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Devil May Cry 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Devil May Cry 2 cheat codes.


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Beating Tateobesu on Must Die
This boss is very hard for Lucia/Trish on Must Die mode because it always stays invisible. To beat it by firing randomly will take a long time and you will probably die. An easy way to beat it is with Lucia. Swim up to one of the top corners and continually drop cranky bombs. While this might take a while, it's a fairly easy way to beat it if you are having trouble.
chaos heart
in mission 7 when you get the flame heart go through the door in the lava in the next room and get the vendetta once you get it there is another hallway somewhere in the room it's a semi-long hallway and it has a blue light coming from it go down it to get the chaos heart i do not have any clue what it does though
Earning S-Rankings throughout the levels
You can't use any items throughout the levels, and damage must be zero.

Character Mission Clear-Time Orbs Show-Time!!-Combos
Dante 1 8:30 3000 4
Dante 2 6:30 3000 2
Dante 3 8:30 4500 6
Dante 4 9:30 5000 8
Dante 5 11:30 6000 12
Dante 6 8:00 1000 10
Dante 7 8:00 4000 10
Dante 8 3:00 1600 6
Dante 9 6:00 2000 20
Dante 10 5:00 3500 10
Dante 11 8:30 4500 6
Dante 12 6:30 3500 8
Dante 13 2:30 2500 6
Dante 14 7:30 6500 15
Dante 15 2:30 3000 10
Dante 16 9:00 7000 20
Dante 17 4:00 2000 10
Dante 18 5:00 2000 15
Lucia 1 9:00 4000 6
Lucia 2 10:00 2500 10
Lucia 3 8:00 5000 20
Lucia 4 5:30 1600 20
Lucia 5 7:30 3000 20
Lucia 6 10:30 2000 15
Lucia 7 7:00 4000 10
Lucia 8 8:30 5000 20
Lucia 9 1:30 1600 12
Lucia 10 7:30 5500 20
Lucia 11 3:30 2000 8
Lucia 12 9:00 7000 20
Lucia 13 4:00 800 8
Hidden Dante Long Range Sword
In mission 15 for Dante, in the area where u find the key in mission one, got toward the orb but stay on the ground if you go into the little peica of wall it sits behind you should get the long range weapon, if it doesn't work try killing all the enimies first.
How to defeat Argosax of Chaos in Harder modes
Beat the bosses in this order, using the following methods.

1. Phantom: Firstly dodge all of its attacks. After it finishes, it will pause for a while. This is your chance to go up to the head and give it a combo. Don't get too carried away, otherwise it can blow you away with a fireball that can cause heavy damage. When you see fire forming on the Phantom's mouth, I recommend you stay away. While it shoots this fireball, keep jumping and shooting at the Phantom until it stops.

2. Orangguerra: This is probably the most easiest and stupid boss. Roll to the boss's right armpit. Then keep slashing like hell with your sword. If Dante woulds aside while doing sword combos, quick move him back or you could get hit by those giant wind balls.

3. Jokatgulm: The easiest way to beat this boss is to stand where Jokatgulm is, but closer to where Phantom was, and equip Submachine guns and keep firing. This may take a way, and if you wanna end this quickly, just dodge the boss's tentacle attacks and when it stops, give it a combo if you can.

4.Furiataurus: Now move to the left a little bit but not too much. Just stand there and keep firing. Thats the safest way IMO. If your desperate, strike the boss whenever it stops attacking.

5. Griffon: You should have alot of DT now. My suggestion is to DT and keep attacking. Make sure you have Healing heart equiped. If you revert back to normal form, just dodge his beams and shoot at the same time.

6. Nefasturris: This is a really tricky battle. My suggestion is too keep a distance and keep firing. If his attacks come near you, move away. If you have still DT, use it to end the battle quicker.
how to unlock mission select with just unlocking diesel costume
this is the diesel costume cheat code: L3 R3 L1 L2 R1 R2 L3 R3,by the way,unlocking lucia/dante's diesel is a fast thing to unlock mission,just unlock that and you'll unlock that easily! NOTE: you will not unlock all levels when you enter the cheat! it is easier when you finish the game first.


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Alternate Costume
To unlock a different costume simply beat the game with Dante.
Alternate Costume (Lucia)
For Lucia's other outfit simply beat the game with Lucia.
Be Sparda
While in battle when your life gets in the red. Devil Trigger and instead of becoming your normal demon form.Dante will transform into Sparda
Chrono heart amulet
In the mission with the Phantom or the mission after the Phantom, there is a mound of webbing. go to it hit the (o) button and read. then hit the eye in the middle. Now knock mosters into it and after about 6 or 8 the webbing will disapear and the Chronoheart amulet will be give to you.
Dante's DMC costume
To unlock the original Dante from Devil May Crys costume beat Dante;s game on 'Must Die' difficulty. When this costume is selected Dante will have his old sword the Force Edge instead of the Rebellion
Diesel Bonus Costume
Beat the first mission, then exit out to the Main Menu. Enter the following code at the "Press Start" screen. now go to the menu to load your game. If you press R1 before you load your game, you can change costumes.

Diesel Bonus Costume- L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3
get stacks of red orbs the easy way
I'm surprised no one has got onto this handy little one. Find a mission where its possible to get loads of stylish combos and/or loads of enemies. Go through the level like normal but when you near the end,press start and restart the level. You will restart the mission with the amount of orbs you had when you restarted. Blue and yellow orbs dont re-appear but its an easy way of getting red orbs so leveling up weapons is done easily. Enjoy.
Heal with the Flame Heart
On Mission 7 for Dante, collect the Flame Heart and walk into the lava and press L1 to DT. The Flame Heary DT and lava will restore your health bar!.
Lucia's 2nd alternate costume
To unlock this you need to beat the game on "Lucia's Hard Mode".
Mission Select/Cotumes
Play each characters first mission, then save and reset the PS2. Then sit through the intro video and when it reaches the 'PRESS START' screen press R3, L3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3
If it has worked you will hear the same sound as you do when you pick up an object in-game. Then load up the save you just made and you will have unlocked the 'Mission Select' mode and Dante/Lucia's alternative costumes
Special Moves
  • Whilst your in Dante's Super DT form (a.k.a Sparda DT) press Square and Triangle together to do a Special Move which causes Dante to unleash a quick energy outburst causing damage to all demons within range.

  • In Dante's Super DT press Square and Triangle together whilst holding R1 to make Dante shoot a beam of negative energy. This move focuses on 1 demon untill it is destroyed, then it moves on to the next demon.

    ::Warning:: These moves consume alot of DT energy!!


  • Whilst in Lucia's DT, press Square and Triangle together and she will create a move which sends white energy towards the demon.

  • In Lucia's DT, press Square and Triangle together whilst holding R1 and Lucia will make energy bolts fall down upon the enemy.

    ::Warning:: These moves consume alot of DT energy!!
  • Unlock "Dante/Lucia must die mode"
    To do this you will need to need to beat either characters "Hard Mode".
    Unlock Alternate "Lucia waiting for Dante" Ending.
    Simply beat Lucia's scenario in Hard mode, and you will see this ending right after the end credits.
    Unlock Arius Secretary
    Beat Lucia Must Die mode with lucia. You will unlock Arius' Secretary which looks similar to Lucia and uses those same weapons.
    Unlock Level Select
    Complete the game once to unlock level select
    Unlock the Bloody Palace
    To do this you must beat the game with both Dante and Lucia.
    Unlock Trish from the first game (DMC1)
    To achieve this you must beat the game in "Dante's Hard Mode".