSJ (Brolly + Super Saiyan)
Brolly LSSJ (Super Saiyan Brolly + Breakthough the Limit)
Zangya (The Flowers of Evil + Galactic Warrior)
Bojack (Unsealed + Galactic Warrior)
Super Bojack (Bojack + Ultimate Transformation)
Janemba (Saike Demon + People's Bad Energy)
Super Janemba (Janemba + Ultimate Transformation)
Hildegarn (Hildegar's Top Half + Hildegar's Lower Half)
Baby Vegeta (Baby + Vegeta Second Form)
Super Baby 1 (Baby Vegeta + Lower Class Saiyan)
Super Baby 2 (Super Baby 1 + Power From Lower Class)
Great Ape Baby (Super Baby 2 + Artifial Blutz Wave)
Super 17 (Android 17 + HFIL Fighter 17)
Syn Shenron (Evil Dragon + Negative Energy)
Omega Shenron (Syn Shenron + Ultimate Dragonball)
Verified by: Phoenix Reborn, Storm Submitted by: G_O_G_E_T_A on November 05, 2006

Destroyed Earth/Namek

Use your Max Power ki attack(like the supier spirit bomb) on namek or any normal area on earth(besides the wolrd tournament stage) And if your opponent lives, and is on the ground when hit, the stage will change into ruined earth or the destroyed namek stage.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dragon Warrior1 on March 23, 2008

Different Trainer

Play as Bra (Bulla)

To unlock Bra (Bulla) in Ultimate Training instead of Vegeta and Bulma, successfully complete all training options. At the Ultimate Training screen, press Circle. Note: Press Triangle in the Japanese version.

This is for the Training. Its optional to change them back.
Verified by: faceman908 Submitted by: Super Megaman on March 10, 2007

dragon ballz

on dragon adventure go to the ultimate future warrior saga if unlocked and go on 02 future peace smash the mountains down and you should find a dragon ball do this 7 times and you will have 7 dragon balls thats what i did.
Verified by: futurewarrior Submitted by: liam stephen noakes on October 27, 2007

Get the 7 Dragonballs Easily

First we start by doing the first scenario in story mode "the one with raditz" "must be with goku"
And we go to southern capital city and fight general tao...but before beating him, destroy all the buildings in the area till you find the dragon ball, then simply beat him and re-do the whole thing until you acquire all 7 dragon balls.
Verified by: TobyVvV Submitted by: FARTzilla on December 17, 2006

Glitch: Omega Shenron

pick omega shenron and burtur in a fight. do a dragon thunder on burtur, and instead of burtur being between the spikes, burtur will instead, be on top of the spikes
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: NegativeEnergy on August 04, 2007

Grandpa Gohan

First, In the what if story "Destined Rivals" Go to the story when you are Goku, then fly over to Kami's Look out on the map. Instead of the Look out, you should arrive at King Kia's world. Talk to him, then he should say he has a surprise for you. You will start a fight at the Martial Arts Tournament, Then you should start fighting Grandpa Gohan. If you win you should unlock:
Kid Goku
Master Roshi's Pupil.

Then go to the Majin Buu Saga pick Story 11. When you get to the map, go to the roadside. There you should see Yamcha, talk to him and defeat (Not Survive) him. You should get a Purple Potara called Fox Mask.

Go to Z item fusion and fuse Master Roshi's Pupil and Fox mask. Then you should get Grandpa Gohan!
Verified by: king_of_hearts, Naughty_Shorty Submitted by: Jeremiah on January 15, 2007

Halo Goku and Vegeta!!! POTARA FUSE!!!

Fuse potara purple 5 and 6. It will be a yellow potara. Use this yellow potara at goku or vegeta potara list to get them as a halo character.

I didnt try other characters. So try it for your self.
Verified by: AznSaiyan, ss2 goten Submitted by: AznSaiyan on October 12, 2006

How To Get Free Money

How to get free money
Entry Location:
main menu

First go to data center then go to fusion (you first need a game save data on dragonballz Budokai Tenkaichi (on your memory card) then wait a few seconds then surprise! You got 10,000 zenie.
Verified by: Zhou Tai Rocks Submitted by: God of all saiyans on December 16, 2006

Level 160 characters easy!

first of all you need to get either 5 "title tenkaichi's" or 5 "kiss of #18's" each one adds 4 levels to each attrinute, so if you put on all five that means all of the attributes will be maxed and you also have some empty slots to add in other items. Personally, my best line up is SS4 Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta with 5 "kiss of #18's", "Genuine power" and "Halo".
Verified by: Minahx, deepakrana768 Submitted by: kadaa on December 22, 2006

