Okage: The Shadow King Cheats

Okage: The Shadow King cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Ari`s Forgotton Sword
In the World Library, once you get the purple key to unlock the purple doors. Then got to the room close to the exit. Find any doors that lead to the east wing. Eventually, in the east wing, you will come to a purple door. Unlock it, then run through the hall, you will come back to the center wing near the door the leads to the final boss. Then you will find a treasure chest that has that forgotton sword. Equip it to Ari.

P.S: That sword can unlock special goodies all around the world. Some of them is hidden in the Big Tree Hole(Where you fought Big Bull Evil King)Floor:B4. Also, in sealed cave. They are hidden in Floor B1.

Sorry, I couldn`t give directions to this sword.
Easy Suckel/ Experience
If you go back to the Deep Grave Pit, all of the urns re-appear...they give you better experience than the aquatic urns and better suckel!(Plus if you can find/beat the 24k Screw that gets you alot more!!)
How to defeat Phantom Evil King.
Phantom Evil King Aka Epros is a tough evil king to defeat. Have Kisling On Level 52 and Big Bull on Level 56 and Ari on Level 62 or 63. Kisling will have the ability Max. Voltage, Ari will have high defense and High Strength and Big Bull can cast Super Charge and Fire. First, deal with the Masterless Sword. Have Kisling cast Max. Voltage on them, Ari cast Lighting Sword on them and Big Bull can cast Flash Punch. Their Element is Ice so cast Thunder. After Defeating all 4 Masterless Swords, defeat PEK(app: Phantom Evil King)Whenever you attack, it will be a miss sometimes. When it doesn`t, it says 1 damage. Have Kisling Cast Max. Voltage or Mega Storm, although he is thunder it will stiil hurt. Have Big Bull Cast Fire on him and Have Ari cast Heal, Restore or Life Spark on Kisling, Himself or Big Bull.(You can`t cast Life Spark on Ari because if he dies, it`s GAME OVER.)Keep repeating Pattern on Phantom Evil King until defeated.

P.S: Don`t have Rosalyn or Linda in your party, cause if Phantom Evil King Cast Max. Voltage, Mega Storm or Storm they are toast because their element is ICE. Also, the best way to let Kisling, Big Bull and Ari to level up fast is to go to the DEEP GRAVE PIT.
How to defeat TEEN IDOL EVIL KING AND Swerwd Bear.
Swerwd Bear: Have Rosalyn in your party. Also Big Bull on a least LV: 31. Rosalyn can cast ICE on Swerwd Bear. Have Ari do Blizzard Sword, and Big Bull do Cold Knuckles. You will defeat 2 swerwd bears. Do ICE one more timeto defeat other bears. Note: They do Virus Stage 2(poison) and self-destruct when HP is low.

Teen Idol Evil King aka Linda: Sometimes she will cast Midnight which puts everyone to sleep and Mighty Load. Have Rosalyn to cast Parasol Amulet to defend sleep. (You can also do it to avoid poison from swerwd bears.) When she casts Midnight, every one will fall asleep except for Rosalyn. Do Charged Parasol on Linda. If Big Bull casts Charge on Rosalyn, that ability`s damage on Linda will increase. (TEEN IDOL EVIL KING LINDA`S ELEMENT IS ICE, SO SHE IS WEAK TO THUNDER, IF YOU HAVE KISLING IN YOUR PARTY, CAST STORM.) Also Let Ari Attack to weaken Teen Idol Evil King or Ari, Big bull can do combo attacks. Keep doing Charged Parasol on Linda. When Hp gets low, Have Ari cast Heal. Do Charged Parasol on Linda until defeated.
Rosalyn`s Gallant Rapier. PowerFUL Weapon.
Rosalyn`s Gallant Rapier will appear in Triste when the HOPELESS MERCHANT gives it to her. But first, you must go to any Fortune Teller in Madril, Rashelo or Tenel inn`s. See if you have a reasonship with Rosalyn. If you do, then go to Triste, Rosalyn will appear in front of the Hopeless Merchant and the HERO`S CLUB. After a short talk with Ari, the Hopeless Merchant will "like" Rosalyn for her speech and give you the Gallent Rapier which has a Attack pwr of 40.

P.S: You must defeat Phantom Evil King and then go through this cheat.
The First Few Cyphertexts
1st: Tenel's Village Elder
2nd: Suspicious guy beside circus tents near Tenel
3rd: Window at side of Madril Town Hall
4th: Cliff behind veteran clown near Rashelo


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Easy experience
Continue after defeating the first evil king (the rat). After defeating second evil king (the fish-like creature), return to the place where the first evil king was located, in the sewer. Once you get there, you will see bars that resemble those in a jail cell. Approach them and wait. A ghost will come after you. Let it get you for very good experience. The save and healer will also be nearby.
Easy Sukel
In Tenel, go to the blacksmith's shop and talk to him. He will give you a Fruit Knife. Go to Madril and enter the shop. Talk to the kid at the counter. He will offer you 300 Sukel for the knife. Do not accept his offer, and tell him that you will think about it. Start a new conversation with him and he will offer you 400 Sukel, which you can accept.
Easy Sukel
When you get a new sword, sell your other weaker swords.
Easy Sukel
When you get though the Aquatic Ruins, you can keep returning to fight the earns to get more Sukel and experience.
Finding the escapeless abyss
It is located in the Rumille Plains. You will see a sign that reads "The Escapeless Abyss". It is inside a strange dark cave.
Finding the princess
After the princess runs away, you can find her at your house in Tenel.
How to get Epros' greatist wepon
During the game your comparity with your father will be wiped out because of the princess. In order to get a special weapon from the father which is the cards you must give stupid answers to everyone u encounter except the father. When the realation ship with ur father slips trade the items u get, starting with the grandmother and work your way till u get a broken gun. Its known that a famous hero used it. You will extange it for a unicorns horn and the realiton ship. Go to the teller and see if u got a relation ship with dad. If so go back to him and he will give you the cards. It happened to me so It should help u to.
Stans questions.
For Stan's question "how cool do you think i am?" put Earthshaking. Ideal. Hunk.
For "who do you think would be appropriate wife" put A super. Lovely. Countess.
For "I need a catchy title for my world conquest" put A nightmarish. Raging. Fiend.
just so you know more than one of his questions have more than one answer.
Sword Of Gear
Tiny gears are scattered all over the world on the ground. You cannot see them, but if you go near them you will automatically pick them up. If you get 30 of the 32 tiny gears and return to the house on the snow plain with a big snowman in front of it, the man inside will give you the "Sword of Gear". It has Attack +50 and Defense +10. If you keep talking to that man after you get the sword, he will tell you about the Turtle and the Pebble.