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Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (PS2) Cheats

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition cheat codes.

Command codes

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How to unlock everything using a code
This code unlocks all of the special features you get when you defeat each difficulty mode. This will unlock it for any games on that memory card. For example, if you have a game as Dante saved as well as a game as Vergil saved, both games will benefit from the code.

Do the following at the menu screen:

Simply hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + up & left on the D-pad + turn the left analog stick down and to the right.


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Another way to triple jump
This can be done with both Dante (needs the Trickster style equipped) and Vergil. To do this, there needs to be an enemy on an above ledge much higher than you. For Vergil, jump, air trick, and then trick up, or jump, trick up, and then air trick. For Dante, jump, air hike, and then air trick, or jump, air trick, and then air hike.
Dante's Pole Spin
For some reason this only works with Dante. I guess it's just because he's the only one who likes to 'have fun'. Anyway, in areas like the Love Planet rainbow stage in the Residential Area, that have poles or anything like a pole coming from the ground, jumping towards it and pressing the triangle button will cause Dante to spin around it in the air with his legs outstretched. This move also damages enemies, but not very much. It's really just funny to watch.
Dante's Shadow
When playing with Dante's last costume (Super Sparda), look at his shadow on the ground without Devil Trigger on. It should resemble Sparda's DT form even though it is a different character.

Easy Style Points
if you have troubel on getting style points try this (you are gonna need swodsmaster lvl 3) get in the middle of some demons and do the sword dance (the one you get at lvl 3) and push circle as fast as u can, don't stop and see your style meeter rise to the top
Effectivity Of Bloody Palace
Work out your RO by dealing the Bloody Palace. The Bloody Palace allows you to earn alot of RO when you defeat a bunch of monsters in one floor. The Bloody Palace is also effective if you want to skill up Dante and Vergil's Styles.
Extra Ending
Playing as Dante, defeat 100 or more enemies during the credits at the end of the game to view an extended ending.
Gallery items
Successfully complete the game on Easy mode or higher to unlock Gallery mode. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item in the Gallery:

Bonus Art 1: Successfully complete the game on Easy mode.
Bonus Art 2: Successfully complete the game on Normal mode.
Bonus Art 3: Successfully complete the game on Hard mode.
Bonus Art 4: Successfully complete the game on Very Hard mode.
Bonus Art 5: Successfully complete the game on Dante Must Die mode.
Bonus Art 6: Get an "S" rank on all missions on Easy mode.
Bonus Art 7: Get an "S" rank on all missions on Normal mode.
Bonus Art 8: Get an "S" rank on all missions on Hard mode.
Bonus Art 9: Get an "S" rank on all missions on Very Hard mode.
Bonus Art 10: Get an "S" rank on all missions on Dante Must Die mode.
Bonus Art 11: Get an "SS" rank on all missions on Easy mode.
Bonus Art 12: Get an "SS" rank on all missions on Normal mode.
Bonus Art 13: Get an "SS" rank on all missions on Hard mode.
Bonus Art 14: Get an "SS" rank on all missions on Very Hard mode.
Bonus Art 15: Get an "SS" rank on all missions on Dante Must Die mode.
Concept Art, Crazy Gameplay Video, E3 Promotional Video: Successfully complete the game on Easy or Normal mode.
Event Promotional Video, Devil May Cry 3 Original Demo: Successfully complete the game on Very Hard mode.
Hi-Res CG Art, Kazuma Kaneko's Illustrations, Motion Capture Video, Video Storyboard: Successfully complete the game on Hard mode.
hit reloading sign
press triangle when it ses reloading between missions.you take take a shot at the reloading sign keep hitting it to break it
Increasing your Style Meter with Vergil
When you're using his Yamato, and you get to the end of a combo, he'll resheath his Yamato. If you don't interrupt him, and you leave him alone, your Style Meter will get a boost when he's done.
incredibly easy and fast way to get S for style points all the time
If your aiming for a good style rating, then this is a great way to go about it. Simply add a few of these into battle and you'll be in the highest number of points and almost garenteed an S. You need to use the swordmaster style, and have it leveled up to MAX style, level 3. Simply play through the game on an easy mode if you don't already have this using this style and you'll have it soon. Once you have it, select rebellion as one of your in game weapons, then do the style move R1, back and O. Dante will start by running at an enemy and starting a slash combo of about 4 or 5 hits. You need to keep pressing O quite fast and this move will then go into the million stabs move. You should hope to remain un-hit through any of this as it will break your combo. As you do your million stabs combo, your style will be rising nicely, maybe to crazy or even higher. This is where the magic happens though. Whilst dante is doing the million stabs move, constantly mash O as fast as you can and dante will enter the next part of the move, where he stabs the sword into the ground and swing around on it like a pole hitting everything around him. The longer and faster you mash O the longer he stays on the sword, and this is where the style points come from. If you can stay on the sword for at least 5 or 6 seconds by mashing O or using a turbo pad, then I GARANTEE that you will be at the maximum style word, past everything else and at the brink of style, known on the screen as SSSTYLISH. The move will eventualy end with dante jumping of the sword and applying a few more smacks. Using this move alone will get you from know style at all to maximum style, as long as the majority of the strikes are actualy connecting with the opponent. This will also net you a bunch of orbs if you defeat enemies with this great style rate.

Lady's Costume Change
Get to the part of the game where you have defeat 100 or more demons to get the secret ending.

If you use Dante's DMC1 costumes, the Dark Knight Sparda costumes, or in Vergil Mode the Nelo Angelo costumes, Lady will have a different costume instead of her original.

Just a tip.
Many orbs in Mission 3.
Go to Dante front office. Defeat all enemies in that area 2 times or many times as you like. Then play the game until you got A rank or S rank. You'll get a lot of orbs.