Lvl 111 Kid Goku

For Kid Goku to be this strong you need, 2 Title {Top Fighter}, 2 Mystery of Shenron, 2 The sacred water and the Kiss of #18 or just type in my code for him
-blo ac!* j)gj bHoY
qIuY @(X) cSC* lh?V
Verified by: davidbnjas Submitted by: Kid Goku Expert on March 20, 2008


DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Unlockables
Unlock Characters
Unlockable How to Unlock
Raditz Beat him in Story
Nappa Beat him in Story
Captain Ginyu Beat him in story mode
Frieza Beat him in story mode
Vegeta (android saga) Metal-cooler movie/android saga
SSJ Adult Gohan History of trunks
SSJ trunks (with sword) History of trunks
Perfect Cell Cell saga
Guldo Beat him in Story Mode
Recoome Beat him in Story Mode
Burter Beat him in Story mode
Jeice Beat him in Story mode
SSJ Goku Defeat Freeza as SSJ Goku
SSJ 2 Goku Defeat Majin Vegeta
SSJ 3 Goku Defeat Fat Buu
Master Roshi Defeat Raditz with Goku
DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Easter Eggs
A carry over from Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 1
If you load your Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 1 data in the menu, you receive 100.000 zenny you can only do this once.
Verified by: cloudthe, tomo13parkour Submitted by: Random Dogg on October 29, 2006

Unlock characters Japanese version POTARA!


I hope this will help you to unlock the characters you are still searching.

Tip 1: before fuse go to baba store and buy the first purple potara. something called Zblahblahblah. this potara let you fuse potara 1 time so be sure to buy as many as you can.

Tip 2: First the base form before you fuse the transformations.

Purple 12 + Green 3 = Zarbon form 2
Purple 12 + Purple 18 = Bojack form 1
Purple 13 + Green 19 = Bojack form 2
Purple 13 + Green 4 = Full Power Freeza Final Form
Purple 17 + Purple 35 = Cooler base form
Purple 13 + Green 15 = Cooler final form
Purple 36 + Green 15 = Metal Cooler
Purple 14 + Green 5 = Mecha Freeza
Purple 35 + Purple 43 = Broly Base form
Purple 15 + Green 17 = RSSJ Broly
Purple 22 + Green 18 = LSSJ Broly
Purple 16 + Green 8 = Evil Buu
Purple 18 + Purple 40 = Zangya
Purple 19 + Purple 20 = Janempa(fat)
Purple 13 + Green 20 = Janemba(skinny)
Purple 59 + Green 26 = Bebi Vegeta base form
Purple 44 + green 28 = Bebi Vegeta Form 1
Purple 27 + Green 21 = Bebi Vegeta Form 2
Purple 21 + Green 12 = Golden Oozaru Bebi Vegeta
Purple 23 + Green 7 = Super Perfect Cell
Purple 24 + Green 1 = Oozaru Raditz
Purple 24 + Green 2 = Oozaru Nappa
Purple 24 + Green 11 = Oozaru Vegeta
Purple 25 + Purple 53 = Turles
Purple 24 + Green 24 = Oozaru Turles
Purple 26 + Green 6 = Super 17
Purple 28 + Green 9 = Super Buu Gotenks Absorbed
Purple 29 + Green 9 = Super Buu Gohan Absorbed
Purple 30 + Purple 31 = Tao Pai Pai
Purple 32 + Purple 33 = Garlic Jr
Purple 34 + Green 14 = Super Garlic Jr
Purple 34 + Green 16 = Super Slug
Purple 37 + Green 13 = Max Power Buffed Roshi
Purple 38 + Purple 39 = Lord Slug
Purple 41 + Purple 42 = Sauzaa
Purple 45 + Purple 46 = Cui
Purple 47 + Purple 48 = Syn Shenron
Purple 49 + Green 22 = Omega Shenron
Purple 50 + Purple 51 = Android 13
Purple 52 + Green 23 = Super 13
Purple 54 + Green 25 = Kibitoshin
Purple 55 + Purple 56 = Hildegarn
Purple 57 + Purple 58 = Grandpa Gohan
Verified by: AznSaiyan Submitted by: AznSaiyan on October 12, 2006

What-if storylines

There are three what-if stories available in the game, here are the names and how to unlock them:

"Fateful Brothers": beat Radditz with Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga.

"Beatiful Treachery": beat Dodoria with Kid Gohan & Krillin in the Frieza Saga.

"Destined Rivals": beat Gohan with Goten in the Majin Buu Saga.
Verified by: super mystic gohan3, Twisted Lu Bu Submitted by: G_O_G_E_T_A on November 06, 2006