Dr. Muto (PS2) Cheats

Dr. Muto cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dr. Muto cheat codes.


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Easy Isotopes
Zap the television in Muto's house to get 10 Isotopes.
Producer's Head Easter Egg
On the Junkyard Ending part of the planet, stand on the crushed car that sinks on the green goo when you stand on it. Quickly, morph into the mouse to let the car rise, and jump to the safest spot on the top left part of the car. If you do this right, a cheap message and health will appear. Jump onto the producer's head to grab the health. There you go,two Easter Eggs and Health in one.
walk on lava
put in the CHEATERBOY cheat and go on any level with lava u have to go on platforms to not get hurt dont go on the platforms but jump in the lava, TADA!!! your walking on lava

for more things to walk on email me im rsplayer161@gmail.com


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Misc. Cheats
Go to the options screen and then to the Cheats section

All Gadgets - TINKERTOY
All Morphs - EUREKA
Go Anywhere - BEAMMEUP
Invincibility - NECROSCI
Never Take Damage - CHEATERBOY
Secret Morphs - LOGGLOGG
Super Ending - BUZZOFF
View FMV Sequences - HOTTICKET
Secret Characters
Once you enter the code, morph back into Dr. Muto from any other morph

CYBERDOC "Must I do everything myself, Doctor?"
MINISCOT "Play as a Circus Freak"
MADKING "I ain't dead, I swear!"
CHOPSUEY "I know Kung-Fu"
BLUEPILL "Just how far the rabbit hole goes"
DISTURBING "Hoisted by my own petard!"
HOLLOWDOC "What a big brain!"
HOTGREGMA "Riiiiiight...a chip buttie please!"
PARTYDOC "Nice tan!"
BIGDADDY "Forshnizzle my Nizzle, baby."
GROOVYBABY "So wrong, Mon"
QUEPASA "Say hello to my little friend"
SWITCHOFF "Unit X18 loading Muto program..."
GOTHCHICK "Carpe Nocturn!"
STIG "I'm in a fricking game!"
RELOAD "You are all just wannabes."