Repeat this trick if you want more orbs.
Mundus reference
Successfully complete the game and get the Vergil ending, where he falls down in the pool of blood. There will be three round and red electric orbs that he says he could defeat if his father did it. This is most likely Mundus, the last Boss from the first game, because Vergil obviously loses and succumbs to Mundus' power.
play as virgil on level 19 in dante's story mode
when you team up with virgil in the fight against sparda you can actually play as virgil.
start by just fighting him as dante, after awhile those giant slugs will come out of the ground fight them, then sparda comes back, repeat the process until you kill the giant slugs the second time after that just sit still and sparda will pick you up off the ground and start draining your health, you'll now be able to play as virgil to save dante
Restoring your DT Gauge with Vergil easily!
There's a way for Vergil to fully restore his DT gauge in battle without lifting a finger.

To do it, you must use one of Vergil's taunts. Press [select], and he'll swing his sword around and place it at his side. Leave the controller alone, and suddenly he'll be surrounded by dark energy.

Watch his DT guage fully restore!
Unlimited Red Orbs
You can get unlimited Red Orbs by repeatedly playing Secret Mission 1 in Mission 3.
Here's how to unlock various things in the game.

Easy Mode - Die three times in normal mode.
Hard Mode - Beat Normal mode
Very Hard Mode - Beat Hard mode
Dante/Vergil Must Die Mode - Beat Very Hard mode
Vergil - Load a memory card with Devil May Cry 3 saved data on it or beat the game with Dante.
Bloody Palace Mode - Finish the game with Dante or load a previous DMC3 game completion save.
Shirtless Dante - Beat Easy/Normal mode
LDK Dante, DMC 1 Dante - Beat Hard Mode
Super Dante - Beat Very Hard mode or the Bloody Palace
Super LDK - Beat DMD mode
Shirtless Vergil - Beat Normal mode
LDK Vergil - Beat Hard mode
Super Vergil - Beat Very Hard mode or the Bloody Palace
Super LDK Vergil - Beat Vergil Must Die mode
Bloody Palace Mode= Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data

Coatless Vergil= Beat easy with vergil

Corrupt Vergil= Clear Hard

Easy Mode= Die three times in normal mode.

LDK Vergil= Beat game on Hard Mode

Super Corrupt Vergil =Clear VMD and Bloody Palace

Super Dante= Finish The Game On DMD Difficulty

Super Vergil= Complete Bloody Palace

Vergil Mode= Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data

Very Hard Difficulty= You must beat the Hard level
Vergil Triple Jump
It's actually possible for Vergil to do a triple jump of sorts. When you do a jump off a wall, you can still use Trick Up to gain height, which gives you a jump 3 times higher than the regular jump. Obviously this is only possible where you've got a wall or surface to jump off.
Vergil's "Sting of Judgement" attack.
Ok so it's not actually a single move but a combination of 2. Judgement Cut is arguably the strongest attack at Vergil's disposal, but there's a problem, enemies often get knocked away if it doesn't kill them and the 2 follow up cuts aren't always guaranteed to hit.

Equip the Force Edge and hold triangle to charge up for Round Trip as soon as it's charged release triangle then quickly press and hold triangle again. Yamato starts glowing purple now as if you were attempting Judgement Cut. Release triangle and hit it consecutively as you would for Judgement Cut, (this must be done while the Force Edge is spinning and slicing into an enemy) if performed correctly all 3 blows will hit (assuming it doesn't kill the enemy first) including the added damage of Round Trip. This is a great way to kill tougher enemies due to the insane amount of damage and also stops the annoying enemies (lust) that jump around from getting knocked away.
Vergil's Combat Ajudicators
Because Vergil doesn't have a Swordmaster style, the attacks you've got are all you have to work with. The best way to complete the harder ones are to realise every attack you can use (for example Judgement Cut won't work) and then use them all in one big cycle. The bigger the gap between the two times you use the same attack the more style points you'll get, so it's best to do every other attack you can before going back to the first one.
Viewing enemy's health
Just lock on to an enemy. When you do, look hard and you will notice 4 small bars around the targeting reticule. These 4 small bars are the enemy's health.

Easter eggs

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Arkham's Dead Body Moved
Arkham was killed by Vergil for the first time in the Lair of Judgment. However when you are on mission 10, Arkham's body can be found if you go to Marble Throughway.


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Get Vergil, no hassles
If you have DMC3, the original(no Special Edition) already, when the SE game reads your memory card, your allowed to play as Vergil without having to beat the game again.
Two player
Yes, believe it or not, there is a way for you to play this game with two players.

There are two ways that you can do it. On mission 19, as soon as Vergil joins you during the boss fight against Arkham, plug-in a second controller and press "start." As soon as you do so, another player will be able to control Vergil with the second controller. The same thing can be done with the Doppleganger style. Summon a shadow of yourself, and have press "start." Just like with Vergil, a second player will be able to control your shadow.
Vergil's DT restoration techniques
I'm sure that you know that you can regain devil trigger by pressing "select" on your controller. However, while playing as Vergil, this isn't the only way...

I am about to tell you about the other ways. The first is by performing Yamato's standard combo and allowing Vergil's sheathing animation to finish. The second one is done with Force Edge. The steps to doing so are the same as with the Yamato.

Now, as for the last way, there are 2 different ways that you can perform it. For both ways you need to currently have Vergil wielding the Yamato. Start off by pressing taunting. Afterwards, hold R1 and L1 at the same time. If the locked on enemy is close enough, you'll notice an aura will appear around Vergil, and his DT will start to increase. The other way to do this is taunt, fully charge a Judgement Cut (do not release triangle after you have fully charged it), and then lock on to an enemy.