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Drakengard Tips

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A Jet For Sky Missions
Upon finishing Chapter 13, when you go to do the Free Mission at Shinjuku, beat it and you will unlock the Jet. For Sky Missions, on the Dragon Select Menu, you should normally see Red Dragon Level 1, 2, 3 and Chaos Dragon. If you go one below Chaos Dragon{which means while you highlighting Chaos Dragon, just press down}, and you will be highlighting '???', select it and you will hear Manah's voices. After that, get on to the mission and you should be riding on a Jet. The Jet looks like, a Jet, unlike the Dragons you have been using and it's only available for Sky Missions.
Submitted by: KaelaStar0619 on July 10, 2005
Alternate Endings
1st Ending - Finish chapter 1 to 8.
2nd Ending - Unlock chapter 9 ( Withdraw 80% life of the Black Dragon in less than 4min20 in the chapter 7 verse 4).
3rd Ending - In the chapter 9, finish the 3rd verse in less than 4min20.
4th Ending - Finish the 12 chapters and the 3 chapters of your companions.
5th Ending - Recover the 65 weapons to unlock the 13rd chapter and finish it.
Submitted by: KaelaStar0619 on July 10, 2005
Attack through walls
During any ground mission if you see enemies on your radar on the other side of the wall, you can begin your run attack until you see the flash that you are going full speed. Then press the attack button to send your attack through the wall, killing the enemies on the other side.
Submitted by: KaelaStar0619 on July 10, 2005
How to get the 5th ending...AND Lv5 dragon
In order for you to get the 5th and final ending you must beat the first four ending and acquire all the weapons in the game. Now this may seem hard and it is, but it is very doable and is well worth it for beating the 5th ending allows you to revisit future Tokyo but to get revenge on the F157s who _____________________ 5th ending (trying not to spoil it for those who haven't done it yet).When your revenge is complete you will unlock the Lv5 dragon (known as ????)to use on free expedition mode-only for the air missions- and is very fun to use.
Submitted by: kingdraconus on December 12, 2006
Quick Turn
When you hit enemies, use the Left Analog-stick to make a quick turn on every hit to enemies that want to attack you from the back.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on November 17, 2005